HR4 – Was Giannis the problem last night?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, January 18th

Hour 4. One caller suggests Giannis is a big part to the blame for last night’s loss. Do you agree? Plus, we’ll talk Patriots with Chris Price.


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From the league runs to the river flow. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans at home should tall but bill Michael's you know. I know Michael Joseph is on the air. Hopefully you're having a terrific day today. On this Thursday. I'm the Michael's radio Joseph across the way you on this portion of the program being brought to wired differently quick trip who're going to be setting is off to Super Bowl this year. Going to be there is a part of our quick trip broadcasts and everything else we got going all we're gonna use quick trip on the way quicker big on fresh low on price final location near you a quick trip dot com Kate. WIK trip dot com. Talk more about Super Bowl and maybe the games leading up to that is EA have seen the NFC championship games coming up this weekend Chris price from Boston sports journal bringing us the alone on the patriots. Now joining us on the Schneider orange top line I don't our friend what's up. Gardner I'm doing well don't you do it. We're doing good yeah there's there's. On wanna Daniel look at it as man this is just a machine that keeps on Rolen and their's others that look at it as you don't wanna see bill ballot second Tom Brady overtaken championships Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr at least from this perspective but. So everything spinning around his team first and foremost about him discontent between some of the parties involved. He can you give us kind of alone and it's what's going on right now behind closed doors over their New England. Oh are expecting it might be that got it out or. Could you competed in her back. At the truth army. Always lies somewhere in between it is my understanding that. Tension opt out your belt between check out greedy. They all clear idea so burn up under in the book we don't. Get to Wear long ago. So relentlessly practical. Years and expect the camping out here I don't know that there was engineer. I don't know what to expect ultimately impacted. You know. John he'll play a big impact all that much quite frankly but at the same time. You know my feeling is by our already gotten it wrong or going for him. And how this thing out but or Alter. So. If they win that's. Is it just status quo everything back again next year no problems no arguments are we gonna see something come out leak out after the end of the season. No I think it can be well I think the Petri you know you talk about that. It's been steady she goat or 78 years complicating the picture. I don't prediction that Belichick could head coach and pretty going to be the quarterback regardless of the week being. Gergen skirt doubt making. Are this that this team facing a Jacksonville team that gets after defensively did tell me what did to them the patriots side of things have to do to win this ball game. We don't look a lot of those. It. You modeled yours and we are and what are well what it is a lot you were ordered to court or Welker. And Joseph. Bought a double life. Always one of those guys they're not app you're. I expect him going or earlier or for that. That we don't meet you. Wrote about her out you'd agree it what you. And operated a particular I'll hurt you and your heart is up in any. It's. All recording back. You look at it like Jumbo jeans white expert at the police. Thirteen to get a victory out barracks at least per character and thirty Kerry seem. Guys are really hard there's not a free entry into import import car aren't a match at a white. Market edged up linebackers that didn't pay go out and read aloud at the art. He came out. Defensively speaking this has played morals look at is is guided doesn't have much experience like this so any experience like this for that matter. What do you expect he expected they're gonna come after him try to rattle. Bigotry. Knee. On you we bought up short order order because the court. Jack look at. The ability. And been not been all over. Good morning he built up. With a good action in sort. Of running. And you bet away. First or more. People that are much more from we. Well in that I think their play action or. The action. Are. You. I regret approach you at. The or. Not quite quick action we are able. The next action packed. Ottawa or that the first step on the road. Well asking me my next question for now there's been a guy that even though he's broken off some big runs he's a guided very slowly just grinds on you but as for next in the way you look at him. Is he a guy they can they can pound the defense continually throughout a game until third or fourth quarter and it really sort of break things free or is because he's a little bit of a smaller back. You got just beating up a key signing him to where he then wears down. But we're all in big you know you look at it and Europe are brought her car running back. They were hurt or the old guard or two seamer. And it would hurt her or let them that they're more alert for dirt. That area. Court makeup or what it all in which made it. You beat boxer. Argued about it work the body immediately try to find something like it all. Our play action. Well it a couple of and dealers out of it like drug or to. All Ornette. Or get out that it all back you know absolutely Kirk play action out the beat him there or. If the guy who got a call a lot of big run. That bridge just the sheer volume of being able to. Where our vote. So well also when you look at the mind of Brian Bill Belichick Aminu is. He's he's always going to have something in his quiver for that that you haven't seen. That a team has an expected some kind of tendencies that they. They had never run throughout the season I mean this is where Bill Belichick really shouldn't really kind of shines doesn't it. Yeah it is or work. You're the one note about. Your boy out and seen the direction. Egypt and you thought we are Flickr Chris Hogan would be to pick up watchdog to compete art aren't U. We haven't seen that correct. Now running back yard. That they are all in all where it would look like them all get away from Brady running back which. A bit and perk but are two point conversion. Jane look up the yard or talked about you know little or Joseph Louis. A phenomenal year and even got. That being in this situation like that. A little bit surprised at jaguar wouldn't expect a magnet and beat it like that. Hum looking at this game and a sense of two defense is the defense is can win the defense and the patriots is it is a team has given up a lot of overall yardage overall defense in yardage. There at the bottom but yet they've been a very good scoring defense what is made them so good inside the torn. Click on a couple of things first or looked and worked on orders actually linebackers coach but also served as. Don't coordinator. I would are doing at age that argument to be able bodied guy Eric. Defender and earth and look what your what. Titans. Toronto apartment a knack for coming up big in the big moment you saw that in the late in the you are so. Different. Merge. It goes situation even those big moment we'll. Bring that down but torrential. Are. They're bad the secret that the bat in the red coat. Or orbital. But in the short order call. Regular. It. Or. They are. They're best. Brought a lot of important but more pressure on Jack's book we. Oh early. Eat you know I would be pretty necklace. Patriots get the way I'm sure a talk down the road but what does this mean going if they make it again to another Super Bowl they get to Minneapolis is what does this mean to this franchise what does it mean defendant. I BJ at all six all in any one rocket blowing like neat secret work. You know were worked out at you but that would mark acting it don't last year. Thought pretty irk you a little bit worried talk about the pets or back all I bet you don't. Mutual debate whether gray area where maybe I think this would rein it in our guys. Become you know no doubt they are patient Tibet but all you're. With six or maybe you know. Oh O Paulo to hammer out here it was the Red Sox and everybody else. Yeah well do you see that the people on what you're what you're not a PP all around anymore. This is not counted and read our I believe me. This betrayal that they that a lot of weight become a look we're gonna be like it is in some. All up what Western Europe I don't agree and I understand that I bet you should people way and you really permanently. Army football perspective when football. Talk on the way talking with Chris price from the Boston sports journal about the matchup coming up this weekend equally morals and company coming into the year. Korean Gillette Stadium I wanted to ask you this because I knew as much as we wanna look at Blake morals and say this is a big moment for him something he's not ever tried going to be a part of before. The defense or the patriots. They've been terrible against receivers number one and number two wide outs all season long they rank no better than twentieth in defending him and they're the worst against him against the run overall thirtieth. Than the past so. Is this really to come down to Brady vs portals every two weeks really the legitimately with a straight face say that. You never know what it or are gonna get I think you wild card in it. Don't. You get that guy who. A lot of ways. And you're orgy guy who. Gold and currently Clinton seemed to all victims are all in the locker so you know. Ever heard you think there were at a bank I think it. You know the oracle probably lies somewhere in between I think they. A lot of weight Eric absolutely. And reporting. Connecting to went years but he. Missed it. Or edit an anti if it. Good article and so. A lot of weight looks but you greet oral. Again or every other Arctic chill portal and while we. Are not be able you know all that. Or. Act the. Always appreciate it Chris thanks so much for taking a couple minutes with a soak I. Appreciate it talk to you soon and oh I'm sure it will secrecy if the New England Patriots get a win will see him radio row there's no doubt about that they're going to be up there. Indianapolis. As well he joins in the Shire or challenge Schneider our drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty bush years and getting it done call me 144 prior. Or go to Schneider jobs died Thomas speak in Minneapolis yeah our broadcast their brought you by reference in the water doctors been with a seventeen years the two medical water something system. 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This forced a program he brought by Bud Light the official response to the go Michael sports talk network don't forget coming up tonight 68 and idiotic Matta ease in new Merlin. Probably can stop by the face in the crowd. We talk at some bucks today. And the talk of a lot of different stuff today by the way com. And we've had John horse on this program before we had JC can on this program before we go back to the John John worst discussion when he was asked specifically. Who has the power. Two to fire Jason Kidd if things don't add up and ended the season goes wrong who has that are here was his answer. What is the structure like for the box as far as chasing kids. Who he reports to live who has the ability to hire or fire the head coach. I think our structure is very very collaborative. In in that being with Peter myself you owners now where we all you know we all have a voice will have an opinion and if we spent time together disgusting and try to get it about resolve the matter what that decision. All right. So. Are people could because all it likely to pull moisture right now people say okay where is the season what do you think a of the coaching what do you see is it coaching of the players army right now just from all the reaction we've gotten via FaceBook and gotten Twitter today and emails and a command. Overwhelmingly people seem to think that they are losing faith in chasing its ability to take this team to the next level I don't think you can take away. From what Jason Kidd did when he originally got here. And what he's done to. Coach up some of the talent on this team they've gotten to a certain level but I think the question becomes. Is either got to take them to that next level which is worthy expectation begins a lot. And that I think more than any thing. Eat is something that you have to legitimately ask yourself and try to answer when you look at this team look at though that the body language look at the ability look at the talent. And then put that altogether with the winds a losses. And and the way they play. Is that the right choice right now are maybe just mid season wall after the all star break to the come out like gangbusters and take off you give the opportunity. But but see you heard it there in John horsing answer. This is not his call when it comes to whether or not he wants the fire wrestling camp it's a collective collaboration supposedly let it it's it was win yours with Peter Fay didn't the president. What does he have to do with the operations he's the business guy he supposedly the business out now what he's also got the year the owners with the owners. We know who likes Jason Kidd. Mark clans or he loves Jason Cain are good friends they know each other well you think John worse this is gonna say you know what. Jason kids not the right guy to be head coach I'm gonna fire him mark class three certainly going to be saying something about it. I don't know. Between Eden last Regina and cool like skin who who does I know are we know that Landry does I don't know how evens feels about it and I don't know how dine and feels about it we've already seen when he came defining the next general manager that there was. Differing opinions in in the end even though majority ruled two out of three with lay answering and diamond. Evens wanted John Morse. They want adjust and sent so. I just wonder between the structure of all these guys and all these voices is there really a consensus on anything. That's what I'd like to two. I don't think we're gonna find that out while you got to hear this spike. I don't think we're gonna fly toilet LeRoy Butler who is part of it the memory and it was a roller play for the Packers he's part of that afternoon showed here's the question he asked John horse take a listen. Hey John I know you've probably I'm still busy got a chance to see you would the Packers do and it makes some changes. And warned the biggest things that was kind of disruptive. Some of the fans don't necessary like the way to hierarchy is gone now in other words. Note to president. The coach asked to the president in other words you know Mike McCarthy is bosses. Note Mark Murphy in your situation. Become a huge Jason Kidd fame for whatever reason. Now do you are you in charge of the culture of death ownership what do you guys collectively do it. Or is this something is just in Europe or you can make decisions you want to. Well I mean first of all right like. Owners own team and and their ultimate decision makers and ultimate minute is there this is their even their friends in May they put people place that they trust. To have our strong recommendation than an educated recommendations of the opinion. Due to. How to drive those decisions and so you know my stylesheet in occupation on the business side. We all work in partnership with each other and it will put our owners to to drive toward. Brooke decisions. And doesn't mean we all agree on everything that that we don't ever get sicker or Sabine we may have struck me that they truck do that they've in they've let us do our drop let stood at a high level. In our area so I'm very fortunate to work in an environment like this where. You know my opinion matters statement and you matters and everything in it here and we have great ownership the support system. I. Great ownership to support isn't her it's their job yeah as horse set early in that by. It's their job to hire the people that they can trust. Which would include giant horse they hired John horse or at least less eat into the final say he hired John worst. When it comes to making other decisions especially personnel decisions coaching decisions. John force is I have full power. No and I think we kind of knew that coming into the situation. I mean I don't even though that he but bill do you like that you'll fan and don't ever write this it did that again this is what you get when you get owners. You know eight. Nobody like you Mark Murphy said this is what we're gonna do I'm going to be a one it's gonna you know sit down talk with everybody in trying to help make decisions and move things around and people like it you know this what you get when you get owners. This this this is this is what it is see you know your your general managers only as powerful as your owners are willing to give him. And this is what you get. The owners like that like the head coach. They don't. You know that's it. 855830864. Let's go to delisting Joseph and more DL you don't react. Little door pretty your little bit of you know. So I first world for a start what role if they informed sodium party wanted to be shouts orders saying it out. But I think I know just sitting wouldn't cipher machine but you legally opt in when Jason Q what about books being young yesterday is from a yacht. Donald Duck is we caught after the game and didn't wanna go out for little black state about it. All the different options should start correct. There superstar. In the last minutes of the game takes action well are you should point guard or not you like what you do not allow me to be between. Gotta have become more alpha male teen that's why in the past to execute also sitting governor bill you know the players like shark shoot. Courts he wanted done to be. And I think every continent that's this may well it's honestly I need to be in Google dot wish they captured jockey senate balked without. I would vote in dislike look at the Packers is not a develop their he's got to do everything just like Iraq to cover on the air we hope this book game that we Marie while. Got to play defense I mean data to the blacks could that not welcomed. And it got it doesn't have those type of gains and the way to change current structure would don't bitch and Obama are center you'll be seeing that we rituals to. But oh well I yeah I guess my question becomes how much county believe this team actually happens. I don't think without the without their might think it is like you cable Carol Wilkinson play consistent with a good shot. Less well have been open now that he's won a state of Victoria and pop. We give the people's superstar status forty aren't gonna look at that you know the things that we are less so a couple of core left much. Don't wanna think about what city would object of these jumpers I'm afraid of late that he didn't Brussels said you know what I know what I was well into the basket. This you know come off the block my shot I don't consider it a lot now play one want for much. And that's a subject and you talk about it you really wanna be crazy about it it was that the of that. I meant to execute GM would actually find out if he did them based it and not let get a job and put it cracked. He's got a lot of their money got a lot of free agent should try to everything works at the box and everything that that was actions. Marciano idols and I've ever set everything a Workman was Jon Hamm. I'm afraid you were the same park crowd every consolation from like people say that came running down right. It it'd be like well and distracted Don because they like ever they don't like him be a leader executed. And it whoever they do like and that it. Or whatever it set up this can this woman control you only have one senator can really hold somebody exits while children YouTube is dark complexion. You you got you play got. Yeltsin at this a lot of right diminish the political follow bodies fees mystique which you've got a little Goldman's because you don't have nobody can call good. And in this situation last month you put not a former black. Beating Washington you let them back now coming in dropped about allegations that. It's like what the books they wanna do actually got a woman who got to fight for it won't play again. Yes seven point royals are restrict cell which ruled that the outcome of the game he got a somewhat like two terms it lacks critical holding me. Indomitable that last year with this less this year the first promising them that would be honest it's what street exit fro out. Wanna be a superstar is saying listen Obama while you have terrorists got into the bill better killer instinct actually walk park called anti. Nobody on the boxing nearly. What you really need to be shocked nobody is is currently think about what evidence we want to. All started like eagle series which you can look at this certain problems like the last night except that again if they don't know Cabrera with one. Coming radical superstar. No we shouldn't second shot of people shouldn't second shut me off this boat got out on the production. Creating that all have got to be who they think to him in those court. And I agree with you in the sense I don't think Jonas is beyond reproach I mean I think there's been issues we talked about rebounding he's probably get a few more rebounds he's delay a little bit better defense we talked about to the jumper that he has at times in new Joe's bringing up the fact that he hasn't been really consistent at the free throw line arming for being the quote superstar that he has died I really believe he's a tremendous tremendous border but there are our ports they're completely as well. Eight also got away with obviously game along yet it's important to our development group aren't so yacht like a lot of books as by what we huge mystery. We didn't think that machine I'm not a superstar or virtually what and other and the player and athlete I'm shocked sitting pretty. They look what are. He missed seven. You actually hit the ball minimum you can argue that but that won't again because market structure and so on at how. Would think between the functional water when you inward or should. In the senate armed. Which sank in the as a marketing and elsewhere everybody but you know what they actually bring in another cult like you like we always been involved in church where it is Islamic that the product. Don't agree that appreciate the phone call let's do this regard take a quick break we come back he tissue missile. Chart in case you missed a little earlier today Charley casserly. The former general manager now the NFL network he had a chance to catch up with a mission talk a little bit about Mark Murphy and mark Murphy's comments obviously. Alluding to him as being a guy that was instrumental and searching for outside candidates. When it came to the general manager role with a Green Bay Packers can hear that coming out of Jacksonville Michael show. Brando Michael shows on the air. Are terrific friends a quick trip. Gonna stop in there. Gregory brag too low as 99 cents breads milk and eggs and cheese everything man it's tremendously priced stop and a quick trip. They get it done. Big on fresh launch price final location near you a quick trip dot com it's KWIK. Trip that count too casually is a former general manager. He is also a friend of mark mark six and he now works for the NFL network enjoy this little bit earlier today. And we got we talked a little bit about because in the came always been you Mark Murphy went out of his way to say hey thanks Charlie casually we rode with years ago when they are what Washington. And he says look he was kind of an instrumental guy when he came to you look at accused outside the organization so I'd start out by talking to Charlie today and asking him you know. So one about this process how Interpol were you in this prices were doing Mark Murphy. Well mark is the candidates and how he he wonders that your candidates there were outside of actual situation so that that's what we talk about. I gave my a report on. The people lit up our outside. In that that was that was a role like. If what would he do to people inside so we did talk about that. So when an organization that has been as successful as agreement Packers decides to make changes. I guess he give me your opinion you're kind of the helicopter view of how you see this I mean is this something that. You kind of run its course for as long as it can and now. You wanna put the train back on the tracks before goes careening down Hillary's is just a kind of a tweak her I mean how did you view this when the Packers made some changes at the end of the year. Well who obviously would would pick cops. You know I think that says it maybe it was time for Ted personally. But to step aside pick the lesser role. That's kind of my impression of a darker I talk (%expletive) about that. Agree that it decreases don't want but I had a lot of talented people. Who. We're general manager worthy general manager consideration worthy. My feeling was this is that you're always gonna have one man standing at the end. Okay from that personal or because all the governors say. Hey they passed me over it's time for me to move so what was critical errors I thought. The marchers to pick. Somebody in the personnel department. And let him take it take the rebuilding part of it with a treat people the loss sort of making differences. You know Elliott got the job you know ludicrous may have bought someplace else Alonso was gold someplace else is needed beauty is gonna get that that's why pressure. Okay. And then that that was just something that was gonna happen because you're a lot out people or and that he was all the political. Something to keep everyone but they've got a bill which is the right into the. What do you make it shorter career what what what do you make of because I IE I understand why other people kind of left there was some may be may be hurt feelings maybe people wanna debt. One of the job they just needed to get out and get a breath of fresh air so to speak. But what do you make of the team midway through the season giving my McCarty just did one year extension but yet saying they have all the faith in the world in him is that just simply. A courtesy I mean how do you view that is out of the outside looking and we see as well. Maybe they knew this was coming more so than at the end of the season that we wanted to at least allow. Good intense the the opportunity to evaluate. The new guy so to speak even though he's been in the organization for awhile. You know I don't know enough about the year player of that to be honest with the you know that he got an expansion. So that's good. Well you know I don't know how many years these weapons contrary he wasn't lectures on recollect. He what are they going into the last year had they not extend noticed yet. Analogous to yours to let you know that deposit. Title look at that as a negative at all I think I think they use language Turkish company. I don't think this is something that just popped out if there the less industry. That's my feeling okay yeah they knew this was coming. Sold looking at the Packers now on the field because we all know what happened Aaron Rodgers goes down the defense couldn't sustain they had some weaponry but certainly they edges Jews were prepared for life after Aaron Rodgers. How far away are today in your opinion I mean when Aaron Rodgers comes back certainly when he's on appeal he tips the scales but how far away are they I'm watching some of these teams right now on the post season with the dynamic defense is. And getting it done with adequate or above average quarterbacks. And they're able to sustain obviously Brady is the is that lynch and all of that by how far away are they from getting back to the policies really be considered a Super Bowl contender. Well I I think that they're not far. You've Minnesota has built formidable team over the Packers have been the perennial champs and division and comes there's a price that comes with. And also there's a price that comes you don't have to pick quarterback out Minnesota caught lightning in a bottle. With eighteen at vmi case he has been with a few other teams in this hasn't happen. Citing Minnesota's defense is legit. Their question will be who are quarterback next year. And that's. Put them you know in a position due to these division champ the M either team to beat all or. You know that they they could be the middle act that they could take a step back against you quick look the Packers the other they need help they need help in the secondary. All the extra scenes that have. It disintegrated there so somehow that etiquette come back on that I would expect him to address the corner position in the draft. And yet that's actually essential and up. You know they've won not necessarily what a great running back there's a number of good running actions strip and if they get when I think that would jump start you off that you. Dollar Charlie casually a former general manager now NFL network analyst before I let your guard got to ask you about the teams that are still landed obviously. Minnesota I've always said you got to be Heidi got to be healthy you gotta be good you got to be lucky they've got all that going on other little banged up on the secondary after the game against the pats but. The FC championship game should be a doozy I don't know what nick falls is gonna bring to the table we all know there's an underdog going into New England anytime New England still edit. So how do you see this thing got shaken out. Like Minnesota's chances. I think that. What Minnesota will do is it shut down those receivers and forceful beat him with. Take throws an accurate throws I think he'll take away the short pass strong. I think Philadelphia is gonna have culture war. Minnesota's defense it will stop the run better. Then Atlanta's defense stated. On the other side I think fitness so that really put a lot of soul last week. To cover their quarters and I think I expect to do it again I think he was gonna have to be patient but they can move the ball on them. And there is a way to run on Philadelphia even though statistically they have every they're running defense are you gotta get satellite back which. Vehicle linebackers that we could run short siding Minnesota should win the game. That's noble one and then out. As far as the other game. You know obviously is the way who has the favorite I think it comes down to this I think the win what could shut down portals. In the office this way. I think Google form in line to stop the run with Ornette that'll take away the play action. And oral Walt Walt beat him running like he gave buffalo other gonna have to have a passing attack and that's all predicated on play action. Charlie we certainly appreciate your time I wanted to say thanks so much for joining us into joining us some economy inside a little bit of hoosiers seem to listen Mark Murphy kind of describe your relationship with him and we wanted to touch base with you we appreciate it. Our great it would get out -- Charley casserly joining us for a couple of minutes on the shatter orange college Schneider Harry drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years and getting it done column 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com that's 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot count. Gonna go ahead and closed things out here on the bill Michael show coming up next. So Michael show on the air we are glad to have hopefully you are having a tremendous dated may no matter where you are in the states. We're beyond the borders the scene of the program. We're right you we are gonna be in Minneapolis makes you voted today as destination all listening. Coming up all week from Monday we're going to be starting on the 29 will be in Minneapolis Saint Paul on radio row. Third for the Mall of America you're going over their stuff over and say hi looking forward to talking everybody. My. Emails and tweets and such you get to record gets everybody today but I'll tell you this. I guess the consensus. When it comes of the blocks. Just that there's a lot of people that are just not happy that it's. If they believe it's coach OK and again I go back to the question you have to ask yourself. Do you believe there's enough talent on this team to consistently win we've seen the talent rise up. OK so I am when it rises up and it takes on a team like Cleveland it takes on the scene team like Golden State. San Antonio some of these better teams it plays in your Welling goes head to head. You know you can't just say that she honest or that such and such starting to step up you have to give Jason Kidd to credit for something to that extent. Along with then you start to look at this you say okay when things go bad you can't just give Jason Kidd all the all the grief over and under. I think something falls in between so. I'm I'm I'm still gonna wait and see I'm not gonna if people want things you know change right here right now and you'll find that the firings began. Boy. I. I still look at this and think something is god is something that has to break. And I can't just in the back of my head legitimately say it's got to be Jabbar. You're talking about a guy coming off of a couple of ACLs and in a bad knee and whether or not repaired to beyond reproach I don't know time's gonna tell. But I think if you're relying just on Jabari then in saying that that's gonna be the straw that stirs the drink I think you might be for yourself. So you have to ask yourself how legitimate is the talent on the team. And the talent on the team you believed to be really really good talent that should be a better they have a lot better record and what they are right now we are also ought to get on. Who studies is as much as anybody is frank man. We had differing man. At some point two centuries gonna an opinion on this but. But I I I look at this and I think to myself. Something's dysfunction. It just it I can't. I can't stick my thumb on and say dot hot exit but something in this in this is dysfunctional whether it's selfish players which I don't know while a sudden Eckstein got selfish. You know on this team hasn't been self resisted any young foreign energetic group of guys that suddenly look so wish him lethargic. They're young they don't how to win I mean he I don't buy that. Is it the coach the x.s and owns is he just Jason Kidd will he got a to a certain point is Jason Kidd they can't take him any further. I don't know provide that we'll talk more about this tomorrow on we got to Sparky tomorrow was he's working by pros and marquis canceled he can't or he's not gonna. However tomorrow we will have someone who. Wants to fire kid. From perceive books that Tom formerly of save our books that come Paul Henning pulled that it is going to be here and Paul as. Some interest in perspective on this so I look forward to hear what Paul has said mark. They don't. Torrential we're gonna talk a lot about that tomorrow. We'll talk about the Packers a little bit this force the white receiving corps the weaponry around Aaron Rodgers. And then in addition to that now we're gonna talk about to box win total owning your mind. Is that going to be something that. You know you're going to adjust you say you know what I'm not come knocking on a bandwagon when they hit the ground running it's actually gonna be next year not this year so in that discussion as well. And we'll continue to look ahead towards the NFC in the AFC championship games. That's it that's different today probably enjoyed it will be back again tomorrow around archer we don't forget tonight coming up six day. The bill Michael Sullivan talk a lot about this Packers team a lot about the AFC and NFC championship games. Scott rusty from CBS to DA's gonna they're Gary Ellis and not gonna be there tonight. Congratulations to Gary he is a grandfather. That happened last night's severe resist putting some time with his with a scrambling and rightfully so. So they have. I still have a dog chance.