HR4 – What is Aaron Rodgers worth?

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Friday, February 9th

Hour 4.  We continue the discussion of what Rodgers is worth since Jimmy G signed his new contract.  Our Green and Gold analyst, Paul Imig, stops by.  Plus, we hear the best of the Eagles championship parade. 


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Promo links runs to. Please see as we are Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill might need you know. I. Dan welcome though Michael Schiavo final hour of the program. As we get this thing underway. Sending you off on a Friday. Getting ready for the weekend opening ceremonies of the Olympics you started watching some of that probably last night and then you've got two weeks' worth of it. Before they extinguish the flames so once you're going to be talking about some of the some of the highlights and maybe even low lights to come out of the Olympics but did yesterday. But a mixed day flurry of trade activity via the Cleveland Cavaliers. Storied popped up big Jimmy rob below. Goes five years. And just crazy money eighty million guaranteed type of money. And as we're sitting here how reading this. Year's first thought was. What does is it might first always 137. And a half million dollars for Jimmy garage below what does this do for the price to retain Aaron Rodgers. And talk more about that Paula make our reigning gold analysts now joining us on the shatter orange hotline poll that was my first saw yesterday when I read drop a Lowe's deal and I thought okay. For Aaron Rodgers how much is too much in what is it become detrimental to the team but you know we I mean to cry apple is getting that kind of money what the hell is Aaron Rodgers work. Yeah Rodgers can get back. What this market develop a mean last year not that Mike Glenn and contract the Chicago. That a new market it didn't but my weapon at the time got fifteen million dollars per year. Only took him five games become habit he backed up Matthew Stafford reset the market earlier this year our vehicle or that your car. Reset the market for what a quarterback to value and next contract be. And then what grapple with seven career starts in five career wins the sentences go. You know it's. It's an interesting. Player to date at least to reset the market a guy with the patriots traded only a few months ago. Didn't become any immediate circle of 49ers but obviously completely changed. The course of the 2017 T percent for just about they were. We are behind ever get in the play out intentioned but he was. It was fantastic for them I think what this shows you is when you haven't even at Chan. And having a franchise quarterback in the early returns on problem where there is pretty much a franchise quarterback what you don't have seven career starts. Become the highest paid player in total value or even an annual value in NFL history. And not think what does it MVP suitable winning. Very accomplished. You know best passer rating in NFL history. Aaron Rodgers. Does that mean for him bill and so we can look at does the guaranteed money out on grapples Eli saw that. Enter brand's earlier in when he took a look at the old saying it cannot speak. 72 point five million and absolutely 100% guaranteed money. Opportunity to have to still you know. Needless to say. An abundance of our past guaranteed for a guy with that are connected million dollars per start. In his career guarantee if you look at the total value of the deal. It's obviously 78 million dollars for purse starred in the NFL yeah until it cricket crazy money and I think what this means for Rodgers is just. A starting point. A starting point. Up thirty million dollars and an annual average value per year. Over the course of I don't know. To take an updated 840 even in the it gives you the money that you're welcome contract so. This is an extension for Rodgers this the record uploading the agent you know there's a little bit more. Ability for him to leave with Roger doesn't happen ability right now I'm not attuned to what starts flirting with that audit the Packers. But I don't I don't even think you begin a conversation. With airlines it is at this point but doesn't begin wit. Thirty million dollars annual average value and probably you're gonna start a conversation with out of each. Craig did say a hundred million dollars guaranteed. And that just maybe it conversation. Do you. I mean I don't know what aaron's going to say once Jimenez agency that table. Wait at what point does the amount of money being paid or we are over his earlier today we talk about the contract. For the Green Bay Packers meet Clay Matthews making double digits nick period of untested by Terry Mike Daniels rent a cop. Jordy Nelson all making double digits and ramble liar a closing and at what point is the quarterback position. Al valued. Verses the other the rest of the team it would with a team that's got a shoddy defense to begin with. I. I wanna say you know pay the man is certainly deserves it I just don't know if you can afford to do it and then say oh yeah by the way we're still going to rebuild his defense to. Yup it's. Having this problem and the problem is a very good problem to have it doesn't mean it's perfect you know like having air brought on your team to the great starting point. Ready GM to begin built in the rest of his team and that's. Certainly challenger gluten and so you know I have heard it mentioned it is. And the Packers what you're saying and they built the competitive in the rest of the roster the rest make that much in it there are people believe the answer that question this knowledge the answer that question is Null. And there are people liked it. I don't agree with dip in the slight bit. But then OK then trade him get what you can back and try to build a winning team with a rookie quarterback with a court backed out of rookie deal and I think if you look at. But the I bill I did the writing was on the wall when Russell Wilson at second and yet now and he's making. A million dollars a year and their defense of the evening and the rest of the roster really talented. And he said okay all right. What's gonna happen when Russell Wilson making point let it out pretty how good in the rest of the roster beat and we had seen the Seahawks all off in terms of what the rest of the roster. So little yet this year Carson went on a rookie contract albeit a much higher eight rookie contract in the second overall pick but a rookie contract nonetheless. And then you have big old making what five million dollars to ask it easier to build out the rest your team and the quarterback making that much but. I don't think there's really any discussion happened doesn't begin lit. When you have Rogers when you have a franchise quarterback be true franchise quarterback you know we garrote below is becoming that maybe Rodgers is that. So it's a challenge to be huge huge help Republicans and or the front office to build a rest accordingly but. Clearly this is the problem every team which is attached like how much is too much for Aaron Rodgers because that is. Any team in the league. Without he joked at the chance to take in thirty dollars a year they they're but it went that they may be speaks at the time. New England but you know we don't know that Brady in the discount and all the other thing he's. Done throughout the year is very very very much the exception to the route. Com Obama we're talking a poll and bigger green gold analyst day you know. When you look at teams like when Eli got paid Joseph Flacco got paid today I agree with you you start to look at these teams have had success. And you say OK the mid day quarterback stirs to make a majority of the money. Or third you know at an ace of the total team aspect. You start to talk about the did the falling off of a franchise so. I I guess will people resent Aaron Rodgers in the long run if he takes the money and doesn't do the quote Tom Brady discount. And and say look winning in putting people around me is just as important as money do you think how impedes Rogers comes does add your 130 million. Or 130 million year 15070. Million dollars total and bottled up in do you think he won a resenting him. All they're there will be a percentage of Pakistan there's no dollar. It's because what they could mean for. But certainly the normal. Human being living enter her life that's just it just in that that amount of money is just. You know it's a fantasy it's there it's ridiculous and then when you won at. Look at that player and say did you really need that much full title and he's gonna be just try to be signed for Apple's you know it is he gonna. Money mentally change because of you know and making 80000960. Million but for a lot of these guys and I'll never forget this conversation with Jordan helped end. After he signed his most recent extensions so what about three years ago. Talking in that locker and he was like don't eat what is success at the time. For years and forty yeah million. People ask them in the question that came back and forth were wildly notes did you ever think you'd be worked. 42 million dollars in the publicity none of us are or what we're being paid. But in the market that we exist and as a professional. Because what does value. So it's that there's just the big gap between the idea of they're playing a game and you know they're they're celebrities in the to the other living. A lifestyle that obviously a lot of people would would like to have an that the book financial become what is the difference between what a player is work. And the value and even a Gallic sorting out Clinton you know looked at at that time it was. Never could have dreamed could be making ten million dollar Percy in the play football wide receiver back in high school campus are playing Kansas State. But that is what. The position. That is what the game out uses that the NFL has become in this huge business it just big business. And so I think you'd a kept taking it to say. He knows that he doesn't like you know they don't they don't know most popular they need them out of money but they're. The department that that if I'm the best player I should be paid at the top player. And that's it nowhere on the third I think the third best wide receivers only catch BK what they're asked to lake and the contract in the value of that kind of followed in steps. So that's where he's doing what this you know and at Rutgers does take every dollar he get acting he will. At this point in his career being in his 830 force even. I think that's what he'll do I think it arguably what he should do to maximizes value and and that at the challenge of the GM to say OK and I make the rest of the team competitive and but it's your original point there's. I think there's a good I don't know 5% of the fan base that will be like hey what the heck you should have Tom Brady. Com the other aspect to this when it comes Jared Rogers whose total salary would you do it right now and the reason people say well you know he's got two years left why do right now. I wanna know what the total salary cap is going to be for this team over the next few years so I know how to build it. I would like to get it done right now because there are going to be sorry camera or petitions. Well a little bit let's let's say wait until next year to to give Rutgers another extension on a deal. Well it's taken me because in the in the world every position and especially the quarterback position to hide it condition well. It is so right now brothel at the states that let who's the next god that that state last year what staff. Is it Kirk cousins or taste keynote I mean those two guys sitting out there to. So right so what does Kirk let them look at this and say hey if garrote bloke and get that. I should get 28 annual average. And then you know through reed to the free about it obviously in the later stages of his career and he has made it very clear I'm not in talking anybody except the saint. But in like he had gotten want to reset the mark even if about a short term deal but Kirk cousins but I don't think he you know and it can reset the market. But I think hurt other very well could. And look at that give Alex this guy the other week was. But Alex Smith of the good quarterback you it. But not a debate trade but good corner and a third round pick to get on with the naked in this huge amount of money and so. Brace yourself for whatever number comes up Aaron Rodgers because it's going to be. More than perhaps even talking about right now. And I I think there isn't that it built to do as soon as possible you know wanting to kind of know that we didn't get hit you beside him now. You can change his cap hit. For the upcoming year that would be it and it deciding the Arctic Adam. And related at their expense interest seventeen even if that you could kind of changed their capped at two different weight and height some of it in the 2017 salary cap look. There's no way do this so. Sooner the better the team but for Rogers the more people welcome working late in the more that you guys would take her cut reset the gallery market these guys. But more in the long run he get so I'm Mark Murphy I'm gonna who aren't thinking. Do now about Aaron Rodgers agents and saying hey wait want you can't believe. You know that this sort of apply that the two sides are implement a possible suspect. I think air Rogers who like to get it done some people quit talking about it but I just don't know what he's going to want I think it just comes down to what he can accept vs what does the team can accept verses and putting a team around him. And to me that's what it all comes down to mean I would just interject Aaron Rodgers and say right down the total amount. For the number of years. And remember any thing that you take weekends spent just keep that in mind and we'll talk dealer I mean that that's to me what it would be called itself but. And yet get credit and sat thank you know it should absolutely they yelled Paula may get a joining us for governments on the shatter or child like. Schneider our drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty plus years. Then again you don't call 844 product go to shattered jobs dot com 844 prior. 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Michael should always on the error and we're so glad you're here today. This Philadelphia Eagles win the suit Roy I'll have you had a chance to hear this or see it yet but I. They had to their parade yesterday about a way three stabbings in the parade yesterday. I was keeping track at a police blotter yeah somebody was live tweeting the entire site yes three Chevy yesterday. And it didn't if this celebration. Says celebrating like stat or yell like gash in somebody's gotta all right you know all right so I see a little I don't blossom over. Beat the only way that there's two ways to describe Jason tells the okay. Jason Carroll CAA if you hear this already I communal or you did I apologize you here again but you didn't hear already givers get ready there's. JC get today all the team goes to the stage and numerous dignitaries are speaking. Jason Kelly's centerpieces. Via Philadelphia Eagles. And he is dressed I don't know what prompted I don't know right now I haven't read the story far up I couldn't get past. The I couldn't get past the tired chasing Kelsey. They called him a green Al Latin. But he looks it the way he dressed to mean my first thought was. He was the guard. At the gate of the emerald city in the woods or box but that's what he's dressed like. Like the fifteen hundreds court jester exactly just elite it's purple and white AT and lime green and dark green and gold with a big Aladdin has had a lot of us know the service wasn't in New Orleans right it yeah it looks like he's dressed for a flamboyant Mardi Gras parade you know. So I eat that's the way he walked the parade route and more power to him because they are loving foreign okay. But he's just to the podium. And went on this rant this speech about being an underdog and it's it's. People calling it happened it was epic. But there's a portion of the speech where he starts. He's talking about the outside looking in saying this guy can't do this in this case to smallest. What he starts making crap up at. Point he tells one of his. What are his players. Who god is bread for. And then stab paycheck cabbage and in this guy's got this and if it's like he's just written now let everybody. You know so if you haven't heard already this is Jason Kelsey walking to the podium yesterday. During the Philadelphia Eagles G abusive celebration stimulus. I'll take your second talk coupon underdogs but until late actress talked about this now that it's been re home enough. How we Rhode. A few years ago. Would relinquish the alt control pretty much in this organization. Whose. It was. It's. Broke user. Ago when the right decision. There are different men and there's and it's. And all of at all. Yeah. It was hired. It was the worst coaching hire a lot of African analysts out there. And already. Well. The baseball Park Ridge coach David. Okay yeah yeah yeah. He is it. More important than. It. It's to put them. It. All you're putting more hitters or don't work you forget that I'm gonna fail you your. Step through it didn't do enough today to tell the ball right judgment and I don't question. Yeah. Its. What they're all done. Match. OK okay. Yeah it's did you. Look at jets. I'm George Tenet. It's. This. It's. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's just downloaded that is enough building for five years explode in the locker room that is totally won't the last I've you. Every dog thrown passes. It's bloated war. The players all get to. Brought opens. Everybody applauded at all. And that's what we're out there today and not a moment of our community losing streak all at Purdue. Yeah. He. Jill who do you. Okay. Yours. Don't normally there's. But Nadal. Took about a hundred hope. The best position and all else. This trade. No like there's people who lose two football but nobody like no brains. You know I got to play all those pretty good about it but don't look real good job to double and everybody knew that we can get a dog but the manager John dissident. Hello. Slobodan. Ups it's. And jobs that also iron. And he doesn't at the steps of the the museum right there worthy of the rocky statue you know I mean. You are that. A does all Jarrett just hurts it's got to get out of this guy I didn't I really. Oh Joseph had one arm. And kind of rally and a solid. It. Lowly Matt. Only your does not book and do drugs is that guarded the emerald city again with a body you know give flying monkey coming to your ads. Did you just might. It won't do is asked to do. Even that he's cited a row and yeah. Oh update I didn't. Well as the best part about it is what he does that might drop his old team like mobs on one dollar and looting. Although look all over them. Oh my god really grabs are Durbin stone cold after everything you want oh my god you had told Larry hotter. Oh man that was fantastic. That he. The due to our graduate guys don't. And had about nobody 00. My god cares about. Oh good god it was our that was hilarious. So that was JPG Kelsey. Media center for the Philadelphia Eagles and you have not an. But all of those. Why didn't she or. Himself relevant products. I'll. Oh my goodness. Everybody. Is number eight. It's meta one of the best Super Bowl winning the meat is an old score yourself more harm that an independent of ethnic. Well it's just. Oxygen zone has ever ever yeah. All my goodness. That is aware that it is absolutely epic and it has been and as that doesn't get much better than that oh my god we had a white beard you look like Brad Childress Colin crook literally roaming gnome. All my goodness that is in Tennessee should only mr. example there's cry at least now this just tells you all like are you start listening and he's Democrat cannot match holy god. Villagers have your soul every word is false sense the excitement is what the fresh starts let it all might god. Up up up up chuck. Tell popcorn and that was fantastic. That is TJ tweezers is that is that epic is blue goose region animal house regarding. The Germans bombing Pearl Harbor. All whose parents weren't bread. And he can't resist telling mom anymore hot pockets. And a all of my goodness that was. The city of brotherly love and that was yesterday and that was that was freaking fantastic all odd. That is that is just awesome. Policy this when we come back he's a guy that is incredible moments W you know you see here we are radio Rogen wrap up our week. Greg cosell whose started out as executive producer and now is actually on the show because it is bad damn good. And breaking down teams plays offense as defense is in the NFL. We sat down until we do it every year grace a great guy he always seeks is out and he came orders table again this year Greg cosell coming on maximum I coach. Everywhere you sponsored the bill Michael sports talk network. About Michael shot I was on there are still get over the Jason Carroll Seagram. Our buddy Michael plans tweets is the plans airplanes ninety sit in long call them alone serve. At risk their government and their general just. Suppose everybody out of the Basra. That is in every speech people are getting his tag his face in with that had the cat couldn't unarmed and letting out. That was one of the best Super Bowl winning Jim regions regions ever used to air his old team. Our Mike Goddard also looks better than any Phil Jackson dancing a owner dad's name that always spay and to head goes on there. Just wish everybody a McKinney. Is wired pennies on why he's. Follow John everywhere just the Florida mark and. You can Mel doesn't and yeah. Only. If it. The late John didn't really lives and the one on non. Did fall Rembrandt abroad why didn't. Our got Ronald daddy sure are well a short time. Oh my god that is the Brandenburg says kids are happy. To let gels. Later ever Ryder. Oh my goodness. That was hilarious that was meant as hides I'm Melissa without going home. All by the way he is getting back to reality. Even in looking at the Packers looking at the end of Al. Greg cosell he's fans as he your receive the NFL matchup showing his Pia and he works with the NFL network or with NFL films as well he's been around long time. He join us and radio row and we just started talking and then breaking down offense is breaking down defense is looking at film with him through his eyes Greg cosell joystick was. Joining this year good friend of the show Greg cosell is joining us to work with the NFL matchup show an NFL films that those college study in pro studies. Open Agassi yet. Bill good to share your body Marshall are with you earlier yet nobody prepared to say yeah using enough for wireless him I have started to have that conversation. Retirement Aaron Rodgers. And he said it was the espionage it's icy that was one of those moments where. Doing what I do. You asked the question. And shut up. And you guys just talk for like fifteen minutes about back and forth about the offense the Packers in the way things are run Mike McCarthy it it was incredibly fascinating stuff. Obviously this year has been different seasons because of you for the Concord area eatery for airing such. But you know I I guess personal you like their moves but the fact that bring in the guys like Mike Nittany bring back to open its familiarity there. You like and what the what they've done. Well it's hard to meet answer that would might then he's a friend of mine dump a guy like Mike I think he does a really good job with defense yeah. So I like that move a lot. You know I think he's he's got a really good background in defense of football from different people. And you know I think that there'd be that will be really good. The way the team kind of faltered this year we documented statements in a lot of holes well worked for slow writer Rogers covers a lot of that out. What what you see teams meeting today you if you say I'm gonna have to build the team quarterbacks one. But Obama's ability to be to really be successful when you consistently maybe it was who will. We'll see the south reporting definitely after. Well attention to question because you can win a lot of different ways and everybody as you said we'll see start with the quarterback. It gets into a larger question though. Because. If you have to pay a quarterback he large large sum of money there's always cap ramifications to do that. You know I I've been I've actually been giving their questions some thought bill. Particularly if it pertains to the running key okay. There's clearly been a sense that you know over the last number of years. That the running back position you know the idea of getting. That you don't need to draft a running back high that you could get one. Later in the draft and that and that gets validate it to some degree every year for Reed Hundt this year with the third round pick you that the NFL in rushing. But it's not the way I think that is not where you'd draft one but the value of the run even though the U that's the way I think about it. And I think that that's something the Packers have to start that. Because I think that. You almost have to go back to Ryan Grant to win the really had a back. You know an 11112100. Yard back in where they ran the football and you know I think for two with three years their grant probably had 25280. Carries. And they have really done that since he's an even. Even years at least they didn't do that is yeah I mean they did a little bit and he obviously unit didn't. Handing out. And that's a good point valleys here think they thought maybe he'd be that guy but I but I think about that balance in this league it's it's easy to say it's a passing league and its quarterback we got that now gets thrown out it's if it's gospel and and and as if there's nothing else to say right that it that ends the conversation. And you know I. I don't have an answer to be honest with you I mean I think he I think about it a lot when I think about the NFL and wanna watch to be the do you have any aid the defense out of the top ten Wentz who will. Well again there's always specific situations you're asking percentages. Really more than anything and majority you know. It did anything happen out yeah exactly so but I think if you're if you're trying to that build a team. I think it's hard to build the team with the idea that you're going to win games on a weekly basis 3120. Right if that's sort of what you're saying yeah if you're saying that your defense that you know these. And be mediocre or not real good I think the reality use his Packers fans you look at this day you've got to eat things that one's. Asked to do a lot this year. Didn't do it didn't come close job but here's the other issue. That goes along with. It relates to the running one in the running he does for me that you have the right underneath your. What are running to the team that your defense which few plays. And that it's critical in the NFL there's been a lot of studies done. And I and I forget what the magic numbers 6360. Foursome where I agree. With that once the differences start to play. Please beyond that number. Efficiency dropped dramatically. So. We can talk about running backs who can talk about that now do you running backs in the draft but the reality is you run. And he consistent run deep and relatively committed run game. Sure that's the key because the clock runs that your defense ends up pulling fuel plates. And very often that mean. Competency through the fence that's not create a perfect sample with doubts now would it sixty. When they were thirteen to three and had a great running team not a great defense in terms of personnel. But their defense did not play a lot of snaps right. On top when we got great to have so by the way the NFL matchup you buy what it what else on the resonant. As your hand and in the have to acknowledge analytics well I mean there and it seems that I don't know there's a season I produce. And I created it it back in the need for that for years and years and produced on my check show this year. I was fortunate now on error on the NFL matchup show still produce it so this year it's itself well to audio. Louis Riddick and myself. Doing the show on Ernesto produced whatsoever wearing too that's there at the disease it and I've already sort of story a little bit. Might jump into our power play. Yeah I don't like about 250. Out players that threatens to choose your house is full you know what's my Auschwitz program. I don't assume I don't do work at my house because my offices five minutes from my home so it's a I wanted to ask you that the matchup here we took a quarterback play in. You with what Philadelphia has been able to accomplish. I keep saying it's Park City nick pulled it Tom Brady but in the polls in the Balkans well. And again now you're getting other you know other issues that about the tactics team. The Eagles. And it. I don't know if the patriots talked to yesterday with Steve Spagnuolo was rated him around who's won the first guy he we've known for was speaking. The three years so it's different in my hand like talk to implement the Eagles offense that. He sent me that their first fifteen scripted plays are really really good. You sit there are multiple the to a lot of things the show you're a lot of things and that you're never sure we are they're going to go after their first fifty. And he said they're very difficult for him to prepare for the defense. So it's not. A function full force and we always look at the quarterback and he does he have to be efficient yes I mean obviously if you throw interceptions turned the ball over. Does he have to play out of character like he did in its zippy chippy that was an out of character even a good way for it falls. He's not likely to do ghosting the game is it's only the track record in this leak that he doesn't play like that he just happened to do that against Minnesota. So really what we're sing with him he needs to be efficient. You need to be orchestrator and distributor of the very multi dimensional well design now that's when polls has to do with the ski on the opposite side these. The machine that is Belichick in every company's right to turn it doesn't matter of personal round yeah I mean it. They weren't quite as machine like this year to pianist and you. But obviously they're still very good you know they're playing against it at the line with Eagles Stephanie in rotation. Strong. I think the Eagles have a better deal line. In the patriots have aligned but I think the patriots will know that and deal with these things like don't know model. Goes to temple you know to try to prevent the Eagles from playing that rotation. Force players have to play more snaps than coaching staff wants them. It wouldn't surprise me bill in the scheme. If the patriots by choice to buy it dropped three back fifty but a lot of quick throws quick team stuff. Attack the corners honestly tech corners not that the Eagles quarters or bad. The Eagles corners in the play with a question he knowing your Christian I think he'll throw a lot of shortfalls one of the most overlooked. Attribute to robbery to me is I think the most picture quarterback. You if it's accurate throws he's been through a secure passes completely. Went. Let's do this war deduct got to speak to combat receive thing you assess Greg cosell by the way if you wanna hear the rest that you go to the on demand section. Of the podcast section on our half point a to do is go ahead no downloaded it's free bottle completely free. We can thinking here inside the studio or sit here thinking OK we heard adjacent Kelsey speech and he's got tore her body up his old team as underdogs. Have to. If the bill Michael should. Won an award. And I got up there and kind of pulled the jail and Kelsey. This thing about that we'll we'll we'll talk about that we combat more than a much ocean next. Wisconsin why did you go bill Michael's sports talk. Under the program okay I think about this for a man okay. We just heard is. A little while ago JC Kelsey. The senator for the Philadelphia Eagles and we heard that he just went off I mean do you got that. Can you can you give us a sample that record. Plant roots as a variety. There's talk about his team being underdogs won guys on the Jews the other guy drinking he can't cover this and that is just crushes teams are about what happened. What would have been if Bob. Is senate bill Michael show. One and a war. You know we're we are like the WBA Ayers and it was like the best show of the decade or something something we did win awards in this program right. So they use Davis like you know after years of anonymity. And looking at the body or canal and the whereas and then they give it to us it's like the super ball broadcasting you know he's got up there used to Randy. How should Madonna dude did a barrage you know. I'm like gonna let you dealt quite Dublin to object and am about I don't like it. Don't really see you but bogeyed. Let's say well let's not deny. It it. Boss he'd drag it out and are pollute the. Very broad plan alluded. My club isn't really ever get. You know valid thing. You know what we did drop the dogs. You know about it it's that you were children and we're. She popped the mind you know open. Yeah do everything. Then Anna or Jeff that's series we'll never get an award. Google now than ever to open to a we'll say you know what we love to get the program with a gets in my feet by and show we just can't put dead idioms that age. Oh man. Well I really can't say at this boy's apartment. Luck Brad what money gonna hold you back Monday or I have all our god. I don't some good ally in Missouri's we're ready to Chicago will be about from house of blues or look for the FaceBook live. And only candidates have coming up on Saturday night as well we'll do some of that down their penal falls on FaceBook fan page. Should strive breast ago. I don't have. You're listening to go there. Bill might school's sports talk that. At work.