HR4 – Buy or Sell?: Packers pass rush is what it is

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Wednesday, October 18th

10/18/17: Hour 4. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, Kristian Garic previews the Saints.


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From the league runs to the river run. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Michael you know. Here's your host this team might cool. Feel welcomed like a show on the glad to have you welcome back to the program. Final hour show is so we're going to be talking with Kristian garic for the sports director and WTO WWL. Radio in a New Orleans. The saints sideline reporter. And will be chatting about this upcoming game between the Packers in the series we have buyers cell coming up you're gonna hear from Mike McCarthy coming up here. In about 25 minutes as well in his press conference today. As he gets ready to take his team to the practice field and life after Brett Farr her I like after Aaron Rodgers begin with Brett Hundley. Today so give and that discussion coming appear just a minute as well this portion program brought you. Our friends and new mathematical they have no the treatments 90% success rate treating guys with ED. All over the state be on the borders as well give a location if you need their services able location Milwaukee Green Bay and down Chicago. Are below T treatments are fantastic and those did I use and they do the betterment of clarity better mood better stamina more energy. Better sleep tonight feeling Reza were more rested refreshed during the day. And that the only one weight loss program which has been so fantastic you can check that out as well. 414455445. Point. 4144554451. That's a phone number to get all the home again 41445544. Five wine talk about this upcoming game between the saints and the Packers. And the saints as we were talking about earlier or Charles Davis from fox sports service today the defense has gotten better we all know Drew Brees is equally quarterback in the got the nose and as well as anybody. Kristian garic other sports rector for WWL radio in New Orleans and saint Siler reported now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Christian I don't. How good mental support of a degree day difficulties. Well you're not gonna get here in bad weather either other than maybe a little bit of rain so a count your blessings in that realm I guess the question becomes how good is this saints team that we just saw dismantle what we thought it was a pretty good line instinct. Yeah I'm concert of audiences well let bill Evernote restart which it looked atrocious and it looked terrible the first week in and the last three games they've they've been pretty impressed that you. Detroit Lions because really turned a corner I think but it's ours. Are they ready to Google prime time they ready for the glitz and glamour and he did. Obviously an error Roger's been and in the play this game I wouldn't give him very much of a chance but the same time I think that. You didn't contributions from really young players on the defense may be grown up. Before your very eyes and guys like cornerback Marshall had a more right tackle Ryan ranch chicken running back Allen Jamal all rookies in this draft class. Just has that they also letting it didn't countries and a lot fascinated baited and cute in that seat right now you know aside from the Philadelphia Eagles this pretty much wide open so say that they are detention. It does give me my next question is do you know if if the saints. Defensively play better and they continue to progress in the offense continues under under Drew Brees. This it's I I like you said I think yes she's completely wide open at this point they have to have a little bit of a renewed energy and what they do this past week to say OK look that's one of the better teams and everybody believed to be in the NFC north. I think we got a shot is that the did the thought process go through this team right now. Yeah like it is and here's the thing. An earpiece out means they they all got awards mean if you look at the team about the loss to street the Buccaneers are not being that being in that it in the being at emperors. Albeit a afford to know that being beat them want to on top of that I think that there is a product that. I think over the soft schedule saintly garrote stressed there and that this was really when you look at persecute us being. You thought a minute there it could be it to import start from and just because how tough it was reality for on the road and Detroit Lions at home going to Lambeau is always a tough place to play and also yet to play at the time and not Blair Rogers and they simply cannot be. Have beaten while on foot. I think it you know if you look at the landscaping look at the schedule of the saint and again I know that you know there's always the undertow cunning game. In the National Football League but. The next five games they're going to be favored in the win which is which is kind of ironically about eulogies star I mean I thought it. That first week I thought this was maybe perhaps the worst unit football all of the ground in jet. The first two weeks but it does that what that about Kason. I think it if they continue to force turnovers in particular it reminds me a lot of that the because in the past and Greg Williams when it would give up yards they want a silly that stingy. But it played really good red zone defense and in course a lot of turnovers they forced nine turnovers. And lastly ball games and as you know. At stopped and kind of become infectious can take. So looking at Bret Holley not a Aaron Rodgers you know defensively speaking we'll start there I think. I don't wanna say that the defense goes. Hossa thank god you know this is gonna be easy but is banged up as the office of life for the Packers is and not having Aaron Rodgers out there. That has to put a bounce in your step appear defender for there have been Orleans saints. We'll look back at you want to play. Like consider this from my money and it's not hyperbole here. Then I cover the whole thing quarterback but as far as my as far as Obama goes. We ought to play when I collected the best in the game and their writers that and you look at instantaneously. What this thing to what five point favorite I would would debt spreads be in favor of the saint rod out and you. Yet maybe it at least a three point underdog. Vocal event to Lambeau at least so. Yeah I mean. It can't you notice as well as I do the National Football League when you're in the week seven week eight it's talked about win you play it seemed kind of silly you play when you played him. In a state that caught a wind I think it the right time intricate and packeting at the right time that they they got an opportunity to win on the road again I think. A pretty good victory if it if they play well on to a I'm I'm I'm not trying to. Demise read only at all much on a diminishing in our beat. You know not not praise them are great to be critical of him but he nowhere rock. Two and I get is going to need a better chance. Or only three years removed from that meeting down there in New Orleans in which the saints really. Brought tens of burgers is just destroy the Packers 4423. That was when the Packers went in the bye week in May be changed put Clay Matthews on the inside. How much fish changed. From the last two times last time these teams met because the Packers then after that made their run ended up in the as he cherish your game up in Seattle. So how much he's changed because it's like all it is like there isn't what. Orders this year of one that in edited and Adam and it sort subject of their but. Yeah. A lot of scenes I mean I'll I'll be willing to bet aside from. Kim Jordan that the only player that was still on the defense committee can Eva Carl gave a call as well. Where in the you know total to hold that how much turn over the seat and on the overlap temple years so it'll be completely unfamiliar faces. And look this ban. What I'm upset about because honestly. I would you look at when it comes out you look at cup matchup should also look at whether match as we also look at. Quarterback matchups in perhaps you know we don't know would reach this status is going forward is it'll last year's contract. This could have been that could have been the last time at that reason and rocked baseball so. Me you top that by that prospect I don't think that's really gonna happen but there's always that possibility today than it felt so. You know it used look at it this game and it's certainly winnable for the saint at the same time. At the top place to play have been Lambeau electing three times now and I'm completely levity of the environment at majestic environment I think it. Well probably the best. The best vineyard in itself. But we're back and making of a couple years go to saint. I haven't gone to Lambeau it not been kind of them until that point elevenths open they say to the tired and a heck of a ball game out there you are. And it definitely felt short neglect to point to the Packers so and they vote that the gains. That was a Randall Cobb coming out party when he took into the house and ideological. Nationalist idea. It also Darren Sproles coming out party for us that was his first date you're Turk. Upon an apple and Ella. That was outlook better ball is not covered aside from the stat Sunday why you look. That things went into it had everything aside from a kickoff return for a cut I mean reading for the touchdown from from the saints. Want on the lot and dedicate which are high powered server touchdown they had accepted on both I'd have never seen a gain factory. Anger and if I'm not mistaken between Ingram. And Kumar they had what 237 yards between them from scrimmage. Yeah yeah. Remarking went over a hundred carrying it and outlaw it. You'll like him it means if you just like football and appreciate it football. Good football players Packers say they're gonna I'm obviously is not going to be route although when a when a game's over you look at that statement. They kind of they'll players there and I mean he's he's something else. He's not he's not just a typical cat that likes to run outside I mean. He's tremendously powerful for a small frame and it get in there aryan dragged Anderson got tremendous balance. Really really good find for the saints in the third round. These. Hey real quick before we we we cut you loose I just. I look at this season and and you know they they just blanked the dolphins over Wimbley stadium they'd they'd just beat up on the Panthers they get people I am what I consider to be a somewhat mediocre New England Patriots team. And then they just destroy what we thought was a pretty good as it does does do alliance team. What do you make of this team wise it's so up and down. You know I would add into that I don't think it's. The levees up and down as in the past the saints and you know lastly your 279. It went to lose two win when I want to lose curry went to war. I don't think you'll see that this year but I I think a lot of it had to do last year's. Not having enough depth not enough talent to be frank I think this team is more Talbott of the last four. The saint is something has has put on the heels so. I think it got a little more depth but that depth to start to get a road it'll be about injury bug on the loss of course special teams players we can extend far. And that platitudes lost but the law also lost out and or did their rookie linebacker Craig Robertson has come and played well. Other veterans that's always and I like to have but it. I just think that there's overall as more talent has seen more depth on this team and I think it. The experience on the offense is always going to be there would group res. Really top. A lot like in every day there's there's not a whole beat to put up watching you guys on Aaron Rodgers and it's still it still often agree I levels and it ain't all that not be at. Again not for the past or a little bit more I think it Marshall Lattimore. The rookie corner. Is well beyond his years in terms of level play his ability to mimic in mere. On the route for the wide receivers on any forward you know reminds me a lot of Peters. But there Kansas City inability to contest throws an interception a pick six. Interception this weekend that's not a lot forgot about Islam in the line and so. Yeah I mean he's been he's been something else to watch the rookies and you look at in the Euro and the ain't gonna have maybe one of the top quarterbacks. And national hopefully for the better part of ample years. What do the once statistic that I was looking at it. I thought would have been different and I know it's early in the season to be wrong but in domes indoors they're wanting to outdoors they're 21 all. Yep it's kind of yet not surprising. Really surprising and I know. I think that a lot of that had to do list. Being a young team and that's it outdoors to be on the road looks and that there was a book wrote weather's played a blonde in a minute there. And I think for young teams ironically. Because they can get away from the distractions of your hometown. I think you focus a little bit more on road games I think that might be a bit of the bit of a deal with just the saints team although. They got a little bit of their hometown. Their home building cultural advantage back on Sunday at the L a candidate focused on. Pretty hard because as point thirteen were eleven and fourteen embassies that element as you know men they used to be I think are really role in 06091011. That place was almost impossible. To come into them as an opposing team and get a victory in and it got away from that but I think it started maybe perhaps he would step to get back towards that don't really bench. Christian great stuff we certainly appreciate all the forcing up there on Sunday okay. Oh thank you Doug letter pal de Joker in Europe or stricter for WWL radio in New Orleans Saints island reporter you can catch him walk around. To Lambeau Field this coming Sunday joining us in the Schneider or challenge matter Harry drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years immediate and call an 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 800. 44 prior go to Schneider jobs don't count. Here are some steps to think about. When the saints are leaving leading after the first quarter they haven't lost definitely you have to may have on walks. When they score first they're two and one may hold you under 200 yards passing. They haven't lost and as I mentioned when it comes to outdoor games they have in law. Just. Just weird. But it's a dome team. That is one and two at home were wanting to indoors I should say and haven't lost outdoors just some different statistics are things to look for. Out of the U the saints Packers matchup. This coming week and by the way the stats are brought to buy apple audio they make it simple for companies just like yours to implement SAP and big data solutions. Revolutionize your data and ignite your future with apple Oreo check out of the way of an eight PP RO YO dot com. That is a PP RO YO don't count the people over there and they really do good work based in Wisconsin but they do things worldwide. Great company. App royal AP PR OYO. Dot com coming up next box or sell will be back here to this. Sixteen stations strong help build my school's sports talk now. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. World of sports but a lot of people say it a lot of things but. Does it past the big unit test let's play by yourself. This is the bill Michael show. Bill might show. All mirror and look. Karl drew mouton. Why the way the odds for the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl. Went from five to one Joseph you wanna take a guess whether that now when Eric went down. There are five to one going in the game against Minnesota. You mean 51. Well and I've got there twenty to one. Point one dog Oakland Raiders have gone to fifty to warn. Cincinnati 66 to one in Arizona Baltimore buffalo. 75. To one that goes on down from theirs every Disco in Cleveland 3000. To one that might be worth putting ten dollars down. Just just in case. They're against Rogers thrown ten dollars at the Wyndham but that's from boom Bada. There oh by the way speaking out about throwing money. And not that you're gonna throw away but come out and spend a little. You don't have to if you don't want to but come on down have. Have a beverage with a -- little dinner with us tomorrow night's 68 we're going to be on the road we're going to be. Into we don't that would cut it very often so we're heading back cut rates mean yours truly. Mark quickly the co host on the morning show on our flagship affiliate portrait of one point seven FM the fan out of Milwaukee. Kept cold and from CBS at 58. Is going to be there going to be talking football coming up tomorrow and I didn't go Michael's huddle we are going to be act. These light I got to make sure you get right the light palace. And cut away the light palace in today tomorrow night. Tell your friends tell your neighbors at the dog we the kids come on out and join us. Been around town tomorrow night booed before too it's all brought you bud Bud Light the official. Beer sponsor of the bill Michael's sports talk network that is the light palace tomorrow night cut and a 68 the bill Michael subtle. Bringing neighborhood don't wanna join us. Time now for this rendition. Of pi day or so already Joey got. Bill there's no chance the Packers. Then thirty points I was the stock before you put up points you get to fifty know. Know whose defense is too banged up this defense can't tackle. By at least you you know guys inside the locker room get mad when we talk about like yet and I understand that's their job. He criticized because of your job but show me the money show me something else. Show me where guys are being drug down the field by a ball carrier was one hand. Wrapped around his ankle video is flannel background show me defender in the secondary that doesn't launch himself head first. Do not try to tackle but the more more so BA speed bump in the road of life for a ball carrier. The wide receiver or running back show me somebody that as a general overrun the play on the inside or outside. Show me somebody to track got a ball carrier from behind. Surely pressure on the quarterback it's gonna give him up this market force him to throw the ball or early therefore put your. Which are defensive secondary in a better position show me some the Kenny I Drew Brees to put up 3542. Just just just my god I just don't see the Packers when inserting have a fourth set off record may have put a mandate may end up putting up. You know seventeen to 2124. Something like this get this game had shoot out written all over head or Roger's been so happy. I was I don't this this game is the give me ten dollars on the browns and I'm gonna put to a hundred bucks to on the winner of the saints and Packers game I've got got to throw more money do Nolan case. Pete do me newborn. News or should be seeing on the air but I'm just telling you right now let's read ago. 58 or sell something wrong with you smaller begun regardless of how they practice the Packers should not risk plane. Log on box Jerry handling Taylor. I. No I Dave if they can go you go our live blog is cleared that he's ago. Bakhtiar Ian Blaine Taylor that's different depending on the severity of the injuries whether it's a hamstring in the near what have you but. If box TRE to me I don't think you should play because he just every time he comes back he tweeted me back on the bench. He needs the the bye week so. If he's close to being back to find in May be playing and getting through the game and yet you two weeks to rested with. Blog our what Bakhtiar a wooden political artist could play you can play and we saw. You divide the Adam's place to play extremely well coming back from that that concussion depends on the severity of the country in the protocol and the Packers and we all know is one of the most Argentines out there. When it comes to concussions. So I you know ego wouldn't play Bucky aria will play about your club Bulaga and link Taylor would be kind of a toss up depending on the severity of his injuries. Just an update Ryan wood Green Bay press gazette says Bryan Bulaga ankle was that practice but limited data bacteria also and figure blog ankle now. So he's back to practice he's passed concussion protocol. What it was union for concussion may be he skirt up there. Or maybe he was nursing ankle last week going into the game and in a game you but I for pregnant from Ross says ankle. Okay. They have so I don't know. But your cell bill the Packers pass rush is what's it is. On why the hell out of it. You know right in what what I guess we hear my question what's the identity. What what what about. The Packers pass rush is the identity is it it's sort of re back and really its steroid and I guess who's the most tenacious player they have. This wall is. Is nick Perry coming at you when a club. Like an executioner because you win it that's one thing but beyond that. You know what else you have. CIA fine if I'm the medical staff and he can't play without hand anyone I make and I think we're like a sledgehammer. I'm color and hammer but I. And you know you're just down his alarm clock and ahead like a whack a mole. Do that. That's the most tenacious caddie got. So you give Mike Daniels once he's back and back at full strength he's probably the beast up front him and Kenny Clarke a duel was was working rather well but it. I don't know who isn't isn't banged up I lost now. They don't. Everybody's run on one leg averages after limping around I thought you know what for Christmas I was watching the other night you know how they always play those. Late night commercials for older people had to get up and he would like to AM. They have those or commercials golden girls as running an aloof you know I'm watching and and then they said you know paper for more mobility. Why use a regular payments that hurricane. With the tribe tried based bottom. I'm thinking about it tomorrow hurricanes were for Christmas hurricane hurricane yeah you can maybe do that this CA Annie. So may maybe the hurricane might be good thing for a lot of those guys running around out there that wake you can at least use the other hand like Jorge just Danzig did inside though and you know user handle trip somebody. Might that be a bad thing. But I I was up you know watching now I wasn't up paying by the way I was up I was doing work but you know they always run as late night commercials on the golden girls. For the people that give up in the middle and I go. My prostate work and again. Crap I don't wash the sheets and he's an effort to ours what you wanted to get done. Blah eight. Or sell us. I had just analysts and under an all out and check the Buick the Prius one of the two because they derived. There's every time I've stuck and left him lane it's it's either be out of Prius or Buick or Mercury or Mercury but that's usually you know. Alan Jackson. These crazy that a merger. Okay. And we'll go over to the badgers for a sack and I across. Quite a stat yesterday. So the badgers next two opponents are Maryland and Illinois OK not to garbage opponents got a lot of us. Maryland. Is averaging a 174. Point three rushing yards per game Illinois is averaging a 197 point two. Rushing yards yet. I cannot win. Who's got a number aren't so we have Jonathan Taylor who's already had 3200 plus buy or sell he's gonna have at least two more. 200 yards plus rushing games and yeah it's not against these two opponents he's gonna happen. He is gonna keep his name in the Heisman watch as he's going in my opinion to have big games against both of these teams. I found I'll just go right there with him just dive right in the pond completely agree. John and teller look for his name to get bigger and bigger and bigger when it comes to. The Heisman watch as he's going up against a couple of opponents. Who really. I I think in their Sunday time mimic his revert back. Apply yourself is that taking a shot that that's going to be in Smart ass I apologize. You're on a roll with the side. Say whatever you need nursing for our remains are looking. Last one for yet Chris Middleton will be an all star this year but no he won't but he'll play like. You won't get the recognition but don't play like it don't get the votes out of Bucs fans. But like I said I I think you're expecting about forty points per game out of my since Jimmy sixteen to 22 somewhere in there and I'm happy with the I think the expectation for Middleton is to be about a twenty guy but I'm happy gives me eighteen point sixteen points for name. Distributes the basketball let's you honest and saw and then grow and broaden gives you a little bit thin. You know then you got moves coming off the venture nom I'm looking toward the season we did give me anywhere from sixty point two points a game I'm happy camper. But I don't really use the term happy campers since I graduated high school but I'll throw that out there just because. That it. Compressed well thanks very much. Yeah that's it I love it when Mike to practice and he listens it to a son tune in radio or India and don't Michaels web site. Thank you know you're very welcome thank you for listening more than Michael tournament. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael shop where are shown glad to have you hope we have and a terrific David and no matter where you are throughout the great state. And the on the borders. Pretty good job across the way I'm though Michaels she can always get a hold of us in many different ways one the best way to get all this is also on Twitter at bill underscore my goals at the lenders were Michael gene analyst. At radio Joe's sports on the FaceBook fan page is well trackers down over there. And that is simply FaceBook dot com and then look for the bill Michael's show many different ways. To attract us down Mike McCarthy talked about all the injuries talk about life after fired everybody up victory for Packers football. Earlier today Mike met with the press securities. This segment of the bill Michael shows brought you by concordia veteran services department dedicated to preparing veterans to make an impact within their next mission through education. See them. As COW. Dot edu slash veterans. Now let's hear from the coach. There you go Mike McCarthy a little bit earlier today getting ready for the game and practice Soledad good stuff. Coming up as the Green Bay Packers get ready for the saints this coming Sunday at Lambeau Field so I don't like to show next. This is still build my school's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Like shows on the air we're glad they had no we you're having age from rip big day today. 85583086488558308648. If you wanna charming you can. But but nevertheless. File means get all of us any way shape or any kind through Twitter through FaceBook go to the website bill Michael sports star comments bill Michael sports. Dot com you can check this out there don't forget to also cousins subs not want people to be tailgate this week or by laws because the weather. Is gonna be iffy this commission rate in the areas seem wanna bring the grill. Sort of a tailgate go to cousins don't stop in any participating cousin subs and you get yourself what door of the bill Michael's. I just say I want that don't look at you know what say the abroad and not X ray are you cheese mart and lauded. Yes if the radio or your cheese Kurds your face first it's a good day right. That's comfort food just in case the Packers game doesn't work puts up in any participating doesn't subs and you're good to go tomorrow on the program. Odd a lot of stuff tomorrow on the program. Now we're going to be talking while we're going to be breaking on the box tomorrow. Good retarded our boys working he is back this year from one approximate from the pin in the box but his post game show he'll be joining us starts in bucks basketball Seth Everett. I remember Seth Everett said whoever wins the series between the cubs and nationals. Is going to be. Heading off to a World Series well it hasn't worked out that I. You can pay attention. The cubs are down 03 and it is not happen and they're. The Dodgers are now going to the World Series or we're talking about that won't charge in Tennessee football tomorrow Paula tomorrow. Give concerns with the Packers offense defense ready unit that then what what if the Packers to the promised land and they go to the post season. What does that then set about Ted Johnson Mike McCarthy Dom Capers a whole thing where you of that discussion we're total positive positive broke. Thought about that tomorrow. Until then time for us ago. Tell no one took. Border to border film film Michael's voice talking network. 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