HR3 – NFL free agency is right around the corner…Who makes sense for the Packers?

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Monday, March 12th

Hour 3.  Joe has some news from Spring Training regarding Gallardo & Vogt.  Tiger Woods is back?  Plus, we hear from Lorenzo Cain.


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From the leaks runs to the river runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans column should talk. Still Mikey show. I took a while talk. Auto show on in our we are broadcasting live Mary Bell baseball park where those few that we're watching over on FaceBook live had a chance to catch it for a little while we are running some of the drills and brewers out front of us you know right now do was throwing their it was on to a little bit earlier base running a little bit earlier. But every year all the sites in even the sounds. Wrote brewers' spring training. I don't Michael's regular Joseph alongside bill Schmidt produce the show back in the studios. If you like a hole was 855830864. Exports in the program being rocky market present but like the official. Your sponsor the Weickel sports on network end of summer as once again we get back at it again this year it's going to be about what's pavilion wins and I live with a report that. Like your calendar once you get in June every Wednesday night. Leading right up through summer fest in in through Wisconsin state fair you have a lot of musical acts but what a brilliant all brought to you by what light. And as some news coming out of a merry go today is. We are fights about yesterday or enable with a knee tendinitis. Goes Steven Vogt has been down with the injury and Joseph he's at this morning Craig Counsell serious setback. Yes that's the. Even vote was throwing this morning and accounts but it just it didn't go very well vote had to stop and so the decided to shut him down until further notice that the doctor look at them. By more talk about the vote trying to make this baseball team right now they only two weeks and this doesn't sound good for the oh now it's gonna reject Mandy is the back up and he is already been told that he's going to be the everyday guy so right votes gonna most likely start the DL. And the other piece of news was guire ago. Is not going to be a starter. Yeah they they finally made the the decision today to say we're gonna work guy error probable and soul. You know what the starting pitchers now also conducting its outweighed myelin the other bagel five innings. Not as many innings for these relievers the council wants trying to get you on it Ireland that situation. And just try to have a work out of the patent. And if Cairo is able to make this team he will work out of the and applied it also doesn't appear that he. Our council so that is its work at the lineup you know once but I don't think it changed. I just I. Right now when you look at all the depth in the bullpen bill. In the way the dire situation is working out I just. I don't feel he can make the team early don't happen I think wade Miley has a much better chance of making this team right here. So chase him missing your opening day starter yup. You got Jesse got here you got my leave. Shot scene will pitch in the first series if the potter's Coca. And again assault and it's also once say the eighties and as he's coming back from that week strain. But shot scene will pitch along with Jay Sanderson. In this series and then to see how things were was that the eighties when it not been pushed back at how his programs so I think he's pitched out intra squad game today. Souls that that pain. And then for those that are haven't been really paying attention Jake area Jake area signs with the Phillies. Lynn is off the market you've got cop and a couple pitchers that are out there as far as getting it any additional pitching. It doesn't look like it's gonna happen unless there's a deal of some sort made the relying on this team to get Jimmy Nelson back to continue yesterday when it she's gently just for couple minutes. Says he still feeling really good as if he's ahead of schedule wait and see but it. You know they're hoping to get him back and that this team has enough office firepower to be able to. To sustain until they get Jimmy back to that full rotation healthy they're getting ready to have some batting practice and some infield stuff. Veteran Craig Counsell. Was warming up. Great cast on the mound right now as the twosome some until Israel's right here from those who back it was a FaceBook live coming up here locally or on the program as well for those that. Those who wanted to see you're meeting new chances he would lose additional FaceBook like 8558308648855830. 8648. We're going to push back Paula make use gonna join Islam later on the program. But. The it will we'll talk some more Packers coming up here. Shortly Sutherland Wallace tweets this is due to be evident tailback be careful was a big guy going almost vertical holding on a relief for 200 feet major steps. Some other hand railing might throw wanna start with some squaw peak or something still major climate slightly less intense. I do that that's not a big deal I can detail. I'm it's not like I'm not fit so to speak. Still Dubai in in in spin by going went obviously in Milwaukee when it. You write your pedal bike outside. Do it it's I've been anywhere from 1015 miles a day so that that's not an issue from arm couldn't argued that your client go back joke. No you don't that's that's one thing I haven't done in the three years that come out here. And I'll get more more and hiking too and I. Thought ought Carty gotta gotta be focused on your car deal but maybe maybe next year. Down to try to get out there and do it I was talking to buckle we nucleus they said you know plan on anywhere from three to four hours. To go up and down here. So Woolsey we got dinner tonight has not affected really different guided to for a long long time it was a general manager. For some of the Willie Davis stations out of Milwaukee over which who have retired and moved out here there's no I haven't that it wouldn't it or Tommy Bahamas for a while tonight but. We got it got it out to a camel back and then back. And then be able to hit dinner so maybe even if we don't all the way up to the top of camelback. Still gonna do it ultimately part. So looking forward. 855830864855830. 864. Alone by Kim dotcom told freaked out by another story coming week and we had not touched on. And I was weepy Europe or joke to Tiger Woods taking exec Behar that well I'll audit how about that Tiger Woods being good is good for golf. I mean I don't IV Hugh yesterday I was watching Twitter in a watch it just kind of blow up when tiger I mean obviously he birdies at 43 put a quarter. On seventy to put right than in the areas of taking second. Put there is drama there is ratings there is the crowd Q the few solid gallery if you're watching yesterday that gallery following tiger's he was it detention. Was. Huge. And even the commentators had said at one point. That even when it was Ricky. Or even when it was so over the other competitors I say it Dustin Johnson or somebody. Like that. Jordan's speed. With those guys even the contention some of these term it's what those guys you know battling back and forth a Rory McIlroy. Still didn't carry the same cache day as far as the size of gallery that tiger yesterday themselves more. I mean people is key to see tiger back wearing the red and black on Sunday. Yeah I just I I don't wanna hear this crap that people don't care about Tiger Woods because they do if you look at those galleries really. In all the golf tournaments tigers play that believe this was his fifth tournament. You've seen some ridiculous. Galleries meat he talked about ten and 1520 rows of people going all the way back. Following him people are definitely still intrigue about tiger what's up some of you don't like Tiger Woods. For everything he has done off the off the golf course that's that that's perfectly fine I might. Completely understand and I don't I don't condone. You know anything at that he has done over the years things you know and in some trouble most recently. Mean all get in little over medicated with what he was speaking in the I don't we army you talk about an all time low for Tiger Woods like. Well what an incredible weekend in this was at turner and bill. The Valspar that he is not played since 96. Yeah 1990 simply. I'll prove that he can play back to back yeah he's now proven that he can play competitively. And they'll always set for tiger. To meet any thing to golf right now mean that tiger has to be not only there but relevant. And in tiger is now relevant again as matter of fact you continually watching his sides. To win and the the masters they were at one point like a 101 right and they have dropped dramatically as tiger's proven that he can he compete with the rest of the field so. Well that's a terrible point. This is why there were on bunting drills with very him more bluntly drills right now for the Milwaukee Brewers and all hole Giles brought hide title was taken that off. Who does that batting by the way I don't know that I got that point was that are sixty. That is. I can't currency that is. I cannot tell that is America number sixteen maybe maybe maybe house I have no the numbers sixty. Don't know the LoJack via tiny do which by the way yesterday I'm standing there and you're watching all these guys and you know we're sitting here talking. In walks. Josh cater. You see a guy like. Like. You know Lorenzo Cain who's a physical specimen an educator thinks he's just the peace an indicator walks in stands next to. It's we talked about it the first physique when it comes to Major League Baseball holy man Eric name's Liz in the clubhouse today he's got a baseball bat and means. It's yeah actually eat it eat. Yup but that he's doing it with his shirt off and ever one ever on the flight you know whatever their names show on -- packs it's. Oh my god. That the guy were have to tie this week and he's he's massive deceive the very years. JJ Hooper. Is number sixty. Does that say Hoover Gaudenzi who run his bag looks like not again. Not against 68 so they can be a possibly not a 968 audience let's sixty and it's not a Hoover that's written on his back in those were talking like. College the college football now or they double the numbers. But yet guys not it's not Hoover let's he's like. Louisiana. That's when Mario at least finally see on the Aggies one of their catchy props yes the top thirty prospect that they go two is also. Number sixty so the ego 8558308648. A part by between 086 for the students were but a quick break and come back. I had a chance to sit down speaking Lorenz okay united you sit down chat with him you're gonna hear that coming up is Porsche program by the way brought referenced. At new male medical treating guys with EE all of the stay was cut to be on the boards or location of Green Bay won Milwaukee. In addition to that David 98% success rate so while we're sitting here in the sun while receipt on your decent weather. Kevin B ruptures hitting back home and can't wait for baseball week in week for warm weather can't wait for teacher season. Feel good look good get outside do some things especially if your inside game is great they can help you with that without the side effects of the pharmaceutical company all get it was called forward for. 4554451. That's 4144 part 544. 51 it's new biomedical center plus that we all want weight loss program. Yes it works yes all yet to do was follow for 38 that's commit to yourself for thirty days that's it it's that simple. Jumpstart your own health and wellness that is our friends over to new biomedical center 4144 part 544. 51 broadcasting live merry go baseball park. Spring training excited door Milwaukee Brewers getting ready for the season got some news coming out of your your beat her bodyguard and going and Steven Vogt had a setback. Corey and it was little bit knee tendinitis but for the most part for the most part this team is still pretty healthy knock on wood secured more than a much are addicted. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. A tour. Back to the program built like a show is on the Arab. We are broadcasting live merry go baseball bark preacher excited your Milwaukee Brewers we are brought to by our good friends it was Stokley health system. If you have something ailing in today can help you out it's that simple if it's so that you need a prescription for if you have. Say allergies are gonna start taking maybe got a little bit that crow that's been going around the back in Wisconsin. If you need to use. You really wanted to see a doctor but maybe the prescription. Call 844 airway and it's 844 airway and maybe just maybe they can help you out right over the phone with care my way that's the way they can help the march of political system. Just another way to save some time and cities in my by the way the maximum charge forty bucks and they cannot help you. No chart. Pay for play that's the way to do the paper plate right that in there that's Marshall clinic the official health care provider. Of yours truly. Brewers pregnancies embody drills in coverage rules and such right now most of the team surrounding the infield. Just kind of breaking up those drills in the Indian batting practice. Coming up here orbit once they do. Or go back to FaceBook lie and that way you can kind of see some of the stuff that's going on down here at merry go you want follows over on FaceBook fan page you can go to FaceBook dot com slash. The bill Michael show show you some via some of the stuff going on out here. Had merry go up by the way. Reports are that the borrower the brewers via Green Bay Packers. Or one of the teams that is now interest in and trying to court. Jimmy Graham the tight end was with the New Orleans Saints then we Seattle traded over Seattle and now a free agent on the market. We all vote backers need tight and the Packers are apparently one of the teams that are interested in bringing in Jimmy Graham into the system. 8558308648558308648. On the loans might give dot com poll free talk like. With with the with the Packers right out of this the Packers have traded away to Marius Randall. The Packers. Are looking at Jimmy Graham. The Packers traded for backup quarterback you would assume now. That you've got to Brett Conley he's out of the mix because they picked up to show Kaiser. Sold the way the Packers are going. Argue. Excited. Or still skeptical. As to the direction the Packers are going with the new general manager because obviously we're hearing a lot of chatter and that's making people excited. I still think there's a genuine concern defensively speaking for this team as to what they're gonna end up doing before it's all said and done what are you excited. Are you eight you know kind of anticipation. What the moves are gonna beat this team or is there something else go to your sane. Adult novel right now defensively they're not not real strong. 8558308648855830864. Rate on the loans by cute dot com. Told free talk while also coming up in just a little while you can hear from Lorenzo Cain. Week had a chance challenge in my chatted with him yesterday you can hear that interview coming up you're just at the bottom of the Airbus caricature thoughts as a Michael rock below. Reporting east saying it's a new day at Lambeau Field by the way Michael ruffle reporter for the NFL network. Sink into daily over the Packers Belmont teams that it reached out to tight end Jimmy Graham. In his reps are all according to sources. Tom Ellis sorrow as well. Of the NFL network also reporting so again the Packers interested in tight end Jimmy Graham which. You know if if they ever picking up Jimmy Graham and say you then get rid of a guy like mostly Randall Cobb. If frequent little additional money or these geyser you know Jimmy error. Jimmy put Jordy Nelson. Read a comment maybe even I don't think you will quickly get to restructure some of these contracts and such a way that you trips and our our room this year. Then I think the Packers are pretty good shape but if you just have to start cutting people. I said all along I'm OK if you let goal but a wide receiver if you've got a quality tight end because that changes things. 855830864. You alone by kept account. All free to Auckland let's get the phone calls talk to Scott was he too was in the cross Scott Walker a program they'll Michael show. Okay well. They've got. It's the kind of skeptical but I ordered an arrogant and and I think that trade could try to put a Smart move money is a backup quarterback and you'd be done to add maybe he's. You don't want to say the future of these really early right. But you look at the defense and all the hold especially in the second in the address. If he became like the rams make these moves like a market speeders so they traded and also look at look at it if market here that that be at all programs. That's a great program that gave up that's so be it basically now saying. And you know gonna go to going to distill it all young young gun makers advocate mark on the front but what the market. I didn't have the few that big splash in the corner market and or pass rusher by. Not been been thoroughly done other than talking to web content and he's not even called a Green Day so let's kind of right now. Is they need to make a glass I think this year and nothing happening right now in my opinion what are your thoughts. Tom I I agree that he could make a splash I'm. My biggest concern right now is is where all the money's gonna come from a how to work all this because we you know you can talk about the Packers being involved in many different discussed what it comes to free agency. They got what 161000070. Million under the cap. I mean. One of the biggest numbers are gonna have to see is that once Aaron Rodgers gets signed his then how much you have now granted if they restructure that deal and they give him what he wants. And you're gonna be about a 10510. Million guaranteed. How much that money's going to be this year is a post some years down the road we'll give them cap space Kenny restructure majority can't restructure Randall do they let go one of those guys. You'd like to see this team get to about twenty to 2223. Million. Under the cap after those contracts. And then be able to go out and get some people then I'd feel more comfortable saying you know what they got the ability to go out make his team better right now. I completely agree with going after Jimmy Graham we talked about that time and again. But you have gotten dramatically weaker and I'm not talking terribly terribly weaker because you lost Mary's Randall. Which you have hardly any experience in the secondary you don't have any hitters in the secondary. Kevin King has become a backup from a shoulder injury. And he's also all the F happening ye are you happier three quarters quarters of the season and he's what are your more veteran guys you need a veteran in the secondary water too because most likely organ Burnett's going to be on the market as well. So I'm I'm more concerned Mike McCartney stable with very strong. We have to be better defensively than we are offensively and I believe in. I'm very concerned that this team is not going to be able to get to that point. Just this offseason most offseason pretty vocal most offseason is on average a general manager can fixed three to four holes. If you look at this team Indian outside edge rusher. You probably going to be fixed the right tackle position because block even at the Tuesday coming back he's not gonna be ready for the season right. So either have to fix fix that tackle or the gore position one of those two you still need I want now to. Corners of experience back there you know the tight end position has to be fixed if there aren't on the Jimmy Graham stuff do they edit with him want to wait and see. But his five positions right here that you're in the heat of that I don't think they're gonna be able to fix all of them. Now you hope that the draft gives you some hope some help its flexibility. But again your banking on a track that you have to hit on for the team to be viable and how many defensive backs if they drafted over the last few years. That had just become average at best. This team has hasn't hit and that's the biggest concern 855830864. Along like a dot com. Told free talk line 855830. 86 48 gives a shout what you hear from let's go to Kate you listen to his west Dallas KG I don't body. What's gone on to a bill. That was. Listen I Heidi. It's an ounce of itself as. Judy Graham you know it's latched you know. Deal for the just excited you know Cuomo opera like he said where. Among them for a you've got to have money to piece together and it's been a priority at this point I mean like to there are so many polls. Defense that we now it's especially. It's you have the bill and you're just not it's still close. I mean. Yeah 81 you know one. Q La deep sense of facts not would be blobs. Well right that you you know. Did you get it arms problem. That's almost. Never ever happens you know in Indiana right and so on you're gonna happen at some money. We've put together to use our top notched reagents. I'd just. Don't know how is right. You know immediately Graham. AD. So it would be great a couple of tree in my opinion right now. Judy Graham. I just I don't if you're gonna if you're gonna get rid of a guy like copper even restructure to forty and you can kind of move some money around or you're gonna diminish what you have weaponry right now. On the offense. Then I think you have to get a quality items you don't have a good tight end ready Richard Rodgers you don't have. And got a candidate than it escaping from my Shimmy Martellus Bennett obviously not here anymore he was let's Kendrick and other guided your body. You you know there's the draft is not deep with tight ends that's one of the problems. Bridget a phone call let's do this has scored to you quick break come back and pick up where we left off conversational also don't target coming out. You can hear from Lawrence okay of Milwaukee Brewers gonna have that conversation come and appear shortly as well. State do we are broadcasting live Mary bale Arizona spring training site your Milwaukee Brewers getting ready. For the 2018. Season batting practice going on right in front of us as we speak. As we sit here in the broadcast Booth and merry go beautiful day at little bit breezy. But it's about 76 degrees sunshine all over the place. Good setting got your merry go we go or go Michael show right after this. Film Michael's voice talking. Back programme but Michael shows on the air we're broadcasting live here merry go baseball park. Brewers right now taking some batting practice he and than their heading up the ballpark is there on the road today over camelback ranch taking on. The LA Dodgers. Little bit later on today and I know clocks sprung forward is a daylight savings time took place now on the walk. You in the upper midwest two hours ahead of us out here at Maryville is it's 1037 here 1237 back home so. But the brewers getting ready to head over to camelback ranch in that. Take on the LA Dodgers today and then they're back here tomorrow. Texas. They've got the White Sox the Gary yet at the White Sox coming up in the back on the road against said the Texas Rangers again. Over at the surprise and an area that Goodyear that you're at Cincinnati this coming weekend. And the brutal gavel more often to the season gets under way so that's going to be next Monday a week from today. They haven't often after that it's it's all baseball the time to they get in the regular season world only a few weeks away. From the brewers' home opener and oh by the way will be broadcasting live again this year. Out by Miller Park or be it health care field certainly gonna come by item tailgate and hang out 32 finest track his down. So c'mon buys say hello is opening days is couple weeks away look forward to indicators suited up in my opinion open we bring the weather home where this is well. Would love to have. So warm weather for opening day too many days with four reasons such on the outside let's get some warm weather. They are also the brewers by the way making today naming the righty Jason Anderson as a starter for opening day. Against San Diego Anderson's gonna make his first career opening day start. It'd be a fifth different pitcher to start the opener for the brewers in the last five seasons joining your bodyguard -- Kyle Lohse. Willie parole and junior era. As the as the starting pitchers over the last five years they have so that is going to be that was the announcement made today. Like Craig Counsell speaking of your money terrico the other announcement today was he's gonna be working on the bullpen he's really struggling to make this ball club right now. All indications are you going and as a starter chances are you're not going to put. We'll have to wait and see maybe something happens surprisingly for your body. But right now it's rather doubtful also Steven Vogt a little bit of a setback today in throwing. We've got to Corey can able with so little bit of knee tendinitis. And you know Eric Harris it's Iran abroad continues to work for space as much as he can't try to get comfortable his comments. Saying that he wasn't comfortable. At first base. As I talking yesterday weren't necessarily complaining it was just that heavily had a few days working there how can anybody say that I'm comfortable over there when I've never played that position before so. While he isn't comfortable he's not necessarily the only thing I don't play their chest I'll do whatever he wants to do just not recovered or their yet. This forest playing error and try to relieve and help the ballclub. 855830864. Radar along by kept our council for talk like we'll get back to the yellow rent the canes have come under a minute John as an Appleton. John Walker of the program go Michael show. There you go into their. Ballots on. Too much salt. I'm so why not let the quote Ted Thompson's legacy. You don't keep. Aaron Rodgers fell into his lap and I really don't twelve dead as a major thing anyone out there like that. Upset by the draft that take them sort of like you win how true enough for a still. Until what's it was exciting and we did that within this first three years of the deal and then after that there's only like hand ballplayers. That actually that impact players who have really disappoints me is that you know they always said that they wanted trapped in the bulk. What was the last three years they look to all pro quarterback school one you know like how did and I Casey Hayward. So I just try to compute by that you know they say that they once it is that a lack of all of them seeing. You know that they well worth the money and they could've gotten both bomb from mid range at that time between Puerto six million a year. So just seeing that it'll exception last year when we those. So bad in the secondary than not and in the year before that Hayward had Micah Hyde for sure thought that we give her. Like hi I understand Casey Hayward nobody belly it over a leak case here were way you know for the first 34 years of his existence was banged up meeting he had one good rookie year and after that didn't put up any kind of huge numbers. He played but he wasn't playing well. And nobody complained that Casey here was going to be the linchpin of the secondary nobody. I don't think anybody saw that coming you just got healthy that was part of the problem he's got healthy unseen Diego. So I you don't. You know I I put it this way I appreciate the focal because people say this all the time while Ted Thompson was lucky because Aaron Rodgers felt it was lack. To a certain extent yeah the little bit luck play into it but remember. That nick was moot. Does anybody remember that. How completely people forget that pick was but I mean Ted Thompson was booed. Mercilessly. When he met I was sitting there I've worked for the Packers radio team at that time. I'm sitting there doing expand fast and that in the draft. And and they come to the podium it would report back as Green Bay Packers take an early support their breath hoping for a wide receiver to help Brett Farr. They take Aaron Rodgers. Move. It I mean it was booed mercilessly. Ted Thompson had to have the stones to make the because he had a whole favor right then and there in front of but remember. Brett brought that on. Brett brought that on at that time because it broke at all on Ronald Obama will be back in. He's crime and he's not sure we come back the to play again he does know how much he has left of his body and you know that he's in the coming back and everybody goes. Brett Favre coming back and he gets the applause he walks out of thin fast and and everybody's you know fawning all lower and thank god thank god Brett back. And that he hit it again and again and get to the backers said are you come back on oh well we'll then talk to you later we know lawyer very ego. It took stones to make that that I don't know why. Nobody wants to give credit to the top of credit for making the he could go on and so many other directions. What he didn't. He took the unpopular step and saying you know what I have to secure the future of the franchise. We don't know how much longer brats and beer and Brett played for remember for three more years. What everybody's saying you gotta getting help you gotta be out got to you know you got any more weapons he got a gave up thirty minutes yet instead he goes with a errant. A guy that was not going to see the field for the next three years. He would Aaron Rodgers. So yes a little luck played into. Aaron Rodgers hit the ball. When he took stones to make that it so don't discredit that that just because Aaron Rodgers turned out to be great. 8558308648. On alone by kip dot com poll for talk let's do this let's take a quick break. Welcome back. That you're getting your Lorenzo Cain I had a chance to sit down a challenge in the clubhouse yesterday. Here in Maryville when we meet your rival and by the way on this portion of the program and our existence down here. Brought you by our friends at breakers Chevrolet ridership media official vehicle for the real Michael show live from spring training. Stop in they have over 200 Silverado isn't stock. OC by buddy gland in the service department if you need some work on it GM vehicle and take a look at him in bookstores like a fine hotel walking of that place. Huge reception area great place also our friends over Robert economic bread bowl game. We're watching him green tree wrote. In Milwaukee in its 76 in latent in Greenfield that's where that's your engagement ring and everybody knows about the who's in the eyes. When you show that ring often people go Micah would agree to which would you rank. Do they hand crafted the yes all of that it's all fantastic over Robert pack diamonds. Stop and say hi also one more and that of their body Corning and the whole crew over coaches pub and grill. Over the big boy Berger all of a fantastic. Fish fry and they run shuttles of the games as well. That is our friends in south thirteenth street in Milwaukee coaches. Called and grow. State Judy to hear from Lorenzo Cain coming up lied down here and merry go baseball park where little Michael show is emanating from its other broadcast Booth. As the brewers take batting practice and then head over camelback ranch a little bit later on this afternoon as they take ideally doctors in the game. This afternoon here stay tuned more of the microchip business. Six clues stations strong. No my school's sports talk now. He. The program built like Rochelle is on the air we are glad to have you we are broadcast live merry go baseball partners read to track down. That's a FaceBook live up a little while ago. Over on the FaceBook fan page and do that again and then maybe come and appear just a little while all though. Most of workouts here at Maryville kind of winding down as the prior via brewers I should say. Getting ready had been clubhouse give a little luncheon and that applies is there going to be heading over to camelback ranch a little bit later on today to take on the LA Dodgers. And they are cactus league game. We're playing pretty well overall by the way in the cactus league giving them their statistics in a rundown come and appear shortly I had the chance to catch up Lorenzo Cain. The bill he acquired new requires the brewers drafted him in any off he goes he has somewhat been championships and our championship. With Kansas City Royals night back in brewers uniform and a chance to kept up with him in the clubhouse yesterday take a listen to come back with little. I know I'm not not a lot has changed you don't loan limit through tenth muse canosa both so young players now so many things have just. Some learned their bodies you know learn personalities and still remains. What are the whole you know and that means almost over and. Pretty successful in Kansas City so when you talk about championship club announces camaraderie chemistry there's a lot of intangibles that go into winning. To give me a sense of how you feel about the clubhouse. Let's go to a different that they agreed a lot of a lot of young and so didn't. You know chemistry isn't through the roof tonight Allred to field. There's a lot of similar as. Citizens and so is it. As a group has really blown it already wondered if Pete. And certain victory came to compete within months and it's going to be a lot of a lot of time and a lot of very sexy. On the senate side knows about wanted to you don't feel so and they will see what happens now they're going in his home. At least elevating a bit sold at different going from a Kansas City ballpark to Miller Park that seems to be a band box has got some different nuances to it. Playing out feels a little bit different but as far as being a power hitter being Vatican football and play at Miller Park you've got to be kind of coach Milo that questioner you know. Definitely instantly investigated as part. Same time and ours got a Vermont's us through my game you know most of my life I've broken modular thing toasting themselves and it definitely definitely gonna. Denies it near enough for lasers will pick. In a day and analytics. Where people look at war people look at different numbers such as the US army when you look at the outfield you guys have now it's it's it's upgraded I mean you guys look what you guys can not only do you personally I could really put the ball play consistently where they struggled at the end of last season. And go on that's always been part of my game you know. I've never really got you a little bit it's you know thirty home runs so I don't know got a and do another way excellent let's look from a September and all around player in two little bitter over everything. And now. A citizen Meehan and myself among others is going to be known. Huge huge distance teeth removal you know heartache it is so. They just to the elevated at home versatility of the none none of those. Some real quick before that you go to the the American League vs initially big difference or not. Our room for me you know just do NATO so all analog got a in I used to seeing the same places face in the same is just to see a lot of science fiction teaching candidates Obama. Amuses learner and learn and help pitchers as Sony's biggest house in the weeks ago. You know wasn't today down officers who are. They go that was a Lorenzo Cain knew we re acquired Milwaukee brewer playing center field and had a chance to catch a gentleman really take what he walked in the clubhouse yesterday. Very. Jovial for pope's visit this sort of put a day goes rocket in all make a Padres you know it just. Got yelling yesterday and they had a music cranked up and like I was saying earlier they had everything they had some hip -- they had some Latino music they had. They had their country music player and everybody was singing yes I mean it was it was a pretty joyous rockets room. For what you guys that that really GO last years of the new guys. Are really alike you know yell at himself and then Canaan. And in my alien you bodyguard always is Cali do you know a return visit if you will. So it was it was a good club out yes it is a lot of fun and makes it pretty much like this every day so. Where they left off last year it's very difficult is Travis Shaw said. To break over that that camaraderie. Book because there's so little changed this year. That all the guys were excited see one another in that clubhouse is very good now that you just put intangibles together on the field. Then you know go from there 85583086488558308648. On the long bike if dot com told freaked Auckland. Lot of people drive and then on both the Green Bay Packers end on. This for a team Tommy writes a bill what are your predictions for the Milwaukee Brewers this season I said 87 wins. A couple of weeks ago and stand by that even though they impressed me offensively so far what UC. What I see right now as a team that if I had to pick and I'm not. The bucket of cold water here but up and keep my crazy optimism. Subdued. Okay last year you had really good seasons from guys were trying to make the squad okay. You had Travis Shaw have a breakout season or see that you saw his talents start to come to the forefront. Your tomatoes sit at a coming back up a rookie campaign that wasn't that great. Are you saw them relief mix and match the center field position at times you saw Eric things get off to putting well terribly hot start and cool. It is numbers became his numbers all over again. So. And then obviously you are who had a season a couple years ago that was really really solid got a nice contract offer turned it down put a lot of pressure on himself and failed miserably last year it was early to the end of the season he started break out of it but still. By that his defense it suffered and we know because in the office space that I mean at times he's just. I've bright when it comes on the basis has been much what's Smart so. What are I looking for Pete had held a year last year you fortified that would bandy invoked in and you yours yours your staff and in the panel was strong so. Going back it is what is my prediction my prediction for this team this season. In all likelihood is let's say they do take a little bit of a step back I'd love to see them vying for the top spot in the vision and I wanna see that remain relevant. Might issue with this is. I don't believe in the rotation right now I don't know it's gonna be strong enough again. To be able to sustain what they did last year offensively I don't think there's any doubt about it I think that this team it probably had the baseball with just about anybody. As we watched who is that. Is that hear her take a lark was at a Georgia those great. I go again he was crank it and he just he had like eight album. Out of the park there it is right now all I think about five of those landed just foul what his took one off the outfield out our wall. Which would be about 400 and foot shot. But it just took off the outfield out there's a wall that goes around the Al to know if you ever watch games here merry go on them on TV. Beyond the outfield wall is a big. You know kind of like festival seating where you can just come throw blanket doubts on the grass and you go to the top there's a walkway. And they've got some you'll pardon of things set up out there from like lying to think at a beyond that about another fifteen feet is a big cement wall. And that what is what walls in the entire complex he just took one off of that ball. What's good. Fifty feet beyond the the outfield walls seemed his match war as a matter fact toilet. Getting back to my comments. If I have to say 8486. Wins. A little bit of learning curve maybe there units at the the mid portion of the season there's a trade made it to kind of changed the outlook and say okay released an extra five to six wins. With and other starters of that orbit beat Jimmie comes back into the Nelson which is extremely well. But I got a temper my right. My enthusiasm. Just because something in my gut tells me that you know they may take a little bit of a step back stay tuned. We got another hour yet to go Paula maker Renault Ellis is gonna join results you're gonna hear. Another couple that it uses well. Mortal like a show coming up right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.