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Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 4. Plus, we’ll play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”, but this time with fill-in host Tim Allen!

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From the league's front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans Compton to. Michael show may this radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. And welcome back Wisconsin a Wednesday addition of the bill Michael's show here on the bill Michael's sports talk network Tim in for bill today radio Joes and Zola nick bode love Sears name on the radio throughout this great state of Wisconsin. He's working for free. Is in turning. He doesn't get enough shout outs on the show leaders of ten tests chipped it does does a good job and sports. Are what we do for eleven. I've been blast with that opportunity to do that for eleventh herb. Quite a few years and in just radio in general to do that for eleven for over three decades but. We got to talking the other day about it no way Arab everybody's getting their sports information these days. And there's so many different outlets man I hate I don't know honestly if I didn't do this for a living where I would get mind. I think I'd make it a little more simplistic. Dominic gas. On not having to jump through a bunch of hoops to find out Dell's new sports scores and everything. So many different apps you can download on your phone yeah. So only two. Yes I mean there is it outside a Twitter I'm not looking at Twitter. Bleacher Report has a really cool lap because you can select. All the teams you wanna follow and then as your day goes along those seems eager following they're just gonna sing your reports about what's happening to the brewers when they lose. And you can trade here right you can make them specific to your team to exactly yes. So they you know if you want just Packers news from NFL app for whatever you can get that sent right just. Did give your flare on your phone up every update. And I'm trying to think if if I didn't do this I will tell you since I do do this. That my regiment is is pretty rock solid and steady it's it's ever it's every every morning mean. Early riser and I know I work late nights. You know ball often times and pretty much about the baseball season so but I still get out. Given the fact that I get a napkin and a soul guys need naps. Some people ask me why take naps I say because I cam. And and it's cool but I get up every morning I sit down grab the coffee. And I go through this now this just saw why do it has said it's it's an unfair comparison because I wanted to know from you guys as to. The first line of defense on sports information. Regardless where you park falls are Oshkosh wherever you wherever your. I know we're all busy so we can't devote as much attention as as I do but. Anywhere between 45 minutes in two hours is what I spend. Reading. The online. And print versions of the print versions I get online twos so like I get that. Through my phone but I will go through. ABC news ABC sports dot com. I go to. ESP n.'s The ESPN's. Baseball coverage. And it's just a lot of times about eleven little pieces that don't go into detailing click here for more details almost headlines were a little bit of the stories. Same deal with the NFL. Over ESP him. Let's see. My third fourth one is Lead stories there. And then go to the Green Bay press gazette online. Alike what they do now they have linked up with they have. Linked up with I think USA today I wanna say correct so they're all one big happy family. Obviously I go to the Milwaukee journal sentinel details on line. And a lot of times I'll see. That. The headline would be. Some of these things get into detail about you know well single a game. Between the Rangers affiliates and you know pick another team. Really I don't have time for that food part of that. But I will discuss advances in just advances so that I go to receive journal times dot com they do a nice job thank. Kansas City Star. Denver Post. USA today. These are all every day. Every day what I do a farm in a hurry again I scroll and I'll just sit next. Let's get to this next LeSean McCoy. Allegedly blob up and all the slicks interstate. Knuckle head. Knuckle head news sometimes. So I do that that's mis felt and that obviously are my phone I've got the brewers dot com So I've got some things going on there too but that's what I do Joseph. Every single morning. And you wonder why come over these news and notes and Dwight Clark was. You know buried on on the former owners branch. I think still that's coming goofy but okay. Our necks of the goalposts where he actually that the real goal posts that he made the catch under. That's where I get these things because there's so many different outlets there. Where does like some of that doesn't do this for eleven. Get their sports information my guess is more times than not it's on the radio it's on the radio show. Thought it whatever radio show your your listening to Adobe and local station in in lacrosse that does you know. Talk for your morning this year it's peppy and Lisa in the morning. Allison Davis creating. A W Kate's TT line demonstrating yes in the morning okay my. Where lacrosse comes to its sports off that's right. I think that sit because of the top in the bottom of every hour of the sports. Updates sports flash sports minute timeout for sports all that's up. That's that's a Dominique gas. Or. He still does. Lim pure lazy butt out to the front porch and grab that newspaper. Which is something to be said about that the innocence of sit down read the paper. I do miss those days. Do. But I think it's still done. It's gonna have to change I would say this is the last generation that's gonna experience that. No knock on newspapers man they got a job to do they've they seller advertising Lotta people are employed by him the whole nine yards. Old habits die hard and we're seeing that happen as we speak times are changed and we all got to change Wear them. I guess is as I reach an in my pocket. This is the Mecca of all info. Right here the song yeah yup. This phone right here which we complain about sometimes. Does is complain and during the break there why can't I get so what year. Well we think of what we did back then we found a pay phone. And we paid long distance charges. These days it's get on the area all the information that's 78 dollars a month and you get anything you want here. Video face to face with whoever you want that has a phone. All those things I don't know if this is this is older guy talks. Or. This just what we have to do now. Because the papers are gonna go away. Down eventually and ago way there'd this I'm CNN sad story that's. It's a really dead because my brother in law was in the newspaper industry for many many years. And downsize downsize and was unemployed as of just recently. And it's it's really sad to see but when you guys get up in the morning you wanna know what the brewers did that's the first thing you do. I think it would very young age. Be a little bit different Joseph for you with that it would be for. George. Who lives in. Medford. And he's 78 years old so definitely. Right he's reading a paper. Still. Sure. And you wanna join this conversation is essentially stood 8558308648. I'm gonna say radio. Is the first line of defense. Regardless cross bored with age. And ominous say the second overtaking the newspaper in terms of sports news we see it all over the TV. All of that because you know it's fox wake up perm BL NBC wake up for what whatever it is we get our news that way a lot of times. But these gotten these guys these days. So opinionated it's even tough to get news out there without it being opinion based news. I'm not Sam wants out of the other politically. I miss you know what I mess. When traveling. The hotel room. Years ago mrs. dole back 203040 years. Traveling. I always had the headline news network. Which really doesn't exist and where is just an endless loop of news that's all they did was news. And it would stay on in my hotel room the entire trip the TV would never go off date night but left the room. I go to work I'd go go have some fun some more never turned the TV off. It never left that channel. Because that was news at that time there was just news news news news news. Bridge collapses somewhere that news covered bridge collapses these days. I can't find it weird where the details are on this in less is the local. News at six live at five. Those types of things I'm just wondering 855830864. Right we have to take a break. Yes OK we'll say we'll take a reg did your conversation. Since are saying that how times are changing. And it may depend on age more next year in the bill Michael show. 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Rate let's go to trap trap your on the bill moguls Joseph what's going on. Yeah Tim are accurate way to start my morning off. Our way culpable for forty. And then. I'd love the paper. And it's firfer firm you know I'm 43 years old just. Arm around the old women most guys in north they have to do just thrown. I can just sit down there and just read a box scores that's ten and everything's. And that's something I enjoy. Aris is there is just something about the serenity of a cup of coffee and a newspaper you know that I'm I'm going to miss them I do miss that are ready. Yeah all right sir and thanks truth at all. Bald cryptic message is on the bill Michael's program 855830. 8648. Let's go to Rick Rick. What's happening. Hey guys thanks revenue down. You know you're you're exactly right I get up in the morning I love nothing more than that you're a couple copy and got to my back. And that I've read the sports section through and through every article everything. Salt. To be honest when I look they met I'm in sales so I'm driving all day and I look you guys 24/7. And I look at oil. And salt. What I get from you guys are that these updates the breaking news during the day which obviously don't have in the journal. Ordered special things that are going on there you know discussions. And LO but I pretty much have sort of been up to date on anything that's been going I'm the only bat like. Is the sports section now gets there's stuff from the New York Times that all that. So when I was at 7 o'clock game you'll see a box score yeah yeah. You can from them and you can even see an Upton Evan that's what I go to my own. So it conceivable that the cubs win last night you know not we have the brewers win the world postal wanted to ask not one. It also I missed that and I just got the recent bill so I'm not be doing the journal anymore. Well boy all right in I'm not doing this to knock anybody or anything I think thanks wreck so he uses combination of ball. As a kitten was it was easy in the and not enough they had years ago let's just say that years ago is a little bit easier were all on the same playing field. We all had newspaper TV and radio that was that's what Chad or you went to the game. Mean that was one thing as a kid it was more sporting news. Newspaper from me. And not the actual newspaper. Although I did like the Sunday. Newspapers out of Milwaukee because they did give kind of stats for. You know the year to date and they would bowl this was a cool thing they would bold any brewer player. That was super cool seagate dissent at a glance I would just read down. Who's leading in home runs and all of there's George Scott he's right it's right there. 85583086. Foray let's go to Richard in Appleton Wilson into us on the score Richard Gere and the the Michael show the. I don't think I've got a couple quick comments one ties back your previous. I'll be there. Comments before the break but for fault firms picking up the sport that's very easy outline accord Or about market guru dot com more you know big article on line at the previous caller that newspaper by don't get when it don't enjoy it but there's nothing from the game. From the night before. That's more in terms of feature article. Here it's. For the third string center actually make the Packers can learn something like pep talk at barely features but I wondered tied it in the lucrative comment on the ball. For five weeks a year and he went Warner area. And there are a lot of good were sent up there but if you have to work there is no marquee journal Wisconsin paper delivered up there are more normal take up there. When I got the TV package on our cabin television. Got fox sports north but then I had to go back in and argued that a lot of the lord in the twin and loved. So I have done that put the work and on the alternate channel. One when the complex web between games of the twins are still the party in all it was mourners in Wisconsin. I'll radio broadcasts are hard to find particularly at night. Sometimes I'll go out of my car and with some serious harm bought it at a but the a lot of and there in the as the well one thing that's a little bit of a misconception. I grew up in northwestern Wisconsin just north the hub and and we couldn't wait for the first succumbed to play the twins and we got tons of people would go over the twins game there's always a huge work contingent at twenty and and that nickel back with some of the radio and I hear things like well a lot of people from Milwaukee critical when he's probably. Could probably a handful for mark it mostly people from home like the Koreans are out here a lot higher than the Richmond. There's a lot of fans there but believe me with your television stations out of the twenty that is your papers are the Minneapolis Saint Paul. You really have to work hard at doing it and I don't think the birds are marketed very well they're both. By the same token now with the Internet and other things I can find what they want a fine. They go yet are so it comes full circle all right thanks thanks for the call. Appreciate that will go to news's Mike yes my and Appleton stick an ample time Mike was seven. I Geithner that I loved your last comment I guess is the same thing I love getting the stats where you could see. Did actually previously that they used to do this where they print it the every eighteen. 25 guys are the batting average is audits abilities are obviously gone away. I'd like to know what newspaper Georgian meant for there are the guys the city itself and goes is in the bathroom and reads fox sports. I live in apple says you cannot find a box score. Five days out of the. In that sense I don't know. I realized that. We're playing tonight I'll read about it I want on Friday. That kind of debt you have brewers I'll watch the brewers. Policy the scores on the squirrels. So I kind of keep track looking at these tools and you know hopefully you know obviously hoping they're losing what not but that's kind of where I met nice 68 salty. I'm not in a Democrat demographics that you just stated that he cares about every light on that but I I I. Like you comment about the dispute when the steps where there. Now what I'll do it at 10 o'clock at night I'll order MLB Gary has him and I'll check the box score some policy goes to a lot especially the guys in the reserve. Rumored to be interested in. Yeah I I get on my okay thanks thank you Mike and I don't know if it's too bad that. The more simplistic. Activities in in in our lives are are missing there's others that are developed through technology. But there's others that are missing that will we just don't have many more in and I'm telling you that its debts sit down with a newspaper. I'd just. I just missed that. I don't have time for that I just miss it so much journal sentinel online has every every day they have a packer one of the packer articles. The I don't I forget what the terminology is that they use and it's everything Packers. Sit down get a strong cup of coffee get caught up on everything Packers. Mean that's that's that line that kind of attaches that was go to Brad Brad you're next in the bill Michael's show. In afternoon jammed it right. And yeah I I get mine. Getting from on might get a lot of outward. Minor league systems grow worse and onto the course I am. Unfortunately just a cute cub. And I get our true. It seems likely we are currently newspapers and every time we were able. I had said nothing wrong with that man as of ten cars. I'll let and then I eight in night. There's what tomorrow it would diving and machine oak. I would check Elizabeth canal and in the morning no good chuck got any date much. Of the morning jaunt saw that he had. I knew I would get it Joseph I've job Brad we'll talk after the ball games and I know brats frequent caller of the post game show I knew that was common. I knew it at one point or some point. So was gonna knock something I'd that wasn't my intent here or not not an all guys aren't. As interest say and maybe eight on a further show once they get back on here if indeed they'll have me. We'll get back into it is I think it's really interesting how. You know through years that your information it doesn't have to be exclusive to sports either it's just all information like a set I missed the actual news. Sometimes. Can't find news. Just knew just keep renews I don't wanna hear of someone bass in the Ryder bashed in the laughter doing all that stuff and what do here's some news once and while. And don't need to hear Nancy Grace let's go to Google lawyers often wasteful lawyer he should fry I heard I miss that show two and a honestly I really do. All right buyer cell and put in on the firing line that's would Joe's gonna do to me and I went there I got some girl once Korea troops on the bill Michael's oh this sort of program brought you by cousins sub's crew bonanno is Barack you can download the app on your mobile device. Towards go to cousins subs dot com it's got the Wisconsin pulled pork. And the Wisconsin Swiss cheese cheddar cheese crispy pickles onions it's so good stop and any local cousins set or just get the pepperoni melt the bill Michael's with a -- radio joke cousins subs you better believe they're good you better believe they believe in better. Listening to build my school's sports talk it's worth. This portion of the program brought you by Bud Light the official response to the built like a sports talk network Wednesday night live is back it's up it's running at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion if you wanna partner car it's six bucks free admission free for motorcycle lists as well. Get out enjoy the music under the stars at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion all brought to you by Bud Light. The official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network. World of sports a lot of people say a lot of things. But doesn't pass the big unit test and let's play by yourself. Brought you my brightest strategy college athletics offering athletic scholarships at nine junior college sports book learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the bill Michael show. OK FC bill Michael's show Tim in for bill today and unlike a lot of broadcasters. I don't like. To be fully fully planned and scripted out of always been that way in this in the talk stuff you like spontaneous radium you have the when I was doing FM music stuff and that's a little different value got to talk about. Now. Whoever. Kelly and Donna the morning. Catch him on location of the car dealership when that that's got to be planned valuing of so many seconds you've got to get that out there and talk. When we take phone callers here. I don't look at the screen. To get a heads up. As to what you wanna discuss I've never been that way a lot of broadcasters I'm not knocking on this is their style I've got mine. Sometimes gets me into trouble on ill prepared and prepared to. Handle it. But it's more spontaneous or that thing is don't just might deal where I don't need to know that being said this segment. Over the years when I've been on with you Joseph the buyer self I don't preview questions. They don't know what we call cold. So let's fire sell this is agree or disagree as Joseph was written these questions. All right well here's the first one. The brewers have a pitching prospect in their system. That could be on the same level as a Jacob to Grammer no listen (%expletive) By yourself. I'd buy it. Do you do I do. I didn't think you'd buy that I do you buy that. And you just saw last night. Corporate. Dudes got four pitches. And he's got the below for a he's got the poised for a I've talked to him before. He seems to be an intelligent young dude. Intelligent. Athletes make better decisions. Intelligent people might see it they wanna be back. I think UC use the word could know. I'm going that I buy. Your belly prospects more than I thought. Well. Trying to. Bill sustainability. Here we can't train the way we get straight away the farm that is the we David Stern's way my hero complete the farm system. I sit out a year wall by eight. Or sell your plea when I'm hearing right now guided me now at what to do another hour with you I didn't mean. Is just getting. No I believe core burns is is the real deal leaked to answer it is okay and I don't want to trade him. Buy or sell. Sure rating for rental players is a dangerous proposition. For a small market team. Selves. Don't be afraid. I know. It's dark. In your room will show. Dark. Deeds your mind starts going and there's the closet over there it's just a little open over there. But you're scared. Know there's you can just get up turn on the light look in the closet. Don't fear it don't fear change don't fear gambles. Why sell that. And what's sexual way either you give me a World Series a bit amid then maybe they maybe I'll have a different philosophy. Yeah but they could come at the cost of Corbin burns to get. A rental player that is coveted. By other teams that could make an impact for the brewers. And maybe. Get on into the world civilians. They've beaten may be may be that you may not be in a position to even make a deal for much out or you wouldn't you may not be in a position to want to make a deal for much auto appear. Two games under 500 in eight games back. So. I don't I don't think we should fear. The change is difficult decisions do happen and David services. He screwed up a timer to that goes with the territory. How would scooter Janelle look popped in this lineup and then do the deal from a chop. You're that close. So if you fear change. Then you know who knows when you're ever gonna make a move. Aren't. By yourselves very well. Well this one. I guess. I think I know we're going with that because we just talked about it Corbin burns buy or sell. Can help the brewers win baseball games right now. And potentially in the post season a bye yeah I buy it I don't believe that he was brought up in any way shape or form to showcase his talents through trade I don't believe I don't believe it either. I had that makes no sense to me that makes no sense. It's all about winning baseball games right now they've been very consistent right council's been consistent with that. David serves as general manager has been very consistent this year with that. It's going out and trade for the guys who's he's got Eric crafts and and you know Brad Miller and these guys. Tyler salad Dino. He is trying to win baseball games right now you and I just looked at these double A lineup it's always game. That's common I get it but in the meantime. Let's go man they have the best record in the NL. So he's here to help the brewers win a title this year. Buy or sell well there's a lot of trade rumors out there right now as we all know. But by yourself Timmy the brewers need to focus on adding an offensive player rather than a starting pitcher. Yeah combined net. I would almost ranked the starting pitcher is being if I had to have you got a rank of hitter full time starter. And and I know it goes against some people's philosophy and I totally respect that that a starter in the World Series is gonna start games 145. And stuff. I understand. Again that and I respect that but the way these guys have been stepping up through. Passion how many games we played you know ninety plus games here. I just don't think coach Vivian drop off the map that often it's going to be the death of me I'll tell you that. It's been a big surprise the season had issues with caning election. Even with Canon HT you manage the C -- thing about this Tim can you imagine where this brewers team would be right now if caning your knowledge or even on the T even think about it. Quite frequently. That's why I love David Stern's even more when I think that. He knew he knew before you me and any other. Brewers fan out there really that this team had some issues off Johnson. And he went and remedied a good chunk of that now Ryan brought from home maybe Travis job come on man. It go on it going. You're doing what you do one without Ron and on all cylinders. Offensively. Let's get going let's clean it up a little. By yourself oh funny you should mention Trevor shot this is the last one tell me five or sell. Shaw has had been an old Casey's. Who then that's best when he tapped. No. I don't think I concluded okay. I think it's a little below average since the 240 average 800 Oprah yes yeah I think that's below what where I thought he'd be. I was. I am a big trap shot am I am is he's not my favorite rural right now notes Christian Alex and I think it's gonna going to remain Christian theology for good many years. Fiat not a good year for Travis job thus far so that's where the timing might come in handy. That he does put it together and of these bullets fully capable of putting it together for big bush second act. Pago that hurt just a little bit. I would take a break. Minor leaguer down at Biloxi. Our. Stat of the day that's coming up next year Tim in for bill. It's a Wednesday version of the bill Michael show. There's always a program brought to my quick trip tops your alternative fuels. Great rewards program as well W local quick trip or go to quick trip KW I K quick trip dot com get signed up for the rewards program and get yourself. A few cents up the gallon gas not a bad way to go that is our frenzy quick trip. Final couple minutes of the bill Michael show for a Wednesday Tim in for bill today he's back tomorrow Joseph. Soft so why now when he's off to Vegas more than just a second here. I'm to get to our stat of the day without Troy you know the centrist thing. You go back and look at what the brewers are doing now this was supposed to be still rebuild. Last year he got a little taster of a pennant race. And then yourself care what they unity now noted that a good like little advanced season there another unity go back to rebuild our. Cain's brought in yellow it's as broad and shot scene is signed. So. You know not all. If it comes down to it comes down to competing for at at the highest level that really are thus far but yet still. Those same groups of players are down in the minor leagues minus Lewis Branson and other guys they move for yell it's. But a good chunk of them at that double way level in Biloxi. And Corey raid the number one selection for the brewers just a few years ago. He's finally sees he's really. Gel. It's a load off my mind here because I was a little concerned with the. Yeah he's so he's finally having a breakout year and he did something pretty big today for the Biloxi shocker is he had three home runs any game. He has sixteen home runs on the season which is tied for the Molson a single season that's cool in shock her history. At a school and thankfully. There's some light at the end of the tunnel for Corey Wright. That is that is super cool off three homered dated a sixteen on the year. There's your stat of the day without pro oil yep brought to buy a trial they make it simple for companies just like yours to implement SAP. And they data solutions revolutionize your data. And ignite your future with. Amp Froyo on the web at eight PP ROY old dot com young players involved in the futures game is tested Hera and debt now Luis Ortiz I read was added yes. Now that's cool yet the more the merrier. And speaking of all star season zag you are you can still vote I. Robot another hour we're gonna find out about an hour right right 3 o'clock is the deadline it also is a deadline I believe Joseph for. Some of the players said don't wanna play or they're being done upper back out of the all star game in which case. Then a guy like Jeremy Jeffers might be added I saw that do little. Was so added to the DL the reliever yeah. So that may be an open door for Jeffers to be added to the all star game. Yeah I think it's a little unfortunate that he didn't make the team because he'd I don't think anyone's that would mean everyone's. I think nationally everybody is talking about Josh hater and what he has done but ouch Gerri Jeffers has gone. Well under the radar throughout the season I don't think he's got enough love national. And then you get to Manning lit shot though and is she going to be a bro worthy Vegas odds now on I'm not I didn't I wasn't aware that you could battle on this. But apparently they put out odds on the front the front runner to. Win the Manny Machado sweepstakes or requirement shot out of the brewers. Now again on how they know maybe they have better resources than Ken Rosenthal. Or one of these other guys I don't know. But you know I feel about Las Vegas. They. Those casinos aren't. Arm built to invite losing. So they may know something here Woolsey as as we move along again are we premature on trade talks now this happens this time every year. And I mean it seems to be pretty lively now blood. Everything that I've been look at this issue from general C because he's been all over this Machado stuff. The Orioles have reached out to the Yankees the Indians the brewers and they said look we want your top pitching prospect. And none of these teams are gonna Blige none of these teams wanna do you know it was reported earlier today Ken Rosenthal saying that the brewers do not want to give Bob. Corbin burns again many that shot. Will say will save maybe those of a bigger package deal that you would want. A burns in there are something's coming back to replenish just a little bit artsy Euro a year off to Vegas tomorrow yacht was bats. Yes and don't don't tell anyone my bouts I don't wanna jinx. All admitted on on the post game show later on this year fair enough all right so I wish I will let the cat what are the balances. Packers minus the points in the under week one Sunday night bears Packers. I parlay them both. You are going to Vegas you one of the night's that you're there when the girl from sleeping. Stop a lot of room to scope out of the room just we just should. Go down to the casino. Order a couple of drinks. To sit there and drink all night long no home I do it so fun. It's so funny and then just crashed by the pool while you you what she wants a bill. Hurdle while like I can just imagine you're in Vegas that she wants go club and well open yeah. And I don't know man I just. After what happened a wise. Was a three years now since I've been in Vegas. I just it's very hard for me to get drunk and that's a good thing you know don't you know I am glad I just only it's. Of it unlikely Indra. Sometimes depends on the where Moran but that might be the place to do it mean. I don't want to end up and in jail a Vegas jail. You won't end up and and I doubt there's anything you could possibly do not you do know that. Other newest thing in the state of Nevada as well as in the city of Las Vegas. Is that the recreational dispensaries are open for business you aware that. I gave you know now. Okay. Your reaction to that no comment. Okay we go well that's well that well no comment. That's a cryptic message from Jose and so it's it's. We're not allowed to talk about that kind of stuff on here or not we're now. No and you know that right that that's its company policies so I know comment ahead. That sack cryptic or anything I'm just cover my own rear end and it's all I don't you bought a minute now Joseph we were what are we talk about I don't. We'll have fallen. Think that's the wrong with a shot of tequila once in awhile ago and I can't do sticking out of the box and do some crazy for once in your life. You know why it. So crazy things people that listen to the show probably think I'm some weenie loser. I can't have some fun guy not. They just thought well he had. Are you guys have a great day thanks for listening it was a lot of fun today thanks for calling the listening here to the bill Michael's show us can do for us. Joe's and soul of my name's Tim Allen. Have a great day Wisconsin. He ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice talking network.