HR4 – All quiet on the Jabari Parker FA front…

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, July 10th
Hour 4. Why hasn’t Jabari Parker signed yet? Plus, we’ll talk Brewers, Bucks, and Brewers with Marques Pfaff from The Score in Appleton.

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From the league's front to the want this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence no here's your whole. Welcome. No Michael shows on the air Howard look to move there. Don't powerless. Pay zoos and NATO are. For the final. Two all star. Positions he is a leading for the National League kudos to Bruce fans who were going all in on he's juices season. And average against out there. He got until well alleging Joseph 3 o'clock tomorrow is when the voting ends so the final push is on the put pays dues I don't lark deservedly so. Into the post season or into the all star game so don't stop. 855830864. A tell all talked out more about his brewers team coming up here in just a bit also you're gonna remember cal before brewers are coming and I'll be our turn on the bottom of the hour now joining us don't China or Taiwan mark his path. From 953 and I mean I'm one FM the score in Appleton are fine affiliate their market sell you know. Don't awesome I'm talking from a parking garage in Las Vegas the ought to be some. You put money down on you are to be in the all star game borrowers to win the World Series. I think what I made my debt on the brewers ridding the World Series India appreciate it I don't know much competent. I'm probably more and yet that any day but I start to look better and better slugger make sure that that tickets and say well you're also. I used you know as far as what's more likely act except. I don't know it's a tossup right now I I will stayed at about eight you to take it you're not at all star and I think it speak for whatever borrowers stand out there. I I mean it's an old call it criminal but it it speaks to the farce that is all star voting. In in pro sports because the guy's been nothing short of spectacular this year it's statistically speaking there's just no way that you could make an argument against him being air. Right no I completely agree I would say it's more incumbent upon brewers fans and especially the fans who feel on some way shape or form slighted. It's a coming of army boating is free and it's online forgot cities you can go to your damn fault. So you can't complain if you don't you can't if you don't vote you have nothing to complain about that period. Right you're right god it is it is somewhat of an indictment. You know I'm not there if we can't get out there and now. And get this got to Washington DC because a decent idea you can add all the stuff just to see the process if they didn't even realize EPA is. You call warrants. And anyone or repeat your bodily got to do denser and a cult that they earlier way saw you partake forty minutes and out. So let me ask you this what is the what is the former pitcher right now when it comes to road you know brewers chatter outside of the city of Milwaukee. Well Heidi I think a lot of that probably comes back to what they're gonna do well in this senate trade deadline approaches I think prop very similar area to what you guys stressing. Within the city in terms of is Manny Machado the right option key the two I to take this team. Over the top which you were spurred to go with a picture over bolstering your offense and then. The million dollar question from mean everybody that I station. Ready just. Like any trade what what's appropriate to be giving up at this juncture it was a couple of years ago that we were. Two to bar all by straight owning the future would this brewers team and trying to determine how long it will it take to re built. It seem like they're there obviously they need the moves in the oxy and bring it. Yell which in and change. But are you prepared to give up a dialect chest and here are right now to quote unquote go for it and I have a lot of mixed feelings about that. I think you could probably say it's about any deal that start out there you have to judge it or pasted on its own individual merits. I'm not somebody that's always that's gonna you know they might feed into the ground at saying no. Here is untouchable. We'll see what you know what that what the deal is what's out there. And in what what could potentially be at resisting because right now it's just generally speaking. I look at the overall situation until like the brewers are set out to be viable contenders for the foreseeable future. And I really don't wanna see them make a move that jeopardizes that. I at this point David Stern has earned that up trusted in my mind that I I suspect he he will make whatever the appropriate move this car. But that that's kind of the discussion right now is what are they gonna go the shot oh really exactly what went for just a couple of months. And and maybe you about some guys to be a part of this they long term. Think about it though how many players are they away I mean how many position players do they need your how many players in general does this team need to really solidified themselves is going deep in the post season do they just need Machado. Or is amateur auto. At a starting pitcher and then more depth in the bullpen what it what do you what do you think the depth is on this team that they need to as far as bolstering the position Cisco. Yeah how about big believer bill starting pitching in the postseason you get into a fight game series are seven games series. You just feel so much better about your chances you you have that fraud and stopper. We know CC sabathia was that I noted and has been brought up a lot in comparison in the shop so lately. And you wonder what the brewers might have been Nazi content that she spent help the U back solid 12 arched. Out of course that it we will we look at the brewers' rotation this year toward what they've they've really made out okay. You know by its sixth inning and at all and has come on and got the job done but. When you get into that short series I I still think that my number one priority would be to find somebody. Who can be that anchor that rock for you take the fall. The yard know that and don't cinder garden Jacob to grow would be to green but they were certainly. Patch up high priced from the brewers in return as well. But I just. That's what I keep coming back to an X you look at the middle audience field as well right now in the shot it would certainly help well that. A key point shortstop or eat at third base and they move trap a shopper circuit whatever they chased like beets I do think they need to find a way to eat better. Offensively at those two spots shortstop and second base but it Biden you know on upon forced to pick and I have to prioritize. Here. I I like somebody at that front into the rotation because I think everything else all in line there as well in all and it's a little bit stronger. It did the starting pitching goes a little bit deeper and guys can battle well. Hey guy as far as the brewers chatter goes in general we know that outside of the Milwaukee area usually should know north of city Appleton area. It usually is all Packers all the time what is. The the pitch right now with everybody kind of paying attention what's going on inside Miller Park. Yeah that there are a lot of pro stock and I and I do you think that they dominate. Most of the conversations that set your rights you know slowed and that the packer conversation never really go away so if you are. Figure out an establishment all the bar stool you're gonna probably could start with the growers at at some point you will make sure way to Packers. Especially now that were stubble we shall. From training camp getting going self. I I still think though that the excitement is genuine it's it is fantastic to have something else this time of year. Choose to be excited about to look forward to it and in the borrowers missed out last year but. It is it is it is enhanced certainly data conversation in the excitement level this year just because of the fact that the expectations were a little bit higher. And we've seen these via the acquisition the art that generated or local excitement of the RC and Lorenzo Cain and Christian Ellis chief among them were seeing them perform and it it gives people a lot of excitement I think in and all perk. Will be not only does cease and by the the next 2345. Whatever it might be your child so. They'll talk Packers football there's no doubt that the at the growers are right there right now. What it comes discussion and generally talk about the brewers and then you mention the Packers you do the bucks for it and that anywhere outside the area Milwaukee specially in the fact that much like you said boring the phrase only the future and you honest in the new building and now a couple of good deals to bring players in does do the Bucs fit into that discussion anywhere. They do rule and it's it's interesting. I Ike. Was back into the fox cities after having been away out of state for awhile in 4014 and at that point. There was really little fox conversation to be adding. And not just conversation you go and anyone at the retail stores in the area you're going to be hard pressed. The find any piece of Bucs merchandise out there and seemed. You ball. Certainly Eddie in you know that's I think that's fair to say that it happened in Milwaukee's. When you develop a superstar like yeah artisans and things start to shape the the excitement grows. It is still something of a niche crowd appeared well in terms of our expand them what they did see. Is when the postseason rolled around that's what a lot of folks who maybe are casual observers or urged check the box score night and the night out and aren't necessarily. You're lots. That they got on board and and found a way to get out to meet with friends or speed below are. I take in this game so I do and saying that there is a market here the Wisconsin herder certainly help that in the the structure area as well and try to that. A marketing message edit eight. Is it perhaps six sacks which I think we're all hopeful they ticket big next step this the currencies mainly the winning play out series. That that that that's gonna go a long way it really. Allowing Mexican based blossom there. Before I let you go what is your level of optimism for this Packers team. One name being better defensively speaking for all the more so than anything into being able to take the crown now off the head of the people in purple. Yeah I'm optimistic bill why India right and I'm curious to see you know what part of our lives he he would just by changing teen. From one year to the next and certainly there's take out there might correct that what does what you liked to do put. Now with the Packers personnel so you know how does that switch alone. Allow them to maybe take a step forward but it certainly am excited about some of the personnel that they they brought him in including. What kinda contributors to navy junior wants. A cautiously optimistic is probably the right way. To put it right now and when you factor in that you couple that with Aaron Rodgers being healthy. I don't think there right there in India in poised to be able to compete with Minnesota argue think that it is at. Last year but I but I do think that I do group put about their chances to take that down the fire a couple of weeks in hopes would bring the division crown back. Marcus always gonna judge did you stay well and not throw a little extra money down on the brewers just because so maybe take some progress as he did towards the end of the season mount. You don't know that it's light spill armada and walked into the casino as we speak perfect joyous double talk in a our men appreciate it let it go that. Marcus Bethany is joining us for a couple minutes on this matter orange hotline he is from the score in Appleton Arafat affiliate there. And don't forget our friends over Schneider they they are looking for good people you could be one of them they are your looking for a lot of good people right now combing 144 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com. 844. Pride or go to Schneider jobs start count. That is our friends from Schneider and you see them all over not only the state of Wisconsin what will be on the borders here outside trailing driver and highways. And the byways again they're looking for good people. On. Only a couple of things are some bucks basketball because there are some people that are somewhat shocked that Jabari Parker has not received more interest. Also was some things it does John Horst his said the Milwaukee box. Which would lead you to believe maybe they're not real he is excited about getting him back is. They had stated all along also coming up at the bottom of the hour at a McKelvey of a restart coming Emma beat our companies can be joining us as well that's all coming up. This portion program brought to my cousin subs the cool body always back for a limited time. And dog one may say it's always there Isabel Michael that's a pepperoni Mel next mayor extra cheese on that a good Italian bread going ditch Charles. And they get yourself a soldering merger she's heard that is good food right there you can download the app on any mobile device you can also go to cousins subs dot com. Orgy is going to the darn story get yourself one. Good food that's where they believe in better and the officials of charitable Michael sports talk network all reasons to head in your local cousins of more than a light show next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Here we are. Glad to have you. Hopefully you're having a fantastic day no matter where it is you are throughout the other state and beyond the borders. 8558308648558308648. Are you wanna give us shouted to Parker. As far as the free agent front goes not much out there. They're just there's just not much at all and in reality. Eat if you listen to some of the things that that the Bucs were saying and John horse. You know there that. They say the Bucs have had great conversations with them. And John Morse L obviously Jabari. Is a restricted free agent to we qualified him because we value him and we want him to have the ability the and we wanna have the ability to keep him and work through that with him. And his agent we had great conversations were all in contact with him every day I think the market will dictate some of it but will continue to work on it in CL it turns out. The you know and I grape aren't to great point this morning driving and when you talk about what all the market will dictate you know some of yeah maybe the necessity or urgency. But if you value a particular player or particular aspect of your team. Pity that the market is within your own. It was in your own franchise. If you value him and you wanna keep them happy then you pay on. You or at least you come to some kind of an agreement that you all can live where. You know I it it's it's to say that well you know we really value and we sitting we signed to a qualifying offer she played. The market's gonna dictate what it is he's worth a you know I hate it's. Seeing your backyard. You kind of know what he's worth dodge. So. On one hand I understand it. The only Jabari Parker's true in the that he can be a scoring option for the box. Mean you go back a couple of years he was averaging over twenty a game. Soul. Care mean durst is not a lot of interest right now and part of it is that teams just are not gonna go on spend a lot of big money on some. Questionable players I mean that's because of his knee issues obviously. And it probably didn't doing many favors when he spoke out was very honest but in I appreciate that put. Why didn't himself a lot of favors when he spoke out going in the post season about being in the doghouse and head coach. And talk about playing time and such he did prove himself once he was given that opportunity. He did prove to be a viable candidate. Let. He became kind of a raw player for the box. Off the bench they really I mean I don't know if they are hold them back. Because they did not want them to put a decent numbers but he every twelve point six points per game nearly five boards. Bomb. There at the bucks Candace Parker back. Offer cheaper price duty his injury year old couple seasons. And no war Woolsey. The bulls are no longer in the race. You know none of that. On the bulls just matched the offer sheet from the king accent Levine yeah and he's making a lot of money so he's now going back. The kings were there I know the Brooklyn nets are talking about Jabbar a little bit but there's just there's not this big. Banter of freeagent. Discussion when it comes to him. Consider this thought to. Remember when Jabari was on your show. Back in the fall and he was asked point blank about that rumor eighteen million dollar per contract last off season and he said I wish. All right sole right this is under the assumption. That lets believe Jabari Parker and I I believe Jabari Parker. That he was not offered their contracts let's just say he was off third. About thirteen million a year. Now or renegotiating. Were seen teams not to rain offer sheets at the box. See you would have to think that what the bucks offer Jabari Parker last year is now gonna have to be even less this year. Sarah mean ms. you know this is all by hedging your bets and trying to see if you can make even more money on the open market and see what teams are being able crouch product she'll. But after this report from Jordan shall slice weeks and that attitude and health of the key reasons why Jabari Parker isn't getting the money from other teams are on the leak. Now you're trying to renegotiate with the blocks. And the offer you turned down from homeland steer. They're not gonna offer that same amount of money again right I can't imagine that they would so not Jabari it's a think. Maybe. You know let's say it was fourteen million per last year and now it's ten million per right now that's what they're negotiating. If you're Jabari Parker do you take that money long term. Or do you see yourself understand ticket qualifying offer I'll be under stricter free agent next year a have to redeem myself and then. Hopefully there is team up there they'll pay me big money next year I go on a proforma don't I mean you know I mean right area that's. That's the very interesting thing that that's been going through my mind. Through this whole negotiating process because like I've said before said again I don't pinch our parkers were twenty million a year because he hasn't proven. He hasn't proven. Right. I'm not at this point in time I mean granted I'm gonna not necessarily be John Portugal while the markets dictate what he's worth. I probably would pay him a little bit more. In hopes that he would either one except that are too that. At least there's an opportunity for him to give another big contract on the road that he can say OK I'm earning them a stay healthy and here you go even if it's a two year deal. Pay a little bit more money keep them happy and say hey let's make a beneficial for everybody so that way he does become the guy do you believe he would be. Or close to really show another scoring you're in your pay and mean your pen. And in addition to that he regains a little bit trusting your organization. But how will this coaching staff future bird Parker that's the other question and EST ask and soft is Jabari Parker going to be in the starting lineup. Or it is he going to be someone that's gonna come off the bench. Like last season because you're kind of waiting for Jabari Parker to get that opportunity to start for the box and it never came to fruition unless there was an injury. So. How does Mike border holes are in this coaching staff you Jabari Parker's well. They may they may think you know what we'd prefer having come off the bench and sparred Parker quote that I own these can be cool with that. And he wants start yet he wants to be a star well it but he's he's an actor. We are I does he believe he's already earned it like he should just be the starter while I think Jabari Parker played very well and didn't get hurt. Late last season now it didn't help him complaining in the playoffs about knocking it you know what the guy complains he backs an Obama problem when he backed it up. He directed a play great but he backed it well once they game the minutes he'd. It back to company actually did something that he never does that it's played defense he did that for change do you look. He became energized again like they said okay but you might worry about does he said okay I'll do it and did. So it was it was fun watching newborn Parker play if you barred Parker now this offseason continues to work. It continues to better his gaming comes back even better next year. And doesn't go down an injury yeah this is a big year for him because he can make a lot of money or if you're the bucks just say you know why are facing. We're gonna make it a two year deal. And already give you extra money you will you be a man and by the time on the cheers her up or maybe at the end of the year when Glenn are you renegotiate more going to be more money doesn't wanna keep you here. Play I think in my opinion. He trusts this organization is forcing you throw. That's that's that's a big deal for him. So that's why I think he is right now. 8558308648. Bracket of baseball we come back out amicably brewers are coming and you're gonna hear that conversation coming up next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Hope she does on the fairway are glad to have him pay when remind you of that coming out cigar dinners are in your future. 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Some tickets to this gardens and they are always a lot of fun I am not gonna be at the one in a chippewa falls. And Suzanne who is knowledge you know for sure but that being said that's in the ago when and the one I model of these things Thursday night August 2 I will be there. In in the Christ or hope to see out there. As well that's Albright to buyer French tobacco outlet plus grocery and our friends a quick trip and the rewards program and all so much from our friends over. By county numbers are coming LB dot com which got him a little bit earlier and we are talking about the the fan vote. And Asia's regular by the way brewers fan you're doing your job because he's leading the national league for the final spot. So kudos to you when when we started out talking about just that. In the end for fans as say well you know what yeah Alex she came in there should be more brewers and and really isn't it incumbent upon fans. To actually get out and vote well. A ballot bowl on paper ballots punch in the little Pretoria older gone. And not all online and it it seems like the brewers a little bit because they have not represented. In the past couple at least the past two years in the same way they represented you know remember to dump the fourteenth at three starters I remember being in many lives. Every hole nationally are. Com so I don't know factor but. I. And I'd probably have an unpopular opinion. I mean. I like we all are gaining about players in the game. Com now is that what your definition of that is of people they get the you know statistical first app. Should be in the concert and it's really call it guy at the futures up like it's just regular. He should probably go to the all star game but. Arm again to me I sort of light in and I get people rip or me yesterday were saying it then then called the lifetime achievement gains. On and and that's the hear argument but I just remember growing up watching the all star game. And it was really cool to see you know Tony Gwynn and coach wade bought. And you know who als and you know that twelve year old I didn't know. Statistically what their season but. You know the guy down so I mean I am on popular there. And the other thing is how you do. I'll let you out like 75 manner. There's going to be legit now. Mean. Just a policy in trying to manipulate the debate and the yanks and the anger. It's like part of the joy of the. What are got a guy like say Bryce Harper who's having eight horrible. Year. Should well 'cause he terrible. Start offensively speaking he's suited to ease into eighteen and opiates debate 51. 22 Dana yes. According to digger yes I agree. But he's it's it's all or nothing for Bryce Harper let's be honest. Well I need. The look at eight Q1 oh yeah that's a good number. Bright OK and that may be the rate this is a good example to me and look our. And I'm right. The main break or should be in the altered in Washington DC Ebert. Is their best player not a cure you can lead to me I don't care he's getting one bit. I wanna see Bryce Harper in the ulcer or Washington DC so I mean. I mean. Everybody have a different look on it and you know and and my way of thinking around that. Is gonna lead to some really pops on bare all for guys like its cellular or. Cradle circuit and which it really bummed out really bummed out arm and rightly so yeah yeah there is. Nothing during Jeffords to do more except war you know. Somehow hold some exact. I ran London and get in the cultural region racked up a bunch say. I you know there's nothing else you can do in their and those guys that widget b.s and you know I accuse you of those guys peca and you notice odd. Maybe it. Do we debate that's important but I. Are keeping them as we forget how important it is to the players they grew up just like leader watching all star game following intro home run derby. You with a backward cap the whole thing. On and you know I heard for example person yell juices like. Could not be more fired up to go to the ulcer and gives him a really good player getting its first opportunity to actually go to midsummer. Or some of these guys also have some money on. Should you have any yeah that's true that's true. You know. The net other certainly don't want a state small market not to now leaching bonuses that they get from making it known that that's true. And maybe you know maybe that's an argument to have whether that that are committed some things it seems so arbitrary sometimes you know right. Dub our red and and regulars not well if there's money on the line to that that makes no sense at all. Completely agree and say I do wanna talk about last night because raises a you are obviously. We've been talking about him today you get the leadoff runners on your second and third nobody out. You can't in any way share perform manufacture a run yes I understand it's lasers regular who's having a tremendous season. Bomb blight the it's almost sacrilege not to be able played Iran. Two to give your views so for shot to win that ball game last night would you not agree. I would agree I would also agree that it. I don't want to sect religion is the word at some kind of other big word for that idea that you want regular debunked there. Critical we're talking about. Greens they know I said look JEU that your best runner what are your smartest players on third. Nobody's expecting Angela to drop down a bunt I mean hell Big Papi David forty sometimes or thirty sometimes in his career we saw Albert Pujols doing at least once in his career sure yeah. Again this year Marleau. Well I mean those Ella in his career he blunted. The roast well Russa had him and. Not bug in his Tuesday and lucky the goods sac fly I gotta get the ball in the air and he's a really gritty hip. He had not easily in nationally at home runs but it is not. You know rob deer. This is a little more of a complete hitter at this stage. And he he's just learned that life you can see it in my story we did a story by regular night there was no good at bat that was at the plate and in the field has gotten that. And he says he's got to have a better bat he's that I have to do the job I didn't do the job. He said I'd do it right back in that situation. But I need to do better armed so there you there was no shying away. Up from that moment in the game Brad Miller did not Charlie and his moment. That you know he need to do better than a double play base load later imagining. And like I mean. You use. It sometimes you don't get done and you don't get it up. And I would I would argue that he's regulars got it done more often and he has not agree that situation this you know I would agree. That I just simply saying that there's not one not one person in the place expecting him to drop on downs of your going to take that opportunity at that point you do it may be making a safety. At the very least. You know I mean a great if he ends of hitting home runs and he already had a home run so the likelihood statistically speaking a minute and many another one or astronomically. Low. Because that doesn't normally happen. So why are you asking and it could it is one of the I'm glad they council didn't on a regular because it would have been a very late night covering a Craig Counsell firing press conference. You thanks don't know if he dropped one down they win that ballgame isn't dead then Craig Counsell being genius. Well here bingo here here probably run into every time we talk about. Tom. And look I may be more on the site on things saw so I'm coming at it from point of view but. The pro board I assume. The barbs as again. And there is. So much evidence when you watched the guys try to bond and it's not a and then the argument at 88 or more widely orders. Professional athlete they should be able to block that is so much easier to say that actually execute and our players they've worked on them they were. Twenty tigers though it was a much bigger part of the game. And look they they do work on May need to work more. But then I really think the biggest problem that we're ready to really get in these debates is that approach on side. Assume the bark get on the run scores in the game and it doesn't I I don't think taken to a halt that it's not a higher percentage play the bomb itself. Yeah I think you assumed to be well. I would agree with you there because of the that the statistical analysis of the prevalence of the blunt in today's day and age is gone. It's just not a part of the game anymore here the problem we have though accepting it is. That means rural also accepting the elimination of an of an avenue that gives you an opportunity to move somebody ninety feet. Are backed fair and I would also very much concede that there is a place in the game for a block and that. The pieces lined up differently last night but then we'd all be expecting it to you and I would both be sitting there tweeting each other go ahead of god are you secures. If we eat there are plenty of arms and Obama coming your Kindle but is coming and you executed properly it and it it works. After the surprise element is like it's either the hole. I mean even I todays date the game with a shift. It's almost sacrilege to bunt against the shift is if you're trying to find some cheap way to get on base. Now Allen and that's usually ends. I think the reason that players don't borrow more against distressed is that a hard. It it's so hard you know. And when you're eight to say you are and the better example of the lefty hitter Prince Fielder. Arm Prince Fielder was was. I mean he would come in certain blocker and to be so angry effort English ship them. And me afterward you'll I didn't have bumped against it and the responses. Because not ready. It's not Eddie. Arm and look. So much of the game right now is is Matt and I I'd navies that are said to see before iron. Early liken it to black. It's it's a percentage play our decisions that you make with and gains. And they are so much data and because you can gather these gains. And mostly because of video you're our bodies around watching these games are gathering at all done by video out. Armed and they have all the percentages at their fingertips of how do you best score. Multiple run inning it in when you connect your rights or and parties were one ready and that's what you and in that situation. You know they would have bucket at the percentages told from the bar but I think there view was we have a better likelihood of scoring a run here. Letting it is regular try to put a ball placement in the back try to put a ball employ. Then trying to do something he almost never does and bump. All right you convince me. Yeah well yeah that wrong answer here a nicer than our own people started getting pissed off me on Twitter last night name and you know being incredibly sarcastic put. Ice in my argument to that is in everything you said is 1000% right and then I come back with a question of the day when the ball. And they didn't and that is why we will continue to debate the beautiful game. And again I this is I know what I said you forgo the beauty at the sport to meet. Is that bought one we all played at the kids so we think we you know we think we can do it. And number two is. It arms also slowly turning your and you can sit in July guest blog play along. Unlike other sports where that goes so thank you summoning you know comic book appeal we do it too but there's so many little pieces on the football field. While in baseball is unfolded the gloriously so locate. We get to sit there and be managers are gonna end up stuck the great part of itself looked. There's you know I sit up there might as well and reduce cute Hilo on the road against small ball armed and it is no later on he's a great baseball guy not a part about the game and are we sit up there you go at it so what department. Some as always and no real debate something out Furl essentially. All right I will be next week in Washington DC so Sam price are performed. You hit it out. Equipment or debt and her. They go that's animate caliber reject common Alameda County Georgia it's a little bit earlier today always good to challenge them. Always gonna sit down and talk to baseball and he joins some general challenge shatter our drivers right now. You work are they treat you fair eighty push years in the unions and call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs that come his this Porsche program brought to buy Bud Light we'll take more about that. And wrap things up coming up next in the Al Michaels just. Listening to bill my school's sports talk it's worth. Michael you know let me tell you about my friends over clinic sausage they may. How we look and don't like the show on the air. I'm Michael radio Joseph across the way coming up tomorrow gonna talk a little more. Boxing yard season. Matt the last days of the journal sentinel is going to be here also tomorrow as the trade talks continue to heat up. Our national baseball insiders set average is going to be joining us as well looking for that conversation. And that will ask him at what point. As eighteen do you feel like your franchise should be going for its sole. Did in that discussion tomorrow also so looking forward to a lot Mora brewers chatter. And and then just you know wall will figure out tomorrow also was tomorrow afternoon you're gonna find out of blazers I Allard did indeed. Make it as the final vote in. For the all star team though we were trans continue to vote and no reason not to me we are talking about this would you heard the our conversation with. I'll Marcus path policy of the conversation just a few moments ago with and Italian bruised are coming in a leader come look. I get it there's a lot of brewers fans that feel slighted in some ways Cheever former give other brewers fans to vote if you've done your part deux for for all teams. They're talking about down years. Okay we're having down years in attendance were you know will not not the brewers. If any thing you should be watching more and reminded more to vote brewers. And you should be doing your part otherwise isn't is a band days she shouldn't feel slighted you should feel disappointed in yourself. Mean everybody else. You can only do so much. And this far zoom you don't regarding everyone else before he's gonna look yourself and say you know what I got to get it done. So we'll talk about that coming up tomorrow as well if for whatever reason RAZR cellular doesn't get it. Then we gotta talk more about their the brewers fan base in general also but there that's all coming up tomorrow on the program as well. Are so good stuff today. Won't continue the discussion a lot of anticipation and excitement about this Milwaukee Brewers team no doubt about it. Until then they'll stop brushing chatter have a right what. He ordered till. Film Michael's voice talking.