HR4 – Do you think the Badgers will ever get National respect?

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Tuesday, September 12th

09/12/17: Hour 4. Plus, Pete Fiutak of stops by.


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From the league runs to the river run. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans come true tall the bill Michael show. Here's your homes to. Oh I'll kill bill Michael shows on the air how we look at today. And I we're mutant. They're having a fantastic day and in a minority issue. Well always good. Always good get a chance to shout action and hopefully hang Ellis remainder of the day beautiful day out today get out and enjoy the weather over the next week it's gonna meet. Just freaking fantastic for lack of better term. Us Porsche program brought you my good friends tobacco outlet plus grocery and why quick trip will give you moron both. Coming up here is couple minutes or body PP attack from college football joining us on the Schneider orange hotline right here right now Pete. How bad to the Wisconsin Badgers get hosed because you've got the Ohio State Buckeyes losing the way they did it. I don't know why that would Earl I mean did beat the formula is pretty simple for the badgers get. They got a with a Big Ten championship would do to go twelve and water better to do that on the matter what anybody else. The Buckeyes losing your anybody could be better make it different or what the truth. They remember last year Washington god in look like a 124 best schedule. So he did it in the Big Ten champ and you have one bought it treated you're going to be in all well about what. So if you're the badgers. You worry more about all right how do we get this you know passing team a little that are a little more efficient. And how do we cattle workarounds you know the noodle arm ballot or broke out of -- get out of gave a little bit faster how do we deal while being dirty double wide. You know because I had to get to a point where the schedule it's easier now. You know if you're good enough to even think about the college football playoff goal in their neutral as bad do you like you treat. If you roll did it schedule Nebraska state Iowa beatable. Minnesota not that big deal yet you the one game against Michigan and it's really sort about it you need to lose that is written from that it would occur when. So if I go back to something you said about Ohio State and it really not affecting looked. I just thank you see the badgers win two games they weren't pretty I mean they won games sound bite they fall in the rankings and Greta don't draw Oklahoma certainly deserves to be up there and then continually move up. So I'd do you just have to continue to win and hope front lawn this reason I hate pre season polls in placing team. Struggled and you're you're you're kind of rock and promised the press the rankings don't matter. Any part of the body it did back in the poll and all day ordeal at peace yeah and you know you do it didn't matter where you stall in the ranking and all that. But on the college ball well or it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter right now you are. You know duke and you're young not right if you win the ACC championship. And it's gonna go the college ball well outbid the formula entry might you know set up last three years. We know although the yet keep guys roll. And pretty much there you've you've pretty much known at this point. It's your power fired conference champs look there's a real weird aberration out there which can we Chaplin the first year. But that would a rarity in the history college football here that it happens champion. On the overall had won lost or are distributed are you pretty much know again it sure would cut the guy with a Big Ten championship you've got to go twelve war. You O'Neal added you also like I would in a couple of years ago secure Iowa and you they had beaten Michigan State as they are in the ball well. And that Catholics got that done and what you gotta get there get back Indianapolis to win it this has. Does this then kicked the door wide open in the Big Ten east for Penn State to come and grab hold this thing because I think nobody's talking about and they're still highly ranked a lot of people given them respect but. All we hear about as Michigan Ohio State I think people can lose Penn State the next. I kind of what album I still don't really believe I mean they're very good obviously. It's not decorate I mean that was a blowout win over an OK eighteenth. And they're very good but Michigan's fantastic crowds they still really good. On Michigan State better they'll look at what Maryland doing that's an improved team. You know the part look at that problem that the good but I don't think it's going to be eleven point out so. It's going to be this huge drop at this season and again. You know offered to meet you could the big problem for Iowa State. Is that now can afford another loss that the big plots or Oklahoma where you know after Oklahoma you win this I got street correct value can win. And I can afford a loss the rest which again we we know the college ball well or you'll win your conference. Through one locked in your hand and could now it's up to about Internet like that it was no margin terrorists the way. Are also looking to sell the other top you know teams in college football. Our Clemson obviously very highly ranked all over again they've stayed right there at number three Alabama still the number one USC and number four Oklahoma climbing. Show our gimme gimme your your thoughts early on say this top ten because we've got Ohio State falling six bit personally Disneyland to miss. How have an Ohio State they were supposed to be all that a bag of chips and get blown out of the issue was embarrassing. I'll let our this year and that it would Oklahoma had one good big army field and great and yeah here a little worried now because. It's. You know look at the last four being painted on big break into Michigan and integrate Richard yeah but that was great performance. They are blown out by Wednesday and obviously it all that too much can they won a national championship. The good the bad performance in Indiana and they need a bit. So I am not a creature what long the match its own way. You know even if you in the house state eventually gonna happen Alabama. Richard app that what you can't keep losing first round draft pick up your first round draft pick. And still be perfect all the time I think it works is that Oklahoma is just that good. That out it's gonna be like eight or bad. But the vehicle count while there is still a little bit of what the country you know gatekeeper are going to be a little bit better a little bit more explosive. But they've got playmakers they've got talent. Do you talk a little or grill or it'll. Oh yeah how they expect this but. Regards writer never they ought to Virginia Tech earlier at a couple years ago they steamrolled you know everyone I'll be putting Wisconsin on the way to the national championship so. How they've begun to go on a running do. How strong is the west for the badgers I mean obviously the badgers use as you said should've beat up on bed BYU team which has traditionally been a pretty decent for you know kind of what kind of kind of opponent could. This year certainly down but then go from there you really have to hope don't you that. Nebraska or Iowa and a couple of those teams really give them a boost if they get wins over those programs. Yeah you cured I mean do you like you'd actually going to be annoyed because they have an amazing Randi but it epic like Betancourt. It's going to be frustrating gave the bad do I think they win but I do battle Google and a lot of a little while to get there is something that warning in don't work when you lose your. When you're a part of the issue and now the going to be a hundred spirited every single game except for me this year the way out like I feel pretty good defense Jerry. At all that the wind really good. Minnesota I think it's a legitimate in the New Year's going to be stronger. But Nebraska is not very good let's look at a community that should be a winnable game nor western goods or Internet new. Again that ultimately got to keep going our belongings they could get. Intel chips what you'd out cheaply abroad rather have all been in and really. All that mattered going to be your record in that conference championship. Give me your thoughts on the badgers in the hole. Michael I mean that they did get fortunate that the schedule is. Like it has because then that you were ordered envelopes used not to get beat it to the Big Ten championship and shot to the well. There's nobody on the schedule including you know if they ride a complete look at Michigan all there's no reason they beat everybody on the schedule. But through that that happened they have to be sharper there puberty meltdown in the secondary against Florida Atlantic early got. Ali struggled early in the first fifteen minutes if you cut state. You know the thirteenth on the game York and a you know break down like that WQ are you did you wanna go outside. Speed and they're not gonna Mel out. The mental gap would be more than that I'm gonna meet in the oval over a New England a little different brought which has been a problem so are. And the passing game and at some point got a a little bit and are expected the a lot of the lot I think it is the year they're dependent sharp drop. But I think you know again that's what you what you got beat Florida Atlantic you know they up. And it's QB do against BYU chirping culprit got it there's no reason not to shoot repeat the Lebanon one question. Yeah you talk about Mortimer brokered a wanna go back to that before I let you go in that was when you said you know kind of quote new norm so to speak. Our do you like corner brook is a quarterback do you think he's developed a ball in the sense that he can then take this team deep or do you think that they're just getting by. They're just getting by you gonna now. I think more caretaker at the problem I have or working at whatever he curled the ball and mid air like wait a minute. Admit it or get there yet there. And the they don't have it will be receiving weapon. Who would golly so. Yeah they're sort of missing having that you know the dangers deep threat that belt are a bit. It's all obviously about the running game so it's going to be interesting at this week because spew like you helping shut down the badger ground game but there's start to get it. Forced several third largest labor again it sure order book all you have to do complete third dump. You don't have to you know QB Aaron Rodgers you don't have to you know run around you don't have to hit good people. Jack do enough to keep the chains moving I think we can do that. They that you kept or why and the drove all the target I can't let. Fortunately this one game this current these special clothes I think it or who are still there that would cut could be some really big thing. Big great stub is always real afforded to audio later on general okay. Who's dot com that's reached Arenas have really it's always a great to get a chance channeling a little bit and kind of pick his brain and indeed some in the insight as to what he believes. Is some of the better stories in college football and I tell you what the badgers you need to get a win you need to get a dominating win. And you know and indeed did you know obviously just get ready you get ready for the Big Ten season but if you'd like to see a good solid. First quarter through performance. For the badgers for them getting ready for the year in the Big Ten the Big Ten opener against northwestern back at camp Randall on thirtieth of this month. So in a row we've got a lot more to get to how can the badgers did national respect in your eyes because. With Ohio NC I still think with a Ohio State losing people to why the big ten's down. It gets down not nearly as good an air for the badgers should yeah they respect is very Big Ten and out of nearly as good and miss you barely got by and he really beat up on Cincinnati you know the best teams going to be Penn State offense these coming off of that suspension from some years ago so that they're not that good. Right now I think though the Ohio State lost to a certain extent did hurt. The Wisconsin Badgers how can the badgers get their respect to answer that question we come back cigarette more than Michael's your next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. Though bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. A Michael should always on the air hopefully you're having a terrific day today we certainly. Appreciate you I checked himself as always we certainly do. For your Joseph went on he's cross border on the Michael's. This portion of the program brought to my cousin subs income subs were remind you you can get the fifty yard line at Lambeau Field simply. By registering online go to Packers dot com. That's Packers dot com slash best seat Packers dot com slash best seats. And you can be the one sitting there with you buddy or your friend or girlfriend. Fiance in my case or you can we talk about your wife or grandparent what I have a. Get the fifty yard line Lambeau Field the only way to do it in the plush leather recliner is by going Packers dot com slash best seats Packers dot com slash best seats. And you. You can be can be sitting here you're the winner looking up to win it now and I highly recommend grab yourself some. Before the game grab yourself a big old cousin said the officials sub sandwich in the bill Michael sports talk now or I prefer the pepperoni melt myself. But Graham one of those tailgate a little bit enjoy the entire experience of Lambeau Field to all brought you by cousins subs where they believe in better. So that the badgers this what bothers me. And granted the badgers went down they win the Big Ten championship most likely they are going to be in the final four but lunch is sick. Let's just say and thought out their per blanks and giggles. Let's say Alabama any SEC Oklahoma the big twelve SEC clumps in in menu obviously got the pac twelve and USC. Let's just say they all went out. Does that leave Penn State to Michigan and Ohio State and Wisconsin. If any one of those teams should and a winning the Big Ten time. If all four of those top teams went out. Does the Big Ten get an automatic bid because of it because and we got booed out. Your hero. Clemson the national lawyer defending national champion. Oklahoma who just and that it Ohio State at issue Alabama. Which every media member swings from the rear end of one Nick Saban. With the I man I'll be USC. May already beat Stanford stamper was ranked fourteenth in a country. They have taxes cal. Washington State whose number 21 in the country Oregon State Utah on Notre Dame a big big name although I don't think learning to news crews Eastman. Arizona State Arizona Colorado and a reported drug UCLA. Are you are you gonna upend them. Jobs so. I think Ohio State losing to Oklahoma in such ugly fashion really. Hurts Wisconsin a Wisconsin. And everybody else wins out. It was Johnson one out an Alabama Oklahoma close USC all went out. Who's the odd man out. Joseph you're out there are Saturday young man out there who are the badgers do you think imagine gonna get the national not ago you know why. All those national programs in Alabama Oklahoma Clinton and USC. Were sick commanders and parents to. The only way I see the badgers guarantee in there I chance of gaining a college football player out the series going undefeated. I'm back and look Pete few tech I respect his opinion I love his take on college football he thinks that the badger who just beat their they want now I'm on the activity exit twelve NYT look I'm not convinced eleven and one in a Big Ten championships solidifies a college football playoff. Because again it hinges on these other conferences. And right now. If it Clemson threat there. If Alabama is right there. Oklahoma. Mean I think many national parliaments or praise in Oklahoma. More so than they would per is anyone out of the Big Ten right now. I'm not I'm not convinced that eleven and one of the Big Ten championship is gonna put the badgers then. In that college football playoff I think it hinges on a lot of other factors because again one power five conference is going to get screwed. And there's always the possibility that you could have two teams from one conference didn't in the college football player man that can happen as well. So I'm just I'm not sick yells yeah all those teams. Go undefeated that won't happen. If you have all those teams in those different challenges go undefeated. USC Clemson Oklahoma and Alabama than that and then they're not gonna have two teams from. Same conference sure I won't happen. Sure but again it also doesn't favor the badgers in the sense of their schedules much easier. On and if they can't blow away some of these teams on their schedule like Florida Atlantic for example that's not necessarily going to help their costs. Now you can you can also argue that you know the committee they don't like to look at games that happened in the first 34 weeks of the season. But I just think. With Wisconsin. And their program and what they have to work with and how they never get all the best recruits that's gonna come down a good coaching like the badgers have right now. And if it's going to be a down year from the Big Ten because again Ohio State. They lose Oklahoma now what Penn State and Michigan also takes hits and they don't have the season that everyone's expecting. And the managers come out as the best team in the Big Ten hour days still going to get the respect from. What you've got out of the other four power five conferences I mean. I think though. The way I feel like this is going to go down bill. Is I think you're gonna have someone from the SEC he could have someone from the ACC. I think if Oklahoma is as good as they are. I think you've got them. Or possibly someone else from the big twelve. And then I think it's either going to be come down to who comes out of the pac twelve or comes out of the Big Ten. I think it's gonna be with team one of those two teams or we're gonna see a situation receipt two teams in the same conference given. How does I'm not I don't feel confident that eleven and one of the Big Ten championship for the badgers. Is gonna get them into the college football playoff bracket that will certainly get him nor Rose Bowl in book that guaranteed but. I think with as soft to the scheduled the badgers have I don't think that really helps. Almost a blown away teams that what the one thing the committee can't deal is it the bear is Dougal twelve and L and win the Big Ten championship. The committee is going to pull Wisconsin. They cannot reject an undefeated Wisconsin. Regardless other vehicles when's they can't. Reject the badgers in that regard we can't. They have to be yet but a one loss team. Now there's so many other things that come into play and again it hinges on the way these other. You'll for power five conferences held their teams come out there's a lot of good teams this year meant. I just don't know Wisconsin and get that same respect this is how I feel about. I'm very I don't think eleven and one. And a Big Ten championship title guarantees you college football player to cure the Wisconsin Badgers might do what for an Ohio State. You know they lost to Oklahoma I think they'd still give it to Ohio State even apply zero if they wanna let because it's Ohio State's. Right ID two I look at it as I think if far how he stayed one now. Beat Michigan beat Penn State doing so they'd say you know what that's sets in Urban Meyer team has been turnaround and then they would get the nod. I guess I completely agree no Greta they have to win the Big Ten time remember. Ohio State. Was not in the Big Ten championship last year it was Penn State and they were two loss team. And Penn State won the Big Ten championship and did they get the respect of being in the final four new. They went right to the Rose Bowl and I betcha the same thing would have been said about Wisconsin and Wisconsin wind. Some some would argue including myself. That the badgers earned the right to be in the college football playoff last year and a half but I think had they beaten Penn State they probably would have been separate the Rose Bowl as well Ohio State who sat out we didn't get to play in the Big Ten championship aim. So let one loss. And there are. 8558308648855830864. Rate how can the badgers get some national respect. From the pundits let's go to code you listen to assume west Dallas Cody welcome program on my show now what's going on. Bill called. The order I would call a for. The state of the big game in the off. Yeah Arnold and you can't let go undefeated. And the Big Ten championship game. A big about the Oklahoma win over Ohio State. You got court ever let them big twelve dogs and how the corporate I don't. All of Oklahoma runs the table and had. And again so I don't let that our top five in on the road. That's another big chip and the big game winner there. One law and win the pop idol well. On the democratic all awards haven't looked I think they'll try to short sighted to say that you know if we win the big and out. One law or you can essentially. That the big idol winner in the you know well audit don't think about accurate at all. I know a lot of people believe it that because that big time power conference but I couldn't see any pursuit phone call. I couldn't see if the top four teams that are there right now win out I couldn't see. And let's the badgers just did it all unbelievably convincing. You'd have to start blowing teams out to do that I just can't see. That happened. Now we're talking about a scenario the most likely is not going to happen but I think it's still something legitimate to talk about because the Big Ten. For as much as we talked about respect in depth and maybe being the second or third best conference in the country all of a sudden with the of with the humiliating loss that they took. At the hands of Oklahoma. I think that that woke a lot of people want to say well. Wait a minute here meta now. This may not be the scenario. That a lot of us thought. 8558308648558308648. Personal loans by kip dot com poll free talk on a 55. 8308648. When he gives you shall do so we'll talk more about this Georgia mosquito Eric listening I out Mattison on the zone wanna get you guys as well. More Michael shook a lot of evidence. This is they'll build my school's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Gil Michael show. 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To check amount Dominican up younger Marshall clinic dot org or call 844. Care way. Marsh field clinic health system they help me out they can do CPU they treat you like a friend not like simply a an insurance Carter and number. And earlier the official after derived don't Michael sports talk network. It's a badgers and the badgers. It's a national respect what what is it gonna take for the badgers to go you know what were LeapFrog and were heading up towards the top here's George in mosquito George walker the program the Michael show. I get that don't want it was a Burton all I would have to say that and that is without the win a match so yeah. Put them ever QB in the final four again with out over. A lot of but our top of the bought he that would ever right now. I think it's bad and I love is that there's a lot of what made me years all it. I equity. You know it was cardinal Bernard. I think it means really is we sit here. I think there defense or me or. OK because of the competition. And I think they're you're a very weak achieved a lot that he was terrible. And I also think there are a little lying. Is really. And I think that hurt the is that that the outweighed the the other outlying like six hours were made him. That's true of the future is ruled on their back. But at this quite well light solid in his clinic where. Oh much Sarah and all. So when you look at other teams are where the air compared with actors. Dad is going to be really that situation. And I really thought I think about that is here. But after watching his first two games unless something changes. I think there and really. As. I appreciate George me and let me say this. We have talked about this team looking slower before and then they went up against a fan number when they beat it was Arkansas a few years ago when people went to command they were expose you and be on the same field. And instead he's play power football is B Della Arkansas. Because Arkansas has so much speed at the time it pan was a running back and it was just there is all over the badgers and they didn't. The symptoms reset for power football. Bomb I I wanna see how this team performs this week against BYU and and obviously the following week. Oh when they get into you know conference play and take on northwestern. You know what there's a few things I disagree in a phone call. And we really we have not had chance to talk about that that your game against Florida Atlantic. Number one let let's talk about Alex turner for a Horner Brooke was playing really well next game until he threw the interception him. And then after that was in the senate he was not the same tentative not sort of you can't get a good sound bite out of him he gives you like five where answers on in his post game press conferences which is nothing get out of him. But the bottom line is this Allah sort of Brooke look completely different after he threw that interception. And he started to get a little confidence come on back in the second half he started it makes them better throws. But for a while there he was way off the mark he he was really shaken up by the an interception because before picking was like eight of nine. And he was feeling it. And yet he is still throw some of these rainbow passes. When his touches there. All say this I think he is throwing a little bit more zip on footballs when it comes to. You know those ten yard throws down the field up the middle he is hitting targets that way especially to trick Roman Galley. I think it's harder Brooke we have seen some improvement now my concern is going into the BYU game. Is he going to be able to forget about what happened with an interception and move forward and show what he was doing before the pack that's the first. I think there's already improvement announcement but there's a point oh in his ability to get out of the pocket if there is a. Lloyd to horny Brooke when you have other. As some of the quarterbacks that were seen heat it's not that he doesn't have arm strength. It's that he just DD does float a marine element and that's been one of the knocks against him and that's the reason he can also throw ownership but. I think it has improved. Or hurt Lester were he had no zipper on his don't know he was unsure at 00. Zip. Here on scene a little bit more of a what he has thrown these receivers now the next part of that is with the receivers. I think the C lean for this receiving corps is very very high. This could be. Now I'm not trying to get a hot take a one year. But I think this is going to be the best receiving corps we've seen in a long time maybe maybe not but I'll not you do this season. But the fact you're gonna see a lot of these guys for the next couple years you're gonna see Quinn Tennessee this for a while you're gonna see Danny Davis for a while you're busy you are trying to speak you're gonna see eight. I think the receiving corps. Is this is going to be one of the better receiving cores we've seen in a long long long time this football program I'm saying that right now. But now that hinges on a quarterback who. Needs to make sure that he is still plans some mustard on the ball and he still finding ways to hit his receivers OK dates to two way street. Now in regards the offensive line. This offensive line is battered the problem is they can't stay healthy bill John deeds then. Who's very good his left guard. He's our. And no one knows that he's gonna play coming up on Saturday against BYU bench while practice a little bit yesterday. But I mean those are two who would your starters stalls your true starting guards. They've been very effective but. Injuries the badgers cannot afford injuries the offensive line I think is deeper. But now your gonna ask more guys like the Mike a cup poise of the world to step up and come poised been he's been inconsistent ever since he'd eat Cain was scouts. When he's got his opportunities. I just think that offensive line needs to stay healthy for its healthy I think it's very good because they've created a lot of running lanes Jonathan Taylor Chris James. Exploded last week. And Jonathan Taylor I think. He's got high ceiling as well he's now number one on the depth chart with running backs and rightly so. Ball Chris aren't about his maturity on Saturday he's been very impressed with how he's come a long. Offensively I I'd like the potential of this offense I really do. So. We shall see how this plays out against BYU they're gonna go up against the tough defense and BYU. But the key to the badgers there's. Got to keep win football games we're talking about respect nationally. I still won't believe eleven and one and a Big Ten championship title. Is going to solidify the badgers in college football playoff I don't I'm not sold on that just yet I think undefeated does. 855830864885583086. Foray let's go to Eric listening to his on his own Al Mattison what's up man. Hey org org. Today it was a mind. Well you'd quick question for you have been battered one undefeated Oklahoma lost to global UT is still an. Oklahoma lost two games yet only I think that adverse credit to not get all digit speed or whilst they beat them and all the factors that was basically Michigan. Would what you think Eleanor Odom. Not think I think the badges RN. Yeah I think the badgers it the badgers went down yeah I would say that yes. It could dump again beat Juan national respect. I don't think in the duke and somehow start received what navy couple that won Oklahoma State. Texas Tech yeah he beat Georgia instead of order Atlantic BYU. And you taught state coming straight scheduled a lot when you take. So I'm not I'm not unlike you I'm not you know purse out ball all. I'm thinking appear you only in the lumber on our Florida Atlantic. And you cost eight nick you're struggling it's mission in strong you know where's catcher. You know I mean you are just on its if it means that they. Port and a worker or week being the starter. That's ointment that aren't complete last couple years he's seen the plate he seems to compete at 63. The starter. And allow look at Ohio State it was a wonderful hole. And Vicki Michigan your only real decent team ranking they play picture correct. Saw him. Well I mean depends on what happens with the Iowa mean I was team that most people seem to think is going to be pretty formidable as well. Yeah at all if I look at some are quite look the 25 EP I would and I guess we better widget that are mean well under. Screener that they they went now Oklahoma who want them taken Wal-Mart all went lost twice. But they beat a team like Texas. Eagle all Ohio State. We still get a nod or still get beaten W with a better record well don't be scared. I'd. I would probably say the one loss team vs a two loss team probably get them. Did just because your cut Utah and I appreciate if your time a team to another Big Ten I just think today we get the nod. Let's just keep in mind sued the big twelve does have a championship game that starts this year. Now they'd they finally put that in place again there will be a conference championship in the big twelve. Sonny let's say Oklahoma. Goals ended the into the championship game with one loss and they lose. Why should they be in the cultural faux pas me over an undefeated Wisconsin. Mark. 85583086. Foray into a real quick let's go to and you listen to isn't for watching and any NATO and. Or. What's up. A previous caller and the they allotment went away and sail your while conference championship game though. If all all I'll lose the regular season and then championship game they're gonna. That might or if they lose. In the championship game and lose a regular season game and now there are active. I will react recorder clerk mark. What matters this year and last year though about a little bit here under but he's so often you get better. I'd Ebert. Like you owe them very. Robert they've got a lot of the and so but bird on the along ways for so I think Wheeler here. Yeah a lot and so you. Are you going to be two then. Or hurt artery is probable. And you can get the bulk of the area's only. He's as well. And I don't think I'm. Adam what. Couple of altered. 10 right now. They get the middle and coordinator. And I didn't and I moved in each year that's terrible. I'll bear that is that you lose a set at a position where a year removed. And then up and why. Why oh on the I think they'll be good. If they're trying to gel in one of the center of what was then. Com. You know. They're the standard was the Michigan and when Big Ten championship game at Michigan your home ought yeah at home and let. I I wouldn't column I'll be whatever but he also the other. All the Merrill like the model and these are our. You didn't bring up the one you're talking about the major conferences and one run the table you'll see your table Alabama. And then on the big twelve and value. There's going to be there right. And even at one end up on the table. What order they vote medical add it all. Yeah it'll be bought a college football close watch. Men are that would. It's just Matt appreciate any drops off you get aborted by 5830864885583086. Story that's in loans like tipped accountable free topless Porsche program brought to buy quick trip we'll tell you more about the all new Packers Tumblr. Coming up next in the much. In order to avoid. Quarter though the film Michael's voice talking network. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Back though Michael shows on the air. Final segment before you that is forcing the programming brought to buy bud lite they're the official beer sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk network. Anterior red zone in Milwaukee coming up this this Thursday night. The red zone in Milwaukee on south Howell avenue is the bill Michael subtle back out on the road it'll be the bill Michael Lewis huddle. As. I am at the end of the show today I'm out here for 45 days now we'll be back on on Friday. But I'm not gonna be in studio here Miriam Wausau. He has. It has we had out. Gonna be up there and watched John hope to see everybody there we are going to be at two bunkers. From 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock over the golf course dinner and were really looking forward to it's always agree Q and it's always a lot of foreign. So are we out of come out of touch refuted and noted tomahawk I'm looking forward that the motorcycle rider fall righted specially in this right now because. Believe it or not so when we were driving up. To Green Bay the other day start noticing that some colors are starting to change which is set away because you know that and you winters right around the corner and Summers come to an end and you know you're moving past Labor Day and it's it's sad but. This is probably going to be for the years of having order tomahawk now I think is my fourth third fourth fifth something like that. Bomb. Eat eat eat we've always had weird weather. You know it's either been really nice and you get there are just to get the weekend just turns to crap that has been cold nasty rainy or really breezy and this year. 78. Sunshine. Mere eighty or in the in the low eighties coming up this weekend it's just it's going to be fantastic I know my Aiken an okay area ray's hand tend to Atlanta to do post game show. And it and normally I'm right there with you but it just. I'm going common to go do this last year Joseph you went to Minnesota UN opened up the new stadium US bank steady there which is awesome when over the largest seller like guys it's a four all right I'm gonna go look at colors are going to be enough phenomenally. Well by the lake for a couple of days and and do nothing so I'm gonna be off the next couple of days I will talk you again on Friday. While live in Warsaw at thirteen nine WR AG the spark parks were trio there albeit the bunkers from three to five and I'm really looking for a scene everybody there. Tomorrow on the show Tim Allen is in for young bunch going on ambition begat. Got a good lineup to Brian Anderson fox sports Wisconsin Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report talked we'll NFL with them. Chris Rose of MLB network also one good lot of baseball tomorrow tend to be Lebanon. There's going to be a fork. Jonas since except the Chris Rose interview because he loves intentional tock that's a good showing the moment yes it is. So that's coming up tomorrow it's not for me to get out of here for those of you heading to the tomahawk all right I will see you there fabros do you have a don't. You're listening to go there. Bill might school's sports talk that. Network presented by marsh field clinic health system.