HR4 – Buy or Sell?: Bucks win 45 games.

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, March 22nd

Hour 4. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, we have breaking news surrounding Giannis, and Bill has a message to the Twitter trolls…


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From the league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans come to draw the bill Mikey show. And oil go until Michael shelf. Live today here in Green Bay are fun affiliate WNFL. He has they'll be ready for tonight tonight we're gonna be at prohibition. Spirits in cigar lounge looking forward to that's yours truly serials legacy over there. The doors open for this event at 5 o'clock goes to 9 o'clock will be there about 7 o'clock so. Come on out enjoy the evening have a good time whether is tickets are on sale still available. And that you come on and in have a lot of fun and love like its cigars along the way and it's all like inclusive one price it's a 35 bucks. One price beaches cigars into the drinks give to hold the anger chips on in the whole world war but you know Mark Geragos and that we have a Phil's going to be their wealth and active so looking forward to which we a lot of are gone out time now for some buyers already Jonas Brutus. A world of sports but a lot of people say it a lot of things but. Does it past the big unit test let's play by yourself. This is the bill Michael show. Did supply. I yours now radio Joseph brings to question what brokers are the answers here we go Joey got all these are more statements. And these are not necessarily statements that I believe either. But it's just for the sake of argument are right. Alex last three made it clear on Twitter the other day that the Bucs are not dysfunctional. Why or cell bill the Bucs are a dysfunctional organization. Organization. Obama it isn't charity top to bottom. Right now I would have to say no because I need to see more evidence that they're completely disarming. What you're gonna have to do to say as an organizational that it is an organization their dysfunctional is screw up this offseason. Then I would say you know why you're dysfunctional but right now no army ought as a team on the floor again it's not working that's clear. Watching his team down the stretch. Wash to row losers of four of their last six out of ten. So it it. You know on the Florio as dysfunctional as at a higher organization though but. The jury's still out because I got to wait and see what happens this off season is off he's extremely important. What do you do to barring how that how that they gonna work out what are you gonna do you won't try to moves over these contracts. And and try to hit the ground running with some better shooters maybe a big man that's gonna help this team getting some guys back and healthy what are you gonna package of what's gonna go away what's gonna come in. And you can't go with the operating contracts were. That contractor Bae contracts anymore star for this team to plot so. That's a question we can revisit. On the opening night the 20182019. Season but as a total no office Elena. But yourselves. The Milwaukee fox gets a 45 wins. No not gonna happen they know what eleven. They're sitting. Correctly from wrong to the 3637. Wins right now partisan so would eleven games ago eight haven't. They're not gonna win eight of their next eleven there's no way armed. Benicio just try to port to schedule hero quick but I'd I just can't imagine his team all of us and snapping out and guard all okay. We get it now. One they have here sort of go through this report Chicago. They should beat Chicago. San Antonio eight happen clippers on the road it is because remember they got that West Coast swing coming out where they're gonna go LA. Take on the clippers took the Golden State. They got a warriors back down to LA weird trip to take on the lakers and it out of Denver take on and I ain't happening. They haven't they gotta win eight of their next eleven to get to 45 points. No way in hell are they an idea and an inhibition that they simply Boston Orlando we've been able to veto the 76ers close at the season new new way. I do you know what Joseph the better question might be sitting at 37 wins right now we're eleven play do they get the 41. I say yes. Do they get to 41 boy that lets. Go through this every Chicago yes that is 38 point San Antonio now. Clippers now schools think now. Lakers yes that's 39 I think there are no I think I don't think they're gonna get swept the clippers I think they're going to be the clippers' second timer. Don't think so Denver they're gonna get destroyed if they Darryl we don't watch it opium Gobi Brooklyn. They should be the net. That we've got to be their fortieth win 41 and then they should beat Orlando with Orlando's at their numbers so. Maybe 42 wins. If you just go whoa we just kind of reeled off. 42 wins that's it five of their next eleven which means they're gonna lose. Six out of the next eleven ball games. And that's not a great way for the second half of the season ago holy macro. That means is that why don't wanna say the second half but since the all star break you know means they would win. What's that far and for. Me to win a total of nine games. When the all star break to the end of the season holy mackerel no way. And then expect to be able to go to the post season and get a first round win and haven't. I'd say 42 wins are gonna topped out at first round exit and that a lot of work to do with the Nazis. As we sit here today is my prediction. But I they want it ourselves. Saber different effect I don't know I need to think about that a little harder because I think they're Gannett they should be able to beat a good team. They're they're long overdue enjoyed to beat a good team I don't know who that's going to be maybe Philadelphia in here. Hard at it you know I don't even authored a beat Chicago tomorrow and I I just. What they see if they don't if they lose to Chicago than they're trading a win for awash. So where they make up a long way to do we dignity you don't have saying in the records still comes out to only 4142 wins tops I'm just. I'm just getting really annoyed at the box and the defense you know. For for crying out loud can we do something different course every NBA team Nichols up against the bucks no matter how good they are. Just how paint shoot threes all day and mean it seems like every NBA team does that put for the bucks they have no answer none. These points totals are really irritated narrower go off on it engineer bill. But you give up a hundred and we'll see a medical way back to the next game they won. You give up 112 to the knicks you give up 103 to the grizzlies you give up 126. To Orlando. You give up 117. To Atlanta you give up what it's what do you fort at Cleveland in you give up 127. LA are you kidding me man. Yeah I was frustrated. It's just frustrating. And practice said the other night Jesus then yeah we we Bob we believe in the system it's a good defense system. Marriage. Means there anyway I'd buy yourself time it let's get to its. Bill there arsenal some good freeagent safeties available would buy or sell the Packers are better off starting Josh Jones. Are you going to move. Until I see different got to sell that really good season up front. Played strong I tell you what I love the way Josh Jones in giving me both to their nose in their both hit they liked it they like to tackle IE I appreciate that. What until I see more out of him playing in the secondary deeper rather than playing a new line of scrimmage. I'd have to sell on that because the second half of the season last year he was lost he just looked lost in and that he you know the seven years old typically here so. We'll say. Blade. Just looks lost and I are so I can't believe that right now I have to sell on. I also on the judge him by force I don't know the Packers should pursue a veteran wide receiver. It's cool. Who's out there that we would consider. That is gonna cost you a ton of money because you still wanna fortify your secondary ignoring me. Home. Now you know what I don't. Know Miami and because they've always been able to get it done with younger guys and guys they've been able to draft specifically Lleyton late round draft choices. You know I. You've got Jimmy Graham who's in essence a wide receiver they don't hardly use him is as a true tight end anymore at all. You got about the Adams who's been there done and it Geronimo Allison who's been there done that I think that what you need to do is find another wide receiver who. Is a bigger. Guy that means they can go up and get a ball he's with easily in the Jimmy Graham rounds so when you're inside the twenty he could throw to. You're sort of I'd say he's not an apex got a pretty good that you go to Jimmy Graham or maybe you know the guiding outside opposite them. That you can go throw high to go to an apex. They go get it. You know me in all honesty that was jet Janice with Jana she couldn't depend on the be in the right place the right time so. Bomb. If you get a guy like that it's out there on the cheap yeah otherwise now I'm comfortable with his team. You're right now without Mika corporately that for many people the ones he Ridley committee organization and he's got the apex guys are down downfield yards or to catch her. So. I'm not comfortable with the team going after somebody in the draft I don't think they have to have a veteran wide receiver would be nice but I don't think you're gonna get one for the amount of money wanna spend more. Which is very little than now. So no I'm I'm I'm comfortable what they have described draft another guy that's gonna teach downfield get today. But your cell. Lessor for a bill Tiger Woods. Wins at least two tournaments before the end of 2018. I'm selling. But I think he's gonna win one and I think he'll be relevant in fortify he's already been relevant what two or three. Where he was top ten finish you wind. One he would make because he's played in what four down. What he finished top ten the other one he finished with top twenty. So he's relevant I mean that if you look at the ratings people are joining tiger so not only you would do what went to want. And Eddie's relevant in a total four. Seoul. And I'm talking not once and doesn't win so I've tigers got a decent year not a great year. But I think tiger kind of puts it betrayed partially back on the tracks. And but he wins one he went to tournament and and those the golfing world goes purses or what he does. I'll give you that the Arnold there you go I have some breaking Fox News but let's get there on the other side. Let's do that stay tuned. Breaking box news that is upcoming. Right after this little microchip. Back to the programme though Michael show on the air we are glad to have you. Thanks so much hand there's always getting all of us we certainly appreciate it if you wanna find this on put you can't add bill underscore Michaels at Phil underscore Michael's. Or at radio Joe's sports. Give us a shout you one thing before here and the bucks up fear here for a second Joseph the one thing it drives me nuts. Is we sit here every day we do a show for hours coming intrepid this what you guys okay. You get things you hear things sums up pans out some stuff doesn't. The the mental giants have always said. People understand what it is they get it it's basically adults in bars talking sports that's what sports talk radio news okay. We just happen have a different level of access to certain things because of their relationship because we have credentials what have you we get it and we try to talk to people find out information if people want an out. Sometimes it pans out sometimes it doesn't you try to make sure that it's credible you try to make sure that it's it's it's good people you're talking to. But what drives mean Corey easy. He's when you make a statement based on knowledge that you gained. Okay. And if it doesn't pan out or somebody else has not. People go crazy just so and the haters jump all over. It doesn't mean it's natural to meet somebody else that now on that you chose to believe that person instead of another person we get this all the time. You know we hear a rumor. We kind of articulated in a particular way and say okay. I hear this guy either is it coming back this guy is coming back this with the injury user. What he's gonna be out this like the time but it's really this like it's on whatever but ultimately where there's smoke there's far OK I think we all come to accept that the when you start hearing rumors. Things get louder and louder until eventually they come true. Just today it's been just that day of of of spewing hate on Twitter. So for those that choose to do this like in that's all you do because Rick the Twitter. It is a tremendous. Source of interaction for the website it is tremendous source of interaction for us. In the people listen to us and I want interact and what their voices to be hurt. But when all you do. Could what all that was a look at people want if they wanna say OK I want to debate this. If you debated a legitimate manner OK no big deal what is coming at us. With profanity and everything sucks that you sock in it. You what you don't realize is it just the conversation goes me it is I'm done with OK out UT Stoltz. Be a part of us but we I don't see your tweets and more. So you know you can go at spewing hate indeed be garbage somewhere else I don't care. We OK okay error. Because nobody these be hated every minute of every moment of every day in what I do is I go back and look at people's tweets are replies and if all you do. Is bitch. Your dollar. Just so you know. But if you have a legitimate arguments I don't mind that I love that because there are times while learn something along the way I'm always looking to learn something that's what good debate news. Rather than just pontificating about. Just being a jerk. So I make that clear because there's just all these people they're going back and forth on Twitter today and I get caught up in this stuff and if you try to respond as they wait a minute and what really bothers me is the people that don't say everything. We'll take out miniscule portion of a twisted and it's like no it was never stated. You're making something up to make it stick your argument. That was never stated when we put things on the air we use actuality east. That's what they're called when you hear guys say this that what they're saying. That we interpret it. What you're doing with somebody you do. This taken so they said as well no we never did. We can say what if this happened or. In this particular case if this happened or pat that that would whatever but eat it just. People don't do you gel people do to me all the time they do to other members of other staffs that I've seen. It's just there is an etiquette to Twitter that has become so far blurted. It's it's it's great to use it for four for knowledge it's great to use it for breaking news it's great to use it for interaction. But it's got to go it's gotten to a point where some of view and there's you know I'm not saying all of you because. The majority of your great which some have you. You're just not worth the time anymore. You're really down. OK I'm off my high horse now breaking boxers Joseph Joseph Joseph when he got. Yacht as doubtful for tomorrow night they have kind of figured that. Kind of figures by. My guess is judge part Parker we'll get more minutes like he did last night it took an injury two years star or superstar player. In order to give Jabari Parker more than 25 minutes you know playing thirty minutes last night so my guess says. We will see Jabari Parker at least for thirty minutes and probably in the starting lineup that would be my guess. I would not bring honest back into use as close to 100% or 100%. At all. Otherwise it wouldn't bring him back vicious will be Chicago tomorrow night even with I'm sure there. I its disappointment when he went down I kind of thought that. I thought you know right when he got her I thought boy what a good season he's having and it's a shame he went down what my first thought as I'm watching him walk off the oak walk off the floor. Is. He you know yeah I would be bringing him back if he if he can't compete or complete the game. The chances are is going to be really sore today which is gonna make you even more sore tomorrow. And it's probably gonna be maybe three to five days before depending on the severity now could be if it's a minor minor sprain. Three to five days and usually start feeling good again. But but you you weaken that ankle and the last thing in the world you want right now is for him to go down and have any length of time down or to god forbid. God forbid that he goes down because of a weak ankle and on the way down. Which weakens that lake in it you know that the stability of that like god forbid you do something your knee because of it. So I would wait until he's. As close to 100% as possible department comeback. Just my opinion but it. That's what I would do so but tonight he's got John it's doubtful. Doubtful against Chicago Bulls at all they play tomorrow or tomorrow Morris could mark. He picket today's Friday because at that event coming up tonight you don't have a lot of events during the evening. During the week so other than that the shows that we do 8558308648855. B 3086 Torre. Let alone quite hip dot com. All three top I didn't wanna China and Chris as no way they beat the bulls to what you wanna bet on it a can of skyline out of that. Thought that as Joseph they should beat the bulls even without honest bulls are just anti. The bulls have gotten a call from the front offices matter a fact of the NBA the same day. We know you're trying to test as it suits you got a dollar kind of stuck but yet Noah. You should not be you know sitting all your starters the way the plan was kind of working out and but I ask you this come. When it comes to quote Anke. Is there is there our head and shoulders above everybody else star pitcher tanking for. In collegiate. Basketball right now. I mean we all I mean there's not another LeBron James there. You know and I think right now when you look at the NBA draft usually it's like quarter to having. You get maybe three or four guys start to develop. But everybody's trying to hit on the next LeBron or the next Michael let me tell you this that's like trying to find an expert you write it just it just doesn't happen. Just doesn't happen. So. I think it's I didn't have very slippery slope when you start teaching your team how to lose. Except losing. That's his. Men that just. A Tuesday Wednesday right. 8558308648. Marcus writes have a report when John has returned to a fresh legs underneath them after about a week of ratchet it brought him back. And Billy back and at that point in time they can surprise people in the post season remaining optimistic go bucks. Hey I've Marcus I I'd love to see that happen. I'd love to be wrong. I is building a going to be wrong I think his team has a long long long way to go before they win a first round playoff series. Just my pin. 8558308648. Yesterday. The general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks spoke. We talked about literally on the show wanted to revisit that coming up actually go Michael's. The program about Michael shall we are on the air we are broadcasting live here in Green Bay is fortunate program part because the sub where they believe in better. Stop today. The heroes are there are. Europe meat chicken meat. You always get the Bill White and pepperoni but roaring out extra Mayo after cheese oh Su. Oh so good. Stop bin. Get it for yourself plus they have a deal right now we can block out hunger to bring in nonperishable food items. You can get a buy one get 17 and a half itself or get some good deal on some bucks tickets and a lot of stuff going on over there right now. All the cousins ups check our cousins subs. But the subs dot com. Or stop it felt we such. Always good that is cousins of the officials have him to go Michael sports talk network. Com. Got some stuff here on Twitter. First of all this was from Zach who says I wholeheartedly agree there's no decorum on Porter anymore. People just screaming yelling yeah Oprah fan of these Wisconsin light sweet isn't says I have an idea for Michelle fan tweets from the crazy and idiotic. Is the sweet is this tweet one. Garbage barge or two dumpster fire. All right if there are three I mean is it good we say is a legitimate. Visited goods we do we rate to two weeks. This summer good sir that summer egregious. You know I mean. You can we do that. Dumpster fire I think we pretty much you use the adjectives for that for for teams more so than anything. So on that now worry that the dumpster fire I'm looking more for a the garbage barge like garbage barge when it comes to when it comes to tweets. Now if that's what I like the idea 855830864. Rated by five B 308640. Okay for those that. Didn't get a chance to hear it the first part of a program. Don't wanna get back into this record. Because if he did not get a chance to hear. John Norris the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks. What is out rightly went up here yesterday he came on. The picture on our flagship station out of Milwaukee portrait one of our seven FM the fan and he had a chance to chart to chat. With. With Gary Allison who's going to be with me tonight over provisioned says cigar lounge ANC's porky piper post the box post game show. And he started out today. As we we played earlier. Started out by talking of doubt what he said remember Marc Stein at city there's a list of candidates. Here's who put some of the guys journalist in this net he stood out saying hey look I called Marc Stein is set this set the story straight. You gotta stop that came out there about cold front seat. We're march 9 kind of all want it or let you know that read that a all bark requiem and. Just shared the mark. You know wait out. Search going on right let's joke on it's not our intern coach he's our coach. It just like we said we promoted him. Work force supported Joseph bit. Absent at every opportunity to perform at your body at ease and it'd be part of our our greater searchable and go through and I'll even an inch so far. I'm very happy joke when it happened great relationship with Joseph in their great mutual respect there. So he. Chose the guy he states it but he states had called marched on I wanted to set the record straight. Here you go. Then. When the legitimate court to get on so wait a minute. You don't have a list of any kind. I mean what happens if Joe's not a guy I mean every franchise everything come on average franchise has to have a guy you know write this what it says. Big difference between. Actively search scene in having with the I've been talking to them and it. Where guys that. Bet have been got internally or externally until that point side again we don't know audit report about the does a big difference between. Are doing back you know what was written yesterday or how to land and it continues situation and of course. I think we want senator I've mobile professionally and in terms of planning across that thing like that we're she'd get better attic. Of course you're gonna have a plan and play and to see why didn't have. Of the dynamic planet what that looks like what are search looks like what are the things that we want to accomplish you know what does that the cultural like what are. What characteristics of staff in what are the side stamp all of those things are part of land that you have played. Ku back coaches. It to be determined in how we've ever Ochoa that we have also poured in throughout this season and go on and at ease in. Quote this he would do that every opportunity be part of that process. Search that's the true in more topic go any deeper into the processor that surge that plan. It's what it is even though is we want or go to wanna finish the year strong off to camp in wanna make her body reached at bat on but it's not like. No C and that's currently trying to figure out what the view of course that. So there you go now we vintage Oprah yesterday on the big show. Now in that or John horse and so are talking about Joseph prior to his head coach and in addition to that. Where he sickness in people jumped on that I insinuated it. In the first portion of that you say you're an analyst and now you say well we have a list but our list is not active. You always have an exit plan. Good organizations there which is why isn't yes it look at. The the the counting of the fist verbally via Twitter saying. Adamantly that we do not have any lists at all. It's like no you you do when if you don't then you should be running an organization you need to move away okay. Because you have to. And that's what he's saying he says look we are not actively. Seeking a head coach. Doesn't mean that agents aren't calling them saying hey you know what we can and not a Joseph pride using your guy my guy might be on the way out here. This guy's outlook for job now all. What do you think you may be lanes a ground war. They are it according to John horse they're not actively. Sergey for head coach. Now. Where it gets into a war people wanna say Lasik soldiers now. It's not just your own backyard it's Marc Stein it's others that are written about it. About either one possible candidates to take over Joseph party does not get the job or to. That others have said yeah the bucks there's whispers out there that this is what they're doing remember this is an organization that said Larry Drew is our guy and in the meantime. They are bringing in JC hit. So is much he's John orders. And I give credit to c.'s today I wanna kind of set the record straight I give credit for that. As much as he wanted to set the record straight. In all honesty and set the record straight on something on a track record of dishonesty. And in. For all intents and purposes the way you've gone about things not necessarily John whores but the way the owners have gone about things they don't care. They really don't they don't care. And and and that's fine because if you have bad form. Thank you win a championship. Nobody cares. What if you have bad form and you make bad decisions. That to people say you classless. Liar. You don't get it done you don't know what you're doing. And then they call your organization dysfunctional. Because not only are you not bring you the right people what you're doing it dishonestly or at least not a smarmy. So that's what it's a big off season for the Milwaukee Milwaukee Bucks you really. Huge offseason for the books they got to get it right. They got your right for a couple reasons one. You don't know mark it's 56 years to rebuild the invest more you can turn around and sees. Let's be honest so that it that's a long time ask your fan base to wait to. Your standards. You've got to get people believing you again. I don't think right now the way his team is playing specifically there's a whole lot of people believing in his team right now. I mean I said it before us again right now what you have to look forward to going into next season. You have a lot of things that are up here you've got your honest and a new building that's it. That's it. So. Anyway. Just my thought but. I'm gonna sit back. Pulled my arms. One editor which in kind of go I mean look at this and try to beat. As optimistic as I can't that was the Bucs win I think we all do I think anybody that's in this area that covers his team that deals with people on a daily basis there's a lot of people organization. That's a report. It's got to do right got to get the right people. And I think more so the latter becomes prevalent not so much the former. 855830864. In a long way to get that council free darkness portion of the program. It brought you our president of medical trading guys the media all of this it was cuts beyond the borders and they have a location agreement. When Milwaukee once after the aborted and Chicago you choose to go down there but got a call to get to any evidence you don't call 414 or 55445. Point. 4144554451798%. Success rate and the fact that you have the winter that. Maybe got a little winter cabin fever going on you wanna get out when I get energized low key treatments that's way to go I did it you can do it the easy. No big deal. But if you really wanna jump start the health and fitness program lose some weight he rid of the belly before teacher season all you do is call 414 or 554451. Four what 44554451. And give Michelle good that's. Hot can't the Packers. Get a pass rush. That is going to York. Your the quarterback prop. One writer seems to thinks. They are more about coming up next in the Michael should. No Michael show. Broadcasting live here in green today don't forget coming up tonight we're gonna have a great sovereign via prohibition. Spirits and cigar lounge the proper name for the place. Prohibition spirits at cigar lounge 159 north Broadway in Green Bay yours truly Gary Allison former backer badger. We're going to be there. We had a great night planned a lot bullying a cigars are going to be on hand they have some scotches and with skis in. All kinds of itself but if that's that your bag that's fine you can still come out get in. Hang out with a cigarettes and other things you can do instead but it's going to be a fun time that I Q&A day ago open to the public or open to those it to come on in. And they get the tickets but tickets are one of the publicly coming again and I think there's still few available. And the event goes from five until nine but. Gary and I get there at seven so be their seven and I reviewed Q&A forgets about an hour. Mark Daniels WNFL agreement can be the moderator of all this guitar and it's not going to be group delegates are 150 people. Maybe 2030 people to small group. So come on out and planning hours. Com. There we just are Theodore beyond the end. One of the neat things. Belts what the Packers are doing is is that. As he writes Philadelphia approved it last month that he doesn't really need great have a great corner to win a Super Bowl. By and Ronald Darby jail the mills and cut her ropes and the Eagles didn't have anything close to true number one but it was a pretty we have guys maverick it was pretty ordinary group. But they had something to make up make a port that was a pass rush Eagles weren't among the tops tacky team the NFL they tied for fifteenth. With 38 put an overnight ranked defense in passer rating. Better reflects her ability to put heat on the quarterback. That's the way they won a super. Cell. Let me let me kind of paint the picture for you here if you're not America following through following alliance. Page ago Pete saying is look we understand the quarterback situation as we had him on earlier the quarterback situation can be tenuous. You're hoping. You get a corner in the draft you're hoping. That everything comes back you're hoping that Josh Jones you pick up or Morgan Burnett left off and do more you're hoping ha ha Clinton picks. Becomes a better tackler just clears the cobwebs from what happened last season. Well what you're hoping for or your building toward. Is he legitimate ability. To get after the quarterback. So they still need an edge rusher. What you are by bolstering the current the trenches and he you know that if you journalism program you know we're big believer in it by bolstering the dredges. You believe. That it will Christen and Daniels. And Clark. In my previous atoms and Vince Beagle in Clay Matthews and nick Perry he put enough consistent pressure on the quarterback. But they're going to be successful in the secondary because of the disrupted timing. A quarterback getting off his mark throwing against his body making some bad reads your hoping. That you can do that. Just by bolstering your pastor. That's where your. You could find a good really good stuff now retreated as well. But there's a legitimacy to this where you don't have to walk around going oh my god what was meet the Packers don't get that secondary guys are open. 8558308648. Total budget cut down pull free talk or. You wanna jiving you can't. Will be back at it again tomorrow I'll be back in Milwaukee tomorrow. But again tonight coming up we're gonna be able appeal at the prohibition spirits is cigar lounge looking forward to that. Come on bias AI is that Gary Ellison will be there I'll be there Mark Dennis WFL will be there. And 41 pricey it's cigars at the Drexel thing. Open to men and women doesn't matter as my affect like I said earlier assault couple over the hotel that's in the going to be there tonight to bring it's and friends for another couple with a so. But one out to join the program to have a lot of 8558308648. This one is from low Wisconsin life who tweets is as what you want the Packers to trade for. Patrick Peterson Wagner Thomas or JJ watt. We're not ready for JJ. Contracts too much. Not gonna trade for Thomas or me your best that would be for Patrick Peterson. Most likely even though we sort of make about what I think that's patch position make you make fabric opposite of what you make Nacchio was vacant fourteen. It anomaly try to answer your question here and that's and that's what they're going to do. But. It's. What is Peterson make I don't know what is what Williams of making. Tell your justice secretary say and he's making this year make elevenths was not quite fourteen. It would make a let not Arctic affect you as for fourteen point nine point six. Eleven point 25 in base. He gets a three point 72 signing bonus so workout bonus. Restructure bonus so it's fourteen point 969 president but there are treatment that I am an American take on a contract. This therefore there. So I don't think there's anybody there that's high dollar and after the Packers can take on just. Despite the so. As is from mark who says that you think the Packers to get an up pass rush to make a secondary better to listening to what you set I got excited that I think to myself. -- they really had its gonna get after the quarterback clay can't stay healthy neither can they carry which means it's my previous admin Vince eagle. Well those two guys alone do enough to put enough pressure on quarterback. And then be able to make the secondary better know they didn't they they got to find another guy. Yet you question if now if let's just say for a second here look at this what you wanna breathe all a happy small. OK if clay stays healthy if next days helping. That front stays healthy. Absolutely. They got enough to get after the quarterback the problem as they have been able to do consistent. Soul and in. I don't know what pens gonna bring. I don't know what he's gonna break. Woolsey. You got the NCAA tournament getting underway tonight sweet sixteen looking forward that. I'm sure during our event today tonight over rights prohibitions cigar are about cigar bar and lounge. We're gonna BO watching a lot of this a lot of scores tonight really looking forward to it come on or they got TVs over there so you're not gonna miss anything by the way. So tomorrow morning Allan is there a lot of foreign. But but yet starts tonight 5 o'clock to 9 o'clock 7 o'clock Gary and I are gonna get there and it's it's it's a big attack gonna be eroded time. Come on out and join in the fun. If you will. Those was on deck who's on deck that. By the way he got Loyola Chicago in Nevada that's the first one that's insane Evan Michigan taste date in Kentucky. And you've got Florida State in the exotic coming up tonight. So you got an 117. A seven and three and nine and a five and nine and a four good matches and a lot of good games to kind of get into. I'm running for Loyola Chicago. Vibrant for Texas NN god knows Rupert K state. And then. I'm like Gonzaga. There the other the favorite in that game for a statesman and I surround you wanna go lower published out of things or go Florida State otherwise I'm zags all the way. That's coming up tonight. What Jesse got a WFL here in Green Bay it is time for us to get out of here appreciated as always thanks to radio Joseph pushing all of us back our own studio B back there tomorrow. Not rush to go have a dollar Jack.