HR4 – Should the Packers run the ball vs a good Browns run D?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 4. Plus, Peter King of the MMQB stops by.


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Promo links runs. This season we are Wisconsin sports fans column should talk. The bill monkey show. I. Julianne welcome bill Michael show is on the air as always we are glad to have you thanks so much for taking listen to us we certainly. Appreciate the reminder coming up to 98 gonna be it's a black in America out as of the Michael subtle gets out on the road yet again Albright to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor the network. No Michael shown company so I'll see out there tonight 68 will be on the air talked enough football all kinds of guys that have breaks it all down force. Does extremely well the editor in chief of MM QB joining us now on the shatter orange allied Peter King is here Peter are you don't want. Everything gone wild bill argue with a wish we could say the same. While at the Packers get a win and then you would certainly open trends in the right direction of Aaron Rodgers can come back plate. Let me ask you this Peter if you were Mike McCarthy would you bring Aaron Rodgers back. A 100% you know as long in the iron had eighty. A whiff of a chance at the playoffs. Absolutely. I don't know why you wouldn't I mean the only the only reason not. To play him. Really. The only reason not to play him. Is that if you feel either way he's not a 100%. And there's a chance that he'll hurt himself by playing her be if you're out of it. I mean that's what we're we're certainly. A great quarterback can win any game Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterbacks so until their out of it. They get any chance for a play out I absolutely would. To talk about the league the game that we all witnessed on Monday night from a lot of talk about the brutality. Are about obviously the suspensions should go to the NFL PA even even try to get these suspensions reduced or. Go after the commissioner the army just a lot of things that are contentious right now regarding the league and none of it seems to be good. So what do you take away from money night's game between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Probably three really objectionable things mean I hate I hate to have. Just sort of bypassed. The rain trees here injury because. History will look back on that night that will be the biggest event of the ninety. Even if he fully recovers means one of the probably the best defensive player on their team on a playoff team at. To lose him. You know to. To a life threatening injury really is is really. Is a tragedy. It is this. But I think this thing is that the other three things that bothered me about this scheme you know number one. Clearly that. The fact that this is such an incredibly cheap beat rivalry this is different. It ravens Steelers even at their peak figure where that was pretty. That was like watching. Rock them sock them robots you know for people who are old enough to understand those are. It was it was just it was it distressing being watched number one because. I think you're so many hints. In that game and so much intent. Send a message to the other team if not clearly injured. And number two the fact that. You know that that is that if you use which is still a rookie in this rivalry. You know has say it has me smashing blocker blunt is her cricket the Steelers are eight. And then stands over him like currently Ali stand toe Frazier you Ers suddenly insert taunting them. That it when your own guy he's in the hospital lean mean ever walk again. That shift is one of the most tone deaf things I've ever seen ever in sports. That's number two in the number three. Ben Roethlisberger saying after the game hey it's they have seen our football well except they have seen our football. The AFC north shouldn't exist. Mean that's it is bad bad bad with football if you'd just say hey good hearted game it was a it would it's too many over the line hits in that game and I think the other military could come down our. Then they do and then I guess you'd say 33 B if you wanted to when Antonio browns behind issued a Shuster Smith saying you know that's karma that's karma and then afterwards being asked about what was his words as you know we clearly knew what he meant. That they be bidding Democrat they route to hurt somebody and and yeah I completely agree review on that. On the then you've got I mean there's so many stories is in the league has become fascinating. For some of the stuff on the feel like yet but for a lot of stuff that's around surrounding office joining Eli Manning being benched in their pride back the next week or the management's fired and what's going on in Cleveland and they can't get a win now they've got parades for perfect season of a an equity image is so many weird things going on the NFL this year I never thought I'd see this. Well I think Cleveland probably acted. With some cases here because they feel like they might be in competition for the same guys. That is general manager of New York Giants art did get him in the former. Carolina Panthers GM and John Dor he former Kansas City Chiefs he had. I mean shoot the last three years these guys have been candidates for executive of the year here they are street. So I think both of those guys really. Are gonna have some interest out there Cleveland knew they were gonna make a personal. Change. You know when their front office he wanted to wait and that's likelihood that there. Who who if you had to pick between the two who would you take. We know George Dorsey obviously here. I will mostly likely they or CD I'd probably take Dorsey curves and again I don't mean. There are I don't wanna get an aegis of lawsuit here but I mean they get insurance 67 early next year. EU want to have a guy who's gonna be your general manager for. Many years so I mean you don't. You don't hire a general manager hoping that he'll last three or four years. Hiring Jeremy and your open he'll be rock walls where he'll be you know Georgie honor something like that in the and I. And I and I and I think that the track record. The track record in the two guys are comparable sort currently rather Dorsey. Carla Peter King editor in chief of the MM QB brought to us today by CT dot com we'll talk more about than a minute circling back to Green Bay know we've talked about Aaron Rodgers. If he should come back and they should then god forbid they run the table. But are they then whisked him at full strength the way they looked prior to the injury do they become one of the perennial favorites to win the NFC. I mean the NSC is as strong as I've seen. Pride you know depth wise in a long long time their defense is in good enough for MVP favorite. Or anything like that their defense is not as good as the war not good as the rain and it's not as good as Philadelphia. Certainly not a good Carolina. But as I say I mean you get it's not as good as Seattle Seattle. But as I say I mean look. I I loved it I would hit the Green Bay defense and not a good day. This is a defense that can present problems for I mean is it to play him. Clay Matthews obviously. You know while an injection of life. You know in the game the other day. Yeah Kenny Clarke is really emerged this year as there is a big factor along with a might be Daniels on that line. And so you know you look at that and you look at the fact that you know they're getting Goodyear's got super carriers like Martinez in the period. And you know they're they're circus or are using it in the secondary you know you. If you know what I mean you guys watch him obviously. There they're there they've you know can't continue with being. Over time. Is going to be good NFL quarterback. But I mean right now eighteen tee. You know beat beat way they need their defensive front. To carry the day they need different secretaries day and acting on a given day any human pass rush. They're good enough to do that but top to bottom. They're not one of the best defense in the NFC obviously and so I look at it and pretty much saying that. You know they're gonna have to win some scoring contests. Allegedly opening. But I'll take opposite consequences would there Rogers and in the play off in a. There are always a pleasure your brought to a spicy deacon Lester we had a chance to check you talk a little bit about seat taken everything I am going on right now so Phyllis in. Well I mean I've I've they've been good to meet good to be at and TV web site. The last couple years and the yeah you know I love using. He gets for Scott and all of them because I. Hussein how great is that he's. You're going to another city and in in in ninety seconds on your home. You can buy a ticket to whatever that is going that city that day and we your choice of many seats in the air. And if you download via your phone now use the promo code king KI NG you get 28 hours are your first purchase. So that I mean just introducing. You to the surface that way I think is pretty cool thing and save you some money too so I'm I'm kind of very bullish. Diego that is a Peter King I go to CT dot com he's the promote king king for twenty dollars off in not only does he bring information he brief little cash return Peter is always a pleasure Powell talkies and protect. Thanks so much so absolutely illegal Peter king of MM QB the editor in chief joining us in the Sharon challenged matter harried drivers right now. You're car they treat you fair eighty plus years they be getting it done call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior to go to Schneider job starts and by the way we CEO Peter every year usually it's super born. 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We certainly wanna say thanks to them is being a part of that but to go is my body geno over its San Giorgio and the family owned company auto pain supply. They are in Waukesha Middleton wall were to receive counties. Whether it's fleets whether it's cars where there marine or industrial go to go auto paint dot com let's go auto paint. Dot com great people out there and the gang I'm Mark Teixeira woman they're fantastic people. Still I didn't hear from Mike McCarthy. His daily press coming up next in the Michael. You're listening to a bill might school's sports talk that. That work. Okay oh that's Mike McCarthy and as to whether or not it's Aaron Rodgers will be back I mean he talks about him raising what it's are funded interest. Aaron Rodgers is so good OK let's be honest we we understand how good he has. Com. Boy he says he raises the level of play. By everyone around him just. By me. Being in practice. So. It it is. My weight my question is doesn't anybody else elevate the the level plate. You're mean. Is it just Aaron Rodgers is because the hall of Famer because he's present on the field it's only people who say well OK let's play veterans out there that. I I ate I get the cause and effect. Put it I have to admit there's a there's a pardon me that it bothers me. You know it is everybody's play elevated by Aaron Rodgers walking on the field why can't they play the same way is it strictly because I know my McCarty talk about the offense. Okay. Okay. He throws guys open and he can do certain things again but not defensive guys playing better. Under any defensive guy should have played better without Aaron Rodgers if you elevate your level of play and playing them you should be playing better against lesser quarterbacks. So it look I don't want to nitpick every word here forty says he elevates level of play. On one hand caught okay yeah but is a Packers are on the other than I'm going that's disappointing. Because if any thing Everett is all we heard when he went to elementary was ready to step up defense got to step up. Clay Matthews we need to step up Mike Daniels we step up. Every set it. Today. They really step up I think if he does is play better as of late. But it. You know Al Ali this is one of those things were right. My initial reaction is all right and my next thought is one of hell's. You should've gotten better when Aaron Rodgers left the field because they knew they couldn't rely on him anymore. Maybe that's just me I don't. You know what Tim Allen had brought this question up on Tuesday and it seems like the answers pretty obvious but he does make a good point. You're receiving corps. Free health right you mean snow injuries right. I know Brett Conley is Brett Hundley but what she think the receiving corps production wise and all these games without Aaron Rodgers would still be. A little bit better than what it shown means Vontae Adams. Is the only one that has stepped up top they Adams. Is just showing that day he deserves big money in the off season because he's able to play so well regardless of who the quarterback gets. But everyone else. It's kind of hit or miss. Ed I just feel like with as talented of a receiving corps as you have you shouldn't the production be a little bit more than what she'd seen should they be hoping Brett hunley be a little bit more effective. I don't know it's it's kind of like the chicken or the egg at this point. But but I just but Tim does make a good point ball that I just feel like the receiving corps for what it's worth. Are they being exposed as well. Oh absolutely I I don't know if they're being necessarily exposed to the extent of they're not any good bush. There's something to be said for. One guy has speed. OK guys that you've got to go speed they can just get separation. But when you are getting separation you have to have a quarterback to get thrown in the specific windows to open up your ability to catch the football. Deported to war only you can get it. Brenly doesn't do that. Well mail blame Brett Connolly in this regard perfect perfect example was in this last game against Tampa Bay Geronimo Allison. Who's been MIA for how many weeks finally gets wide open. You and Brett Connolly can't hit here in Ansonia and they have to settle for field at the end. Separation speed dole thing and they yeah I'd like I get a we see a time and again by the way I imagine being a show about the whole bone scans thing with Aaron Rodgers. You Mike McCarthy comments in the scanned there. The way I understand it indictments are gonna go back over this and I didn't touch base is they're going to do a scan. Apparently next week it did they quit and they were gonna do 12 after the browns game. I think in part from what I understand as well is that there produce it really wanna know he won a base his rehab on just the bow. Because he'd been through this before and they waited until the bone was healed for him to start throwing in strengthening and in doing good. Granted it was the opposite short in this particular case. Once he had range of motion and he was feeling good he began light tossing and better and better and better and better. And they and that's the end that the so now they're gonna say okay he's throwing feels really good. The next question is whether he can take a hit and that is gonna depend on the bones so even though he looks good. As to what are these actually gonna play the game will depend on the bone scan which could come as soon as next month. Well hey Aaron Rodgers wasn't pads today so but he was also wearing the red Jersey not being coached Brett gonna stone fence to radio. Good news. Are you fearful of this game. I believe the Packers are gonna win but it's not gonna be a blow out. But are you fearful of this game is this that proverbial trap game. Because attitudes have changed. More than likely you're next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Don't Michael shows on the air we are glad to have him. Marshall clinic health system they bring in his Porsche in the program they picked me up coming back in the game and feel great. Maybe just maybe there's some because there's a lot of creeping Greg going around right now tell you that. May be. You can just call people for fairway tri care my way for four fairway seven days or weeks emanated ninety. The chargers never more than forty bucks if they can't help you over the phone they don't charge you would all that kind of service pay for play so to speak. Good people good stuff they treat you like a friend not like an insurance card or number. And they genuinely try to help you out with his. A little as little effort on your part. Care my way just call. Me they need to prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice by the way all throughout the great Satan young border. And they're good friends it to Marshall clinic health system the official welcome provider of yours truly and go Michael show. About the phone calls is this a worrisome game his estate proverbial trap game. For the Green Bay Packers ties listening to was in Philly Philadelphia to I don't know it's up. They were all although. So the answer that question in though that those. The Green Bay Packers warping into Cleveland Oreo. That it could be looked at as a threat game where we should be walk. This game here. I I. I don't want get to a with fear because that's a good point I don't walk into with fear I think the Packers are good enough to win this game. Just pound for pound man from and I think they can win this game. I think the better coaches also on the sideline to win this game. Are a couple of turnovers to dictate the outcome in this game that's the only fear that I would have. But I would I believe the cut as long as the Packers don't start looking towards Carolina and Aaron Rodgers coming backing away too excited. I think of any thing if I'm a man inside that locker room saying look. If he comes back we have a legitimate shot at putting ourselves in the post season. We got a winner so to me this is a focused game you have to get past this game if you're gonna have any shot at getting the post season at all. And so I don't consider this to be a big trap game if they let it become a trap game. Men shame on them shame on that oil be unbelievably disappointed. Tim let me actual questions should promote Odom wasn't visual computing talk about the secondary. Objection to the Green Bay Packers start something different ball forward. And let them via PM walk in off season. We dual scout in their view in the else's salary. And try to bring promote 81. And try to bring in the bus school court is that big boring and go along with Kevin King at the Marriott. A great questions CIA. First of all I think Cobb would be the odd man out. I think that if they can get you appreciate the phone call time I think in the futurity for less they would. But I think. Clay is an enigma. Because for the money you're paying him verse of the productivity just as a match up. What I think what I do is there's two things that are desperate need. You need to spend money on us on somebody locked down the secondary. And you need to spend money on a pass rusher you keep clay on the inside with Blake Martinez played Martina is more run stuffing in and claim that he's more of a pass over the middle. And then you can Brinkley from anywhere. And you need a pass rusher opposite nick Perry. Those are the two areas I'm spending money on pass rush and secondary. Now where they gonna get the money for a while that's a great question because like I said Cobb is making twelve million next year. Clay is not going to reduce his sour he's just I've been told to many times he's not if he does kudos to him as he proves everybody wrong. I've never specifically ask clay about I must say that. But the people that I've heard from inside. The NFL saying. Have told me that they'd be shocked if clay decided to go ahead in any given team a breath now maybe Aaron Rodgers says give the team a break. Would you got to pay Morgan Burnett you've got to pay Korea -- easily you're gonna have to eventually pay Aaron Rodgers. And you gotta make sure that you paid Vontae and so where's all the money coming from. How much is too much in and how much of too much do you give away. Before the team just get on get anybody else in free agency your again re completely reliant on Ted Thompson and the draft ability. And I think that's where some of the guys have to look themselves in the mirror I think they have percent of pretty special to have an opportunity to make a run. But how much is too much and how much digging into how much respect do you live with similar without. 8558308648. Let's go to a pat was he too was in ladysmith. Pat what in the program that was going on. Bill. That was going here we think yeah go ahead. Are great first time caller what shall I have a little. A little card. I'm more concerned about the game to a Portland and what you want strain as well that we get a couple turnovers. And we have great news local then they are. Our there might get someone momentum in the game and I look at where we played camp all seven your goal. In there at all or even when we went down there and we lost to them the Portland salt. There's a bit concerned legacy or what special that I thought that the performance last week to we need to get comic Barrick Amtrak. There were also at just like other what do you shorthand I'll look Andrea Terry at a car. I appreciate it man I just suck you get onboard 85583086485583086. For a I I think this team has a good shot Allen didn't count mommy purposes. I think you're to be clear I said that it's 24 were ten and 24 of 172. A blow up at something that is extent. Bomb I think based deuce court twenty plus I don't think they get in the thirties. Under Bradley they've proven that they don't get in the thirties then they they barely I mean up until we live this last game. And really up until the Pittsburgh game they've not been a team that has gotten above thirteen on a regular basis that was the average. So the last couple weeks have been promising in the sense that they scored some points but also they scored points defense of which you don't see have a very off. So. I think this team is gonna win 2124. Something like that. 171413. So more than area that's the way they get a win. I think it I I eat again it's gonna tennis phone scam but I really believe that they are that team that could be one of those wild card teams acute catch momentum. Catch fire and do some damage when everybody gets rejuvenated if indeed Aaron Rodgers and his presence comes back. So now bill you would agree that the strength of the packers' offense right now is it. The strength of the packers' offense right now is the run game correct. Okay see you're going up against a top ten run defense and clean. Because during guaranteed Cleveland's gonna try and stack the box against Steele. And you just trying to live and die by the run game or do you have Conley just air not a little bit more and take your chances that way. He's got to do it again on film. Against an OK defense because otherwise teams it is good to you stack the box like we saw with Jordy Nelson join us in a five catches didn't get over point guard yards. You knock at Yucca win games doing that. So he has to air it out EST get it down feel a little bit going back to your original question has this exposed the white receiving corps it's expose their ability you're wide open. Wouldn't say several long time and they've been taken offense to you know now. Hot dog defendant in the sense that there are times when Mike Clemens and I sitting next to each other going almighty god and there's a guy wide open. And red Harley is not throwing that guy not even looking in his direction. He is a one to two read guy. And teams are starting to key on that as well. He is if he. Where Aaron Rodgers is so good is if he steps back surveys a field realizes he has Emma window and starts to scramble. Aaron Rodgers extends plays when his athletic ability with his arm and his ability to throw out the wrong foot and everything he is a female. Brett Hundley gets exposed when he hangs on the wall more than three seconds because then he is almost a throwaway or sacked ticker. There's not a lot in between for him so he needs to get out. Read throw to have second bang bang back easier in the football because his completion percentages shown much higher that way. Where's Aaron Rodgers is the opposite yes he he had to quick outs but he likes to survey the field because he's gonna wait for that match up in his head. Tell eventually open up to where he's gonna see a window and thrown that went. That makes sense that makes a lot of sense yes but. I guess my other question is is I don't get the coach's film the same way other people do I know you get it and are they. Tell me it doesn't look like they're running as many isolation routes as they did in the past member does that was part of the reason why receivers were getting open was because of the isolation routes. It seems like they are running more slant patterns more crossing patterns. And yet these receivers are still not getting open and MIA MI right with that no I agree I agree this is it's. It's frustrating as fresh I just you know it's like. Felt semi of the badgers like my heart tells me one thing my brain tells me another. In my brain is telling me right now. That. I wouldn't be surprised that they lose because. Cleveland's got a good run defense in the sap the Ron Holly's gonna have more pressure not to throw the football. Josh Gordy and the guys and play like three years he came on hampering your performance against the chargers last week. Who's gonna be protect who's gonna be earned him this Friday to Mary's Randall and but then after that what do you got in your second ranked. I just I am I'm just sit here and I'm thinking and they should win this game. They will win this game big got to beat Cleveland regardless of who we have a quarter regular Joseph Kelly and a court register is a Leo big Cleveland right at Cleveland had strengths. Cleveland's loss for different games this year just like three points. I don't know man they've got Good Friday to with with Cole in Sheldon. Miles Garrett on the outside has been somewhat up and down but today you know we talked about general covers a little earlier with when their body dear writer on the browns reporter. And and there they did you know Joseph sure we're obviously it is even middle linebacker out of Wisconsin. Has played pretty well this year Vijay bill always a guy came as a street free agent he's played OK at times they called upon him. They've got some weapons defensively and now with that we judge Gordon back they can get the ball downfield so. We've between him quarry Coleman. A record Lewis Kenny Britt they've got some weaponry over there I don't know how lame put this thing together and I just it BJ's is it boggles the month but also don't forget to going to be facing JC trenor the senator. Former senator agreement that stick around final segment a Michael Jakarta next. Six clues stations strong the it'll be my school's sports talk now. It's. And yeah. No one can show on the air. Cochlear having a terrific dated him certainly appreciate you taken take a listen to us by the way. The the free agent market here I was gonna take a glance at that during the you know in the break coming up as we want you like to see you know. You Packers be able to. See if they can't find somebody were for pass rush. It's not thrilling. It's not thrilling Alvin Smith. Paul was losing. You know one of the Mormon notable names is Ahmad Brooks who's in the packers' fold now higher Walden. Laurent did occur day. You know there's there's really Dwight Freeney. There's there's not a lot of big names LaMarr Houston. A Chicago on the news there's not a lot there's not that guy that's out there. That's sitting there going oh my god you gotta get him. I use them. Now in the hunt and a whole lot of cool is Dan. 8558308648. On loans like it Telecom told free to on line judges listening outside Milwaukee Jeff what program you're. I'm doing well are you go to. Kate coupled but it sure humbled to remit or just reflecting a little bit on which could have been part about. I don't think at this point that juncture there is any trap game for the Packers the Packers are not at that point where I would consider. Them eighteen tech equality and threatening. Anything they play in the NFL or at the end of Syria where work is gonna give him a good game. That just that is just the nature debate I think what separates them from the browns do already admitted. Made the point is the coaching and I think that's gonna make a difference a couple of things that I wish I would see more of our. For Brett oddly and we did a little bit of depth in the last couple drives of these. Every big game as well we don't let them use is like a little bit yeah and I understand the running game was working on everything but the plan Tampa Bay. And the gap. Ample base. They're content and write a book but what what I'd make all out what do you do it like a little bit what like I don't get that they'll mark he had. It's our receivers go. I think Jordy Nelson. With a great receiver. And now he's a good receiver. Our technical pulpit hanging. And rod. You need an altered their category. He doesn't create the separation he wants yet. And what felt at. That fighting with their riders. I hate to say it but I think he's just an average receiver soul. Arm as part about the Adams I think he's starting to come in with all of and that evident with the way he's been playing. Unfortunately we're not getting a lot of work a lot of work it and that part that is because Merkel and that'll work goals at the park well. In salt. I know what you said Morton threw up. The comments about the free agents without electrical power. I did notice what was a lot of teams to beat the Packers will be wonderful architecture short decade comment to be a little bit of a difference maker whether he had also answered defense. And we've seen with the teams album from our good example. George bought stock in San Diego. He had you even you bring in a great offensive lineman you won't want to. Seattle and you take light and it's just pathetic and you give Russell Wilson just actors that it which makes them. In all of us that are. You have a frigid fall gore thought the hour gotta run now we'll try to get kind of figure was more this coming up more as we continue to break down the Packers the browns getting ready for the weekend. State tell him because we talk a lot of about it tomorrow hopefully get a chance come out tonight joining is joyous at black kid O'Meara plug in the Brookfield square on Brookfield. Come by and say hello I'm going to be there our gonna have my Clemens is gonna be there. Also love our way cooler. Was 431 of much of that and the fans Maurice is going to be there hope to see their 68 that I fabric to go have a don't. Freeware in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.