HR4 – The Badgers are on the verge of getting a stud QB

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 4. You’ll hear a ridiculous interview between highly sought QB recruit Graham Mertz and a Michigan reporter…Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig also stops by, and you’ll hear about Tiger Woods and his $20 million yacht.

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans content to. Michael's show may best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. News. Feel welcome Michael should always on the air and we are having a good day today hopefully you are as well brewers and cubs under way and boy I'll make some reference points that coming up a little bit later on the program all see and hear from Mike McCarthy. Melissa this joining us now Paula any guard ringgold analysts in the Schneider orange hot line I don't ball. There are. I don't well let's first of all star with a Barkley and that we talked about it a little bit earlier in the program today and he had some time yet some time off because of his. In the passing of his godmother. Yeah according to rod democracy he kind of when asked about his contract game away in the united selective if you're off because of family member passing no problem if you're out there because of contract issues I don't begrudge you do get the money. The one thing they can become an issue is if he doesn't play well again this year in the let's say he does get a contract extension at some point. Once you get that extension you give the winking and hide. The cross hairs and squarely. You know become you how much better do you think he's going to be with Mike Patton now to Hellman not a symbol symbol from Dom Capers. Well I know he's been talking about feeling like you'll be able to be more worried. In this Mike at all I defense but I did what take a quick step back bell and say that. The clintons are yesterday was one of the stranger ones. Unexpected ones with different versions of the same story. That I can remember in recent memory man here. You know you first see okay Clinton expands her of the media out of locker and explained that. You won't because the death of his godmother grandmother immediately and then. And then he's start being out more and more about it. And I also read Michael Collins story and Packers is that journal sentinel and and he at this stage and take on it as Robin not yet and it was just. It was just a fascinating like you could've. If they would have just stopped at an initial explanation. That would and that and you know because we cannot talk about and softly speculated about maybe the reason that maybe there are multiple reasons and Tibet as he kind of got interrogated and hit a further question the little bit more by. I reporters up in Green Bay yesterday. A lot more was revealed and that he went into hollow if he had worked out bonuses in his contract he would have bet there last week. Written regardless of anything else happening at life and that you know that one way contract. Didn't have anything to do it in not being their way like just. But fascinating but are. Don't worry end and hurt and twist and turn on that architecture. I know you want them all anywhere but up but I just heard me out like. Well what it. What is going on with this guy is how to get. Two different responses to have been questioned. That it and it is played bill. You know. Yes but the fifty year starter on this he's been a starter since they've won he's always had Morgan Burnett back they're whipped and as. You know what they eat Lichen adds something that you can. Rely upon it he gets lost or via the question or something is going wrong. And now that he is the fifth year player at a polite just jones' second year player as is. Starting held apart. You have to be the leader back there and I know that. You know he went through all of this stuff about he was having all of the practice let's sent to hit high notes in iPad and you've lost everything that he was able to touch base with Joseph winner Mike at what he did. If there were so many. Variables to this that. You know what he kept that that is if he dropped by the Packers. You know don't work out bonuses and all the different things but again. At the end of the day to be cliche afraid of that at the end of the day. It goes back to the player he wasn't 2016. And before. No one gonna care. Is he goes out and put on film what he did last year. Including a complete no show week seventeen in Detroit. We're all it can't come back to this moment and say. Is this where you know it is where it started or is this like. Did build upon that fact so some of the players that they'll stop there what to let me know because if you like Tony. Well I I completely agree I thought you know I. Look if we just wanna call what is as well I feel. The bottom line is if you had a family member pass and at that Asia or. That is your focus I would never begrudge you anything OK go do what you gotta do be with your family absolutely. What I agree when he started getting and other things and it sounded like can't even pay eighty have been there. I don't wanna what words in his mouth because I don't know what's going through his head he could be just talk of the obvious Hadden and kind of saying some things that in in reality may be meaner don't meaner it just gets taken poorly. Blight it just it came up to me like you know I am my godmother meant a lot to me but had a had a better contract had been here you know that's what I came off right. Yeah. So the 888. I wanna given the benefit of the doubt because you never make light in any essence of of a death in the family but since. There was just something to that they'd just said to me okay this just doesn't sit right and I don't I hope I'm reading it wrong I guess the best way to Porter you know I mean. Yeah I do I think the bigger point of the whole thing is the Packers defense. Leads him to be a really good player. You know and if you want but about contracts and other thing he did have a really good year because weather is with Green Bay and nineteen very with another team. Its performance this season is going to have a huge impact. Obviously to fatally. And so if you want to take it one year vacuuming just look at what 2018 means to ol' party well the Packers and himself personally. They see in the eighth. To be really good players they really really do not just from like a typical box score production type of thing. But from a leadership perspective and from a communications perspective. And if he doesn't that if he doesn't go back it's only 152016. That's performances. You've got to get paid you know and. The Packers are gonna be great it'll let them go but. Get a ticket to bigger trend in the negative direction beginning with what we haven't seen. And his performance last even you know then I don't I mean how do you do you give the guy big money contract would you agree bear anybody else so. Or against the Packers defense and what each unit for his long term future in the league and how much you can make in the future I mean needless to say you know huge year. In the end of life and career of Auckland that. Would you pay him or renegotiate the deal or extend him now. From a teen friendly. Perspective sure you know lately if that was. If you. I don't think first of I'd say I don't think that's happening I don't I don't you know foresee that being what happened I think he's gonna play out the year and then what happens happens. Well I don't think you are it if you are right religions and and Russ ball and you're looking at this situation. You don't really have his replacement. Yeah and elsewhere and I think we all thought that it became more and more clear just chill was drafted to be the Morgan Burnett replacement. And that never became more clear than when we saw the final contract he held on the contract that Burnett by the softer than what Pittsburgh Barry. Small money compared to what we all thought he was going to fight for and what you did all of the national. Contract web site export tracking all the other ones projected him to be worked. And a back are still didn't get engagement and you know for a new contract so Josh silver went to replace him there there's not that guy. To replace Clinton picks next year partly in how. If things don't get worked out you know in the next one and 89 months. So so not sure of course you want to yeah yeah I think he's a good player but. I think he does have yet a lot to prove that that 2017 was not what you gotta look like a twenty. Obama moving on we were listening to my coach Clemens a little while ago and my kid made the comment that. You know Brett Connolly still Carlos libretto only you know I mean is so. What do you do with Brett Connolly at this point I mean there's really didn't you know it Katamari and. You've seen clearly definitively lute is the number two quarterback job sued Shawn tiger in training camp which. I suspect he will I think I'd there is they're gonna panic either going to be pretty cabin creek figure that preceded it just being awful. I think that's tiger's job to lose and other people feel differently about it I think if tiger's job to lose. Having that that was ugly. You know I I don't think that any bill we're so far away from having to make this. Prediction and so far away from. Ryan go to content to make this call I mean what's 78 ideas seventy to eighty days away from. Final roster cuts so the so much still to be unfolded but. I don't think they're gonna keep three quarterbacks and what really gets a nominal difference between you know keeping an extra linebacker or keeping their quarterback. But I think in the half again as to the property and that was a different time. But. Yeah out there were times going back to and when told he was after the third guy. The couple years there when that happened but mostly you don't record about. That yet any trade value I needed even worse. You know a sixth or seventh round pick to a team that would want as the number two. I don't even know I I would think you were six or seven rather than just cutting him outright but again that's nowhere near the return on investment that. That's of them thought they would likely get one day when they trade up to get him and it. Tarpaulin make our green gold analyst and now. Looking at the rest of this team I know there's been so mom for lack of better term accountability when it comes from the defense is on the football on Mike Patton. Look on paper in in sound it all sounds great in reality for what they've done. I was asked this last week they said okay look if you wanna top ten defense as good weekends put together a top ten defense if you had to answer that question today. Do you think with the addition of Mike Penn who is head top ten success. They have put together a top ten defense. I could not. Commit to and I I could commit. Pop out you know that top sixteen I would say yes if you pop and I would say bill. We talk about Clinton picked meeting about back here smokers. To bounce back here it is the guy he was pre major contract with the jets. Or is he what you want to ask are we here which is a good player but nowhere near the difference maker that he what. How quickly does to the rookie quarterback in the first but Gorelick dire Alexander and jobs jacked up into the alchemy. It's a model Williams somehow continued to do I agent of. You know everything that most quarterbacks and it's still position like that unable to do. For anybody to you know I'm actually you know watch a bunch of mambo in Arizona Cardinals. Film from last year I mean if I was really got in somehow still really doing a good job when he was 34 years all the Arizona. If he can still beat that player in 28 to unit is based now. You can you know you could have more time or not only Alexander Josh Jackson's developed but also for 78 affected your players coming up pretty major surgery at a shoulder. Coming back to not have depressed that you significant duties so I look at it it is in the mobile and smuggling into my state. Are clearly two major wildcard not to mention. But it did the development of extremely young or including background but a player Kevin. FY. You know that. Major major turnaround but it makes the difference but I think he will come on the optimistic side of of what patent will mean that his defense and if you know new guys new additions not just ridiculous. Welcome cinema from out of Williams but also mentioned the young rookie especially one position. I think spirits upheld its defense. You know have constituted today but again there's. So we wildcard to somebody factors including patents presence in this whole thing that it's clear that up and go I think in the upper hand to people that are right now. Yeah I don't think they're top ten but I think they can they didn't get into the top fifteen and I certainly think that they're going to be good enough to sustain Paula talk again later in the week okay. 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And cousins subs don't forget also the officials of sandwich in the Michael sports talk network when we come back and every Tiger Woods coming up next about Michael show. Michael source told the. It's. I don't like we'll show on the air. Day Tia. Good day to the tonight get a good night's matter of fact he. Budweiser pavilion looking forward to Wednesday night live the Tories are going to be on the stage out there tonight free admission cars parked for six thought motorcycles for free. Should be good time and it's Albright Cuba but like they split for good times in a great weather hoping for really good weather. As I know the supposed to be a couple of showers in the area but it's supposed be spotty at best would come of this Friday night. We have our run walk in and you can still registered. Yep Friday night 84 a few clouds and Jiri a chance of afternoon shower but that's about the extent of its looks like he's really pretty good weather. 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To a polish trashed and may I can't say thanks enough to everybody's joined us over the years in again we can't do without you. So come on out join us as upcoming Friday night Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods city missed playing in the US open take a listen. Miss playing in the US open and it's meant so much to me in in my career and and to tell wanna know nine times was pretty special so looking forward to playing this week the Soviet. Another fun test. So then tied your. Says take golf we talk of the game go we've all been their QB if you've ever played golf you know what do can be can make one shot you're like oh my god I went up the road and feel that. It's great next time. You take a swing you have completely lost your game golf is always frustrated. Golf is always frustrating. There's always something that isn't quite right and that's where. We as players have to make the adjustments. There's always something. Hopefully that you know this one those weeks where I've put all together and you know what's it happens. So one of the biggest pieces of news. That has come out to during the US open week and actually it happened the last week. But it's tiger shot. In case she didn't know or CE. But he he's guide the 88. Yard that is enormous now it was funny because there was a person that was out on the water. Janice De'Angelo. And she's got a 61 foot boat that she says is tiny compared it is. The odds club worked tiger is docked his job because he wanted to stay in familiar quarters rather than staying in hotel. He brought the got it's not far it's fifty miles from check okay. So he brought the got up with the goddess named privacy by the way. So anyway long story short. He is a view was that you know tiger are you get five bedrooms a gym. A staff of eight it cost you a little over a thousand dollars a day to dock this thing and all the gas and electricity you're using. And he says yeah I it's it's kind of a dingy. Yes thing and one thing you else. There are fifty guys so far this week have sort of take us to come from the hotel to announce a three hours. You can look atrocity you may know little fender Bender I mean it's not on conceivable someone could mr. Tom. Okay. So listen this I want when you play is again Joseph. This is how everybody is when it comes in detention in the air regarding tiger he makes a joke here. And there is no sound listen nesting and I think it helps. Not since you guys so far this week that senate and I think and nobody sees this they wanna dig itself 150 foot boat five bedrooms. I mean it's it's is Shiite enormous twenty million it cost him. Yeah that's what ignorant can you believe he's paying 15100 dollar today so we want to pay that for a hotel room. And he brings is John out who cares. What people make such a big deal about it. A twenty million dollar priced at not counting the two million dollar a year and operating costs. But he ball by the way he tried to get rid of it he productivity eland and Il and didn't want it seems like now account keep it can imagine that. It accommodates ten guests forums for the crew. It's it's it's huge. It's huge five state rooms. And because there's a crew there of nine that runs the ship. They call it a ship in the article by the way. An eight person hot tub kayaks scooters. It carries jet skis a smaller boat a full gym. They sports room which is kind of considered like a sports bar against. All on this that docking fees determined by the size of boat. And the Sag Harbor yacht club charges daily seven dollars purports. According to the woman who into the phone at the yacht club. So it ends up being about a thousand bucks that you do the math. It's huge it's funny because his big yard. This pretty big yacht is park next to it and it looks like it hurt. Us Don is how you like to have the biggest yacht. Yacht club like you all on drink of my pinky out. I've got my sweater over my shoulders the arms are folded into one another I'm wearing the captain's hat and I feel like I'm missing only two Neil. Yes and and that they pull pulls in and just also during the shadows it is somebody blocking this time. Mel it's tiger all I Ramirez pictured on a life of the fly and the blood to that it. Cowboy so they have. Anyway Tiger Woods at the US open also was staying on his dingy hopes and nobody laughs I can't believe. 'cause nobody laughed and maybe he'll actually give an advantage if why these golfers have to commute three hour yeah yeah who knows. Maybe tiger's got the right idea. Tiger invite in the other golfers over come on over. I'm sure he'll invites her daughter you know does Steve Stricker is good friends a tiger he's actually. Pretzel with tiger the other data and attack. And there was another guy either that was spotted with stricker and tiger who would that be and that man won two US opens and we hear he'll join us tomorrow. You'll be here it didn't quite scarce and would be these. Andy North Indian nanny will be on the program tomorrow eighty Norris will also be playing in the celebrity foursome next week in Madison at the champion championship which is the new Champions Tour. I'll stop which is really cool because it's gonna another great field but it's giving north far. Derek Jeter and Leach arena. That's the celebrity as usual foursome. They offer that this year. You are not there or I'll be there Saturday and Sunday and back on Friday Arkansas and I'm gonna work unless I can convince the boss that. So coming to work if I go there Friday trying to guide Saturday and Sunday I will be out there are from sunrise to sunset prepare. It's gonna be a great fields and stripped stricker is very plain because now he he's on the Champions Tour he's eligible but you'll be at the US opens this week. You know you see one from like John Daly and they gonna an NN's. Jerry Kelly another Wisconsin guy plain. Kenny Perry Kenny Perry explained that the US open to this week. It's any Zairean arcade eager now Kenny Kenny Perry. But and then another guy playing in the fields who's gonna join us tomorrow as well in addition Andy North. British Open champ Tom Lehman Tom layman will be here we are loaded with championship pedigree. Private first summer we read two golfers I'm in the same Shelby eggs to champions yet. Two major champion say a tablet and join us tomorrow as well so should be good big tent itself. Glued to Verity glued. Tom anyway. There you have so all fired up about. I'm I'm looking forward to. Should be doing all of this we're gonna take a quick break and come back everything from Mike McCarthy and he has not spoken okay he's he's kind of speaking ladies doing it. I think Mike Mike Clemens is that now in his car with him probably writing back over. To Lambeau Field is Mike we all know can disguise himself as a back seat pretty good so he's trying to claw also released down on the floorboards or something like that so. We'll touch base and that also. Also. Oh we have a no other. A no other. Costs cigar dinner to promote. I want no knowledge you know we are coming to an area near you another one has just been released. Also read talks in Wisconsin badger. Football and why this is day coming up next from the much. Six clues stations are strong the bill might cools. Sports talk now. I'm. I don't like oh shall we are on the air. Couple of pieces of information for him. I want to let you know that a coming to the chip wall valley. I love it up there are so bill I love getting up there and hang out and the golf course in such in and taken the old they've trail near triple falls and ride the bike but the cigar dinner that is about to take place is going to be July 26 Thursday night and I eight. In pain that I can't make it they're always good to have a great speaker I know that this is our find out who it is knowledge you know but. Tobacco oil supplies. Quick trip our friends there and also Alec Bradley the cigar vendor is all they're all going to be there and they're putting this thing together and he's dinners are fantastic they sell out please do not let my absence. Deter you from going. I'm glad they are going to be doing this. Thought coming up Thursday night July 26. If you would like tickets go to tobacco while at plus grocery stores on birch street you clarify. Or prairie view road in chip or falls and and head over there. Great place great time. They're gonna do to the chip well river district distillery. And which is a terrific place within itself I have not been there but I've got a couple people who when I've asked about it. That have given me nothing but rave reviews it should be great to get you do a couple of cocktails your dinner your your raffle tickets. You get to some cigars with that call for free some great stories along the way. They're gonna do chicken breasts in prime rib and garlic mashed and it just it it's gonna be a great time. I encourage you to go get your tickets however. However. And I wanna get this made a note to. I will be in. Look Crocs. Lacrosse on Thursday night August 2. For the same thing. For the same thing we're going to be it shenanigans. On Dawson avenue in lacrosse for criminal across. Sword guys the morning out there's gradient those guys can't wait to see him but on come on all across I'll be out there are August 2 Thursday night August 2 for the cigar dinner. And I know let's promoting yet. But I'm excited because. It's going to be a lot of fun and I know they have the tobacco outlet plus out there on the highway 157 lacrosse. You can search getting tickets and there for that event but I'm gonna become a lacrosse so. Go out and support the wanna know Clair I'll see you in lacrosse and I know I have one coming up in Wausau. I know there's going to be one Green Bay can't make that woman is going to be a dynamite when we Laramie the voice of the Green Bay Packers going to be there for that one. They've got some more going on but no word were really start to make a torrent these things go like that they go really quick so. Looking forward to it so lacrosse and know Clare or color of the western portion of the state. And I'm looking forward to seeing it. Countrywide is. 82. It may not seem like a big deal to you but it is. But it is. Graham arts education to know their name you're probably not Wisconsin badger fans. Implied mertz. Graham hurts EE heat head and we talked about this last weekend an official visit. With Wisconsin and he is being recruited by Ohio State by Alabama by Clemson by Georgia you'd asserted by Michigan news or go through all the big time schools. And Wisconsin's a one in he wants to go to release seemingly once ago to coming up all big W right now feeling good about it. Yeah he tweeted out on his swear count yesterday he made the formal visits Madison and here he is. In front of the W. In a badger uniform he's got a number. Annie said hash tag on the scouts and yeah soul I know we as a sign on the dotted line just yet. Bought nice seeing grammar it's is going to be. Playing for the bench and what if he ends up playing for the badgers. And he now if he won place for the badgers to plays really well for the badgers. And raises that level. But kids like that who is so wanted. Coming your system can begin that trickle effect if you have success. In bringing some more of those top recruits. And that would be a big big big feather in the cap of Paul Crist now. Who is who's this reporter Jared you know just some student. I don't know who this guy is I honestly I feel bad form. Because he clearly needs some work when it comes to interviewing and believe me interviewing people is not an easy thing to do especially when you're doing if faced phase. So so mertz has been doing some traveling lately he was done in Georgia I spring camp. He it was just something he wanted to do and soul this this Michigan kid. Interviewed him. And I don't know do you want to play the whole thing it's about two minutes because play is because this proof read a case of this search off with them talking about Wisconsin. And then he brings up Michigan. And we're. Would Merck said any interest plane at Michigan and Merck's tells them specifically. There's one thing that he really doesn't have interest and that would allow home to go to Michigan and yet. This reporter just keeps asking a lot of take a listen. Now you deny you being committed the badgers here right for a little bit I mean. What sort of in the latest they're giving on offer and any visits lately and and what's the contact and went with a was not with the Wisconsin this Lebanon Wisconsin wants them about my official. But the spring official whatever that is right. I don't know the date is boost on like two or three weeks and then. We just a by Georgia yesterday just threw out here an extra day of there was talk about the Wisconsin what do you what do what do you know you look at from a trip obviously is going to be the first time. Are you is it going to be the first time in combat as an actual command I mean not I'll I'll is that. Our units you know what's in your frame of mind and in that term the official death yes I was down like two weeks ago so I was I was good and through the couple more minutes. They're Iguodala missed on the PG. The officials of the coincidence OK YNN and you just went to Georgia meanwhile while wouldn't what was the reasoning behind that and would you would you would you check out. For that your I just love ball balances of three balls the just feels jet from an after. I'm not at I overheard a prior conversation you're having here. I heard Michigan and heard that the school that's only some interest me which which which coaches you've been talking. A thug with coach pitch and Qatar but on that they contact me every week and you know between doctor wasn't alone. She suffered a love for them where what is sort of there there and there and just what do you how do they sort. With sir there message to you that they want to quarterbacks in this class and personally I don't. I don't see myself going to do two quarterback system but it's always interesting to hear coaches episodes are they trying to get you to come up for a visit yes they're trying to parties go through now another spring game I believe it's on April 15 is that something that you would entertain. All of them come about yet another of that week and so I don't know though work out. Okay and then would you it was is it something that you are thinking about maybe on up to Ann Arbor where for a trip are now dead. This all the mud fill them out yet there are so. Anderson if if you were to do would be during the summer. Are you think Dixon I think so I'll take and I can I did all this I see this if you do vertigo I mean what would you wanna see on that your. Just how held in a row and Indian springs so I've been more at camp situation. But I would be camp I don't think so it'd be more how to coach is reactor in Iraq to me and I would do in person that I've seen in person Mike wants it out. But on the campus I guess and just the whole experience of Ann Arbor. How does she. Bob first of all if that kid is gonna get and his business okay look we all have something. At some point when we're doing an interview that can grab our attention that can make us pause for a moment together our thoughts. And shudder I've done it Joseph you've done and I got in our middle then you I've gotten texts. Important texts. You know from family members something's happened you gotta keep your composure keep on moving on. That kid sounds like a naked woman is dancing be hockey courts in ET it deepens attention at all. Blake she's doing like cart wheels are spinning on her head and so we can see your face or somebody takes just. He's he's got a little polish today it's not as easy as it looked sometimes you'll go right into that as OK and you interview me. And they look at ego well. And the hood didn't billions. We just a legitimate question but that's always the question. You know Saudi like. On the fifth both have a like heels are her bode well mertz I thought handled it well and he did he got the job Stewart two odds are yours is going on his ball it is like Boller. I was the only other guys doing but I bought New Orleans was gods and so you think you're going to be going to a camp but I. That does that well Bernard beat up that beater and knowing look and not likely he said when they when this kid asked them about you know would you would you still go to the K companies like well you know maybe a family member final piece they aren't going to be there are going to be there wrong. Camp found all the outs mortars are Harbaugh is calling him every week out of a B or you're not gonna on the bold looks. I thought bill doesn't feel good all Judah went when you've got a kid I highly sought kid and he's being recruited by everybody. But when he says no way to Michigan and says yes Wisconsin or. That's always good correct and always good feel completely agree I in whether you now listen I'm I've got that split bias. So as as even they buckeye fan. Talking like what he had to sit at it. So they haven't. 85583086. Where we can wrap things up to put a measure don't like yourself. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Grab a Michael show on the now we are glad to have you I'll tell you what. Brewers can't give him and now I'm I'm I'm just starting to my hair out. Carolina screening minera. One out turn on Torres strikes out. Ball is dropped. Runs the first overthrow. Ends up on second steals second. Steal second. And then. Or steel's operations today. On third one out all I gotta do is lift the fly ball to skip one and then Democrats goes to writes spectacular play. And now two outs and run on for as sustaining its third base ninety feet away and we'll see that you get that run in but. Men you just you get opportunities like judges proof. And Orlando RC. Just an FYI. At the what does that tell. 855830864. Tomorrow on the program we're gonna have a good one for you we're going to be. Talked to brewers baseball wrapping up this year he's really talk baseball Richard justice from In tomorrow. It is we should just call this late championship Thursday. Andy North to. Time US open champion also US open champion Tom layman. British a British Open excuse me British Open Tom layman. Is going to be here as well it is championships Thursday coming up tomorrow as we get ready for the US open US job updates from the US open as well. So were really looking forward all of this it's going to be a good time tomorrow. And I hope and I wanna remind you again and I had a couple people who emailed me. Kind regards to the other polish fest stuff. It is at polish fest dot org we are run walk for the hungry coming up on Friday night in these two courses. If your runner yes it is an officially chip time to five K. It is an official Li. Is it officially chip timed five K. And is a walker. It is snug just a couple miles and you get a chance to out around the island in the state park area and have beautiful beautiful walk in a lot of fun. And so the bottom line is it's going to be a good time where we're gonna have a lot of fine. And hopefully you can come on enjoyment and join us because it does is the biggest fund raiser for saint Vince community meal on the house of peace all season long. And they've been helping feed the hungry for a long time so it it's it's what they need they need it they can't do this without the value of to come on how this. This coming out this coming Friday night and join us as we try to help feed the hungry. And and do something great for the community and have a lot of fun doing so and plus you get you free admission of polish fest all weekend long. So why they haven't that's coming up our Friday night if you wanna find out more formation either registered. Whether just yourself a couple people a team. A group of people friends or what have you. There's a different rates for what we get a group together. But nevertheless you can still come out and go to Bob polish fest dot org that is polish fest dot board. And they get yourself all registered and we'll see down this coming Friday night we all gather. On what does the EU line stage she used to be a part of what he bingo casinos states and some professed not believe it's called that you line stage from not mistaken. But it's a big one on the cover so you'll know or. As an a lot of fun and then now we get we we get out we giveaways and prizes. And we get genuine and you go on your polish rushing into all weekend long with sickle whether it can be pretty cooperative you can bring dad down. Father's Day weekend by the way Orlando RC a groundout. Little ground ball to second. Run stranded at third. They have. And like I said come up tomorrow on the program plotted its dolphins and it championship Thursday. And I'm you'll won't really get into recapping this series between the brewers in the cubs. And I really wanna get into the US open and I normal we'll talk more about it I mean this is forced to casual golf enthusiast or somebody is not even a golf enthusiasts are you like a horse racing and threw just when it comes to. Just merely the Triple Crown the big races because I don't think there's a whole lot of horse racing bettors that are in the area put it. You know people involved in a Triple Crown they get all deet up for the Kentucky Derby in the Belmont Stakes in the preakness okay great. But it's kind of like. The the it's elegant golf fan you're only a golf fan for the majors for the masters for the US open the British Open and PGA championship so. Awarded in that discussion a little bit tomorrow as well and that kind of go from there but. That's it good stated it's up to now did they figure out Joseph what's that for don't know our lights went out. We've been in the dark short of our generator running a radio station and our studios. Everything the buildings done like a big accident somewhere we got to hear any sirens are not getting in more economist soundproof area. People runner are our staff was outside playing football. Or go to lunch nobody's around we're sitting here in the dark. So that's good enough power on our television surprise rest of the staff is in the new watch the brewers. Brewers cubs scoreless we'll talk about that coming up tomorrow top prize to go have a solid throughout. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores called me.