HR4 – Tim reacts to Counsell’s off-seasons comments

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Tuesday, December 5th

Hour 4. Tim Allen, in for Bill, chats with Zach Heilprin from The Zone. Plus, we’ll do the Football Frenzy!


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From the league runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill Mikey show. Not so fast it is the bill Michael's show it is not bill Michaels she is off today celebrating his birthday that was yesterday. My name's Tim Allen there's so radio joke. Where we've been around the world the a couple of times here. Basketball and still haven't gotten the brewers baseball yet Joan little disappointed there I don't know if we're gonna have time. But it was worth mentioning can you get that in every interview on the on bill site. Oh god yeah that Craig Counsell absolutely I would've bill Michael sports act down. Highly recommend clipped the kind of man section you can just scroll down to withdraw our great interviews and segments and again no not known doc and any other interview bill is ever done but that's the best one I've heard has just I was ma'am I was you know great interview really was. Bill and and Craig Counsell. Bill Michael's sports dot com you can find that there knowledge that these Schneider awards hotline. And welcome in the sports director from 96 point seven zone in Madison Zach Powell transact our amen. Great that's good all right now that the dust has settled a little bit from Saturday. The odd question is an and I think it may be a just a tick unfair to pile on. So horny Brock but the questions that I'm getting here on and off the errors that. Why can't the badgers. Find a and I guess an upper tier quarterback your thoughts. All mean yet to be fair about what the situation is Howell played out carriers. The quarterbacks but he recruited or not that quarterbacks that. We're gonna have a ton of success. In poker systems so you missed out when it DJ Gillen you have an impeccable and look at. Aussie circuit they recruit much quarterbacks that were going to be ordered that this system so. If you look back to the last big time quarterback they got it was Far East you know you want about a lot of schools Jews forced our kid and you know Paul Crist leaving got a really I think impacted his development. I think they'd like Jack call a lot. But they're forced to play of Richard Saul or he literature freshman last year you know whenever because. The the recruiting at quarterback critic. By Gary additionally that they wanted to go itself. Not know necessarily I don't personally think it's. On Paul Crist but you know you're he's trying to make about this there Al Horford in the this year was the best with. Story sure in the in your closer to the situation obviously that I am and and closer than then Mostar. Do you see a development. Situation for Alex order Bruck as says he moves along here as I mean how much hi how big is the ceiling here. Well you know I think Errol point two twos don't shrink and whether it's good or not. To be Italy quarterback and I I don't think it ever will be and I don't think he'll ever the only quarterback that are so certainly it can't have success of Wisconsin I. I think he has shown. Flashes of what he can be up not the Michigan game after the interception or under center it's fish it's not really bounced back and finished. That gained strong was great against Minnesota. So are we seeing flashes and I think the the biggest thing is. You know make it a consistent. I don't know I guess I don't know what his ceiling is at eight player Indian NFL guy I don't think so. But it'd be very good quarterback it was coffee could it be a very good college quarterback yes IQ and I. You'll be I don't I doctor look at that opportunity I think he's going to have a battle experience for the job come. Sprayed with Jack Collins and if he can beat him out there and that's that's great Wisconsin I think there are a lot of another study about jackal so Al sort of a double the amount that that's going to be good that's good to Wisconsin but. Well a lot will be determined here the next. Five or so we'll see where Jacko as compared out toward Africa where they wanna build the future what else in my mind can be a very good college quarterback but he never go immediately. I'm a little lean toward agreeing with that because third there have been signs that that horn brook can get it on I mean than. You look at his his clutch and in the red zone has been good through throughout the season and if anything YouTube you can point to that. As as it as a definite asset I mean you run between the 21 easier pushed to a third long. I trust him down there. I mean that interception through Detroit from now in the red zone enact under a short drive the other day. That was uncharacteristic he has the highest passing efficiency rate in the red zone of any quarterback in the country committed and I was just a really poor decision and I think that. You know back to me decision making is is really what. I I think it's actually more than anything to look protein may just those are the mistakes he can't especially you get more experience and you know he is. Let's be fair to its start much game director freshmen so this is essentially dissect it here at the starter but he's still legally assault ward I I've talked with. You know public guys it would. Including job not who himself about. The joke that he may permit soft warriors started this war will not support you idiot that and it got very good. 20052006. Over the years to get to work with Paul Crist. Is very good. As good as what Scott score that they would take debt second so I think before we see out sort of reduce it cannot do. The things that aren't a lot of people. Know. Q what he can't be good but just wait yeah give a little bit more time I'm not willing disappearance and give up on out of work at this point I know there are a lot of people that are. Guide I agree with you. I definitely do I I think there are some signs there were talking was Zack Kyle prince sports director. Of 96 point seven the zone in Madison and and just throw quick before we move on to that Miami match up. How were the players and that's that's something that I I've I was curious about after the game you know these guys super disappointed yet they got a turnaround and now a little less than a month from now they have to play another football game that's got to be challenging. It is an error saying all right things you know in that interview room mate. And until there so I mean there's been no. If they ever gave there was certainly a lot of this one because. A lot of those guys are seniors that would that we talked to especially on the eastern side of the ball. Date they know that they just. On this their best opportunity to end their last opportunity to win the Big Ten title to go to college football welcome. Those are all major major things especially twenty minutes after game I think they will be able to refocus I think they will be able that. You know you don't you know Miami that these particular rocket go away and we do podcaster massive cult that it can't with Matt. Rapper stand and he was part of the team it just for the an opportunity to win a Big Ten title is head beat Michigan State. And I lost both of those games and he never wanted to ten title. And while it's not something that keeps him up at night it's certainly not at that goes away and I think there's certainly indicates these guys and how close they work disrupted so special. But again they and they proved last year. They get past this appointment and they've played pretty good it is what commission and in the comparable GAAP that we and so there's evidence that they did. And want to see. That will be the case in this year. Zack it's Joseph arm. I was trying to think about this the other day was also brandish the only senior that they brought in that interview room because I don't remember really any seniors being there and I guess I can understand why because. It's hard for them to really take get it you know consider another loss in a Big Ten championship. Yeah it'll. Truck of Alexander's well yes he was out. There and I think we're eager to listeners well I'm not positive. They had to work a lot but that was more Le. What you what you guys in Italy yet what you do because they asked who people want it we were kind of in China press box in an opportunity you know. So you know. Those were probably means selected by. Some other people innocent oppressed Watson and who gave it who did but I sure wish I would a followed. Allegheny country out in. As you know later walked towards Boston you can tell obviously it was. I'm a very tough moment that they were doing it and them. This is not something that could go away very easily to it leaves more. Her term. Was at the biggest game and badgers history. Turned out not to be in if they would've been right that's true you know it's it's. If they want to know that they wind yet it is an had been expected gain because. The semi final game to serve the it would be huge huge opportunity. To not only would speak entitled Natalie. Make the playoffs but it really changed potentially change in areas you know make everyone that backs them all year about their twelve little schedule make them. You know eat crow to what extent didn't you know and have not seen it turn. What is a very nice story about Wisconsin football but I think a lot of people know about and maybe they don't necessarily. Respect. In Q you're beating a blue blood like Ohio State beat a lot of play on the biggest stage the college game has to offer. That yet it we that's what could advance. It is not not be that way and so I don't think anybody will think about. It'll we will be talking about it tenure should not think about that that the biggest gain. The got a couple history like it was her like they did at the Rose Bowl they lost patent in 63 like that was the great scheme ever got that Israel lost. I don't think that's going to be I don't think epic. All right so. Against Miami here what are what are we looking nabbed what are we looking for how do you see that game shaken out. Welcome home game for Miami essentially and that that are on stadium obviously silk. You know I mean could you explain those independent task of Albany they router Saturday belt that he cheated checked out there. Until that I think that may be the biggest and they're the biggest story for. From Miami on Wisconsin got a thing. How they don't expect you talk about a little bit how do you bounced back at increased focus you know. Duty. Was walking Jonathan Taylor you know give him a month off will be very beneficial for him on the results in explosiveness and ability to break tackles saw earlier in the year. I don't stretch for him I'm anxious to see him back coaster of a percent. But really just one of Wisconsin brief focuses dictionary and it has now if you win or will shortly unity in the first time ever or even yourself. That will be historic event also outside of the game. What to some of these users decide to do whether it's nick Nelson or Keith Edwards or Michael the year. Do those guys you know that's indeed a lot of questions this and next month is audited stay early and it that I didn't though that you're in a. He's at a long question about the defense of line because there's so many seniors there. It is the defense of line in good hands going into next year. Does that mean they're gonna I know louder milk will be a part part of that cycle poll will be there but is that defense of wind gonna be okay. We don't know the younger guys right and so you've mentioned some collusion tension. A lot of now. Here rain and it certainly could be a part of their as well those three guys think that you are starting to move probably ran back to defense than. In play in the air in place comedy in Spanish Utica about it was the backup nose guard they need to be younger guys to step up they need to with the younger guys that we don't know about. And we'll get to meet that middle but it did know that here in the next day palpable practices and David spring ball but that is that's a concern again. It's possible to Gannett replacement as many as senate eight starters on. He's Edwards and now that ago and so that is that those are significant questions in the deepest Linus. Is there a key among them because that has allowed. In market and their linebackers are very good but even the wind has allowed that to play almost. It is free as possible up until the last game. I'm keeping guys confident in what in a romantic place. So that yet that's exactly keeping I think they're good starting. They need depth there and come W what will be a lot of support in both cart and bowl practices as well ask an expert. Good enough we appreciated Zack and I'm sure you'll be on again if now with me certainly with the bill and thanks thanks for the time all right. Are they there is Zack Kyle print these sports director at 96 point seven Mazzone in Madison here on the Schneider launch outlines I joined this shatter orange airline hiring drivers right now they were card you're currently treat you fair for eighty plus years aiming getting it done call them 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs that we found some time to squeeze in a few comments from Craig Counsell. And I think it's one of my favorite if not my favorite interview that bill as is done over the years. And will have a couple pieces and some comments on that. Brewers obviously wanna raise the bar a little bit heading into 2018. We'll do that next year in the bill Michael's show this portion of the Michael Joseph brought to my cousins jobs weaving you're the best seat in the house going to Green Bay sitting on the fifty yard line and play to a the recliner just simply go to Packers dot com slash best seats and that's all brought to you by cousins of the officials of seeing which of the bill Michael sports talk network and where they believe in better. Everywhere it was Johnson and Michael sports talk. And it's. Johnson it is the bill Michael showed Tim in for bill today there's radio gel. And bill's going to be taken a few days off. Over the holidays in and around the holidays and he has in common today is one of them tomorrow. Kevin hold it and Kevin holt Kevin Holden in the in the chair I'm sitting in right now. And I would imagine a lot of Packard Toxics Eric said are so stick around for that right now we have to squeeze in some brewers. Talked Rica's last week. Do we did the with our affiliate in in Milwaukee. We did our annual toy drive and and you heard of all about that with with the bill last week. But some of the other shows have a lot of brewer contents in it because the brewers brass and and a player to worse stopping down. To make their no donations. And hopping on the air without sin not bill always afforded the opportunity to sit down with brewers manager Craig Counsell. And I thought it was a fantastic in Rouse has riveted to the radio last week when councils on. Yeah out there were some great things that came out of that the first cut that I wanna play Tim is just talking about because this something you have argued in the past about. Not only trying to rebuild the team but also finding a way to stay competitive at and into the same time and this is something that. Craig Counsell alluded to take a listen. Yeah I mean and I don't think it's ever switch you know that's like on or off you know yes are now. Especially here you know in Milwaukee we have to be varies you know prudent with our decisions and Smart with our decisions and knoller were exposed themselves a lot of risk but the same time now that you know when there. One more win when when yours when you go through a season where one more win can make the difference and that you realize that you can probably pursue more short term. You know kind of assets I think and that's what you know is that is the fun of us this winners that you know the question do you course pursue more short term suffer to continue long term view it probably is all your always gonna doable. Imagine that. And and again I'm I'm not and point fingers at anybody any team any broadcaster. Any. Philosophy. It is and steadfast from the from the start. There's there's no rule book on this there's there is no. You still have to make good decisions and I fully agree with him on that regardless of which direction mutate. When you scale it all back all the way down to the dungeon of hundred lawsuit multiple seasons and 100 losses. Or whether you stay in this saying wanna compete at a Reno a decent based at least give you a shot if things go right. That she could maybe is to surprise or shock some people in and I think that's what happened I wonder. Now don't know full ever get the answer to this joke but I I wonder if this was an eye opener to the brewers in and well more clarity is found through. Time will will know more as the next year's season gets under way but I wonder what their initial plan walk us. Whether or not they were like a home man. We need to. Much. Secure we meet again here whole lot boys get back in here I wonder if their plan was. Just knocked off course a little. Well the way I see this now going into next season Tim. Give me another year of what I just saw. I just wanna make sure that. For the guys that stepped up the Travis shots Orlando Garcia dealing with Santana Santana saga I wanna make sure that these guys chamber of that right. I wanna make sure that these guys are part of a World Series team or are part of what. They've shown in terms of success just because the objective here before you really wanna go for it and have that window of opportunity to try to win a World Series wanna make sure you have a core in place. And I just don't know if the core. Of the super scene has been identified yet OK fair enough now that's that's a bigger picture now if you use shrink the window a little bit. I think you have to cover your flank here and there will be a cone on our offseason baseball shows next week but. I think you gotta cover yourself a little bit Joseph in that. Just in case it is for real just in case shot was real. Santana Israel. The other guys who mentioned change some. RC. Are these guys just in case they are for real I think you have to just keep yourself honest. And make sure you at least sign up you players. That you you assumed. That they are real. And that this is gonna pushy into the player Walt wasn't just a case I'm not saying go out and get. John Carlos Stan not of course there's only can a flag but I think it's fair to say that. One side of the table we keep Ruben rebuilding other side a table says if this was real what these guys do last year and we I think we owe it to down. To at least enhance that'll that just in case it was real. Well I think the veterans. That help the spurs team on young these are guys authorities are resigning if they're either bringing back Stephen ball. Other bring it back Turkcell guard generous journey Jeffords. An index the right move that they have a lot of money to spend right and a lot of these guys are going in arbitration see you want to. I say bring back as many guys you can't from this team that helped your team this past year and to see if it was real great because evidentiary going to be in the same situation absolutely. The other thing Suez and this'll go to our next Scott. Craig Counsell. Emphasized in the interview that the need starting pitching they need innings especially since Jimmy Nelson is gonna miss. A good chunk of 2018. So the question was asked about the rotation this is what a car consulate site. There's no question we're gonna have to add some pitching and we have to add some innings to to what we have right now. You know net I think you look at. You know as far as. The starting. Portion of you know what innings and you look netease Anderson's act Davies. You know some. Branded Woodruff Brent suitor. Those guys gonna factor in but that's not enough you know we're gonna need we're gonna need to add to that group for sure. You know I think the bullpen is is areas that that is changes a lot of Edmonton Josh trader that that first group too as well so. You know we we need to add more innings big league pitchers that can throw big league innings and that's that's what. You know where it's going to be a big part of the offseason and some more we'll tackle. You know not only offseason but I think throughout the spring we had some big pieces you know late in the spring oh really starting the season again this last year so don't count that out there. Pretty amazing comments right there from counts. And we have to add. Innings we have to add pitching. And normally you don't get a manager that because a lot of times it's it's understood as you know you bastion what you've got. I don't look at it that way I look at it at all times trying to improve and very very interesting because what it does and they know. What it does is it makes that bullpen even batter. You bring back Jefferson you have to enable and I don't think obviously Josh hater I think he sticks in that bullpen a fight to make that decision right now. I would guess that he's gonna stay in that bullpen. Jacob Barnes is not out of the loop yet. You're gonna make those guys even better mid to late game if you can chew up a few more outs to three more outs per start by the starting rotation. Make that bullpen even better and but it was sort of eyebrow raising wanna stand in my kitchen listen in this stuff I'm like 01. Eight. You mentioned Jimmy Nelson. I think their padding. And and then their lane in the weeds a little bit I would be shocked if he's not back by June 1. Okay now they're gonna pat it says half the season July arrange I get that I get all that. As they should and they show it yet but my guess is. You're gonna need another starter to bridge that gap and you find that that's starter stays in the rotation bump somebody else out when Jimmy comes back could happen. While I think the million dollar question is. That this offseason it's not rich with free agent starting pitching the name that everyone's talk about right now we talked about on the show before bill. Jake Gary attic you know do you go out and sign a guy who by the ways Scott Boras client and you know he's been have trouble with the brewers in the past. But do you want to paid. 25 million a year. To put an end of that rotation now we asked Craig Counsell a ball mark at an awesome will he be willing to spend the money and this is the answer I expected to hear. Mark you know it's not so has has been very clear that he will spend the money when when it when it's time to spend the money and when it's right to spend the money and I don't have any I don't have any question about that I think. It's editing you know marked probably. Pushing us to push and Johnson and you know it's time to get a slow him down to mixer it's it's right but mark's always. He's willing. At all times he'd always has been intimate it to spend the money. He's bush and yeah well and while we know Bob mark got an Oswego he wants it now. And if you got a slow his roll little bad and I I appreciated that from Craig Counsell because I was like you have to be Smart as as a general mark any identified it as bay was it's certainly honest and that's why I think that. You know this this side in her view was was as good at it as it is I mean yeah Craig's revealing but I think bill pulled that stuff a lot of him in a in a setting that made him comfortable. And now I thought it was not shocking there weren't any you know big headline news items but. Very very interesting in in and around the brewers world of baseball. Anything else you wanna cover your. I guess I can pull up his cut about the funds season and yet I hear well he said he used the term great to my recollection and in a manner of speaking going to Miller Park and avenue about pennant race set. Basically throughout the whole season army was a lot of fun but here's what he had to say about that. What I would say let's season it was a fun season it was just fun surprising error unexpected you know. I don't know I know we know we got to a certain point where. I thought it was a great season for fans thought the players formed a team that they will always kind of remember being. And I told him that at the end of the year I think you know you'll spend a good portion of your career as a matter. You know how many games and how far we get. Trying to be on a team like this because it was a it was a special group the way they came together and I think. The fans really bought into that and really felt that from the players and there was a connection with the with the players and the fans this year. And and for that reason you know we were short. You know the playoffs and then take you to another step but. You know I I think it was a great summer Villa Park I will say that and I'll say that you know twenty years from now that the summer of two of seventy was a lot of phone. Great and fun. Let's say what Wisconsin you've got a winner right there. I don't know I'm no guru and I don't have a crystal ball but. I'd would be shocked if that guy in a brewers uniform does not end up in a World Series. I don't know while when he at being there. I expect him to be there and I'm pretty confident he's gonna get there aren't we'll take a break here. By the NFL season in a little bit of a frenzy you'll have a football frenzy up next year some interesting games and some. Scenarios that play in and out of the Packers attempt to get into the playoffs shall do that next year in the bill Michael's show. Johnson why did you go bill Michaels Stores called feet. It's. Here for the big boys on the old line. Bakhtiar is on the big show every Tuesday afternoon at 435. Brought to my players aren't athletes and great brands and great value since 1955. Home. Another big football weekends. I'm told around the rest of the league. This is the football frenzy on the bill Michael show. Brought you by the Wisconsin laborers district council and they train. For apprenticeship info and the location of the logo on there you go. Go to WY labor's dot org. Felt welcome back to the bill Michael showed salmon for bill today football frenzy over the weekend. Earlier on the show Joseph we are talking about as the NFL lost it's luster. Two chunk of its fan base. Really hasn't to me. I still did the matter why they instilled the NFL now as it did it is at. I don't leaning in a direction in which I would make a few changes yes I would but. Still Sunday's football Sunday is still not funnel and a lot of the biggest stars in the legal while with injuries. O'Dell Aaron Rodgers gave Richard Sherman David John I am my fantasy football teams leagues and I got my football bats and I've got my. You know Vegas future tickets and I've got all the say it's still Sunday there's still kick back and eat them once. Red meat and extra salt water and nonsense still. It's still cool to me let's get into our football frenzy week thirteen in the National Football League. How about we start out in Chicago. Yeah they. They cast him aside although a lot of kickers have that happen to a but Rodrigue gold and what a return to Chicago. Robbie goal. All time leading scoring in history to Chicago Bears. Chased raid on. 24 yard field goal. My dad and they snapped the ball rather goals tic is not headed. Good four seconds. The 49ers happily fifteen to dump fourteen. And Robbie goal. Right around pulpit his arm in the air you know what this means they have. He gave an eyeball to that Chicago Bears sideline after that kick and the niners go on to get there. Victory over the Chicago Bears five field goals at all by the former bear Robbie goal. About we go to the NFC north facing the Atlanta Falcons Wear them Minnesota Vikings in case came down there's a backup. Holden served for the Minnesota Vikings fans. You know it's the battle lines three step drop fired to the sound and. Rudolph with a touchdown reception there. Not aim at Minnesota. With that extra point they go on for a 149 victory over the Atlanta Falcons a big win. For the vikings. And it helps out the Green Bay Packers become. A falcons are one of the teams that the Packers are trying to chase down that from the vikings radio network in the niners' radio network before that. With the Robby gold winning field goal. Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen have hooked up a lot. In fact. They've hooked up so much 234. Touchdowns for Keenan Allen in the last three games. All of those games double digit in receptions. And over 100 yards for rivers Alan. Rivers looked into the middle rose did Allen touchdown chargers. Are now will. Seven yard strike from rivers. That he would valid and that with the chargers up fifteen to seven and needed at the point here from Travis threw to make it sixty. Los Angeles chargers radio network as the chargers started out the season 014 they have wiggle their way back into the mix in that AFC west. And they're now tied with the chiefs as well as the raiders with a a six and six mark. Derek cannery did so last year in a colts game and it's gonna do it again tough ice a titans victory against the Texans that all of my. Equally. The cool thing. Yeah. It's. Okay. It. From the titans radio network love that call. Anytime the titans get the end zone Derrick Henry put up better numbers and starter DeMarco Murray as the titans find themselves in the first place that the titans radio network. Let's see here how about Leonard four net gets back into the end zone for well the surprising jags. Second goal now for the five yard line shotgun for portals for netbook running back. In Diana took Florida. Would've put out a little war game at the end they'll. Well five yard touchdown and it gadget fits in with the lead over the Indianapolis goal. And they go on to beat the Indianapolis Colts in the jag us well a lot of people wondering if they better quarterback would make their money. Far better team that from the jags. Radio network and we go to. Tom Brady of facing the Buffalo Bills after the victories twenties seven in three in his career against the Buffalo Bills although we did miss. Throw a touchdown in the victory. Rex Burkhead scored a couple in that win. I couldn't inches he's got a touchdown rushing today lines up for the night broadcast. Right into the outside bloody physically can't run it up the middle. And from the patriots radio network gear and I thought there was no cheering in the press box apparently there is. Pat she's going on for the win. Alvin Camara. Is she the rookie of the year watch for the New Orleans Saints they have got an outstanding running game in this proof. Come Eric Jackson he's the tailback in the eyes. Yeah. And it's. Yeah. New Orleans Saints had an eight game winning streak they then lose and then they get right back on and where they victory over the Panthers back. May end up helping the Green Bay Packers staff from the states radio network. Russell wells said on Sunday Night Football against the Eagles this is one of his three TDs. If there's a wide to the far side QB Graham wind in the near side muscle of his backfield. Eagles looked like they wanna look for. They do. Russell takes time. It's. Going. Seattle Seahawks radio network and that victory over the Eagles for the hawks that did not help the packers' situation. However the factors to hold the tiebreaker in that NFC. Over the Seahawks in Marshawn Lynch. I bought mail me back to B&Bs mode. Greg who's going to and I have a long way ahead of Marshawn Lynch fresh content to let in the chin strap of the local it field off the right side. I. Love it from the raiders radio network gets a victory to keep the raiders in then mix in the west. Let's see here. Where we go next up about Jared go off they give back off they we're held to seven points NFC's leading. Offense prior to that viking game but Jared Gough hit Sammy Watkins. All that feel left on the right quick snap back to god he's gonna throw you pump fakes get sick outs and you want to talk you better. We're side. That's down sooner you watch kids from the far side of the field works across the middle. Not found a bullet stop arm angle and walking goes in for his sixth touchdown of the season. Edgar ray and expand their lead outfits 18513. Rams radio network on that call are the rams for real we're gonna find out the final four weeks of the NFL season. Should have been rejected didn't do his own flag did Marcus theatres. Now. Didn't complete game. And we'll put a flag it's going to be another. Kansas City penalty. And again it paid player most likely get tickets for the game. It gave Kansas City Chiefs player markets meters. Picked up the official flag anything real. The crowd behind so upset Kansas City news hit yet another penalty called against their team in the areas of market meters picketed the locker room right now he's done. As it turned out. He wasn't officially Jack. From the Kansas City Chiefs radio network can finally Monday Night Football last night. They're down seventeen days are working their way back into the game the Pittsburgh Steelers did and they tie the ballgame late with this big Bender brown. You were first and goal at the seventh trailing by seven and gets loose then throws for the Dolan. That's a touchdown for the Blackberry although a better job today we're it was Antonio brown and still down and he caught it. Then he thought it could mean is Dick Wolf it's great Keith Willis. As did not getting through group. I Logan hit him as he got the ball I guess what he stood up after you've got to. Through sensors and then slam the ball down on this point. As the Steelers radio network on that call in their victory they tie the ballgame late and Boswell wins that. For the Steelers there's your football frenzy week thirteen in the National Football League. Love here and highlighted so the NFL on the radio. Hardly anything better from maybe one thing better brewers baseball with the cubs pitcher on the radio. For the bill Michael's show come enough. You're listening to don't. Bill might school's sports talk network. This portion of the bill Michael Joseph brought you by our friends at quick trip this weekend only Packers steel tub or buy one get one through Sunday at quick trip. Great Christmas gift. Coffee fountain drinks refills after every Packers win stop in the quick trip today you know let's ride go no fee ATMs. Their fresh fruits vegetables they're all kinds of things that you need in your daily life act quick trip may get a quick trip kind of day. Final couple minutes here of its Tuesday edition of the bill Michael's show Tim Allen radio GO and bill is not back tomorrow is back on Thursday. That right. Yeah I'm only doing one show with them this week is somewhat fright. So it'll be bill and I Thursday tomorrow will be myself and Kevin holed it from CBS fifty in Milwaukee. And then you got four hours of brewers baseball talk tomorrow right. Deliberate tot he should. I think how I'm pondering right now we should talk about tomorrow one thing I do wanna talk about tomorrow is the running back corps for the Green Bay Packers. Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones have been pretty impressed are you sold on Williams. I think I am getting there. You know the guy now. Ted Thompson he did the right thing. Loaded up on running back in this past draft and it's paying off right now it's this is part of the reason why the Packers are still hanging in there in the playoff discussion because they're running. You have and it's certainly isn't their passing attack as we discussed earlier. On today's show that how does he go from there to bear. Was one guy being removed. Others had to be a little some more to it but it's a moot point now really when you think about it because they've got you beat the browns and and Rogers is back. Thank either way you can't get eliminated from playoff action with a loss this week. The way I see the playoffs I don't think they can get eliminated Null went three weeks ago you know game really hurts is that Baltimore game that was a game the Packers. Probably should have won well because then then it's like you talk about penny not your seven and five and set a six and six. And there's a little bit more room for error but the ravens just. There. There are better team than people think now I know there and they're in the succeed I think clear how many maybe they weren't as bad as we thought heading into Lambeau that day. That's probably yet that's why they're probably heard so much love the Packers came so close to beating the Steelers they can variables in the Braves. I don't doubts. I Kevin Holden in for bill tomorrow along with radio Joseph thanks for listening Wisconsin have a great day. He ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice talking to.