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Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 4. Kevin Holden of CBS 58 in Milwaukee and Radio Joe do “Buy or Sell.”  Plus, Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig stops by to discuss this week’s matchup against the Browns.


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Promo links runs. Please see us we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill might need you know. Have been fun to talk in sports. Kevin olden CBS 58 in here today for bill Michael's. Radio Joseph I'm glad they give you something off. Because I just feel like you're just always here. Again at this. I've told you this right I feel like you just come out of the ground at like Cheney in the system but you just rise up from the ground and here you are ige is I used a good chunk of my vacation time in the summer. Just to preteen duel and that's the time to do it because packers' season your work and 67 days a week and that's that's the reality of the dialogue going on in the summer to his side and not to mention. What's nice is there's just not much talk about in the summer special when your team sock. So you wanna get away from that time the year in and made all the sense but I alum I'm off on Friday. This right now they're off it's on Phil will be back tomorrow and he'll be back on for and of course Packers just rolls right along there headed to Cleveland. I don't care Richard Carrey says and I'm questioning whether Cleveland really does rock maybe that's a good question. For our greening gold analyst Paul and assists on. Green and gold analyst Paul Emmerich has brought you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906 this sprinkler bidders 183. Dot org and you. Paul imaging and we have called Paul because. We have to get the hard hitting questions answered. About the Packers in the NFL and the number one hard hitting question Paula me. Does Cleveland rock. You I don't think that's why India. It and after all. It that a long time notes and they. And rot in football I I would want it and the Cleveland twice. It would their predictably tournament covering Marquette back like a decade ago. It was fine but I don't rock and another round. He had sets that's a bit of a stretched it to say Roddick geared their bodies of water are no longer catching on fire that's your that's your positive that you can say. About Cleveland you can't say a whole lot about their football team they're oh in twelve. And the Packers go there to face this Brown's team and there are people concerned. Like all you know this could be one of those games. Should we really be concerned. The three and a half point favorite for the Packers I think that LB all you need to know that it. Typically in law Hispanic earned that need to be a neutral field back are out point favorite I don't know what did it in order to the ground out of this. Stigma you know look at it is basically went around these are lapping like that they're they have been bad for so long that they have to dig themselves out of it and are having another bad year. If Joseph public debt or equity here and locked in consecutive days it's at its app street which is a disappointing to having art and property at twelve years since we. And that you know continent and Cleveland and all the perpetual looting he can't you know let. But they're not a good team but. Then Aaron Rodgers injury what can really say positive. About the Packers they've put up a good fight against Pittsburgh. Like are there but think of moral losses or more wins in the in the NFL when you lose the game that well immediately well. And I think that. It's not the animated attackers in rapidly taken over has been a team that seemingly do herbs to only be read out quite a secret. Against Cleveland so but I regimen up from neutral field and beat the nets went in the pardon me and that home field equipment out there. They're wide but regardless if not it'll that would Aaron Rodgers that's Libya. Fifteen point. And I think that and the swing that that you talk about yourself. You know he can't look at them because I think that the type of thing that you. You want again at the base it wasn't pretty easy to a lot of things that should have made you lose Beckett and the possession was. Really distorted the total number played really distorted rent only once again in April 100 yards. Hold it against the defense that in the end they're portly ranked at the Buccaneers did so. The fact that the and they can obviously forget any discussion about where Aaron Rodgers alphabet because. Look at this one and and you're even could be over in a very embarrassing when you lose a quick round given their first win. You better duck and duck and hide in cover because I think they revealed. Lot of people not just upped that with the Packers but maybe. Like that I think on the cake of OK it was getting fired like not literally relate it in perspective but. I just any madness and reaction if the Packers with the with the prospect of getting Rutgers back a week later the prospect that. Adding or even as we ended by lose and only Oakley and so a lot riding on this game up. I think you would be the lowest point in a decade I am really gets it that's a safe bet they write at least a decade. I so. Then you look at Cleveland's roster and you say. Are there reasons to be nervous and is there a reason in Josh Gordon's return to be nervous because I gotta tell you appalled Josh Gordon having not played a game in three years looked pretty good against Casey Hayward last week. Yeah out in particular Cunningham have been having a very good speed and I think he was still pro football folks that number one rated quarterbacks so people who. Live by the out of their gospel that's great people who dismiss that's fine but. Number one ranked it's hard to say number one ranked guy is anything worse than good you know what that's. It's high grade and the problem that you can't release studied film about him I mean the benefits you noted that. Yet at the shot I've heard it in the ball and that is. Under some kind of not been good at getting everybody the ball that they've got Jordan just go to Quebec and I think of the very first play of Beckett and he called in the fifteen yard catch. Not a lot of film study on that we know how maligned the Packers beat and the quarterback room is. Don't exactly at Kevin King is playing with one arm to bump out of currently at is is difficult even in certain weeks especially like he got to start out pretty good and and I think it's at a and wind but it number one wide receiver too often particularly ride. So yeah I mean just aren't you know I think make any week one game like when the Packers opened up. Against the team that they in the immediate witness fees and would beat by a lot like okay Packers bears week one and whatever the case might be at Aaron Rodgers verses. Like lender predict it but we wanted unpredictable. And I think that's what this brown in the early the jobs or an aspect of it is that you can't. Study a lot about it you can maybe make some assumptions and able public and the cleave off and really gonna change because it has got pregnant but everything that's more on scouted anything that unpredictable. Abdi a variable to put that sometimes we usually. Works its newspaper Connecticut unveiled at surprisingly to their own. As Cleveland scouts the Packers to ball you've got. A different feel to a scouting report than they've had in probably a quarter century for the first time. It doesn't really have anything to do with the quarterback. The browns know that if they are going to stop the Packers for once it's about stopping the run game do you see a similar type of effective run game. With maybe a little healthier hair and Jones joining Jamal Williams in Cleveland. He added that if the Packers are gonna win yet that that will be what you have to see in red army might have to racked up at least fifty yards rushing of its own. But errant jolted them all it does anything to take away from the at these and like but let's just say the Packers don't make the White House political or no current stretch. It don't get the help they need they own or somewhere in between. Running back duo is really really good not quite good for rookie and coming out and put that qualify and it did really good period so. And especially when Brett probably your quarterback not Aaron Rodgers. You run those guys until you know until they need readers and I think that's what's that about you and what an open up to. If we see more sort of read run options the Reid options that. Brett Hundley started really doing at a high level this past Sunday so. Yeah I mean. I don't know if they're the number of Russian art that the Treo line including Brett Hundley of Joan. Willie in the Huntley at the trio you'd rushing yards they need to win this game but when that can handle your whatever other. It's what you might say. But if if that's what the offense should be I think it will be up and will be and it is I don't know if there's been. Sort of formula created now that they the Packers can win a game with Brett Hundley brought for 100 or fewer yards. But it means getting Jamal Williams while it may and a possible hitting it now Erin don't get healthier you saw it one Kerry went about as well anyone Kerry ever go to. In and acting in the public up on re I'm an op three options so yeah about I think that's where the pack except the live and for the Cleveland route to stop them all game and and admit that we at think that the way to packet epic all right. Paul and agreeing gold analyst started let's let's break down a scenario Packers win Sunday in Cleveland. Seattle wins Carolina wins. And your two games back of the two teams that are in the lead for those wild card spots with three games left to play you know weren't going from there. Do you play Rogers. It is clear if it aired rot in the medically cleared to play and if it and let you have then I think mathematically eliminated. And you cleared you've played him now and I think the only person in the world to think that. Doctor ethnic and the isn't very conservative apart Allah that everyone else knows. That McCain is not going to clear you at the rate that even some other NFL position seemingly at least that's out and you know why we talked about by other players back in the candidates and after the Olmert held that thing but. No I if if he gets cleared you can feel pretty confident beat up until very confident. But Aaron Rodgers is healthy and that there's no rift. Or further damage that would only going to be like the rest of electors career. You've been always have that slightly different you know variation work like well he darted at the capitol want it to happen again it's going to be more severe going to be worse. It's going to be compound the effect because what happened at review time but if you let the back with a Sunday. I don't they keep Iraq. I still just put up or you don't displayed at the nuclear but it you're still in contention. And he's cleared yeah absolutely Plame and and you get your best shot to try to finish up the even on another. I don't know Rwandan and you know take your chances but in my defense so much of this does depend on the guy in front of them losing and that's Carolina Seattle and also have been a factor in Atlanta as well. That's Paul Amy green and gold analyst and and also television expert if I'd can just add that that part and why it's true though it when you what I have been here in the studio before you drop in movie references in TV show references and and I had to admit. For someone especially that works in television I'm I'm a TV illiterates so. What do I need to be watching right now. Mike hunter on Netflix. Very good show that the week at a crews are very quickly I'm about to roll through mister robot a really good show on the USA network. It didn't even re. Both of these the top two candidates in mind right now the weekend on I got it in we we go to this or a probably at all hours stagnant so I'll let you go on my hunter. And I O'Donnell and mr. wrote those director recommendation that the not. Arab doing those doing that will meet over lunch about that and and discuss this. That's Paul MA green and gold analyst joining us on this night or top line. Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Call him at 8044 pride or go to Schneider jobs. Dot com. If you you can't help but love Paula needs to do is just he's. First place haven't fund these pay attention you know he's he's on top of things but the guys haven't find out how SL time to watch all that television. I really don't men work any place that makes television and I don't have that kind of to high. To watch television more of the bill Michael shall come and. This portion of Michael Joseph brought to my cousins jobs where you can get the best seat in the house going to Green Bay sitting on the fifty yard line and play two of the recliner just simply go to Packers dot com slash best seats and that's all brought to you by cousins of the officials subs in which the bill Michael sports soccer network and where they believe in better. Wisconsin. Michael's sports talk. About Michael's well back on the road again this Thursday night black fan I'm Merrill Bo we're going to be in the Brookfield square from 68 come on out and say hi do you face the crowd brought you again by Bud Light. He didn't. He says doing doing. Did you did bill Michael's just say Billy Billy might have come on bill are you pick the it's everywhere right. All like oh my goodness you know he had to have some fun when he was when he was recording that I. Oh my goodness. Can you picture build a slight you know he's done that with a Lawndale where you sit on the couch got two dogs he's watching TV you just. Out of no fear selects the top it's just goes. To conclude the ducks jump up and run away. The bill like a show Kevin Eldon CBS 58 Milwaukee. Stepping in for the day for bill. What's the apparently he had makes references to do it really even suspect asked. I am I know a lot of people are by and the daily Delhi right now but the question is sell what about other topics around the local sports world buy or sell time. A world of sports a lot of people say a lot of things bucks. Does it past the big unit test let's play buy or sell. This is the bill Michael show. I'm like yeah. The buyer sells segment why am mild joke dubbed Joseph the buyer sells Signet is here. If that mucus out your system I'll although it cost I'll talk while you clears throat okay buck so. Despite the browns have any really good run defense believe it or not you. By yourself given the Packers should run the ball all day. I think they absolutely should they and I go back to until pointer made earlier Ohio State. Looked at one of the strings that the badgers had in their defense in December coming right that's it. We're gonna get big plays on you Indy did and I think the Packers can do the same. Against the browns run defense especially if they establish it early on and if they get an advantage early in the game if they can go up seven nothing ten nothing. Dan I think. You just start hand on the ball off let's make it the fastest game in modern NFL history this is run it 58 times and get it done and like a buck 45 and beat that beat the browns I am by and that all day. By 84 cell if not for airing Jones and Jamal Williams the Packers would not have won eight games. Since Aron Rodgers went down. Pool there. That's that's an interesting thought I. I'm not gonna bite I'm gonna sell that because I ate it in the NFL you need play makers in a bunch of different positions. You have to have guys. You know if you did you did coaches talk about three phases offense defense special teams they're all parts rate and if you have enough parts working together. They knew would went on gain. Someone there allow on the line and they played a couple of pretty terrible football teams in that stretch they've they've played the he to say the ravens Canadian beat him but there lock yourself sorry sorry I think it it it it it. That and selling the ravens fire assaults are sorry now that it it just. If you do that you and Billy Billy is just like got to carry out on dad allied I'd I'd sell and that because you. I can't put it on one person with Rogers out Rogers is way above and beyond him there's no one else in that in that position for me. Body or sell and move along the Packers defense. Has turned the coroner in regards to who. Getting to the quarterback. Well that's it that's a tough one to it. To flesh out because the answer is date they've put together something good against team is Winston did they keep absolutely. Continue this week. But when it happened against Cam Newton when it happened against Matthew Stafford. Now I don't know I don't I can't buy that all the way I think I've got to sell on that one. Date that the defense played a great game and I think they can play an important part as it goes along but as far as turning the corner. Part of that was the fact that you were facing who you were facing team is Winston is a guy that. We'll give you chances to make big plays he did a couple of dumb things in that game again. The numbers in the stats were weighing in favor of Winston over humbly in neck games. But Winston made the mistakes and humbly despite the port numbers didn't make as many mistakes and Packers won the game. But yourselves. Look over to the box the box next three games are at home they're opponents. Tonight against the pistons. If the mavericks. And the jets. Buy or sell Kevin the Bucs go three you know I'm fine this week I'm doing to admit the toughest part of that is tonight's. Against the pistons that's that that's the one I mean obviously if you don't win this you can't sweep the three but. Detroit is the one that's gonna tell you a lot about where this team is at this moment if that team in Boston where you solve a good flashes of that can turn into something and home. They win this thing tonight I think does next you. Are going to be no problem at all and if you're going to be a top four seed in the east. You have to sweep series like this you have to be good at home against the teams you're supposed to be. And if the pistons followed that category as a team the bucks are supposed to beat. Then I think they're reaching their potential as that maybe three or 4 seed in the Eastern Conference combine it. The one thing is the before I continue yet. Can John Hansen hand linking Nikki and the last time they played this hole it's right because remember he played so well against Andre Drummond and he held. Andre jumped Germany in check can he do that again tonight I mean did you you have the advantage of having done it once. Which means the other guys are paying attention to right in the date the pistons understand it that John Hansen could be a big part of what the Bucs have got going on against him tonight. Yeah I think he can do it again I'd I don't buy that two out but I never had better pull up the wallet I'm buying everything right now that I hope your right. Buy or sell the epic game tonight covering that they should be fun. Last one foray Kevin. Brewers. It would be Smart for the brewers to go after. Free agent starting pitcher Jake area. I'm gonna sell on that one and could man indeed did the reason there. Is is it's weird too because you want starting pitching you know the brewers need is starting pitching especially with Jimmy Nelson gonna miss some time at the at the starting next year. Even though that's the case. Starting pitching is the most expensive commodity various. Even an average mean Willie parole to just got a contract for a million and a half. Yeah I heard that with Ned Yost with Ned Yost and there's no team option for Tony 1980 could make. Some pretty good money and that's that's a guy who they don't know if they're going to get anything out of him I think tops Padres great cut out area is. We'll assume this great is he gonna say that about Willie if Willie GR ES 785 over there Willie pitched great so. You saw some parts to his game at the end of his cubs tenure that maybe wasn't the greatest thing in the world and would it not be terrible. It's the brewer signed area that. And the cubs just hit him up every time they faced each other if he came to Milwaukee and we know what five Borough and six against the cubs in the year we just. I'm fuming just thinking about it so yet know why I got to sell on that went there will come a time when the brewers will spend the money. And get some rotation arms that will match their big bats. It's just not right now and it's not that guy. I completely agree with bill. Great minds think alleged gal very bad that's what I'm talking about what it's a winner means I think our next week they are I was trying to go. Aria yeah I did and the second half worsen this year is an important hits in Orlando Orlando that's. Being the truth is it's about 30% because it's the winter meetings in 70% because it's Orlando fla capsule in December. There's a question that's. A it is a great Plaisted to see baseball people and pick up baseball information I mean it really if there there is a terrific purpose today tripped up and space mountain is also a terrific purpose for that trips a day ago. What's this. Polls are this summer yeah of death though that it was what are your trips I've got Orlando I want to Orlando have stayed in Orlando. Went to Disney World went to a couple parts. Call the lives in the summer in the summer is about a 143 degrees those little warm but I had no problem with that meant it all the nice thing is. The golf course I've played at there's no one there. A hole because I went on the afternoon I took the rest because usually in the afternoon there's always chance for thunderstorms yes. That's why and and it's hot sole call for it's going to be much cheaper but. Went out there are no one was out there got all eighteen and it played a couple of rounds and storms never bothered me down there I was very lucky numbers are clouded doom but somehow. I lucked out nets candidates do if you can avoid a summer shower. In in Central Florida. The lightning and all that stuff you know you've done well there's a lot people can't avoid goes it's almost a daily experience down there to buy or sell segment. I am an act of good ATM advocate bought too much. Don't think I have nothing left in the wallet it's not cheap from Italian if it's misty somebody like area of course I sold that one can I get the money back for that. Talked to the that you did push it if you're gonna work on that. Are able roll album more the bill Michael's show coming up. You're listening to the bill might cool sports code that. At work. This portion of the bill Michael show brought you by Air France at quick trip coffee fountain drinks refills after every Packers win stop in the quick trip today you know let Ryan go no fee ATMs. They're fresh fruits vegetables they have all kinds of things that you need in your daily life act quick trip get a quick trip on a day. The Packers back at practice they head to Cleveland Sunday. Try to go to seven and six on the season with the wind. And as. The activity gets back under way today in Green Bay sad to hear from Packers coach Mike McCarthy. This segment of the bill Michael shows brought you by concordia veteran services apart. That's dedicated to preparing veterans to make an impact within their next mission through education. As COW. Dot edu slash veterans. Now let's hear from the coach. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy as they get ready to face the Cleveland Browns Sunday in Cleveland. And Joseph I think it's interesting that McCarthy talks about the adjustments that coaches make and how. That is such a full time job week to week and it may give you some insight into why you have these highs and lows with Brett Conley because. You might to have something that successful in Pittsburgh and in Tampa might compare fort even if they have a bad defense the coaches at least have their guys. Ready for what's coming so hopefully something good has come for the Packers in Cleveland back to wrap things up right after this on the bill Michael's. He ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice talking network. Up here on the bill Michael showed joke this is awesome. I exist I've. It's every single time we do this I say it but it's as the here we are we talk sports budget packer stuff you're top met the badgers the Orange Bowl in the box. You know starting to make their run so awesome dude. Radio magic as I liked Colin shelved when I work with the only radio mentioned radio magic is baton and that's right yeah I'd see it really is a blast and and this is going to be very interesting week. Because. If the unthinkable does happen in Cleveland. The people talking to bill on Monday are going to have some bad things to say. They're don't want fire everybody. But if they winning Cleveland and the Packers go to seven and six than everybody calling Monday is going to say the same thing I think. Let's see Aaron Rodgers let's see at least a run some sort of attempted a run. At at the playoffs because of the Packers win on Sunday date cannot be eliminated from the playoff chase they would still have a chance to make the playoffs. No matter what else happens if they win on Sunday the thing is Aaron Rodgers has made it perfectly clear in his first press conference with the media which was about a month ago. That he wants to make sure that he's 100%. That he does not want to be. 75%. 80% 99% he wants to be 100% so I wanna. Just hope. That with all the tests that they are doing with all the X rays at their delaying the bones scanned. Everything that they're going through all the protocol that they are following. Aaron Rodgers needs to be one large percent on that field. If Carolina's going to be the earliest that he can come back to play air and asked to be able to tell me that. Yes you are 100% in yes you're not gonna try and risk anything out there because of the Packers Douby Cleveland. You need air Rodgers to try to do the best chance possible I just whole day he is that 100%. Because if he if he's played at a and a lesser thing and he gets heads. You've got to protect your investment here. If you start is anything going to be starts with next year is a huge problem that's right I mean that's a huge problem because that the Packers have. Develop these other parts of the game of the running game is improved because they've had to be depended on it the defense is improved because they had to be depended on. You've got a more complete team you finally have the end of this knock that some people have had whether it's justified or not. That the Packers are Aaron Rodgers and nothing else. They're growing pains to proving people wrong with that but maybe those steps have started to be taking the didn't win now on the they've won a couple of games with only. But when Rogers comes back in those parts gets stronger. This could be really good error for Packers football in the next couple of years. Having survived this half a year without their writers and maybe more if he doesn't come back. Basically. BA BA is stay tuned because this is going to be a tremendous story line that plays out over the the month of December. Tomorrow bill is bad will be chatting with Peter king of Sports Illustrated Paul charge Sheehan will join us. And Sparky look back at fox and this should be fun this is WW paid attention I'll be at home I'll see you Tuesday. Tuesday next Tuesday your back a lesser yeah we're gonna have some fun debate to get everybody appreciate you listed CX two. Six clues stations strong. It'll might school's sports talk now.