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Monday, February 12th

Hour 4. Green & gold analyst, Paul Imig, joins the show.  The Brewers talk continues with Bill and Baby Tausch.  Plus, we replay our interview with Steve Spagnola from last week.


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Promo links runs. Please see us we're Wisconsin sports fans come to a tall. The bill monkeys you know. Trio lob combo like oh she does on the air we are glad to have you thanks so much she has always take a listen to as we certainly appreciate it. On this Monday he recovering from the snow again that happened over the weekend as the snow train is finally stopped dumping. On a good portion of the state of some real north didn't get to tonne out of this I know was further south. But I nevertheless I know Chicago got a bunch over the weekend. I came on a 45 inches in my yard over the weekend and the snow started pile up bullies sucks is just a huge for our weekly. And Alison you get hit again and again and again he's got tired of shelling this week it's actually mean forty so looking forward to and a melting away a little bit. Hey before you to pollinate the spores in the program. Being brought to our friends at Marshall clinic health system and they fix me up coming back in the game. If something ailing and you need a prescription you believing many a time you know there used to feel too good you don't go to. All got it was call 844 care way it's 844 care away. And maybe just maybe they can help you out right over the phone and go through kind of a question Aron. If they Campbell sent a prescription to the the pharmacy near you are thinking no charge as the best part about the maximum charge we forty bucks is solid he's gonna break the bank so. Call me for for care when it's 844 fairway just another way the Marshall clinical system helps you. And go to Marshall clinic died or bring in Paul limiting guard green and gold analyst Paul I don't them now it's up. Undone while I'm talking last week I wanna follow because I'd this question was posed we were weak and so wanna kind of kind of follow up on this but. Aaron Rodgers is said during Super Bowl that he was disappointed he didn't know that Alex Intel was gonna be gone and that he heard about it you know in in and like the rest it was kind of dead. Bomb how much do you think Aaron Rodgers shooter should not be consulted when it comes to certain decision making within the organization. Yeah I think he should be told. Not consult. You don't about it yeah they're so I don't think he's yet to find out on Twitter. But I don't think that Mark Murphy Mike McCarthy Brian good and should call it their errant here's what we're thinking of doing directional. What do you think we wanna make sure you have be OK on it after I think that that a bad president a bad route to go and I think the thing that. And on about about it is that outspent Al. Who work at Mike McCarthy. Had set as much did a year ago that you know he might wanna let your contract run out you might wanna go a different direction he met wanna pursue other opportunities. So when it burst was set by Aaron Rodgers was that like mid week let up now -- a little more than a week ago inspired approachable. For an audit. You know Eric I think this is something you wanna talk to Alex. Bent helped about because. You know we don't know for sure bet that outlook offered. A contract in turn it down or you know how how much note that elk had made it clear like hey Mike you know. Yeah I'd I don't often in extension. I'm on a much different direction but it just and it seemed like more and again we don't know all the kind of scene. But on this respect from the outside perspective knowing what we know it seemed more like a decision but how would that help you or insult. In the Packard making a decision up out outs that help. So I think that that you know it's rotten and it's open or not I don't know that would have made it different because it seemed like and how had made his mind up. You know awhile ago that you might wanna do something else that wanna pursue other opportunities at work and don't know whether it's this or debated decision like. You know I don't think but it should call Roger say. We're gonna have Jordy Nelson to restructure but it beat says no we're gonna have to let him walk what do you think Erin. I don't think that's a good thing to do. It's a slippery slope but I think ultimately. The franchise is better when you let the front office via but not as when you let a coach Pia coach. And when he let a player to do that they play the game and not really worried about them that stuff that's happening in the periphery of well. Arm see I agree with you I think is I also think in this sense that. Aaron Rodgers is in for as much as we talked about in it's it's it's a delicate area because he's the guy you know he's one of the top players in the plan hadn't. He's your leader your team and and he certainly don't want to alienate him but I I think maybe you give him a phone callers say something to the effect of hey we'll decide let this guy go we wanna give you some you know. A heads up or something to that effect. But I don't think Aaron should find out ahead of time to be the guy that tells somebody oh by the way this is that the of them you know be organizations let you go also. What does that say about dams has a couple of huge years or you get do you we bring a linebacker that just just crushing a defensively and really leading your defense. The silly that I have enough respect to be he's supposed to be notified of things defensively speaking before. The team makes a mover doesn't make army I I agree would you I think it begins a slippery slope if you start to include a player in your decision making process. And I think like that to put it another level to exit when they do they're interviewed at the end of the seat that. They capped the players know what you think are what are you seeing. And if Aaron Rogers cup exit interview you know at whatever their speed and and and says you know what they do being honored that they need that hey. You know what disputed hypothetical like you know I'd love receiver access to that I loved Jordan LL Cobb I love it would be very much setup project until about a couple occasion. On the two different I'm against John. You know I've had not been retained by the Packers including the most recent time. But the big thing about Charles with the public public I don't think we should let child would go and that Ted Thompson you know lobby he went in a different direction. It opinions should matter what Aaron Rodgers is being on the field is the opinion is is of Jordan opened up Randall Cobb. Of the bought at a drama out then. Beat me Robert look at them. Brilliant football guy in addition to being a really obviously crazy talented quarterback in the opinion should matter in terms of what he's seeing and what he's saying. But beyond that and sort of like hey you know Eric here's how the cap app worked out that we released a lot. You know we're thinking about trying outs rate there it would it was somebody want to run a body before we ultimately make that decision but you're not caught off guard. You know I think it did it help him he shouldn't at the Arab rubbish and have the find out the news like you and I mean but to. Consulting and I think it will level that. You know it is probably not a good epic. We are a month in two days away from NFL free agency. We know Rob Lowe got paid Aaron Rodgers is going to be looking to get paid. First of all do you think they get a deal worked out there and prior to say training camp. You know I think I yet. I don't know that happened or free agency. I think what I did last extension I think it was. Roll with it well but that's what would have been 56 years ago you let that sometimes the unexpected extensions Condit after. Fareed at the end that we flowed and the team and the better understanding for what happened gonna look like and all the different vaccination you know your alma we have laughed your we can. The cap for this year how we can program your expense in all of those things so I you know. But it total debt side and it happened in the late April. I'm a big Clay Matthews did an extension five years ago around that they made the late April timeframe. So that it happened that spot in the I would expect it to be around that time period because the players are in Green Bay at that point I beat you before they leave again with a six week period. Between training camp and between you know on the option to work out in May and in the play come back in late June. Respect to get done but I think it agent is going to be telling and you know Erin is your alternate goal and that is to make it much money as possible on an act extension. The longer you wait the better if you without Kirk content sitting side and what they are content minister app is what rock or night or last week. And many other quarterbacks who signed first and bike for bigger dollar values. The more that Rodgers early potential increases though. Really delicate balancing between the hackers one sure would want to get it down ASAP. And between his agent who absurd thinking you know apparently it's out much you can. But no make no mistake about it they get a deal done before this upcoming season. I would assume so well you know a bagel this off season and they conducted. More aggressively than what at Thompson did which. I think it will I don't think Ryan Mouton is. I think you can do everything he can't not make it seem like he has had come and do. And if you go and spend money. On not a Malcolm Butler and he'd spend money on you know. Right tackle or on an outside edge rusher or something. And then kind of said okay that that there at that the other are off it and move and that no expenses coming in it's an art in 128 and I mean let's be realistic about it these guys know that Rodgers is the priority that has never been made more clear. But it was just at even when the Packers and piracy then well apart as a result of Rutgers getting hurt that a whole budget coaches and GM and prop people. Are now in different jobs. Because of Aaron Rodgers didn't hurt so. You know we can think you know cynically at times about you know are are the proper handling this correctly or are they going about be certain things the way that we would. We can rest comfortably I think knowing that critical and company know Iran extension is the most important thing and anything else. Followed after that because this team without him we found out very quickly just how portable all in this one might airdrops. I said that if I'm gonna give air rises an extension Eminem the checkbook to underwrite the Jack and just realize whoever he takes. That's who that's money that can't be spent elsewhere and I also try to make him a promise that I'm gonna spend some money in free agency not not gonna go right up against the cap but it. Aamodt try to get within 510. Million of the best you know from a eat do you think Aaron Rogers writes the check for the Macs or do you think Aaron Rodgers says. I don't you be the highest paid just make it respectable on good and I got to save some money for the rest of the team. If it's Erin Rogers. Extension. Early tend to not be the top quarterback. In the NFL whether it's total guaranteed money. Whether it average salary per seat and whatever and that being if it doesn't result in rod being the top paid quarterback I will be shocked. And I don't think that that should be you know I know that this is not a fairly universal opinion. But I don't think that that should be viewed at the bad thing. By people who are Packers and the people who all of Packers I get it you want him to take it if you want edited. Leave money on the table for quarterback acts or. You know for right tackle or whatever the spot that you wanna address. But he had made it you know you'd better not comment built throughout the years. You can even go back to act might Clinton was signed last year and yet that yet that short answer about. You know how that ultimately makes you re evaluate what your value is what your total work to NFL team is. And because he is still in his spine because they the Packers clearly don't want him to be hitting the free agent market it's 36. And the last thing they want history initialed the training camp I'm happy I'm with you bill I think you'd say okay let's get this done today. Insert whatever number in the checkbook that you want but understand that the rest of the into gonna follow you know in terms of what kind of people we can bring on board but still I. If the stake out of that contract happens. And it makes and the sport's highest paid or to grapple add more guaranteed monitored drop below as. Hired in a bad it is grapples 127 point five million Versteeg on average if rod aztecs in like 23 year is bumping lack. I it will be very surprised and again not that at no negative against Roger's ease. Like all of these player like the vast vast majority of these players they're looking to get their best they're multi value out of that and to be recognized. Metallic perspective at the back of their position or the pac delete or whatever that dollar and number and the people waiting to sell. That's my expectation going into and we'll be if Ina speech writer. Paul good stuff we'll check out wise they're okay I'm. Are about to Archuleta they don't call ME joining us for governments on the shatter or challenged Harry drivers right now you work are they preach fair eighty plus years of getting it done column. 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior or go to Schneider jobs downtown the Reuben is back Torah cousins jobs it's time to stop in granite. These delicious Rubin it's that time here it did really as we got Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner that's from the ruins release are coming up big in big hot and heavy. And you stop and grab one now go to cousins subs or go to cousins subs dot com final location nearest you can also download the app as well. Yeah seventy officials sub sandwich and a Michael sports stock network where they believe in better. Brewers right now on the outside looking in they lose you'd Darche. Do the brewers need to make a move. We talked about this in the first there on the show for those that are just tuning insanity and get used to hearing the question is do they need to go make a move do they have to go find somebody. Yes or no or do you just say hey stay the course don't worry about it. Don't look over your shoulder look too far ahead to stay the course right now because you're really not there yet. Want your opinion all is brewers fans China and 8558308648. On the loans which it de Campo free tuchman more than micro sure next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. And. Gil Michael show continues in day isn't sure doubts. The show today. We had talked about to the ver Yu Darvish goes the cubs and brewers were on the Yu Darvish sweepstakes is a lot of talk about Jed carry out an Al partially being the the second guy in that and that targets or speak. As to whether or not the Yu Darvish DOE you feel bad about. And as many deals in our you know what stick with a plan. It's all good don't worry about it no big deal. The brewers it is very quiet right now. Mom. Not you know the the cubs trade Darvish to win that is in the market six years is still better than zip. If they lost the bidding to the brewers also Darvish might want to. A chance to redeem himself in a World Series comes in best shot at their cubs got the number one right handed pitcher in the number one starting pitcher in the market not bad. This is coming from you know a couple of different to Twitter accounts. But. I said at the beginning of the program I said look I eat eat some of the best deals are the ones that are never may. Marshawn Lynch coming the Packers didn't happen in. You know I'm saying hey you you look it did the best year to AJ hawk was the year they won suitable they needed him because it's so many starting linebackers go down the injury. This might turn out to be the best move and never was made by the Milwaukee Brewers for Yu Darvish only time will tell. Like the brewers are now in plan B what are they going to do is an area today isn't a treat for archer. Is are so cop deserved win lose or somebody else out there that that they want to go who who's blown up Twitter right now. Argus stroman pitcher from the Toronto Blue Jays he's 28 years old. For gold glove winner results last year he got through 309 ERA. Thirteen and 933 starts 201 inning 6461. Strikeouts. And you with a guy that a lot of people didn't think would be would be on the market. Backed. Perfect I your performances. He's just entering his first year of arbitration. Twenty sit seven years old you will be in the middle of this year. Duke graduate and only three years and each weeded out earlier today. Let's get a member of the blue jays saying it's a business mentality and mindset well aware. And then also a separate tweet Scottsdale Arizona vibe love this place bringing back those fall league memories. And yesterday he was in Phoenix the issue is Marcus stroman and the Toronto Blue Jays usually have spring training somewhere in the middle for. Yeah. And now it says is his Twitter you know feed. Page says Phoenix Arizona vibe for a day in his. Saw that means he was is visiting there are or -- kind of leaning on is something that he is. You know he's hang out maybe you know yes it goal I don't know. On. I Jumbo worst fans are are running right with it and now almost printing up the number six stroman jerseys right now is easy. I mean I don't I don't it's happened I mean I know that there's it was just that we are one of the brewers feeds it says something about they hear a deal is done with archer and so when you went you know I mean. Where people getting this I mean would I don't see any of the credible while Len is now saying this I think this is what's gonna happen though they're gone they're gonna add. Somebody. But com. The there's just. There's nothing there there right now there's a lot of speculation I think a lot of people throw stuff out CC told so. So he speculated now from wily enough be thrown out there enough that what it actually happens even though you're taking the shotgun approach of throwing everybody out t.'s and dot CR told us. I think definitely some of these people opera. 8558308648. Whiskey Yu Darvish going to cubs do you feel that the brewers need to make MO. We went through this the beginning of the show and I was over the weekend and through my Twitter feed over the weekend and specifically yesterday. It didn't com. It was overwhelmingly. Don't worry well yesterday and in last night it was the brewers got to do something and I was listening to I think is Adam Levine. From don't Chicago writer in Chicago and covers cubs and White Sox and such talks baseball I was listening inherently who's on the score coming in and these are the same thing all my god you know I have the brewers are gonna stay in the mix that got to do this they got to react you know now out of her resume when the cubs do the birth reaction and I'm taken now EU really you really don't. You've got to a plus the dearth of talent right now in the outfield OK and we all know. He got a bunch mile runs of Cain and yell it's in bronze in ten and Phillips and Broxton. You got to things angle. I'm gonna go get an armor something that a game which would lead to the archer rumors. But it you don't have to do everything. I just did you don't have to do this year. I don't know. Eaten you don't have Geneva Nelson back until at least June or July. You know I know they said he was ahead of schedule and all is great and I'd say that are just about everybody everybody in much of a setback like you did something too fast too soon. And you have a setback in your church your shoulder her whatever part of his injury having. Most of the people say yeah he's on pace is matter of fact he's a he's had a sketch okay. Com. It is. I believe. That. They don't have to make a move. I think that if they just see what they have this year that you go to next offseason. Horry even at the trade deadline would why not it's. So and I'm fine with that. What do they do make a move my biggest argument is don't make one just to react and don't make one that isn't sensible to what is you do it Yu Darvish for what he signed with the cubs is not sensible. Because has if he pitches really well. He's gone he's got a two year off to. If he doesn't. Then you're stuck with a contract he's got to win win the cubs are just praying that he pans out. And the cubs look you are you gonna match Chicago's rotation anyway. You don't we talk about this early Jon Lester in Canton and Kendrick in chat would and the guys they have. Yu Darvish basically becomes what you're too he's behind Lester now you would assuming that rotation because he's not I don't want. Yeah I mean he would be most likely one and the brewers organization. Putting it to where you're not even matching them player for player pound for pound I think you still need to figure out what is you have in Milwaukee it's my opinion all you volume. Stroman that's a pick up that that arguably is is far better. The new Darvish got a got its five years younger a lot less innings on is on his arm. And 200 innings back to make yours for 4546 year old at pretty high production. Those are that's a great match up if you can get him for his last three years of arbitration. 855830864. Auto loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line gives you shall we love to hear from that 855830. 8641. Talk about this. As far deliberately to make a move also. More from radio row that who are you thought was really usually she sees as Steve Spagnuolo specs they call. Us these Bigelow who is. Defensive coordinator for the a New York Giants go work with Mack adieu before he got fired in the air. Changing things over right now in new York and we all know that they've had a really down year. We had a chance to catch up with him on radio row as well talk a little bit about scheming for Aaron Rodgers and scheme against teams and in such it was just a relief is in conversations on your football fix was bags coming up. After the Bonnie are as well stick to more than a Michael show next. Johnson why yeah film Michael's sports talk and work. No Michael she always on the Arab. Porsche program brought you right quick trip tops your alternative fuels no PA TMs in just about everything you need on a daily basis that's quick trip. In the final location nearest you whether it's milk or Ager breads cheeses meats. Fake goods hot foods cold foods coffee they've got it all over a quick trip to find when your Hugo quick trip dot com KW I take quick trip. Dot com. I'll meet with down during during our you know our weekly radio row Steve Spagnuolo was so kind enough to come or now there's some things going on obviously new York and you wanna get in the specifics as to. His job his longevity with the giants but. He I didn't mind talking about this and things like Makinen who was up under Mike McCarthy at agree in Green Bay before. Going on to be the head coach of the New York Giants and how those two worked together and scheming in game planning in defense is in such is you know obviously the Packers. I have their own issues going on their own changes happening in your organization but this chance to sit down and talk Steve Spagnuolo titlist. Joining us now. You've with the New York Giants who worked in Mecca who for a little while Steve Spagnuolo is George gets your pivot right on doing good village you're right about how crazy it is it is nearly little old ballroom who do all dates it you know obviously before my point here guys back actions suits should popular out here. I was like ten people knocking people out. So obviously wasn't the disease you wanna put to work prepared physically guns and they can sound. I loved and active loved working for him look at wouldn't when he got the head job we'll kind of compete against each other for the head job when he got the I owe him a debt of gratitude. Fatigue and that you two years ago on and I want men know that we had a great year obviously points sixteen in the open. Impacted be this and that playoff game. And just had a real rough one this year cut the cut tougher early within winner early and I had some injuries snowball downhill we couldn't really stop that and unfortunately then we lost them but I do believe. That he would he'll certainly be coach in this league yet legal he had coached in the state. You would you. Feel is snowballing this could spin sometimes guard got here we go. Are you don't know what goes on behind closed doors you know or you work the hours you put it. You need to get so intense that they become all consuming Marie could step back except that it's just kind of reset here but what you know it's going. It's it's hard to stop that down we'll turn. Yeah it's like you don't know look if it was three and thirteen is the way it ended you don't feel that way when you're in game five it is trying to win the next game. And I product guys and then especially the great job. Of reloading every week and just get way to win football game and we couldn't find a way to do that to whatever it was we we six would have a and then it and then the injuries you know with a one game wiwa plus three wideout who started out and but it then was funny honest enough to throw anybody quarterback any offensive coordinator that's when you lose three starting. Wide receivers but you know we. Kept punch and plug and you know and I thought our guys fire right to leave him on that last game against Washington but it was a difficulties. That was the spectacle. That's according to New York Giants were then Mac could do there tough season which were also a guy that as a Reagan you. You've been able to put usually you've been able to scheme against against this patriots team so now would you sit down and start to break it down figured you know you're going against the mine. Belichick's Lackey tonight mr. You know Albert writes that football wanted to put what you don't know what you have to do have to take away straight out attack. Well I look at and build the best in the business. That's released at a modern day missile or yours he is the best that's ever. He may be that they'll look he's done all along here I mean without any news with nice had decent quarterback but he's hit all different place. He is I think he's remarkable. From the defense system point of changing defenses oh absolutely yeah yeah but we we cannot be an excellent job that. LNG when you have the trigger guy who gets the ball every down on them that they have well I guess so much respect and I do think he's the best. Over I know there's all kinds of you know you can have I think in some ways that. Having defended him we were fortunate now one thing my guys played really good. Ten years ago. But he still is that guy with the you have nightmares about defending them as normal with the really good job of I think those. You know it would have you watch on film deprived before buttons is not necessarily be packed that you could see. You have to adjust to in game and I think that Philadelphia is built right because they do with that do. And they they let all the people adjust to them animals they'll change them much but it'll be interesting to see that the food that's and that's. How much tees used to talk to quote to look at things. Changed you know took about an accurate flow lot of that depends on the guys you have who you commit to it we can. I think what every coach is all all the coaches and the Smart enough to figure out what you and yet here's what we can do. Now you convey that to the plate and and they got a lot Billy that you might have wanted to play is that the shop enough to. Scandal that Clinton really comes back the old guys in the what we always felt he had to be careful about halftime adjustments you can't. You can't venture too far away from what you worked on we can't run in the locker room draw up. But to place a tweak here tweet there will. Recognizing that they're trying to do this against us so we do play this particular coverage this is what we got to look for I think communicate those things he plays a really important. When you talk about the best ever but it was security rings the ability to quickly rose. We have Aaron Rodgers our backyard near and afar you scheme against true meaning what you do when you scheme against guys like Aaron Rodgers what is the difference between city and victories are far Rogers and start talking about some degree. Well Aaron mobility. Yeah he brings a whole another dimension and he's looking. You've seen in three minutes he it looks like it's gonna be at that play and then pulls them they get so he did to us. It was in the it was either in the plan which he played in place last year. But he didn't and I know when the planets and wants to play out of the economy back again yeah Alan that was at the end of at the end of the half but on value I don't when you talk yeah he spends the plan. I mean one thing you know one thing you know about home. You know the spot he's going to be on them pass play racial balance in though that's what those guys protect protect the spot so that on the twelfth and then do. Aaron he got extended down and that's really taxing on on the second in this much you can preach you know thing covered plastic plastic I get a great deal of respect and the time to great. Talk and against Eaton Steve Spagnuolo defense coordinator New York Giants work within that you guys that we know extremely well in Green Bay it fast forward now you've got a guy Doug Peterson young guy. Coach in high school football few years back most of these new head coach here then we got a chance to know when he's backing up Brett Parker cute guy but he was more the guy it's counted on to win that he wasn't working on the football field behind Favre Favre never left the game. Show give me divide the Peterson purchased the mine to Billy checked in and how the how you can break this thing down. Well look at dot I don't look back in 1999 he left you guys and you stake in the Philadelphia I was working when you read that time and then dug. I thought Doug was special in that he knew Donovan McNabb eventually take over but that was the ultimate team. You can kind of see that in his team now. He's the news is built them a bunch of teen guys that's what Doug was when he played and I just think that Doug has been terrific. With stick into how aggressive use as a Paula. Going for on fourth down and I think if I look at the Eagles and to say look do what you do don't change this is what's that got here I think they'll do that. So now they you know things change you're in obviously then it's gone so. Can you give your prospect of this weight rents the coaches that changed. Who we now running quarterbacks being shuffled off when you think guys use it wants instantly in Dallas with over there. There's a lot of movement on everybody circuit today well isn't that the excitement. NFL football this year around it that's excitement talk pretty highly valued probably right about that. Whatever it gets into and that's the great. And about Ali lit the interest is great when keep it that way. I don't know he looked it you know there was a day and age when guys didn't change very much you get used to play as we don't live in that they need to anymore so. You see that continue. The coaches that the other place these young guys get this chance and a mad men of the Chicago. He's the football coach that came to an adjustment that. Packet soon to be in different spots here but now that's that that's the life is an NFL coach and it's going to be changes we know that there you hope that you can survival. When they happen in and just kind of move on what do you. Think the Packers there might. And elect like I was gonna say yeah there's a lot of guys have talked to go owner like you're not there it's like him might look that you guys put a tough situation equally well no question I mean we I know that same feeling with he is no matter what a lot of good football coaches mostly in because football coach needs some good place look at. But Mike's done a good job reading them and we went back in Baltimore one time that the defense this and we'll do the study but they are they hired our defensive line coach pat Graham. From New York who I think is exceptional I believe he can coach the linebackers then that was that. While I wish him well yeah I think they'll be real happy there in Green Bay with him when you change coaching staffs like how long is poor. Guys yet. The players yeah I think what's happened with the offseason being strong and when I first in the league was fifteen weeks we had guys. I mean had a good five weeks of just individual you know fundamentals then you get into the scheme now it shrinks and so when you're putting in new schemes. It takes a little bit that first year I think he I think the important thing now learnt this but the hard way. He got a limited growth has got to let the players play and can't we say you can't putt of their minds and in pain looked at feet. So I think that's kind of balance you gotta have wouldn't you something new going into. The short off season is there a reason is that it has ignited it cerebral and demands a lot out of these guys yeah. Results of you who want it is acutely missed just for the phone take the rest of no question in my step that's the challenge that the balance has the potential to do it to get it based open. And then as they didn't flow of the season in the it just key in the spring when a couple things here in the of the he's got a bunch of football coach of the a lot of respect for Mike it's for real quick before it's how much is the defense or BC TV you're strong growth for the year. Nice group watching bagels were posted Coulter yeah I mean that guy right field line while things yes Regis yeah that's very heavy hitter means you can take good feet that's the point built a home. Look it would all the three and four wide outs that's if you know it's going to be involved in public movement yet. I still think you know lost art the art that you need as a safety that we could tackle. Because at some point of running backs and Boston you don't want it to be you don't want me seven yards in total of thirty yet and that's what happens when safeties miss tackles so. Yeah on the idyllic covenant and they'll tackle and it's hard to find now although college football I think is. The economic means fallen into the NFL that we've seen with the more of that but that that's the tough and it's not to get too. I'm I'm I'm parts have one more question I don't want one and you've got Joseph you talked about tackling okay it's my pet peeve is. Well and weeks on in the game in which Jeff Phelan broke loose in its morning touchdown via you saw a guy launch himself no arms just head and shoulders hoping to god basic symbols. His tackling become lost or because union believe it practicing more. A little bit of that but I still think we always preach and look at when you don't tackle with the round can you do with your time we call the block tackle we don't like what happened it just thought that's how we function had functions that you got to use your arms. And we say come up with a body part. And I don't I mean we you can do it this way you can do that with the equipment they have now split the season let's let that get you. Radio role which you gotta you gotta rep that you got to do there's nothing like doing it. For real and I think simple I think we get at a little of that practice so that you can if that happened. The statistics that I have the best. Think Steve's big Ole with the New York Giants in it was as funny my closes in recent you know it's ten years ago. That Favre threw that pick. In January 10 years ago January of Favre threw the pick his last pass is Green Bay packer. And it'll be ten years in March. Next month. That Favre said he was retire. I saw the picture I was on the the NFL network. Everything was covered life and I do because they were walker on the microphone in the first few people ask questions I had a couple of different question because we worked. With Brett dad so we had you know tenement in cycling in and one question I specifically asked him to make sure was. Are you is this where your change earmarked as are you shore this is what you wanna do you know. And that there is no point of no return that everything and he says no and obviously the rest is history as it was. Couple weeks later than you wanna come back and flying back into town boy that was the question where he and famously rubbed his eyes right now and he caught up in yup yup. Yep that was it. Tuesday they had a body mind was watching it and took you know most who shot with his camera was his phone. As we were on television time dormant and then so I was the one question I just you know that we did under congruent room was are you coming back. The emphatic running in the eyes crying looking skyward. You know now this is it an attempt but he got ten years ago can you believe it. Policy this really take a quick break candle we come back wrap things up mortal might shoot next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk and a word. Back though Michael should always on the air. We're glad to have you thanks so much sports affirming grudge about Bud Light the official response to the Michael sports talk network com. June we get back into a warmer weather. That's Wednesday night live gets back underway the Budweiser millions gonna open up the B hop and yet again they wanna remind you to continue to put that on your calendar. If you look at her Wednesday night out is the warmth gets here the son gets here evenings get here that are just nice in the summertime. That's the place to be its wings and I live at the Wisconsin state fair part of the Budweiser million all brought you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor. A bill Michael sports talk network all one of the things that Major League Baseball is still tinkering with. These pace of play. Pace of play they're trying to figure it out. IE I don't know why this is so difficult I I really really don't. If it's the stupidest thing. It's so obvious and they just don't wanna do they talk about merit last year was the automatic. Walk. Yeah court held that save on it it saves you three pitches it was it was just as you know it it way to go sideways. It was kind of like drain the ocean was spoon you know it just it was so dumb. So long story short we all know baseball is about a three hour ballgame about an hour per every three innings and you're gonna go out you know. It didn't goes pretty fast the first three and slows down and last year. We all know that basically the shot clock has come if you're really gonna adhered to 8 o'clock on there. You know. Limit now there is some talk about limiting. Either mound visits or pitching changes which I don't necessarily agree is that part of a strategy that game. Palm because say you can't change your pitcher because you Rory changed and twice in an inning and a guy comes out he just has just doesn't have. And you can't throw strikes me struggling she your team be penalized because you can't replace that guy I don't think so. Okay. So. The pace of play thing I think we all know it's the obvious. Get a guy in the box quick throw a pitch quit in if you don't get a it's either a ball or strike if the batters on the boxes strike of the batteries in the box that pitches and throw it it's a ball which is. Let's get it out of the way he's getting overwhelmed with all this tinkering about pace of play in its two strike ponson. Just all this stupid stuff that they're talking about tinkering with. It it's. It's just stupid. It's the inevitable. It's the inevitable. So just get it over with our they're talking about you know outlawing two to strike pointing in the just. It just it's done it's it's just don't none of that makes you say now it's just these get out there and throw the ball the united it just it did on when it. And if you save it saves you five minutes how many viewers is that really gonna get you back. If the game is now three minutes and five or three hours and five minutes now three hours and the problem is is that. In today's world. We do there's a very short attention span unfortunately. It is what it is and so they're trying to connect with millennial on the short attention span. And the only way to do that if you're actually at the ball game is making in game experience that much better well as well ideal meg really not that Smart yeah well make it more interactive via via you know via your your your viewing pleasure or something but it did. Then there's the obvious is right there and there's a reluctance to her for whatever reason. I don't know it's this whole thing about sportsmanship and stepping out of the box and changing things out when pitchers agree with the capture images you know. Are these things that he is you can't walk the line of scrimmage Eddie is a quarter ago you know what I don't like to play give me another 22 yeah all the I'll call on. Let's just get over or 30 what it is again ago won't we'll talk more about that tomorrow too. Together I don't. Ordered to avoid. Mortar film film Michael's voice told the that he.