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Friday, January 12th

Hour 4. We finish the week chatting with Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy, as well as Paul Imig and Mike Clemens. It will set up for another great week of shows!


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From the league runs. It's. In Wisconsin sports fans called stood tall mobile Mikey show. Well I don't Joe's the error and a ball out I you know what I hold. I sincerely hope we we got to work on the show. We gotta give Paul Allen over on radio row and even Minneapolis. Just to mormons and that's if he's there we've got to get fallout well you know even if they lose east delivery which. Are we got a getting tomorrow we will get all. Things. I did it differ anything else just a growers and Paul you have given us all a lot of pleasure in your drug. And it's. Hating hating. To Minneapolis for radio row over going to be their governments of our great brands hookers and getting an ABC audio video. Whole new web site in I trust them to do my house with everything audio and video why you should too gonna ABC audio video great prices great people. ABC audio video dot com Great Lakes and away. If you're gonna car person in your life there is no better place to go to greatly straight away at some point throughout the summer. And all you do is go to Great Lakes dragway dot com greatly straight wade I'd jump. And maybe that person is not only a car version but they have two left feet they need to learn how to move a little bit shaken making dual a few things. Could you still as Molly parties that are airing out their check out social style dance that you get in the it and you know kind of into the rhythm so to speak. And go to social style dance dot com social style dance. Dot com a great people there as well. It's Freeman now Paul Allen Europe twice while. They are rating on analysts. This is home. I green and gold analyst Paul Emmerich has brought you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906. As sprinkler bidders 183. Dot org and you. Holiday darn grated on analyst joining us on these Schneider orange hot Lyon and Paul so they've got most of the staff in place announced decision making time I asked their branch at this saw askew. If you had to start picking apart to the roster and say there's so much dead weight here whether it's physically or financially. Top couple guys you got to take a serious look at and say will they are willing I'll be back with the team this year. Yeah good question I think the part went. Not a legal look at the contract many maybe look at the deadly and just. You know the bottom ten guys on the roster. I think we're looking at 228 C a bright but there is going to build this team the way that he. Inclusion of the winning easily envision that during an opening press conference. I think the bottom ten of the roster are gonna look different like the most part. Under Ted Thompson urging you've got a situation where you know five to ten spots were pretty much reserved for guys. Work develop metal words. Undrafted free agent and the reason that a lot of agents across the league wanted there undrafted players who they were you know would agents went guys. Go to green but it because they were the good chance of making the roster because it's out there and electric basically. Tell those spots but don't let a player I think it'd be a much more veteran latency. And that the big on the iTunes app you're quoted David Banda. 42 43 forty sport that's player on the roster are now going to be the last three spot you know they're not all back and spot. In the pecking order because you know the team does these. More better and present it a lot of top tier players. It would seem like that's how critical it is gonna build a roster at least that's how he seemed to want a plan to build a roster if you look at the more high calorie diet. You know the Packers are let let's put that out there first there fine financially out. App state even after expanding the pot and according lately there is cap space the question is. Is there god or two in free agency who are big ticket I. Is there you won it all and spend fifteen million a year on Malcolm Butler. Untrue main job you know someone is gonna command hefty price and it. And then if you need to and the trend you know you need to cut Jordan opened salary and Alpert read the cob celery and up. Did you convince those guys to do that or argue are you okay what the possibility of. Presented them with that and say no and that happened basically cut and ensure that the twelve million. So there are there are. They'll Bible out and making seven million to quit it kick the rate is ready and ride a lot of not help it begin let them that you trust rate to be to god either way. The money saving. They're what you can do it under debate Evans said yeah of course is Clinton out either and I just don't know. Didn't work eat and it would already blacks were playmakers and Oakland happy that a point where some people question it is. Production is where he's being paid in the cap number perspective. I don't and the elected willing to take election number that if you ask these players and we talk about it so late now to help take let's light up a simple. I'm you know so I I don't know if you. Get a duty at the coordinator at Brigham and decent talent but then you know but then wait about a quick nap I just don't know that makes at this point. Definitely look at a number of all the. Melton. A lot of and I don't know there's another big number on the book that you could. That you could you know just. Pot or wait that would figure once money and then the money if they're accused and without having to cut anybody it is did you go out. 82 high price to a guy that's he's got the start looking at you know who couldn't live without copy the cap cities without the. Obama will we talk McLane met Angela go about him specifically because last time we got in this discussion in Sidwell productivity wise on and on and on and I sort of look at the numbers and I thought you know wide. Instead of cutting and it might make more sense because like you said he still is more your better players if indeed he would be committed to going to the inside if you find an edge rusher. It might makes more sense to a steady a couple of years give you some additional money year he's been pro aura you know extend out that signing bonus a little bit bring that number down. And and that would you having for another three years including next year. Audio coming season are rather than just kind of cutting off your nose to spite you say a face a serious office some additional money. I do and I think that's actually two days ago and it brought up with you the idea of doing something similar for Randall copper for jordin now until. You heard a thing situation they were quite happy that you are adult guys. It view and vision that it didn't go to content and you envision them being a part of your team in 2019. And beyond even if it just another. Your court to light you know now at the one you left out at the one you left. If you want bill got to be with you for three more years and that of one Mort. But that's now been put that up with a Clay Matthews. Of the chance to do that by giving them an extension which kept back. Cap number for the upcoming peak until you do need to go lot by those two. You know big price tag free agents which I'm sure would be a dream come true for most act promote Pakistan. Have gotten taken note at Compton. And it lack of of anything of major significance for the most part. You know at the time you don't wanna get in and out there cover Matthew. That is where it comes into play I think that is where I can it is going it becomes wants to stick around and he would like to add to your at it is deal. They declare that it at the same thing going into interminable culture alt restructure. It's not if you do at a a year or Cuba what it lets you do that let you spread out. That cap number and if you need the cap room in 28 see the look at what looked a ticket freeagent. It was a great way to try to place salary cap now he can juggle the publicly to the round. And it's this does mean let's face it it is why Russ ball there's a lottery and that the Packers organization value trust ball. But none more so old and for things like that where you can go went into all the cap gymnastics. It could figure out OK it would add to here to clean up these steel. And we can kind of bury some money here to put the money they aired in the states they get temperament only eighteen that we need another player. Then everybody went. Right like the player not feeling as if they got. Torture is because audio and I'm playing perhaps the money out the post and so on and goat at my value elsewhere keep and then how. Amid but the the Packers are better even 28 eat it now than cop and that these are all part of the scene it is. That's undeniable it's just how much are they work and how much can you. Out in your cap dedicated to these guys and if they can make it all works when they get expenses here or there are some of the cap was lowered eighteen that went went went forever. So I knew I I had I would do the same I would probably invest some money keep them around. Bob be able to help public Martinez who continuously continuously gets better and better do you think Willie Martinez to actually get. I don't know how high the ceiling is no but I think the fact that he took it jumped he did. From here one year cute held it has a lot more unlocked. You know the guy you took would figure to jump of course the first that pop up my mind are kicked our complete Martina I think Andy Clark didn't you know he. Just 22 years old became an elite really under I couldn't body template about the only twenty years old. When he got trapped it and already that good at the year two player appealing to meet seemed almost limitless. He could be extremely extremely I don't know played Martina has that they didn't. I appealing. But he's gonna be really consistent well above average and that's kind of element like an average player late Brackett had a really good year to. If you can build on that year in year or tie but having a very not you know not get top I. Inside linebacker right I think Andy Clarke of the top five in the league. Interior deepen the player and a market has that in his position group but you mark. Good consistent player who rarely makes you know big caught that mistake and it's coverage indoor and as you know from the get it letting a running back get past them or crock is quarter. Very good player two spirited second year player but what can attack and like Martinez I'm sure you know you're gonna keep working at quite a lot after the team war. You know obviously the last two years of his rookie contract but I can't imagine if you're pencil and three years and now that he's not a part of your. You know but a guy do you wanna get an expense to a couple years and. Obama going out real quick and this is the last question make you quit we're going to the offensive side of the football. I had asked air project Jahri Evans very quietly contemplating whether he wants to come back a little player you think he has. I think it was surprisingly. Good paper guy at his age everyone in the event but all it accidently signed D. J. White. Jahri Evans has been around the block but that's about it earlier a bad thing when you've got technique for Aaron Rodgers. And I think quietly it would. Why are arguably the best ops you can pick up a set top and have a in week seventeen there last year and then Dario have been looking exactly like you know that the jump off the page headline on the aisle what do. What do flashy move by Ted Thompson but it paid off now that he's Atlanta. And are evident if you're a lot later than Evans would have an ally in Puget laying the state of hacker. Keep in mind these Palin got significantly more money than what happened it would release a difference between those two I don't I don't think you blood. And that's saying a lot about a guy and in Evans who's. 34 years old right now and has has played all of your New Orleans so it can't if you want to come back if Jahri Evans who want to come back and don't wanna retire. And want to get it one more trying Green Bay. He's going to instill it in a tree three million dollars per year. I don't that you shell he showed very little if any signs of aging this past the then you can get on a one year deal and that two million dollar range. You can keep McCray and you're kind of swing guard back up guy. Yeah again I'd that would be obese slam dunk Evans would be willing and and looking into that admiral I think get a very good 2017 and again I don't eat. I think he is walking at that moment but he is performed well at. In recent years before. Ball gets doubled shouting ensued okay. Percent judges and they don't Paula made her remote analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange college better hiring drivers right now call 8044 predator Schneider jobs dot com. This portion program be brought to my cousins sub label even better or any big party any big gathering they believe in better. Scott cousins subs dot com helping out whether it's a sales meeting whether to big meeting at home whether you got a big group coming over watching game. Go to cousins subs dot com they are the officials sub sandwich in the Michael sports talk network Mike Clemens out of a serious rating on national Michael show us. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk network. Why do we missed the playoffs only when you say you have a standard. But the Green Bay Packers. It stops right there from the standard for quite good the Green Bay Packers is to win world championships now are we don't know enough to 10 championship. Or are we doing. Everything we need to do to win Egyptian the next question it's we have certain needs to be answered through all the football operations. I know I'm a control so on the control make sure we're doing everything we can. Everything we can know when the championship that's what this process is. Killer from the head coach Mike McCarthy. I'm bill Michael's welcome back to the Michael show coming up here in about ten minutes. The presidents of the Green Bay Packers Mark Murphy is going to be joining us. Speaking of the Packers in heading north and such we are heading over to Minneapolis looking forward to go there compliments were good friends. At breaker Chevrolet not only are they taking Jewish there. But there the official vehicle bill Michaels of sports talk show over there for the live broadcast and radio row in Minneapolis. And they were 200 Silverado right now on the line they're looking to be the biggest batted Silverado dealer an entire state they wanna earn your business. And until you go receive my body when he spends America Glenn right now you'll see their due to their next ten minutes he's he cousins he just text me take a picture of cousins subs. So when he gets back from lunch. Goran Siegel I'm Anita points in the right direction for whatever you need over breaker also our friends. At the Milwaukee admirals don't forget to their hash tag mill hockey go to Milwaukee admirals dot com. And our good friend Sergio had gained on San Giorgio fantastic place the only offending and point out pizzeria. In this state in the state. There are enough old world's all Third World street and oral third street in Kilborn right next to a corner and club going and say hi. And they Tara did go Michaels. Point borrowing from Stevens Point has cider Boise giver added. Just like apple cider almighty god is that and it's dangerous is such a good all right my Clements joining us here in studio I don't Michael. I'm great I'm excited because this news that the Packers rams game will not go to London they'll play in the coliseum. For me personally. Thomas six or seven year old kid Livan on the northwest side in Milwaukee. Watch in the end the Lombardi era watching those games of my dad and Packers beating them Ramsey county stadium and then on to play the Dallas Cowboys. In the ice bowl. The rams with Roman Gabriel you know we've got to know his son Roman junior and and we see him every we'll see him at the Super Bowl in me applause. Robert Gabriel thrown passes Jack's now the defense that fearsome foursome you get to them Merlin Olsen deacon Jones and obelisk. So. George Allen was the coach of the rams in the late 63 cents. Then he goes to the Redskins and he takes over after Lombardi dies as boring finish is yours as head coach of the Redskins. George Allen liked older players. They culled from the over the hill game Sonny Jurgensen Billy kill draft a quarterback Chris hamburger linebacker. And I I heard this story the other day. About a young player. Who is a safety Colgate now they were actually a top 25 team at the time. When George Allen who kind of look like President Reagan no smiley dark hair very friendly make great motive. He calls this guy personally says hey we like you play Colgate we're gonna draft him to mark the draft discussion. So I'll go to the airport we got a ticket for you fly and wherever press conference to announce that you're gonna be a Washington Redskins all of this is great. So he flies and where there's four or five other players heard the report they get picked up by an assistant to George Jones assistants and they're taking out all over Washington DC. The two were the monuments. OK whatever and they give back the hotel room that night and he calls home doctor's wife says that's been great she goes where have you billion. The giants have called these other teams they try to call you received UB incident being drafted that are coming to their teams won't really. The next morning he goes in and the Redskins and George Allen tellem. OK and we didn't drafted its call it's a technique they used used back in the day called were hiding players Maryland. Yeah listen or to Wear it we didn't draft him to listen we watch on the team right here's your contract 21000 dollars take a few minutes a look over signed. And mortgage indicate. You know player wise. Mark Merck. I was gonna say that yeah I've heard stories about that before they put guys in your in your living room. I sit there is American during Q. But here's some money histories were regarded so when people call they don't driven nobody gets trader at the new rule will be key here so that's some harper begins his career. In the NFL he played for eight years he started the last six seasons. And on the side Smart guy his dad was a negotiator labor negotiator. For steelworkers. LSU job you grow steel no every day I boarded Pelton Kaz steal from once. And that's a job where we gave owners say is this today get hurt I mean you know renal nerves kicked killed. So he started. It's getting his law degree. And toward the end of his time he's playing with the Redskins Jeanne option from the raiders says. He illicit you're right there in Washington were gonna open up this players' union and I like to get involved. And as soon as the Redskins found out that this player would starter for the he'd he'd played that for Joseph Gibbs they won all the the Super Bowl which it it's as if on a Mark Murphy is going to be the turning our season removed from the players' union. They cut. They cut me so this is where your CEO is common for a you know through the NFL as an attorney accountable player's guy and just the other day then mark told us this story about those early days in Washington. I also want to recognize meaning Charley casserly. Was very helpful to me in this process. He's on the NFL's career advisory panel. Some you may note Charlie's name in news very successful. General manager and you know now. I for the Washington Redskins and and Houston Texans. Charlie and I come back nineties have reached them. The I was rookie of the Redskins and Charlie. Was. Volunteer unpaid assistant in the front office Redskins. And an extra room. In my apartment. And so he was my roommate over that rookie year my rookie year and it was great to agree and he and I stayed in touch over the years but. Very knowledgeable and knows a lot of ugly and I want access to acknowledge Charlie's role in this. What do you suppose is information it's common and are perfect there are one other quick thing our bodies in Chicago they got me this tape. John Fox knows he's gonna get fired. The media knows he's gonna get fired. John Fox knows the media knows he's gonna get fired and somehow they start talking about his pet monkey digit is John. My dad knows will mention that's real story I didn't pictures of that Christmas gift was that you regard them I. Grandparents. Palmdale home down and meritocracy in Florida and so in the way that comes from that we. Cover this topic addressed or those days that don't all the hills above board yeah sure is nice you know you're a great patent that was hope. Costs by about eleven or twelve. And we got very literal small baby and so she was very very friendly. Down bowyer got a horse Christmas so things. Places round about three years of commitment brother will this have tighter Upton still wrapped up and Jesse gets a stroke. They're not they don't love me yeah I'm troubled Atlanta retirement to divert us a little. As we can mood to move on its. All my guy got that the terrible it's a sixty cellular feel initial name digit that's when he made his pet monkey and I left that tied up and got some stroke and death coming up next again I don't guarantee is never killed a monkey and that is Mark Murphy president of Green Bay Packers more than a little bit or good so much. Film Michael's sports talk. Welcome to the program though like those shows on the air thanks so much to take effort take a listen to is all throughout the upper midwest on the network in that wherever he is your listening where he thinks of our podcast numbers of people downloading this thing hundreds of thousands of people really every. At that I got a lot of friends I deny them access that's pretty damn cool so we're we're we're doing OK I guess. Another entity that is doing okay they've made some changes and now they believe they're putting the the train back on the track so to speak. That is a Green Bay Packers in some change of guard 1265 in the minute talk about it is none of them president of Green Bay Packers. Mark Murphy now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline mark how you doing. I'm don't find item on doing extremely well calculation on all laid out yeah you know TWU you guys get into mail dump. Yeah. If it's. Okay take an the timeout to demolish has been awhile since you and I had a chance to Chad and and I notice isn't the easiest of times we have to make changes like this put. I wanna start out and go back and when did you start thinking. That a change might be in quarter. Well I am answer that question a little differently against it. A couple years where I thought. It would be helpful for me to be a little more involved in football. And so the last two years I tried. The more practices should be more around the team then coach citizens scouting staff. But in terms of that then they can change you know Israel the and accompanying. Kind of think about but what really. When it really became clear it was just sit down at the end of the season he and I talked. Talk on off on a very regular basis throughout my call hold time here. But yeah just at the end of the season to sit down. And really. You know decided that it was best transition them to in the senior advisor role. And so then you know then that kind of started the process of you know hiring once and put the shirts together and looking at who's going to be who would be an account manager. I'm pretty quickly bill oil you know make your first and didn't seem that way back. Really excited about it and out when Brian. Peace. And I'm. Really had a lot of respect for him for a number of years really. Primarily when he moved back you know he was on the road as a scout experience I think server has served very well but. Here in the building for the last. You know and any number of years is really gain a great respect for men. I'm. Taking to great job tougher for us general manager. And you know I think haven't you know as kind of a mentor him. Sounding board form. For the next couple years ago the great for Bryant. And obviously you know the other big change was. You know kind of splitting the positions. I'm getting mailed rust ball. Responsibilities as executive vice president. And and director of football operations. Really gets a lot of what he's been doing. Forte had now and just just kind of recognizes that. And then so the other pieces have things Mike McCarthy report to me and the other spot there is. It and number one iron through the process is really. Really felt that one of the Ares or we could improve was this communication you then. Our entire football operation and I think. Think this will do that and I also. Try and so narrow they O'Brien's responsibilities. So number 1 morning we want to I want him to be very successful. And allowing him to focus on what I feel most important for him and apps. You know you know the draft. The roster. Player player acquisition. Really allow him to focus on that so. Then all of that obviously might dignity. You know and number hires and changes he's made there. I know nothing has been officially announced that I'll take that I'm excited about October and then Mike I think. I think. What are and really can't have both of them and excited the excitement that he his team back here I think. I think you know the expectations here are I think we legitimately will be able to compete for a Super Bowl in the near future. I hear I wanted to ask you because are they going back the decision making process RI RU four. Fighter rather interest there's a lot of rumors and innuendoes we all know bomb against Colin said and give Bob credit he had some actual quotes in there. And you would say look I wanna emphatically deny that the board came to me and said make a change. But was there discussion among board members that might have swayed you into that decision making process. Now. And then I hate to be taken satellite present from Obama met. Saying they who's who's making that Arafat but I Bordeaux and operate it and what personal law board. You know we got 45 people means that that it is that doesn't operate that way. I kept our executive committee in such a relative term processes. Another was completely my decision and the committee wants. Completely insupportable. You know. Yeah I don't know how old people where some of that comes Rondo. I've I've are just you sorely needed you know that the question you have to ask can I just wanted to get some clear outpatient fine I also wanted to ask you when it comes to the higher because. There is a concern people say well look in the seventy's and eighty's this is the kind of hierarchy they had Bob Harlan I heard him on a local show in Milwaukee yesterday here I was two days ago on that depend on their which is our pledge of station. And he said look I gave football operations completely to the general manager and one thing to do it. She now iconic comes back the world was in the seventies and eighties and people call Mike Goddard on backing of the dark ages again or start losing football games. Was in I look at it as you were trying and like you said knock down silos who basically to open up the lines of communications and nobody was. Distancing themselves from another. And I I can't see this thing like getting out of hand I I guess is their checks and balances here because. You know if it Brian wanted to say Mike is getting a job then and Brian has to go to you to get the job done to fire Mike and I mean how does this dynamic work when you're look at each other going OK I've got the power but nobody else. Really done it I just try to kind of put my head around Wallace. Care yeah well I guess I take a couple things spill first walk. You know organizations of all. There's no one's perfect way to do things I think you know you have to kind of figure out what's the best way or ought to be successful. You look across the league know how different model. And I think it's really I think that. Seven. The twelve playoff games this year. The other head coach reported directly to to the owner you it's not a model that is forehand but I'm not know what I'm not an old friend. But yeah I'm representing our owners. Yeah you know. And structure is fine but in the end it really comes out of people and what I wanna do is have and may have a great working relationship between the four of us. As said before you know I'm. I'm not going to be American football decisions are not going to be you know determine the Iraq. Now but I'm you know I I'm obviously he's. Managing and overseeing. The period that men now. But I you know. I mean I think I'm excited about it I think it's a model that'll work it and now. Yeah and and the key is going to be number one everybody knows there are responsibilities. And you're right there are certain areas where we're gonna have to work together and I'm gonna sit down Wear them and just say okay let's test it out and you know. And I think mediate or resolve disputes but let's figure out you know and and that the other day. You know what's best for the Packers and what is gonna help us win a championship. With everything that's gone on and the question is posed with the housecleaning the offensive office coordinators general manager. Why not just fire Mike McCarthy along then begin a clean start try to rebuild it rather quickly and get back to a Super Bowl in that regard when we all know that your manages ten years is probably a long time for head coach look I think Mike's a very good coach. And I know he commands the offensive side of football but that's the question a lot of people ask is why did Mike McCarthy not find the doors well. Well first law I have a lot of confidence in Mike. I think you know he's proven himself. He's. Excellent head coach in the league and and I don't think he's they'll I think you know you look at the and he does a great job every year evaluating. What changes he needs to make this was this was difficulty. On ways and I give credit he made. Changes he felt were needed and those are difficult and now but I I have confidence in him and and excited to see what. What we're gonna be able to do you know this year I think. You know and I don't wanna put too much but you know you look at when Mike himself so when we're together. We had some pretty good offenses. I think yeah. That's exciting in. You know you know Micah patent is you know you look at. This track record's pretty good terms of these passes these court and so. I think that's pretty excited about what what could happen. If Aaron Rodgers if Aaron Rodgers didn't go down this year and you're sitting here this weekend in the playoffs do you think you're still making the same most. Blanton. To great questions on an ally to speculate but. And maybe I'll I'll give it maybe maybe not as many as we made and that's where. I mean descent but sometimes. Things happen for a reason and sometimes. You know that he can have blessing in disguise and I think that did really focus all of us. Forced us to really focus on you know. What what what do we need to do to ensure that we can continue to compete for suitable. The next course or four hours ago mark you know a lot of talk about. You know London and the Packers are not the team to go to London. On the rams this year going to be a team it's gonna head to Mexico City you're obviously on their schedule for a home game there. I know who's been reluctance because of the way you sell out Lambeau Field I think you know people would almost you know pitchforks go to of those front office if indeed. Fled her home market yeah so filled with our audience here that. A lot more degree made and I came to New York. But as you know nobody on the road because Packers fans travel so well once you give up a Packers home game either so. It are you getting is the commissioner calling hasn't got a friendship with Roger Goodell he's probably coney Omar what what the hell do you ever gonna let us take you over a Londoner an honor we get to stick in Mexico City your way it is not a discussion. You have with hammers is just something that right now there spinning the wheel. And your name as a Kamal the. No I have discussed is not not necessarily what Roger Ebert you know people on the staff in and oversee that area and they love to have the Packers. They understand why we can't give Oklahoma game you tell them that you know then that becomes you know what. Who could possibly move to a home game against the Packers there and a couple issues there measures that we travel so well. And but the league can't require teams that are either hosting a Super Bowl. In their hometown in their stadium. Or playing in a temporary stadium. The league can require them to. Plain and national game. The problem there's a leak also allows them to pack one now we are usually the team. That those teams so like to protect their home game that game. Yes but commitment that I think a little more difficult recent years is that a lot of teams have moved to variable pricing so they have different two years. And we are always at the highest here because the law how well our our fans travel. So it's become more of financial. Decision I would say that if you give up the Packers own game. Our game against the Packers. You're giving up even more money than you would have in the past. You know it you've probably got Minnelli two teams that haven't played an international game since 2007. Are awesome Pampers. So I don't mind I think it'll happen. It just ain't gonna have to be either right. Matchup would. Team on Arab probably somebody whose plane and a temporary stated. I know you wanna be last person out of Wisconsin turn out the lights to go to Minneapolis and head over first Super Bowl but would you be there will know kind of in any capacity. That may we each on the air obvious is going to be a big weekend of Jerry Kramer's announcing he's going into the hall of fame hope we will keep our fingers crossed the we'd love to have John back over there than if we get your. I absolutely am I gonna go to every Super Bowl. The dollar lump forefront when my team is an airplane coming when they but yeah yeah no I'll be there. Lot of lot of league stuff going on in those. You know and it's and that is I think probably about the easiest trip to the Super Bowl it will ever had a great day now. Mark it's always a pleasure to talk to you thanks so much raising a few questions and I you know I it's it's just stuff that you hear and we try to decipher here in the program and you drive around you listen you probably go to hell is he talking about so we try to Claire. I understand. You've seen these are issues that are armed. People's minds and you know I know we've had a great run of success you know may go back. You know in into the ninety's and obviously more recently would. You know Ted and Mike Aiken and obviously earned involvement. And it's on content of that but I literally on its way to put yes my responsibility to put together. Structure. That I think is gonna work better for the team. Have you heard from airing on any of this by the electors we have heard a word I mean you talked him at all. I taught there aren't. And again it just right before this was all okay. Mark always nobody can talk to send him on our hot dog is okay to you can if ever do you just passed along my number and then we go be happy to get money or seven asked for four years now to try to get him on the network whether it's okay. Well I can't make him proud OK okay we got a little bit of money not that kind of mind we got a little from markets always a pleasure good luck to you will see over Minneapolis okay yeah yeah now under attack. Popular video Mark Murphy president agreement Packers joining us for a couple of minutes. On the shutter orange Holland will be back right after this. Six blues station is strong the bill might school's sports talk now. If Aaron Rodgers. If Aaron Rodgers didn't go down this year and you're sitting here this weekend in the playoffs do you think you're still making the same mode. Blanton. The great question I know I hate to speculate. And maybe no I didn't know maybe maybe not as many as we made and that's where. Mean I hate to say it but sometimes. Things happen for a reason and sometimes. You know you can have weapons and the guys and I think that did really focused all of us. What they're really focus you know. What what what do we need to do to ensure that we. Can continue to compete. Perceivable. Is a large statement right there head Aaron Rodgers think about the direction. Of the French guys. Those are the words of Mark Murphy just join me on the program moments ago and before we get out your wanna make sure I expound upon this because on on Monday were a talk about the news. By. He basically said that look at Aaron Rodgers not gone down winning kind of masks a lot of things. And people in the fall they fall back on track burgers and won't look at this not happen you know we were we still want even draw the problems. She it's it's hard to say well we got to make a change. I still think. That he. Makes the change with Ted Thompson. But you may not have. As many changes throughout. Include mean the hierarchy. Had it not been for this season. It's it's it's it's so it's the question you have to ask. And I know it's a difficult one answer because it's a hypothetical but if you look Ed I'm glad kind of paused for a moment kind of looked in his heart of hearts to say. I don't know why I act because he would be grappling with a same issues we would be. Expand on this on Monday our I think there's a lot to chew on here I know Mark Murphy for those listening is going to agree he's going to joining. On the flagship station at Milwaukee's were pretty 1057 FM what it once you come around just after 2 o'clock is coming out at 205 he's going on just have to 2 o'clock today in in the Milwaukee market. And the guys and into new feature your chance to talk to him and I'm hoping they're listening to position questions or you can expound a point. Palm put I only had a limited amount of time but I I thought this up about London about Mexico City about the the reason the Packers do not. Have to go across the pond is a home game is losing a home game. Com the stuff about Ted bit EP I basically I've wanted to give Bob McGinn credit he called Bob McGinn fake news. I mean holy there's a lot there that you want we'll get to it all again on Monday time for us to go have a balanced. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.