HR4 – Closure to the NFL catch rule?

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Wednesday, March 21st

Hour 4. We have a plethora of Packers chatter with Analyst Paul Imig and former RB Gary Ellerson.


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From the league thrown into the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill monkey show. You love Joseph Miller go shoot low on the air we are glad there have you we are brought to you by our friends at bug might. The official beer sponsor summer in the bill Michael sports talk now work in. What are remind you that wins and I live is gonna be back again this year of the Wisconsin state fair park great musical lineup coming up there won't make that announcement coming after shortly but. Good a lot of fun out there again this year is he gets underway at the end and I think it's the last week of may actually starts a little early. And rolls all the way through the end of August Patel looking forward wins and eleven of the Wisconsin state fair park brought to our friends. Had blood light let's do this is bring in Paul image shall we. As Paul agreed legal analyst joining us on the Schneider orange hotline hello why don't. While so let me ask you this. Do you think did and this is an email that was just did just came to me. Said you think that Rodgers doesn't have a new contract yet because he might be thinking about playing out his contract and see what free agency would bring him. Or are the Packers holding it back right now. Give me your thoughts. I would say neither of those two. I would. Luggage is going to be offered the most money could ever possibly wants. Actors you know bill we use the word open checkbook. I don't think the accurate literally. Wendy rocket still open number. But it will be pretty darn close to about it being a reality so that isn't it pretty agency ordered to reunite to vote for any player. Are because they can make more money had written that about the case ruptures and in the Packard are gonna get him what you want. If you want to make. But you know it out here I can bet that Pakistan and well known under that's ridiculous now what happened but I would really be hard pressed to lead the actors they don't think you know. And apartment that there and it's really acute because they're not happy with their currency. You know a writer as is. You don't have moments where they'll say like I mean I should have been consulted or out and help when. Released and I shouldn't I should have been told you don't consult about Jordan outfit art. But he got a little throughout the year but he and it felt like Asian diet but apart a decision making brought that. But equally we wouldn't do for money to get it and let it he'd ever made by Green Day. I accurate in that you'd like some sort of breaking tipping point with the Packers at the. That would be very odd that were true I think it's more about now. When it advantageous. Or Rogers and his agent. To make a deal happen and I would have thought that would be now they'll be out because once Kirk other side of Minnesota and got into orbit in Dallas police guarantees. I kind of figured OK here we are you know whatever Rutgers extension ends up being. It'll probably be about a hundred million dollar guarantee to. I don't every penny will be guarantee public and because it probably deal a bigger dollar value probably more years. But I don't think there's any reason whatsoever people are thinking. You know that pessimistic about rot your long term due to an. It's a you know we're talking about I. Bill how he did it to a hundred million dollars that at 9999. Digit. In a single player not just an apple but the figure but I would say rest assured it will at some point or you ever. Equality and restricted free. So here's that in the reason I bring this up is because is the is because they bring in Kaiser dish young guys are. And they are then going to say while rod usual play out your contract maybe we franchise tag you once or twice to keep you here. But advertisers the guy's a future. Which IE scoffed at and I can't believe there was even the insinuation of a thought process but. That would be almost committing career suicide of prying convinced. He's your general manager in saying that you're going to throw Erin Rogers away after a couple years could you just wanna wait and see you know I mean. Yeah leave it to a national TV showed how to get people riled up than. Think about the worst. What nick Calvert like this past December who said something about. Oh rocket to hit it yet that you're gonna do it and it's a bullet but it. You know like earth it was actually an accurate no he couldn't become a free agent. And two it was like. You know I'll come you know Urlacher is one at lake. They did a remote no no work at land driving and a ball players a week. You know we play sports small market Packard and I think people who are disconnected from this team other noted debate and they'll live and stay up and at this all by public opinion but. It's one thing that you just. It just to generate attention you know I Atwood at a stir up. And I don't know hackers or Pakistan are. You know unique page for people to register I don't know what the I'm not in the room when they're side by. Don't worry I don't I don't think today I read in court to start thinking politically. It is Sean Qaeda Arabic and let don't don't let your mind wander they're because. The for a Packers right now extremely thin when it comes to the ability go out and sign anybody's gonna help them in the secondary it seems like. The longer we wait to obviously the prices go down but that being said do they go after experience to help out the young guys in the secondary it is a big article Barack demolished in USA today that said they would Morgan Burnett signing with Pittsburgh. Josh Jones is going to be the guy he's going to be waited upon heavily out. Which I still after watching a place that you have that season he didn't look as if he really understood where he was supposed to be when he was was be there now granted a lot of those on the shoulders of Mike Patton but it. I got to admit I'm kind of one foot in the poll a lot of Packers fans as they holy mackerel defensively what Ian dale. Yeah I mean the secondary would we as part of the last year. And all you've done since then it got in it made your secondary works Morgan Burnett he's created in the Mary rent of its trade. I went one rated it started bill. And a lot of these projections salary cap math and people were coming back with Morgan Burnett they speak at 1112 million dollars per year. We all kind of felt like OK completely you know and that when it on a contract that you can Pittsburgh. You know it's very it's it would not have been typical for the Packers to assume that I caught you argue we sit Morgan Burnett has worked. Every every and you. And you know Bobby it's inserted KP shortly become a superstar Mike are greatly. And even a better year that he did what he would in Green Bay now of course people are gonna say eat out today or rental go to become the starting Cleveland there we go again. I understand that you know that there is nothing where. The secondary that already we can just become weaker there's no doubt about that. Lots. The up is it still young and being what they trapped just jump a year ago I was in I was sitting with with gel. And with our way cooler and we were going to that second round draft. And lend when the thick woods. And held on Twitter. And I think it was art and I know it wide and all the Joe White said was that the people listening like. Mortimer as one you're left with a accurately off and then to pick which got killed immediately made it very similar style he's going to be that next hybrid of they've been curtailed play in the box it in a deal would spend. In coverage. That's where it does best so the community is certain salary aspect to it no doubt because it's now at the Packers are flush with cash. But they regret it got Joan at the position that they did. It's earlier they did because they know it is I think in the division of Morgan Burnett a year. You know they decide when they got the job count. It cost effective way to replace Morgan Burnett. And in the writing about point without a walk in a week but at the time it it became three year later and you know they are now what I you know they'll. Got killed and his rookie blunt there's no doubt about that but I don't really believe that the player and out here is chances you know to prove that the Packers. The right decision and cannot be easily see more Burnett eight as well as he needs 3031 if you looked at Ergen. You know he performs well and Josh got killed perform but they equally as well George Jones comes at a cost like 181 and what Morgan Burnett will honor your contract so he he you can use that money elsewhere upgrade you know a quarter or something else threw out raise your trade. You know but he said he would you met out at the end of the year he. Real quick before I let you go on by Karen Rogers depending on what he's paid and we know is going to be allotted place. You've got Kirk cousins Matthew Stafford and eventually mistress you all are going to be paid handsomely within this division is some of the top quarterbacks in all of that in the National Football League. So good the monetary arms race in the NFC north. Will be someone unequal footing. At least until the bears catch up but that being said. You're going to see eventually repercussions in trickle down effect aid debit the argument to that is I was watching this he would the other night in the NFL on the air on network the argument to that is though. You're really for Packers fans is it give you wanna win the NFC north but it's not about that it's about being the best team in a scene getting to a Super Bowl. So for as much we talk about all the FC north they're gonna win that because again when the arms race Aaron Rodgers is the best and we know that they can fortify the team with the same amount of money that other guys put around other teams. I still say it's about the NFC north it's about being the best team in the NFC. And you have to figure out a way to be better than a team that may not be paying their quarterback nearly as much has more bits and pieces did then what you have right. Yellow six. What about Stapp Gergen about Kirk Catan this is eight about the need to look at. Or highest paid quarterback in the NFL player in the NFC north. And that neither of them are Aaron Rodgers. You know it is this startling to that content content that effort are two or higher paid players. In the and total not just among quarterbacks so another and at Rutgers so clearly let it happen. Tomorrow that stopped either in rockers will certainly eclipse that monitor there's no question about the question again. Not. And then to the point about the division you know if he you might occur on the Allred out he he knew that they like the other division now. The most important thing here after he would open and say no to go to the division every year but at the Packers group. You know in 2011 and at many think that per cent and the order out. The goal is to be hot at the end of the year to catch fire what you need to get the back Packers team that they've out of overall in the past decade what the 2011 regular season when lately is even want just dominated. But they you know they lost to Kansas City and we hit it. You know they've they've wrecked other starters in the seventeen. I and then let it on the New York Giants showed up for the play out that January 20 well. They you know they were out so they want to make it to the play out in eleven would have been in October. The Packers are right to it made everybody look silly but they were hot early and they work eight and so. You know a bill as we are not any kind. You can good team can withstand injuries that mean ought to look at the relationship in the Philadelphia that lost car and went to. It would MVP you're private industry would have probably taken second or third in the NBP rates and they couldn't at all and barely beat AJ they got a little bit and and he still go to be you know patriots team that arguably shouldn't build a better all round at a Tom Brady at quarterback so. Yeah I mean that might cart in the air they would tell you Google number one at twenty at a C north and you watch old adage you get obviously that goes without saying. But you need to do well wrap up of the team to build it into an awful lot of players learn to be unavailable come January and do you have the up. And the talent and the ability to get hot at the right time but that. I'm on the locker combination palatable. That you need to be good at the end of December going into January healthy enough and good enough that you can. It's equipment which could not that easy but you get the idea that so. I bought that Dell and and that is great and it's dark at those great but their daughter is going to be one active of an opponent debate in a in Arctic here. And it certainly isn't to win the division or bought it. To a super bowler button and we all know there's multiple out tickets adaptable they'll bat to a bowl game whether the division and. Paul always get a general Janet Taylor in a week okay. Persian about judges soon that is Paula bigger gonna go to analyst joining us for couple minutes. On the Schneider or challenge better harried drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years that beginning you don't call me 244 prior to go to Schneider jobs start coming 144 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs died come finally. Finally. We've got an answer and I believe. They got it right because common sense should play him that is also Gary Allison former packer badger running back. And Mike goes for the regal post game show gonna join me next we'll discuss this but finally I think they've gotten it right out there what I'm talking about right if there's. In order to avoid. Mortar film film Michael's voice told the network. You can. Michael always on the air we are glad you are on board today. As we are every day. Reader Joseph across the way I know Michael's get a hold me add bill underscore Michael's gonna talk with Gary ocean former packer Reggie running back my partner for the regal pose huge over here just met. Is Porsche program brought to buy cousins so they believe in better. Shop in because they're the heroes now whether you're a meter chicken me whatever it is your heart desires you can stop and get it. And it usually reserved and thinking how good they going to Google Michael's recovery known next American cheese Italian bread SATA raid your your cheese Kurds. I'm heading to Green Bay after the program meant to stop Bob Graham and just it just to kind of get me green. That's cousins suddenly believe in better you officials sub sandwich and go Weickel sports starved network it's finally done. After much exhausting labor. Thought. Like giving birth to something simple. How reverend river on. Who by the way occasion you know he's the NFL's senior vice president of officiating they're proposing. To the competition committee here is the new. Modified catch rule. One control football. 202. Feet down or another body part and three. A football move such as just a third step. Maybe you're starting to reach or extend the ball for the line. To the end zone. Or the ability to perform such an act that's it. None of this stuff about two feet down and and then a move board of two steps are more and the twisting and of a no more of that crap three things you got control yes. To beat bill will still screwed up to speed down. Did you make a move that's it. As it another war Gary Ellison for packer marriage running back joining me here in studio our human. Pretty Dario how's that sound. Yup hope there'll screwed I mean I think what whereas temple where the we're called to talk rule or the care action. You know hard you gold bar. Ages Garrett too analytical and they had to go back and look at it look at and review what you almost in my they were Macon of rules. As they are reviewing want to catch you were caricatures of so hopefully. This is simple. These give. How were saying please give back to fundamental sounds like sound card or her credit and for Dario and making a lot of battles over. What's what is the carrots and is just plain simple a lot of things bill we could've done in our backyard Ryan was secured to what is the general. Wise you can look at I say now. I will say this fans that were upset when Mattel's cowboys lost indebted that would make Dez Bryant's catch where there was a pair slated to time. Technically. It wasn't because our roles but we all thought it was and so I I completely get. First and foremost tomorrow night we're gonna guitar. Here we are. Our tomorrow roll an idiot you all know and you hear that quite often that's gotta yeah table for you know really is are remembered bill going to that. Place I was in another building. Are indeed I think it was off indeed peer over bothered the prison. And it was just a little smaller shop and have like a small little back room. Where you go small do this thing now is who uses its two floors me space shoes and news or beautiful place. More want want a better place driver error smoker. So tomorrow tomorrow night we are going to be there it's five benign as the total time that it's opened by. It's ticketed event Gary's going to be there I'm gonna be their disguises like Vegas Mary wanna ask is will tell you are like Vegas. But the foes down a kind of stuff is like Vegas we're gonna have a good time tomorrow night they have a Alina. Pairings with Scotch whisky and dinner cigars in the Gary in my favorite cigars or to time among American Arafat's own rights are on sale go to prohibition GB. Dot com right now if you're in that area or if you're coming out safer and more our war our affiliate in the nominee in merit then you'll come down or been you're coming up from. You know I don't know maybe tougher your boy hero or from Appleton go to pro division G being get two tickets right now so. Aaron Rodgers still outside what do you make of that. Where you know former air cars are I think I'm okay with that I mean. The numbers on causes for you come to know what that number is. Maybe you're waiting on on Matty ice may you may Nome where you know Matt Ryan. For next year because you can. And that's going to be a hell of a contract. Mean that's a situation on me if from Aaron Rodgers rivers and why would I be in a hurry to sign a contract right now we're I know Matt Ryan. We should go before me. That's going to be a huge number right. I only only way that. There I would stiff from Roger and I would sign a contract if they will come to me this is you know what we can exchange you right now. And really long lecture exchange you cruises. Helps those with salary cap money he and then we can go out and get some more players will make it. Worth your time. That will be the only way they may be I would do something now bush. If from Rogers bureau why would she do it now we know there is a lot of money to be had right now I'd quarterback. Well hey let me ask you this speakers is a former player. How much is too much before you begin to kinda handcuff your team for what the available money to Rory talking about the ability to be able and not or you inability to sign guys. Because things just got too rich for their blood or are we just kept saying well boxer or the Packers are gonna sign this guy and that guy get burned out they can't they can't hear so and you got to latency would aaron's gonna take so how much is too. So yeah the. Into a carry the you look at the landscape of the inner fail and you air your self what teams are signing. Big money players. And I think we go look at that and those teams are normally teams without a quarterback that's me can be monies is gonna happen on the rams right. It's gonna happen almost every year as Philadelphia's got a guy and his rookie deal right yeah Google does not making any money so ago social which means you look at these guys. Teams are out there they don't have quarterbacks your life Rogers or make it as Marshall looking Glock and sunny skies and was I've always said. Seattle. And for me it was before and our war what was mine had a poster child of your virus concern about SER processor story. Wait till they have the pay Russell Wilson and wait till they have a pretty legion of doom and you'll see what happens to see out. Not there are big already undergone. Canceled right now the teams you look at their right now or like the Minnesota Vikings they just been a bolt Baltimore on the wall why. There's an up in about a quarter Brad and their team is relatively young you look at the rails they're not gonna quarterback and a team is relatively young. Philadelphia ditched the mid pit reporter Greg this team is roach of the young when you look at all the teams have huge money it's our care right now is teams there have been bear for a long time. These teams bureau payout for. Or maybe five years to win two super balls or to win one. So old you only do this will take a break and if on the Packers. So now you've got the dilemma sitting in front you pay your quarterback. And then you edition that you had to figure out how to put. The rest of the team around her navigator yeah they were or talk more about how we can message to more than like a sure next. Six clues stations strongman. Oh my school's sports talk now. And Porsche program brought to my good friends over at quick trip web more on that coming out. Joining me here in studio. Corner for the regal post game show me and a former packer badgers running back. Gary Ellis and joining us here we are talking Aaron Rodgers but there's so much more to this team gear and own personal do you think. They're completely settle at running back. The armor and I want it done and we okay going need to were barbaric spark okay sir running backs done we are wide receivers they need. Gonna draft one or two. So I mean do do they believe Geronimo oil also I think they have higher holes for Jerod royal cipher and that's part of reason why they let. Jordy Nelson gold they think he's cute no I'm not he can field. Jordan shoes but maybe even give you more production that George and give you at this stage of his career. So I think they have a lot of high hopes on him yesterday always jump the receivers are thank you receive them. Bigger receiver may be round for. You can they go get a big goodie getting were apparently nobody had been hit on that instrument terrorist thing we'll receivers golden coasting. So the other side of the offensive. You know new slate is it is fixed the right tackle right guard position you gotta figure that out there and what's wrong. Got a mortgage brokers only offers a line that there're have been hurt her back from injury that you have no idea. Our war dead lines go look liar where they are all about I mean you you've got blogger. I mean he's you know he was hurt less Armstrong did it in mid June 3 quarter portion of the seasons a year can expect in the united do you see me I don't know I mean this so I mean do you got that you're due to a father they're gonna cart Hemmer one point. Our RC bring Embraer because they have so many pages are me once again that's not a position you look at that they need to take. A high draft pick net is may be tackle. Our Jahri Evans army what's going on with their kids are similar and you're not known that women aren't any boom. And so usually you have some issues there. And they have a try to forget that our. Defensively ideal I tomorrow will pursue moved love their move. You know the much race Adam steps up and Susan's be so here's what harassing him for the Packers you're right do you go. Adams. Josh Jones. And change those four guys must do you view. They must contribute to this team. Jess. Astronomically in any way more than what they do less and. Both for guys I was vicious savior and I hate sin is where almost a season revolves around those four guys to me. They have to show up you gotta get resigning Josh Jones presented all the workers you so weak that their bright spots. But there again. You need a premier pass rush I mean that's legal. Music that and also Beagle played in some backers so maybe they can flip flop mall worded that you need to give something not him. And you're right Adams he's another guy Hart was the third round. It got to hit you've got to get that those four guys Samir is is very important success of the Green Bay Packers issued a must. Play play. And they're not getting injured this year we surprised they did not get a defensive back in the fridge because I at first I was without a certain look in the money was some of these guys are signing for a feminist is getting categories counselor right bureau. This is the quarterback money was just stupid money there it was just off the hook our expert for to be like that and soul. I think we're Wilkerson and a whole workers soon. You look at that DO coupled with Jimmy Graham you get to form basically got two guys or Jordan or discourage her. Movers and if you really think a ball for ball to where football is played if you can get some pressure up front there have shoe and backing so maybe they're counting on that Barton. Just to note. Free agency you know over me that this still could go out and show. Cots and you know and so that you should compare double company for suburban. Our O'Shea right now. The Green Bay Packers they need a corner and they thereby knows they need a corner. Either they move up in a draft or you see them do a repeat of what are they take they checked it was that Vinson one of vision and he took two corners. Our one year with a three patriots won or orange Vince and what Edwards who's the other guy to ever Freddie eventually came any broken foot right in the nation returned to Seattle for our mongering. Answering another corner I think and a third round he actually play for the targets for a long term and did he get traders are let go and went to the New Orleans Singh's cabinet that name is blows our. Hair long dreadlocks are names is goes right past my. Mara what black issue to practice all I cannot Yemen Kent McKenzie was his third guy in there. So I think given more Javon Walker. Was it I think he came it would bears and killer Vincent as though those two course the rates or court three. Some delight to have you look at our. But I think the Packers. Wanna have to take two corners relatively high in mr. Antuan Edwards edged toward marijuana or is Fred Vinson Mike McKenzie yes those guys men remember that guy that got the big Contra get a deal was cleaning his heart right. Who then turned out to be a giant right. When right so that's what the Packers are they're like what they were what they wanted to go in I'll those three guys only one of those guys were player and there was. McCain's idea you with the third guy out of those three there were taken pride south Jersey the Packers are the tigers are do or do they move up get a cue from wire story. While that was the other aspect. The other question there so I was gonna ask you if there's somebody address your eyeball because look I've. Two people watch Satan people in a homer. I just like looked that was the best course lockdown corner Orioles you know daughter that was pretty good on. Like (%expletive) out are you are I mean he's gonna you draft are hard but think he's more what they got a neat. I think toward Arab League who's name when I'm Gloria I think he's a guy that's gonna flash she's got can be a little bit better he's a guy's guy. I think a little bit more talent. Hugged an acute from why one I think she's if you move argument whether fourteen right now I don't know can you move over Tina give that kid maybe you can but. We know if they don't they stamp they're used to it you gotta take two corners and mr. Richard. Leon Dash is day you've got to take two corners I think you probably. You gonna take another edge rusher ray burst your liver your first three players broadly for a report he what you're going to be heavy defensively anywhere you're probably and get maybe another offensive lineman in May be a wide receiver or two PR forty texted twelve picks in this thing I believe the girl. So he had twelve picks three maybe four Argo offensively eight of them are going to be defense in defense and additional for specialty rice. You know because like like do you keep Janice. Of course I know I I think you make your team again I mean only because of what he does those urgent change you know look here for you reaping our troops early. But I think for specialty perverts here be that guy unless they can develop. The other kid and they had a lash the basketball he was it. That Michael Clark here yeah I think they just re sign him to a contrary bark to a three weeks ago. Here's a kid we saw leisurely play basketball or Marshall are even in a torrential blogger. Here's acute they have high hopes for coping with storm played the last couple games every drop a couple corrections. But they think he's got a huge outside. I just don't want huge upside anymore I want a sure thing. You know north these are sure. Can you mean because with Patton and all the changes offensive defense coordinator quarterbacks coach and everybody's been changed. What I mean to meet with Green Bay in an expectation never goes away very realistically though a look at and I say well where are today comparison to. Now cousins I don't know what are you gonna head to Minnesota they say is an upgrade from what they have and are great so. Mark is to complain arteries Merrick branch mine last year so case keys and mountains and did great tragedy for him play like please please keep dash is day canny play like case unfortunately they've gotten better defensively you have Chicago bear solemn day Dave I don't pointed towards an enigma because I don't know what the hell they're doing I don't either. Territory earlier I don't think we got better only eight are saudis is there's there's stand for yeah. So in the mail I think Chicago and a better why are they gonna be better enough to be able to really challenge I don't think so I so that was done in Minnesota in in Green Bay so. Do you take the better defense and say you're gonna give them the nod because they've they've technically upgraded the quarterback position. Would they get a quarter Greg wrecked and then they give a running back to Florida State right cook that was out all last year they give him back. Did he went down what just before the fact yes they are just these is because I just can't screwed up. I mean defense of the governor and when he got showed a ridge and he they had to pay him a boatload of money and he was approved a contractor when he got him. They got better and watching him go. Did their very young team let's see what they do they're young team got four years or make this happen and then. Big going to be up against liquor barn area. You've got two teams in the NFC that are really split the talent that's Philadelphia who is going to be returning they have both quarterbacks in tact I mean in Los inning and they got better defensively and then boy what they've done around LA rams holes early crash there gore for. Medicare. They sign Ndamukong so I know who has been I think. Still should not there in I don't know packer friends wanna but she if you go on Sharon government of which is earlier predict what Eagles signed him. And I think it is one of those guys bureau where he's looked like Dom Capers. Reform so packages. You seem odd to me until we go see a when he she invited me that he can go for three or three form where you saw a dorm papers really weren't quite. He would want reform or no law or you're right. Time I think Britain will be four through three Ford to depend on what he has talent while. But man they're gonna be good defense Giuliano there are and the Packers and their programs and yes they journalist's career is gonna be over game how she wanted to differences don't let me just because Rob Lowe showed up. Mean you lose a ball game last five games on the zebras goes Sampras has to be irrelevant they're ignoring him the next. QB here that take order mammal in in the inner fairway have the C. What he's gonna do I don't know. Did this in the pictures were sold on on the Tom Brady was afraid I'll home. That's what we got our rear we don't know Julius knows sources says so no policy was mad about general right position he knew and Tom knew that if he knew the right little while he's number replaced or has got. So we'll see of me will see our pairs army is he is is a great. To see in our frail but his scientologists. Changes in maneuvers. And then a lot terribly forget about the Packers like tell viewed about how the Packers are remain relevant. For so long yes it is because they have Aaron Rodgers. But while like about this is. I think we don't gear tear or a parent organization enough credit for they've been they would do. To maintain that and again and and navigate the war as a free agency and right now they refers to are part of rivers CN. You Shia is good tee sprayed all boatload of money in the Packers can't. And it's not like rip and me OK maybe Clay Matthews is being home and paid maybe you're Jordy Nelson was. May be rental car blog would you put it those guys that was good money when they got maybe they edited their year you know years regard for our. Is that what you want but I think it is today I think you've seen how the Green Bay Packers pair remain. In hot so to speak when using other teams who were in a hub with the Packers would Aaron Rodgers has kind of fallen off. The the only reason the Packers fell off lakers last year are larger yeah when runners went down. Could they played really youthful point Nauru our expectation was so different and prior to him going down right. I sure art and artists of ball now I still think they because they really get blown out many gay and Baltimore beat gala right. What we are now I think they still have what birdie twelve game. We thought it was aborting before rock is right on that that's our weather playing Macy's we're gonna come by with the same team in essentially or try to win again and it's. With a Rogers on his arm and yet I hope that Jimmy Graham gives you the match or did you want in your view. Offensively once again when you're about that's an issue should go to V you know the Green Bay Packers 45 an opponent for reform mean. That's what looks like. Which I'll take that he got Aaron Rodgers you got there Raj now you know accidents Du'Shon Kaiser the due to fortify our ports. No but that's why go back and I've said this time to get people repellent before but I said Mike McCarthy was right. When you sit or defense has to be better than our off yes and he's not lying no he's not but they can't get there was a goal you'd like to have. The divas Bernard are fairly like let me be able to be able to at least get the defense is top fifty I think they needed something new I think they need to hear something new that things are deposit for degree to which you bring back would you remain divided house from Owings. Yes all both level. Relative to the mall back there and what happens okay right. I'm not disagree without breaking ball back. And you've got embarrassed about and you won't bring record as this point I'll take anybody would experience yeah psychologist Marty yes area living have room and all alone now. They just see what happens you never know which in my front. Always going to be when your deals right for me you find you do have been telling king and Denzel if you say you jump up to get it got against a war he got experience yes as the UMOER. And you need that net in that meeting room they temple itself meant it would grant him an older more art yes there are a lot of fun moron. As we a lot of are really looking forward to a Gary Ellison. He the former packer manager running back my part of an ironic one Dario run around a corner run around a court tomorrow I know I each point just never. Tomorrow and go right around the corner so we're going to be a pro divisions and arsenic. Spirits and lounge tomorrow night we it starts at five but we will be there from 79 tomorrow night in Green Bay we have to see their tickets are still available. And it's going to be is like values were used to tell you stories let the chips fall where they may and a few puffs of smoke around our heads and they were calling us you're going to be good not good seven Gary owes more than going to show wrapping things up next. Freeware and Wisconsin. The film Michael sports talk network. What we're having a fantastic day it was certainly appreciate you know Michael show on the air and glad to have him. As always. 855830864. A soloist talk about the bucks. I don't know what this means. I'm gonna I'm at a conundrum here Joseph. I tweet it out would welcome Alex leisure and on the program ms. got to take his mind you know that kind of thing. He liked it. Bill you did it wants that's scary dip. But didn't saying. That you talk so N'sync maybe well we gonna be that involved up there by the way and Donna consumer talk about him he has canceled. The visit to go see the Oakland Raiders which I thought that would be a perfect team for him. But he's considering heavily now they it says the rams. And the saints. And possibly the titans. As a landing spot. For his services so he is no longer interested in going to our. Race. Doesn't get way ahead I don't know off to have my head his position axles wilderness on toward the other day there's a guy a in the ramseys like strength and conditioning coach or some thing. And he's worked with stool. Like throughout his NFL playing career down in Miami and then also in Detroit soul. That could be the that could lock things up with him going programs and again as just another piece of the grandstand and defense. It's yeah hole waiting soon. To rampant. I can't wait to see with the rams defense is going to be this year because his face got all these acquisitions game markets Peters getting icky to leave all god no doubt any Sam Shields see if he's got something an arm. Hopefully doesn't get another concussion. I'm paper that defense mean they were really good last year now look and see what they have. What many had sixty gets sued you put Monday offensive line with Erin Donald wolf. 8558308648. I agree. I just. They're muted they should at least and remember oh remember well years ago was when they put together the quote dream team in Philadelphia morale Michael Vick. And who has been all that money Cullen Jenkins was a part of the time now on the Asomugha I was 2011. I think we've when he did that he's playing Little League and now and you. Don't. But they put all those guys together and that was supposed to be a defense or play any reason last year that was it they push all the chips and though table and it turned out to be rap. Crap I tell you. And had an amounted. So anyway. Just. Find it interesting that they're putting those together and always see. What happens and Lambeau lunatic says it's who signs with the rams it's game over there will represent the NFC north consumable. They're detained. A mud down that. What they've done out there ever since the exodus of the the seven and nine stuff for their. Jeff Fisher. Ever since he was a shown the door and they certainly performed extremely well without a doubt that is seven and nine that you're damn right. FactSet. So tomorrow I'm gonna be a green bag. And it tomorrow night we're going to be over its prohibition. Sued are are looking forward to it. We'll talk guard tomorrow's shows him while Marquette basketball back in the box and the clippers. Fears over here radio Joe's covers his by the way without Brett Phillips. The main star of these sand lot remake. Good stuff there. Don't trust you haven't all. Wisconsin love. Bill Michael's sports talk.