HR4 - Dan Jennings stops by. Imig and Clemens discuss Lewis

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Friday, May 25th
HR4- We're joined by Brewers' reliever Dan Jennings.  Plus, Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig & Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio joins the show to discuss the recent addition of Marcedes Lewis, the Packers defense, and Aaron Rodgers heading to the Indy 500!

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And engage yourself registered Delhi that's the best part about it dale up your odds to do whatever that. Doing every damn. That is from cousins jobs where they believe in better the officials sub sailors and go Michael's sports talk network. Got Ramon on call and make our green gold analyst joining us on this matter orange hot. Line hello apply to join. Good bill you know I'm doing well it feels like the holiday weekend is upon us this year. It is. It's it's just days just kind of goofy Elvis because Joe's gone it's like it's like you're young student teacher and or something like they'll write more about here I don't know what in the heck yeah. You know just kind of got off the rails and a couple times it's fun you know so we've had a good time playing all kinds of weird music today. But I wanted to ask you about. About the Packers acquiring this back up tight end a guided Mercedes Lewis to block I mean he's. Look he gave each of tackle can't fortify the right settle I go and find the tide and the to block for a little bit as well that's what they did I'd like would go against is doing. I bill I think people when he starts you know we're gonna talk more. A two outs but Welker and we're gonna talk more about Jimmy Graham. They're denied that from a numbers perspective you know if you look. The next game and looking protected and you can tackle and you can stack than you know touchdown catches for Jimmy Graham and whatever else. That's going to be that the net pops out he going to appreciate what our city Lewis. Does. You gonna have to even watch the film. Watch more closely when you watch it live. Where you're gonna have to subscribe to something like a pro football focus and look at what the blocking numbers aren't you know because it's eat not eighty. You know check out the box score look at the next day look company at a key point. He's not that type what he has. If you've got to block pretty extremely well and bill attack site in cramped and you certainly in many times. They faced by the tight end yeah kind of but they've signed a wide receiver like that yes he's going to catch the ball that Jimmy Graham are you blocking guy. We look at what the rest of that tight end group was able to have three guys total including Jimmy Graham it was like. Who is Mike McCarthy going to put out there if he wants. Basically it's die on the line of scrimmage and he's going to be you know do you put on an actual offensive tackle declared ineligible at ridiculous that they were in that it would it would. You know it's not like a sexy glaring need at about a and that jumped off the agent says while they really need to address this but they didn't. But guys and I think Mike McCarthy would be able to have confidently put in the game at tight end. Next wanted to tackle him and confidently say that back at Google their block. Now they have that so yeah it it's not like. You know this is the guy did it take in the first round your credit and there are the guy is gonna be catching touchdowns and Rogers. But I think it's sad it is often as she desperately need it. And and I think that I like that. You know I keep going back to like with deciding it happened three years ago five years ago late. At any point during the at times an error because. You know piece of that kind of players still available in late may at Memorial Day weekend. And he. Previously guide the colossal hype they have Eliot wolf ate right Republicans in his previous you know lower hole. These the type that they would bring it at times and and comfortable that there you know what it's fine let's let's use our. Our undrafted rookie year you know whatever the case might be acting the fact that something like this. Happened where he'll be brought in the Green Bay should give them something to talk about it think about it. You know get they expect declaring name now like while all the guys production from a numbers perspective. But and the rockets stop you know and it's not like you Rappaport broke the news spotlight. Anybody implement national immediate respect though is it's him posting got a degree and mutilate he got Dominic got an under the radar. And I think it's another encouraging step as we start to put together what type of GM Brian you can going to be that you're gonna kinda be happy in this. Late free agency prosecuting people think of free agency is being over because of what kind of leader it's not over like this tightly to guys like this that. You know commodities and I think it's one of those cases that you a guy he really needed it. Lot of roster spot. That you do have a blocking and the other lightly not only a couple of put in the U. What do you think the odds are they good chance comes up with. A pass rusher or forced vacation in the right side of the offensive line some additional depth. Well I think the rights of the offensive line peace is going to be. Wait and the other medical stuff comes back over the next three months late and Hitler become tax breaks come back a lot to come back and made progress. I'm sure if you know if you could even have her audience breaks were electing elected a lot is not ready to lead and early November October. Oh let's say Murphy good to go onscreen as good to go. I'm not saying that makes it right tackle spot. Great I think even they necessarily could Podesta that developmental time and I think there's plenty of reasons to think that they're not. At their ceiling as players yep but you know it would still be even if it were fierce rate just elect. In uncertainty if they'll be in the starting because they just don't have. The track record they don't have the production rubble for years to say OK I instill confidence in that player but it's more medical situation at that spot. Now I know that dictator in another Clay Matthews. Into you know aren't practicing right now whenever they are only covering a much better off. Surgery to clean up so that they weren't taking part article TJ but you know. They are going to be you can go back to a claim that he felt that. You know in the locker on this week this is not going to be this is going to be a group. That whether he likes it or not I that you liked it or not. You know the equitable life and the fairy making twelve million dollars a year aren't quite that he's making twelve plus million dollars per year to produce. At a number that is reflective of what they're being paid and yelled out behind them is. Unproven guys like beetle and back Roland Reggie Gilbert. You know that is going to be a spot where are snappy and Harry don't stay healthy or they are healthy and don't produce. You are gonna rely on three's she question marks and in an ideal situation. You know with limitless drastic limitless resources available for dollars and offbeat and pretty funny. Of course right because would have liked to have supplement that group. Of course I mean we it's a bit but first quarter I think you know though I feel pretty confident now. Kevin King who first broke into the second round last year this year going back to back quarter with Alexander Joseph Jackson that big you know you've got to pan out don't get me wrong. But you don't go to next year's drafting the other NAFTA corner again now the number one need for me now clearly that this team not just in the critical probably in the short term future. It outside linebacker not just because they don't have quality test but because. Now you did on the last year of his contract we talked about how Jerry his country for two years which used by the way this year but you wanna get out of that bag. Those guys are highly paid I don't know they're overpaid but the best I hated the production to match that and don't we have like that next young up and coming guy ready chew. Even nuclear. Sure it's possible people become better Gilder have become vapid. If you look at where they were extra credit repair it was expert route now it was their first round. They don't have that same expectation that feeling at least as prospects so I don't know it it's petitioning need to address. I just don't know if you don't like last year like Chris don't know like you know can you find somebody to kind of let him play maybe. But I would think sort of a map user hairy. Training camp pre season injury. You know Brian to the content made decisions he's made in terms of addressing other spots instead of outside edge rusher and now he's going to be crossing his fingers and hoping that that they'll just announced that helped a little other choices he has other than picking up you know maybe a minor keys you're there. Thought the biggest packer story over the weekend unless something else Amazon via signing or trade or something like that is going to be Aaron Rodgers going to the Indianapolis 500 we say four and a half times is the over under on how many times or C Aaron Rodgers face on TV poly have you watching the Indianapolis 500 and and that being said how many times what Aaron Rodgers be -- It will it disappoint you might say I will not be watching my interest level is less than zero and Lilly is that'd be an okay. And we we talked actually what Monday we talked about how you and I are our club hockey fan club NHL yeah you know and all of that and I'm a hardcore hockey and I know obvious that the major sports in the country. I'm all about but I try and it might get different stages of my life I. Rather it whether NASCAR or IndyCar in their suggestions he ever. Even remotely caught the bug so. Cook I don't rely on you're notes that the beat that come Tuesday on that went. I cannot deliver that I respect the fact of somebody that says I would rather watch two animals on the nature channel go I did then in March racing OK I understand that. But they're also visited these exotic mean Betty I beat them I'm like yeah not eighty not that ninety degrees look at that's one thing. The net there and count the brewers series the brewers. It I'm watching a particular bout. When I can't even if it's on DVR on that guy that. I can't watch that replied. I eat yard. I wrote like well I do not look at it I don't look notification that a go at Twitter dot think that I wanna watch every pitch at that I'm watching it like even if you on that one great burst. Kind and the and then and then we'll be honest about the group did they can about baca that. They're the brewers game last night as they got shut out again but aside from all the shut out the good putt bridges or. But watching. Racing will be two brewers then. Well we spend much time outside as possible. All right well I can respect that our goal that we are looking forward to a good stuff now we appreciate it. It judges and they don't that is Pawlenty joining us for governments and genre job lined hallways here. Talking to us about the Green Bay Packers were gonna talk more Packers coming up against an orange allied. The your car they treat you fair they've been doing it for a long long time lawyers call 844 predators Schneider jobs dot com. My Clemens gives us his perspective coming up next in the though like most. Border to border. Film Michael's. Bush talking. It boy sport now it came down field just great execution of the street. And deception you have the blocker in there at the receiving tied it in the deep throat to. After the program. More cities Lewis the newest Green Bay Packers portion of the program being brought you by our good friends at but like the official response to the bill Michael's sports talk network don't forget next Wednesday night rebel grace. There on the stage they kick off the concert series Wednesday night live is back at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion. And it's all brought you by Bud Light free admission completely free to get in a six bucks to park your car but free to get it nice. My Clemens joining news medical serious radio here in studio and so what do you make of Mercedes Lewis the 37 yard touchdown or in a 37 yard gain the resilience of Packers. In in Jacksonville. The 2016 open the Packers have a tendency to play these teams and guys just make your jaw drops on time yep. And about a year to later when these guys become free agency in the coming to Green Bay that's happened on several occasions that was one of them. How's that day there was opening day game in Jacksonville 95 degrees. And let's say eighties as they call him Don Jacksonville safe is just 67 and 250 and runs over not through not around. Runs over Quinton Rollins out there in the minds and you know you just look at that say god you'd like to have that luncheon mile and a one on guys he just can't bring down my dad. Get him an open space. So when they bring him to Green Bay they can go to their twelve offense with. In a two tight ends and that's a formation daylight. And even though Lance you know Kendrick is is on the team and they they loss for two Rogers. Of this a guy I'll be good a good bookend with Jimmy Graham and no run on them. Louis is like 6667250s. Is because Martellus Bennett. When your show was at the Super Bowl last. January and February moon Minneapolis went to Michael Finley got done talking to he came back over there to like you know your little green room and I sat down settle tomb. And he said and pineapple Martellus. A final after week we went our story and I said to Michael do you realize it's been five years and there are still trying to replace you. They're still trying to find the next two Michael fan an avid avid still looking for such a big body guy. But if you talk to Lewis a year ago at this time. Drafted in the first round by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Went through a lot of bad quarterbacks a lot of bad coaches. But last year he was looking reported what was going to be his twelfth NFL season. And open that the maybe this was the year the jaguars would get to the playoffs and they certainly did his here's what he sounded like a year ago at this time. Awesome is that like you mugger no news or use the way up please. A respected and loved ones that we love you back and bless us do some of them play at a high level. You know our our base office is going to be tall person though it's so we're always gonna. I don't know reasons. Making plays all over the place. Figure for the jaguars he was a key Graf and his mom yeah I was a single parent. And he started playing pop Warner football and he said that you know. He saw the other kids in the neighborhood just playing pickup games he would take this equipment and go to practice industrials. Please stop going to pop Warner football coach called his mom one night to dub did you turn and the equipment please and the helmet the pads on why. Well because you know Mercedes is not come and practice he has been in two weeks. So she set him down said you're gonna finish the year you're gonna finish the season and then unitary your equipment. Because I'm not gonna put up with a quitter now today you know he's been the problem in NFL player headed Green Bay. Nice mean. I look at it is detectable blockers may need one they need help on their rights are the offensive line they'd get a big body veteran NFL football he he. Can he be in the red zone Bubba Franks. May maybe you know the tape I watch a music had some pretty good hands now in on guys he should be a pretty Smart football players which you need unity now. That's it and certainly less. Eagle and personality than Martellus Bennett's that's big deal there you know so. I'm watching practice MM. I thought I was fastening the Mike McCarthy says okay I'm firing dom Ted Thompson's longer my boss. I'm bringing back Joseph Philbin and get rid of the quarterback coach and didn't bring it and get ready Edgar Edgar Bennett after. Here's the organization. And the first thing is he's he brings in Joseph Philbin actor green bases you know what were redo in the playable. We're gonna SS at what happened to the playbook since you left and what does it evolves into or morphed into. That was a strange way of a panel on the situation. But Philbin said no it needed to be done you have to go back to the language. You need to re organize the playbook because she get all this other clutter and other language other terms. And when you're in the huddle trying to quickly tell this stuff. And so you wanna have is as simple language for all the plays and although objectives you wanna have and how you want attacked the field. And that comes down that that kind of organization so I asked Joseph Philbin now the new offensive coordinator back in Green Bay. How long did that process tech. Took longer than I thought it that it was great for me I mean helpful or change them in six years a lot of things. Changed. You know a lot of positive changes. Some things just terminology applies that again. You know disassociate yourself on the certainly thought about something and even those not that much different but it's got a different setup. Terms applied to it and they go through page by page yeah every formation every motion all the shifts all the the fences. And we don't change some things that we think will make it. You know systematically. Over the long hall again better now. Sometimes what happens and we try to create we try to be comprehensive and it so that. The other thing I that I hate as a pet peeve is you know Tuesday night in China. In those seasons figure out what are we gonna call this formation. You know so now we don't we have we got way too many that we can you but we have we feel like a system in place where. We can virtually blind on anybody anywhere. And how much we do that then that might and we that we don't we don't have to sit around. You know cause that's up liking right in this does plan Minnesota and the next week it's. Saint Louis left in the but anyway it elevated that that Florida that doesn't register my brain you know my like that think systematically. And part two is a sell it to the players hate. We've got a great system and as I said to them in the first meeting that we have on April 16 you know. If you look at historically what this offense has done it well here's my standard things. There and it fell on my state instruments in the top 10% of your business. Over a long period of time so done a lot of great things here. You know it's been a process. You know refining enhancing tweaking as opposed to out scrub it down yes we did yes we've run. Tape I pay it. You know there there's where we're not start from scratch there would be these guys these players in the locker room. You know I've got some great things. So on a grand scheme of things in me a lot of the stuff remains the same but what they did was is located what doesn't work process. What does work what's new and innovative. And what is going to give the defense is is there a look at this office to go wait a minute we haven't seen them do this before. And the Harlem had said minimize the terminology so that you can be more efficient more quick and still be able you don't get almost different formations. A played to the left and right to different looks for different players but still people the more simple for pretty understand. Any occasion you know to Sean Kaiser. Who winds up Asia's third string quarterback behind Brett Hundley you know Mike McCarthy you know Toby we think that Kaiser could be a starter in the NFL. And he said he has learned more in the last two months in Green Bay in his entire time in Cleveland. And after being here for her in almost two months off it's obvious and wide. Acorda Rex come here and in the east much better than you know when I came here the Stevie school. Chris McCarthy in the system has put together and then obviously this amazing coaching staff has been ever put together this past year has been an awesome job with you know kind of finding some things in the game that. Quite frankly I think you know about. Did not look in his great in his first you know couple practices and use them through some ducks threw two to induce some crowds. So he's got to learn to do it real quick are you and I talked I wanted to kind of put this to bed great. Aaron Rodgers the arm strength. Ms. zip on the ball that he once had is that all back. They didn't throw 75 yard bombs you know men and and here's what they garish as you he he threw a couple of the deep balls and I think he's fine. But they're gonna tested all the way through the mini camp. In all and then they'll start talking about structuring new contract. There was a time there's a story but he tells about one Favre. At this point of the year and I think maybe he had a contract hello Mac just for the heck let that rain is key when they said that her that her feel plastic feel but there. They just let one fly about 7580 yards in all went across military avenue outside the field. Maybe ironies of the chalk one of those in the last stay the meek you know what you don't really be good I mean you started out the fifty are monitoring beastie field and hit the ports are statue radio arms right there you go they wanted to read betcha the -- stars territory and -- are you gonna call my agent and let's get this thing go on let's get it done so Aaron Rodgers I asked them anything goes at Kentucky Derby he hangs out with the Dali Lama. I said have you ever been to the Indy 500. And in an apples or is. They consider it to him. Yeah they tell us was fun it was it's saying different open with open wheel racing. Not quite as much phone been. You know watch qualifying she qualified seventh which is great in her last race and then hopefully. You know she's in and make over rounds at las assess that in the over the years and six top tens of I'm pleased. You know enjoy and it's. And I like being on the pit for a little bit roles in the fifth for a little bit that they Tomnitz insisting it wants to pit stops. You know you can see the cars here and you were a little bit and here come around to see imminent. We love this inning and that's kind of goes. Muslim Iraqis don't want to thirty miles an hour. There's so she's safe and this is not. So he drug Danica I did he brought down to use on Danica has said that when she first animate the espy's and only twelve. And the Camden Catholic you know yeah clicked you know she was buried at the time. He said. Here's my email address gave brought his he access to our iPhone he is standing amid. Bigamy anywhere on the down low via the there's too much responded like two emails after that as like I have no time quit sending me pictures of your dogs. You know. So I do I decide found that to be an interest but anyway now they're happy couple and he'll be in Indianapolis in the Danica. Patrick picked as many young. Happy days and the spectacle sport you don't you know watch. I like the 500 yards wide racing bodies have now yeah now he did you have to have me in the dentist chair and watch soccer ball watch. Each other good stuff I. When a guy did Dan Jennings brewers relief pitcher coming up maximum Michael show. Sixteen stations strong yeah. Bill might school's sports talk now. It's. It's. Program Michael show on the air and it is time now to talk to one of the relievers it is in the best bullpen in all of baseball Dan Jennings brewers relief pitcher joining us in the Schneider orange allied dead NATO and Mario. While I'll get hydrogen magic water out there are a lot man this has been as is a brewers fan I got a page is just fun to watch what's it like out there beyond the fence. If you get time we have a lot of fun out there's a good group of guys for sure we used to try to keep things loose and and they feel like come on Steve Jobs everybody does their job will be. When you get a group of guys who start to click. T do you do you know I've said it in radio doing what we do when you run across an interview or something were you know it's cold and you just shut up you let it go. Do you know do you get a sense as to what's going on at bullpen right now what kind of numbers are thrown out. Yeah I think we don't we don't correlate to hearted like that that we just if you turn the job out there and I think a big thing is. You know what I want to Los Korea I was tough blow but it enabled us to just take on the responsibility of everybody doing any role in. And I think that's been huge where. I just basically you know don't really know when they called down it was going to be and I think that's a good thing because. Guys just are always ready constantly ready to be any job any time. So wiz with Josh in and Jeremy and obviously Corey coming back hitting all the headlines. Is it kind of nice to fly a little bit under the radar which is feeling right and do your job and so we. I'll for journalists. Like to keep under the radar I think that we won timeline you know reliever get transport sinners never gave thanks. Let your clothes not a game mission of ending the generally for earlier gets phenomenon of course there because again of the game time bombs like that so flying under the radar kind of what we do enough it was like it. So I equated it to this and I don't know if you're one of these you know baseball historians or not but what's going on out there right now. We as the trio want you to the seventh inning where you guys just aren't given it up. I said look you guys have what I thought growing up was the equivalent of a nasty boys with norm Charlton rob doable and Randy Myers and what they did back in 1990. If that's the kind of numbers this group was throwing up is there that level of confidence right now. I think for sure there. The ability to have that confidence go up there so ball every day I think there's a lot more goes into it because we're not. We're not a group of guys that just goes and does a hundred and blows it by everybody I think coming to group of guys that. Certainly knows how to tension and mixed pitches and and so we're not out there just you know. Relying on pure stuff to be people relying on you know scouting reports and paging and just in the ability to move the ball around a mix. Except your pitches well I think that good things just basically come that is just pitching rather than relying on stuff. So the other night cores can squeeze a little bit a door and has behind the plate. Obviously he was gonna have said Craig gets thrown out. Big moment in the game when peace comes up and guns and a runner at second base it just seem like there's there's these moments in time in which you can circle limb and say. There's a level of momentum you can carry in baseball that brings people together and that could be one of them is that one of those moments you can witness be on the wall on goal looked like the rest of it that there were just going. Yeah I'm not sure if there's a defining moment much is just the momentum we've been we've been carrying strip last month served vegetables season Jessica. This is Corey walked that lead out battle and there as a person on our team that was necessary worried I think they just do that. He's gonna come back with a big strikeout or whatever it is I think there's a level cop that you talked about that we just knew accord was gonna get we are all. You know up on offense from the bullpen try to get a closer look at and you get upset about certain things but I'm in a Daewoo. We had a conference in in many pain and dying quarry get those out. Soledad Jennings brewers relief pitcher what is it like. For pitcher who hit end Corey situation you could squeeze buoyed by Angel Hernandez a minute that used to go back to the fox tracks you look at and he blew some calls. What is it like the next day when you have to walk out on the field and a new jogged past that umpire and you had worked within the night before there was a heated exchange and then you see the guy the next day. Yeah I think you know this came to try to keep them life long year. You know same thing for those guys we script just as much as they did so. It's hard for us to criticize one you know they could equally criticized us but on. You know eight if you have guys that we've seen enough where you know you're gonna have that guy again as I mean no the call he's gonna get it for is so I think he just. Keep it light and and it is the conversations stayed that way enlightenment and that's what I've done like this there's a close call I just like say you know. Give it gallery at that out just so basically no. Kind of moving forward where their strike them because he. And and you just try to throw pitches accordingly. Today some changes are made the roster and there's some guys are sent down one B Orlando or CIA and obviously his name's been penciled in the short suffer long long time with his club. What does it say when a guy that's been a starter and been here done that for quite some time. What does it say this team when a guy like that is sent down I mean it's not that you know it's not a slap you're just going gonna try to get yourself straightened out that's the way internally even taken an external I look at it as. This is not your your father's brewers anymore this it this is a team they expected to be producing and expecting a win. Yeah I think you know the changes he. Are sitting down and active defender and made me play all of the field for me. You know we're gonna familiar face back and said the you know dot we're just you know bring in somebody out that we don't know or aren't necessarily comfortable lives you know bringing some are back from everybody knows and likes to do it happened around so you know I think hopefully as short bursts here. And I didn't come back up continue to help the ballclub. On defense make to make him a bigger deal out of a win like that the other night. Which ones do the other night when you guys get the win with Corey came and got to close. You can't make too big of a deal yeah in terms. Well I you know are you leave the ballpark you say man what a night in and like you said you're riding the momentum wave and you're only as good as the next day starting pitcher I know this is a really weird sport which is very tough to take momentum. Kind of in the next day from a high experience a night before is an. Yeah that is for sure I mean it is everyday stress me try to take it that way and these series series there. Turning over the next one you know face to meet seniors Matt. You know he'd there's the cardinals again so you know 850 look at tears to cheers and if we get it here as well and every time out you know we're we're pretty good shapes you try to. Minimal libel and minimize the losses and you know you try to ride that the winds for sure and enjoy them but you also you know you gotta turn over the next day. So coming into this organization last year this team played lights out baseball when they got to the all star break the wheels kind of fell off offensively. And then obviously the bullpen Mosul attire and things just didn't go their way even though they were gonna. Can you learn from one season to the next how to win to get past a certain area certain. Wall if you will coming out of the all star break knowing you have to play a full season not just up until the break. Yeah I think we we have good group of veteran guys shoot that they understand the full season in the look at. The standings in April may June you know it initiative allow a lot of baseball left. Badly. Teams have been on the ads in the first place and in June and you know if it became meaningless term in the year. And SE that they have to keep on just keep plugging a way. And you know a just keep taking care of business and all the sudden you find yourself this is obviously not lose do that. We're trying we're all trying to latch on to something that's going to say this team not only going to be here right now but this is a team that's going to be either down the stretch and possibly. Their first post season visit in a long long time. Blight and I'm trying to equate things like I equated the other. You know I don't know if you wanna call momentum or confidence whatever happens to be. I look at this team very equivalent to maybe what to Kansas City Royals were few years ago when things started to come together the year before they didn't quite get there. And then when everybody came together with whose stock is soon Escobar and Cain and all those guys that went through that one World Series. Is that energy almost collegiate type atmosphere is that would you guys are feeling right now in the clubhouse. Oh for sure I think you know seeing that first hand knowledge of history is watching these things knows so knowing him aside. And you know the thing that we saw that you just played amazing defense has to make mistakes in they did all the right things. And the little things make plays and and I thought it did strike out much. And down there. I think that of little things that you know on negated a bases that were taken care of that which you know spot and that. If you play good baseball dated day you know not not occasional good baseball or occasional dumb bonehead plays I think he does quite consistent. Good baseball from game today and it and you find yourself a good spot that's all we're trying to users is climate system based. You guys on the season thus far one and seven against the cubs everybody else you guys been able to figure out what does it take to beat that one team that nemesis the cubs finally got it when they got into the B ball or Saint Louis and said we're not going to be your little brother anymore and they just basically took it to men of owned them ever since. At what point. Do the brewers do something or maybe not necessarily a meanwhile wore what at what point. Do you get that we're not going to be behind your considered less than you anymore. Yeah I guess you have the first time I've heard that that we're 17. And I think that's kind of the extent of how far that goes is nobody's really worried about it I think now. Like I said before you play good baseball and Natalie take care of some just as we had you know a bad series against the cubs in Chicago. You know a tough place to play and you know what we're gonna see them plenty more throughout the year and you know all that becomes irrelevant how you did against one team. If the policy and comes in the play is that it's just a one game series what are they call it doesn't matter what atmosphere. And one more thing before I let you go as the weather search to heat up Yunel thrown a division in which you have. Cincinnati. You have which is Great American Ball Park band box their band boxer Wrigley band box at Miller Park PNC the same way does it change in mentality when you go to mount. For me no I am I I've always try to get ground ball that they under the ground ball pitcher about strategy from also. Doesn't matter how small ballpark is if I do my job you've got involved. You know you. Got behind and make plays him in good shape. Then gonna talk to vessel what do you guys throughout the arrest him we'll talk soon okay. Absolutely thank you they are Dan Jennings brewers reliever was relief pitcher joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider or in challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now. You work they treat you fair. Maybe doing it for a long long time eighty pleasures column 844 brought a British out of jobs are coming on Ford for brighter go to Schneider jobs dot com final segment about Michael show coming up next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Newton and. Michael show we continue Clausen in the program. I want to remind you. Cigar dinner fast approaching this coming up on Thursday June 7 Thursday June 7 we are less than two weeks away. And a handful of tickets remain. So little sense urgency here if you wanna go it's it's a fantastic time we would tell some stories and lot of behind the scenes stuff in the secure they would everyone ask and we're going to be answered. But the tickets up for this thing in the dinner and the cigars and cocktails everything. Two cocktails are included dinners included cigars are included. And all you have to do is get tickets in Madison let's tobacco while at plus by the way in Madison on north Sherman avenue also the willow road location and wanna keep. But if you wanna go to the quick trip on county road PB and doron they have there as well or. Just email me and I will push you choose the phone number I AD the line to go ahead and get all registered out. Just go ahead and email me bill Michaels at bill Michael sports dot com bill Michael's MI CH a EL as bill Michael's bill Michael sports dot com. In all also posted over on FaceBook fan page. As welcoming a pursued by the push is on our story to sell this thing out so there's only a handful of tickets remaining apparently. Go ahead nag you jurors in now would encourage you start jokes are calling now I know it's getting into the Memorial Day weekend went. You wanna miss out it's a fun time to really it's a really really good and very human toll fifty people for this so go ahead and and get signed up for this it's a lot of fun. Com. We got bit before you got here we got a couple phone calls one to two rod Derek his Lesotho was an Albany, New York Derek carried on now what's going on. Idyllic spoken before it's been awhile while my work situation a little. Better right now for the afternoon so I'm able to listen you. And it's time. I'm a little bit older look what you want sixty at watching football for long comet watch what's for a long time. And the thing about auto parts of people you know people say like you get cities are in an Indy 500 I respect and I get that. But for me it is the importance of whatever that is to come up because a guy but I wouldn't want the tennis I enjoyed what it is like. I would prefer concert going to see something different and maybe 500 has its own appeal. And for that barely there's been more to you noted there's a way to do the camera work in the cars they make it more interesting so. I think there's validity there and don't like opera and I global view for Danica because she actors and corporate notes what is that. A character that they've been there's different drivers should go over time and I don't watching since the sixty. I would get the respect about it. It's artwork that little bit hypocritical for the Packers and I think still look particularly help the right side of the line. Because at a little blocking opened the way from block to come back from what the situation is going to be here. We got a lot of candidates who played their Lee sprint in step up to the plate. And certainly John's don't I know billion seeing Livan you've you've got it Al what he could be. I think with a new scheme that dial play with a Tehran where I think I had nothing against the other will capers defense I think he was a great tactician. But you know after a lot that the message doesn't resonate. And I think it will list I'm I think are important to keep it to where it really you know you'd like as people stream acting jobs joked it would be a big factor this year. I like George Jones or appreciate the phone call thanks for listening and Albany, New York in and I'm glad you're your fan bomb I think Josh Jones I. This is the year he takes the leak are no doubt about it. And the way we talk about playing your hair on fire I don't mean I like the fact he's willing to hit he's a football player. Bomb I want him Camille Little more cerebral and understand that. This is where he has to take that jump but I like the fact it when you mention here and fire that he's. I I I would call that the un bridled enthusiasm of musicality. Does that make sense because he is the new guy loves it he just does he loves to get his nose in there and when you putting your line of scrimmage. He's he's really good at. So. Whether or not that translates in the mile drive back in in covering can be better in that direction I don't know. But I know that I like to watch that guy hidden anytime you find defensive backs alone to stick their nose in haren hit. I'm all for all four. Why can't believe that it don't forget coming up on Monday a very very special bill Michael jumped as we take a trip on the honor flight. Two memorials in DC specifically with 156. Vietnam veterans and their guardians. We make a trip to the wall and you get a chance to hear those conversations. It is it's going to be a special day and remember what this weekend is all about go out and enjoy yourself lot of sports a lot of fine I'll read on its Denny's tomorrow from 47. When we downer Sherri and I doing the celebrity part anything please come down to say hello to us we would love to see you. But don't forget what the weekend is all about. Top us to go have a. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.