HR4 – Buy or Sell?: Layoff the Badgers basketball program

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, December 14th

Hour 4. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, we’ll continue our conversation on Aaron Rodgers.


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Today China. Final hour of the will likely show on this fine Thursday the Madonna doesn't mean we stop new node name today. Tonight 68 ordered BA coaches pub and grill we hope to see out there is officially crowned. South thirteenth street in in Milwaukee if you're in the area Columbine sail those Christmas holiday cheer with a C and really important. I'm really looking forward to a it's in. For a couple reasons one we have budget agreement yet cohost of morning children's portrait of one of our seven Evan that the end is going to be there also Paul and it. Our green go analyst the bud girls are going to be their bites. It is the home and be border. And I've said get their early. And get one woods. Has tonight we would eat as if we're going to electric chair admin. And we did not get a pardon from the governor. So come on now consider how to Korean whole crew over there at ghost of a grow it's all brought you by our good friends in blood like the official. Your sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk. Buyers cell times shall we let's Judas. A world of sports but a lot of people say a lot of things but. Does it past the big unit test let's play buy or sell. This there's a bill Michael show. It's that time. Am radio Joseph brings all the questions I have to have an answer and opinion and that's how this thing works is time now for buyers already are Jody got. Well none of these are gonna be Packers or later that makes that up today tomorrow do all that much fun today the vikings are the best team in the NFC. Yes. I'm buying that users want one. The old adage if holds true defense would you championships not citadel a championship but defense would you championships secondly Carson once has gone down. I would've said Philadelphia I don't know how Nicole's going to do. But the fact that. Cars are winds went down went and every everything was clicking. Everything's quick and I. I really believe that that Minnesota is look very good team good defensive team. They were Rolen and really put some good football when. Brett Favre was cannot deny them food the Eagles eleven and two with Carson when they were there are just they're just a good football team Minnesota's got a much better defense. Don't count out New Orleans who's gotten a better defense and the offense seems to be firing on all cylinders and they stub their toe. Early in the season. Then they reeled off eight straight before they finally took the loss last week so. I'm not counting them out and I. Is it Mir is nobody talking about golf and the rams. I think they're just did the team that everybody says you know what they're gonna have a nice story it's immunized Ross who commendable last. But eventually Seattle catcher who's gonna go away because we really don't believe it. Los Angeles is 94. And why don't they do the best team in the NFC I still think your competitor I think that they heard they they are at the I don't think you're ready to win anything. But I think there are on the rise in this one of those years we take a steppingstone year misses it but as far as the best team. Most would say Philadelphia is because the record I would say no attend three. Mr. Minnesota Vikings case here and is playing well he's managing games he's not turn the ball over. He's not getting sacked a lot after they when they went out this offseason and imported by the offensive line and their defense. That is it's not about what they're gonna hit so hard to get some snot bubbles thing and out that is a good defense I think Minnesota's investing in the NFC right now. But yourselves. Earlier in the week on the show Kevin hold a night talked a little baseball winter meetings of the brewers and what maybe they can go file here so far. Nothing nothing absolutely another loss wars that. Was it at secretary brewers do so by herself riady and cancel any ink his own thing but he ended up going in the angels right she's gone. 'cause of right now nothing is going on there's been some rumors but nothing has come to fruition five or cell bill. There is no reason to be upset at David serves as a make a big trade or free agent signing at the winner meaning. I am buying them because if they don't believe enough to push to gypsum Millwood table then we shouldn't. They're being Smart about it. So they don't believe it's time. And they're just kind of dipping their toe in the water try to get a pray stern gets engages they know next year's free agency is going to be a big agency. You're going to be able to find if you think your merely get some guys are much higher quality because you've been such a plethora of pitchers that are on the market. You mean I have to pay top dollar just to get one. So there Elaine weeds right now there everybody else ground blow the money blown big contracts load up cubs or low enough cubs' everyday and day or vice. They must have 82 pictures right now the rotation. Got to get a pitcher again today so there are good but the college also expect to win right here right now there would they have a window. Fruit or have window brewers are getting that win register and cream inside their house look through window. So there are being very Smart about it so no they don't have I'm not gonna be supported if they don't make you feel and some of the best laid plans. Far later the winter meetings. And executed a little bit later on. So I'm looking for the end of this month in mid January for a couple of deals it's gonna make this team better but I'm looking for anything they remember what Craig Counsell said. Second baseman. And arms guys are gonna give you innings that's what they're looking for them to pray or. Buy or sell. Well I'll tell you what. I'm. Really not. Enjoying college basketball right now because the badgers stink. But they're all sold. I guess you could say rebuilding and mark Katz. They're expectations. Should be higher this season I had have been all that impressed out of mark had either a plea want to know more acute events. That's the only and they can do. By yourself also or at Marquette. And we'll get more and expectations in the coming weeks here especially after packers' season winds down we get in a light biggies Big Ten play but. Why are cell bill it's sweet sixteen or boss from our cat. Now why. If I I think it's turner bus for Marquette and then let the chips fall where they met I don't know about sweet sixteen. Com. But I go back to our state this team doesn't play a lot of defense they get a few transition buckets but did did they can shoot the lights out. But we still happen when they don't call their Michael Redd go and get uglier her. And now be the ultimate Phillies fuel this team if they and that pairing and having them in the tournament. No not sweet sixteen I think you need to get a first round win. I I don't think that but I know I don't think is sweet sixteen or bust for what your own company they got their last year it was in some excitement about it they're still building good. Nine I penalties sweet sixteen of us also on that lead the badgers aren't about to another by herself because you should buy herself. The badgers who make the postseason and he is the only term. And I sit on buying it just because I I at this point retracting my by. I'm re funding it and now I'm gonna bring your coupon and a restocking fee. For that answer I have been. I can't say unimpressed but I I've been lulled to sleep. But avengers. He's I can't figure it out. There's just at times there's a crisp style to home. And you can see it and there's other times where it's just it's it's it's sketchy defense it's. The inability to move the basketball. At its drooling in the things you've known to double teams and try to kick downturn on wall overrated just. There's there's there's a lot of things there they haven't we haven't seen in awhile. And it's it's you she's been sleeping basketball so I'm hoping that once they turn the turn the corner and get out of the holiday stuff. That this Teamsters sit there with a four run going from the wall the sleeper measure basketball. By yourself well that goes and the next thing I mean western Kentucky is probably the biggest when the badgers a panel seasons of legal toppers. What you're good to deal covers you know we there yet the Hilltop which they actually got a decent program and a Wisconsin should be you know. It was Johnson. And you almost took an upset to the hill toppers at home. And home with Kohl Center. The call center is in the fortress that once was now because the fans are showing up is because. Big bad badger basketball is showing up so well this is the buy or sell. Bare your fans are rip in the program and ripping Greg guard they need to lay off they do. They do it and this is the imports of college basketball now. Some will say you should have somebody there each and every year is to carry the team and go to tingle down an injury and having all that kind of stuff. Quite. You is great guards third year. Second and a half as a coach. So. You've you've got a motive. Greg Gard Jimmie deserves if he if he doesn't make determined that your deserves a pass is what you do it within next year and helping to and what you do recruiting next year. What's coming in the program is he bringing in the good the recruits you won him the very end. Or is he just going out recruiting Wisconsin finding above average guys you go to Madison that are going to be come tournament time relatively irrelevant. Mean new year in your path. Has to hit the blue chip for you have been eight elite program for a long time. You gotta you gotta strike qualifiers are hot right now. And after last season the fires cooled off somewhat you go out you don't get to the tournament this year. You flame goes out quick. There's great guard for as much we like him he's now Bo Ryan he doesn't carry that same cache. He's going to be Greg Gard was with some appearances under his belt so. He has been disappointing and I'll buy what you said. 58 or so we'll kill us euphoria back to the Milwaukee box. The bucks don't lack a true identity. Com. Well they're okay if you wanna see what is their identity their identity is just that a fruitful and everybody else. If you wanna say are they shooting team know. Are they offensive team no. Are they a transition team more so but they don't put a good defense consistently give them. Consistent. Transition basketball. Are they a big team know are they a powerful bench team no. They're Yaris and everybody else that's her again. That did did did so they have water in. But it's not anything truly related to the specifics of basketball it's related to the face of the franchise. That's your identity. So. Even though Yana says 748. Point 3.5 games. The third most by a club by a Bucs players through their first one of our games going back cream Abdul Jabbar. It like to sit at Johnson everybody else I used there's nothing else to it because they don't do anything consistently enough and often enough to make your all that's what this is all about. And same as last year Joseph. JC kids still tinkering with a lineups you know kind of your starters your rotation but there are times when you look at the matchup do you like hagel you brought up today currently doing. Okay I'm trying to figure this out you try to do this you try to you know go small and it was speed you know. Try to go a little bit bigger offices of the things are doing regarding the board to try to get a kind of block some shots or at least change direction shots. Well which is called actually managing a game and x.s and o.s but it's time to cut the what are you doing. We'll turn off blocked. You gotta keep in mind that you have five to from bucks players that are hurt which means now only. Now you're going you're having guys like Gary Payton to second on the flora could actually be the identity Jules ball boy on the floor grab it all these these fresh young faces on the floor Jeanne league guys. So now yeah kid's gonna have to tinker yet again and then once you get some of these players back from injury then you have to shuffle on back end and it's gonna be hard have a rotation I am my whole point was going back to last hour. You're assured out when New Orleans you need your best scorers on the floor. And I don't care what the minutes are Eric Bledsoe needs to be back on the floor at least for the seven minute mark we're Chris Middleton can't be. Waiting until also the game is out of reach when you're down seven with three minutes to go and then bullets that was Manning doesn't make any sense. Benedict. It's bad is by yourself coming up next Mac and Mike McCarthy you're gonna hear his press covers from a little bit earlier today next in the microshaft. He ordered jailed until film Michael's voice talking at work. Coming up today at two to Malibu hills in on the shows to you know there's some brewers dot com and also check game with Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf for Robert reichel from Bob McGinn football dot com we'll talk some factors to win Eastern Shore birds are contrary to. Portrait your world's are served their trim the prayer. Eight PRD TI PMI mortgage industry is filled with terror did end up making buying a home. 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Michael's well back on the road again 1098 coaches on thirteenth street in Milwaukee you can find is there from 68 joined me palahniuk chuck Freeman and the wind euros 68 tonight coaches club and grill brought you by about my right here is more break he'll wanna find seven FM the fan. No other show has to former Packers on it it's still Wendy's big show with a wheelers and hello Willie Butler to just sixty. M although play. I enjoy those expectations. Enjoy your meeting those are exceeding those that's what it means to be a leader in his locker room and and the quarterback of his team is it's going out performing and doing your job hopefully gives a lift some guys but I'm not come invective to save his team and effective. To play quarterback that when how to play it and and hopefully we all raise the level or played collectively and finally when experience. What a Mac those are the words of Aaron Rodgers try to come back try to win a few games trying to. Just do his thing he's not trying to have these elevated expectations. Try to take the pressure of the guys in that locker room try not to be elitist in that locker we've you know we all know he's the best player that. This is walking through the doors of that locker room. We know he's the straw this Jersey drink he's a leader of that football team all of that extremely evident. Quarterback in the program on the Michael radio Joel cross way should Aaron Rodgers. Should Aaron Rodgers. Have all the pressure on him. You really think it's fair 85583086. Cory. 8558308648. Here is you show. April 583086. For a RIC. Aaron Rodgers very Smart we're talking about this earlier would make Nixon also over Griffin from a CBS five that the greenback. Brilliant in the sense of saying look on his comeback we got to elevate our play. He knows their backs are up against the wall he's also all lowering that expectation he's dampening it just a little bit. In saying look it's it's not just me or not the savior here. On his good run do my thing in case you don't remember there was a point now the movie bull Durham. Where Kevin Costner. Is saying to the young up and calmer. New pollution. Says you got to practice your cliche it. You know. I'm just gonna give my best in lord will when we're gonna have success in on the gun glad to be a part of the team I'm glad to be here I mean that's what Aaron Rodgers is due. He's doing a little more detailed than the generic. Cliche phrases. But that's what he's doing he's saying look I'm just glad to be back on play football my way. Perez got elevate their game hopefully I can help everybody elevate their game. Then things begin a flock but he knows he's been sitting on the sideline watching football. Seeing the same stuff the rest of us had. 8558308648. Gives a shout shoot air writers have all the pressure on him. On him or do you think that. It is is Mike go rights and what he's email inbox little earlier he said look he's the highest paid player in the stadium right should have expectations. He should be a leader he's been wanna say I'm going to elevate this team I'm going to make sure guys play to their peak level. Say it's not air Rogers business to go around gotta gotta gotta make sure that they're playing at their peak level what he has to do. Is he's played his peak well. You there there is a there are leaders that can help you out. And navigate you through life which allows you to put distress and the distractions behind you so you can focus. On your game. Okay. But it is not up to the leaders. To make you play better. It's up to the leaders to play as well as they can. And then you'd have to elevate your game to match that. Say as in practice. Like when he used to run the lose scalp to. He went and played as hard as he could. Because he knew that he played extremely hard and he really gave it his all and really try to outdo the defense then the defense will only get better because. It worked. There were a made him a better quarterback. But I don't think there were sitting here. Saying they're writers who voted on every locker and go okay that's what you do better here's your checklist now that's not his job. In football the only way can be successful is if everybody does their job and you're not worry about the guy next to you that's it. That's it. 8558308648. On the loans we tip our console free TARP. Are this is true mom Milwaukee Steve who says he do you think it was Carson once going down. And not a great quarterback in Minnesota land that the Packers have a legitimate shot to get new super whichever is earlier today. Pro football talks Mike Florio. When asked about the Packers in the panthers' about whether to Packers would be the Panthers he said and I quote if the Packers make the playoffs. Don't make it to the Super Bowl. But if they lose the Panthers the Packers will not make it to the playoffs he should have so facto don't make reservations from Minnesota in late January chi sets. So he's picking the Panthers Tories have tore through Packers. By. He's also saying motivation happen to win and get in he believes they're gonna be the best team as Aaron Rodgers only continues to get better. If that makes cents. And lot of different guys and pro football talked everybody's pick in the panthers'. Everybody's picking attempt. Nobody. Picking the Packers to win this one even though. By as many view pointed out the gap via Vegas is beginning to is began to close. The mayor Rogers was announced those of the did you spread dropped. Too radical and dramatic. 8558308648. Go to Danny listening to was on WM AMM and how many American merit I believe and Danny are you doing man what's up. I think you know ridership day. Some of the pressure acting. And taking you know the pressure is going to take. It's a relief to these receivers and some of the out of the core. On you know their routes that they run are going to be answered let you know it's the right timing right structure. You can have a competent quarterback that's gonna meet them you know about going to be there what they need to be or probably they have fought fails he can pick out and do that. I think and taking some. Pressure off of that you know receiving corps is really gonna help them see out. That it you know like you said the players need to you know but and that's sentiment individual players better defense it's set up to. And now sure Roger that they are grateful that he's back in. And he's become together ethical each team. You know kind of reminiscent of the relaxed agencies backed. Mariam. When it comes Israel acts speech I mean I think there's a level of confidence from being in that locker room and kind of knowing how he was playing and seeing how this team was playing. That he had this he had this understanding and he really believe that everything was fine there on the right path going back to the run the table comment from last year. Again I think being there and going okay were so close all of this is just it's a tweak here and tweet the air earlier sir it was a good football I think is what we can do. He's not saying that right now because he doesn't know what his abilities going to be it's one thing to be joined Alex Van Pelt is throwing in the Hudson senator. And throws a sixty yard bombs and kind of airing it out with you know without defender in your face without pressure on the receiver. Although he just doesn't help me I think he believes in what he can't I can't do what until you know any player will tell you when you have a significant injury. The first time you take the field and the first time you do something. Your mind is okay you're okay. You're right he feeling any pain is that is that pain is not a fan you're asking yourself so he's got to get past that. And pass that quickly because there is no tomorrow when it comes this season if faces they you don't like we don't want to Europe we got five or six games are working out that's one thing. When you got three games left you have to win every one of her going. So that's three he has in any margin for error and that's reason he's not saying I'm gonna run the table or. Relax or. We've got the best shots or whatever he's not saying any of that because he knows he's got to wait and see how is body responds when it comes in takes the field after seven and a half games off. It. Totally agree additional he has the come back as much competence than majority. And I got to find it I'm. He said OK okay it's gonna hurt it is his first sack and. Any and all you're right in football for you to focus your first hit. Is that one where you kind of let your breath go out you go. Bernice oh okay I'm okay. Arm all right all right I took a pretty shot there young no pain or problem all right I think I can do this in your excellent. Are all canned good I'm good any keeps getting easier and easier and easier you get back to what you're normal self as he doesn't have any time for a margin of error. He has to be good right here right now on this fast. Because this team needs it right here right now this fast more than a much ocean next. Freeware it was gone soon and the bill Michael sports talk network. That is reported on Friday morning jacket like go to the football Friday I'll put a first time Friday wanna hear from first time collars your thoughts on the Packers and Rodgers against Carolina. Sure he can win two. Do more than six to ten. 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Or if you once on the elsewhere that go to Syria which is like chuck Freeman went into an imminent. But we will see in the same day. Coach is probably grow thirteenth street in Milwaukee. Yours truly. Chuck Freeman from sports Radio One of us have an a from the day and also our green legal analyst Paul M egg. Will be there as well tonight not a big place of death early get seats while the camp. Real lot of far. Talk a lot about this return of Aaron Rodgers in a breaking this all down and and then getting in the rest of the NFL. As won't do won't go through as we do each and every week which were picks. For the games that begin tonight. You have. A this is the if you've ever thought about masochistic clear around the Christmas. Holiday. Of just saying you know why. I think I'm gonna go out and lay in a snow. Did freezing cold in and slam a body appendage in a corridor procedurally that's just cracked off. Time might be the right to do that as you have before nine Broncos on the road against the three intend colts. Sooner. That is a local corners docking reference. Bob by the way we did Joseph do you really Saturday football is back. No college football this weekend. NFL football this weekend. I divisional rivalry. The bears on the road against 276 lions who were still fighting for their collective lives. Are you got the chargers and the chiefs on Saturday as well. In the evening game that is a 7:30 central by the way the bears lions game is 3:30 central. We have the chargers and chiefs both at 76. And then a full docket of games on Sunday including Green Bay Packers take on the Carolina Panthers that is a noon kickoff. Knew that you got a really good when though I am excited because in I don't know how. They didn't Mitt make this the Sunday night game I I look. I understand. Cowboys raiders' Johnnie -- but how do you not flex into the night game patriots and Steelers. Ten and 311 into its for the top spot in the AFC how do you Netflix said game make that your Sunday night game. Chris Collins worth Al Michaels that it's that bad snot bubble world again by the way to games in Pittsburgh. I'm looking forward that that is going to be go he also were going on the on the West Coast Seahawks and rams are hoping that at the rams knock out the Seahawks. Take him out your level. When it comes to India the Packers and their ability to get in the post season. Maybe the Buccaneers pull out a miracle and knock off the falcons on Monday Night Football go to another game or paying attention to. Are there paying attention the colts or anything like that vikings are at home their take on the god awful census is that even those bottler. The dangles stink. There there urges pet please guide beat down I mean drilled spanked pants down read a tiny publicly. Part of Chicago Bears. I was embarrassing. As embarrassing. Eagles are on the road take it on the Walpole to eleven New York Giants. That's another one and you can really tell use you on over and Sarah and don't really matter to me. Saw some good games this week could afford the football enjoy college football this weekend next week though. College football starts back up and that's when you can kind of get back into it because you've got to college that the bulls season begins bowl mania as they call. All gets under way. And all the boys and don't forget on the thirtieth. Is when the veggie going to be playing but dead this weekend I should say Saturday December 16 you've got one during the day at noon. Todd Troy in north Texas and western Kentucky and Georgia State. To thirties Boise State nor again. 330 Marshall Colorado that's the guild in New Mexico Bowl. The race come media. Come mellow bull you know it was such a thing as a rate com media to mobile. You got a game on Tuesday the only game on Wednesday argument Thursday Friday much he gave her a couple of games Saturday a budget games. And your just smack the original balls and so early she got a lot of football to fall back on. Our coaches tonight Trojan program tonight we see out there at 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock. Paula Mcguirk green gold analyst Jos chuck Freeman from sports ready 157 F and the fans gonna be there hopefully you're there is space the crowd but girls are gonna be there. Best mellow kind of entry blacks to get you. There is some good stuff to take home with his well. So until we talk again this evening time for us to go out don't want to. Wisconsin law. Real Michael sports talk.