HR4 – Are you planning on watching ‘Hard Knocks’ this August?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, May 21st
Hour 4. The Cleveland Browns will be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”. Will you be watching? Plus, Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig stops by.

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From the league's front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. And Michael show me the best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. And while twelfth Michael shows on the air we are. Always glad to have you glad you're here thanks so much as always for take a listen to surely appreciate it. 855830864885583086. For eight it's on loan advocate dot com. Told free chalk line if you wanna China won't let you know that in next Monday. It's morial today in a very special day as always we're going to air a lot of the interviews that we do that we just had on the honor flight. But the trailer. For the honor flight video side of things is now well it came out a little bit earlier today. It is posted over on the FaceBook fan page so if you wanna take a look at agency did kind of a sense. For what it is we have a chance to do go to FaceBook dot com slash V bill Michael show. And you can find it there it's the blue verified check mark or just put the link out on. Our Twitter also. You can check out output to our first trailer for this year's honor flight is now on the video side of things is up. And you can it's only compliments you can take a look at that actually your boots always. Always gives you chills when you start in turn put to music and and scenes altogether reporters we have a chance to win this. Targets of Packers football as we continue on Paula made every legal analyst now. Joining us on the Schneider orange outline why adored. Build Dubai this incident tiger statement on the NHL that would me yeah. Well it turned out a show like that lately that this all NHL that is great yeah I'm glad you are you catching beat playoff bug or what. I always enjoy playoff hockey don't get me wrong in I mean you know secretly I mean I kind of you know jump on the national bandwagon. Just because we've covered you know tech Randy when it was here with the Milwaukee admirals and got a chance to go Nancy bush an admiral's games. So you know you kind of have that rooting interest there are not a Blackhawks fan I think there's a lot of Blackhawks fans in the area obviously. But not a black hawks fan there's a lot of red wings in Minnesota Wild fans here as well but. So I pay attention and national but boy what the the biggest gold knights have done has been a great so impressive. And when we talk I was watching today on I think was sports senator had it on their talking about franchises that in early on in the exist and have won championships. Mean the boxer mentioned which is so cool. Of which you look at teams like in Tampa Bay that did when he came for like 21 half years you know Tim remaining NFL and you talk about a lot of the other franchises so. You know for them to be not only winning franchise in their first year existence put off to the biggest you know series. In the sports you know or you don't in two in the sport. That's fantastic so I'm I'm kind of fired up about this some unbecoming that gold night the golden knights critical auto summit could becoming a gold nice. Yeah I actually went to a golden night game in November. When I was there and I don't you know that my life I have the goal of go into every NHL. Home team arena and we have checked off fifteen of the current thirty watt. Now he's so that would make you more today Joseph fan than an even. I what we could well be an age now. The fact that it's you know that it's not really depends Chicago public yup that's not a black Sox badly spent a national that was on. We we initially like kind of latched onto the Tampa Bay Lightning my dad went down and sweep Ali Ben do I don't know a dozen lightning game. And then as we travel we kind of added one on that cute that. Make particular trip out of particularly going to and it's Hillary has and so it was such an up on experience but I sure hope that. In my lifetime there's an NHL team in Milwaukee that would be amazing and I don't go we're very quickly buying it. Yeah I was gonna say I you'd probably would but I just I I don't see it happening any time any time soon not let somebody with a more money than god shows up and says I'll I'll be willing to pay a billion bucks to do this I just. However see it happening any time soon but anyway. I'm not gonna let you American what you Doug build a doll my spirits. Well I I do that with a lot and there's a lot of Joseph fans here it's not that I don't want one that's not the port the point is is that is. It's one of those it's it's just not gonna happen it's it's just the feasibility of it just isn't allowed to happen so. That's why I'm completely thrilled of the debt down as many you know mammals games I possibly can with the five this year so I. I enjoy hockey I'll say what the other thing and I've said this time again we had Aaron Sims a little while ago. Aaron's one of the that we he's we talk so much about Ted Davis and Wayne Larry and Bob you curb metal pay in such. You forget about how good aaron's chooses when you hear him calling game he is fantastic I think hockey is by far the most difficult to call. I thought that it moves fast it is good though they're not very little positive. Like I could never do it myself temperature. So speaking of doing it yourself we we have not having everything is just right now quiet do the one thing that you know I think your people were chatting about more more more. Over the last I don't know a weaker to. Has been in the NFL mean Major League Baseball goes over the line then they're gonna the Red Sox and the Yankees there there's more talk about NFL being in London you I guess it just one of those times a year or does not talk about so we got to find something to talk about black. I keep hearing the Packers name comes up and I just. I I cannot him ever imagine the Packers giving up a home game to go over there but there's a lot of teams that don't wanna do that because the Packers fans travel so well so there warning about a sold out home game of their own place. At what point do you seal leaks say enough you got ago. Yeah it's not going to be axle it's not an annual right at the have been a problem that exists is on edge this car doubted. Pakistan got really well so I don't it doesn't really matter how much that team might struggle to draw attendance. If you're gonna hold the Packers that's been based travel extremely well. I think it will happen. In the next ten years you know it's. It's not exactly like doing hard knocks you don't know what to Cleveland Browns and you know whether it got hard not to yearn for the longest time if you think about it pretty much attackers. We would probably beat some actors east side I'm not sure what John Ortiz initial reaction when you talk about being your heart out. But sometimes there's enough of a weak mandate or not for the weak pressure where it's located is that happen and I know Mark Murphy. For the most part at least record keeping a Packers hope. If you care that you wrote game audience it's still a major travel for your team and that you know especially if you're gonna play. In London on a Sunday in the media to come back for wrote game following Sunday whatever the case might be. That it missed a tough week on your team that has been attacked he'll get it. It looked at don't they usually start central public AJ ever I think yeah yeah. That's at that so that's what you're you know even if you go to London the whole week which most teams do to practice as a kind of get acclimated. You're still. You know as someone who lives and in the packers' case so guys working at Wisconsin I'm living it was content. He just started and if NFL game at the morning I don't care benefits for night that you still. He's still not ready to go at 8 AM most of the time so the challenge and I and I am sure where it will all push against it when he went candidate for all of it. And again I never think it's gonna be a part of it I just I just can't be happening but a road games. A Packard and brown and Tony Tony already got a little under a deal that would eventually that Pakistan to marketable team NFL clearly had its sights set on our. Building a fan base there as much as they can and yeah the Packers are along with the cowboys there most of the first couple teams that. That that fans think even outside of the country so it it'll happen actual game so I think you can comfortably say they would have to be. Absolutely forced by Roger Goodell do that and I don't think I don't think they'll get to. I'm I would lose watching on on FaceBook over the weekend has been the statistic has been flying around out if you saw it but it's basically first ten seasons. Comparing Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. And the numbers short of ratings are overwhelming. In favor of Aaron Rodgers. How good she reconsider Aron army MB people talk about Tom Brady because of the rings obviously. Blight you talk about his own rushing yards the games played there's only two games difference between the two. Yards passing per attempt to better for Rogers you touchdown ratio is better for Rogers. Except for a Tom Brady has been extremely good in that area as well with. Passing TDs he's got 315 to 61 to break I go through all the all the numbers for Roger is basically got him beat how good chair we consider air writers debate. But I mean he's he's one of the best currently playing he's gonna be one of the best probably I've ever played at. And you can get into the ring discussion and you can talk about Dan Marino and you know in the value wedding rings that would be great but where that should really. All of the whole thing bill note how ready it was in his first ten years that he does that entire CNET. We're Matt Cassel came. Right now go to bed that you probably Wear around Tom Brady's eight night at ten viera tablet at a previous that hole here's a kind of yet it gave the writers admit that the price because Rogers has. When he gets swapped eleven game is passing that he missed comedy into what he thirteen when 800%. To. Eight game that your so. Dot org about lighten up let you know I'd like everything going backwards years ago. And at a big brother and the rocker who's about to start his 100 career game I think that happens. Maybe late in 25 team and I don't you know and talking with writers about it. At that time and you could analyze the numbers you can you know you can go back all you want. It eats it shouldn't be that of which Aaron Rodgers has played quarterback position to this point and I don't think there are insider insight about slowing down. He's just the most efficient quarterback to never ever play and that reflects itself. It happened to be in frequency of interceptions. Is unlike. Anybody has been able to do before and it didn't really colts it's really not like you talked about the talks got interception ratio. And it not like Tom Brady at quarterback to give the ball away and the fact that you could parallel. Rogers' first seniors with Brady's. Really add another light milestone moment so. A hundred career starts. That's a career milestone moment that the bullet that should look at how they compare. Other quarterbacks to 100 starts OK that was a few years ago now looking edit OK okay ten years later. A big starter worthy number lineup with a great tie and of course you don't even have to look outside of the retired list by Tom Brady guy who just. Done an incredible thing in his career they'll help it holy richt did great he has to ten hours. Three. He ordinary through four that's a great question. Levy could admitted that did that different Beckett put Roddick really over the top is clearly it for the next six years. The Packers can win. Two rings and really really put Rutgers into that you know that next Echelon of all time great quarterback for people who value of the rings piece of it how would it be people think that rings are are major major part of it. Not determine how you should value the quarterback all time greatness but. Brady has continue to do that between the eight that rod is currently at 34 and Brady's current date in his forties. If you know if writers can even when one board that time. It would be other somebody critics who have won one there's another ballistic much smaller what you are talking about two. And really are talking about here more so you know I don't think there's. You know we don't rod is in beta recent comments about. You want to make himself as valuable as possible over the next 678 years that he's indispensable for the Packers kangaroo and so we can be a packer for life. And yet it's gonna have this big salary cap number coming out parties do whatever they usually are finalized. But let's say if if he can win at least one more break helped the Packers went but one more race. It couldn't do a lot to that status but again if they get if they can get to work tripled the special agent went to war. That's what is really separated radiate that in his mid to late thirties and now it is forty he continues to liberate and whether that's you know get whether or wherever you come of that debate in terms of that the value that judging quarterback and multi meter. Rod your beat that he you don't want to at 828 I think Russ is 28 when they want that to all he would have a bad back then eat. He needs to you know he need to do his part to the Packers player. And I'm sure he is counting on Mike Patton that what's that Pakistan is now picture that that you sent it. It carpet courts no longer the stepchild that this organization and you know not have sold for one that Rob Marshall was something that. Yet that's the difference when you look it in there reserve three rings in the first four years for Tom Brady but by the time he got to ten years. They had five visits to the super ball. I've been there are many weren't fighting as it's for real ratings five visits rings in the first ten years yeah that's that's edible periods wanna. Just wondering if I get a different at home and Rasheed gets the credit for that but you know not. Not all of the credit is able to an organization has. It outside the San Antonio Spurs and yeah yeah about a stable organization that's what it is that. Any quarterback ever have to play Ford of course Bill Belichick. You know as the ringleader of the got a disservice probably the vast majority of about the critical that's a quick out of the start. With the spurs. It's apologize again on Wednesday okay. About a jugular they don't poll editor in order analyst joining us on the shatter or challenged better hiring drivers right now you were currently treats fair eighty plus years that media done. Call 844 brought a go to Schneider jobs dotcom and a Michael Jordan next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk networks. Didn't know and then we wouldn't know it didn't. Wouldn't it isn't. But boy you're having a terrific candidate certainly appreciate you're joining us. This portion of the program were occupied wildlife fund like the official response to bill Michael sports talk network. End of summer and music and all that goes along with it we're going to be back in Wisconsin state fair park. Budweiser pavilion a week from this Wednesday its upon us and hopefully the weather is warmer better. Well reveled grace is gonna take the stage we're going to be out there for our run walk. In now raising money for saint Ben's community meal and feeding the hungry so please come out. One week from this Wednesday night it's may thirtieth will be the first one it was got speaker parked in the Budweiser pavilion it is Wednesday night live it is free admission. Six bucks to park your car forty for motorcycles. Come on and bring a chair enjoyed out there on the grass or stand up and coming in the big giant German style bureau all puts all the Budweiser pavilion Albright to a Bud Light the official beer sponsor. A no Michael's sports talk now work. Hard knocks is back again this year and just to be a big deal as to who was gonna be on hard knocks. Here's my question. Who watches hard knocks him. And is seriously by you know it's hard knocks is. He is is on HBO. Or some people that have HBO. But in the grand scheme of things who's watching hard knocks. There's so many people cut in the court. And in no cable no direct TV now that so many people cutting the cord. It could who's watching hard knocks it's it's nowhere near as big as it used to be. Just drawn the question out there I mean it used to be something I'd look forward to nod I'm I have to admit I still have the core I still have. You know the did the desire to watch hard knocks is kind of the jobs so and I'm also very intrigued by what is known as Packers he's now. Would John Dorsey a lot of front office people. Better over there working in Cleveland so to me its interest in grand scheme of things to watch or hard knocks it. The show muttered I mean they may be better off putting it on the NFL network rather than HBO. And having NFL films do. They're having the HBO guys do I mean I know HBO and showtime showtime sports only kind of stuff they really have that niche player. I gotta be honest. There's a lot of people live. Aren't watching that stuff anymore if you wanna get movies. Go to Netflix go to Lulu go to YouTube guy you know. Rather than paying a monthly fee. People just kind of pick and choose what they want. And I'll watch that stuff anymore. So I wonder how many people are actually going to be seen and showtime sports still. They really put a lot of effort into other sports program he's not a fact we the president showtime sports. Are and what we were out in out in Minneapolis for Super Bowl this year. And it was great to talk you know sports in boxing and everything they have going on but. Just kind of thrown out there who's really watch it. Who's really watch in you know hard knocks in. HBO and all I kind of stuff. Others HBO now all I know that. And there are people that haven't on the stick the fire stick. I think it's you can do with there was PM is on fire stickers on them like that. But I have H Rihanna you. So are but are you watching are not specifically. I plan on watch and are now very army and it's it's something intrigues us but it I've. I'm really interest to see how this Cleveland Browns organizations going to be run by a former packer executives. A lot of former record players are commenting until I had the interest I I think I'm I'm very intrigued by what they're gonna put together during nap during training camp here. I'll be all over I watch a lot of shows on HBO. Mark writes and what he's you know Immelt email inbox since look at the cable have watched HBO haven't looked back in really need it. Some from Wisconsin lake says not gonna lie never watched any hard knocks ever. A mom. This one's from justice I think you'd be surprised about how many people actually watch HBO you don't need cable to get no no I'm not saying you don't you need cable to get on his saying what everybody gets cutting the cord for cable and cost. Just a lot of people are watching. Hard knocks. Are watching HBO I think you can give movies and so many other places now used to be you went HBO or showtime Cinemax or. You know whatever or sun. What does success. Stars was another one. But there's HBO go that are British talking about. Says their highest rating in five years. That they got last year. Really whom they have Lester who is it was pardon Eckstein lesser was that. That was in the rams. It was a Buccaneers last year. John says that I watch on Amazon prime. Watch the cardinals in the cowboys. The Michigan Wolverines. Hughes says and now watching HBO go and I pay it forward anymore. Got rid of that awhile ago and pick my movies now. Todd says has to watch some HBO HBO go. By two don't pay as much attention hard knocks I know some friends who do go. Laser faces sounding like an old man and I'm just saying that deserves a lot of people is don't have anymore. They're good ratings last year it how many people watching. 'cause I do I do the Netflix or do Hulu I do this stars are due. I we have the Amazon fire stick we use that there's a lot of stuff that I have it's on the go. What they go out justice says that's because they're game throats. Is that the moneymaker right now HBO has a game of throw on some answers a lot of people Simon for the HBO ago which is true. His troop and it was for a which is monitored show falcon I love that show now. Last night's episode is great so disappointed with less world the second season I. I'm a big fan I've enjoyed every episode I start watching some things on Netflix too I just started like he just finding random stuff that common interest of from a mile long time ago said you know believe it or not that. That series with the listing creature. And company had ever Winger encircled the ranch and us are watching that kind of hooked on. It just it it's just. It does it first yacht he wasn't that great I thought okay this is gonna last and in the more you got into it four seasons now. I'm watching. It's been pretty good there's a couple of ones in most meet these movies and stuff. It's. This one's from Wisconsin noises so say if the NFL really wanted to make wanted to put on their own channel. General programming. So I joined a geologist just wanted to know was watching Tony people are paying attention to and yes they had their highest ratings in five years. It's only grand scheme of things not nearly as much as it would have they actually put on. The NFL network and that is from a man's man's life so I went to sort of find out who was watching. There's a there's a group of people look at. Is nudges me that says they don't watch HBO is much anymore there's a whole lot of people agenda that is they're all watching and so for those of you would say yeah I got and people watching that's great. As a whole lot of people just the opposite you are saying no they don't watch it. Not just me I watch it because I have it. And it. Charles is always a looney tunes they go 85583086. For a joint chairman you can mad the last as Milwaukee journal said he was on his way. To the poodles are press conference today we caught up with the camera talk a little box basketball want to take a listen this conversation coming up next in the Michael show. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Quite a challenge on the you know we're so glad you were on board today thanks so much for hanging out what is as always surely appreciate it. Talk about Velasquez in the journal sent a little bit earlier today he was on his way to BMI juveniles or press conference Bruno holes are introduces the Bucs knew. New head coach by general manager John horse stitched up that conversation is Matt was on his way to just say look we have had a chance to talk since all this went down so tell me in his opinion. Right. You look at. Not the right one G. All you local culture I'm market during this. I. A the experience. And deep playoff. I agree it. Culture. It will Alter. I help right now. The sort. So with this young team now I know there's a lot of talk about you guys in Middleton meeting with him economy kind of given the stamp of approval. A lot of people saying that the meeting was brilliant in the sense that it would then give some players on this team ownership. Of saying look we have to move forward this guy. And kind of let go of the past in their forehead the inclusion gives them a sense of entitlement are empowerment I guess might be the better word. Do you think they did the right thing and including everybody. Is that pretty exit these terms that. Yeah. Kurt and year out what. Chris. Eat it. They're way. Over the course of the year. Oh. The leadership role. On this. Hurdle and so yeah. Believe it parity. You are. You. It's thinner. Even sure that those that. At all. I don't either. We. Oh. What do you think did Buddha holes we can bring to the table it's going to write I don't wanna say get these guys to play better but it did I mean how many I mean. Georgia was head coach even better this team gets more wins I don't know necessarily that's true but is booed Knowles or that guy is going to get more out of this team. Then say what Joseph prod he did or Jason Kidd at. They. Are acting. Out here. I. Bet you obviously. Sir it. He. It buyouts for your future. The like what you eat. Chops don't do. I don't culture. Will be early in their goal seek it out. It at all Kindle EEE. Changed soccer play the open source and it is it is roster. That you see. Act. Out. And so. Is it. This summer. No all it requires. BC. I. He stayed the order to get. Out. And how this week. Or. Oh. And so if you talk about booty calls are being a better coach her coach it to come any kind of kind of get guys motivated or at least be able to work with some of these young guys in and it has a lot more one on one time is a lot more personality when it comes to the ability to. I I guess to kind of draw out some of their skills so looking at these guys is some of the younger guys on this team take ADJ Wilson for example take. Take sterling brown for example some of the guys he you know that this team it kind of pick who was relying upon that have a released showing up to do much. Do you think he can make them better or do we start to look at those guys and say you know wide. You have a core nucleus. Those guys really are just more so role players had asked me begin just because to me this team doesn't have enough depth to compete we're seeing a front line guys played really well. And they need a shooter they need a big man but they also need some role players that are going to be better. It was true. And each is. And I. Seriously. Need. A hole. Is. It a lot. It. Here. Well. The speed that sorely need it. Actually. Now. They're. Really happy. And I. At. It. 00 and Google will be. Built. Built built. Right up. But the in. Orbit. And also a pattern that. They shoot up. Earlier law. And here he. Might all be better this'll be out there. Its. Own future. And see I think eight. Long. Worry. All the eight. I. Think you can make sure that they get. Look at what our goal is basically. All. The crew don't be out. Here. Eat. Eat up. I. Shot that you. Alan I'm Alaska's of the journal sentinel is the bus security introduced their new head coach the rest of the world. In the meantime were wondering is Jabari Parker going to be back I mean that's kind of first and foremost is for is building blocks go with this team. I would assume at some point he's gonna sit down or at least have a phone conversation or something which are barred to say. You know hey is this isn't something we one out of Milwaukee or do you wanna co exist with everybody and everything becomes cope ascetic in. And everybody's striving towards a common goal mean that would that be one of the first things on your radar. There. Is there pressure. That it arc arc and act like poker in a trap I. I. You. It. I. Regret it Eric. Wedge. Out. It. Didn't aren't there. Create. It. MBE. And that hurts you so I'm sure that they are station I do or other. Parker. We're. It's up to. The opposite. Laying. It out or are all I'll. The Oscar. Yeah Jerry C. It is cursed. I'll buy our. You'll get in the dirt here working well. So. I figure out art it's going to be. They're they're. 00. This is over so he. In. Spite Parker. I. Now. Carter called the art. A lot of bowl or. The long side. Hey real quick we've got about a minute but I just wanted to know is there anybody in particular you think it's gonna be sitting there it's gonna be able to help this team in the NBA draft. Well. Well. It. Out in order in your other or Jeter. I. Picked it. Bought our on. Air. Booker. Her Kurdish. 88. At age. All I am ETC at all. Up. So they go mad the last euros or a little bit earlier today as he was sitting down and he might boo moles or press coverage on a horse that looks GM introduced pulled Bruno calls her as the new Bucs head coach officially now he is your is under way. In and I just wait and see I mean there's a lot of things he had said during a press conference that member of interest and and I thought it was. Very telling when he said yes ownership and such in the general manager but he said the players in the facility. Are what brought in the Milwaukee is opposed to other jobs so he believes there's talent here obviously the facility a new building. A new work out facility everything located downtown everything's right there and accessible. As far as the working relationship with both the front office and be on the court stops oh. They've got a state of the art thing going downtown now. We'll wait and see if it all pans out under wins as those who wins and losses as gruden holders here and now begins. Are coming up next as its interest in because Roger Goodell has now spoken up. And he has something to say to congress. Regarding the whole betting situation now with the Supreme Court has ruled and we wanna get into that discussion a little bit as we get ready to close things out also give you a little bit of a preview. For tonight's upcoming games Zack Greinke goes in the hill this evening for the Arizona Diamondbacks is there in town to take on Milwaukee Brewers this portion the program. Rod Jiabao are good friends add to go over to black oil that applies to all sort of friends over quick trip and in addition to that don't forget we have a cigar dinner and not too far away try to run the cork. So we wanna make sure that your all sign up that that is Thursday night June 7 Thursday night June 7. And we wanna see you there was see out there because it's always a fun time always gonna be a great opportunity. To tell some stories in have fought and and really if you wanna get the tickets. It's going to be Thursday night June 7 it was custom brewing company American way in Verona if you wanna get tickets tobacco outlet plus on Sherman avenue and Madison. Willow road and wanna keep county road PB and brought that's the quick trip. Taking a close a couple of drinks your full dinner some cigars were never great time wanna see out there Thursday night June 7. At the Wisconsin brewing company in brought out near Madison it's going to be a fun time outside of the lecture coming on next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. At work. Oh yeah no Michael show. On the air. Tomorrow on the program. Steve Tyler from basketball insiders going to be here talk about the bucks new higher also adamant calvary is gonna join us stuck its brewers baseball. And I here's question for you going into tomorrow with Ryan brawn and being down brought for such a long time has been basically the face of the franchise who is working their self. Who's working their way into becoming that pace of the French shots and it will discuss in that tomorrow. I'll also recap the brewers and the Arizona Diamondbacks game one what do that discussion also the expectations for Bruno holes or crew. I kind of go from there Roger Goodell. Mission in the NFL says they're prepared for expanded at legalize sports betting in the United States but they want congress to get ball. Unlike Major League Baseball the NBA and NFL. Aaron may legally based on the NBA the NFL's not interest in receiving a direct cut of the action. Through three that's according to league sources. The league instead is more focused on data and video rights. As a potential monetization opportunity. Hot. You get about our product fine but if you're gonna use. Something of our products such as video. Or such as putting up any of our data and we wanna cut that. Because the make more money. The more often you see stats and stats into pro football focus all that kind of stuff mentioned. All of NFL sports data out. They wanna cut that. In a statement released today Goodell said at the NFL I'd spent some time planning for the expanded legalization of sports betting. He said there must be substantial consumer protection. Sports leagues can protect our content in intellectual property from those who attempt to steal or miss use it. So are you wanna bet on that's fine. No problem Gulfport but these are put up pictures to advertise your stuff for start talking about the NFL. Using the move three letters NFL rather than pro football our views pro football for pro football focus and they want all of that. There's more money to be made in home in infringement rights. And she's there than there is just getting a cut of gamble. Because the cut of gambling depends on how many gamblers are out there. But they cut that they'll give when it comes actually marketing their image. Well that's regardless of there's one person bedding or 101000 people betting or five billion people betting it doesn't matter because they get paid a flat feet. So that's what the NFL wants. In the meantime Major League Baseball NBA the PGA tour all of them clobbering lobbying and State's interest in legalizing sports betting. They've been asking for percentage. Of the amount wagered on their respective events. In the form of a quote royalty. Saw lack amended. The reason reeds are the leaves were originally asking for sports betting operations. To pay 1%. We'll see eventually get it but the the league itself the NFL saying go about what you want we don't wanna cut of that. You were going to take a cutter everytime you post say a picture Peyton Manning. War picture I should take Tom Brady you're Aaron Rodgers or. If you take a picture of Eli Manning your you've got a guy. Say a guy like Dez Bryant and the new uniform making a touchdown catch. They'll well that's that's our property we own that you gotta pay us every time you do it. That's what characters it. Soon be out of LC served I had bet all you while we've been preparing for this. But we wanna cut of all the money showing our product. They have. We'll talk more about this tomorrow also recap the brewers and Diamondbacks who's the new face of this Milwaukee Brewers team there are with Ryan brawn. Being on the DL and really not performing up to suffer we'll say the last year. Did that discussion and also it talks and NBA got two blocks now down a new path. What's the expectation there. Duck breast ago have a coach. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking.