HR4 – Giannis meet in Budenholzer meet in Milwaukee…What does it mean to you?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 4. Plus, Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig stops by. We also have the 911 altercation between golfer Lucas Glover and his crazy wife.

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From the league front with the riverfront this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. And welcome final hour of the bill Michael show this Wednesday. By the way we'll hear from Paul image or remote analyst coming up. But after that. Joseph going into the deep down underground in getting in touch with the all of his police context the way he does has the 911 call. From Lucas Glover cells after his wife. Went back crap and Esther and beat the hell out of him beat Dallas his mother all because he did not play well in the players championship. So up. I think in Iowa one operators still trying to find out what are payments to use as your heels love those guys use the white. A white man. Suit any of that coming up a little bit. Promise until then. That he keep exactly. Exactly. There was the newest offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers by political matters. He's got a giggle was in the moment I'm on one. Paula make every one analyst joining us on the Schneider orange outline well Paul. April or ever had a bad day you're white just beat the crap that he when he got home. Can't say that's that's been part of it. In hand now I haven't had that either so I'm I'm I don't know if that's a part of Americana and I'm missing out on or not but. Apparently it was a bad Dana Glover household when now when he came home after the third rarity cigarette of the PGA. So Paul this team we're talking about this a little bit earlier. Says that it will not be pursuing the services of Dez Bryant are they making a mistake. I think it is that you know we talk a little bit about it before trap and I think before the Packers used a sports sit in the route at. Our wide receiver I think he could make the art in that. Injecting a wide receiver room. With something like Dez Bryant with someone of that talent level albeit someone who is the aging and a lot like George Nelson. You know kind of gained about point where they're not clear that once worked. You would still like to. At that player now he was gonna make sixteen million dollars in the house you eat eat eat we eat well past the point of being worked at a party that's why Dallas. Let it go now. Bring that Bryant who a team that I think would like to consider itself a Super Bowl contender and it seemed like certain like are you would never. Turn down the opportunity at mortality is offense. You know at a reasonable for five million dollar number to the Packers could afford to do that that would be a bit that presidential. You know editing we get closer and closer to see it and at Bryant remains unsigned. I eat I wonder. A lot of teams who work and attackers had a situation really good teams who could. Convinced as bright ticket at the concert will be interest but. In the packers' case in what they can to training camps and something what did happen. You know to look the market Adams to Randall Cobb war it it just looks like you know two of their three rookie wide receivers it and got shipped. In your water is it in Canada you undertake a lot of developed between evidence. Then you know you have to explore because they'll QB Graham is. Wide receiver kinda the F sort of that's not technically what his position that you would draft but what occurred either at. But he you know that that we not a blocking I need to be that you'd ask yourself. You don't you don't EU opened up guys there but if you want to look at it technically table trot out magic number read what chic and really if you could rent a cop into kind of set. Separate conversation because lock guys are. Sometimes their own they don't go the other kind of look at all Oral Roberts and on position. In today's NFL slot guy personally outlet receiver but that extra out of your number two or you could argue Asian amateur. That sounds like a team that needs of the outbreak you know at wide receiver but they had so many possibilities. To. You know whether accusing Jimmy got a wide receiver is Kerry again not technically but let's face it that's probably it was gonna play in essence. But but you know you throw out of these three. Rookies you have Yancy. You know you have options you Trevor Davis you know guidance I kind of put under on the back burner my mind is because that just don't think he outfit. Skeptical that he's gonna become anything other than ever turned out. You have options and I think if those don't start to shield himself early on. And or specially if there was the injury to a top local guy. But I think you explore what I'm really curious about it I don't think the wind up in Green Day I certainly don't expect that happen. But wherever he side whether the Packers out where juries and at. Patrick he's willing to take and what type of team he's going to go to note that have to be a contender or people at that. Got a really shell out on a smaller team and that. Make your money your holy LB is also. I you know I think it is not a dull I think we're I would have to answer for the and the Packers to a big in the trap and I think it changed. My opinion the tunneling to bat hit anything you kind of have to see which happened Toledo at speeds that a lot of we can accept that that's a lot of draft picks and another saying. In bringing a lot of our guide you gotta get much equity in. Are we were talking earlier today and the question was posed over the Tom source an article. Is prime could against it is he more Ron Wolf or more. Ted Thompson and when you hear that comparison. Give me your responses to where you find the new general manager at least in his early tenure fallen. Yeah I I saw the article and I'd like it was I mean it's thought provoking I think after practice that by saying. We had. You know a long time to study what Ron noble was we have a little bit thirteen years to decide that's one. We have five months to decide for months really to decipher what. Bryant and it is and you know the roster here is largely not you at least starting to put Singapore. The fact that he picked up a 20191 round pick. You know that he asset accumulation drastic accumulation. That's very that's you know like I think what we remember. You know that won't compare that are reliable but they do what is that kept comfortable to dump right Republicans did in the first it would have traded back at a traffic for next year. Only been Reno to step looking into the future one step looking to the president you know and that's a good thing at adapting it got Putin accused of you know of being. Two forward thinking not you know active enough in terms that they should at 2018 team. Can be about to compete but it would also placed into the packers' draft was universally praised by national critics because beat the Packers didn't goal intelligent competent what. Back to you all that eating at the good thing or bad thing. Fit that so far that and it tells me he's had something but. Ted Thompson doesn't sign the Walker's. Get something done that you essentially trade jordin Elton purging Ingraham you know like they're they're at a couple instances in recent years. We're I think he started to wonder if other. Front office people in the packers' front office. We're trying to get more horse day you know acquisitions like exciting Jared Cook like trying to tell us that it queens of that nature. But Jimmy Graham and the walkers in the same offseason. But he sorted out and so you know that there's some of the traffic to it kind of like I seem to to kind of a right so I think there's enough evidence of both types of guys in and the track and that set more to me it's a town that not to drink acting ticket at the draft pick. Burnett here in the first round but also that we receiver and less like identical what you content of the year military running backs you know. I don't have either but at temple by so far south of downtown site has Bryant. I think you can move that needle lot closer rod all the shape of artery right and and and things of that nature we're siding where you brought a guy who maybe was. Disgruntled or you know people question about it locker room abilities. All the chemistry text saying then. Ron Wolf president doesn't matter talented player worse Ruble contender let's do it so a lot more to be uncovered and XP even few months but got the next years but. I kind of interchangeable. So I don't know. Hum 01 to go back because I said we in in analyzing good against I'd said that when you look at what he's he's going to do. You can say well. If he's he's going to do more and the reason being is because the window is different when Ron Wolf took over he was building when Ted Thompson took over he was building. When we Americans takes over he's building he's trying to get to assume Roland and push all is is chip to the table right now so. As much as I wanna say. Yeah he's going to be it's gonna walk a thin line in this it's like not all he's got 45 years to be able to get it a Super Bowl or two or three. And then he's got a time. That's why I think he's giving more like Rommel. Yeah I saw how all the reps are when they're when when Ted conference took over. So far it's been thirty. Spy didn't. So go back to late 2005. Well I mean given that report what it's far right now 47. I immediate Joker quick look at the ticket but there are no target in his. 3435. Finish check a part is that seasonal leaving forty easel. 348 this track thirteen years and that was its arms 35 or 2005 to Antarctica over that would mean art was 35. Rob is gonna turn 35 later this year in December so I get it you wanna look at it from that perspective you could say. They're inheriting similar situations now it's interesting or disperse saying it not be first thing that I'm in debt adding 35 year old are. On his roster was to draft Aaron Rodgers with the first noticed first ever draft. Well not a bit at the same symbolic nature of the app in rap Asians are sure well one the first sitting prank that you can that was. Trade traditional Kaiser who like the car keys that would have been in the top four quarterback to distract discussion with the Bennett top ten pick in this years draft. The work that it lost or at least in my car in so. You know there went let them takeover but basically Brett Favre is Brett Favre the GM of the actors from 2005 and 2000. He wouldn't run the team and track to the team and done I think a lot differently than what accounts and you know get album didn't look at it like. You know back to the outside something to look at it like all it out of it now has sorted by Oprah are a few good years left in his career. After all and he went out there that it won't let's take our next quarterback with the with my first ever text. You know what kind of built this thing slowly let's have an eye toward the future at all time which of course disparate are understandably could be like Elliott. But you could hear that ultimately saw where that it so I actually think there's and I'll similarities there where against the quarterback just one position. But when you have. If a generational quarterback. Like our and then somehow you get a market lucky enough that it wasn't just lock but pretty fortunate enough to be a transition into another generation or act like Rogers. And there at that parallel of inheriting these teams who knows quarterbacks are give or take the same age to particular year. There's similarities there and I think when you see the actors it was popular or distraction Packers trade up will be tree. And they'd trading activity in the future asset so you can I think today is he is reckons more Baltimore topped. Etiquette problem it is is dissected more and more become more. At some. Aaron Rodgers I'd like slaughter of at that point had kind of sentence you are rot resistant speaking out like you know I I would be consulted Elena. You know I I don't actually have to find about. Then tell I should guild have a say in Georgia now and departure that are that are strong the person who want to look here yeah. Yeah I just. We talk about that or Griffin earlier tuber said the same thing that for his anti Favre is is Rodgers has been he's he's very much starting to walk down that path. Yeah and it's I mean when you have the success that our cap and then you know what you that's what it to your relocated kind of steps in the locker. You know looks at grab apartment at least 350 while so all in all you kind of become that got thirteen years later and you're looking at your early. You know you're the old guy and there's guys there who you don't work purse great when you graduate high school and our strategic that would happen your quarterback last in the league as long as. Rodgers and the longest arm didn't you know you can you know you can edit what are we can stop at that type of commentary that that would be hater like you want. And they see it play out yourself in nearly a way to exit. I turned 35 in December to keep from rock is yet to be certified in December. Let's go what are we waiting for. I know I wanna play until 148. Rogers keeps talking about playing into this sport is. Won't see right at operational that's great but that and that that's who really aren't you obviously so. Yeah it's it's it's a fascinating kind of if you would certainly over the differences between. You know due to its verses Tom in person Walcott and also. The type that seemed that it it's an inherited compared to Thomson. There's actually need more similarities and what are just keep it typically are about it. Paul gets double job again literally Coca. Your top targets and they don't call him a guard critical analyst joining us for governments interesting discussion will get an of that discussion coming up. Here's a few minutes we also buy or sell right around the corner we have the 911 call from the Glover household after the leak doubt went on air Turkey. Washed out of the players championship in the PGA tour to elect governors say two mortal like bush I don't hold out yes I got one more piece and is also I don't. That's next that's next to mourn the Wisconsin why it's still fill Michael's sports talk. It's. Flock back big news coming up hearing just a moment. Stay tune if you wanna be a VIP by the way here's your chance and the Big Dig giveaway. From cousins jobs and summer fest eleven nights eleven concerts. The American family insurance ample theater it's all during summer fast eleven chances to win each VIP concert package. Includes a couple of tickets parking pass gift cards and a whole lot more eleven people. Are going to win this one of the town experience and you could be one of entered Daly Daly had cut themselves dot com slash a big gig giveaway. To experience the best some offense after. Cousins subs they believe in better the officials sub sailors of the Michael's sports talk network. Apparently Brett is being broken breakfasts are being served in their being served to yacht this. And what appears to be at least the front runner at this point. One might bode calls. Correct me if I'm wrong Joe's Wenzel. Zach glow of ESPN reporting that booted holes there and Don Imus met for breakfast this morning in Milwaukee so he was in boot malls are. Was in New York interviewing said a second time yesterday. And today is in Milwaukee breaking bread that early this morning with one Yana cinema queen. Correct. That is correct and you know the big question was should yacht S have a say in all of us should he be able to give in on this well. I think you exhibit a right there he is getting involved in this and he is having to say now I think this is really important. Because the key for yon SE wanna keep Yana sappy like her not the last thing you need is Louisiana Syrian three years and I think this is going to be very important. For Rihanna as to make sure that whatever border holes or his vision as if he's an ex head coach or whoever else they want a look at. They need to be on the same pace and they need to be building something because that is going to be the biggest thing you have to be able to keep pianist happy. So two things first of law when asked the question are you okay the worst kind of Bruno holes are pre interviewing with young man's. And then secondly is Boone halls of the guy in your lives if they do indeed end up hiring him. Is this the right move for this organization. 85583086. Foray in the loans we kept our council freaked out by 85583086. Foray. Gives a shelf because it's. I I don't wanna hear from. If this is true. And you'd guide funerals are in Yahoo!'s breaking bread which means John this is obviously either one having a say or at least giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. All her hip is book could also be bold enough to sell or don't go talk to the start before I make a decision. I mean I don't I don't think that's the case but who knows. But that being said are you okay would be honest interviewing head coach and in addition to that is boo holes of the guy in your eyes. Yes or no 8558308648. On the loans by Kim dotcom poll for you talk. See the way I'm reading and it is. This is how I'm reading it. He interviewed the owners yesterday. Warhol's flies right to Milwaukee right but lord knows how many people were in that room and there's a seasonally answer but anyway he did the interview. I'd like to think it went really well I'm sure someone reached out Deanna said hey. I think we want oodles certain. Here's your opportunity you can talk with him he's gonna fly in Milwaukee. Have breakfast or something casual resentment and let us know what you think. I I think that's how when and if I'm looking at this bill I think Boone noses in in the next head coach bad that's just the way I'm reading it right now. Unless he got us unless something when sold and that breakfast Rihanna said some big disagreement. I'm whenever portals or his philosophy is. And said now it can't do it and what I think. I think he's an excellent coach a do. So booting balls around yeah well Enron before yeah well that's a summary in war Woolsey. Mean that if if indeed the report is true that he is here it flies in New York interviews there. Then flies Milwaukee overnight most likely getting up this morning in a meeting with the honest and having breakfast with him. Most likely that your cat right there are you good with that are you good with your honest someone having some type of saying analyst. And are you good with juveniles are being an ensco 855830864. It was gonna skip listening to his mails corners get out of the program and what's going on. Failure like you or do you or obviously ourselves to have some parents say are maybe he should try Georgia achievement no probable altar call out but hey I just. One guy you got it out almost every day order comes with a barge unit and that's Gary Walpole is really got a body you got off to a march oh what are these outlets are really your show up did he Shia political pollsters popular guy that's gonna be an actual job. People right arm everything about that box you have all heard good. Still urge you gotta like the hire for hit it gets so. Right now I I do appreciate the phone call I I get it I got it yeah honestly don't do identical ball might go to malls or breakfast today Milwaukee. According to league sources but they're good break and Brett. And he's right he's right frolic Gary you'll four waiters of their Gary and his two months ago. He's right go to Derrick was he too is in Madison Derek welcome program about Michael shows comment. Hey I don't today dual while it's on month. Well but lack acknowledged the NBA now and I think he's actually pretty encouraging. Myself and yet the other writer I didn't Ellen port even more important that pretty much most of us are going on it's all. You are bitter beautiful days guys talk yards but you are so obviously it is seen him walk that support our great beer. That that would be one of those things were I I think that. Regardless of whether or not Yahoo! is actually interviewing him. They're taking his feelings into consideration as showing him that he is one of those cornerstones are the cornerstone that they're hoping brings a championship back to this team. Yeah and just I just out loud and our. Now yards in here talking to this guy if this guy gets the target of four year deal. Evan yachts being pretty well wouldn't that. Cho bought and people in Milwaukee organization. And escorted got her in its stake Conan. All these two could have a solid relationship and expect. And let's remember I mean every even though he's coming out of Atlanta he was also great Popovich assistant for a long time. I mean so he keeps being worked round on with pop. You know I mean pop hired 25 year old poodles are years and years and years ago twenty years ago. So he was have what I think he's admitted regionally like the video courted or something like that but Denny went to an assistant coaches stay there for the next seventeen years. With Padres so he's got a lot of experience. That's true nets are. There's only you'd go to CN audio that's going to be your step and still got another year do were a couple of years of pop shall be urged. First and all the BJ had quote exciting. Yeah no doubt there appreciate the phone call this is from Matt the last scares some guy in regards to this report from Zach low bar Yassin doodles ever breakfast in Milwaukee says well that's interesting. I was told there is no plan to bring anyone else in for an interview with the team today. Which means no new finalists. This seems to point to the box getting closer to something with poodles are now the only two names that have been flown out. That we'd seen here in the last 24 hours that were finalists for the job include in my poodles are editorial Messina from San Antonio. Beyond that there have been no other names linked to the box that were. Supposed to finalists were going to interview with the owners as far as we know and amp Alaska's going along with that. Com and well I did that you would assume. That'd booed holders in your meeting I mean in less Johnson this guy's a total jerk I don't want anything to do within. You would oppose you would appear assume that mood alters a guy like this we'll take a quick break and come back I'll we'll talk a little bit about this we have buyers are coming up as well stick to more than a Michael's unit. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. The word. I'd rather go Michael show on the air. The end. It's just a couple of text that I shot around here on a couple of different people. It sounds like. Known tool and two of the four got back to Maine I'm sure you confirmation on this for Warren. The second one got back to me instead yet appears that he's the guy. Couldn't confirm Woodson. Do extremely well in your view. Very well liked. Obviously everybody wants to covet pop's guys. He knows it is. Listen this is Texaco's me from somebody that I know that's pretty close this said. This organization really values he honestly know he's a marketable commodity they're gonna make a lot of money off of him. And they know he's there legit he's their only legitimate shot at getting them deepened the post season or winning a championship obviously you wanna make sure he's happy. He's very young kid needs a lot of guidance. Mom. But. The same here parent they believe Boone holes or would be a guy that. Is able to communicate with the younger guys mean a younger coach himself. But still have enough chops. To be able to win and get their attention. Was it just it appears by the people that I'm. On a texting hero quickly and then boom holes are most likely is going to be this guy put. Anyway if you just hideous and reports are that he is actually in town and apparently had breakfast. With yachts that's according to ESPN. But I was trying to get confirmation if indeed he was in town liking get a so I don't know for sure. But I'm only taking the word of what the reports are via ESP and coming out of the of the Bleacher Report saying that indeed Boone holds her is that the front runner crawled some anyway. Bomb is he your guy I mean that's going to be the question is he good enough. Never in or I mean if you look at his record in Atlanta. It throughout the regular season was 213 and 187. 87 to seventeen to 22 overall post season now a couple of years ago. When they had how wording Tim Hardaway junior and Schroeder and handle those guys. And it took a little bit of a step back which by the way I've never been a big fan of Dwight Howard begin when I think he's morrow a problematic person in note in the locker room that I knew anything and I think more often than not teams don't win because of him rather them win because of them. But down. He took. Kind of. A roster of guy he's nothing a lead at the time. Took a deep in the post season. And in did an unbelievable job and then when they started blowing things up in the team obviously was getting rid of talon and trying to scale all back. That's when they decided to part ways I I thought I believe him to be a good coach. And this might be the perfect situation for him I don't know. But from what I read about him in many different many different publications in and heard from some people know close to basketball. He he gets a lot of praise for a lot of different reasons. And a very much like Brad Stevens who gets a lot of praise for communication at this guy gets the same cell. Mean I don't know I can honestly tell ya and I don't know he's going to be great to be you be horrible but there's a lot of positive eighties circulating for people outside of your organization from what I've her. 8558308648. Anyway if you just tuning and send it looks like a boon holes or is emerging as the favorite. For the box job not the raptors job as originally reported a couple of days ago. Because he a met with the bucks. But you would assume staffer management to what have you yesterday in New York. And according to reports via ESPN and he is in Milwaukee today having breakfast with yachts. Solo. Now we'll see what happens but away speaking of having a good meal and having an enjoyable time. We our cigar dinner coming up Thursday night June 7 was cousin growing company tents having an American way in a row. And you get cocktail as you get would barbecue was indicator that now you get raffle items. Wish your ticket needed to drink she had dinner you get free for cigars Rupert almost cigars. And that's all for the price of one tickets a fantastic time we have a lot of fun plus storytelling a lot of student alleges a lot of Q&A. And it's going to be great so if you wanna get tickets out in the Madison area go to tobacco outlet plus our nor Sherman avenue in Burr and Madison. You go to the willow road wanna key location. All seek go to the quick trip on county road PB in broad Rona. And you get your tickets today because we're coming Thursday night June 7. Or three weeks away from tomorrow night and there's so much fun I encourage you get them even if you don't smoke cigars even if you're not dot. Come out and get the tickets it's going to be a good time and answer a lot of questions gonna tell a lot of stores can have a lot of fun and that's what it's all down on a Thursday night. In Iran get the phone calls talked art listening to a sunny side are I don't know what's going on. Redman hey did you enjoy most say that this was correct assessment not bunch and while it says breakfast. Were only doing what they're reporting. Well because of Delaware assertion brunch but they don't serve breakfast. Since I don't know who they're valid or not. Yeah. There's another place guys like begun as the original pancake house over there on downer they like to go there as well. They don't want in Brookfield good by the way problem now so what do you know if it doesn't say what they wanna get like if you don't Oakland hero to the quarterback enough short where they golf. He's. All right you know I'm fine with Michael bolder as long as. He's got a vision. Malcolm blocked and that is pass first point guard and yacht in Jabari. Starting together and running in transition. Chris Middleton and as a shooter and then a big crowd there in the middle. To protect the paint and rebound and that adds invention that because this gene been so. It's not a hard six it's loaded with talent mad it's a dream job for any coach commented to take over really areas. Is it just because of the honest in that makes it a dream job her what is it because I mean I hear that they. The team as a won anything yet. Yes true but once again and I just said it. There's all kind of piece that you had a rookie of the year that you pretty much sold out because you had to get Bledsoe. And luckily he was a professional about it it kept his cool played well Jabari never got to start the last 25 games that's mind boggling debate. It just it could melt ginger shooter and the fact if I played so well in the playoffs. Did you all but they need they need more but they got some tremendous talent and it'll have to go into it that the best job. Can weaken actor Crispin Glover by the way. Yeah I want to ask. Do you shell receipt and say yes Ramirez. Got written an article will do radio I think Saturday. For those that are just shooting in. Although earlier occasion and see this story Christa Glover which is Lucas Glover is why you've and now she is the wife of a golfer. Who I did not have a good good weekend when he came to the players championship and apparently at least according to him. When he comes home after a failing at a major any big tournament. Apparently she drinks alive and she gets pissed off and begins a whale on a and the whaling got out of hand now what happened was he walks in she starts going off. Starts beating on him mom his mom then intervenes to say Christy got to calm down and then Christa stars taken off on her. But Crist feel slighted she does when in trouble so she does the preemptive strike is she calls 911 hears that phone call. No one like I can think that impact your world. Okay you got your iPad I admire the fact that in the other. Go back there and your locker room and the act of. And a spectacular. That you just don't. Yeah. The world. I don't think I am Soledad. Yeah. I can't or girl it. Lines for a didn't buying more votes than it appears it's. In an instant. Yeah. Ball since. Sister of the portal a lover which has partners at all fall others who would. Well horses don't. Heard so I didn't need I don't get it cannot panic and I wouldn't. Learn how to do about it a little and I know we've got that in the coming out there and inflammation and everything is okay back. I can I possibly able to click. Led to nazism. Or else we'll look over. On that it is it is an end to my children in need to do little to Kabul for that. Pregnant and dad I want delighted that I need to be good and I can find out what's coming what's happening to an item. This is reluctant. To go where the moon alone on this winter as soon political consultant. I think you can get. I. I act. I don't let me and I can't find him. Yeah why not have great yeah yeah. I think you're not happy and I'm out there and I can name. What's. Only god did not ready okay. At. The beginning. And we're gonna. Yeah yeah. A well that's. My life yeah well my life has gone crazy. So. Because she starts wailing on him. After day drinking at least according to the report and and then after that point she won't even tell on the name and when she realizes she's made a phone call and then he got deputies on the way in geez he's not happy about Tom it's also and a a case she didn't know Christie lower ends of getting arrested and all of us and I just a bad day at the at at the tournament I guess he's the way to put it meant what a mess one of them Paris mess. When embarrassing that I mean think of this what suppose next week he goes out and wins a term which what's next week the Byron Nelson joked. Do they use their use the mental yeah I don't yeah Byron Nelson a case of Texas. Supposed to go to Texas he win the Byron Nelson. And he's gonna sit there and come off the green most of the time you see the wives waiting there the kids waiting there. He wins the Byron Nelson and Mary comes off the green and how could you even look at that picture she's the year. And is anything but someone embarrassing. I mean he's he released a statement saying they're gonna try to work now. Which kudos to him I mean if this is something it's been habitual. Boy kudos that they're trying to stick out. You know I mean how did you get that picture her walking on the court wouldn't everybody's booed the hell out of work at this point. And I did try to mess it did elegantly and I every street fighter at this point I don't mean disparage the Irish because my grandmother was one element. My grandmother would have a couple of Beers and it'll rowdy and self fairly Crispin Glover. Drinks all day watches her husband implode meant takes an outing when he comes own. Is Glover. As one of those one hit wonders is he's won a major yet he won the US open at 2009 are each. That's it that's really all he's done. Is to is another one of those guys that. Happen to win a major and yet to their name ruling. Expectations are high and also. Now a little too high if you're Christa Glover and they have. Anyway that being said it might take a break finals and in the light of your gonna next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice told the network. So Michael shows on the air we are so glad you're on Bordeaux for kids. Odd couple weeks from tonight manor factory to be back out at the Wisconsin state fair port again this season. As. As we get ready for Wednesday night line so looking forward to it Wednesday night live is back at the Wisconsin state fair park. It's going to be on the Budweiser pavilion stage. It is free. Parking is six bucks but it's free. And so I got to do is just come on down enjoy it ran a great time this year. Been a fantastic town. And it's all brought you bug but like the official beer sponsor of the Michael sports talk network. Guys show the big news of the day at least locally is is the fact that you've got. Bruno calls her apparently according to ESPN reports coming to town and meeting was he honest. After meeting with the ownership group yesterday. So. You know what wait and see what happens when you would assume that he would then be the guy I guess for lack of better terms. As much as I've been bashing this ownership group for awhile when it comes to handle lean on. Personnel moves within the basketball organization. This I thought was a good move by them to let you honest. Actually sit down one on one with food and holes there and try to understand what his philosophy is now again there's no guarantee that he is an excellent coach. It seems to me that's words going. But I. I think yeah honest does deserve saying that he is the face of the franchise he is the stark. This is what your building your team around you wanna make sure he's here because remember he wasn't he he was he tried everything he could keep Jason Kidd here. After he found out that Jason K it was gonna get fired. And yon S mean that that that whole phone conversation that Jason Kidd put up thirty ESPN. That was not the right move to Kurdish needle put yacht a sound in that situation bought. And you wanna make sure youngest is happy no matter what because for me as a fan. I want you out of here for life. You got to do everything you can keep him champion and to have him on the same page. With the possible new head coach of the box that is a good thing cy and I'm happy the ownership group. Allowed that to happen. The question is in some vast hole which you're not if you're another player on this team does that upset you. The youngest kids to talk to the guy and maybe you don't. You know what I don't know if anybody believe it city manager Laurie Parker. You know and Jabari try to figure out where he wants to be in and what he wants to do maybe if you're Jabbar you can say OK you know you wish. That you would have a shot to eight talk in this guy or I'm sure maybe you're going to be calling me honest to say OK you know what's he like. If you wanna you know that type of situation that I don't. I think everybody pretty much knows there. I think they know their place on this team when you think I mean. Everybody would know who your stars are not that you won any thing with your stars sort of speak put it. You kind of know who the up and comers our economy or your belief flies when it comes to. Who gets the that will say the preferential treatment have to understand that I don't mean to give you may not like it but. You have to understand the understand where it's coming from but it. You like if there are some players and on the new name names that are that ignorant to say well I'm just as good as he got us and I am I don't ask where do I think if you're player on the team you probably you know it's there how would you mind talking to the guy to you don't you don't wide if that's the end it's who were gonna have and just not accept the fact that John this is. The face of the franchise if you if you cannot accept that. Then maybe you shouldn't be playing for this team medal in case I mean that's that might be part of it though many B boy word you know he got a few guys they don't screw this. You know we're we're gonna we have morning than this guy and he hasn't you don't shown up big in the biggest moments. You know why am I give an honest dollar preferential treatment I'm just saying it could be a problem of course it could be as it probably think not. We'll talk more about this tomorrow and see there's an announcement made in the next couple days as a million bucks inching ever closer to having a new head coach. Pressed together have a challenge. Sixteen there's stations strong. My school's sports talk now.