HR4 – Brandon Jennnigs is a Buck!...Well sort of…

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 4. Radio Joe has details on the addition of Brandon Jennings, after signing with the Wisconsin Herd. Plus, Jesse Temple talks Badgers hoops, and we get back into the Brewers…


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From the league's front. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans come true at all the bill Mikey show. Stereo well don't go Michael shows on the Aron we're so glad that you are onboard today thanks so much as always take a listen to voice we're about what we're less actually than a month away. From our trip out to spring training going to be bringing you all the action and now getting you ready for brewers baseball this season as we head dear zona Maryville looking forward to it going out their compliments. Of some great people that are taking us there are friends it steady second national Walker's point Milwaukee's best sports bar shuttles to all the games including brewers games get your season ready. Down its Denny's also are friends it's as this says is they run shuttles as well they've got terrific bargain Q they've got a newly renovated outdoor patio they renovated the restaurant. No reason not to take you your friends your family. Take everybody down to says is an energy breaker Chevrolet. And that is are good friends who take a city official vehicle of the Michael's broadcast coming to you live from Maryville Arizona. Starting the week of march 12 and also were last but not least certainly. The guys are doing this awhile now that is the Milwaukee admirals see the stars of tomorrow on the ice today. In for all the vermonters just did Joan Jett and there's a matter of fact for an after hour after game concerts and you can check our our everything out for the Milwaukee generals including all the promotions. Go to Milwaukee admirals dot com that's Milwaukee admirals dot com they are hashed and hash tag. Mill hockey. Policy hawks and badgers shall we Jesse temple the badgers be right of the land of ten dot com now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Jesse I don't. Well what do it while it's probably not the most pleasurable time to be covering Wisconsin badger basketball for the first time in a long time now in the that command of with the 500 plus record budget. They're not head to determine any time soon gimme your synopsis of the season. Well a lot stood atop four guards in I did everybody but if you take two that's up for guard that they cut back but in America see what Betsy looks like in this authority interview with absentee coming into the season that was probably going to struggle to. To get to the NCAA determined. He thought maybe have a chance when you take me to try and Kobe came out of the mix. You know you're basically playing with one and a half guard certain yet reverend pretzel and Brad Davis did and playing with a bad left shoulder and I think that lack of depth has really laid on this team throughout the evening and we're seeing it here down the stretch. So. What is on the horizon I guess because for those that really got down on great guard down the program look at things said man this isn't this isn't close team Bo wouldn't be putting up with us and he would haven't turned around. Give me the synopsis of this thing moving forward. Well that when you get Kobe came into major drag back in a really. You've got all your guard back in a statement Trevor Anderson as the transfer it was very good at the freshman green they average about ten points per game he sat out this year in the transfer to Wisconsin and in the world. Added that directorate that you got five or six guards backed probably going to be Katie get a little more production out of your front court and what what happened on the recruiting trail will that be able to find someone else for 2018 the coaches are obviously on the well whether it's the prep school route of the graduate transfer route. But they're gonna have a pretty solid top eight I think. And they're gonna have a chance to be winning team again next season I know ban the freaking out right now. If you're certainly has not gone according to plan. But you know I I wouldn't jump off the budget gap on that is bat it. Do you think third cup for next year. That's hard for me to say I. I don't know if they beat top four I would like that they did they certainly can be in the top half of the Big Ten and intense for an NCAA tournament spot. I'm especially you have even at coming back who would potentially be a two time all American and you know experience doesn't guarantee anything I think it certainly would help would consider how many freshmen at the latest here with. He readers and Brett infinitely important a redshirt freshman as wealthy because we came back. I think got a chance. Be they did the team itself I it's hard when you lose and you lose consistently not. Let it get to you. Have you seen this team in any way shape or form because he added that the way we look at the coach is not just wins and losses but it's when things are bad. How this coach gets his guys to play form how has this Tim team responded great guard. Well the thing that impressed me most of this is not going to be seen nick quit and they said that sometimes become the cliche well they'd they'd never gave up they never quit the left there down fifteen to two million Michigan. Sit down 53 to 28 on the verge of completely being embarrassed that the colts center. And the kind of point by point deficit down to seven now whether the very pretty game of course not the badgers need to start better than that they didn't start very well against northwestern in the previous game at all. But this team keeps fighting and I think that's encouraging and I hear a lot about. No substitution pattern that integrated the coach and I mean there's just not a lot to work with right now and he's doing the best he can't that the players they have. And he needs to know what he's gonna get from those guys when he put them in the game any Italy bitty note with some of the guys that that's why they're in the situation there and in part. When you look at the rest of the Big Ten how strong is it. Well the top is pretty darn good yeah I think there are fourteen is clearly in the end it turned and I think Nebraska will wind up there they kept continuing games if you look at. Purdue at twelve and out and then a lot back to back games to Ohio State Michigan State. And Ohio State which we didn't think would be. Nearly as good its first debate and yes so at least Purdue at Michigan State. He definitely think our final four contenders go out they had played like it at this point in Michigan as well so that top team they're very good direct the team just kind of beating each other out. Well your own is good really is trying to eat your your your bottom half so when you look at the bottom happy comparison. When you look at rikers you know it was a Minnesota they're struggling this season obviously Wisconsin is Iowa Illinois. When you look at the bottom half Powell. It in in standings to other. There you know other conferences. How strong is it is isn't really weak backhand or is it a better back in the most it just ends of getting beat up on by the cream of the crop of the Big Ten. That's hard for me to compare built to the other teams in conferences. Across the country in that. The bad if they're bad Illinois not a very good team you know without and twenty games since January 2 in both those went the confidence to not act. I don't think Rutgers is a particularly good team that was captain went down there and lock then Iowa and Minnesota are two of the biggest surprises. And disappointment as well northwestern really those three teams that I would have a chance to crack the top board reached the end the eight term itself. While they haven't played very well I think that they are capable of it and I think again that the worst teams are are not very dead but the ones in the middle can beat anybody ultimately. What went to northwestern last year so much hype about northwestern getting into the tournament in it was just a great story. And this year and after writing a momentum it's fallen off bad I thought that they would I agree with you I thought that was one of the bigger surprises this team and be ready to fly other than pitino's team in in Minnesota but they had their own issues. Blake will what is happening northwestern. Yeah it's hard for me to David that they got to almost everybody back in the there are no guarantees in sports. You know I've I've been an exam right Macintosh that in the freshman and thought he would be able belief that the the value in the that was certainly one of the better backcourt in the Big Ten and you look right now on their. Fifteen and eleven overall and exit seven on a conference there just right there in the middle. And to me again one of the bigger disappointment considering what they were able to achieve let gender card out to make it did turn it. For the first time in program if he thought they were definitely getting it back but it just shows that there are no guarantees. Failed to switch gears on you real quick and Gordon the football side I think before I let you go talk with Jesse temple by the way from a land of ten dot com. The badgers beat writer gimme your give me the you know kind of break out of the hall that they got in your opinion for the kids that they have coming in the recruiting class. Well for Tony eighteen elite I think it's a pretty typical Scot and clapping that you've got a lot of guys who are undervalued on a national level it's gotten finished outside the top forty nationally. Of the twenty Chinese nineteen are considered three star players but I thought they'd. Addressed a lot of positions of need particularly on the defense the line and in the secondary and these are going to be guys that form the backbone of the program down the road so. It's an eye popping clad noble when it was up never had one now play nineteen to be a different story we're not there yet. That had a chance to be special plaque in the that we've ever seen but that's partly eighteenth if the big group. Perfect stop stub is always handle catch him moving forward as well I know it did this team had been rule was some injuries like you said they haven't quit have been impressed with that put. IE you know see your urine your motto and everybody is don't jump off the boat right now right. Yet that's I would say Italy for the first time in twenty years they have an idiot he turned and they're been a pretty good team like the Kentucky of the world very recently that didn't make the tournament then. You know not not competitive programs but it happens without basketball. Bad debts except a bridge is always okay. Judge assumed they go that's it. Good stuff is always Jesse temple joining us for couple minutes. On the Schneider orange ally Schneider hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you very eighty pushers immediate and call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com Jesse temple talk some badgers stuff and a lot of people. I'm not happy I think you just look at wins and losses and where this team has been in the in the consistency with which the badgers have won for such a long period of time and people this one to jump off the bandwagon and point a finger card. But you really take a look as he said you lose two of your top four guards you've had some injuries yet some graduation he knew there was going to be some turn over. He had to take a little bit of the bed before he got back to the good I think there's understanding right now that says just just hang in just hang in there right now. It will be good don't worry about his can be far not a problem and I think that's the way a lot of people feel. That it's going to be it's it's all gonna be good no problem polite guy bids. There's a lot of people are just kind of caught up in the wall another turn and they're not it's up for the don't have Torre wins. Greg guard's failure. And I thinking eagle beyond that I by the way for when Barry Alvarez came on Kyle laughed and said he had great guards doctors don't worry about he's gonna fix this in turn this thing around. I don't think that was one of those kids a kiss of death things some people say that all that's that's it. That's it very supportive guy that's as one and only public's you know supporting of of great guard after that is gonna fire I don't think that's editing Gary genuinely wants to see Greg or was he Greg was Greg are his first choice. Maybe not Blake. Barry Alvarez does not wanna go out fire coaching going hire another one he wants this thing to be you know just who's moving along like a well oiled machine. By the time he decides to call it a career. So he's not looking to fire anybody right now but he also. You know Berry Berry wants to win and he's gonna gym a couple of years to get the whole thing turned back around again and and then you wait and see what happens but I. I'm I'm feeling good about the future once the injuries heal and get these guys Batman. Next breaking Bucs news Brandon Jennings has signed a contract with the Wisconsin hurt they go Marc Stein reporting that. So there ego he used there Brandon Jennings is. Not luck. If you choose bill between Brandon Jennings or Derrick Rose news. I've. I'm gonna go Brandon Jennings. Now Brandon Jennings. This is someone. That is trying to finish his career on a good note here from Marcus Johnson a little bit earlier in the brand Jennings he averaged like 27 points in China on thirteen games out there we just looked at the numbers. Not bad but then again no one plays defense over in China. Let's see what Brandon Jennings can do with the herd because if he does play really Walter heard the heard a struggling right now that's why they had the number one com waiver claim on genes. If ray Jennings can do some stuff. Then Dilma shot fine. But otherwise if there's not a whole lot of production coming out of brand James and her I don't know all the buck should really be wasting their time now. But you know what I say take a flyer on I'm finally mean. Then I just I don't I'd rather have Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose amid a perfectly clear agreed but but I'll say it again when it comes a Brandon Jennings and his time as a balk. I don't think he ever lived up to that. Top ten hi all I think Brandon Jennings. Is one of the more overrated point guards in the Bucs uniform in talks history that I can remember that I can remember scene born leader as he can. What Rick Janes always had the ability to score he always said the flashy athletic schism but when it came when it came to shooting. To book. It's how many shots from just to get twenty points don't mean he's always been on average and 3839. 40% field goal shooter. Bo Woolsey if he gets. And China he was a 248 hours or twenty points yeah I was almost 28 points and a man over thirteen games nor take a quick break this portion programming brought by reference it cousins subs. The rove and his back did cousins subs I recommend that for this time of year for limited time only or. If he's got a tanker and its the bill Michael's going with a pepperoni meld extra Mayo extra cheese and make you check that out. That is cousins subs were they believe in better and they are the officials sub sailors in the Michael sports talk now we're gonna come subs dot com download the app. On the apple in the hundred phone you're good ego that is cousin subs always both so good more about Michael's circle and next. And. Always on the air. Regular Joseph is back Jon bill Michael's followers on Twitter at don't underscore Michaels I don't underscore Michael's. For an radio Joe's sports and always trackers over the fees for fan page as well. The bill Michael show the app is up in running in a few people. You'll meet today regarding you have send their love and if I got a got a SATA Jacob who's listening to us on a construction site in the knock quote. Sit cranking it lemonade they have a going on the half of one of the Milwaukee electric tool big boom boxes they Bluetooth it. Cindy said it was too and every day in the office now they get it on the app. Sounds better coming through over android phone. And there are GBL audio speaker. John listens to us in the car. Is in Ames Iowa. Ames Iowa the home of Iowa State basketball. And also John another John listens to his. Donna Nebraska he said left catching up when Mike Green Bay Packers information also my wife. Is a big Minnesota Vikings fan even though you don't talk went so right he's very often I love when you do she likes it when you do issues of big Paul Allen fan enjoyed hearing him on the program. And they listen to his every day until Michael sports apps so they go thanks to everybody for our taken a listen. However what you have and catch the program certainly appreciate it you got some information on the Brandon Jennings and just just to make sure that we have everything particularly clean your. You know the NBA is very different from say Major League Baseball when it comes to your minor leagues is still in your Major League system. The NBA. With the G league itself. They have these scenes called two way contracts where each team has to two way contracts. So what you can do is. The players that you have and these two way contracts you can call up between the G league and the NBA team. That that's how that works however. Anyone else that's on your G league roster. You do not have. That that is not your property. So Brandon Jennings. Is not on a two way contract in the two way contract that's up actually expired after January 15 so even if you could try. And remove someone off. Are one of the 22 way contracts the box half of you still couldn't do that because the deadline expires so Brandon Jennings even though he is with the Wisconsin heard right now. He is not full property of the Milwaukee Bucks an order for the box. To get Brandon Jennings on their roster they would have to cut someone and then signed him to a contract. Any other NBA team. If they wanna get if they wanna sign Brandon Jennings right now to an NBA contract they can do that because the box to not have full property full. Full rights all for. They have. I think I made it clear I hope I made it clear. But just so whoever won a bus trip to bring to the roster to the main roster and you would for the Denver and you would need to cut some current which means they would probably you have to cut. Either Xavier Mumford. Or Sean Kilpatrick Mon for I believe though is on a two way conch. They have. Oh by the way some breaking news of the world of the NCAA Notre Dame upset because their their appeal has been denied. Remember they had to vacate when he won football wins. Because of academic missed cut at Notre Dame are you kidding me come on. Including all twelve wins. From the school's 2012. National championship run. The mirror that. The national championship game they went to. They are an eye on. Notre Dame's president reverend John I Jenkins criticizing. The decision. In a letter to the alumni saying that the penalty was unprecedented considering who was involved in misconduct. And the school was being punished for rigorously enforcing its honor code. We are deeply disappointed to buy and strongly disagree with the denial of the university of his appeal. He called the ruling unfair reversing the recent North Carolina case in which the NCAA didn't even punish the school. After an investigation of athletes taking a regular courses. Notre Dame agreed to accept certain NC early findings any knowledge cheating involves several football players and student athletic letting trainers. What appealed only the penalty. That vacate the victories the end civilly stripped notre dame of 21 wins find the school five grand places Colin one years' probation. Back in November of 2016 after finding academic misconduct. Orchestrated by the trainer. Notre Dame remember they were to be run around or some anti detailed game. They lost Alabama. Finishing with a twelve and one record the Irish went nine and four and 2013. But student to student cheating. Is not normally within instantly jurisdiction but the instantly concluded that it's the student's role as a part time assistant trainer. Made her a representative of the school. And justified a vacation of tea or vacation of team records penalty in this case. No precedent previous NCAA says cases for this decision. The appeals committee said today in its report that the committee on infractions did not abuse his discretion when it determined as soon trainer was an institutional employee. And they went on from there are voted over the mantech tea routine and then right after that. The NCAA got wind that there was some people that we're taking a regular classes and being held illegally by this trainer. Who was being handed information via this. Cool. And they so wait a minute the trainer is his trainer it's it's you know it's it's not a profound attorneys were doing wrong. And they should not to be on your down. So and then when they go to appeal it. Audience he'll listen and her whole. We don't care now I will side with Notre Dame on this the whole thing with the way it would North Carolina. I still don't understand. There were classes that weren't really classes that guys were taking. That other general students were taking. And somehow getting credit for and there won't they won't even classes. And they were getting credit. As if they were going to school in taking this. And how they got away with that I have no idea Roy Williams whoever he paid off for that you've got me on that one goes I thought for shore. The NCAA was going to drill North Carolina men's basketball program I mean I thought for sure they would. And they went and everybody got fooled nothing to see here. Just she just blew me away and just blew me away. So I agree within a Notre Dame on that. All won't come back our kind of revisit the brewers thing because with Darvish off the table. There's a lot of people they have a lot of different opinions about the blue or should be targeting. Who should be. I'll get back into that because don't talk a little more brewers baseball and what we asked the question before where the brewers can end up you will brewers are legitimate shot at winning the division. Our boy that was that would mr. mixed reaction. So you cubs fans had a high opinion some of you cubs fans did not. What brewers fans. Do you believe this team is post season bound this season. More than a Mike rusher coming up next. The brewers baseball brewers fans cubs fans listen up. Listen up whatever opinion. The Porsche program right by new Mel medical. Today is Brad Tuesday. Why just got real good for me out there why can appear minutes. But if you are I'd take effect Tuesday literally you're looking to lose some way you're looking live kind of feel better look better have more energy betterment of clarity better stamina new male medical center that's the way to go. Call 4144554451. Or at all that hagee down literally. And that is the erectile dysfunction they have a 98%. Success rate 98%. Success rate. Entry guys with the ED and I got to pick up to them for Jersey's pick up the phone call 4144554451. That's 41445544. 51. The new no medical center. They can't help yelled below T for energy inside generals how to start you know Easter scenes on the belly fat go way. But you all weigh less program it legitimately works only if you'll get this call 4144 part part. 4451. But they expect to for the first time not I'd think Jim Lombardo must've fallen off a cruise ship somewhere for the first time in his many years I've been in this state. I think on on fact Tuesday first analog and winning anything from bell ambulances you. No points apiece. Usually they sent all kinds. However. However I don't know why it. Somebody. I think it was a Girl Scouts and there was some stuff for the Girl Scouts this year. I think the girls got to pick up the slack. So my Clemens comes walking in the door. Now I had the Super Bowl party and might did not get a chance to make it as Mike was actually at Super Bowl I came home the day before. So every year. I make spaghetti and meatballs at the Packers are in the Super Bowl. I'm a party the house and when he comes over hangs in the bar in the day and living room and electric stuff and I make spaghetti and meatballs big buffet for everybody and I save some for my. There's well Mike let's be honest we we can't do show okay. It just. It is what it is I mean you know might just might the master of football. So I'd I saved some for Mike so Mike comes walking through the door. And he brings the empty cleaned out washed out container that I brought the spaghetti and meatballs and for him and he says here this was left for you at the front door. It's just got bill on idol know where it came from. Is a full case. I ordered some some Girl Scout Cookies from others and in my buddy Dwayne appear in Wausau. I ordered some stuff from him I think order from two or three different people. But. He comes walking through the door with a whole case. Of girl's golf tournaments. And he. Grossed out and it's just walk through the door. I had did take Elmo my dog to do that today. For those that don't know might my dog. Daddy years ago and if you won't follow me on FaceBook you know as homeowners cancer. And it's returned unfortunately and so Elmo was giving looked at today and had to drop them off I was just miserable it's just a bad day. So when I had to take Miki enters Mickey's as an infield while his brother. And we just fits Calvin last week and he had his surgery to get you know his manhood snipped. And so it's been a hell of a week with vets and stuff so I took Elmo in and Mickey's crying and united it was a tough day because I'm waiting for the results to find out what's going on and Elmo. And Sherri gets me hugs or whatever she says you know what I just have a feeling that he's going to be good don't worry about it almost going to be fine things are good things go to gonna happen well if this is indicative in my day. I should be getting some good results from Elmo and I got fined and so walked in the door so I I I'm feeling pretty good right I'm hoping things turn around. I've done things turn out for the so he might finger thing and 8558308648855830. 864 rate on the loans we kept our council for talking okay I'd mentioned brewers chatter. And I wanted to get into this again because for those Unifirst our program some of you don't get it. OK so all the Milwaukee Brewers have not yet made a deal that is counter. To what they did with Yu Darvish Dodge Dart. But as it sits with the deal these goals that the brewers are made with Christine yell it's being in the outfield Lorenzo Cain being in the outfield that got a very strong out. They've got to me you know Santana sitting on the bench right now. Many Pena vote behind the plate. I don't Lar current emperor has Eric so hard now back he's healthy. Things look good depth wise for Milwaukee Brewers. Garcia is coming off a really good offensive year last year you hope the VR to repeat what he did back in his rookie campaign how it kind of started to pick things up towards the end of the season last year. OK can all that's sort of fallen placed in a score enough runs Kenny really just outbid teams. Can they do all of that to remain competitive get enough wins and be right there with Chicago Cubs. And I mentioned earlier today of cubs at least fans. And listening to a lot of sports talk. It's not that they believe that the borrowers are neck and neck there right there but they do believe the brewers are in the rear view mirror image with a bright okay they can see them now. They know that there are a team to be reckoned with and most people seem to think that and not really when it comes to the St. Louis Cardinals because cardinals are aging. They've had some injury issues they're banking on guys have been banged up. So buoyancy Saudi. For those who do you think if the seasons are right now right here today. The brewers are right there at the brewers are in the post season brewers are wild card borrowers are even coming in on the back rear bumper. Of the Chicago Cubs yes snoring different 855830864. Or if there's a another deal to be made. What would you like it to be. 8558308648. On the loans Richard dot com poll free talk by now. Easton. As a cubs fan listening to Louis in. In now Kenosha. He says. I appreciate Miller Park and I appreciate in my Chicago Cubs are watched numerous games their per year I appreciate what the brewers did last season however. To think the brewers are on the same playing field right now Chicago club cubs is ridiculous. This team played horribly last year and still won the division going away Milwaukee Brewers played the best they can possibly play. And still could not state pace with my Chicago Cubs keep dreaming Milwaukee you're not even blanking close. Suck. Even. How far aways even from the true. In all reality. First of all he thinks you're the reason that people wanna there's a Boris ran wanna buy tickets because they don't wanna see you in the park with experiment. Just an FY. Anthony says send by the way Anthony is listening to us in Naperville. He says on the app by the way as well. He says I enjoyed coming at Miller Park I can't get tickets to go to Wrigley have the time when I do is a drunk fest I enjoy Miller Park in the emisphere. I like bringing my kids up to see the cubs I believe the brewers are pretty good team. I don't think they're quite there yet but I think next year will be the year that there will be neck and neck with my team from the Norse. Go cubs fly the W. Which by the way I write that that. Go cubs go song I. We just need to blow that thing up can continually on the energy so I think we really need a shotgun blast that thing a retirement place. Some. 855830864885583086. 48 Mo once an hour they any closer to trading for archer I think he would be the linchpin. And really jump starting the rotation. Now I don't think so. I mean and not last fall I mean I'm sure phone calls are being made behind the scenes and maybe the brewers already have put out there the final law firm and otherwise and you'll be done by now because you know pitchers and catchers reporting on Thursday you wanna get whoever it is you're going to get if anybody. In as quickly as possible we talk with Paul Wagner a little bit earlier today. Former brewers pitcher he's like look if you're gonna make a deal to it right now you've got to get a man you gotta get minicamp. And you wanted to work with the starting catcher is much is possible. Just to get the familiarity now so. I I'd like I said yesterday on this program. If the brewers do not to make a mole. I'm okay. I'm not. I'm not going nuts. It's you know. It maybe just not their time there were only three years in this rebuilt. Differs much is it seems I think it's been five or six or three years to don't have years ago is when Doug Melvin stern make an emote. It's going into the third season of David Stern's. So I'm not. I'm not going nuts. If they don't make a move it's just speak simply because it's not their time and you have to realize. I'm OK with that. The good the brewers have been extremely transparent. In saying we're not giving us a timetable. Let's just keep building for the future let's make sure that we have the longevity of this team. And the health of this team financially in mind and we wanna win and when it's time. And it's time is coming right it's almost like David Stern is playing the stock market. And people are starting to jump through and things are starting to happen he's just sitting there was finger on the button gone way foreign. When he foreign. Wait for it at your door now now now he's like wait for it now come on poetry and wait foreign. Minutes some mornings ago. Okay now and he's gonna push a button and also you're gonna hear about a name of some type some kind of contract that you're gonna go holy macro. Coming into Milwaukee would do the biggest deal they've ever made was Lorenzo Cain. So you can't say the growers haven't done anything. Because they did they did something they don't normally do spent a chunk of money in free agency. So now you just wait and see what that what that arm is going to be or arms. But I also think you have to wait and see what you gonna get out Jimmy Nelson how he's going to move forward via the future. 8558308648. Chime in. Chime in. This is from let's see here is from neck. Nick says I'm looking forward the cubs brewers rivalry for years to come. I think the cubs have forty. In anywhere from two to three years. And then the window closes on Milwaukee Brewers and then they're back out on the road again trying to find prospects. Com. I talked about how my day got better I'm not gonna read that on the air but if you go to my the notifications of you know bashed I don't Michael's. Yeah beat cat. That's pretty funny day right down period. That's pretty funny that they do more than a Michael show wrap it up right after the am. Hopefully having a terrific day and it certainly appreciate you hanging hours. Rabbit things job targets of baseball. Cubs fans brewers fans he'd been Davis paving even email regarding his cubs failures caused pandemonium via. A quote rivalry with the brewers. Says not happening don't think about it. You saw a swamp water basically. Which I don't necessarily agree with I don't think the brewers are quite there yet. But. I don't think the brewers jurors farther mirrors. Maybe he would like to believe I think they are going to be competitive team this year. And I believe that they I believe that they can't compete I believe that. They can be right there before it's all said and done now I think you're gonna have to get some luck along the way. I think you're gonna have to be really the success when it comes to. The guys they traded for. They're gonna have to be able to there have got to score quite a few runs. I'm not saying it could you just battering like that because they're not I just think that there there is some good. Some optimism. And all pans out I think you'd be very good but if there's not you're gonna have to score some runs. So buoyancy probably sports and program being Bob brought to buy Marshall clinic health systems. They helped me out they can help you they can help you out with care my way and it's 844 care when it's 844 care way. And I just another way that the a Marshall clinic. Can help you out maybe get your prescriptions sent to the pharmacy near you again 84 port airway for all the details all the information everything. At the Marshall clinic all you have to do is go to Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org. And Richard and appears. They have it on get back on the phone calls talking to him listen to a matured to a sick and urged him I don't know what's up. They'll later today. OK so I border reason cannot shut. And I've. We're that there are two types of Chicago and you cannot want. That were. Quote there order Illinois moved there they're under the normal ones. The one they're really different are the ones that were ordered Kenosha. And our Chicago fans you're sick critic ample. We're going to have a discussion with the Chicago sports and on the well you know there are on the way up. Eckerd currently down. George Nelson means nothing at this Packers offense. And Jay Cutler the top ten quarterback. Well reality once after the season ended there at three wins Eckerd median C championship. Jordy Nelson got comeback player of the year and planet so. That try it some thought Kenosha there at Chicago fans. Mean. Thumb I am no threat. So. For thank god. Or say. Our class they don't they that they split the period last year that yes. Yes or are there and the girl clothes and you know the cup circuit noble that but you know I think super Serb better off. On the next few years and the cubs are SP. Yeah I think I I I think the brewers are gonna be right there I just don't know. I don't know I hadn't appreciated vocal with the cubs' ability. To spend money. And the young talent that they have no when that young talent also urged to come to fruition. There they're gonna have to figure out where they wanna spend money. They're still talking about the possibility of bringing Bryce Harper and giving him the first half billion dollar contract. Will see that actually can happen or not blight. IE I think that that the cubs have the ability to spend money word the brewers do not turning the brewers have to be very Smart they're going to be very small window. You gotta make it happen and you gotta figure things out from there. 8558308648855830. 864 rate on loans by Kim dotcom tool free talk let's go Bob listening to is not start bod I don't and ML it's up. Get bill thanks for taking my call your first and foremost. You animate so I hope you have a colossal unbelievable. Wedding. Well so what do you were children. This dictator there a couple of comments and a quick question. I don't come back from San Diego our radar. Do you let. Am I different. That I would expect all caught on their way at Butler Paul Marshall called motor and that frenetic lord. Yeah well let's. I don't want let me we talked about this quick to wrap up the show right combo of just got some donor arms up aren't so. Wanna make this like a bit. Like oh your mom you don't always gonna they are likely air EIG is I think it's appropriate I got a lot of I say good feedback from my mother calling a second time did purchase a third time now that she's called. The friends of FaceBook and I'm annoyed yet to go to dinner yes yet she you she texted me she's still has never met you. Face to face ever. But all my phone blow up on Thursday. I woke up. And yeah we're two hours behind in knives already elector for tweets from people saying oh my daughter mom is hysterical also I had to go back analysts say and and you guys you win. You baby tell Roche were having a lot of times and that was hilarious you know so I don't know why I didn't I have no problem when my mom calls than I know it's auto law of and she is she is right to some. Then I I am kind of a loser I. I said I. And I said the dog here and I'll say what advice that you're the best technically I've ever worked with and I tell people that all the time when it comes to production Joseph is by far the best producer I've ever worked with and I've worked with a lot of really really don't. I said Joseph though is very military ask he's very detail oriented very uptight I always I call you diamond yelled I cement local coldest thinker in one week we're talking diamond. Your right. I'm not out high salad. You wit as of when you're producer. For me for a for for aspiring producers out there had to work for me there's a lot you need to control Sawyer sitting up three or four times for you do get a raise just an FYI. Mom and it would run that when she could see it a thousand more time we don't say craft. And it. I'm.