HR4 – Is Valentine’s Day really necessary?

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Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 4. Matt Miller stops by to talk NFL Draft. Plus, is it smart for a girl scout to sell cookies next to a marijuana shop? And one producer in the building had a poor choice of words today…


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From the league's front. Franks this is we are Wisconsin sports fans can't patrol. The bill Mikey show. Welcome belt Michael show up here. Happy Valentine's Day to via the way yours was in the hair to warmer weather which is good we needed. For a getting above thirty watching some snow melts my driveway is now there's a warmup feeling good about. Might as good an. Armed. Valentine's Day let me ask you this. Okay. Who created Valentine's Day was this Valentine's Day was this something that was created by. My hallmark. So this is this like sweetest day did you sweetest thing in October. Valentine's Day in February. Created Valentine's. Like to know that where the creation of Valentine's Day because we're not celebrating so invalid I think unit of getting its head cut off someone right. Now it says it says right here Valentine's Day is also called saint Valentine's Day or the feast of saint Valentine's. Celebrated annually on February 14. Originated as a western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saint's name Daylon tunis. Failed to Wednesday's recognizes the significant cultural religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love but didn't Ellen tunis and that like getting. LB out of Germany didn't deisler beheaded on. Murmur my history correctly. Curious sights set sic if you know the story here senate too because I believe I'm right. And Alan tunis ended up. The Lambeau lunatic says who created Valentine's Day do turn regulate. That's it period and it just don't think so. General thinks I that I think of anything you'll be it would it would have been a woman that wanted to be recognized. By a husband who is or you submitting other wishes ignoring her. Is that is that sexist on my part. My Nadal will too far there might have. Considering you guys are sold by flowers in the gas station this morning I think a write off. Paul Conrad. Got up this morning left before she woke up. Was on my way to the job site stories are happy Valentine's Day. So we gas station buying flowers in a car. That was generic cars just says love. Sign Bob. Valentine's Day. That was the best thing you could either hoped for. Or is has as has happened to you on Valentine's. Its use of the carton flowers. I can't remember any things. I always want it now maybe in a dude okay. I always say just give you you are not talking in the physical sense or just you know just. I don't do all kinds of stuff we get to hang with all kinds of people do all kinds of great things stuff that I've always wanted to do. You're on the field at baseball stadiums football stadiums and hanging out Super Bowl and meeting all these celebs all the stuff so. It and you get stuff given you meals give any you know all it has always adjust to some thing from the heart. You know I don't need to watch and I don't need. You know stuff you know what Sherri ask me users have what do you want. As should you don't want I don't get stuff done for me you know I mean where. Odd I'm always a one you know the show whenever there's a party or something's something's going on. It's always I'm planning it everybody's like I've right now. Sixty candles is going to a Bogart's in Cincinnati. All of my friends here about it. It's a message me or text me and says hey are you did this or Eunice tickets they put all this together struggle to put all the stuff together it's a great time. We got like forty people going it's like a high school reunion for me to do it every year. We buyout the entire balcony of Bogart's which is kind of like the race. In Milwaukee. It's it's a place like that not as big but it's kind of like that so we go there are great time. But I'm the one it does at all so I'm a video of just do something. Just using just told what I need to Wear. And tell me wordy LB beer or. Do something I can't ever imagine like the romantic side of things I can't imagine Jerry walking around like some did you know. Courses her tired eyes I can ever imagine that you know I got just that that's not her style so my question will be would you what do you do. Just do something for you know some the from the heart. The dinner great it was a card that you made great. If it's something. You know he might name in the snow I don't care. Is something. On the from the heart that everything that's what I want. That's a Valentine's Day other people. It's cards flowers talk to you later. It's kind of nice because if you have a flowers delivered to an officer but he gets to see in the office. Who got the flowers are here they are it comes to you that's gonna score against. But beyond that what he'd. Forty Dora mountain resorts it was the cool thing on Valentine's. 8558308648. Vignettes of the nor on dealership. 855 B 308648. On the are on the loans which it dot com poll free talk. Susie said my husband sent me a singing guerrilla. On Valentine's Day the guerrilla had a great big heart. Filled with chocolates. And played guitar. I didn't know guerrillas sent. The scene guerrilla OK they're ago. I did see that. Mr. Adam. Says his wife when he got home from work made him dinner. Had rose petals leading up to the bedroom and then over the surprise. I'm going to leave it to your imagination what a good night that was from the mark. Chris says is the best gift I got was my wife W boxes cigars. And a pass for a cigar clubs Sid go have a good time with your friends I'll be here waiting for you when you get back. That's critical. I don't relate to that. Com. What will be even cooler is if she went smoke cigars with you that would be cool there's nothing sexier than a woman that smokes a cigar while they are right now. And now she's doing and they can repair our heels a team better but regardless. But seek a fifth seed here. I cabbie said my husband's and myself in my girlfriend's to a play had a great night out had wine waiting for me when we got home. Had a great time in front of the fire. Donna says he did the dishes took care of the kids in gave the united autopsy being Mother's Day. It's immoral Mother's Day thing that is a saint Valentine's Day thing. Anymore Mother's Day from. This is he bonds are really cool clothes told me to slip and in my new close to me out to dinner had a limo waiting for us. And we had agreed evening now. This was from Jake who says they got together all of her friends. Who Mattis downtown as we went to dinner. One her girlfriends was in opera singer who's saying romantic love songs to work as we got our dinner. To kind of annoying. Just sitting there having a dinner he Rachel just consider hanging out having dinner wanna be annoying if I'm sitting there next in the next to the table singing the entire time your. That would be extremely annoying seem to be singing like a duo like them by big bucks or something you know. On overhead means yeah. But we don't they Sinatra you know we do with some brat. UV serenading us with a wrap. A larger woods who you yeah I would I was right there aren't that big bulletin came alive if we do when it you know. Each get people Joseph yeah you get people joke. And then in between lyrics your ribbon on office. And well to get to listen I would guess I smell it often the entire restaurant you know old wanna do that. Believe me would hate it if anyone was seen here. And now. What 79 winner best gifts for people around the office you know. That's the other thing. Mr. to look at people I think what would what would you words significant other do feel like Bartley who does the morning show a decision our place your decision. Like part the best thing you do for his wife just leave. You know chalk shower. That kind of thing you know does this take a shower and you know start to look at this might clemens'. One day sweetheart I just won't tell you a story about him. You know might do sits down one days or stood just you know read romantically or exercise on the news. I can see you know his wife Cindy since so Mike you know what we go over Valentine's Day you need to be careful back in 57. We ramble once took his wife to the blue. Bay hotel. Wednesday and then he goes into the story about what they did how he tore the room open. You know what I was all said and done they'd gone through fourteen gallons of oil or something like that not. Let me tell you stories go out. Won the Davis in his underwear you know. A so I'll try to think of all these different things around the studio. About people we were Rivera nearly vision. More. Velocity on just not around quite got two corner tickets for his wife and a NASCAR event. Slayer counselor Slater co sponsors something like that you know he came in the other day easily dead and paid. Big money to this layered fence again front girls seem to elect. You can never ceemea slayer cancer Africa affair. Is life going to and you know the likes going after Valentine's that your position is has been meaning without him. That's intensity that Jeff Jeff for Alaska is one of our producers capitals and from time to time but he. I need to fines he said something in his top of the hour sports update that I was just let them all he always comes it was something. You know. Smoking Joseph priorities the best when he's a different anchor it's a different anchor and I think I think everyone in the bill in school with a two he's. He had dot com guy that you ever heard it locally in debt that you can always eat whatever it is you can always find more information and all the stories of her major Sports Radio auto 57 FM the fan. It's acts. Internet waking up with a warning her that night screaming and he just likes leaving her Bernard. I just got no words creature that's. 855830864885583086. Foray by the way my Clemens listening to the program. Says Jolie should understand the forged during the rap session for your Rachel's dinner should be considered nothing more than percussion. It's my back out there. They stayed hot dry Arizona air makes it hard for pitchers. Just gripped their balls. Yeah. Approximately seventeen minutes ago on this yeah. So for me around the stake graduation. That is Jeff for a lot he's up to a stayed hot dry Arizona air makes it hard for pitchers to grip their balls. I'm sure I had like. A global aids and two out. This reporter. Lives it's ours are not PG would blow dryers and are based Moody's today almighty god. They stayed hot dry Arizona air makes it hard for pitchers have gripped their balls. To grip their balls back. Matt pilgrim go to next don't know I don't know the you're listening to the bill might school's sports talk network. They say the hot dry Arizona air makes it hard for pitchers just gripped their balls. Not like a jolly Johnny what an appropriate song for Valentine's Day how we let him. I. Because cordial the broader every bride my cousins of the officials of there was the go Michael sports talk now or the Rubin is back. For a limited time only stop of the cousins subs get one today download the app. Or just go to cousins subs dot com the officials sub sandwich and go Michael sports talk network we talked some NFL draft now Matt Miller draft analyst for the which report. Joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Matt happy Valentine's Day do you. I am not part they got I dreamt I'm over supposes say that but I'm feeling the spirit so what the hell so there you go out the door and why would fall in love with him for a Green Bay Packers fan what ace right well that's why we get paid big bucks did. Doubt it's perfect. A lot of guys a lot of guys on the you are a lot what I think. It they're I've run through. Dollar tree that spot whether it's like parchment from Georgia. Local the bucket award for the best linebacker in the country little side. Athletic glee and checked that book let's tackle box. That was on I would have just Jack in the corner of Iowa eight pick this year had to regroup or are they bigger corner. At the warning about 195. That those that are my two favorite names that. Well a lot of meat on defense articulate your younger cheaper someone like elderly Alabama on the board so there are a hundred directions that they can really go and ate it up and that's what do you got a new GM and that we can't just say all of the support and counsel would you forward this late in the past is a whole new ball. While got a guy like Denzel ward the corner from Margie do you think he falls. I don't other great fit for you guys I mean they're run and probably there. Low for the reasons that outline and it will she play as physical years as it. Just feel like you probably going to be a top ten Pickler often doubted. Preaching about things up obviously in detail which team gets Kirk cousins were you get it you know we can either quarterback while board. And maybe pusher gala awards Ab I don't think you can get past. Mean even you know like 49 or whether there nighter and are urging that the typical quarter. On the other thing I know I look at the needs on this Packers team I think right tackle obviously is a concern primal ought to be in doubt for a period of time. I look at the tight end position. I think they need an athletic tight and they of -- whether they get Jimmy Graham in in free agency or they wanna upgrade via the draft which I don't think the tight end position is very deep this year is it. I I think you look like it at first but now that culture that we get the track and the more you got out it looks like it not. Maybe as strong as what he'd he knows probably not be interact in the first round is very neat you are reading Barbara Toobin. It's not a great year for tiger and it's a pretty good you're right well especially you know maybe not at fourteen. But what you get into the grading their enemy guys like mark injury list should be stayed or Brian O'Neill. Called Miller UCLA and there's there's pretty good bet that sucker an even paragraph you start you deeper into where. You could go whether you are 447. On defense that are trying to come back around to get apple. So the Packers need a tackle they needed tight end. They need an outside pass rusher they get edge guy if indeed you move Clay Matthews duty inside. You probably need a corner although I think at this point I'm Marius Randall Kevin King they are they you'll fortified back there I would like some depth but I also like to see them go out and free agency get a veteran. So if you're a Packers with all the different means they seemed to have. Bomb ER talked about the first round. What area of depth is deep in this draft that you feel OK if you don't get this guy the first tribunal at that position of need to fill the first round. How the prison who's got the biggest depth in the coming in this draft this year. Well I think in the quarter tricky spot or deepened and like that you get you do you deal that the quarter. What what you advocate lack struck once Joshua electorate thinking in the back of young guys and secondary or. Are up and comer in my opinion. Linebacker is the expression middle linebacker spot. It's not round want. Might get lucky and end all to a guy like they're ordered to probably. Probably be closer to a third round pick who they would use that athleticism. It in the middle of the lot that he sent. I'm excited he did it finally will need need to free agency because that's really opening up so. It would when we look at this spot but he got out structure well I idle while the aperture class especially. We're the defense where he was standing up so that's a look spots you'll get a guy out or your cover in underground to edit somebody. Maybe org C a huge question mark off the field selection Hubbard well I would say it's not a boy you likely to that the other side and it is. You know these positions further into debt this year and here at the Packers are that you know that. Probably not an aircraft and back early after what they get black jury to rethink that position that that your quarterback is great and and the like you were flat it's probably a little more heavy around cute three I would love to see that back up more got there. With the Packers what we saw last year with Brett only company it just wasn't good as far as about a quarterback position do you think the Packers would dive into. A backup quarterback drafting a quarterback this year. Price. If they get back that ground war philosophy that you should draft a quarterback. Yeah every year report what Ron is attracting now people kind of edited that outdated XP every other year but it would that would make and especially with public if you drafted in the fifteen. Four year deal he got one here in any kind of got to make it official what you're gonna do it and so. Go out well what the issue surprise but he knocked. I don't integrate your to do that they're there's going to be a heart quarterback Tom all the border per. 46 maybe six quarterback while the board the top forty after that. He really had run out of act to be excited about. And Luke all from Washington State it's going to be a pretty give it an eight Wesco puppets huge and ever strong arm might like western Kentucky. Pretty good athlete pretty aren't really inconsistent and argued that he's irked into these guys that. You know normally you would say would be like seventh rounder are directed straight at quarterback. Lot of people ask him on Twitter about to which remain Edmonds the kid out I believe he's out of Virginia Tech and it was an outside linebacker. Bomb would he be a fit for a guy like Patton who can run 34 or 43 utilized personnel be an outside edge rusher. Everything looked great the nineteen year old six five. Fifty he can play all the LG platinum medal he can really do look but don't eat it gives you a lot of versatility. I I've you know talk to go to out turner to a good argument about where is does that position I think some people feel. If you're did it and they're and they're currently in the advocate he got after the quarterback the last two year and you had been hit and sacked last year now Courtney that's all up so that they outlook he built now. You know he India. A letter or type guy but with the bear camp where you draft this kind of lanky power structure you turn vendor to some of more war you know you could try to and about that happened at the bar type player that it really shows well they're still in musical that up let the system to be a match up player. At linebacker so yet. And yet up and potential. I think that it surprised if you saw the board agree becomes a detector at fourteen but crazier things have happened. Can't that there be higher ranked player on my board. Or die when Matt Miller NFL draft analyst for the Bleacher Report wanna go back averages a second this kid and if you're from what I understand remembering just I think I silently may be one or two games which they could use him in passing situations in which he could actually color like tight ends and slot receivers on worries that personal right. There is very quiet and their parents urgent equities said it. You know okay no lineup we cover slot or not like I didn't and you never know not but is it political hay covered me. I think Colbert why the biggest question mark would be just the football IQ I think that they're currency cutting yet still got lost. You need to get stronger if you get a handle IE in the next well you know he's not gonna handle. Rocker Travis Walton not that anyone does but even adults or like Al Rudolph a did you get a little bit stronger does that impact would that. Pretty you do exactly Nike ad it's easy to make it stronger off their first. Odd defensively speaking at guided gets a lot of play because from UT San Antonio and its markets Davenport I've heard his name brought up a lot because he's just a true pass rusher. But coming from those smaller schools how much trust you have a guy like. Very little that is the Smart way to do you really want. To make that surprise you and so we have that opportunity at the airport he showed up at the first Judy and all is what law. It Thursday. You start seeing an end of the game circular but more so. Speaking they'll figure out EP still put on weight which bared their due on is freaked out by turning laps I talk to someone who got what should he encountered. The season ended for him and in mid December so he's he get there. It would play I. But he's such a great athlete that you almost well. We actually think that our that we don't blow off fixable and religion not cool cool that you bring them are are pretty crazy and hard apple. I mean him. In the top ten. Most that you restart and yet they'll say probably going to be a mid first round pick you know in that. Well it's warning range to figure out what he but I think it Derek has pretty well we get in the in a couple weeks and and that could put him in that you know. I don't need it productive Vicki that would put him and a high range of those in thirteen. With not knowing about the way Packers will do things now. I guess my question becomes how much if go to all DUC teams now trading could weigh one year we saw a ball lower album. And then last period slowed down a little bit also in the philosophy was just stick with what did what would get to the army and obviously the bears traded up in. Many people believe they just gave way to farm. For too risky but do we see a lot of movement this year do we expect a lot of movement this year. I didn't do and and free agency can be so huge that because if yeah let's say the jet anchored and they're gonna make hack around him well late in the entry that suspect what we'll come up get a quarterback whether it. Immediate the dolphins or Washington or Arizona they're lacking that that have that view quarterbacks so. Into Denver to get perk up and they can also look to trade out of that spot so we could you ought actually outweigh. You know the cold three. Have been rumored to be lowered so that kicked it straight. It could be a record high hopes they'll mention a lot more on whether Lotta activity in a lot of moving parts and it gives us a heck of a war talk about. I would be remiss about and mentioned Torrey from a dollar a lot of people Wisconsin wanted to find out where you think he is rated where you think they go see a third round guy sector around dire further down. Are made and it got there at bat last week about critical wanted that they integrated and like oh this is not a guy I expected her to got an early in the year. I think he's probably at or a different take Easter. Not a great athlete being targeted if you that athletic ability where he inflection now you can go one pat. You know now emerald and Herbert strike everybody out biography it figured out there you know I know the run through that age if not exempt. I know that you know he's got better blocker this year. And he pretty limited now about the other side. The dude is always open without the play the on the net and that is our ability they are obviously does not care at all yet to catch traffic you talked. Both those things you love adding her image Eric I doubt deck and the lack an outlet after you've been a pretty big issue. Always gonna Jack that is the draft draws near or chat again okay. Bringing about a popular they go Matt Miller and they'll draft analyst for the Bleacher Report that's where you read this stuff he really does a great job watching film and breaking it down and always good to get a chance to challenge specifically when you have NFL draft on its way and we know that the Packers have some specific needs so. We'll see what happens. Will seeds will soon after scientists you know your open that. You're open that of the Packers are will fill the needs and a fortified his team through some free agency put themselves right back on the map and it right back in the thicket and he joins us a shot or or challenge shatter our drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty push years immediate and call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com. Schneider jobs dot com this portion program brought to buy Marshall clinic health system. Treating pre new law all over the state beyond the borders is a matter of fact because they're able to do it. With care highway auditors caught a four Fortier what if you have something ailing you. You may need a prescription only got to do is call amended regular prescriptions sent to the pharmacy near you do it all for. Forty bucks or less if they can't help you at all no charge pay for play that's the best way to possibly ego. Why did was call 844 fairway or go to Marshall clinic dot org it's more stupidly dot org the official health care provider of yours truly. Odd talk a little more brewers baseball talk some of baseball in general pace of play that type of thing we tobacco also wrap up with some emails and such certitude Bordeaux washer products. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Don't want to show on the air. I've got a question for you. Get a competitive spirit. Coming up in just a minute. Serious question. Worry ride you we're heading out check Arizona four spring training were to be out there in the middle march radio Joseph yours truly. Gonna be bringing you all the sights and sounds of brewers' spring training baseball compliments of our great friends over at Sasser is says is on state. You can obviously get their sauces anywhere. But when you wanna go out for dinner they have an all new outdoor patio deck. Renovated the restaurant great place great people that is sands is also our friends the best sports more Milwaukee that is steady Suez shuttle's all the brewers games all the games downtown as a matter of fact. They have all the though Michael's early cheese bread that is iPad second national Milwaukee's number one sports bar and that is standing by the way congratulations to them again. Again I think is a third time in six years or five years they won the up pond hockey tournament up in open dead Two Rivers. And up near tomahawk apparently Nicole was. So congratulations a steady yet again pace a hockey powerhouse. In the state and around the world is teams come from all over. To play that pot hockey tournament also are friends it pinned down all they area manufacturing. You know entity here in the state of Wisconsin new girl was got to be exact. And they deal global. So if you're looking for a great career a great opportunity. Check out in del PI ND ELP in Dell dot com to adult like out turn out for yourself. If you're looking to move on also the official vehicle. Of the bill Michael show on the road spring training that is our friends over breaker Sherri looking not only to be the biggest and best in the video city Milwaukee but all throughout the state. If you have any kind of deal out there that is pending taken over Gregor I guarantee they meet or beat guarantee. And they're gonna give you better servers be in a wide to my body glad he's in the service department and they do a great job there. And our friends over signature limousines packed in broke in everybody's signature. I've said before I'll say it again they get you there in style and comfort any trust and that's a big thing when you talk about trailing around. Weather severe Porter great night out. A good Allen what your friends are just fewer than misses are you and a friend whatever they do a bed they to a presidential limousine. Check about a info at booked signature dot com info at book's signature. Dot com hi this is serious question port. Is this cheating no we well we all know someone. Who was involved in girl scout cookie sales correct and we all do. I've got friends all over the place this time a year there always had my daughters got that are like you know what the lead out for this will be government under. Okay the Girl Scouts have cookie self conscious. And you know the per did the girl who sells the motion to prizes and all accounts up it teaches you. A lot about our customer service to teach you about handling money teach you about business. It teach you about location in about networking all account as to whether you're young girl scout her older girl scout we all know the Girl Scout Cookies are fantastic. By the way the thin mint is the official cookie. For a march troops and go Michael show if you haven't heard that commercial Allred. They're back again this year. But there's a girl a city who took that a step may be too far I think it's entrepreneurial. Foresight at its best. But you decide. A girls doubt she is outside. With her little stand got a six foot banquet tables set up mom and dad there which is boxes of cookies she's not in front of Pepco. She's not in front of you know the beach ready like that she's in front of a legalized marijuana shop. So all your thirties. It revealed Guinness. Commercially years ago where they tap again as classes together to go into it I think this is bright. Now I know all people have a problem pot's side effects but it's legalized. Is very different and as she walks through bar through dad's quarter Bartz is hey uncle Joseph hey Steve. Hey Bob hey Kathy. You know on here just for a little time an odd drink it we although that is facilities and cookies we all kind of look at it OK it's a drinking cultures corner bar are you doing. She's not there. Sally she's selling it would we'd. None of that. Which is outside of a legalized marijuana dispensary. Selling cookies. And she's not only selling a few cookies she's selling a lot of cookies. Would you ever probably. And again I use the word legalized anymore. Here's our thrown out there. I think it's brilliant may be giggle. You know what I personally do it probably not I mean you know collection came to me one day today data on a try to sell some cookies let's put it outside of they apart shop at play out the best places. You know. Not gonna happen. I take her out to Pickens say. Or maybe was sporting event downtown are fine like one of our friends like geno lower. Or or Jerry got a steady users of the like got a Carmelo to god and other Carmelo say you know what. Did you cells of goodies other. You're traveling to get it they go and it she's got a guy like uncle Guido note neck. Watching Olympic. So people combined CL take five boxes put me down she's okay great. You know what when they commit let me know and I'll send uncle we go out to collect collect the money when he drops off the boxes you know you don't. Eight AO dual 45 dollars for critics in eagle. That idea. I don't think I'd Porter personally from a pot shop but you know I hate each is out I think it brought our problems. That's what you knowledge or did do go for. Corey says that girl is not cheating she's genius like silly. Could agreement. Could agree more Brodie says that girl is a freaking genius. Where she was miked. Follow what else do we have here this one's from our third. Lose it and that was my daughter's selling cookies outside of a pot shop. I would never work with the owner. And getting two for ones. I think to a reporter over the top. This one's from Shannon should nine Yahoo! says. As they legalize pot smoker let me know our location I'm on my way I pretty much says it all right there. Yet. We wrap things up next in the white was so. Sixteen stations strong. Real might school's sports talk now. They stayed hot dry Arizona air makes it hard for pitchers. Just gripped their balls. No Michael Joseph rabbit things up. 8558308648. Lotta people are reacting to. The girls get out selling Girl Scout Cookies in San Diego outside the legalize marijuana shop. They supplied a man Gortat. Nor its debt. Mel says would you what are selling them outside of a strip club those illegal as well. Well Mel's launch she's not selling them inside the strip club what's the big deal. Delegates are her walking up and on the sidewalk. You know. Did it is always a look at it coming out of my daughter outside of marijuana shopper strip club no okay. But it's legal look at that's with a parent Rolando gulf port you know doesn't affect me. We get to feel uptight about. Trying to. Trying to cover other people. OK it's not hurting anybody who cares. We've to a tight about what you crap. And those are really pertain to us at all. Now she's going inside the strip club many I got an issue. It creepy guys are coming outside to strip club and rotor dollar bills in a weird way I got a problem. A far cry from legalize marijuana shop. To restrict. Your your making a large assumption. You take a big jump. 855 B 308648. Auto loans by Kim dotcom told free dog let's go to JJ west jealous yeah I don't that was going on. It looked on on film had a great day out beautiful. Today it's above forty. Man mutual we're above ground that's close that's a a the grossed out is absolutely brilliant in my mind HE a future fortune 500. Person you know chicken jerky rare to have you know anybody that's not Smart at that age you know more more power to work. You know and hate is caught idiom and you see that day yet outsource development. Season. Version of have video c.'s today. CIA she doesn't look if she this story which is kind of crossing face would now if you see this story she got old. She looks like maybe she's thirteen fourteen not you know. She's worldly I don't know a bad you know she went Soledad. Those rumors about you know doing little little little guy did you. It makes you hungry tent on down to the legalize marijuana shop. Let me fire off some tidbits but well yeah exactly. I think mom and dad probably went in a wide. Offers many times as we got high and we sat around and a beautiful onions would be great. And little chilly here was able to go down the street sell some of those cookies trying to legalize marijuana shop at mom a dad again going their frequent a place. And we know everybody that we oversee and there when they come through would have little small rolling paper they come through a hole hookah. We know they got too much he's. So I'd go ahead not only go into the shop and pick ourselves up a little bit of that K we'd. But in the meantime we got to make some money on an as well. Let's fire off outside from a little six foot banquet table budget demands apparent patties and everything else they have those people are patted. And let's let people grub down just like we were in a lot of dead probably going issued a whole lot to go and they spent a little wanted to come out going you know. We must buy some cookies or year. He ZoneAlarm and Illinois as well. How does that benefit through us. The reds are not a good baseball team. I expect the reds you hubby battling in Pittsburg pirates for a via for the basement of the National League Central Asia. It's. A. Bill or Panama was when all of a lot so. Well off. They're all well at all adult photo out there is a genius idea that the people of the vote I go out on the let was let out on. Salt water for dollar every about it it would be sorted dehydrated but couldn't make money. When you smoke pot you're gonna get monkeys ought to build up the a lot of the problem. No I don't buy energy to get a liquor license I never do it. Just in case just in case your bad stuff odd may appreciate it very shared but the other thing is she should be selling. It'll refrigerator next to it so pints of milk for 250. It putts and up to fifty box of cookies. And god Jeff what 488. Pool. Whom they go. They go. Tomorrow. Baltimore tomorrow food elders. Drivers together they bring Caylee on Nomar frank Kelly tomorrow we. And as John man's opinion that. There it got replaced or you know nevermind we're right take a quick break get out here may come back tomorrow. Dot brush to go I'll have a college. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.