HR4 – How different will Pettine be from Dom?

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Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 4. Plus, is it true Giannis has a problem with Jabari Parker and Eric Bledsoe? And do you really care about the NBA Draft?

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And the almighty vinyl takes the stage all brought Cuba are good friends it Bud Light the official. Beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk now. They have Mike Patton. The Packers new defensive coordinator. Say look the final three days mandatory minicamp a lot of teams scrimmage so how good was. The energy was good and that's just something we've been. Making sure that they know about in the meeting what's the let's finish this spring well you know we've been on the rise guys have been been learned the system and and growing in it and end it there ever greater I think it's been been trending up and you just don't want and you know on the on the brink of vote. Five weeks off on all on a down note so. You know I think I was that's on us as coaches to make sure that those guys are you know with with the cars running in a parking lot. That we make sure that that these guys finishing our. Where the cars running at a party line you gotta make sure you get right through the last play it's kind of like run through the attack. Don't just get to the tackle run through attack get through. So how does he evaluate players that are coming back from injury galaxy Dimitri coats it with the AC eloquent Rollins it. Yeah I mean I was able to go back and watch but I could some you know some guys have to go back. Even a college film or were reported in two years ago organize it wrong other teams but it. The best film is is to film it in our sister Marie rate here in front of us and that's why I'm looking so much forward to training camp. Emergencies can only get so much an evaluation with guys in shorts. Snowed no different in the Columbine you know projecting guys out as opposed to watching their actual college film and seeing guys in shorts is one thing. But for training camp a passel who will be it will be the true test the most murderous. So as you continue warrant. And you get ready for the regular season you get and training camp in such a mean. Mike Patton a different cat in more to Dom Capers is so how is he going to structure practices for his defense during that training camp. I mean if a sticker prices are structured very very similar. You know that that coach really sets that. The practice plan. We do get some time on her own typically we like to build part two holes are you see guys in their separate groups and into groups might get together. That we we would end up all all as a unit. I'd like to do as much stuff as possible. As it as a unit so or everybody's here in the communication across all three groups really all four groups. But the the bottom might still busy. You got to walk that line between fundamentals and scheme so I think it's important that we get our. Our individual time we're coaches can't it work on the footwork and and get on the sled and and we always would do so for tackling what when more pats don't that's what's really want skills hard to develop. When you when you're not doing much like work for a for obvious reasons so. Will cherish that individual time and hopefully keep him as much or as we can't. Put that you know at the same time we can't get enough level work. And then the more you guys out there getting familiar with guys along side a mean the better off fuel are so. When you take a guy like Troy mine war Williams are guys that can really work when you're secondary how much city. Need a guy like remind that in that study yeah I mean it's it is important helps put that the best thing about two months he can play that's. If if we wanted to gathered just just Nutrisystem has just hired a coach but he figures certain certainly a guy that's played and it. But just his his ability of how long he's less than a week and kind of starting the way he started. As a as a freeagent. Mean it's it's a great story and I mean huge interest role for him that he's been able to have to cut crew really has. Because he's just meal in a close person. Through and through and it's you to have the young DBs in the room to have him to look up to. And they cut it you know whether it's. To talk to about hey Heidi prepare how to take care yourself. The difference between watching film and studying it and have a system in April what I this is what I'm looking forward like when I get done watching an opponent he's that these are the things that it. That that I wanna be able to take away from it. So what's the coaches can only take players so far at times from what what they have it a guy in the room who's going through to the same time we've gone through in the past. I think that's that's a huge benefit. So yeah. He then talks about the second arrow is something we get into a little while ago when you get in the OT AG in turning campy start to look at what you have in the secondary one the guys. Parkway index. Com you know obviously he missed some times got to get up speed so to speak we're worried about that secondary depth but he talked about how hard getting up to speed with the defense. Yeah I think I think he's he's. He's picking it up I mean that it's. We haven't done that much. It's that it's such a small sample size are I'm not concerned at all whether whether you where where is as far as picking up. We have all we ample training camp for that but he's he's even though we hasn't been here he's been engaged with what we've been doing. And I think he's he's got a pretty good sense of where we are portable. So you feel good at least with Rockland and XP one of the veterans back there now or he'd you know look. Parkland Dixie would say he didn't have a great year last year so what went wrong for talk index. Well first what I mean I'm not. Could speak a lecture was here at the circumstances. I don't really concern myself with that just just impression he's made eagle on on us in the system. Moving forward. And and he is a pretty good sets of of who he is and in in what he needs to be in his skill set and in his leadership role on the defense and as we talk guys that the best way to leaders through your play you know what to do. Into squad next cute too good to the best your building and he pushed set a great example for our guys so. I think we tried I'm. You were not gonna ask guys to do things outside of their own personality. And I'm just looking forward to two training camp where we can go all the guys out there and pads and and a guy waiting on planes real football. So all. Not gonna really tell you what. Went wrong but nevertheless he said look it wasn't his best bearish years so we wanna get him back Elmo Wilkerson and his numbers dropped out for the jets last year. What challenge does he now face in Green Bay is that guided they need up to gut. Sure every as we all know the trees to east. Spoken on it it in the way he left new York at little bit of a bad taste in his mouth and and he's a pride for guy. And I think he's sees this as a great situation for. You know to redeem itself causey he knows he's a he's a better player and then that what's happened to me lately. And and I can only speak to two when I had Mo is that as a rookie in as a as a second year player and if he he was outstanding for us and it and I think that that. He's very eager to get back to that I think tee that his spring is his he's got a great job. Rick I really like that the chemistry and a defense or groups starting with which coach Montgomery took. You know to to. Two Mike Daniels who's who's never afraid to speak up as you as you guys well know. But but Kenny Kenny Clarke said again and a had a great spring. Two tomorrow who's who's. Who have been. Reaping great take care himself and then and he's ready to go to dean. Who's who's. Very quietly done everything we've asked and and we've also seems really good things from from countries as well which is which is bird bird. Also he wants to talk about that the pour unit drill in the last owed OTA practice he was. You -- we talk about this work Mike Patton is getting in the facing guys there is this is no longer just Dom Capers sitting back with his kind of his hand Jewish chant and watching the veterans the guys that already know that they've made this team were noted they're playing and notice they're going to have a position Mike patton's different he had against some guys your hands. While others there's a time Ford and told the guys were great in the beginning that I think. They they have control over. You know their their coach's emotions that that. If they weren't seeming fired up there there's there's an easy path to that and and and that that's either. You know not hustling not knowing what to do and it was just do the drilling got a little bit disorganized and rougher on the edges and then we hit we Boston some calls that. That. That we should then and I'm Malcolm I'm not hesitate. To call ball and make sure that that. Woodward on the business are kind of just let things slide and I'm not a I'm not a sweep things under the carpet kind of guy so votes are actually do them I get the most fired up or watch film so I prefer don't. On the field I'm not on too crazy. You know it happens from time to time I'll only about the Patrick Graham he's he's he's that guy so. We we can via their cup works come. Bad cop worse cop hits and nobody even it could side of things. There's bad cop worst job by he also says as yelling at players in the film room. Does he get does he get fired up and areas that needed to make a good point. Yeah I mean it's the accountability peace especially of the things that upset you a Mozart a guy getting physically beat but it's. You know player days at a certain position. And player B is it is same position makes a mistake and that's correct it ought to. An inquiry turns around makes the same mistake we told you're responsible for all the coaching points and your position. Whether it was you were that's upsetting. When when nothing's like that happen but it's it's this the things that they're in charge of their effort or we're not gonna stand for for poor effort. You're not not being ready to too relaxed we want guys in it already positioned for the ball snapped and we went straight like it took the little things that. Every coach has their own set of pet peeves and the guys are very quickly learn there. He's. Got some pet peeves he's got some fire to him as well does it fuel. Since it feel good to be back in Cody the bid took a year off following a couple years of the browns head coach Jeff Toobin be back coaching yet. It passed it to the classroom and in the field just. That the thing about coaching it took me a long time to realizes it. World so it it is coaches were we keep getting older of what the group that we're the average age of the gospel working with states this thing and that. This worker that age purchase guy keeps you know. Just you know just the energy and and European out that the thing you you've missed is that is that interaction the camaraderie not just with players with the coaching staff. It's been great so but obviously your work storm in the in the honeymoon phase and we haven't given up for you order points so. So good. It's all good right now and then what is he going to do. These guys are workaholic what is he gonna do I mean do they come back for your training camp July 25 26 get it underway so what is Mike Patton good. I got placed little lake. Pontoon boats like world top of it I don't go to slide my kids love it smoke a couple cigars and and up battle last about a week and that'll that'll start thing about football so I have my own. List of things to do but I'll be Smart with at all all do a little bit at a time but it it's hard to completely detach from it. But it's just it's in Italy when you can get around that that's what's great about that time is it is you can get around. Friends and family and and taking away from it but it's if it's always there and you know by by. 1012 days in the July LP. Securities market. They haven't. And it's good to know we've got another cigar smoker in the state of Wisconsin. Mr. Mike Pence they have. I'd take a quick break covered state doing a lot more coming up as matter of fact. Armed couple of things I want to talk -- talks more brewers' offense also get into this discussion regarding the artists in the rumor is that he doesn't wanna play with Eric Bledsoe or Jabari park. Even though he was saying Jabari is guy wants him back and he will be back as computers more than Mike Sugarman a next. You're listening to go bill might school's sports talk network. Michael Schiavo on the air. Hopefully you're having fantastic day we certainly appreciate you hang our weather's. Wanna talk a little bit we give back his super chatter coming up I won't talk a little bit about this comment made by Chris Sheridan. Of getting more sports. And there's a lot of talk. About obviously coli lettered inside each. Where he could and I'm going. Then there's the article comes out the bucks can be looking to trader was so Jabari Parker why. As it rose. At least according to Chris Sheridan he city expects the bucks to move Eric Bledsoe and Jabari Parker because yacht is identical both. Does not enjoy playing alongside those two. Could that be landing area for both of those guys tenancy and Antonio did you call why. To come to Milwaukee. Bledsoe is proven to be an asset for a team since being treated by Phoenix. Following the early season fiasco while Parker has to Dell has to deal with two ACL surgeries is becoming pro. Which is bound to raise some level red flags with the organization the team already has been Chris Middleton as attendant compost partner in crime. And he was alone player accompany degree freak in the breakfast meeting. Was now head coach Mike poodles. Wasn't John is that said he wanted to be would you barring. And wasn't a Jabari that said that him and Yana Sid talked a couple years ago pensive we're going to be the tutored or stay here and build this thing around us. Are we now all led to believe that they cannot coexist. Then there is an animosity between the two. See this this goes back when we had. Steve Novak in studio. And we asked him point blank what would pop duo he played for Gregg Popovich. What would pot bill if he was coming to Milwaukee will woody do. And the first thing he said was he would get him in some in his office and say I just need to now. I want you to take ownership of whatever it is you're about the day. You wanna get out get out. Don't blame me I won't see in your way more page yet your player you wanna move on you wanted to your own thing but if you wanna play. And you too can coexist and let's do this. Let's be cornerstone it's always so good Knowles has already done that. I did I get a chance to ask him that the other night we saw him down until the caller including dinner. And sharing a glass of wine with dart in him a couple of people. By. Is this the first we've heard that they do not enjoy early she honest does a reportedly. That yeah honest does not enjoying. Plainly boys sore Parker. Is this the first we've heard. At first I. I mean there was an assumption there that may be the being played great together. But this is the first I've actually heard of and Joseph you heard any time any other reporter out there is said. John West is not wanna play with these two guys because he does not enjoy playing with. I don't know man is Chris Sheridan said it's a whole matter of fact like it was gospel. AME if you if you go to that entire quiet lettered piece met that little nugget of information was right at the very bottom. And when I read that it is sought. As Chris Sheridan know something that we don't because I've heard a lot of rumors that you know there's friction between you on us and Jabari but we don't know for Scherer. And then Chris you got Chris Sheridan just says like yeah I mean he is a wobbly with these guys. I don't know Chris Sheridan has been in the league for a long time he is a highly respected. NBA writer he's been doing this for awhile so. I mean I don't know relive what to make event I don't know if the balks are going to be able to unload Eric Bledsoe went a perfect world I'd like to unload Eric Bledsoe and get them off the steam. Because I was so disappointed with how he played in the playoffs. And maybe this coaching staff can find a way that. You know get the selfishness. Out of him because. That killed them in the playoffs so she when he wasn't in shots. And would Jabari Parker. Mean the Bucs can't do any thing and soul we see how this plays out a restricted free agency. And I think it's a load of crap that the draft comes before free agency starts I think a lot of you would agree with that that free agency should open before the draft. Because when it comes to means. You want to address needs in free agency before you wanna get into. You know fill in everything else up with with draft acts. So. You know I don't know what's gonna happen with this Jabari Parker situation it's gonna be one of the biggest. Question marks here. Restricted free agency that stuff gets under way you're July 1 and then we get in on restricted free agency and July 6 I mean I have. I have no idea and who knows maybe Ina said something to booted holes there in in the media about how he feels a bunch bird Parker don't know no cloak. But when Sheridan said that as a matter of fact that was kind of like. I don't think he's making it up I mean why would you make up. Right. Now noise making an upper why he would herb but that's the first I've heard from anybody. That they toll in that that your honest quote does not enjoy playing alongside those guys mean. BR from anybody. So I don't I don't. You any you're right it's if you look at the article. It's the box and all he goes through all the different landing spots require letter Boston Philadelphia San Antonio to stay and remain there. The lakers the signs the clippers. You know and then he goes to the fuel which is the mavericks in a box and the very last line is. That eat you know if Pavlovic Buford. Probably slash Buford are dead set on sending a letter. 201 of the least desirable places possible. Weather wise. Then Milwaukee could be employed expected the Bucs could move Eric Bledsoe into bird Parker because. Jas is immigrant vote is not enjoy playing alongside these two would pop probably doesn't want guys like on his team either. Which makes you Obama wait why. Interesting commentary. All this stuff buck wild winner. He's not come out of the box it was just forget about the let's look if I'm the spurs. And I'm trying to get rid of quiet liner which they're gonna try really hard to acquire wants go to the West Coast there an actor trench in the West Coast -- smartest play. Is to trade him east and to try and make a deal with Boston because Boston by far has the most assets and then after that. If Philadelphia wants some that's another team you trade four if on the spurs you want. You want the best talent you can yet and right now the Celtics and the sixers are holding all the cards right now. Morsel of what the Milwaukee Bucks are if you if you think that the box are gonna have enough here to try and get quiet Leonard for a year. I didn't know is it worth it it is quite gonna be happy to come to Milwaukee. Yeah I don't Seattle thinks. I don't think so. I just I. He's first of all do you want quite Leonard. First tell insurers challenge you're oh what's his. That's who that's my point and we talk about this the other day issues attitude to just bust out because it was a bee a man because he's not coming here vehement. The army and then secondly. Is this just he's just tired of being there could just wants out of San Antonio that's one thing if he's just a malcontent in his personality crosses over with wanting out. You don't want that guy Milwaukee there. The squad wanna play for booted holes or who's a former disciple of Gregg Popovich right. Right. Another another layer to the union I just mean I hate to break the Bucs fans like co Weiler is that common here. I just I don't think so. He's not. 85583086488558308648. On the loans wicket dot com poll rhetorically when chime in feel free to do so. And he was speaking in the NBA the draft is right around the corner. Bucs are picking seventy. It's pretty much it you can hear crickets. You care a 55830864. More than a Mike Russia next. He ordered to abort her film film Michael's sports talk network. No I don't show on the air era when you're. Hang out whether it's. So. I'm thinking to myself. Let me NBA draft coming up. That's great. We don't think of myself. In okay. And him in my thrilled. Mean they mean are reeling. Is there something there that's going to you know make you really really happy. I guess. Might be the best question. You know. You do a lot of people talk about two very young and how for he's gonna fall and will he and there was say Philadelphia there. Chicago or clear winner in the mix. Nearly look at number seventeen on these mock drafts. There's one guy out there and a lot of players are Russians players a lot of people are talking about regarding players. And I thought the breakdown on ESP it was rather interest and you look at a guy like Mitchell Roberts in the center. They say just likes on maker couple years ago when young cynical people before that drafting tournaments in a high risk high reward play. Like Jim Robinson played in neither college basketball more at a high level international. Giving scouts and stay as statistical projections. Relatively little to go on however. His strong play in the 201690. YBO show cased Robinson's potential. To develop into a cleaned up LS cup I'll ask rim runner in protector. He could be that guy which is something that they need. As far as finding that shooter out there. Not sure you're going to be able grudges find yourself up. You know guys can be draining it from far outside consistently or not they did just not those guys out there. Are implied course he'd be a guy. You know there's another guy that. Oh Coble is said he is if you permit from harassing you correctly. Santonio look at a guy like. Zone non Mussa. Kind of a wing excellent size good good scoring ability he's a guy making put it up. He's nineteen years old. Gradually becomes more personal player's career moves along they feel. He could be a guide him ideally get it done. There is as I hear Smith. At a Texas Tech ninety years old best athlete the draft by many and if you he's going to fall and be right there attainable for the Milwaukee Bucks but. I'll RBIs with you. I you know I know there's a new big draft show coming up to Thursday night I'm looking forward to hearing. In finding out more I started to look at a lot of these guys. Because you really look at first front players it's very rare that you look at sector around players but you start to look at all these guys you think okay. Who can be an impact player and come in at the very least fortify maybe what is your is your bench. And not overwhelmingly. Thrilled with features NBA draft. Specifically addressing a number seventeen this. This has all the earmarks of the beginning of eighth seed seventeenth in the draft. You're getting pretty much the value that you think you're getting. You know are you gonna continue to reach dread stuff I mean. Is you've got a superstar and goddess okay that has to continue to grow we can't stop now knees and develop a jumper guild had better. You know big star when it comes in the name but he's got to continue to develop so you've got that star. Bush. I'm starting to golf. Borrow. Well again bill. You're retread guys here we go drafting seventeen get a couple of veteran players you don't have big money go on find some of the top guys that are out there. You don't have pieces of water on the honest and so Leon as finds greener pastures and then you're back to. What you saw when you had the senator is the owner. You're gonna try. But you're gonna get to BAC news gonna have a new news so I look I'm I'm putting a lot of faith in coach Bruno older. Putting a lot of faith in John Horst. If you gotta get it right. You gotta get right. Go to Georgia on the north side George walker of the program the micro shorts comment. And I don't I just one act the question to you as far as the boats or not to meet seventeen in this slot and buy you. Basically saying that you don't think it's a very good slot that that you know this state. Developing basketball players as a whole period I mean that's bad. When you don't have thirty quality. Players to kick around seventeen is that some bacon and green thumb Golden State with a second rounder. So what that tell you about the book which wrapped in development we just are kind of hot and cold in the book. Whoever they get in the heritage labs developed and pick players. That would come down to contribute aren't clear light trade mongering at some other players it's fine later in a draft at seventeen that turned out to be at camp. What is wrong order that we can't find a solid player at seventeen that should be actual that slot so tell me what you need. I know hey I'm all for it look as they fell Malcolm Braga Malcolm Braga turn out to be the rookie of the year and I I think. You know still can be a viable peace to this team and I mean we talk about good role players I'm I'm in complete agreement. Completed that's why I find. The win when you go to mock drafts I came to. I got down to pol from scored just talk about Mike Roberts Michael Robinson or mr. Roberts initial round or two Robinson. There's a lot of talk about they don't know enough. Could he be that guy again. You know we knew John Hammond like to take some big swings you take a big swing and maybe and it with a high reward guy because you just took a shot when nobody else did. I'm off fort plus let's be honest we've been talking about getting a centering here getting at and this is a guided this twenty years old. Maybe this guy has another four years and develop three years ago now you want him to develop faster obviously but kiddie committee gets some more to be rim protector. That would take care released. One of your needs right. Age but see this is the problem here you're asking a guy like Mitchell Robinson was a complete project from direct to just roll him in next season and say OK you're our big man let's see what she got do you think this can't do no I don't know what you got to you know bridge that you'd items appoint you. Everybody that this is that this is how anybody you know bring back Larry Sander the box are not in a position here to train deal with project players why not. Are trying to. They're not what are engineer would be honest they are light years from Golden State they're not winning a damn thing next year. And provincial Robinson is starting Saturday if you have a setter this look. I'm not deal or projects unless you wanted to tell Michelle Robinson when you draft and hate we're gonna push in the G league ever gonna have you played on the full time. And when you feel like yelling anti illegal cereal you don't you'll draft. If that's only if you look at the last 31 round picks. From Milwaukee Bucks had they've been helped and shot Vaughn isn't on the team anymore robot makers a wildcard and we knew he was a project to begin what are not given up on on what. Scott Baker did not I'm gonna go neighbors for this box to know him as he's got to go away quietly go dissolve season and then did it Wilson were was seat no. World say no I agree okay. This is what I think bill. I just think the book should trade that peck. Paired up with a bad contract issue we have right now trade back into the second round you can find all the players in the second round. Guys that have had some experience in college basketball. Got a lot there's a lot of three indeed guys that you can get in the second round just pick someone from there and put a man as he rotational peace. And just started hearing for. You're you're you're trading for a second round pick you you need second round picks the Bucs have had to the last couple years. Finding second round guys and sterling brought a Malcolm Brian and there's a lot I was rated up on this the other day there's a lot of good point guards and shooting guards that can provide. Three point shooting which the Bucs need in defense which the Bucs need muse I would rather trade back. Dump one of these bad concerts that you have and like a John Henson are dull the Dover Tony snell here with their first round pick. That makes it intriguing and moved back and get out a salary cap hell. That's what I'm doing with that pet I'm not real. Seventeenth with what's there right now there's nothing that pulls me away I sold in the box to find a quality player back in the second round then they went in the first round. This bucks team is not in a position to develop. Project players they're not they're not there at this point they're trying to go up against Boston and Philly in the east in May be Cleveland depending on what if LeBron stays there and that's the goal right now. So try to ask Mitchell Robinson. It was a complete while current say OK you need to be a starter now because we don't know what we're gonna do with the senator position let's say you have to be a starter I don't think I did start a normal girl and. Did to us I think you keep coming give you say. 1516. Minutes twenty minutes a game in place in decent defense agrees aboard your OK but again this goes back to the comment he can either be thought maker. Or he can be honest and Nicole Powell. Because you just don't know if you think that this guy has all the ability I mean just in incredible athletic ability like they saw in your honest. When you go get. What do you think he's more the sign maker type where it's a lot of question marks you're really not sure that you don't go get him. But I find he's just an intriguing name that did has been attached in the box numerous topics Molly you're asking for complete project. Just goal when there in. I mean this is well let's be honest it like she in my issue really so image look if you are if you're. Bringing Jabari back and everything's right with the world everything's good and he's on fire and everything mania you're making a push to try to be Boston for the Eastern Conference fun. That that's why this is this whole this whole thing is unfair anyway BMI is a look at themselves in the mirror and put free agency first. Draft sack but if you read the book if you're not. Then you need to make and you need that then you need another guy it's going to be which you've heard it in he'll be ready in two years. Also to get his feet wet this year and in the next year. He's ready kind of fly with a restaurant is we they were supposed to hit the ground running going into this new building and they're not going to do unless they bring in a couple of big names are free agents. We all know they can't do good on the money load the box in a final way to win now that's the goal. But with eight but but I agree with you and your four world but in reality how close are. Are old and Donna scuttle leave here in three years and battle behind it that's the fear. I agree with you that's the fee that's why it's important to win now you got. Guys got to give yacht as a reason to say. Let's not all pretend like yeah honest is gonna be. Seen here for a white guy is so easily not act like that by did all of this off season when Nextel sees you start to clear some of those numbers all the books and then you're gonna have more money is no it's going to be interest in who they bring back Chris Middleton can be one of them I'd. I have no idea. You know what tomorrow tomorrow Michelle bell I'd like to hear from box fans about what they think the buck should do with this pick because. I don't really see. The benefit in paying an on this when your. Dealing with so many other problems right now on you're just trying to make some space. I have not AIK are sitting back with my arms folded maybe in my hand in my chin going me as to what John worst is going to do to make this team you were given a gift. With this pick really became Donald coin toss between you when Phoenix on get this pick so you actually get. An additional asset that you now you can pair up with a bad contract and mall. I just think that's the most logical thing right now when you're asking a box team that needs to be at least top 4 in the Eastern Conference that that's. Where they need to beer and 855830864. We'll take you so Samir phone calls and we will begin to wrap things up coming upstate to this portion program he brought to our friends Brett. 'cause itself where they wanna send you as a VIP is summer fest all ports that you could go to cousins of dot com. Slash big gig giveaway cousins subs that accomplished Big Dig give away and they could send you yes you over to. Our summer fest gets on the great concerts over at the began to feel. 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And on south prairie view road in chippewa falls so get out get you tickets get ready for Thursday on July 26 cigar dinner. And we go and Alec Bradley Allah Bradley is the vendor. We'll probably go one. Avi Rubin of here's what we were talking about Robinson in the middle Joseph the bucks last year 28. 28 in defense of scoring 22. 22. In points in the paint in defense appoint the points in the paint and 22. In the league in giving up second chance points. Defense. Was not something that the Milwaukee Bucks took serious. But by all means sura project in there and and expect him disfigured baby turns out to be a good guy and two years. Not next year I'm just simply saying they don't have any thing and it's not worth the investment that you don't it's done though not when your trying to win now but they're not winning now that's my point they're not going to. It is if if they're good looking to get rid of if they're looking to get rid of Bledsoe if they're looking to get rid of Jabari Parker unless you're gonna go out and spend money. And bring bigger named free agents in which I'm all for. What we talked about this at the end of the season they don't have money. You gotta get rid of space and in order to do that take the first round pick that you have this is a golden opportunity to create space yet but I don't think anybody's gonna give you a bunch of space east by giving away your first round draft choice. And trading it for what it. Just a second round pick. Just another second round pick up but you've cleared essentially ten million dollars someone of these bad contracts that significant. I I sense the price you have to pay how they don't know how they gonna give away how they got a clear money but giving away just because the first round draft paper can mean isn't not going to get the ten million bucks he's gonna be do. Not on top bill I'm talking about a first round pick. Okay seventeenth overall pick with a contract like a giant ball or project like a man I don't do our job you're just our image is strictly trading when the hit OK no no no old and I don't know it's it's the first round pick and it's a bad contract. And then you're able to move back you can go back into the second round and I still think you can find a quality player that can be a good rotational piece for. Erica met the last guys like last night put together a really good piece in the journal sentinel about all these different situations at the box could. You know what they can do on draft night with that pick and I think it's a really fast. Injury check it out no lightweight when Hewitt said it originally interviewed in threatening osu and you said the penetrate the pit. And I'm thinking how's that gonna do you ever mocha known and please don't please don't twist my words around the cause is going to set our laws are only add to mince. Since that's what decides whether that's what all you're trying to you're not to get rid of the John Hansen. A bad contract in that case then yes go ahead and do if you can deal. If somebody's gonna say okay. That type of player is worth taking on the contrary to John Hanson for year to be you're gonna to find a team in the rebuild mode they're looking to move up I don't think anybody's just sit now they're all we gotta have. The ten million bucks a while John Vincent and the other thing too is he needed team that actually has cap space that's willing to take on that kind that's right and right now there are many NBA teams in the league. That are any good situation with cat so is there interest I thirst that's Camille lot of fun we can talk more about this tomorrow but. I just don't really see the worth in pain and out of that pack I think it would just be smarter this organization traded with bad guy by the way our stats are brought to buyer friends at royal they hearing in the stat of the day implementing SAP and big data solutions just like yours. To companies just like you just go to HP PRO wired dot com eight PP RO YO dot com that is the opera has stats of the day. What more about this tomorrow get you ready I've recap game two with the brewers are coming up tomorrow as well. And also talk a little bit more about of the Green Bay Packers. Is we're gonna talk with Orrin Burks we get the inside scoop with him as well from his coach Dunn or Vanderbilt. As Seth Everett tomorrow our baseball insiders so good what guy on tap tomorrow as well off to undergo have a don't have. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.