HR4 – Has Davante Adams become the new #1 WR?

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Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 4. Plus, Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin State Journal/ talks Badgers hoops. Also, we’ll do the Football Frenzy!


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From the league runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill monkey show. I. Julia welcome though Michael should always on the alert. I'm glad to have hopefully you're having a fantastic Tuesday. And so we continue to roll on through the program today and I'm bill Michael's radio Joseph crossed way to fight us on Twitter feel free to do so at bill underscore Michaels at the lenders or Michael Redd radio Joe's sports. Imagine basketball court appeared in just a minute wanna remind you this portion program. Brought to our great friends and Bud Light bought like the official responsible Michael sports talk network Thursday night 68. Libby Montana is in backlog. Would you like to as a met or B there's a kimono on Georgia's coming up this Thursday night Paul in bigger green and gold analyst is going to be there was the bundles going to be there. Talk a lot about you know obviously packer football NFL football in general make our pixel a target steps up. Hopefully hopefully. You get a chance to Ron Joyce is facing the crowd really really really looking forward to those coming up this Thursday night. And that is that living on tennis. In met 855830864. It's a phone number if you wanna get always feel free to do so we have on the line with us now Jim polls mean it was Gaza City journal joining us for a couple minutes. Gemma Wright event. Well ask you first and foremost more so about a better basketball obviously because in order tournament before going forward too bright but that being said. This badger team a big basketball wise I I find interesting so is much we can talk about. Leadership but he that we need all that stuff how do you see this thing kind of rotation only working. I'm. A the answer I wanna if you played somebody now you know I I think what was seen so far is that Dave's. Played really well together and there are some intriguing piece of news or interest I think that's a great work describe the scene that's really interesting that can be religious to. To see how they develop. This is and how are. But to replace somebody as a consequence it's really hard to determine how good they can you know we're gonna find out really soon and Nader comes in Thursday. These guys got to determine Kansas City next week they played Baylor and the need to create LA. They have Virginia at the start of Big Ten play in early December temple Marquette and there's going to be plenty of opportunities over the next week or weeks to see what the scene of that is just. It's way to early to say right now. Public. I am really issues this see how good they're going to be in the Big Ten obviously they have to get their first but. Within my wanna go back even have because with these and have I look at this guy as your leader. What who queries where's the extra words that he's gonna come for. Or why unions and yet well I think the interest of things so far and again you know. You base it off of games against teams that is earned got the quality but the institute in a fire that there's been a lot of answers that question and I think. The under the versatility the flexibility in the lineup has allowed different guys step up hat that doubles your opinions so that we can try. But one game and eventually gotten better press alert at eighteen and seventeen got and I it was. Claritin that's seventeen there's been exhibition games Terkel became a freshman from across. That are out to cheers seventeen point. So I think they have a lot of different pieces that can score and I think each night. You don't know it's going to be that's an okay thing and that makes them really hard to send in that they have you know different guys that can score so. As long mishap. Can do what he's doing I think crisis of the early as terrorists out start this season I think those are here to Constance and then you know who doesn't around them a pat on the night. So RR I the other question if criticism completely maybe threw you for Lou played how good is the Big Ten inch. I win it predictions for the season started one of the reasons but did not have got the top floor which would mandate a remarkable streak that you know expect one. The 100 day tablet hasn't. In the top four hours not have so much what Wisconsin has boat a couple of press conferences. And punitive but I think at the top floor. An established council in Michigan State is ranked number two everything related this year Minnesota much plant province last night that there really related to nurture. Almost everybody last season and unprofor's you know last year and that entry trying to match. Produced going to be good again. That question pedals or by action Nancy took McCain so I think that's a top score and then the next group of four or five isn't bad and it was got in the group I think Michigan could be. Potentially good this year Iowa had almost everybody back Maryland got some really good pieces back and then Penn State which has not traditionally been a good team. I have almost certainly exactly Everett there it. Look at nineteen that secretary Perry gets up to answer over a question I didn't they kept it literally got this year. Which is why I'm gambled legally on rosters experience roster. I wondered how was I was gonna. You know. Compete and and and if they're gonna win it again they have the past. Interest in receiving in any event lead being able to shoot from the army our community if this guy really what you say heats up early with his size and his ability. How big of a how dominant a player can become. Well I think this is the thing is they need they need him to do that because. Teams are clearly gonna double team even after every game they've played so far exhibition or regular season. Would have hit the ball in the post he's got the guy on him and another guy comes flying Adams with a double teams are gonna contest period. And the only way to you know defense that the only way to get her out of my status they have guys on the American act are shocked and and and make opponents transport. And that was one of those guys and he's the perfect inside out compliment even have to look he can continue to. Knocked down three point than not seeing him you know these records probably golf for a fighter and advocate in the opener but if you can make 40% of it requires itself. That acute weapons they have and if it'll. Forced into saying hey. Is doubling you can have the best option and that they decide they have to lay up that and yet applicant on one and he's very very difficult to Hamilton's career moves. Most college imposing the Wisconsin state journal Madison dot com Todd on some badger basketball on. Who were when you talk ready and have going to back him because here we come again with another guys it's an underclassmen they're talking about NBA statistics and teams are going to be looking at him and then he's got that that moniker now hanging around his neck out potential NBA player. With that always comes the fear that you never regression that somebody tries to do too much do you seats and have doing that. I don't think so and again there's that sample sizes small so far but. He. In this one game one exhibition games he didn't attempt a shot are usually don't shoddy have a shot all thoughtful and but. You know at the end of the day his line was you'll Sergio from four. Which to me you know if you're a star that might the public about. His team into getting good shots. And that's only cares about I don't think he's gonna worry about putting up big numbers. I think he is generally done a guy that doesn't get caught up in himself for what he can do. That you talked to winning those kind of definitely stepped foot on campus I don't know that he'll regret. I think you know the this can best path to success and it's a million guys around and you know clipped their potential and I think he's gonna you know help them do as much as possible in the great distributor. You know I've adopted their run through him and and I think he's perfectly content to. It is is that the escort opportunities out there for him is we'll get their shots and and you know and create for others. The kid coming at a lacrosse Coby king what are what is the first of all I've seen he's got he's got an action which is good but are what I'm asking is is what is is and where youth project his ceiling to be afraid if at all. I think you're hearing is very. That the confession of ever playing practice and then and Corey came Arab. You know apple very intriguing prospect went this is that it got that. It on the floor for forty years is we kept it up the floor but I think Kobe got higher ceiling of the till just can score in a variety of ways. Inside out can get to the basket. Seems to know not you know when not to force things. And also that none of the court which on this program values. I'm either reversal defender you can you can switch all screens with him because he can guard a chilly directory you can copy and god or. So you know they really liked him and you can understand why and I. I think you know by embassies and he could be one of their you know second third fourth when he scores could stinky. He he's got this course mentality in and am I consider it. Lot of totally can put the ball best. How well how deep business Steve because I know I mean I talk to Greg Gard earlier he said look I. He really doesn't eat even said he said look I don't like to go over a guy seven A guys he says geez I think it becomes. If you know not that it is I don't know the already used previous fluid or consistent but. He eat it's not like he wants using night in nine or ten guys immunized it I think he says seven or eight that's pretty much where he's feeling pretty comfortable. Yeah I think you'll based off of matchups for the most part bracket is receptive to have a seven right now with our starters and Kane Davis and here as that every night you know floor. And outraged by the people who happen grabbed him and it's really matter of rotation have Florida's college haven't Italy or outlook came in still there have been mixed. And I actually gonna depend you know I'll trouble in out of the Hapsburg Bentley can foul trouble. And then you know if you if you're going to give a little more physical trotted out probably your guys you're going to team that. You know Timor markings or can't do it you know kind of stretched for a woman back deal in order your guys so. Credit to the depend on the right I mean I would like to see what accuses these that they do need to market just got to fetch. From those guys so you'd like to feel that couple weeks Lee in order Charlie Thomas or vote. You know really kind of come established themselves as someone guard can trust. Page report till I would do when asked a football question just what I had been asked him right ultra quick and that is. College football clever and he's coming out tonight what is what is legit for the badgers defense. I think five and I had the gas and then they're going to be in the five spot this put more work to do however you know as a present for weeks. The strength of their scheduled still yet to comment they take care of business person Michigan. At Minnesota and then presumably over Ohio State in the title game. I think they're fine at thirteen and no I cannot see a Big Ten champions but significant shipping get locked out just this this this. The big test commercial power broker for that to happen I can't see it happening even now selling air. Blue blood programs. Michigan Arctic posting it. I I think they're fine but the the larger part of that equation as they have it your business and it certainly will be starting Saturday. Jim always gonna show you will judge wrote okay. About judges and they go that Jim polls in the Wisconsin state journal Madison dot com as well talk about your best want to throw football. Talk to badger basketball on the Schneider warned challenge that are hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair. Eighty plus years eighty pledges immediate and call 844 pride or go to Schneider job start summits 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs. 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Your beer beverages you're adult beverages wines liquors elect and stuff and great prices on milk and bread and cheese and eggs and all the staples of everyday life. And I've even picked up some peanut butter and cereals and only comes governors want just it's it's a great place it's it's a one stop shop for everything. And if your cigar smoker they have everything you need and outlet prices fantastic this tobacco while at plus grudge when we come back. He joined us last night in the horse and plow on with a great time good conversation. We do Vontae Adams couple of big catches in that game against Chicago Bears in if you in your last night about the year coming up next and a much. Wisconsin why he's the bill Michael's sports talk. This hour the film Michael show is sponsored by floodlights he reminds fans to stay in the and drink responsibly. Michael shows on here we're glad to have you thanks so much as always. For taken listen to us. 8558308648. Par 58308648. On loans like it to counsel for talk on. I did tell you. For awhile now we're going to be listening device downs coming up you're just minutes from last night's foursome blown case you missed them until you for awhile now we're in full. Heading to the post season type of mode. And effort being. Minneapolis Minnesota mirror image you're hopefully the Packers can come along with a split we are really really looking forward to our broadcast there again this year radio row. In Minneapolis the big game weekend. Are the week leading up to and you truly special about this year is that we hoped to be. And we will be our most likely joined by Jerry Kramer who. Hopefully gets into the hall of fame this year I mean that's that's would even have. Even if the Packers don't get there that would make the weekend in the entire bill up to that weekend worthwhile because I largest are pretty guided Jerry Kramer gets. And it's not another deflation for Packers fans and specifically for Jerry Patel. I hope he gets in and our broadcasts are brought you by our great friends. Add brighter Sherry and they are the official vehicle for the bill Michael show and our live radio broadcast from a there. And they're going to be they're the ones that are gonna get a tournament saying for awhile now did you give him do whatever deal and this service whatever. New car you car used car trucks cars whatever check out Gregor Cheri go see my buddy went coast just call call over the say Glenn bill Sammy where he got going on. And that he is it what are unique Wheeler and for no given a DOK. What area codes callers columns effort Clancy don't Michael McCall. Gregor Sherry also breaker for across the street enough not Sherry got to go to fort I'm shoving a you know. Seuss did call this call over. Also presents any second national Walker's point. They are Milwaukee's number one sports where you don't why know that because they have their universe reported tonight Joseph did you know that Steny has the anniversary party tonight. Then they're going on them. I kid you not. Steady Devern tonight is how old are they like 35 years old or something like I mean they've been around for ever. Fantastic people great group of people down there huge sports bar. And they have their right anniversary party had taken off tonight's if you're gonna look for something to do when you're gonna get out tonight's their 32. Year. 32 year and to a medicine he's able to specials but I'm telling you go to out going and ask for Reiner George. Freedom Natalie for that matter and say I want to go Michael's garlic cheese bread on the 32 anniversary standings holy macro. That right there that's better and sex. In the near exams actually guessed but that it could be huge. Charlie Cheever or do you have a during that he met. Adores his stand has said hey if you put some TV in there as well that you got the trifecta that's the ultimate that's the ultimate party right there. You little bit about the power and garlic cheese bread as a TV instant poll we just don't do an accent typically. Com and that is our great sponsors that are taken it's a super. The bunt down last night eight look we talked about that touchdown pass that thing was right in the window right they're bred only the Dovonte Adams he talked about. They lose the great broke it's that's not easy to at all. You know obviously great but in the key for eleven Romero that was Roger that's. In itself so. Different and it keeps out there who now does run the ball. You know this this and that you see with older quarterbacks and you know he's the young guards we've so. You know camera outside formed on room. He. Brett Connolly has played better and better armed. But admittedly he says he says look it's huge your Bret Holley following year in Rogers hall of fame first ballot guy and it's got a tough. It's got to be a it has got to be tough but anybody that mattered who was behind him I mean. You just playing behind a guy like what twelve is going to be north off thestreet coming in and kind of fill those shoes put. You know. Brit like us that he he has. All all for three years now we're behind him he sees how he does it hurt our programs and you know the debate is coming relates that he's done a good dog was put on display uses his you know. Kind of set of talents who do I work in in in Bob would've those who want to. Com in man in addition we let us that we had a great time last night sitting down and chatting with the divide they atoms and when the question once. Regarding Brad Holland because he's been with a now firmly on the entire career Brett Conley and he has seen him grow so how has he grown. You know just just being in a huddle and such. Absolutely I mean just as poison just the way he commands the code itself is. Is you know us this amazing to see from young gut and you know especially as lot of veterans and and I hope you look around you Seagram co Jordy Nelson. They've bought he are you know link Taylor and you know all all everybody for the most part is it other than 33 and their we got a lot of but years in that huddle and he's one of the young guys so for him command that totaled. And don't have farm its intimate details this is gonna carry Malone went athlete. Win. You know Adam he talks about their relationship because we know Jordy Nelson is the relationship with a Aaron Rodgers everybody has their got okay. Now Jordan also draws number one coverage or maybe hung one to shy away from that a little bit doesn't wanna go there all the time. But the guy and he's become really familiar with his fourth number targets though. The targets Dovonte Adams outnumber the targets majority Al numbers the targets are Randall so he's got that guy they have that working relationship not only at practice but now outside. I think me and Brad have coming out on the same page over the past couple weeks kind of figured out learning each other's mannerisms are out there are just so we can no you know solidify. And needed no win you know kind of what he's thinking on different place so. I feel like we've connected and we've kind of put a little bit extra time outside of the the stadium to try to figure some things though and I think that that's opposite field. Exotic does interest in I'm sorry but that that sounds to me like. Brett Conley is number one targets Dovonte hands Jean Philippe Darche cardinals what they're working together I mean it's it's but not sure but off the field to. Right. Right is that this is okay and also the BH. Majorities of older guy Dovonte easily four years in the late. So you know now eligible for that pension. So I mean it's it's it's it's a different different it's kind of like what Fargo were far select as as I got older became more veteran more savvy. I also realize of the guys around me got a lot younger and I have as much in common. So you kind of gravitate to some of the guys you have something in common. And Dovonte it was a year they're a year ahead of Brad he worked with Brett on scout team he worked as a lever to I think got injured his first year. You know him and both time Montgomery got nicked up throughout that first year so they are both kind of worked themselves back into it. And you know when you look at this see it's just younger cat in an established guy who he's leading because he's not going Trevor Davis. He's not only drawn Wallace. So the guys at the in between its established he's a vet he's your number three technically. He's going with with a guy that he's he's he's their way. So he's he's he's going to Montana and that's fun you know what because it's not like about these got thirty more you know attempts he's got seven array. Remember forty draws number one cover. Reynolds a slot guy puts Dovonte on the opposite side usually against the weaker of the corners. Bash is the guy he's gonna go to he's got that familiarity. A line and also they're working outside so there on the same page. And where the quarterback to wide receiver ate it teaches it grows in that trust in he talks about that. This one of the most gratifying things in the world and so uses just let the Dallas game catching the game went around them from from here and become back after the play before that are coming down with the tone of the road again. And coming down. I mean this is the best fill in the world you know because and you know that that's what really builds the trust is not saying. Hey next time I'll run it better do this circus the ball back is doing insulin action than it. You know you quarterback didn't think he descended over Tillman duty to. And now he also talks about to that that wide receiver trio should go wide receiver tree. Driver that the grid. Great did you do as a Jordy George. Today. Cod today. Divine take out ten days ago he is by the way. We talked about the Martellus Bennett situation was 800 pound you know it pink elephant from the we had to get into the discuss we just had to bring it up and so I said rather than. Saying. Give me your thoughts and Martellus. I wanna his personal side of things because that's the only thing he can genuinely bases opinion off of has he ever felt pressure. By the doctors. To play. There's been the complete opposite any thing. It's you know Fargo and there were my ankle. I was here by notebook thing you'll going into the your reward game with last year when there aren't those the playoff period when he did you grow wanted to play in the in the NFC championship game would have with a bum ankle so you know can't really see that happening in that way but it. You know different people are on the wanna call people liars right. You know this is it is definitely sticky situation with that of don't think anyone on the team can relate to so that would he says but our. You know it maybe he was made vote food with the way he kind of was confused maybe put. Yeah mom I'm on the T shirt that. So they go Delonte Adams in chatting about you know Doug McKenzie and company but he also. One the other things he brought up last night which was rather interesting talked about. You know being a good because we said you know look Martellus is off to a you know off to greener pastures at least he believes going in in doing so what is the culture what is this thing that did they call agreement Packers. The culture of agreement Packers as when you come in as long as you are balking about your business everybody leader so it didn't matter. Who is you know as you are to be Jordan us and you can be just got them you work hard and you have a common goal of focused and I think that's when guys look up to. And he's right that's when guys look up you reach as long as you're doing your job and you walk in the auto and they know they can depend on you that's when guys look at you sit okay. You're welcome you're you're one of us and that wanted to ask him. About to the performance of the defense and about Mike Daniels and saying they don't wanna suck anymore MB told that they suck and wanna get over that mean to pass and took it personally so who would give give us your thoughts there. Just the sense of urgency I think that the vote you know that locked up outside north but you also you hear a lot of that so you know you can. It's good for your prize is good it's good for you to hear that that you targets that book because of this is the way people with the given me that maybe you know people and built and are as well. But you know this that to do they have to do in a number of problem. They did and you know we talk about that Gary and I yesterday said loan buyer seller he believed his defense keep that kind of performance up so. Certainly hope today a semblance of that they can. But well. We we asked him because he's talked about guys arriving you know he is as a player at some point in time you know OK now live along this is my moment his driver right. So we talked to him about what his moment ones. He woman who probably more efforts. So now. Which with increases so Smart person precision systems if she's a discount and you know felt so comfortable and they don't want a guardian and my belief in kind of got the Clinton completes a I felt like you know FO or lose the rule warm welcome from the fans and everybody and you know room through receptive of the film social media so often though I'm home video and. It was a Vontae Adams last night you won here before interview all you have to do is go back to bill Michael's sports dot com that's bill Michael's sports dot com and you can find it there. On the on demand section but to just go listen live or go to the podcast section and download it indicates it's a really good probably 1520 minute listen. As we just sat and chatted almost fireside chats out with a Vontae Adams it was it was so much for and that show. Is such a cool such a cool event to do so on by all means if you get a chance go back and take a listen to a sports program. They brought you by our good friends at quell cousins subs cousins so they believe that I've been telling you go to the pepperoni just check candidates have. Gray blue creme de pepperoni melt. Hot steamy off to grow extra Mayo actually cheese put on Italian bread at the radio Jude she skirt the beverage you're joystick back relax and just Satan eaten in that kind of day it is cousins subs download. Download the app on your apple your hundred phone cousins subs were they believe in better. When we come back. Reggie time baby more than my Russia next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. At the word. No Michael shoot I was on the aired. Well look at. Every good day today hopefully you are. By the way thanks you thanks to a couple of different people. It's. Hours JJ Johnson who reach out to me on FaceBook. Also from my Joseph. There's Adam mull Hern who said guy a head jeweled. Our buddy Joseph cruise is always listening and I never get a team he emails me all the time you are only knowing that we recorded time just get crazy busy you know res stuff all the time Jules I'm always listening always reading. Thanks so much Jessica who's out there. Who's listening to us in Manitowoc today there's Jamie. But we talked earlier about the week. Leading up to Super Bowl and what it could mean. And look I I hope like hell that this thing plays out and Erin Rogers writes back in the white horse. And he's able to pick up. You know where he left off and they go on win a super glad to have we will play. Breezy that the Packers America's there is nothing like a green big party in whatever city you have lesbian. When the Packers are there whether it's New Orleans weathered San Diego whether it's Dallas it doesn't matter means is. I know blight. But if the Packers aren't there are still expect Packers pay to transfer a couple of reasons beyond full force in Minneapolis two reasons. One it's close. Goran experience. Gold gold should go hang there. If your team got there that's OK still ample trait that place okay own it. You know what shouts of go tagged all of that place and nothing wrong with that but the other reason. Is I think com. It is going to be 88 joyous day and that's Saturday leading up to the Super Bowl. IE are really cross my fingers and hope the jury Grammer makes it a religion. And as banks are ready for recognizing that when I mentioned earlier because look it doesn't you know it it means a lot to me in the sense of being just famine Jerry. And knowing Jerry as well as I do but I think it means as much to our honest I think it means as much of the fans is it dusty Jerry. To get him in. Certainly coming off the Lombardi team and everything he's done the way he has been for the community and such I think just juries and all around performer. I certainly deserves to be there let's do this it's done to friends you my friend my friends is don't. Another big football weekend. I'm told around the rest of the league. This is the football frenzy on the bill Michael show he's got. Brought you by the Wisconsin laborers district council and they train. We're apprenticeship and vote and the location of the logo on there you go. Go to WY labor's dot org. Let's be honest job now but the frenzy this pays the bills Mark Ingram three yard touchdown run his by her to the game. Here's England's second effort for the bovine Indians in June with a late last night alias for the face it's number 41 it was a mind. Another touchdown for Ingram this third of the day and a three yard run. They don't truck the bills bills off five and four at home they lose 47 attend to now be seven. And two. New Orleans Saints to do and they have to say that any time soon seven into New Orleans aged meanwhile staff for how many times is Eric he bronze commend the play because. He's getting all the Bronx cheers just for finally catching a touchdown pass with Stafford leave runners. Got it would tell us that god given. Let's get those people thought. That's our buddy Dan Miller alliant radio network 3824 they struggled. They were down early in the contest would then came back you put a fourteen in the second fourteen again in the fourth. To go ahead and they ended up beating the browns browns are still winless. 38 point four about a little Lyons seem records agreement Packers at this point there haven't titans and Bengals Marcus Marietta and DeMarco Murray for the go ahead touchdown. Mario and look paid. Ferrying it's the game. We got that done it. Take that leave it went 36. One before twining markets Mary go to beats the Cincinnati Bengals the Bengals fall. Took three and six the titans go to six and three Vontae is perfect by the way injected in that ball game and he bumped into an official. And you can expect supplies become an on day if not a suspension Ryan pitch Patrick Stewart Charles Sam is the Buccaneers the jets areas. Shotgun formation Fitzpatrick takes us up pressure companies have a plot for a touchdown. Ourselves and nobody picked him up but what certain that that fabric but he all the record at the box fight Obama's way and violent added. So mad man looks like he is still a viking without a ship but fifteen to ten. The Buccaneers in the during the win the jets fall before and six the Buccaneers who thought three and six on the season. Elsewhere by the way that was on the Buccaneers radio network the Steelers the colts Chris Boswell the game winning field goal areas. This will be a field day. Drive for response well thirty. Hinted they would lose their very with a hole. To decide this football game hopefully. It's who's written this script called kicked on its way to the gloves come. We're a very important game why isn't it. It's a conference game in the Pittsburgh Steelers come back over the apparent depth to come to life it would miss football world. What are CeBIT trade Steelers where. Father's Steelers get the win twenty to seventeen go to 72 on the season the colts three and seven on the season their season continues to dwindle out of control the Steelers can hang on it is that there. Because there that was Steelers radio an hour meanwhile the vikings the Redskins case keep on telling the guy he may not be great but he had a pretty solid season Jerry's right here it is. The battle lines now. I was right. Inside the five. Yeah. Based pin number just. 08 career best for a touchdown. That what goes to Jerious right and Minnesota leads 3470. Best part about that highlight no one in the background they were on the road in this one at FedEx Field chased him 21 and 29384. Yards. Threw four touchdown throw also do picks apart. Exactly otherwise you wouldn't ended up with a much much better quarterback rating he'd but he still won seventy. He ended up with Kirk cousins you like 46 of 4527. Yards through Vick threw touchdown seventy point seven. Quarterback rating that was on net that was by the way Paul Allen on the vikings radio network. A crazy finish Josh Lambeau with a game winning field goal jaguars and coal urgent wasn't charters here it is. Tyler salad got to staff it. Norman Moore holed it. Lambeau is not miss to the jaguars rank if it down. Obama is good. Lou good good from thirty yards away and then again the good big enough love and Dylan dog. They go six and three the jaguars are that defense the chargers who every now writes I start to believe what them they they just they they they thank me. Twenty to seventeen jaguars. Get the win in that context meanwhile the rams in the Texas Jerry golf goes to Robert was nine before album count it. Play action from the only until he winds up. I it's dead ringer. The injuries that have both fallen upon the Texans here are just insurmountable. He just managed as bad as Jerry golf. 2537355. Yards that long is right there in 94 yards three touchdown to quarterback rating of 125 point four and savaged. There was eighteen of 36 to learn point one yards to fix a touchdown. Quarterback rating of 554 they're just they're out of gas they just they're just flat out I guess. In Houston glad they got to other baseball team got a championship as a football teams not come close anytime soon. Meanwhile the falcons and cowboys Matt Ryan and Austin over touchdown. Kevin Coble as the deep back. Given his dog to play great ride everything around us and we'll let us get that touchdown. Falcons get the win 27 to seven. They had the cal was notified before falcons five and four there you have it in that contest that by the way with the falcons were you know were 49ers and giants CJ about that a marquee still went. For the big touchdown we emotional story regarding good when the baby boy that passed away during pregnancy complications just before the game that was it was a unbelievably emotional day and this culminated. Got him under center. We can't pick it up get faster time he takes the pizza shop for good foot down. Okay. It down forty to. Korea are. That is on the 49ers radio network by no means does a touchdown. Bring back anything when it comes is in regards to regards to life like just what that storybook kind of moment became. It was very emotional for the 49 and Jeff Morgan patriots Broncos Tom Brady James White almost got. 34 from the six trips to the right to receivers left right. And Brady in the backfield would quarterbacks lefty jumped from Lagos takes the snap back pedals shuffles left throws it left one. Yeah zone touchdown patriots. Again quarterbacks over my folks look at it forty years old Lisa the most fun. This big what Corbin Denver. 4116. Patriot radio network in ages patriots haven't too rigid dump truck Broncos they're they're out of steam as well and then he had the Carolina Panthers. And not an issue that you also the dolphins Cam Newton DeVon punches here and it. In the shotgun bounces off the ball this week. Children throughout my left side ten foot distance drive. Good news. Your costs are hole there you go for touchdowns last night for Cam Newton 2135254. Yards a quarterback rating of one torn not a picture was named big time score. And that is a Carolina Panthers remember 4520 when they knock off the dolphins. Jaw frenzied final segment next. Bill Michael's voice talking network. So why don't shows on the air we are glad to have him. Double minutes before we have to get out of here. Coming up tomorrow on the program. Has so we get into the Wednesday edition. Candy Benoit of MM QB he's going to be joining us club crystal. Cliff crystals going to be here and doesn't Packers football Gary will fools gonna make his return again as we talk some more bucks basketball Paula amiga is going to be here. And so we're gonna talk more about the Packers defense because so we started this conversation last night. The end. Gary and I digger Dawson I didn't we're at the portion while huddle so we were talking about whether it is defense. Buyers cell in the defense. Do you what you saw the fact you heard. Comments hit the ball game coming from my again as a say we heard people say we suck we got tired of they took a personal. So the question then becomes okay to take it personally. Does this team. Does this defense say we're gonna play better the rest of the season do you buy into what they did against the Chicago Bears or are you selling its say in how content. It was the bears they may be Cleveland. They may slowdown Joseph Flacco and company they may even be able to slow down Ryan Fitzpatrick dead viking one and the bearded bearded wonder about ten now. Come Napoli and so. Were negated that discussion tomorrow when it comes to buy or sell. On the on the packers' defense of what have they turned the corner and obviously the relax a reaction to the latest college football playoff rankings do you think the do you think the badgers are seated properly winner of that discussion tomorrow as well. Todd for us to doubt that it out. Six clues stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now.