HR3 – Should the Packers have been in on Marcus Peters?

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Friday, February 23rd

Hour 3. Plus, we’ll talk Badgers vs Michigan State with Evan Flood and Will Tieman. We also do the Nu Male Heads Up Plays of the Week!


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From the league runs. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans can't patrol. The bill Mikey show. I. Hello don't go Michael shell on the and we are glad to have you hopefully you're having a terrific day today we certainly appreciate you joining us as always on the go Michael show this portion of programming brought to our good friends. Over a Bud Light the official responsible Michael's Warsaw now we're joining us now. On the Schneider orange eyeliner good buddy from the Michigan State Spartans the voice of the spartans will team in now joins as well I don't. I don't know bill every time I Kamal views something bad happens. I. Okay the eight underground guerrillas now I'm thorough and he's been exposed I was just gonna say the we said that earlier today we so we're gonna have gone I said man I feel bad. Is that we make a call will team and he's gonna just stop taking our calls every time we decide have you on some bad happens. What what it looked I don't wanna get into specifics but I can't I can't ignore it so. Gimme the mood over there right now because you guys have been taken some serious barges. Well you know it up until this morning I mean the mood about the basketball program is pretty pure and I mean. You know they've been a lot of talk about ESPN outside the lines are better relation to basketball program and I think. Whatever issue pledges back on that will allow a lot of things you're going to be exposed is not quite the weighted been reported here that's one issue. So you start to work through that then there's this thing would miles bridges. Which I think are probably everybody off guard I haven't talked in the Bryant basketball today. And meeting I haven't talked in the coaches. But always know is what everybody else knows it is miles bridges mother. Before you ever put on the uniform emissions state. Allegedly according to FBI took for a box from an agent and got better. And in knowing that people that I know meeting miles and coaches so. If you told me either one of those two don't do about it I'd be stunned. Just yeah. And I also know that it was the Mamas said the day he announced he's coming back for sophomore year that she was cheated on crawl simple I don't. I mean I guess I I couldn't believe it I just couldn't believe it. But it. I mean I guess I also don't believe it miles bridges that was mom did that. Nor do I believe cognizant of it and it happened before you ever played here. You article did you so that's what we know. Now. Then there's the near the questions. No daddy no debate right now. It is that a plane had you know I mean. What does this mean. Yeah I think there's a million questions. But. My hope is that they're. Is she just stepped out of line a little bit and I and I hope that when you look at this and you got to realize you still high school which is dead it. And yeah I don't know I don't know bill I. I. I I agree with a 100% of what you just said the problem is is that when the name keeps coming up for things that aren't in the best of light. I don't know how that affects. Donors sponsors. What's gone on over there I mean when you cut a ball is up even some of the comments that Tom Izzo made. Eat it it boy it's really just that there's this big dark cloud hanging over Michigan State scored a privilege right now isn't. That seems to be union and you know time of his whole coaching career has been adamant in front of sanctions. Prided himself from the running her. Upon program I mean he's he's walked away from. Recruits who who won it's something he just doesn't do bad. And I remember when. I mentioned something we actually talked about you know on the air. A woman wouldn't when the FBI served their initial indictments. Tom publicly says I guarantee that there's the division one programs in this state are all good meeting. You know mission state Michigan Oakland eastern western and central question you. And he said that these were all fine. And which helped me he wouldn't say that a few that there is some dark cloud similar. And that's that is dial. Aside. I think this thing today though as caught everybody completely off guard. And in down. So I guess we'll find out soon what what it means. And so. Then you take it a step further. We see. Duke has a player there it's playing. What is that dude you don't. The interesting thing about the FBI reported as being reported. My house bridges was the only one on the list where he wasn't involved in the transaction. Are displayed. All the other ones are parents and players are just players. In this case is just as mother. Aren't bad just ma. He's the only one on the list as a player this black connected to. Which. I mean and mile bridge to address Arab charity Garrett he's a great kid. And and I just can't imagine he would do anything like this you is just not in his makeup. So. I guess I don't know but I think there's any good news here is you take a look at this stuff. He is and that list of FBI games she's the only one that was not connected to the money directly resistant ma. Rent. No more clearly one of C 100 area. 400 dollars are you kidding me yeah. It wasn't 400000. Or 48400. And had dinner. Yep you you want to get dizzy you look at some of the numbers that were on some of these spreadsheets and it's almost two Ziff. They were for something like a bill like like a plane ticket like you know. Like it was something there was cash for particular transaction but you don't know what the transaction ones you don't know specifically what it was forty there was one that was. There was given that was 358. Dollars and thirteen cents. It's almost like they paid a bill like village here was it was for this. Via ATM transaction but it was for a flight or was for whatever and that's the amount of money that ended up paying so. Combo we'll find out we'll find out before it's also out on now it's an area where is the scary thing is for any program that's mentioned. Is that the indictments have been handed down for certain people and when they said there's nothing to see here can we just get these dismissed. After the FB IA and some other entities kind of prove the case the judges have said no there is definitely something here so that's. There's usually a case like our gets thrown out you kind of say okay there's nothing to see here there's some number that they can't really which regulate downed approved. But in this particular case so far everything's been approval to a certain extent so will Woolsey were the other shoe falls in all this let me ask you this. And being around college athletics and sports for a long time and I'm not just talk specifically meant mr. it's their program but. What has this done. To the exposing of college basketball and to the because this is one agent you can only imagine what else is out there and I don't hold your breath. What is is done to the exposing of what there is. Going on on judges saying college bass mode too but in college athletics in general. Remember what I think is great. In number two it's exposed in the NCAA for being about as inadequate as you can possibly be you're here. In Seoul. I welcome this. In its about time and maybe we'll get some real change here. Because. I mean let's face it. But let's take Louisville has an example up until that moment when they've table where you don't get to be national champs anymore where. We're making them all back go away. I happened to that point. What would you know you can change your brain that when a national championship and all of my goodness may be. Next year you'll won't let me go to interpret trying to. The risk reward wasn't worth it I mean it was sort of pitching is what I'm saying you arrogant national championship here so. There may be you in the world suspension that here's a the national champs. And so now we're we're making the riskier and the penalty may be people. But this is so I think this is all of I think to all of. The only thing I would like to see a further. Is bigger big something bigger to happen of the program today and moving forward. Taking away things from the past when the rings have already been stamped in the balloons have already been shot into the air and confetti all fallen. I mean you're still sitting there going you know we won the game we know we're champions will move on. What I wanna see is. Something I I wanna see the NCAA. Kill an analyst sledge hammer in this particular case and just say we're gonna come down on use soap free you know are that nobody's ever gonna consider doing anything like this again I think that's the only way they get a handle on us. I agree I mean he's got to do it. And I think about the present in the NCAA. When the FBI served as the indictment factor likely respond. This is really going on all my goodness let's get a committee to investigate. Come on yeah if that's your world of match you were beats and that's what you get paid millions of dollars to oversee. In your tell me yours stunned by such a revelation. Rent. No I didn't get it. Toggle will team another voice in Michigan State Spartans now on the court which is where we like to see more the F focused. How wanted to ask you about this team coming in this final game the badgers from the last time we talked to where we are today. They've seemingly at least put the train back on the tracks are playing better than a three ball over is much are starting uses bits and scoring. All that stuff so give me your thoughts coming in this ball game for the final regular season yet. I think both teams are much better than they were the first time in that right I think Wisconsin the last better. What's happened in Michigan State obviously that had the skills so that. But you know or your budget sophomores or freshmen you know all right hit it. And it takes a little bit sometimes to realize. You know what is happening around you and how people connect you because everywhere like beat a team that's pretty Garrett. And the answer I think they've they've they've they've come to grips with that and they realize that. You definitely December game they're playing I mean my outrageous came back to do something special can you believe it is career. As an all American high school kid in all of us you know big chin precision player of the year all American all those things. Puppet so the win over Illinois. He would never ever won a championship and anything. You believe that yeah. And so he comes back to do something like that what they've begun to realize as a rule. What you have to do to get that done. And if you think the patent then it's really changing landscape. The decree he would come from behind win against northwestern. Summit that was David is dead tired because of this or any Big Ten schedule all the teams are going through onion. In so you can see in her eyes were in the last twenty minutes second half was to begin. They weren't messing around they came to replace Basque Balkans they understood. What was at stake. And yet I think it happened in that they've never been any game where it was. It wasn't just a big game. When they played Illinois for the Big Ten title that was the game that's again he had to have this finished emissions so to speak. And they've figured out how to do that civilian they've grown a lot that way. In and on the court to play better I mean tensions with some mechanical or somewhere agency goes he's a quarterback. So we're reported Illinois the first time they turned it over 25 times last time. I think it was eight or nine and only one time in the second half sets extensions you'd better. In the other people around my house bridges have gotten better. So it's a great team. Even though that there is who knows what happens after today. They're going and it's been really fun to watch these guys grow. And in and get better and understand. You know what it takes to get really wanna go travel also tell you this about this group. In this I've been around Tom Izzo and his guys a long time now. This group of people these players. They wanna win this championship. And they want to make it deeper on the next two tournaments. For Tom Izzo. If you're the coach has been unjustly. The cheapest thing if you sort of circling the wagons. What it happens these kids love him and they are really really trying to win for him. They're being actually they had never seen that before here I've never seen people come out and say it publicly we one bad game for coached. I mean that's something. So we got a good group and this is special group and its. Trying times right now. But this laughs when bill I don't know where take this but up until this morning. I mean it was just kind of it inside the best ball lost its will be just talk basketball history except. Yep absolutely well I appreciate it is always in hopefully the next time we have you on were just talking sports and not talking the underbelly of sports all. Don't call me tomorrow. How. Well I local boy before the turn of an either let's do that are being okay. 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On a couple of different things that we wanna get into low talks imagine basketball coming up are surely however. However. Did you see Ian Rapoport also an atom chapter. Both saying the chiefs and the rams. Are finalizing a deal. That has the cornerback Marcus Peters. Now being traded. The Packers will rumored to be in this deal. At first or at least. While they were one of the teams that people were saying that could be involved in something like there's now the question becomes. There was a live there's five teams are wrong this original list the Packers won on that maybe it was just a team of need bolsa. But the pack player where you see him yes I'm seeing it right now are reading it from. ESPN. ESPN tweet to our earlier blacks who yesterday. It was yesterday his it was attached to another tweet that said five teams are interested. Packers rams. Denver always wanted to teams. Are also they had let's see here mostly have on this list approached. The jets were there. And Pittsburgh was. A spur obviously McNamee and ball because Ernie I see. But that's the that's what I'm sick so anyway long story short. Says chiefs are expected to trade cornerback Marcus Peters to Los Angeles rams according to sources telling out of chapter in Rappaport the NFL. Was confirming this is well and then there's another report that says not report a story that says other teams in need. Of cornerback help. One of them would be the depth of the Green Bay Packers at this point in time is uncertain. You're waiting for guys to be guy when he talks about king and talks about marriage ran a coming back from his last season. And then king coming back from injury the Packers can benefit from a veteran like Peters so anyway the question is how much are they giving up you have the details of that trade jumped. Now I installed works but it's close BA blockbuster deal. Multiple effects on backed Kansas. Which is probably not going to be something the Packers in the interest. Wants to be honest here Marcus theatres is held a corner yeah I know we I know he was ahead making Kansas City but. Can be some nasty that the Packers need on their defense just sand. Mom a lot of people Chiming in if you go to who I have like casting Packers. And follow this saying are you kidding me the Packers sitting by again watching another team you'd better. And let's be honest demean did LA's already defensively good not right over top yeah. I mean this you have to wonder now what they recite remain Johnson or not because. If you got Jermaine Johnson a Marcus Peters backed their holy crap. Oh and by the way the Packers play the rams in LA yes they do this season that's going to be fun. Yes they do. 855830864. AG should the Packers being on stuff like parents are now we don't so we don't have the details right now as to white. As to what the the trade entails. What you mountains. Of the hall if you will for Kansas City but you can only assume right. That. You would like to see the Packers in on something like that it's going to be a bullet graphics like you mentioned but would would you just assume that. That you know if you're Green Bay Packers fan you're watching other teams already are pretty good. There are already pretty good that you would then say okay. Why can't the Packers be on something like that. Seize the day Green Day. You know seize the day let's and I know they're trying to be Smart they wanna give up too much but. Again we don't know what exactly the chiefs are getting in return from the rams but they're saying missiles in multiple picks soul. We talked team. Yeah all 12 to three every talking multiple ones. Multiple ones would be a very hard sell for the Packers matter I I understand that but. You just. Packers to go forward. Mean they have to go for it. 85583086488558308648. Or ten you're talking about a team the Tory defensively good now. What they could be looking at. Is much like other teams we've seen. Take a team like say Minnesota Minnesota they edit questionable quarterback situation they weren't 100% sure so what he got to do you got to bolster your defense that's wood bats would LA's don't. They're hedging their bets in this particular situation. 8558308648. On loans might give dot com told free talk clinic by 583086. 48 another gaffe. That looks like is on the triple and he's had a lot of problems in Pittsburgh. Wide receiver mark CBS Bryant. You know Packers to go after him. I think at this point in time if there's anybody that you believe is going to. It is is going to be. Com. Beneficial to your team you have to dive into. You have to. Don't you you have to look at all the aspects you have to look at all leave all the avenues to be able to better your team at this point if you're good against. Because you know. That you first think it. The first thing I would do is get Aaron Rodgers signed then you know what your salary cap is moving forward you know where your hits are OK you already know the place comedienne. You may wanna redo redo him. Per couple more years on top. You know you've got some decisions to make when it comes the wide receiver position the money that's being spent and spent there. So you have to get that in order and then say okay this is what I can afford to do this what I gotta go get it. Circle areas of need and try to fill those areas best you can be a free agency that are not gonna be capable of being filled in the draft. Most general managers fill three if you have. A list of say holes. Truly filling holes usually in an offseason you can fill three quality wise. Whether through the draft or through free agency usually you take care of three of them I think are three glaring needs. We talked about the right tackle position we talk about Astros position of quarterback position the other area of need in my opinion. Would be tight end. You've got to figure out the tide and situation. Those 334 areas of neat. But you can legitimately Phil usually three. But you have to figure out what your salary cap is moving forward don't you. 85583086. For a mortal like Internet. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's voice calling me every. The program though Michael shows on the air we are. Always glad you're in the house thanks so much for take a listen to as we certainly appreciate it. 85583086. Rating 55 B 3086. Torre in the wounds like a touchdown told free talk line. This portion of the program may have brought to our friends at Marshall clinic health system. And if they have something they can help you all your dues go to Marshall clinic dot org brown telling yet they fixed my knee up and got me going. And orthopedic department is fantastic one of the biggest questions I get all the time is how long did it take you get back I was up and walking later that afternoon. And had I lived in that area they would've got me on the same day. But I stayed one night at a local hotel and then I ended up coming back and I it was a great experience here really really well. You really wise mom lead it I can't say enough about it in the that the pain or lack thereof that I had or have an aunt. Since that surgery has been a life changing so I'd like NC thanks and after the Marshall clinic and Marshall clinic health system. So if you won kind of experience something the same way I did and I hope all turns out that way that is Marshall clinic dot org or Marshall put a dot org the official health care provider. Of yours truly. Let's do this Evan flood Wisconsin insider for a 24/7 sports dot com joining us on the Schneider orange top line Evan played art. Me opera should come on that it will first and foremost let me ask you if I do you think Wisconsin is breathing a sigh of relief I don't. Think I would get diamond stone. And maybe immediately that you look at some of the stock that's gone down. Here today you know a lot of this stuff back I think this schools are kind of scrambling to figure out. Okay I'll what did we know and I think a lot of you know that this kind of stuff happened behind their back without them really knowing about it. You're stoned and and then that probably took place maybe after this season and certainly late and here. At airline or taking benefits. From an agent I think the question is going to be how much. You can really implicate. All these programs who may have little known knowledge of any type. Behavior but. As a surprise to see that the number of names and the number of school just one ADT's. Payroll earpiece he really an intrigue he was gonna happen. You know what you plan all these schools yeah maybe start disputes on the other one certainly a lot more agencies. An agent to or opera in double A good early and got it early laughter. I do wanna talk more about on the court and that is the bed he's got another nice win last night they knocked off northwestern on the road. And I'm not saying this team by any stretch is turn it down or anything like that but it seems towards the end of the season. They have put to train back on the track in it lit it really does begin with so limited amount turnovers doesn't it. Right now I think we app that is China. Maybe that is more than that Twitter crowd of actual book representation. The badger basketball fan base but. You pump the brakes on the great card check coached Eric it all everything that he's gone through this year. He's known for months now your not gonna get any additional help. Us. You know early 67 guys you can I am Asian it was going to be what was available wrest away. In this team. Has turned a corner and do not know they haven't played necessarily the best of competition other than that that big win. Over Purdue but you know the sort of team in the beginning of the season couldn't close the door mounted on three consecutive. Nail biter going Minnesota. As. I know gone through a lot of injuries and suspensions as well but they've got a lot of talent on the roster and a lot of guys who played. In the NCAA determined. Northwestern. You know kind of the same deal experienced group. Now inhabit law last night but again Tina. It's played in the NCAA tournament last year and you know what I was able to make plays on the stretcher against two senior late groups. There so. I've been impressed. You're aware that he was even just a few weeks ago you would give an almost no chance. 308. And some. A little bit a hole going into that. Senior day it's me it's fair of course the Big Ten internment. Like eSATA don't think anybody's assuming. Did you determined streak is gonna continue here. In a great for this young team that sort of build momentum and and exceed eight. Well why don't I'll open wide slot for everybody. How better. All I mean you get a guy you Ben bleak day ends up playing extremely well we've seen contributions from other guys on this team has it been something that. Craig garnish changed mixed up whatever or is it just in some guys are fighting there and themselves will say towards the end of the season unfortunately. And be kind of talked about I think it's anything necessarily. He did in terms we. I think it's been well it's a well haven't these guys. Go to the ups and down and see it. Being in the situation or talked about earlier deceit and many are. The whole game not copper. Old age. It's easy you know the mistakes that were being need earlier. He. Plays Ian a the past pregame. You know I. And pointing go back to us about great art and culture not being well and he can't believe it at all. Haven't seen that time action all these and have played an act to gain. Weight bearing. And not opera play ability if not lower arm and an active active old game and make something happen. They credit aren't clear Iverson to be not where I. It's bound wade. One team and ideal weight he's but he. Up more comfortable on doing things I orbit that you want your beat out you start click broke apart so. Well has turned a corner practiced with shooting and ability to back. Lot away some part of accomplish this coaching staff's ability belt players aren't. He diocese had taken their lumps and get our. So moving forward Jeremy do you think this team you see I don't think there have been any term at all just because the season the start of the season they've had been do you think there's any shot at all for them to say make. Robert dividend and don't take that never really this study the letter. I really you know what I'm prepared for what they added do you worry is you'd think they would make Iran. Eight and her. And presumably win. Also some major alternates off hey did you say whoever comes after acting white I. Are they enough. It's certainly an. Up. And it certainly was and what. I don't think would decline in the murder. More all else or take it out. Know you're at the start of the season what was probably. I don't know that content shield themselves opposite happened eat really big. Not copper lead but you know they're competitive. And I think you know if it. Stay hot towards the end of the season and knock off a couple brand names in the Big Ten certainly think it so what's it like that. Good stub is always do you see them in anyway share reforming able to take down Michigan State before hours ago. You know well I. What was implicated in that thing you know I'll watch a distraction that will be you machine they'd sort of looked a little human. Recently and the other NCAA. Allegation. Bill layout but. Topic as well some players. Eat at. Previously hurt her treating women and you know it certainly looked a little you man. Scott than you know play a little talk in East Lansing area sort dug them and I'm yeah. Or you don't eat it well I and it stretched. A really cost them out one of bombs like this aren't about eaten right away and eat. Out it was cop and a bit deeper bench but later might homeland. Good stuff we appreciate it man man that we ought to keep reading into RT is it okay. I dropped charges and they and it's Evan flood Wisconsin has ever won seven sports dot com 247 sports. Dot com covering Wisconsin Badgers and I don't think the badgers get to a tournament could do postseason term there's a lot of people this is they look at they should knock off Michigan State to get a couple wins the Big Ten interment. Who know who's just because of the way they travel in the past and their like he said their purse quote prestige from being a team that's been tournament tested. For 14151617. Straight years. This could be a team that still ends up in oppose interment they still have something to fight for Woolsey I don't think it happens I want to be about chemical water. Put her nose to nose with the committee seeks ninety committee sees before it's also none specifically for the fact that they went and playing some really. Beleaguered basketball down the stretch it is wouldn't. They joined as he joined us on the Schneider worn challenge that are hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years it beginning you don't call 8044 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dotcom and if you haven't already. The pepperoni and out the door Michael's fantastic over our friends or cousins is absolutely fantastic stop in a pick one up yourself. Extra Mayo extra cheese on its battery GO Jude cheese Kurds but it's that time a year for the world at the road but his back and all you do is going to cousins subject download the app. Oh or go to cousins of dot com for a limited time you can pick up the Rubin as well L seven new year. That is now a new heroes and I do not know that I saw that the other day I was driving past the presence of near my house so cousins of offering all kinds of stuff and I've always said. That is the place you go in and you say I want that one right there and it actually looks like the one that's on the wall. Not like one it just got stuck with a bunch a lettuce and a couple of slices of meat that looked nasty. And and Hannity or your children received removed from comet that is cousin said they believe in better they live by a better. Master reasoner on this program say two mortal might show next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. 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And Arjun ray or Joseph what does it. All right well since there wasn't much sports were gonna go to the all star game LeBron James we're going Kemba Walker allele dung courtesy TNT LeBron. Well. And then something they never do. They played defense on the final possession of the game. LeBron gets the win again courtesy attentive. There have it. They haven't that is the way the all star game ended the NBA back at it now but good stuff over the weekend and again it's all brought you by the new Mel medical center where they have a 98% success rate treating guys with the ED. Without all the nasty side effects by the way to sluggish in your mood you get the brain fog going on meets in energy need that pick me up yet that low T like idea. New malice on the Allah that huge chute and you know you don't have to buy into the winter fat stuff I'm sure you pack something on over the over the winter months. 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That was a lot of fun that merriment social and that place has been numerous bars down there and a quarter but Miramar social. Really is just spruced it up made it look great that area's booming down there on Pittsburgh east Pittsburg avenue. It's down there. If you're heading to summer fest you're kind of going in the back door so to speak you cross the river. The Milwaukee River you know exactly where it is and talking about it's been numerous with a one what all the garage doors and opens up. When you're peeling off down and Villa in the Walker's point area. Can you going south of Milwaukee mayor right there is where it's at down by collect Tivo. And believe it's 889. Is the rate the public radio station is down there as well so there's a lot of good stuff down that area and it's really booming. Had a great time down there last night a lot of fun that show is gonna be really great to do. Do you hear from city my grief come and appear a little bit as well more than Michael show coming up after those. He ordered to. Film Michael's voice told me that were.