HR4 – Are you mad if Rodgers becomes the highest paid player?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, March 12th

Hour 4. Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig stops in to preview Packers free agency.  We also hear from Brewers’ reliever, Jeremy Jeffress.  Plus, do you have a problem if Aaron Rodgers takes all of the money?


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From the leaks runs to the river flow. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans called troops all the bill Mikey show. Eight China while Coco Michael show on the air coming up here just a little bit we're going to be a joined by Paula maker political analysts who all. We talk to us about the rumors that it Jimmy Graham could possibly be a Green Bay packer. In the in the coming days the Packers need to upgrade the tide in position desperately. Hall also speaking of the Packers it to Marius Randall. As you know over the weekend traded to Cleveland it going to be at least according to sources out of Cleveland could be going back to becoming. A free safety. And not a corner. And not a quarterback as they try to continue to bolster their. They're is seconds secondary sort of speak in Cleveland. Eight by 58308648855830864. Total loans by kip dot com. Told free talk line if you wanna tournament please feel free to do so. So a lot of Packers chatter going on also. Now all of built to house her our baby to house bill Schmidt is joining us. Back in the studio he's produced the show radio Joseph Rosenthal out here on site was. And Billy. Tell me about the hotel Beckham junior pitcher I've not seen this yet and I and I heard about it but is this he's in bed with a woman who at what appears to be. He's holding a joint didn't she's got a lot of cocaine. And and there's a white powdery substance that appears to be something that would be. Confirmed as as what they used to call snell and there's a box of pizza right in the middle of the two as O'Dell Beckham is reaching over to talk to work. He's holding what appears to be yeah some some form of a joiner of one in his push us on Twitter. Yeah I was mr. Graham I believe it's work first surfaced aka. So it's been all over NFL network there and shell and over reactions and all sorts of things but a guy that's wanting to become the highest paid NFL player in history. Probably not the best news that you could have while everybody in their brother seems media. Yeah not and that the smartest thing. Trying to find that picture. I am not tracked him down right now the moment Berkshire off. You'll see here eventually but yeah the other news of the day speaking of of a crazy a Donna can sue looks like he's going to be. Released by the Miami Dolphins they may that it announcement open earlier nearly sick you know that earlier today. So he's going to be on the open market. There's another guy while the workers that thing has not happened. And many still seem to think that it's going to put pitches that walkers is taking his time and boy for an announcement on that with the Green Bay Packers it's been win. That happens at 3 o'clock central time on Wednesday when he can find when that you'll probably be culminated in announced. But that Jimmy Graham think people wait for come down to come down. Late. Ndamukong Suh is going to be on the open market now he's gonna demand more money obviously you don't wanna pay them consume his days in the huge huge contracts. Probably pretty much in her premiere. But he's going to be another defender that's gonna be out there in the open market then again he also comes with baggage. He comes with you know some suspensions and fines. From earlier in his career and he has always had as we know eight temperament. That it times gets out of hand and that cannot ultimately end up costing him Acosta is team more so than anything he's been a very solid player in his years. But his better days most likely are behind him as well 85583086488558308648. Coming up a couple of minutes as well Jordan Jefferson the chance to chat with him. Milwaukee Brewers is we're broadcasting live down here and merry go by the way the that crack you hear in the background as the brewers wrapping up spring training batting practice today. As at the brewers are off the camelback ranch take on the Alley dot usual later on this afternoon. Seek in. Cutting your what's going on down below as we see here in the broadcast the visitors radio broadcast Booth. And the brewers and wrapping things up a few media members on the field. A few players that are remaining in this kind of run around picking up baseball's that are out there and then. The grounds crew circling in this place up and getting it ready for a practice tomorrow. And then a game back here tomorrow to review and take on the Texas Rangers here. Tomorrow then on Wednesday at the White Sox before they go back on the road against Texas and Cincinnati yeah round out the weekend that. For a sitting over to take on the LA Dodgers later this afternoon. So a lot that's the NFL loses the NFL offseason is still continuing to be hot and heavy meanwhile. Here in now merry go yesterday had a chance to catch up with Jeremy Jeffers. The brewers reliever in talking him. About a lot of different things about the bullpen. About the closing. About how he's feeling physically take a listen to our conversation yesterday. Here you guys do is that different pressure it's unknown how releases this is. I think it's ago. A new on the drive story you know because classes for us it. I'm not. Nasser who want it to misuse its sync times and the pieces. Things story. You guys are pretty strong in the bullpen especially the second half of last season I know early on this season might. Not a war if you guys down but overall give me your assessment how you guys look pitching it. On them and everybody wanted to blow to ski and that's our youth but remained in focus. So everybody. And on. Townsend and I being DJ did they usually stressed out as much as possible sentence of restaurants. You know what is wrong. If you want him. The powerful and keeping them. Biggest criticism of a manager always usual mundane when it works they're great when it doesn't they sought. So it that being said how do you win win counts UGU guys. You know my question is. Do you guys get a feel for how you guys are working or do you rely on his feel for how you guys are working oh yeah we we can do you agree that's the bastards about it. Teams communities. Once we season. The cardinals were storm came. Through the first two months and then we'll be confident with these things. Yeah that's. We communicated. That it. How personally have you field off enough so good at Atlanta. This offseason moves mountains move. Most of us with this market it you know. McCain says he worked well vote and. So they go that's three leader Jeremy Jeffers as the cot with him a couple of minutes yesterday just chatted with him a little bit about the bullpen how they're used. Got to kind of fuel for it. A lot of stuff going on today Packers brewers there's so much happening if you wanted to Shimon feel free to do so scope phone calls talk to Sam was he too is in west spent six and I don't know what's going. Not all bill. Just a quick comment they'll. Comment on Jimmy Graham. A possibility which are really psyched about Ivan conflict titans last seven years and so Jim Michael Finley you live when you will react cook for. Reported a year ago we went to be here and ship it. But. You know I was just gonna say. If they don't upgrade that position and I really think we've got to make some changes with a wide receivers could drag you know as I can further away from last season. You know it's it's great for everybody to jump on partly and how. You wars that we all thought he was. Orton out of we got over it coming over from Cleveland I don't think it matters still much we get some receivers that are gonna get out here and get open. Because I really believe them I think I've mentioned this to you before our receivers didn't do Becky any favorite gift our heart just went out I mean. Then up on yeah. But while they write it up they thought we had witnessed George Nelson bill I think he got you know he's not vacation and I think he took rental car where the and and you know you have to get open especially. When you got a young team and they're I don't if it's Nick Folk coming in for a backup. If you can get a I mean Aaron Rodgers. Maybe the only. Quarterback and hopeful that couldn't hit chewy when you're covered critique it you know put in your last year yes. But you can expect from kids so you know different it is good that they are looking that was I think we've got to make some more changes in that quite cheap of course bill. Yet they've they're probably gonna do so at some point appreciate the phone calls always in. Jordy Nelson right during Nelson's numbers dramatically went down. Once Aaron Rodgers went out. Aaron Jordy it's not it to forty is the best wide receivers that 240 near and have. Such an incredible working relationship together. The knowledge of the two. It's is that a win win two Ortiz in the ball game and when when obviously when Aaron Rodgers under senator muted since it just is what is his numbers are phenomenal. I don't think Jordy Nelson does much of anything else. If he should leave the Green Bay Packers which I believe honestly. If they cut sort of loose I'd security maven I mean he may get a sniff for two and somebody would say they'll take Torre Nelson. Blake I think Jordan but he contemplate retirement he knows. He has seen other wide receivers come ago and guys that have been successful in Green Bay and gone off to other. Other you know teams and not know in nowhere near as successful we Greg Jennings the first guy becomes a month. So Torre knows tornado if you're doing you don't have her picture unless of course you're going to true contenders you're doing you're go for page. So that being sent to boarding as well didn't have a bad year Randall has always been. I had to come back. And by that I mean Randall Cobb has been in it when you get in trouble. He's been a got to come back and help you out he's he's been a guy can figure out a way to get open and Aaron Rodgers or even read only for that matter. Have they looked Randall Cobb. Randall Cobbs in that night but that the announced that Randall Cobb is. And I hate to say that the couple one trick pony and he's a slot receiver. That's it. You know he was originally came in he was returning guys will remember his career opened up on that night after the Packers won the super wal. Against New Orleans he returned the opening kick for touch. And and that was Randall Cobb. But he's not returning kicks he's now returning parties Isa slot receiver Jordy versatility becomes that he can only play wideout. And have that knowledge with Aaron Rodgers and relationship but he can also play slot and it becomes an kind of a matchup nightmare. And over the next couple years he can make a little political little moral living being a slot guy and being a tough matchup for somebody which you have to find him the wide receiver. Which I believe the Packers will do in the draft I think at about Adams is going to be the guy dropped losses gonna get really good look maybe Trevor Davis in GSI think yeah. I think that says that that ship is started it at least exit the ports so to speak in the probably gonna pick up one more wide receiver this portion program. Big rocket fire forensic cousins what they believe in better right now I can block out longer presence out. Taken nonperishable food item and get yourself a buy one get 1377. An exit epic. Seven and a half weeks out. In addition to that you can also get yourself a really good deal. It's a box tickets has taken some nonperishable food items to any local causes subs tell him we said chip. And they get to several violent gallon always fantastic our friends over cousins of where they believe. It better when we come back. Paula an acre green gold analyst to get his take on Jimmy Graham. To various Randall to Sean Kaiser. And all the other rumors that are circulating out there right now about this team as well as some of the other stuff that sell on the open market stay tuned Tom as a Packers football live in Maryville. Spring training site via Milwaukee Brewers that is coming up next to the go Michael show. Wisconsin look. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. Even some excellent. Convention and yeah. Yeah. The program felt like a show on the L we are glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to this we are broadcasting live merry go baseball park spring training site for your Milwaukee Brewers is they are now done with practice for the day. They're boarding the bus and they're gonna head over to camelback ranch. And they're going to be taken on the LA Dodgers later on this afternoon and then tomorrow back here. Take on Texas Rangers game against a White Sox on Wednesday Texas at Texas. In surprise Arizona on Thursday. And over and Goodyear on Friday that you're at Cincinnati in the of the weekend's series as well. By the latest portion of the program being brought to buy are good friends over to tobacco outlet plush grocery end quick trip it the way they have rewards. IR Adams W local quick trip. Going quick trip and it get the rewards card. 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In the process that would clearly spell the beginning of the end for Brett at least tenure in Green Day obviously they weren't happy with what they sought him last season no matter what it is they say. So give me your thoughts on the trade first and foremost. Why I don't think. You know you're at any rate. And most likely thing that I thought would have been the first major move up right go to couldn't do it certainly would not have been an up and that he would traded a quarter arguably it's in that order which is already a position of weakness for quarterback and I think we do that. They wanted somebody to replace Brett Hundley is the active or at least get hardly really significant competition. But to get rid of the marriage rent on the tell you that the with a lot like the jobs bitten relief that it they get in lot around. The locker perspective anymore and yet they add it injuries and and you know big contract. Randall you know carrying the first round pick number but if you go to this year in 2090. Now referring to the upcoming season but the following. You know you're you're approaching that territory revamp to make a really big. Financial position of a doubt the air travel much like what we talked about what mark is Peter when the trade candidate or like the ram. It bit about so much about that early this year would be preempted to the idea that. Trading repeatedly getting in a contract here and out of that. I think it's a bit like with RBI you know build and few players that come to mind that McCarthy had been at publicly critical love. And the various web. Eddie late he comes to my you'd pretty critical of any late he publicly. And it is Randall especially if the other thing that might you know in very relic of worry about it don't. Felt the need to clean it all out like. It was pretty clear on McCarthy felt about that player. And then you know bill we thought going into you don't. The Packers traded out of round one of the draft last year they got the first overall pick of the second round which means bad you know twenty hours to sit with the first pick of the second round and I know. Ports that are circulated it widely used shot tighter and I think most of the all that's just you know they want it in tight somebody betrayed them and acquire extra picks. And I think it's so pretty and it was the that was not. You know stayed interest from the back. You know getting it after drastic intriguing back because. McCarthy and admitted to some extent right go to and then if you can test out throughout he has something left. In the in the even maybe Russ ball as well the financial side that. They want disarmed they loved it a year ago they were looking at that Kevin Everett 33. And a value or not they tried their best quarter forehand so. They clearly like the player and now they need to develop and better than what they develop I probably could Mike McCarthy admitted to shortcomings that happening getting ready and so it like to start over and start fresh with a guy and the and tightly out he would love for over a year. So this act as I said you know while I understand the backup quarterback position is vital as we know it is now has been self what solidified. They have gun battle that put all the eggs in one best when it comes Marius rattled because he's he's cool ladies he's got a lot of potential but he has been a great player. What they've gotten weaker now in in on the defense an area in which there are already weak. And now all you know you've got to go out you the fact is you have to spend money in a second you have to bring in a veteran presence you can't let Kevin King. And aquittal Rollins. The year two most veteran players back. You can't you know and he. So you want to go under the draft with the idea you'd take the best player available. And that you don't want worry about what position that players. And you don't wanna do wander free agency thinking I might have to overpay a player acts because he plays this position of need. Thought the wind. You you'll now have you already have a glaring weakness that quarter that just became a whole lot more glitter you know and that's what it's like now where. An upbeat about against report over the weekend. Bill we talked about tremendous job in many times in the past month and half. And that is the guy that bombed again and not connect to the Packers to where to date a public it's going to be. Raiders or it's going to be hackers you know you'd be if you don't like that report. And that's gonna cost you 10111213. Fourteen million dollars per year somewhere in that range so what if they do. You know if they information got in the end given. In elf or a year forty to 52 is that when that million dollar contract. And that is number fourteen overall and maybe also what they support rump that got a quarter. Okay you're you're better off than what you work but he's still he's let's. Until the climate terms of getting up position back to being out of weakness and you made it weaker trading rental and upbeat and doing what the profits and the coaching staff. I don't know Mike McCarthy haven't yet increased sway in personnel decision. You know whenever there's a spot where they thought their baby you know addition by subtraction by getting we're rental but they now have to spend. The ability to now they really have to bring a veteran race if not too you know maybe you you'd inflated got a debate contract. And then you hope to bring back a Davone house or you bring back from Ottawa the name that I've been mentioned. In terms of another possible union and that he'll also might abuse never sports overall and a quarter so. Opposition that are ready is a lot of work he'd even more work now I don't think anybody in front up its would disagree with that. In then you start to worry about your right tackle position because blog you know as far as we know is not be ready come training camp nothing's been said. You in the if you figure that out that you may still in the media card reports all said and done. We talked about Jimmy Graham tight end position. What are you gonna do with what you have the white receipt there's still I tell you what this is. Every year I say it's always have very intriguing year for the Green Bay Packers Enders like kind of a pivotal moment. This is probably it is is watching the deterioration of the defense and knowing how many holes you have to fill. And the ability or inability you're gonna have to fill. This is an incredibly. I guess pivotal offseason would you would you take it that way as things continue to unfold. Oprah sure and I think the fact that there is now front office in place. I mean Ted Thompson wins I feel like I've not that anybody could got a that would convince me that at top would have traded to bearish right approach on kite. And there's no way Ted Thompson would have been won the first call to Richard Sherman street saw that report on Friday that you know sure but initially received it from sixteen. One of those in the literary interest or accorsi and that I'm the efforts of all what Greg Beck and you know they already had posted. Mo lookers and and you know it's like night he beat a guy than a big relief like the corner from doubts Orlando Scandrick. And Republican you're gonna get relief from Miami and I saw this today as well. I can't tell us there'll I think I dropped low and had a network reported that the Packers are in fact. Looking seriously not just pop into militant seriously internship program. So that the whole new world where the team with more hole what I think the Packers are used to having a villain not the but at least from this perspective you can say it now GM and play who at least. Willing to go to out avenues have these conversations be a part of every created discussion be part of possible trade scenario. And use you know it connections and Elway like what it very hard for good he called John Dorsey Eliot wolf and a lot I miss the green and got in Cleveland. And make something work you know the kind of for Randall swap that would it would up at that this would even and you know the it can basically cap space illegal right that's a cop out you map out a map you know open discussion and you brought up right tackle but. The fact that they're connected all of these guys an app is connected to but hosting fitted with a look at it and being one of the top two routines they were maybe get Jimmy Graham and. You know if the new world and it it had better be because we know that this team. That's all behind now why that a lot of position that he you know because it'll just barely getting that bad at Russia yet self taught you a lot of work to do for sure. Though it all the bigger and hold analyst and you know Paul won the other aspect solace that we didn't really touch on this segment at all I think we would be remiss if we didn't. We still wait for the other shoe to fall when it comes the quarterback position. What is it what is Kirk cousins gonna cite for who is he gonna side with how much money by the time it's also in the what are Rodgers then demand. And all the indicators much like you would set a couple weeks ago all the indicators are he's giving the highest paid player all football. And that's I mean now they can maybe to for a little bit of money changed things around maybe resigning a couple of guys and try to you know cut works cap stuff but it. If he signs the boat load. You gotta wonder out loud how much what he's going to be left for everybody else. Yeah and that's why I think Rogers and radio most partly Rutgers agent. Are gonna let Kirk cousins site burst in the if that happened this week. I don't think there's any other shoe to drop it I think the current country she was the only one that lap and that would clear the way I think for the table to be that for what Rodgers gets. Now and the patriotic or content speaking it is going to be dip and whether by Minnesota or by Denver or by the jet. You know if he really does get a three year. Only guarantees added every single dollar guarantee which is unheard of in the NFL if that ends up happening let's just say. Three years ninety million only guarantees that would make her cut the first ever tablet or contract guarantees. That the highest paid player in terms of annual average because right now we're a couple of twenty app per year output content hypothetically and it's an area thirty million per year. It reset the table at a whole new way that we're not used to at people that you know the start stand up and all the NFL and that the get a spot we're Rodgers then it today. You know even at the tactical aired yet they only very loosely 90% of his new contract but nobody much is cut and so. You know it they'll likely that it all comes down to how much. How big piece of the pie Roger wants the valued at their hand that he'd need to beat the highest paid player ever or at his position. Or is he willing to actually make black and Kirk cousins. Or have left percent of the contract guaranteed prepared occurred about. Obviously now white adult conversation at rotten to the far superior player but other than a spot at age thirty entering a restricted free agency where there's a bidding war. And that that's not the position that rotten president so. Yeah that will mean once that give take care of it rocketed into the refund or cut I don't think there's any logic that went out god. I think you could probably realistically our countdown clock. When Rodgers and might do an extension. But that number I mean people had better be prepared. What that final number ends up being how much in the being guaranteed because you know let her cousin's about to read that the market in the big way it would appear. Don't you think though that if Aaron Rodgers. If if the money side of things really doesn't matter I mean he knows he's gonna get over one million a year if he just says 20/20 five point seven what are. If that doesn't matter that he can't sign before cut. But if you're concerned strictly about the total number and how much you're going to be paid more than one of the higher paid players. That's when the concern is I have to sign after them sought to figure out what my number's going to. Which which. Which reaffirms what I thought I think we have bill. For awhile which is that Roger is not going to give but it. And that's why the you know the best quarterback in football are one of the that's for sure on what may be yet operate and that right at you like create up realist. And you know he had every right debate at his talent is what the market is to make the most money in LA and and for him to be. Fight fans who like to Tom Brady does take it out you know more black that's seem. You know it's a wonderful spot bad but like it it's just after that I don't expect it to happen if if everything. If Roger actually does that. That will be Abbie you're really powerful. Our message to direct the team into the office but. I think if that would indicate that extension would have been done long before and the fact that it now officially opened freight market. And that content is still out there that currency units fully guaranteed deal. I think it speaks more and more idea at least that theory at least. Roger wants the writers represented at least in the court not rocket making these phone call but their rugged agents represented as are waiting for content to sign. But back and reset the markets that rockets can follow up. 48 hours later something you know and the ability to read that the market and it away so. Adding more morgue at the point that it is going to be a hugely rich market reach that it I think for rocket could have been what I think it would depend on mount. Paul good stuff and will chat later on the week and in kind of wait and see because we know via free agent market is gonna open just about the next time you and I talked. So will all chat about all the doings goings on that okay. Is about talkies and take a while they are in order analyst joining us for a couple minutes in the Schneider or it's not like. Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard retreat to their eighty push yours are beginning you don't call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com has portion of the program be brought by Bud Light your pitcher of beer sponsor. A built like a sports talk now were we come back or kind of expound upon and I wanna ask you as a fan. As of fame. Let's just say everything we just talked about comes wish and Aaron Rodgers waiting for Kirk cousins because he will be the highest paid little football. Improbable that more of a microchip next. Sure listening to the bill my school's sports talk and the word. Back to the program like the show is on the air we're broadcasting live Maryville Arizona's spring training site for your Milwaukee Brewers who they it says that you're ready. Two while later today take on the LA Dodgers over it. Camelback ranch. Where they're going to be playing are back here tomorrow. 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What Kirk cousins and site for because brought to its purposes for whatever but he seems to figures that Aaron Rodgers is that gonna become the highest paid player adult football. Okay. And has Paul it matches there is this. Called on and do what Tom Brady did. Give some money back don't take it all. Do you have a problem. If Aaron Rodgers. Because the highest paid player all football improbable. Gestured out. There's some people don't know if he adds up taken all the money. And I sit before this what I would do. Because. Z you know I would say by bright dude it's I would say -- here's a checkbook. Write it out for whatever you want. But remember. Whatever you don't spend. Is the money that I have to spend on additional free agents. Okay that's legitimate. And I will then make you the promise. As the general manager. That I will go spend that money. On free agents. But whatever you take is money I don't have to spend. The pick up additional help for this team. To get deep in the post season back to another suitable. I think it's fair. But if Aaron Rodgers and his agents say look Aron is we all well. Physically the best quarterback there isn't in the game. Best arm. Knowledge ability to whole thing OK he just hasn't had enough help around. And when he has they wanna Super Bowl. Do you have a problem affair Rodgers takes money. Because for that Max deal. 8558308648. On along like a duck on corporate Auckland do you have a problem apparent Rodgers takes the money. Yesterday. 855830. 864. Rate on the loan like it though council freaked out like you can chime in and any other way to fight us on Twitter you can do so. At bill underscore Michael's. Check it out. Check it out just answer it there do you have a problem when. Jane says why would Rogers giving discount. So you wanted to go out there are on their word that they're gonna sign free agents if I'm him no way. I'm I'm not saying you showed. By the way James I'm not saying I'm saying some fans have a problem within. If you'd take the Max deal if you wanna be the highest paid player and and where whatever position. 855830864885583086. Or eight. On the loan but kept dot com poll free chocolate. It's was from dealers at the Packers hold zero leverage in terms of Rogers contract Rogers and right. What he wants on a piece of paper and have the Packers sign it. They have never use the money to bring in help why would he take a cut. Again you first of all he can't say never yes they did. They have spent much. They haven't spent many of maybe the way you wanted to they've spent money he can't say never docudrama quick. They brought in Jericho. Brought it Charles Woodson. They brought in that brought him Martellus Bennett just heard of the failure. They have brought in players they just. Did bringing it once you wanted to or the right ones are the ones that were going to mean enough to the team to be able to get them over the off. 85583086480. Won't like it dot com poll free talk justice says I don't have a problem with it. The Packers have never been up against the cap before this season where there and Rogers. He has carried them for ten years and he's earned it while the team was spending was wasn't spending every dollar be competitive. Again though remember. They did spend all of free agency but they accelerated the cap by signings of free agents that of their own. And then turning that over. To where they can cut those guys later in their career if indeed they weren't panning out so it didn't sour account wise for the team. They've never been a team to go. 300000 dollars away from hitting gaps that ever done. Admittedly. I agree with you Ted Thompson is it for quite a part of being a general manager is being fiscally responsible. 85583086. For you along wicket to account for free talk like. Let's do this we come back we'll pick up some phone calls kind of close things out state tune mortal like a show live from your merry go Arizona couple a credit to this. Still the film Michael's voice talking. What about. Magma like coach always on the air I was sitting here and Billy if the phone calls or second. Well a city that was just eulogy I would out here bill with Tim Allen and did you see the the cover the inside cover of the Milwaukee Brewers. Media guide. I saw the back cover which was which was alarmingly. Jacked up Bernie brewer pub and a tag yeah that was and that's we're itself with obviously on the cover runs OK Christine yell at. The two newest acquisitions on the side of the cover is a nice. Tribute says Trevor Hoffman all the fame class of 2018. Well when I look at the picture. It's kind of a silhouetted. Very faded picture. Who would you look at the picture like this old guy. I couldn't call. It's not a very flattering picture of our ultimate. So you don't think you want sees that is is head shot for when I got no army in the past it's it's it's. You know it's it's Ryan brawn in Prince Fielder a couple of people hearing Trevor Hoffman off the fuel their shores okay suited to very cool picture. And in it was. It was sit congratulations. Trevor Hoffman a career save 600 OK it's a tremendous pitcher tremendous moment what he's liked by his lips in. Do you ever years ago there was an addict here or was four it was for natural light years something like that it was some discounted beer. And it's that don't have bitter beer face. Remember that. It would show like a like a guy but it was like if you is that he had no teeth that he was. Like old backwards number you know just that but that's that's the picture is Trevor Hawkins got better be faced man. It's the bowl picture. Have trick or are. I am series title looked at like two or three times. Went is that really him or is it that they can maybe it was like somebody from fantasy weaker something. It is broad enough fantasy camp guy that was there are so old dude and marketing strategy to head on waivers of that but yeah it's it's Trever opera that port. A thorough and have a happy about that whatsoever they go to tomorrow on the program. You're gonna hear from a Davis Stearns brewers general manager you can hear from him. And here a couple more from our interviews that we had from out here. At the brewers' spring training chosen Tola set down chatted with a few guys today in the clubhouse as well. You can hear great council tomorrow also I gotta tell ya gotta set the scene for you right now real quick. For those that are listening where were obviously beautiful weather out here it's today's seventy about 76 degrees. Good breeze coming out of the north and a beautiful sunset there's very few clouds if Indians got a couple was Bulent. But I'm sitting here. And the respect that taking batting practice the putting cajun way they've put away. The pitcher's mound covered everything and they've begun getting this ballpark ready for tomorrow because tomorrow the brewers are back there hosting Texas Rangers. Tomorrow the White Sox on Wednesday. So they're cutting the grass. And the wind blew up into the into the press box. And I just got a whip. Of freshly cut grass. And I don't know about you but I mean there's when I was a kid. And my dad would cut grass for the very first time in spray. There was this reminder of summer that always could still smell going up the side door of the house and we a release the a stairs went outside my house and into released he'd drive way to mark wrought under our house. And didn't pull along Morales and it cut that little side patchy grass you can always smelled walked out the door. I got instantly it's amazing how that the the sense of smell takes you back but instantly. I got that with the grass was like oh man takes you back Munich it and knowing. That you elect a Little League game was right around quarter. And so what that's the first thing I got wind when I got that with the grass via via the smell of freshly cut grass now permeating. Through a merry go baseball park. And at a reminding me that yes summer is right around the corner and so the boys are some boys of summer so. Looking forward to it up like a set will be back here again tomorrow be back here in on Wednesday throughout the week. And you hear all the interviews and at its upcoming a lot of people champion real quick on the Aaron Rodgers off. This one says I don't blame Aaron Rodgers takes all the money but he seemed to be very vocal about what it is appropriate to help. His deal will tell me how serious he is so many guys. Say they want the instant upgrade. But he talks about the roster. And once about it being a team differently contract. David says I have a huge problem here right the highest paid quarterback. It doesn't leave enough money aside additional players the group this roster that happens this team won't go to the Super Bowl during his career it will just be disables able. David Dillon says or what it was nearly ten years ago Rodgers as cook. To be re sign they let him walk oh yes Martellus Bennett three notable signs on to pay. I'm I'm I just gave you a few. I just gave you a few young you ask your entire roster freeze signings. I mean you bring in our green they brought in Howard Green. You know they signed free agents over the years it's it's now I just gave me three names that was it I went to Woodson. What do they wanna cook yes but instead they sent Martellus Bennett didn't work out but they still cite money they still spent free agency. You know brought files back last year didn't work out officials spent money. So no I gave you three games don't click on bill that comment was they ever spent in free agency I just felt the comment. Rushed off. Six clues stations strong. You might school's sports talk now.