HR3 – Will this season define how good of a coach McCarthy is?

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Tuesday, October 17th
10/17/17: Hour 3. Plus, Bucks TV Voice Jim Paschke stops by.

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Promo links runs to the riverfront. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans column stood tall but bill Michael you know. Here's your whole list. Michael. I. That's why we'll show is on there we are glad to have you thanks so much John. It's ridiculous to do is we certainly appreciate it. If you want shot an 8558308648. Many of you listening online and the the app or at the the website go to bill Michael's sports. Dot com thanks everybody listening from mom not just tear our own backyard could tell all over the country Dave listening to is in Honolulu Hawaii. Patrick listening to attend Lincoln Nebraska. We've got Eric who is listening to a sub in Minneapolis in any gas by the way Eric guy Ericsson paid your fun house Minneapolis yes last night I did. I did find a house in Minneapolis so we are all set up for Super Bowl this year should rule 52 will be there and I gotta tell you I. I was telling Joseph during before we went on the air today I had a really nice guy he. Bed tow works for our police have twins. And he had said you know hey I got a house and the radio while our budget is not here a kids game it may seem like it but it's not okay. When we were in in severance Cisco. Anything in San Francisco was ridiculous. So it'd go to Sonoma knows about an hour outside of San Fran thought we had the most wonderful time in Sonoma California. And we ended up spending I think like 16100 blocks for four of us to stay in this home. This bungalow in Sonoma California for one country which was just fantastic okay. Then last year we had a house that we rented for two Brandon and Tony furniture and we found out we got their but nevertheless we have a place to stack. So this year I said look the budgets to grant 2500 blocks you know Minneapolis that type of thing. And I got a lot of phone calls and I appreciated and I I got in touch with a one person and he said yes that it's great. Did not really she was looking for 25098. And ice at no cost competitive. That's spending 25000 dollars on lodging for ten days for me in the staff and that's that's not gonna happen. And somebody got a hold a friend who got all of a friend and the lonely old last night got a hold me and say look I just listed my home and air BNP. How were in a suburb about twenty miles outside of or twenty minutes outside of Minneapolis. If your interest in decent look I'm I'm just enlisted for like a 150 bucks tonight he said you know he's won it. So I said are you pretty sure I should look on as can be 15100 bucks for right now because he's only literally a 1011100 dollars. And he's yet to be great you know and we ended up getting home beautiful four bedroom home. For 15100 bucks so I meant I can do. Stuff like this without you people you guys are great and guys and girls for that matter. But thanks everybody that helped Al because we know of getting a great place just day. We will be there all throughout the run another week of Super Bowl radio row yours truly might Clemens we take. Alex wit this we take Erica with a serial we go with this sort have a great staff there this year we always look forward to to bring you the biggest and the best guests and and we can't do without you so thanks everybody that kind of helped out a way of what could. Yeah a little bit of miscommunication. It's a little bit of a difference from going from 15100 bucks to 25000. Dollars. For a difference of ten minute drive per day you know in one direction twenty minutes predict. Benevolent. So thanks thanks everybody 85583086. Story now did tours all. Who we had a little while ago on one of the callers he says okay there's there's some certain things to think about and all of us you know with the run game the defense and optimistic vs pessimistic and things to think about. He brought up a lot of really good points. Really good points so you think about this in the grand scheme of things. Best case scenario. Now best case is winning the super or look at you Lewis is back and was backed up the expectation truck here best cases. The defense gets healthy solidify it not top ten would go okay. Then. Bread only proves he's preempted Corbett. He's not Aaron Rodgers. Is pretty good quarterback and he takes an offense has got some weaponry on and the bolster the run game and Mary Jones continues to get the ball runs better you find yourself for a real running back. You get your offensive line back together bread only proves that. He can guide a team down the field when he's got the proper our talent around them. And he then not only puts his team in the post season. But then does enough that you know hey there's other teams out there that now come knock on the door and say look we need a good starting quarterback we. What we have right now is inadequate and what we Saudi your guy so I now granted he said he wanted to first round draft was on the that's happening but you'd you'd get yourself you know thirty. Not a third round draft choice second round draft choice whatever I mean something that's a little bit higher than fourth or fifth. You get something that a that's that's real optimism. Pretty key and that happened sure that could happen. That may be high end. Put me but then you look at the pessimistic side and is more legacies become involved. Because if Mike McCarthy's they would give Brett Conley. And this team to the postseason. And prove to Brett only has grown dramatically as a quarterback from the day he first walked in Green Bay. Today he walks out of Green Day. Then Mike McCarthy's extended his legacy because it this year old beef and by the way for those there's like another wasted year. Always see gear in the sense of its a shame that this happened Aaron Rodgers but if you're gonna blame all of this strictly on its head. Come on you know it's very hard to lose did the best player on the planet. In many people's minds and say we're gonna go and do his exact same thing for me hey you yeah I mean realistic okay this is one of those legacy thanks for Mike McCarthy though. I really believe that. Because of bread only comes down proves he's a good quality quarterback that has developed. Has progressed. That is become viable. In the National Football League and has a value to him that they can turn around in India and Garnett into picks. Then that's that's big. At least in the eyes of the fans and those in the league looking at Mike McCarthy. Now we all know is coming people that no matter what happens are gonna blame on Mike McCarthy and in Ted Thompson just everything sucks in her life result. But in the the realistic view of that. There's there's a lot riding on this. You know going back to my McCarty statement of look I'm a highly successful football you know I mean it's just. This is where you make your bones. You know it's it's kind of like when they used to say you'll fall Jackson's good coach until you don't have Michael Jordan. Well Phil Jackson to coach until you don't have Kobe and Shaq and then he's a good coach royal county Doggett looked. It it takes a good coach to keep it altogether. To put it all on the rails and and say OK I know when to pull the reins back in know when to let the great talent fly. So now we'll see how good of a head coach is Mike McCarthy. 855830864. Let's go to Jason was C tuition Milwaukee Jason what of the program the Michael should. I still think should have me on journal. On. You know. I agree with a lot of good things you're saying they're put you know I think by O and a lot of other people have been pretty frustrated with our front office for a put a few years now. And completely actually that is actually and we are. Have kind of hit Murti certainties behind having Aaron Rodgers and and it's a luxury to have. Were coming up on 35 years of all the same quarterback players are not wrong. And you know we've got two rings and I think a lot of people are saying that that's not acceptable. I would agree with that is wallets it's been really had a shot at fourteen and the team itself blow it that one out and personnel wise they had enough is there to get a win. And they blew that good now for the most part to be able to say you've only been to three and 12. With the hall of fame quarterbacks that's that's topical swallow from. Now let's look at your if your Miami Dolphins fan you're saying hey we had Dan Marino we went damn thing. Yeah I mean so if you know it's all perspective good. You know I agree with you as far as what the expectations are what you've had in Green Bay on king I can't argue that sentimentality. I mean it's just seemed like we settled for working in good scene that that's flashes of greatness. Because our core back. And you don't go betweens if we just brought the injuries happened so far this year which had no part of this talks do. But I mean going into this year he went last time that we have an inside linebackers that would have started on the other team in the NF so. Did yesterday we were talking about the yes there was a last time agreement Packers had just a guided just gave you snot bubbles. It's it's been a loss in one. Completely agree with you. And then we we we let to a Pro Bowl carts go over the last or two or three years and then open your return. And then we would go to this season with. We have some cal tech cornerback but girl you are here to bring this can be. Well as they they've they appreciate the phone call they've had to. Talented player now the offensive line thing Tom you know lame Taylor. Has proven to be you know a good replacement. But you lost to all Provo pro guards who was in the period of a calendar year that that's that's tough to just say okay Iran to come back widget can be just as good. Obviously the value of guards vs tackle on becomes a drastically different things. In the eyes of Ted Thompson. So they've been able to those guards go in there and the guard play has not been nearly. The new drop off hasn't been in mr. MacNamara when you see you you won't have a true tech tackle. Weathers left or right you're throwing guys out there it's. Lateral movement feet upper body strength all that stuff that lettuce is and that's. That's a whole different animal right there and they're not able fortify that spot. Hum other than Bakhtiar and blog and now the backups have been something of of difference but it paid two dollars and a minimum forth like that the way he would've liked. But I give me credit for this year going around trying to fill some holes defensively. And picking up you know free agent talent thing going around picking guys up these issues then. I gotta tell you it's just been a bizarre year. In the sense of avengers I just I mean I know we talk about this all the time but it's is it. I got to bully for those are just talk about the strength and conditioning staff has got to believe there's got to be more to it and have broken bones and such you just can't plan for concussions you can't plan for. She's been a weird year. Go to Rick Lucy too was a water char Rick I don't know him there what's up. I'm doing well bill thanks. Oh a couple things. What. Got some insight maybe into these injuries but they also want address. What. What you think. Is gonna happen now that read only quarterback. And we. Need for where you know made a lot of why he got 88 the now. Adam opened out. On. It doesn't matter writer and many more and start to look after like that Everett is back up back in. Value in the free agency market with potential you know the benefit the Packers aren't we. Cobb as well. Well that's question number one. And insight into the injury. A former athletic trainer as well and expect it out though. Some of the research out there is suggest the bat these players are getting. Rock out for basically what they're muscles and tendons. More partly dependent can actually ligament in a court order or rational that tendon and ligament. Completely. Taken at that point it is say I can't do anymore and gone any pop you aids become injured. With that being said the technology to captivate and make these guys ought you know human art they're drinking on their body or it and fifteen years ago and Pratt and at an annual cap and the other side well that just spit on her back at. It's gonna give me. What the reeker itself surely is bad. These individuals is an app they're their bodies can't support its street that they out. That it brought out there by rylander. Your your. No I EU what do you bring up a great point received a phone call that it is terrific call I just read. I read in order Cole and I keep remember. I can't remember one was on the phone with something in me in the mountain kind of like our own. Kaymer was Marshall clinic. Or something nationally. I think ordering the wall no wasn't Wall Street or Washington Post. About just that about the increasing amount alarming amount of injuries and we're talking significant injuries in. Tendons and hamstrings and growing pools and these seals on them seals and biceps and triceps and picked tore muscles. Stuff that you didn't see is frequently. Com. Years ago and I read just that. That the training. Has become so what year round. That the increase of masked the increase. A muscle the leaning out of fat. The intensity of training has grown by leaps and bounds that the bodies are growing faster. Then what the capability to stretch them is. So you get a guy that puts on when he pounced thirty pounds of muscle in the offseason he's look Daniel while he really dedicated himself when he did it. The problem is is he growing self so fast his body hasn't had a chance to legitimately catch up to that growth. And when he goes out and inputs the added force of say another 20300. Pound human being against him. That the body has not stretched itself. Weaned itself in in giving itself enough elasticity that these things are just popping they're giving way. Com. So I eat that yeah that's a great point and I appreciate the call very insightful folk appreciate so much 855830864. In a more clearly for break more of a microphone next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael shows on the air cousins subs are good friends there. They bring in the program. They've been fantastic to they've got to us so much. I highly recommend a pepperoni no that's my that's my food choice when I go there. So. Always into the pepperoni not going nor the bill Michael Lewis at a radio Joseph as you noted several -- to marriage or Jeter in. Right now for a limited time they have the brisket doubly different styles of the brisket with the Wisconsin cheddar cheese on it. You get that. Many different options over cousins so they are the official sub sandwich. The bill Michael's Forestar network. Thanks them for being onboard. As well. They 5583086488558308648. Let alone might give dot com told free talk crying gives a shout. Love to hear from me and if you wanna China and feel free to do so. Com and got a couple different tweets here this one his remarks saying I'm McCord sure who to root for right now. Whether or not I wanna see the Packers do well and get into the post season I think there's shutter the Super Bowl. Is no more. Auroio root for them to completely tank and get a high draft choice this would be their opportunity. To get that linebacker David missing so desk. 8558308648855830864. Rate. Com what is news. Com smoke puff. Sports Illustrated they have Aaron Rodgers on Sports Illustrated cover more than a couple weeks ago. Now he's down Tom Brady. He's their guy that was most recently on on the cover. So they are going through the list of you know David Johnson. I'm JJ watt Aaron Rodgers have all been on the preview cover. Now you've got to or Tom Brady is on the preview cover. Will he be the next got a good I know that SI cover jinx is really not that. Certainly scary. And Scott said should McCarthy of god in bars face after the game like Sherman did. To sap after hitting Clifton for a first throw bar left the game with a concussion. So he could note even if you wanna do. So that was that was that's a moot point. Let's go to Tim listening to the way it. Routers that an expletive towards bar when he was being taken off the field Brent. So let's NFL network and often rules caught it yet he he'd said something to bark as they are taking them off the field. Look to really get out bomb could be Iran right. Well you mean the bottom line is it wasn't illegal that yes. Was it outside the spirit that he have to drive them into the ground like that. No. Now. He and have to. You know army people equate this that type of hit. Now granted in which is completely different as trooper Bob who is saying remember when Clementi who went after Colin capita got to balance. Clement he's got flagged for that. That was illegal hit it right to complain about that. You know he was he was trying to take him down. No doubt about that. So both of one happens to your god course you're gonna complain about one. I thought at the time when I watched the play. I knew Aaron Rodgers was outside the pocket but let's let's be honest it's Aaron Rodgers. Are you know even even at. Troy Aikman said I I half expected applied to be thrown. He thought it wasn't necessarily a legal hit but the porosity in the way he beat that took him to the ground. He thought there might have been a flight thrown on that. So he judgment call. And is 2.0 thank you very much. He courted held up in didn't. After Aaron Rodgers and already released the ball. 855830864. Let's go to Tim losing to Stanford on your Tim walker of the program the Michael show. And often young man again it's all these appellate call. Oprah. All. At that under the symbol equity schematic it all up and hit and all all the necessary no illegal now. It happened a bargain in which I know so he's always been well armed. Our question or build another buyers now questions if you thought our net. For probably development now moving forward here tonight eight games whatever Roger about whatever what would you rather have. The offensive line intact. And mediocre weapons. Or great weapons and the abortion for offensive line that we. What would you rather Europe indeed we or what you think is better or is that. Does best line. Why people want it because everything starts up front because you have a good line you would get at least did have a semblance of Iran game on a consistent basis. Right if you have a good line can protect you can buy you some extra time and wait for guys that or is good to get open. To me it always always it's always if you ask me about especially player now unless you're talking about a great. Julio Jones wide receiver sampling. That that's different tips the scales but it to me it is all it always starts in the trenches if you can we end up front you're gonna win a lot of ball games and that's words are. We'll see what happens movement or builders on that 8084 double tight end set where is it. I haven't seen it. Saw Sox who. Did right bill. You don't get a nice job on Sunday night was not been mapped to do you do it right and quite easy on the night they beat Denver at thirteen points in that respect what he thought he. But it doctor Cynthia he drops up leaderboard 855830864885583086. Rate. Change up just a few. I think we owe it to the Milwaukee Bucks are set to get there a season underway. How many wins they're gonna get what the expectations are. Post season get through the first round of the playoffs all that kind of stuff. How this roster shaken out they didn't get Jabbar he signed to a deal. We'll talk about all legit pass you television play by play voice of the Milwaukee Bucks he is Tony joiner is coming up next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Expectations are really high obviously what we've put ourselves. Big goal for us Eastern Conference finals top five ID this top five in us is we know those key stats. Means we're one win a lot of mass book. Back to the program those lords of Jason Terry. Talking about Eastern Conference Eastern Conference finals goals or some ridiculous goals that well. Good luck I'm glad they're talking about though you know what I love the attitude I love the mindset but that is asking a lot now but I'm but I moment. There's a lot of expectations on this team and and rightfully show so. What's realistic game. And what does hopeful in wishful thinking in all the other stuff that goes along more than we bring in now via television play by play voice in the Milwaukee Bucks. Our buddy Jim passage I. I event out. Great. Absolutely so I'll ask you I mean that he lied talked to Jason Kidd last week and I said look you know it top four. Getting through the a first round of the playoffs and he still a great goals and many backed company said but this a very young team. So what are your thoughts going into the season. Well when I. Hurt you. Discussed the fact that those balls were locked the wondered why you thought so because and I'm not saying your bill but its interest in why not have a Bible. They played a great six game playoff series with Toronto they felt they should've won that series and perhaps they should have. I said during the playoffs last year I believe when that Bucs team went one playoff series that will likely win true. And if you do that you're in the Eastern Conference finals I think you want to be a top five defensive team and I think that this team. Has shown us that the move the basketball when they do they went so if you're up five and assess. I don't think those aren't that lofty I think you have to shoot hired to work to get to the top of the Eastern Conference and we all know this year that might you know. Might not be as difficult as it has been in the past. I hate love the goal. Doug there are but but I'm just saying it to me I guess I'm saying when 11 and then let's worry about getting the bid to the first in the furthest extent I'd love to see that. Off ice wanna see them winning continue to progress and I know it's a young team but it's a young team that's been able to play together as young team that has some experience together. And they've been able to put in you know kind of the right mix of veterans and other some things they wanna do again come the off season may become the trade deadline and and anti abortion this team really hit the ground running next year but. I tell you what I think a lot of this can hinge on obviously young eyes as he wants an MVP. But I but I get on maker to a bond maker does he impressed the heck enemy at the end of last season if he continues to progress more you're only talking about something that aren't your. Well and I agree would you would you say when one just a conversation. Was was on people who were looking at saying you know we can be bought and beat Cleveland and then makes. Saturday when you don't sit lol stop. You don't want to ever think you don't need games you'll are not a good you can say we don't need Portland if we beat Boston Cleveland. Every game should be thought of as a victory maybe two weeks pearl occupants okay that wasn't so bad. Let's have a positive attitude you're not a great game publisher thinking that way yeah honest. BP and act conversely whether this summer he came back simian said. I want to restructure what I sent a little bit if art team wins that the then maybe I could be the MVP so he decided. Rightfully so. The board team goals first you know that he won't medium VP of his team doesn't win fifty games so it is a process. But it's also an attitude and I think that yeah they have. You know you have to go at this stage today this is lately business all of them 82 and one. It's one at a time that you seek justice. Well look let me go back to the honest comment on the first one like the fact he's thinking that way but secondly. You know he knows I mean eve if for for this team to be successful he has to play at that particular level he asked to be healthy. So and obviously with the death of his father that and no cancer throw monkey wrench is almost diminishes sued the significance of losing you know someone very close Hubert. He has and then kind of re gather himself and put himself back on the track and say okay. Now here I go how he handled all of that your opinion. I think he's handled it beautifully I'm told by people that watch him every day every minute work Wear them they say he's come back. As a better player than it was last year I notice they see more maturity they see more focus which is almost. Unbelievable to me I mean not bodies and great maturity and focus. Through last season if he continues to build on those things. I don't believe that his personal problems or personal situations are going to impact is game I think he. Is a bright kid and he understands that like Moscow wants. Playing the game the way he can't as a tribute to a spot and that's how he feels I don't see that as being an issue and AP is in fact. Batter right now this team. Could have some fun but we all have to play out we have to see that you know we were talking about and we haven't seen yet and I think 11 game at a time will mostly what. What happens here. The team has to succeed before Udonis can't succeed and I was happy to hear him saying. What is the ceiling in your opinion for Malcolm broaden. That's hard to say I made it pretty high. You know he was. A second round pick in and sold you know does that put a ceiling on him I mean I think every human being as a ceiling. I'm not sure where ya I'm just feeling it at the moment and I think that's. Kind of delicious if you will meet at the sock that we all should be thrilled about it we can't put a ceiling on everybody else's Schilling I. I don't what feelings on I can't tell I'm not Smart enough to do that. But Malcolm Brockton is going to push debt ceiling whatever India's. Is another very intelligent player very committed player. He has all the right things built and use. I've told you distort or in thirty twos into bucks best flawed and never I never cared. With a box wrapped it because they know more than I do but I met him on ice and I want that guy on our team because of his character and it played out last year. Who is Connor that guided your paying attention to that is for for this team to kind of get over that hump gym now we know the main players but who's a director penitentiaries and you say. If this guy contributes and this can be the push it this team needs. Well I've said that in our precision telecast and you mentioned army equipment to speak to that also it if you get more. A little more not just a little more from bond maker and you get a little more. From Russia on bond and you get a little more from mayors of a lot of Mitch I think that could go along way. I really I really like the makeup of this team com. IER a the one thing I talked to Jason Kidd about was defense and you talked about the commitment to defense this year. On him being young and being that kind of energetic group I know even golf bag Jim when I first got on the scene and you had you know had George Karl here and we saw this kind of commitment to defense but it was a more of a team that just to go out now shoot you on a night in night out basis. How much is this team bought into. Hey is chicks may not dig the guy that cuts off the baseline but if we do this right. We can really be something special how much if they bought into the defensive end of the basketball. Well you have to buy and the fear of paying attention at all because it all most games. And put forth these and conferences it's the defense team. That win championships you can get through the regular season just fine thank you Bart shooting. The long ball. That's OK but if you're not defending your back and play in the Eastern Conference finals. In the third no matter what happens wild bill that's a pretty obvious situations bigger out and one thing I'm looking or industries and went to Asian get brought this statement to Milwaukee that first year. The defense forced a lot of turnovers and I don't think we saw that in the last couple of seasons if we see are all worked forced. That takes away the opponent's ability to get to those corner threes etc. so it was guitar Robert that'll be a great sign amnesty. College impasse in the television play or play voice of the Milwaukee Bucks a one thing I've liked about this team is when they do commit to what they do get to turn overs. They're fast break. On the offensive side a his turn and appoints more often than not gym and really I I think at times this team all of a sudden goes whoa wait a minute. We can't score buckets and we actually play some better defense rather than just trying to will Whittle it down for. Your defensive stops throughout the shot clock and putting a bad shots if they get some turnovers this team's been very good in transition. Well they certainly have been I think fox spends understand. That they're watching one of the finest transition players in the NBA right now so global. The numbers back that up and you know he he can get out and score a lot of points in transition he's in the top six I believe in that category based on last season. Is one of the great transition players we haven't this game. And you know he does so many other things is is and the one percentage is on a level with LeBron James so. Would you run and are scrambling to defend that you're partnered drop out you're gonna get the line all of those things factor and so yes. Apply pressure defensively quickly forced a turnover get out and score and his team could have a very very entertaining and productive she's. The one thing we didn't talk about yet and I want to mr. Borg Parker's contract. This year. He is gonna make six point seven he's a restricted free agent going in the next year they didn't get a deal done for him. I I guess your thoughts and not getting a deal done right now for Jabbar. And that doesn't bother me at all I'd think that anyone involved. Is bothered by this I think they understand that commitment to each other we see as. The box organization. The box seat the commitment Jabbar has just in terms of how he's from rehabilitating a second Simon is totally committed. To that and coming back I think everybody understands that this is unique situation. And Tom. Well it'll play out the way it's supposed to bella and I don't think anybody. Ever heard one thing about anybody being upset about it either way. OK Alaska the year desire I know that obviously when that when the talk of Max contract came up a lot of fans were taken aback I mean look. Players god bless the thing got to go get a passport you can't get it when she asked for it. But knowing the situation and a lot of Q1 whoa wait a minute what what are you doing here and I don't think there's a liberal comfortable with the bucks just handing him all that money so I. I'm with you I'll let it play out and see what happens. Indiana pay a lot more money on roads so be it because I mean he came back he's healthy he's a contributor your basketball team but I think it's Smart business for what the Bucs have done and I. I think his people understand what's been done Jim it's always a pleasure and outlook for a great season bucks basketball our friend okay. It out absolutely they go pal talkies and they go Jim pesky via television play by plea voice of Milwaukee Bucks joining us for a couple of minutes on the shutter or talent Schneider our drivers right now you work they treat you fair eighty plus years they've beginning at done. Call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com sports programming brought you by quick trip. And a reminder again and again and again that at any participating Richard in the state Wisconsin they have the 24 ounce Packers Tumblr. And you know and get that thing filled with all kinds of quick trip business that's right 1999 million store purchase. And did the Packers get a win today after that he going to show for free refill on that thing to whether it's coffee or a truck litter. Soda drinks what ever happens to be stopped and your local participating quick trip. And get yourself. The Green Bay Packers 24 ounce Tumblr not to mention says it's an audience and Iceland Denmark really earliest. Austin around a lot more about Michael just another hour yet to go give you which talks and badger football we got to get in that without Jesse temple the badgers beat reporter. Are coming up after the top of the hours walkers and some things are really need to be discussed regarding his badgers team which got lost to Michelle Wie yesterday. Number five in the country my friends and deservedly so we'll talk more about that two more to this. Six clues stations strong help build my school's sports talk net. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. The program though Michael Jacques was on the air. Radio Joseph across the way. Mike McCarthy. Says that. Then when it comes to when it comes to be a better coach. Especially right now gotta do better job. Forget do a better job darted devoted targeted regretted north flow more potent bigger office in law would run the ball over orders today. Pass protection was he was a negative. We wouldn't have handled. Basic blitzes that that they came with. So we we needed to Dutch short up. In the investigating. Panel will become so. We were gonna play cleaner football and you know. The sights on call opponent played a few years. Don't ever do love things that they do Purcell was different walks so. That's while support for its morals to us that they. Also all McCarthy. He then talked a little bit more during his press conference yesterday. And no one of the things that he wanted to dispute discuss. Was you know if players you know lost focus in mentally after Aaron Rodgers got heard meg game the other day. A medical. But that the goals one again I mean it's don't know like the way. It happened don't like the things that happened after the injury though those so global that would all there is no known feels about that. What's still an opportunity to win the game. Play better. Coats that are willing to do so. That's reality of what Monday is coveted title straighten them you did this right way to do this. The wrong way we needed. This letter. An assault bots that can successfully and a whole lot of success suspect. I guess when he talks about the BS that went on after the fact maybe there was more than a few players or even Mike McCarthy himself. Did not like the way things went down and the way Aaron Rodgers was was taken down so to speak from. The main reasons didn't care for didn't care for the way that Aaron Rodgers was driven into the turn I let's set I had it wasn't so much of the hit it was a legal. It was the fact that he was his driven into the Turks. The way he weren't so. But again it's in there it was legal. No flag no snow finds anything like that it just you know unfortunately. He had a player they got a hold on him and talking to the turf and didn't light not. When maybe he could have but you know entanglement he's my McCarthy's terms that's football. Unfortunately that's football now your painful. By 855830864. Rated by 5830864. Rate that some loans we kept our count. Told free talk when we come back at the top of the hour just temple. Badgers beat reporter. For land of ten dot com. And eat then the badgers got lost in the shuffle yesterday and kudos to the badgers for getting the win win. It was a weekend of upsets I mean you had clinching getting knocked off up in Syracuse of all places I mean. You said upset after upset after upset and I looked the badgers is not pretty at times I'll agree with that. Bright they're winning Washington ends up getting knocked off it is well so it lot of teams in that did top five top ten guy beat. And do the badgers just keep on winning sitting at six in all right now they come up two spots. USC's been beat Washington's been beat. Washington State in the getting beat them there's numerous teams it declined and then ultimately fell in. The bench is he winning right now sitting behind TCU Georgia Tennessee and Alabama walked. In two of those are going to be decided because head if if it continues to head in that direction. Alabama's gonna face Georgia in the SEC championship game more of those two teams obviously. Not to be making it to the final four and then there's Penn State and Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game if those two teams stay on the collision course one of those two teams is not gonna make it to the final four. TCU sitting there right now six you know as well but climbing a famously you've got. You know obviously in the in the top ten Ohio State pence in Wisconsin are representing the Big Ten just kind of sitting there Ohio State just waiting. Just waiting now granted their loss was at home was probably a worse loss. That I've seen and taken a long time but considering it was to Oklahoma. Who is still considering top ten team. That they're probably won the best one loss teams there are right now that red lost by Clinton going in the Syracuse ma'am. Syracuse not that much of a power house. But it is what it is. Six hours talk some badger football deservedly so coming up nexus of a Michael show. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system.