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Tuesday, November 21st
Hour 4. Plus, Ebo from The Zone in Madison stops by. We also do the Football Frenzy!

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Promo links runs. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans come should talk. The bill Michael you know. I. Welcome though Michael shows on the air we are glad to have you as always. On this Tuesday wanna remind you coming up again at 1098 from 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock this evening. We're going to be at Kelly's bleachers over aluminum Soviets used to come by tonight to be a face to crack morons say hi it's special edition of the Michael sell because it is. We don't have one on Thursday. Thursday night we're going to be hanging out of the friends in the family and watching football like the rest of you eating Turkey and sleeping compared to van. Because tonight we're going to be on the road tonight to know Michael so brought to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network hoped to see a this evening he is the a cohost of the Joey Tebow show and IDC seven FM the fan or I 97 FM in one of six points or one note student 6070. Are you OK okay so now have some live for an ally I get it I don't know why it's even he was now joining us in the Schneider orange Alan Levi even man. Why are you nervous to talk to me I felt nervous. Come on yeah you didn't get an email and I I just got crazy and and I wanted to. Hay out of our current knowledge so that we are talking about this whole student section the earlier you guys have being in Madison. Is there any chatter about the why the student section is to have only a quarter fool prior to the big games. Yeah I mean that there's a big topic fortunately got a lot of well we had one of the balky recorder writers on a great article at all and it's easier to complain about you European. And yet I'm. I've done that but yeah. The contention mean it's that it's sad that at in the late that he thought. ICI just I don't more so it looked I'm not saying demanding that students have to be you know that's always same I just simply saying look if you're not showing up. Or you don't care to get there in time to be able to get through that process and I understand it's a process from what I understand the process more than anything is slowing this whole deal down. But project about getting in there on national TV and saying look we talk. You know we can sell out our stadium we have enough pride are our ball club known as it was a big game against Michigan and a stately in this ball game. But normally it's is show up late leave after Joseph brown and that into the stadium is is carriages you know ugly vacant just gray black. Add it to me there's two problems one here's how they enter in the student section cut occurred in the want to drop cap. And then you gotta get him in that lie unity tremor a lot. And then developing news. You don't wanna come down to the students they wanna party. Right side of the soon but not great party what backed by day but it might Antoine not like 810 years ago I would dump up. And eleven and kick up their blocks within camp at 1030 net. I turned up the speaker that are not near as a couple of lay the canned beer bong. I you know what you're out camp Randall we got a in the blockbuster also comic book Mitch Erica I don't advocate mark imparted I don't understand. How preoccupied. Where looked up to bettors who undefeated. See that that's my other events a year I think people so I'm excited about it but yeah you know look at it you're there if you there a couple of minutes into the game that's one thing with. The way it's just so vacant eight I don't know why it bothers me but it does in you here I mean I've heard today from Penn State fans Michigan fans are state fans Notre Dame fans. I had somebody that semi need a little while ago from Auburn who always looks for it forward to the Iron Bowl every here's a look you can't find his seat these places. With a big game like this who teams vying for national tile why in the hell are they. Agree and into what is it embarrassing to them with you and and we get callers call in our morning show here. And that would reward something you know give them like coupon and rewards for. You're in an hour to stand up each time. The early simple. Big game coming up against many Minnesota Paul Bunyan sacked six day at stake in it it's like Minnesota adjusted debt limit care about anything else right now which is about beating Wisconsin. Is there any fear at all that Wisconsin. Does any thing to look ahead to a ousting the Big Ten championship game and has a misstep against Minnesota. No not on in Minnesota that's of their Super Bowl game he got taken out well guess what just like that like Israel to gauge it going to be I'm not they're going to be MP act saying. Thirteen years. And Peter let me let you used cars I would just like that and the hot and it's not your car that. Lol that capsized ball or whatever you want do I think there's no way to look at everyone's tool and double next week. At all you talk about Ron you're an accident at that. There's no there's there's going to be no letdown but you know look ahead they had ticket. And the reporters down there. For the look at the badgers and look at it wanted to talk look console there and talk about on the biggest focus onebeacon I'm a poster. Well let's talk about the Big Ten championship game go out of all the teams whether it be Penn State to you know we already see what they did against Michigan. Ohio State and company I I think they can beat Ohio State they may not be able to go toe to toe Penn State I don't know why Penn State gives me more fear. But I think they can beat Ohio State I mean I know. Well I did you have any of the top rated defense in Wisconsin that thing is just phenomenal. I mean how how do you explain. Ohio State getting blown out of the water by I don't. And then. I look under the camp Randall and Scott and hold them to 66 are. It's unbelievable. I can't bet in the news in the defense for Wisconsin will be the difference our terrible it account in the difference were. It out when it. Not only can look all round by but the band set the perception is they did you know that they're bombing on third down and then Israel and and wanted to with a nine passes. I don't why I brought in the second half late third fourth quarter incorrect and all I know going on completion but he impressed these Soviet Union that the heated up. It was big throws when they needed it there was some throws it should been picked up the may have changed is the complexity of their game. But you know I there are times where just if I don't it did sell it or Al assorted birds seem like he's gotten better he's just he is what he has. While I'm at to me for a while it's actually like he's progressed I don't think SE progression from California brook. But what I saw you know against Michigan vote vote vote talk about the couple dealt another guy that really you know he filed the haters everywhere on the attention. I thought I Ryder about whatever whatever what he's one guy I while. Sort of brought. Yeah I mean it's frustrating but bill I kind of weird richer ritual when it comes to Big Ten football games. I criticize the same bracket that the wiped out like you bloody Mary with a metric that global for the that's my ritual and would restore the old interception and then it all out solo looked at eleven a bigger man. But as long ago that the pick six in you know your play I guess iPod JT bearing those in the won the events they hate let me ask you this though. We we saw a few years back where Wisconsin when they were a lot of hope a lot of optimism is certainly Gary Anderson and all that mess ended up playing out and they were completely humiliated. Is there any way that you see this team having that happen to him again. No no no way I'm Paul Crist and January all the courses down there those guys are sold out curtains so ill level at the when it comes at an earlier. The big one day at a time to wreck the time people on the game but they're so grounded I don't think so loud and you know. He won't solve a lot of I don't commit players they'll be prepared the united ago and the ability to problem. There are eleven and ill like that's incredible and incredible to be undefeated this is uncharted territory so they're not forget that the Google is. They fight for our relatives this I was gonna Europe thought of government I wanna switch things over to to remit packer football and so gimme your impression of what Brett Hundley has done and the regression we saw this past week. While. What Brett Hundley has done though let out a long time ago that. Yeah. You gotta hurt you can policy all you want but the other day sculpture I don't know primary yet. Look articulate operated Ted Thompson down capers. Immediate what I get from this does. A lot of people previewed football spread on the it was a pretty cute legend Rick topic looking for a second round pick. He looked good you know micro is it was three years and that's in this guy. With regard right. Now I get the right. That was an ounce while I'm playing on resolve all of not my whole life is Brett Favre and that report that I saw Sunday. And I don't win normally what I bonds and it was he worked at eight and went and Brett Conley. Thanks for your serve at Harvard Virgil L and didn't joke or maybe. Payroll quick before I touch you lose so looking at just keep moving forward how big of a margin eight. Look I I I think that this game is that character game for Brett coming I think this is where you find out whether or not he's able to come back from what happened against a Baltimore Ravens team. But how big of a margin would have to be for you to say OK Joseph Callahan will be dire you think Mike McCarthy if it all pull that trigger. Well armed you know not yet struck out there and New Year's starter and if we are on a bought straddle. Why not. Regional and because you've got a winnable games can you you've got what the ground in the book and if we lose the ground though. I don't know I'm not at that number on speed out of them at that he. Is at its army had you not get it done. What you're gonna hurt going to Tokyo. What's the difference. In the future here are not combat land on it where I just I'm on that I would and the ban on the united. I had so much hope it would stay in the but I just I just don't see him moving forward it's in the tunnel a lot. Of that on crime and everybody. Yep well there's going to be a lot to drown your sorrows and I guess if knowing their household the way I do know that being said I did not I don't know how they are when this ball game voted to I'm looking for the character out of Adam Brett hum and who knows I mean it. If if they gain a little wall say company so this ball game maybe they go out and steal one down the road and then. Get a couple wins against teams are supposed to such a stupid thing clear an idea I just I don't know how this season unfolds to where we're talking about any type of kaposi's Iran to be honest with yourself. Nine I'll actually manner and I hope I'm wrong while on the move forward I really do it all I'm sure is nice title like much but it and let it sit. Like because the thought sort of standard packer football and it's clear that brought on the need immediate so on I tried to count and I guess since. Lockheed and anyway that we lose so whatever fort. Good stuff man we want to audition okay. You're the man unit to moderate his dog got. Probably calculator they go we broke most of the Joni boat show in 967 FM at 67 AM the zone down in Madison you can check it out of there by the way I love that FM signal. The other new left found blasts 967 war. That is a nice signals of some of that also sort of the pregame show that they do. On I was driving into the game on Saturday and all Manny we're sounding good lasts 967. If you're German out there. Policy this were to take a quick break when we come back last night or some blowing a good time last night Jorge cruise was there but it Jordy Nelson paid service you can hear that coming up next in the much. Wisconsin. Phil Michael's sports talk. Hello Michael Shaw on the tour. Have you hopefully have a terrific dated yesterday. And we get a good one. Win or go one and we ended up with of course a lot of last night in. We ended up with George Caruso was our guest. One last towards agreement packed. Also Jordy Nelson had to make an appearance last night which were really core it was good to talk to Jordy as well so we. We had a good time as fortune programming brought to our friends or cousins something they believe better you deserve better the pepperoni no extra Mayo refugees that's the don't Michael's going to grab that thing. Fantastic day about that all the time all the time. In if you can't get that may be get says something more healthy baby due to sell the brisket which is for a limited time only right now. Hot right off the grill C check that out as well as right siren unit cheese Kurds are Salinger. Chips whatever it may be whatever your preferences. Stop and a cousin says when they believe in better download the app on the apple in the injury prone and you could go its cousins subs again where they believe in that the officials sub sandwich. Under the Michael's sports talk network that George Jones talks about the the team this year the storyline basically being injuries. What you know the pair for me to you know thing Micah the you know if the story of or forty spirit team. Season you know you but giving keying. In Carson's. Morgan Burnett. On injuries. So we have beens don't. With the injury book. In green bury him and are notre or are seeing you know mix may end up nick next man up. I want the best man. Diagram that. You know I don't know how much better the best man is behind the next man so to speak but nevertheless. No less and you you know if this team has been riddled with injuries and that's something that I think his offseason that. I don't know if the Packers are constantly looking at health and wellbeing of the players. Keeping guys is available I mean the old adage was always you know when it comes training camp economic club from the top. Well you can't have a complete team if you don't have a what is on the IR or in the other half is banged up on the injury reports and you know everybody goes through bumps and bruises but this team has just been just been marked the last few years management. And then really George codes when we asked him a bell. You know Joseph Callahan Brett Conley in the discussion in the fans and he's a late may make the quarterback changer and that's that's not easy. Emeka a quarterback change at this at this stage of the game are being disputed that. Brett how leave a career in green and gold basically away. Because there with confidence going to be gone if you were to bring someone else to give Russia but. To someone else deserve a shot. Or are being so I think. You know if there ever been a privilege. There are a right to view quarterback for me there are. I think they should go the best person to hate being. Who gives the best chance wearable. Now is that Brett Conley and because that's the question me if you think their bread and only your best chance to you don't give you win will then go for him if it's not. Then you know at some point you have to make that decision I don't know if there is a leisure there's a short leash a long leash whatever what happens in this particular ball game coming up. For Brett Conley but the philosophy. It's it's different today than it was back when George play that won a super. And I don't think that there larvae in the lampoon Oracle's partner in their environment where were the of the personnel department. Because. It is a true statement. Or the Green Bay Packers. Artwork I yet. Aaron Brooks. Mark rebel whose name in the mainly. In fact stadium in Jackson view because of our degree will you be the Jeremy and Jack view but we need to. I don't know what there are I don't know what the philosophy youth. It is not the thing that wrong wolf twinkle overhead. And tonight. It's interesting I don't know what the philosophy is but it's not the same. I would say in part because Holmgren was more of meticulous if you're caught a dictator to dictator you know Mike McCarthy's more of a player's coach. They had successes coaches on both levels mean. Don't look. Homer gets a lot of credit. For being Mike Holmgren and bringing the title back to title town. Hall of fame quarterback. Nobody talks about Mike homer and not being a good coach. When. His guy went down because the diner one now. Eddie had Reggie White. Mike McCarthy was Aaron Rodgers he's a ball are you not you. Times have changed because of social media and and and you know it just the access of speaking information. I if I find that would that's too big a topic for another day. By. I I think this team is interest in I think philosophies or different in today's day and age you and I hate to sound like that's old but. It's not that long ago the Packers warning us of verbal recommending six. Is opposed to where they are today. And how plus easy change dramatically other than the collective bargaining agreement and the way you have to go about your business and rapid. And and George goose is they look in today's teenage you've got a got a lot lot of guys and make money they're good players and owners back ups and guys are back at stories. You play football. If partner her partner played a part Warner. There's a reason you look back. The whole tobacco through one point. In middle school high school college. Back in a row. And how do we my number to be called what are tobacco for re the guy who were regarded from a media. Better him in the air war unlike the field they are going to feel in Rambo. There in the back. So as he said look you know that back of the bag of through reason. And you're right do you expect a little bit of a drop of even though he can say next man up now. He did talk about the Martellus Bennett situation and about now that kind of came to pass in. And talk a little bit about indeed the healing power of Martellus Bennett subtle hint. At the end over here or there will appear on our indeed. His current career. In. In the green and gold are being here. They're going to be a steady. Medicine the police that he put Powell moved down the years there when not on our shoulder injury. It is camera related to collarbone injury that we've never seen before we Norman. And I. I don't know apparently talking equity 34000. Years in Madison how to who count quarterly who wouldn't. Phantom pain when he was down there were two pills like. Oddly enough it was like an idiot Johnson baby has resulted security once he got to locally within the quarterback they're very good. He built the New England. And a number your number twelve armed greedy his collarbone and it's healed. And he if you. Those religious experience is what I told my completed. That. That injury in Green Bay will be thirty for powerful. So they don't the injury. Will be studied for Zelda by the way speaking any injured one of the things Martellus Bennett did on his way out we all know went right after Doug McKenzie an agreement packers' medical staff. George Koontz. Much like Gary Ellison who is Mike my cohosts last night and is unknown degree angle post game show. Has had numerous you know interactions with doc MacKenzie usually have to say about government I think. You can play hurt but I don't think you prop I don't think you should play injured. And that was Marmara when our play her book the assault. They're Martellus. Been paired when doctor McKenzie. That wasn't right because there are sharply partly for the Packers for eight years and head about certain surgeries. Doctor McKenzie performed on me and in our one. Of those seven surgeries he try to rush me out here before Ellsbury. All meanwhile George Koontz defensive minded guy talks about two you know the guy that everybody loves to target that is Dom Capers. Oligarchy. If there that knee hasn't really had all of the pieces. The polls. That you are have been injured we scheme that we kuril even with the work hour a superstar. You developing world are quite clear views he left the game yesterday. Irwin. So. If you look at it from our standpoint. Our loved. He's. Are they come to severe created. Type of defense. Are the keys. Are great motivate her. But also through. We've we've given up some beat please. And he's right. And he's kind of say it looked and lot of knowledge there but you know what are you doing the united given up some too big time plays in all of that also. Jordy Nelson join us last night. And he was emphatic giving kind of backing up with a head coach said and that is that what we're sticking with brown. We're going to Utley I mean. Everyone loves the back at quarterback and apparently didn't matter that Aaron back Deborah Brett back you know I would think you know aggressive though Israel on this side I don't wanna. Site bill Callahan either mean you don't allow players here but. Red Hat console. Red. You know it you'll Ian didn't and used. So. Tom cotton in your immediate answers at least in quarterback is another productive and you can see. Agreed not to talk about another team that you have to look up we'll build this great start here brother and a rookie. And you hear about it during the first so trying to be patient. You know in their carton obstruct the process. Where put the work you verdict if you're better I'll let that result six. So that is Jim was Jordy Nelson last night chatting loose a little bit. Doubt you know the possibility or at least that thought process of many that wanna see Joseph Callahan says. I'm Brett Conley and that was drawn most emphatic that he could possibly say it was just look we're gonna continue the process and packed over the head coach and if you wanna hear more of that interview from last night including where George producers talk about hall of famers such as a guy like LeRoy Butler who we believe should be in the hall of fame. In our conversation in our conversation we Jordy Nelson. Silly little bill Michael's sports MI CH a EL as bill Michael's sports three words put on the other dot com bill Michael's sports dot com. And you can listen to the entire interview from last I was hourlong program and it's it punitive divorce involved very informative and always entertaining. And it's it's a good listens are gonna get down to maybe work our head in the Jimerson honeymoon just grab that thing downloaded. And and and take a listen. I'll do this and less safe to do when we come back it's time for the French more incidents. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. Another big foot. Football weekend. I'm told around the rest of the league. This is the foot. Football frenzy on the bill Michael show he's got. Brought you by the Wisconsin laborers district council and they train. For apprenticeship and info and the location of the locals there you go. Go to WY labor's dot org yeah. Pac bell Michael shows on the air. Ramadi and coming up tonight CR Kelly's bleachers out there are an awful amount rope. Just north of a Miller Park a Mumbai say I answered no Michael's level tonight. Kevin holding your reward from CBS if he really attacked good time 68 tonight hopefully get a chance to join as the frenzy now begins my friends. And of alliance the banners of Max Stafford a mere Abdul touched. Pro. I thought. I don't think trucks that Detroit I had that they're up. Stafford felt the pressure's good strong fluid out there and that was the defender. Within five yards of a beer. And by the way he only had a couple of catches and a ballgame for thirteen yards along the eleven yard reception that was a two yard reception but went for touchdowns today haven't. Matthew Stafford with a 120 point two quarterback rating in that contest 31 point 1299 yards mr. this key. Eighteen of 38179. Yards a sack a touchdown no picks. But they just couldn't get the job couldn't get the job done that was our buddy Dan Miller by the way on the lions radio network 2724. Matt Prater it's a 52 yarder. Late Ned ball game with a minute 35 ago. And the lions walk away with a 2724. Victory in that when meanwhile the jaguars the browns W Smith with a fumble recovery touchdowns. I who dropped the throw. He would get a hit again uphold not a good thing got going into that Don not think dollar drop the ball on a football event. Don't judge you Yellowstone wanted for a touchdown. I couldn't take that little eight delegates at the. The score could well benefit all round. And still win analysts nineteen to seven the jaguars. Who jaguars that defense go to seven and three on the season and they continue to get it done continue to impress meanwhile the Buccaneers and dolphins Ryan Fitzpatrick. The mighty puck and here are quotes like. I just thought throughout the today I was minds like like you are due to John Jackson for the touchdown. Our formation now with a clear that they expect a bill dropped back a little pits Patrick looking for the ball to what is a bomb touchdown drive away pushed Todd Jackson. Nobody audience and the dolphins make a horrible mistake as number eleven is wide open and Fitzpatrick sought pit that was right for a four yard touchdown that. Pocket fiercely iTunes does. 1283 yards and a touchdown with three. Picks in that ballgame general generic. Three picked Ryan Fitzpatrick runway 2237275. Yards. Sacked once couple touchdowns. Quarterback rating of 100 point six I wrote the same old jade give them you know the wind memo meanwhile bodily it was a Buccaneers radio network the vikings vikings or rams case keep them to Adam Palin you don't touch. Keenan takes us an update let's buy the rams subpoena passes and. Okay. 27. Longest pass play of the day for case Qaeda Ayman Al was a touchdown six catches for the human 123. Yards 2738. Even ones too hard. Kidneys have analyses and touchdowns no picks at quarterback rating of 100 point eight on the day and that is the crazy tones of one Paul Allen. As he. Voices. His joy at the vikings getting a score. I bet you'd n.'s at some point it's not going to Minneapolis and I wouldn't think. Who knows saints and Redskins well lots with a game winning field goal in overtime. We'll lots of chances right foot boards that. Outlined his teammate. It made field. After starting off this season owing to the saints have now won eight straight. 3431. And out of the Redskins it was a sage radio network Redskins fall to four in six on the season. I don't know bomb dropped by in this age yet I know I'm buying in the Eagles I know on buying in the the vikings. Still of by combining the same chip the giants take on the chiefs all Rick Ross rose us. With a game we feel lawyers. This too with the game in overtime. We know hold the Osce with this aptly. It it's. Not that. In overtime. Twelve to nine earned their second win of the season and get their first let it roll. Its interest in meters Smith Alex Smith who's 27 of 4230 yards sacked Cutler sacked once pressured on numerous times. Through a couple of picks not an not a touchdown to his name had a terrible game 61 point five quarterback rating. So he kind of falls on that lead could. Just just a bad game by Alex Smith and that was the giants radio network twelve denies. The final in and then that non throwing thriller I guess is the best way to put it meanwhile the Texans in the cardinals. Tom savage yes Tom savage to the Andrei Hopkins. Savage gets the snap Tom walking in passes looks out of the end zone and I can't say that but I thought that. Rock and roll but sex every day. LA I 3121. Was the final and his ball in the Texans get the win I can't figure out for the life of me. The Arizona Cardinals are very by the city you Peterson was gonna run wild in the league. Fourteen. Carries 26 yards. Averaged one point nine yards per carry in that counted Killian fantasy football and thank you finally Blaine Gabbert and now 12 point two with 34. Went through a couple of picks even though he threw three touchdown through couple picks 257 yards savage swung to a 37230. Yards. A couple of touchdowns in a pic meant nothing spectacular here we just. Did enough to get the job done that's the way things ended up meanwhile the chargers and the beer in the bills. Nathan and Peter it. Throws his fifth pick a big game Trevor Williams with a pick here. And again unit and Apple's picked up again Trevor Williams. And Williams got to take it here it feels a seven yard return it was boasts a game. And boy you gotta wonder how long Sean McDermott can beat this work it out there that fifth interception roll them all in the first half. 54245. Picks in the first half of that ball game. Holy she Nike's. PM and six of fourteen. Six of fourteen. Moaning. I was gibberish. Thirteen he was six of fourteen for 66 yards. Which means he threw fourteen passes six of which found his guys. Five of which found the opponent. They quarterback rating of seventeen point nine that's just worry you awful. Awful. 5424. Chargers get the win on the chargers were you know men. Maybe do Callahan might not want to take the field now. Bengals and Broncos Andy Dalton AJ green that's familiar. AJ out like the left Bradley. We broke behind him but he. The four yard line. Still waiting for the shotgun snap catches the ball on third and two goes into the end zone AJ green after touchdown. Cincinnati. On fifteen yards from Andy Dalton to AJ green. That's our bodies from what does it doesn't he cares he radioed them and Cincinnati's and I thank Dan Horton company. And the vandals or you know or any dog fifteen point 5154. Yards three touchdowns and quarterback rating of 117 point three the good Andy Dalton shows off. See what happens when the good any Don did show up just he doesn't jolt to wealth that was on the Bengals really you know we're patriots raiders Tom Brady branding coach touchdown. Patriots lineup would flock to the left Dallas for the life Brady hit the shot Khatsava first ten while. It's. They. It's. 338 patriots get the win go to 82 on the season four and six the raiders aren't what has happened in the LA raiders are to be openers Richardson excuse me. Still haven't slip of the tongue there. But I like the audio is play him I see your audio so what else more titles. They have a patriots get the win patriots radio network. Then you've got we don't stop there Eagles cowboys corny combat almost got eleven yard touchdown run so. Like that states need reposition. We'll foresaw. When it comes right back. Six carries 53 or fifty yards eight point three yards per carry. One touchdown on the day for Corey commented Jai 91 yards and then on seven carries he was he was gut them. Big time Carson went fourteen point 7168. Yards. And meanwhile deck press got eighteen of 31145. Yards not a good date Yahoo! for him. Three count on three picks. On the day for the cowboys that was Eagles radio network. And then last but not least is where we get into the falcons Seahawks Blair all yeah Walsh. Remember having as big cat can't like this not a seizing camp Blair lost with a 52 yard game winning field goal last night. It's not a little old Tyler not the long it's been. It's time away through CNN. Story. What do seconds left but you get a. Are you getting bay mavs beat Julia honor. A wounded. Falcons went 3431. And out of the Seahawks both teams now sitting at six in four. And and they have that falls short. On the on the Seahawks were you know. That is the football frenzy worry my do you speak in ia football in the frenzy that goes along with a we're going to be heading over to Minneapolis. Radio row looking forward to it we can't do without some of our great great great great friends are friends are Great Lakes Treadway Roy and getting down there. And they do a great job 2018 season passes up already on the website. Getting ready get ready for your holiday gift giving go to Great Lakes in drag away dot count it if you wanna you know do some great race no yourself you can do fun you can do legally. 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Go and see Brett beginning Robert pack diamonds that's where you go also our friends said the family owned company great people at auto paint and supplies. Cinematic go Otto painted dot com there and walk Michelle Middleton wall or for seeing counties. Go auto pay cut down for your car for your vote for your RV for everything you have three outdoors. A ATV you name it they've got it auto pay go auto paint dot com go auto paint. Dot com final segment go watch a show next. In order to avoid. Film Michael's voice talking network. Nobody shows on the air. Final segment before get out here again a reminder. Because coming up tonight. We are going to be on the air 68 many of these same stations we are going to be. At Kelly's bleachers on bloom. The sees a face in the crowd coming up. Looking forward to. Duty over there off the bloom on the we're going to be. And you know the guys who CBS 58. They judge you later and over there. OK but wireless has gone down the connection over here is gone down I just got lost everything. This is good my days pretty much over. Hey a couple of things hinted to pay attention to wind days intercede for our Major League Baseball. Joseph Morgan who is being all along time. He's been the obviously a major league baseball hall of Famer himself. But he sent a letter of voters. With a list of three criteria that he thinks should disqualify future candidates for admission into the shrine. He's the vice chairman and a member of the board of directors and says he wasn't speaking for the hall. But he says he was representing the views of many who were concerned by what they see is eroding standards for mission. And basically says look if you have the suspicion of PDs. And we hope he says that the day ever comes when known steroid user voted into the hall of fame. These are they cheated steering users do not belong here if you even think that a guy we using. So that is of a topic of controversy also hitting. Kind of hero backyard retired NBA star Ray Allen says he's the victim of cat fishing. As Astor court to throw out a case where he is accused of stalking someone even met on line and he filed an emergency motion in Orange count in Florida. Today after Brian Coleman told the court he is being stalked. By the ten time ten time all all star. Coleman pretend to be a number of attractive women interest in Ray Allen. Read the motion filed on Allen's behalf ray believed he was speaking with these women they communicated with them. And that he was not communicating with this particular guy the Ray Allen had to come on admit all of those. And so that's another case. That. You know is is is rather interesting but today it said that in the filing Allen said the Coleman threatened to reveal the details of the conversations. And that decides eventually struck a deal to keep everything private Allen said then the deal had been violated. And that Coleman has continued to harass him and his family. Through social media accounts so what about social media news. If you take private conversations now when you post them at their posted at those are private conversations that are posted out their permanency and FaceBook and Twitter and all it's up. That's one thing. But the courts are now changing the laws. Where if you're taking private text messages and stuff in your airing them. Now they're taking a different view of this. In because that they consider this kind of private one on one communication in that you know yes the text message but also. There's an expectation of privacy and it's really kind of muddied waters. Let's it's going to be issues and so ICL Allen comes. Out and then ever posted up on the FaceBook fan page as well and I just did a little while ago my expectations I'm going to are we did. But it also talks about how the Packers reputation. It can't save them without Aaron Rodgers it's an interesting read because basically it says they look. We've seen Brett Conley he wasn't ready to play. What tells Mike McCarthy talking about it's an interesting read find and run FaceBook fan page but tonight. Michael subtle brought you by bud light of the see out of Kelly bleachers on blue mound till that have a know what. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now.