HR4 – Getting you ready for Brewers vs Cubs Game 2

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Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 4. Radio Joe doesn’t understand why Brewers fans aren’t more upset with the offense.

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What back Legos you know we continue. But the way you hoped that tell Lorenzo Cain coming out last night's ball game. One is OK physically. Believe banged shoulder pretty good it was either his shippers need one Matsui talent around out there completely. As bill Schroeder said I was disasters were completely upset. And the situation waving off medical help. Angrily met waving I'm medical help. But you are thought about the hot state of the game it's been Lorenzo Cheney continues to hit 288 average OPS and a 212 for four last night. He continues to get the job done emulated the top of the lineup. Going three for nine last night. And those two got black tea what it wasn't for those two acquisitions his team offensively was still really we can do you know I would continue to struggle. Big time. But DeLorenzo Cain he was your Clements hot stick of the game and don't forget Clements does snack sticks a fantastic it is about anything. Whether it's either between games you don't soccer games baseball games whatever happens to be. Some the like today. Got the collects up after you appeared today. Head down referred to dance studio she's due in the palm thing today. So was climate snack sticks in a car even a car that we got some and on what you're waiting and doing your thing and running around goodbye source of protein is well. And it's all brought you by Clemens. Our friends over Clemens sausage and here's the other thing if you wanna win him for a year in the snack sticks for a year ago to go Michael sports start count. That is bill Michael sports dot com. And go to win yourself and get register to win yourself Clement snack sticks for a year that is from our friends a Clement green the hot stick. Of the game tonight's ball game and it did to me. Is tonight must win. You're gonna get a monkey on your back tonight's must win. I think it is I'm talking about the standings anymore because the standings in the standings we're gonna bounce around. OK but when it comes down to beating the team that's ahead of you getting yourself in a position to be in the postseason. Possibly even winning the division you know the borrower wants pros do that this year. Is this about doing more than just. Beat everybody else winning series and then failing to the cubs because you're not gonna win the division doing. The cubs are the nemesis right now you have to be able least say. You beat him you want a series you took a few game trouble. They need to do that tonight's a big game for the Milwaukee Brewers. Even more so than last night chasing Anderson on the hill guided. In his three starts against the cubs this season has gotten 00. Run support five nothing three nothing won nothing from company will score. Against a Chicago Cubs went chasing Anderson takes a hill. So tonight. Urgent yet tonight big gain for the burgers. Big game for the birds gotta get a win. Otherwise he just considered continue to be that the stepped out of the team it's the you're not able to knock off. Brewers right now one and eight against the cubs their 51 against good Arizona team. They're five and wanna get some bad Cincinnati team three it was 31 against a good Colorado team. They swept the Marlins 40. New York Mets they're four and three. Philadelphia they are two and one Pittsburg oddly enough there one into Pittsburgh was a good upstart team being a season they're gonna face a lot more. Down the stretch here saint Louis the Tug of the brewers have a winning record five and four on the season. Three you know against San Diego. Then played San Francisco Washington or even LA at this point Atlanta. Warning to. Against the White Sox won in three against the Indians they did beat up on Kansas City and a 21 against Minnesota. But that one big sticking point they're they're they're pretty good record against everybody else but that sticking point is the day and cubs won an eight. Against the Chicago cops. One and it. And that's and that's one of the big nemesis. Right now. 855830864. Let's go to dale listened to us in Madison on the zone out there Dave I don't and I'm at what's going on. Well pretty get up to about below any U. You know. Like trapped her by saying bad. I I think that is kind of gone on in pearl black cute this year I think chocolate becoming a better manager. But what I don't understand is here and lack of being able to. Figured out that you want might not doing real well right now overall offensively. What I get certain situation. I need to manufacture runs. I can't understand why he took a junior guerra. Yesterday what he did at the. We teach you tell him to go out there and try to throw out a while I mean I'm I'm not sure how good scary isn't it that because you know I don't know I'd seen him. We don't we don't do things Google Google Google thanks. And I don't know secure managerial style Ol or if it's the way Q would set up by the GM in the philosophy of you know order play long ball. I know what. Cooler and it becomes the news is really becoming. Depressing cheated got depressed about it. I'd like you know it I understand a must win game is in the general public dispute and it's not necessarily a must win game but any credit for their psyche you gotta be a must you must win game. Yup I'd that I completely agree you have completely agree with Bridget phone call. 8558308648855830864. Rate. That's a long advocate dot com poll free TARP money 55830. 8648. And by the way when it comes in the all star voting. You have Lorenzo came in fifteenth place Christian eulogy in twelve or in eleventh. When the first all star votes were. Bomb released. Matt Kemp is leading Charlie Black men in the Rockies is up there Bryce Harper obviously getting a lot of votes. Our couch warmer sitting their number seven bends over to it is over the number eight. Hey Jason Heyward becomes a guy that everybody hated to about three weeks ago four weeks ago he's tenth. How in the world is Chris geology whose heaven and hell of a season. Along Lorenz okay. They're barely Denny there are even getting the top ten. And yellows are pretty damn good outfielder. Where were where brewers fans and all of us. Just throwing that out there let's go to Dan listening to listen and. Awkward Dan welcome program the Michael shows going on. There bill later and I don't Wallace on a month. So you know what they go gorilla Tbilisi are sort driver on the county quite a bit. Today and logical or they don't point fingers I counsel our partners to make a cent and then there's ever a failure or coordinating at Chicago and all that. A bigger would you like to take a breather and relax and realize that the cubs are not. They're not that hard to beat to be honest simulate a lot of lot of games we've played against so far this year there have been really competitive you and you know I think you made the point pretty clear to me that the cubs Ehrlich approach seem like a like the well all pro the other day and auto went exactly to further alike you know there just to step below that yet they got to wait and got to waste ago. And you know it's it's early June that a lot of baseball we've played at a McAlinden a great point that there's so 8090 games it was to account again. Yeah out things that you don't believe me I'm set in my talk last night you know. Just grinding my Q and how much it's Chicago the cubs and their fans and all that got totally get you're that. But aren't it was just take a breather relaxed restore of the best record at now just. The relax like everyone just knew that does take a chill pill will be fine like. We're way ahead of the purple we're supposed to be you know given through three years don't give of the port rebel project mr. Let the government to take until thought. Why I literally every this year there the next your view really do is going to be five years I mean you had to believe there really wasn't a much talent in the system so I thought either this year or next year would probably be about. And that's fair play totally get that that's fair but I mean there's still lake. Hater I mean you warm up on the scene and he really wasn't. You know he's only been in there have been in the team for a full year yet on everyone's expecting so much out of him and there's. Com art here respect and so much at him and he's only been on the team for a couple years now it seems like relieved but. Just a just. We're in the just. Just relax with the whole Chicago thing like at that I get it I live in northern Wisconsin achieved what would white light and played all over the place also are locked in a sticker on the back regards again. But like at the end of the day at restored first or first place in the nationally with the best record several does this chill out. A couple games against it yet chat what's been struggling tonight show called but they were. Haven't project new drugs up to get a morning at 55830864. Rated by 583086. Foray. On the loans right Kim dotcom told free chalk line gives shout a 55830. 86 break coming up next Tim Allen mostly baseball post game show he joined us a little bit earlier today. And they'll last night was snow last night was a wild one for him watching that team implode the way they did. And going until about 2 in the morning and taking your phone calls. Story here from Tim Allen now hosts a baseball post game show on our place of stations portrait of one of my seven FM the fan coming up next in the Michael. Border to border filled film Michael's voice talking network. Go Michael show continues. I'm out here in studio today. After the show and is about cutting a little fuel. For the vehicle stopping a quick trip. Always a good time we stopped and there I encourage you to get the rewards card. Go to quick trip dot com KW I K quick trip dot com that's quick trip dot com. It's the end and checked out for yourself. 855830864. And if you wanna. Check out. The program wanna try menu Campillo reduce or anybody away. Bomb there is a coming up on July 26 is the next cigar dinner. The July 26 the next cigar dinner and it's gonna be the chippewa river to stroll distillery in chip ball falls. Took coming out to deal clear area I have to make a mention this I don't they got to speak at this when I can be there are gonna be doing honeymoon thing. 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And it's commuter time I am may and I might really push it to be there I want and I'm gonna find out who they who they got to speak. Because I I love these things. But for those who you know Clair. I was really looking toward Xenia unfortunately they voted during the honeymoon phase so you know I'm not going to be there that's sorry about that. Our meanwhile a guy that guy had a chance to witness it up close and personal last night took your phone calls last night as well after the ball game Tim Allen knows the baseball post you should join a little bit earlier today. And last night that had to be an incredible show with a lot of people just incredibly frustrated with the brewers just simply can't get over the count. It's that's quite nauseating and being you know on the air till 1 o'clock good two hours on the air. We kind of hash things out it was very therapeutic in a way. I'm not gonna go so far is that as to use the word choke yeah. Not yet. It's eight of nine units right now. Are they and their hadn't. I I think we can all agree there are you can't you can't you can't be making these mistakes. Mid and late game like that and that includes a manager the manager is learning on the fly. The manager needs to do something a little different in the freight trains on the tracks and just smooth sail and got a derail its somehow. Whatever it is I don't know the answer to that I really don't and I'm not saying blows the towering in the fight with these guys the balance sent a lineup saying. A change of strategy a little bit I heard you guys talking about leadoff double there in the seventh inning you. And who want to win to change of strategy just go on your gut. Man for one. For once in your life go on your gut set aside the numbers a little that sealed that works because it's clear that what you're doing isn't. Would Josh cater. I would do that I would make that move again in a second. In a second you go to hater you got the lead. 98 times out of a hundred that's gonna work in these guys are occasionally gonna give up runs what what that warning sign once which workers at bat bag. Against hater. He was getting around on him these and that that's what that's what squared me though. This might be the one here where where they get dominance funny how the stars. And the baseball cosmic Tumblr is just dial land dude having given up runs since early may. Yet all these games in the medal all these new road trips and big wins and gains and hater do and this thing and it dialed the landing zone dials it right in on Miller Park. Game one of a cup. But two of the series. And he's just the stars does not line up for just given up that run it you know itself. So I AA in the way I look at it from wind. When you look. Have a team that is in your head in baseball when I describe this you know football. You can see guys begin pitchers try to overplayed do too much when it's basketball guys start missing shots. When it's baseball. 88 it's it's it's gripping too tied to the played its you can just see it throughout a ball game you know what I mean and then they. Yeah well yet our largest job. I just. It you can feel that this team is. Is just and that I. I don't know what else to say Tim I until they beat demy said this was going to be the series it was gonna feel like a playoff series inning they needed to punch him in the face. They clearly gut punch last night because the cubs did everything they could lose that ball game. And the brewers still gave until they made errors at key times yards there obviously it was costly Garcia couldn't right now he's just in a bad at the plate to say the very least. It was just everything that could went wrong for the brewers went wrongly that ball game when they really need to Muster the internal for afforded the intestinal fortitude to be able win aboard. Yeah and it happens mid to late games in the and we we had been extracted that. Since the start of the season when the brewers brewers gonna do 67 days and ninth innings and they did OK the top fourteen. Of the top fourteen batting averages. In the seventh eighth and ninth innings. This year thus far in the in the National League members of the real bombs so they are doing a little bit better with regards to. You know score runs late. But it just that you get that he'll land where things do tighten up a little bit and that thinking about things and just the roll it off the tracker Cragg just thrown off the tractor ride I don't believe for a second I know cracked counsel's gonna cover his guys. Jonathan VR it's funny how eyesight tends to go with managers when there's a critical question and a critical call. Dude you're watch in the game via arsenic about that baseball and it should have been a double play yeah it was as simple as that. It's okay to admit that yank Travis shop for a blatant. Issue the other day it's okay him and it's it's all right but it's little things like that brought center Reitman you're gonna have to start doing these little things. I really thought speaking abroad he makes that. Home run robbing catch and then comes of the very actually what you want I I really thought it was wrong and wrong from could joining eleven. I think I would have a problem probably would wait a little scratch that he was gonna game changed right there and hit a three run bomb tape but it just felt that way to me also. On the other side but. You know when you when he continue to do the same things yet to say results by at some point and I'm not I'm not saying win that point yes. At some point you will have to change something cracked. And he knows that I know he knows that he's an intelligent dude. If you continue to get the same results and continue to just laid back concede chill out relax it's baseball. I just I can't buy that I don't I won't buy at. I'm not gonna accept that. Masses might not just my thoughts on that he's gonna have to change something. At some point I don't know when that point yet. I don't know that's tonight. Maybe it's a lineup saying. You know maybe it's about the editor in the eight spot maybe gets it VR down there on the nine cents. Act he has written 276 thought it was interesting yesterday pregame. Joseph was down there as well. I noticed when they asked about BR he said not one word about his off. Not one single word about his offense it was about the improvement on defense. And I don't know what the deal is live with those guys and the garbage you gotta twos 76 batting average I don't see how it is not an average day. The IA. The we were talking what it on the opposite side of the spectrum what about Garcia. I mean I I data because of injury right now you're kind of against the wall but how do you still send that sink hole out there. It's it's some bits of funny thing he's a far better hitter in Monday's shelling and it's amazing that baseball can humble you and such a way that. You're just you're not owning the at bat you're just. You're let the pitcher on the at bat as funny how when you're going well you drive the baseball it's it's going hard somewhere. And when you're struggling and you're like alma and I need to get a piece in this thing and maybe get a flat they had a flare base yet. He'll get back there there's a guy that hit 277 last year he can't give up on that they wanna get him right now and and quite frankly they Needham. They do because what did you think bill when you looked at that lineup and use off. BR. Craps. Garcia and pitcher's spot. Sink hole. If I mean coral look BR I mean BR like you said to Sunni six average he hasn't been terrible on these big where it was at 231 last year and looking bad and striking out ditches to a pace of nausea and he's picked it up you know his our eyes is obvious defense is in. Perfect we know that OK but offensively. If you're getting if you're getting the same numbers out of Garcia you are not complaining about what's up the middle. All no matter no not at all and I think he does recover to a degree and then maybe the timing is going to be good here in them in the mid summer here. That he does start pulling out of this thing up at the right time and and go to state does it the other thing to take a look at I don't care lefty lefty or not. How you'd got things. Activated and you channel eleven inning game and found no chance for him to get in May be a man and that ball. I didn't I didn't understand that either. They go to Tim Allah is the baseball post game show joining us a little bit earlier today and you can hear all the interviews by going to a bill Michael sports dot com or just go to the radio dot com Abby can find is there. Bill Michael's sports and dot com or the radio dot com have him join us on the Schneider orange outline shutter is hiring people right now they're hired all the time they're did is growing that step and do a lot of new stay over new equipment and such. So all we have to do is go to 844 Ryder go to China jobs dot com 844 pride. Or Schneider jobs dotcom and maybe just start a new EU. Wrap things up coming up next to the real Michael show. Six clues stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now. I'm like oh shoot I'll only. 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Go down he and it's it's a great moment all the way around. All way around. If you haven't seen in high school pitcher. Strikes out his child longtime childhood friend. Okay. They strikes amount that's the last out of the game his team going on of the championship. Okay in high school baseball. While the entire team. Goes to the mound. To celebrate. The fact that they just won a ball game the pitcher. Ryan news to home plate and immediately hogs is child put a good friend who's now. He got caught out on a third strike. Who's now bawling basically. But he goes he gives his body art and just you know they have this moment but you haven't seen the video it's fantastic. Went completely viral it's already well over two million views. But if you haven't seen and I just posted itself. You see that over there it is just a coma we've we see so much crap in the world of sports or just in general craziness you know. That I thought this would actually be pretty cool OC so we haven't seen already cargo check it out. And you see it there coming up tomorrow on the program where all of back of the cubs and the brewers game to look. Get you ready for game three we're gonna preview. The US open Gary D'Amato from the journal sentinel he's been relied on the chin a cart. Yeah we're talk about that also CBS I don't know if you saw vesuvius were interesting article I read it I don't know Sunday or or yesterday that their credit. But they talk about the US GA trying to get it right this time. They're under the gun to get it right and I wanted to see what they had to say they basically crucified Aron handles. They they just they just ripped Erin hills saying it was no wind it was too easy. I often said hey that was so easy why not the top players in the world when that thing man that's one of the things that bothered me about it my question is the guy that wrote that. Worthy even they're last year what he was but he said the fairways are ten yards to wide. Obviously the wind didn't blow to make it known non forgiving even though this was the longest US open and US open history. It was still far too easy. Is the way is the world what he put it on my uncle Leo will get and that all starts tomorrow I set up what our national baseball insiders going to be here Paula I'm big agreement on analysts is going to be here. Hopefully you're here as well and done tomorrow or recap. Game two. Between the brewers and cubs is it looking forward game three as well and we'll see what happens mostly inept. See the brewers came in someway she performed shaken because I I really believe just my opinion I don't I don't know how you can quantify and there's no Saber metrics to put behind it. But I think the cubs are Internet. Just don't happen don't. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.