HR4 – Can you believe how good the Brewers SPs have been?

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Thursday, May 17th
Hour 4. We’ll talk more about the Brewers with Bob Nightengale. Plus, are there changes coming to college hoops?

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And don't forget to all of ball sort summer fest he can win the VIP concert baggage including tickets parking pad party pairs of gold down there. Gift cards and a whole lot more is world's largest music festival and you wanna be a part of it entered daily cousin subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. Cousins of dot com slash big gig giveaway cousins of when they believe in better the officials sub sandwich and go Michael's sports talk network. The vast network. All over the government test joining us now speaking of all over is a Bob nightingale columnist baseball columnist for USA today joining us in the Snyder or child Limbaugh radio. Warburg are great to have you back on the so we're where's your talking just before the top of the hour break. And I kind of threw it out there are some look this was the litmus test for the brewers because. With some of the injuries some of the guys have had up and down. The did you step overall ranks seventh in baseball and they're going into different venues in Colorado and Arizona. Against teams that are above 500 which the perception what they had and faired very well and actually they've got a winning record over teams above 500 that are named Chicago. So at what point do you start to look at this brewers franchise are you know like they might be for real this year this might be it. Inevitably there for real and they you know the draw what got you were regain the English so also. They'll pick in the National League is down this year in the best teams you are in America land of very little bully me now to Burris have a chance to win. The unit has an NL central. But you know so when they're actually Canada as well. Let me is vital for it and yeah they got us all the club as anybody if they're going to be performing like yet but they're tough you know. Fitness starters out is going admirable. Oh it's you're the brewers you're looking around brawn going on DL stint again forty million dollars a year now his soured begins to go down as seasons go on and vote. Edited it he can you remember a time in which he saw players in productivity and big name guys like this just kind of fall off the table last year and a half have now been good for a broad. Now what you're seeing it I mean even like any you know Craig counsel to get certain you know time and time of undefeated. And everybody is gonna ought to let. Robbie Alomar is the US you know he wasn't the same player at the end. You know the age you know Jim Thome is it just happens. And I think just via. Injuries have hit those guys a lot. You know a lot. You know not now is hurting now they went down Lorenzo Cain and and Christian notes this is sort of how much. Ron has equipment. I can bet there's yet another mediation nationally. India perfect situation. But you know when those things when you about branching out to all the first base it'd be playing you know she reported weakness they incision so. Bob let me ask you should bring up the DH and I was gonna go they're gonna ask you anyway and what what we see down the road is is the DH always gonna remain just the American leaguers eventually. All teams hero adoptive or they're gonna get rid of it completely what do you think. They don't give it a completely got it all seems adopted it really do. You talked to nationally GM they've leaders in advance that hedges international doctors so down. No it looked up I'll be talking and so I was you know stone resort intent. And now in office more than ever so I think you go to book these estimates nearly played anyway. You know it's never realign. You know that it did you have to do that for sure so I think I think eventually bought book we have a. Wanted to ask you about the rest of what's going on in Major League Baseball as we kind of circle around I do wanna stand in national accents were just a moment but. Or are all week to look at the Pittsburg pirates in golden bear for real on the ready to fly or is this eventually the wheels are gonna fall off of Pittsburgh. I think wheels fall off and I think they're too thin. Yes it is sort of recent injuries and things like that. Is it just chuckled and it would be scary intrigued or call you know so what your body kick themselves. Clear minute you know we get that Richard get a call in his got right now as the severity is based agreement based off. And it certainly doesn't see anything appreciated Pittsburg. But certainly he's you know a little chilly demeanor aged now. So that I I don't think we have enough I think eventually fall off. In young big work. Activity trade deadline even when they order you are in first place angle reports such hit it at its editor Dylan now. Odd going out to the west we know Arizona is good that we just saw the brewers take them on 25 and eighteen on the season their leading by a couple of games or Colorado but it. You always wait for the cyclical Sampras has energized to show up in the east they're starting to but what day hell happened at the Dodgers as you just as simple as saying some injuries. No argument the goes without backing of rumors that it warns there's no doctors. I think it everything went right what last year. Now article wrong. And it didn't even an optimistic last year and I gave Justin Verlander he wanted to go there. They're very clear got into an honor it would ability you know the off season. And that afterwards and the money they went yeah you Darvish is caught yup across the World Series. I'm not the needle more Elise she's been. At two in the World Series it's a good gauge of earlier brace playbook and activate but he usually get a fresh blood in there yet to edit one before that they give it your call. In you know there are better you than a year ago right now but internationally particularly hurt when he needs other leg for the Dodgers this. We want them the luxury tax. You know it's it cost them a little lucky that knows what a way to end don't ask. Whether or not out of it. Do we expect Atlanta to be good this good this special and a right now atop the east and Washington everybody picked to win the division only a couple of games back but still there's a jumble over in the east is well. Yeah I guess in Atlanta that is present baseball that they say I don't you know lasting. But the numbers now that you haven't PGM. Yeah those are explored his guys. And here is very aggressive about it topless when he was enough. What a lot of blue jeans so we thought in this Hewitt if you're at the trade deadline where they go for the signature across six. Reseda what you play the course. But they're a good young year our QA is scheduled. No it's almost like this the brewers a year ago no thought that was gonna happen I think in the race in in the base through the same thing. Are then the American League side which is extremely entertaining out to be honest with you I'm I'm I I'd like national league baseball I just always have a light that. The thought process that goes into as opposed to sending up your best nine hitters but for the American League has been entertaining we between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox battling back and forth. Both teams right now get it done and then I like the fact that Cleveland's there again even though we don't have the total wins as say Houston or the Yankees by. I like what's going on the American League side right now a lot of good races not originally in blown out of this thing every Baltimore obviously in Texas obviously but. Everybody else is gonna hang in and they're in the White Sox with the worst best record in baseball even in the central still only nine at nine and a half games back. Yeah I'm in America he settled just been a nightmare eventually. Yup craven takes up runs when it's their disability and yup your right pieces that there or Toronto good team in electing me. You'll yankees and Mets are just take up. You're used to needles same thing yeah right there the I received his baseball. Are all America great. Yeah and Italy or Taiwan card games in whoever loses real issues involved in the arch. It's harder to particulate yeah angels in what took place page needles and autonomy locker did you know anything can happen. Before I let you go one more thing and that is gone back to Milwaukee Brewers are what they have going on. Do you see this team because there's a lot of talk amid towards a trade deadline there has to be this move made to bring in another starter. Do you really have to get a starter maybe you did Jimmy Nelson back to may be I'm not saying a shadow but. Maybe a three quarters of what he was Lester when he was really a dominant pitcher in Major League Baseball you get him backseat the end of the month the beginning of June jolt of June. He could you then say we you don't really have to go out and get yourself an extra starting our because it's been all about the bullpen. It has been about the bullpen the other kind of trying to copy what they're your oil that everyone will hear it that way. I don't think you need one more dominant arm. Not just industry's long ago imposed Asian talent you want to have those duds as well. But Leggett and Casey got away with that with us double him in it happened in London now those dominant starters. But you know there's so there's so many teams now their or the other race. But yet haven't team's official was honored. Well there's going to be a lot of pitchers available a lot of opposition players as well. So I think you know. Was never aggressive first you can jump on them guys end up in war and battle. I would be surprised that the brewers. Didn't go get you know. Helping slow one more daughters are. Might be somebody that might be out of you think that would be of good ill to the burst could use do you do you know Tucker and. You know one guy like he certainly not a nice resonate is Cole Hamels attaches. Personally that radiant they're going nowhere. You know going to back to the National League but numerically. Well in making better. It got a great great track record in postseason. So they're somewhat like yeah we're talking to Costa tub. To get him in terms of processors like that. Great guy and clubhouse so some allowed you heard it yet. Bob great stuff I certainly appreciate you joining us for governments okay. Thanks Al judges are they a Bob nightingale from USA today the baseball columnist they're giving us the overview of Major League Baseball and I'll tell you what I I is much as I enjoy what's going on the National League central. And like he said it lands on the biggest prize in baseball right now they have that division right now by a game or Philadelphia two games over Washington. Four and a half over the Mets Miami's not gonna compete for that division by any stretch of imagination but that east is exciting. Not as exciting as essential where Pittsburgh Milwaukee still tied atop the vision and Saint Louis game back the cubs two games back in that one. And then you go over to. Give me over to be the national leagues are the American League central Cleveland up game and half over Minnesota to over Detroit they now have over Kansas City. And Kansas City for all intents and purposes or out of it I mean are thirteen and thirty on the season you know. But then there's the White Sox or even double digits out of it as far as games back right now ten and 29 worst record in all Major League Baseball and only nine and a half games back. While Baltimore. Thirteen and 1213 and 293 games better in the White Sox but they're sixteen games back. Over in the American League east. Because the Yankees and Boston are being allies everybody right. And don't forget any Toronto is in third place at 2221 or seven and a half back already so. It all depends on the division which you play. Give credit to the angels in the Mariners. Both teams keeping pace with a fantastic Houston team Seattle only two would have batted point for an eighteen on the season is not that far behind her game under 500. But the only angels are 25 and ATC's exit name. Completes exciting well I think what really stood out from Bob nightingale. Asian senate keeping Syverson compete for the panic because it's down your right NL right. And the brewers that they're not even at full strength here right. When you look at it they just beat Arizona two and three not to say that means it time that they did. They hit the ball well I think that means it's not on the road with the pitchers that you trotted out there well -- do you do you wanna wait it where you're at the end of the season ending credit you go a long way in your compliments to be wrong but bill think about who's getting the start right now on the rotational nor agree chasing Anderson isn't there is that Davies isn't there can't wait Miley isn't there CU UI Alex and isn't there right Jameer Nelson isn't there's you've got. Junior guerra has always and there are. While enables that now he's back now but he wasn't in the beginning yeah but but my point is in the rotation. These are the guys that are getting it done you have Freddie crawl ta 21 year old that no one saw coming in his first guard what tomorrow night. Yeah I answer one way or Sam I think it's Saturday. I think suitor goes tomorrow there are identical. But but the bottom line is you've had free for all tucked. Junior gear brand Georgia had a nice start yesterday wasn't a great sir but I it was a it was a decent start for what it was were to come out there. In the Amsterdam and shots shots that held a nice job hasn't been throwing the ball really well Lou after the first regular season even probable it it it'll loss mean doubles again they could've won but he Eagles seven innings and that's only the second that we see that all your former brewers. Souter by the way throws tomorrow night and pretty broad than junior Garrett Garrett has also thrown the ball extremely well since coming back there has been exceptional NSA he's and he we don't talk about bureau. We don't talk enough about Jeremy Jennifer seeger. When it comes out of the bullpen we all talk about hater. Journey Jefferson's been fantastic. But even upper rung. He's just he's been out of his damn money so now say that that's the reason they're getting so many wins and are doing it so well is is strictly because. They're their overall pitching staff whether starters or relievers have pitched so extremely well. Good I take a quick break we'll come back we'll talk a little bit more some buck's double talks marked basketball's brewers baseball then airing an angler from Packers and also from the agreement press gazette. Had a chance to catch of him a little bit earlier we'll hear from him coming up the bombing our stick to more of a Mike assured to. Listening to the white schools sports talk yeah. Bill like oh shoot. Well there. Glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to is certainly appreciate it. There's always. Hopefully you can enjoy your day kick back relax wait for the brewers are sensitive bucks to make their announcement. I type thing. Good stuff. Hoots. 8558308648. Point 583086. Foray. On the loans by kip dot com told free talk. It was a show. Bombed the brewers. And I this reason I asked Bob nightingale lists. Mean the brewers right now. Far. And get it done on the road to get it done a scenario in which many were waiting for the wheels to fall off. Yarn you I am I didn't thoroughly impressed. Thoroughly impressed with what they've done with what they've been able to accomplish. My question is have you. On this roach I don't think you could say no. And I guess the next question is. Have you become a believer because of it. 855830864885583086. Foray on loans by Kim dotcom told free talk by. Have you become a believer because of. Yes or no. Are you I think you have to be. Beyond with a I think you have to be a believer I think you'd have to be able to look at this team and go okay. They're damage done like this hell yeah I'm always end. I agree big how we look at. Yeah they get to you believe what they have going. 8558308648855830864. You alone by Kim dotcom told free chocolate. Well we'll continue to you know speculate alive here with you know the trade deadline still couple months away but I looked up nightingale when you asked about. You know where some of the arms that you know might be treatable the deadline I looked up Cole Hamels who he suggested. The contract breakdown on Cole Hamels is 34 years always that you offer Texas can a lot of quality starts. The guy goes making 22 and a half million dollars this season. And then next season he has a club option for twenty million and then after that he is a free agent. It's technically. For the I mean I don't know. I'm not giving up a lot for Cole Hamels mean because essentially he would be a rental player because I don't think the brewers would pick up. He is twenty million dollar club option. For next year. There are eight. I don't see the brewers doing something like that. Not even the only the brewers to a simple like that where they keep the players that they're going after is if they have completely new now. I will preface is by saying if they are. Five games in front and they feel that everything's firing on all cylinders and they're going for a while then I can see them doing it but. This is a team right now that really wants to be involved in controlled oil assets and they don't want. They don't want anybody rentals there and and that's not the direction which again ago. So IE I tend to think that if it's if it's a matter of lightly to CC sabathia deal they went for. They went for it and and it didn't work by it they they finally got over that hump they needed to get to the postseason. And CC provided. I'm but I don't see this team at this point in time doing its. Again I go back to what they talked about the new season there's so many outs to be had there's so many ways to get out. We don't have to rely on one guy we don't have to pigeon hole players into certain positions in certain batting orders in lineups are like us we don't have to do that. In that's not Saber magically the way general managers are looking at the game today the looking at a drastically different and I know people call up all the time we're sick we're tinkering along with the lineup. But this is the way it is get used to. We're gonna rotate players in. Everybody is going to third that's everybody's gonna get their numbers what you do there's a deal and that's the way they're gonna get it done and it's working right now for the borrowers if Daschle last couple year. Besides he plays for the Rangers I don't know the wagers wanna make another trade with the snow another yeah it was a coalition that I was fleeced. Couple years back with a loop current efforts well pan Luc Roy Jeffords. They get. By by way of Detroit they get. Prince Fielder who paint goes and blows out his knack and he's out of baseball wants out of Bruno went on to simply say former brewers players and you've got to. Are you bodyguard though who went there didn't Ryan and you know I mean it it hasn't been. They they've gotten some of the some of the stuff that's been tossed in the curve in Milwaukee. And they picked up thought boy this is this is another and so man's trash is another man's treasure and again it merely good check this out and it's it's his craft do yeah I really think about it the Guy Laroche trade. You guys can able and that you let's get really mad. Well they're right out on you know that we wanna stay away from anywhere Milwaukee and he's he's not even visit there and he tells we don't play resumed in Milwaukee where an ongoing we're in a sport and they stole another pitching prospect Merkel stepped Klein who was also part of that you know any trade he's he's in the upper system right now president original that wall but he's eased down they're so there's another dad at reliant on the -- of programming brought to find no medical training guys with. And even 98% success rate and if you don't think that's fantastic then you crazy or manipulative 100% I don't know if you can do that in today's day and age but they come close. And if you're looking for the low T treatments for betterment of clarity better mood better stamina more energy. They can help you out there as well because they do OT treatments and yes they work they did for me they can't you you all on weight loss program it's fantastic. It really does work these are shedding some pounds feeling good teacher sees around the corner look better as well column 414455. 4451. And others are moving into the area they try to do it just like that like new Mel. Stick with a vested with the original that is a numeral medical center again for 1445544514144. Part five. 4451. Up next talk and Packers football. Area network from the Green Bay press gazette Packers used at county joins us next that a much. And Michael's. I. Don't Michael shows on the we are so glad you're here today. Had a great conversation earlier today with Aaron angler from the Green Bay press gazette Packers who's that I'm gonna hear that coming up momentarily. The source of the program is brought you by Marshall clinic health system. If something ailing you is sniffles. Allergies this time of year span we all know that maybe have a cold maybe just having gotten over some may be still have a lingering flu and you just need some. Some antibiotics maybe it's either me to prescription near you but you don't wanna go see the doctor they can help you out it's 844 care away. 844 care way. And you know be out. Are you do is call. And if they can. They won't get to a prescription. Sent to a pharmacy near you it's that simple it's 844 fairway 844 care way. And see if they can't help the way they have done for me see if they can do for you the same thing good people speak for fork care way. And let's do this area meg we're from packages are common now also the remit press gazette. Just telling him a little bit earlier about the packers' offseason that we've had kind of an overall picture in tight how look at things so to speak. So I know a short period time let what do you think of the new head man of the Green Bay Packers Brian good and so far. I think you've done pretty darn good job opening its first shot out of the game obviously opportunities then. Preparing for our record number of decades now on. I think given the roster he was handed from the tough decisions that he's mating cutting or else on the the trade down to collect and actually first round pick for next year although there's a major moves in seemed bad island. May be called it needed to be made. Would you look at you know kind of the in and out the day to day what he may have done here free agency might we may have done in the draft. I think obviously you gotta wait for things play out to judge whether it all of these. Decisions but for the most part I think young GM first out of the gate that strong law. The the holes is still remain are what it. Well I think anybody's of this team. You know for X number of years. We'll tell you that you're wondering you're looking at a paper and you're wondering. You got Clay Matthews in the area that is their job it's the quarterback problem everyone who watches the Packers nose they haven't been able to stay on the field of any kind of regularity. And Clay Matthews as well as deeply as nicer you actually have one of the best seat last year from eight pure also point. He spent a lot of money because QB and those sack numbers have really just dried up now that a lot and that some of that is the fact that they got real. Problem back and covering people quarterbacks have been able to hit ought to act quickly. But you know we're in Italy where the rear passengers are paid to get to the quarterback his production has not masses salary now. With that that. What you saw on the tape and you guys playing at a very. Calm. In the same can be said nick Perry the big problem paired courses that he's unable to stay on the heels so you get out those two guys. You figured at some point they're gonna be off the field. They didn't do anything. Save for a late round pick to kind of bolster their outside pass. There's still in the point generally a report defense and in my. So you wonder they have to be thinking big time on the development of guys like in eagle who had pretty much in about a wasted rookie year. And then Reggie Gilbert who is been you know eight showed real promise last summer. A partial little something at the end of the year when he finally got a chance the last two gains but. That the book two pretty big unknowns to be banking on to improve your abstraction and it's kind of follows in the mold of what accounts in wants to develop the guys on hand and let them grow and let them grow over time while the Packers. Yeah they're coming into the season knowing that they can't really wait can't get anymore perhaps jeopardy. We're talking yesterday variations he peace or Tom Silverstein. I in the journal settlement had written about well is he mortgage frankly it is more like the Iraq War for Ted Thompson in this kind of a medium. Line of both that you can witness in the short five months he's been in charge. But in the end I got to believe he's going to be more like wrong wolf just for the fact he's got a window on me both Ron and Ted took over teams. That were flailing their words that were in in disarray and they needed just acquire talent. He's taking over a team that has talent and a great quarterback. And now it's putting enough talent around him immediately. As the window begins to close 88 I mean it might assessing this correctly. Yeah I mean I think. You know it's hard to compare. Those situations Bryant at Washington just because yet you know heading near term and it wrought and the roster is ray you know Robb wolf turn around decades they'll. And obviously Utica and stepping into. Anything close to that like you say there's talent on this property yellow one out it's not the best quarterback in the game like get cute like up. It's funny because that looked at the window avid about eighteen really cannot set up as a last push if you will for Constance court. And by that I mean guys like Randall Cobb Clayton Matthews these guys who are in the last year or deal obviously it already shown darted out the door. Com I think you know pop gold got coming off the books coupled with 21 round pick next year. It really set up for. You two got in nineteen. To be real be kind of first hole onslaught of music and guys speak com. About that you know your job as general managers not only to. And the future but also like you say to you every year as an opportunity especially Iraq as a quarterback I think he's done enough to make this team contender. I think. And an eighty's Super Bowl champions. You had along the way you gotta get locked. He got to the ball bounce your way once or twice and yet yet the hell out of you know in those are things that are pretty much out his role I think what you've been able control he's done well. I was gonna ask you also we talk about Aaron Rodgers and what he has do you think they now have enough around him I mean obviously the bunt him Jimmy Graham those two guys. While we're on the cup and a headline things. Put the issue always for me was what kind of depth at they have if Dovonte gets that fourth concussion in three years and has to be out for awhile do they have enough back there. To be able to get Aaron Rodgers the targets downfield let's just say Jimmy Graham who's not getting any younger he has an issuer to NK has to miss a few games. Does this team still have enough to be able to say okay air we've got enough weaponry around you'd be effective. Well I think it could relate thanks so but the fact that you know they went they went to the draft is draft of those young guys. They like they pollute like Geronimo out them. And I think we saw flashes from him Allianz the last year according to camp. So what we'll be expecting some development there Michael Clarke obviously got on the field late year. But you know it's funny you're talking about. Is he is critical and more like wolf or Thompson apparently are if rubble was in charge right now I think Dez Bryant would have been a packer yesterday. That's the kind of move it down under right didn't they move where you're talking about what you have to pocket Adam's gotten some time. You know there isn't all locked up behind him so to speak at the wide receiver spot especially on the perimeter. So yeah I think back animal would make a lot of sense to bolster their core but. I understand it they like what they've got and I don't doubt with error routers on the trigger they're gonna move to alternate score a lot of points or partly out. How comfortable are you with I mean you talk a little bit about the secondary but hey the more I hear from of about patent. It's not just the pass rush it's about being really good you secondary and allowing what you have pass rush wise. To make an impact do you think they've done enough in the secondary to make an impact now the pass rush. Well they certainly got. You know potential. Of the promises that are you look at these young guys have been drafted in Alexander Jackson. And many got to expect hopefully the development Kevin King that's a lot of young talent. That don't really know what you have there you're open on it kind of development and that athleticism that they that kind of jumped off the screen gadgets. Comes to fruition at a coalesce it is quickly quickly for them. Tom I do think we're mildly is going to be in the court is an incredibly generated signing I don't Packers fans liberal aspects and Edmonton. An older guy yeah. I heard or seen whatever and why we bring it got back but I would encourage everyone to go back and watch his play last year Arizona. He played like doubtful all last year and I think he's going to be a big boon. To what they wanna do as far as what you're mentioning. You know just a little spot in the back and not that they have to be back there'd be a bunch of you know they don't have to be the legion of boom they capacity competent they're a line up correctly. You can't you know ego here or played last year's state without guys in the their pointing. You know I've got a late start prominently no communication. Is third at all on the same page. They'll be a step ahead of where they've been the last few years and that will help. Obviously. It solidify in the back and letting the guys up front do their work and what my patent. Edith he's done his track record is having recovered and being able to make the pass rush work. He never really had a premiere rusher yet Mario Williams in Oslo. But that was after Williams was kind of the you know 152 year guy that he would not use and you you've made it work wherever he's gone without premier pass for a and I think you can continue to do the same thing. Always good stub my friend certainly appreciate you joining us they real quick before I let you go have a habit averages is Boehner gonna make your opinion. I think the weapon if he is able to kick the leading college I mean. History is littered with. College kids who looked great on Saturdays and then got in the pros at trouble Sunday so. I mean it's a bold move to collective in the first trial but yeah I mean I don't. Really it doesn't really mean anything mean to look into it like sitting in the. Yep not completely agree I just I'm looking for some kind of because argues remember two words are world three actually BJ stand. Ask remember that goes down this throughout that. That looked look if he is the it's being used the skill position weapons that better rate clearly some years or think he has Bob Knoll there and uses a competent guy. Iranian by wreck if he is as good as advertised. It wouldn't know what. It's all about this case producing at a level I think he's going to. Mean you're absolutely correct Bridgette is always by April talks in OPEC up though. They go that's our buddy Erin meg or from a agreement press gazette Packers used our comp. And joining us for settlements on shatter orange college Schneider hiring drivers right now you work arbitrage for eighty plus years living you can call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com. If this should happen. It's not eighty or minutes. But could there be some big time changes and a look a little bit different when it comes to college basketball. I'll tell you what there proposed changes are caught up next no Michael should. Six blues station strong national. Bill might school's sports talk. Rabbi suddenly the Michael ship before we get out of here there are some rules changes and some changes possibly. Coming. To college hoops. And not in the sense of recruiting scandals or anything like that. But in the actual way the game is played a say what they are commuters to minimal remind you is. Is three weeks from today. Thursday night June 7 we have or cigar dinner it's going to be a good we're going out to Wisconsin brewing company ten semi on American went. And is it's going to be a lot of fun we gonna have a cocktails gonna have a dinner catered by would barbecue. You have the raffles. That are to be taken place and then we had outside if you wanna fire one up you can. Gonna hang outside Tilson stories. There's so much fun and the ticket includes. Or to do for them for one price public cocktails if you want more you gonna have morbid problem are included. Your dinner salads all I kind of stuff after dinner stop everything's included. 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It's closing in fast get your tickets are gonna sellouts and catcher tickets for this thing and get him as quick as you can't get some bodies together. And be good ago. Canada has brought you by two macro plus quick trip in our friends at Bergamo cigars now. In case you did not know. They are considering some rules changes. The ACC. They're gonna propose legislation they wanna expand the NCAA tournament field from 68 to 72 teams why. There commissioner John swapper says it's at the conclusion of the league's spring meetings down in Florida. Where he said well you know like hey they're expanding their deterrent for football teams we are expanded the basketball program. While it's kinda apples oranges you went from two teams of four teams in football. You've already got 68 teams in the NCAA tournament what they wanna do is they wanna play two games in Dayton like they do. And they wanna play two games on the West Coast. Yeah miter so that way then you have to travel and then you have those teams playing in electric so you get that okay. Now. They also said the league is going to propose. Some rule changes including one they want to widen the lane. They wanna widen the lane all right second in this one would be different. I was just thinking of assign full reference there. Normal all of that so what why when Kramer widen the lane I went from three lanes to two lanes are highway now and turn into an item. And unify the paint thinner in the fish truck blew up that he had Newman yeah that wasn't good they have a wasn't good for new stinky fish au over high. That's a bad night on Friday on carrier. There yup. Odd then the guy next one they wanted to they wanna change is instead of the shot clock completely reset and after an offensive rebound. They wanna reset the shot clock to twenty seconds. So you don't get the full amount of the shot clock anymore. So we take the shot goes up you come down on the offensive board he goes to twenty seconds. And then after the offensive rebounds only time will go to 22. And they wanna push a three point line back to the India. I'm all in favor that I'm all in favor of the widening of Elaine I'm okay basically don't want people packing the paint you're pushing it to the outside you're going to a perimeter game and outside shooting him anyway. Bobbled the interesting one is. They're they're trying to speed up the pace supply they're trying to speed up you know basically scoring. So you're not gonna pack the paint. Emirates reset the shot clock mean we're a more shots go up per game. But try to out score I get a it's not going to be as since when has college basketball long windy gain. It's a two hour opening I agree I agree that. They're trying to figure out a way to speed up by saying scoring not necessarily Kazaa because we seem game 6864. You don't mean you're not seeing those one or two. 98 games but doesn't have to be no but that's what they feel mean that you know baseball's talking about more scoring and more opportunities in baseball because it's a boring game because. Strike us to become so prevalent the NBA's talking about you know the prowess of scoring anytime there's a game that's under a hundred everybody who boosted. And the cut everybody compares at the college game in the college game is not a a 100 point point plus game. So they're trying to get it to the at least in the eighties consistently rather than. The defensive struggles of safe facing you put Wisconsin against Virginia right now you're gonna have it's going to be forty to forty want. Attempts also and a they're trying to up that. By a limit eliminating some extra time be a shock. So they have. That similar rule proposed by the NCR at least by the ACC that wanna go before the NCAA and that way they can say. They that you put a few more teams. Determined to make an East Coast West Coast thing any kind of go from there they haven't. Baseball tomorrow Tim Allen's going to be here are gonna have a good time talking and have about this brewers road trip thus far from resolved brewers and twins preview. What's next for the Milwaukee Bucks and when Bob nightingale said today he said. Brewers win the pennant we both want moment why. He's the half to down here for the National League they are good bridging right now they're getting it done when they're hitting brewers went about it. Will expound upon that tomorrow as well Todd rusty don't have a broad. Freeware and Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.