HR4 – Is legalized sports gambling a good thing?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, May 14th
Hour 4. We’ll let you weigh in on whether it’s right to have sports gambling in the state of Wisconsin.

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A lot of the pictures are simply going to FaceBook dot com find a bill Michael should he go Michael show with the blue checked our blue verified check mark. And you can see is there as well it's that simple. Bomb today it was a landmark. Decision. In case you didn't now when you're just tuning in or maybe you have early paid a lot of attention in this. The Supreme Court today struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. Now it's a landmark decision that gives states the go ahead. To legalized betting on sports the court today ruled six to three to strike down the professional and amateur sports protection act. BAA RPA. SPA. Which was in 1992 law by the way the board to state authorized sports camp as the exception was a bot. Okay the only state where person to wager on results on a single day. States that wanted to offer legal sports bedding may now go ahead and do so in New Jersey. Plans to be the first they were the ones who were opposing this and they got their way Delaware Mississippi New York Pennsylvania West Virginia are among the states are expected to quickly. Get in the legalized bookmaking when it comes to and bookmaking grab brings in derogatory term almost. To gambling but that's basically what the court ruled in favor of New Jersey. And against the NCAA NFL NBA NHL Major League Baseball. Which capping nearly six year legal battle. And overturn the federal statute. That's sports leagues had adamantly stood by for more than twenty years congress can regulate sports gambling directly. But if Rolex not to do so each state is free to act on its own. That's what the court wrote in the opinion our job is to interpret the law congress has enacted in decided. Whether it is not consistent. With the constitution PA PSA. Is not. Consistent with the constitution. And little league's first sued former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Back in 2012 they want every step of the way until last June the Supreme Court decided to take it take the case talk. Oral arguments were back on December 4. And the justices ruled five months later Christie tweeted after the ruling saying. Two great day for the rights of states and their people to make their own decisions. And new Jersey's governor Phil Murphy also cheered the ruling saying that he was thrilled to see the High Court strike down the arbitrary fan. Which basically means that us. Basically means is that states if they choose to do so can implement sports camp it's that simple. So what do you step to go to Vegas for. Now can happen in your own backyard. So if they wanna open it up eventually and I would assume that many of these. These horse racetracks and casinos and such throughout the country. Are probably already have blueprints in place to build these. You know gambling areas he sports books. They probably I'm already in place you don't have to go to Bally's in Vegas anymore do you can probably just do it right here it I don't want me and they're probably gonna build another. Number wing on the pot a lot of minutes is gonna handle sports books or New Jersey alone said. That he'd be cash output to to adjust to the state will be about eight billion dollars in revenue. 82 billion dollars in revenue so here's the question. Here's a question ear cups. Is it a good thing. Is a good thing or you're against gambling you're gonna say now. Vegas built the whole city upon. Continues to get bigger better. You know Vegas is is a prospering area. Housing development job market unit it's all come along with gamble OK are there people than burning need gambling anonymous yes. No doubt. You get a little bit of the bodies. A little bit high overstep yourself not good. But like any thing. Where there's too much chocolate you can overeat and become obese and eventually die from heart disease or smoking. Or drinking. In some type of an addictive state which can be chemical vs dismantled but. Then again they talk about the amount of don't mean and endorphins that are released when you get a high from gambling. Back to become problematic yes. That is the downside. The upside. The benefit to the state. The benefit of jobs to benefit of the ability to then they're doing additional marketing which then grows each sport which grows each job which any army need there's a trickle down effect on both sides. So your thoughts. Your thoughts as they he's Supreme Court said today states do what you wanted to do. The government is out your way. 8558308648855830. 864 aid and loans by kept dot com poll free talk. What do you think as was remark. Mark writes I think it's great I think there's going to be a trickle down effect of jobs and he talks about money for other services. Which we original literally he's got a hole. Litany of things that are good about all of us IE and he said I heard you talking about streets in and police and fire and teachers and let you think that way. Those are the ones that protect us and set us up for the years. Of tomorrow. We need to make sure that they are painful and I said that all along look. The firefighters police. Military personnel teachers those are the people that are most underpaid under appreciated. And take more crap than anybody's ever wanted to in their life. But yeah we wanna hold on to a higher standard than ourselves. And that they are woefully under today have been prolong want to go to Tim in front Tim what the program the Michael show. Billy good afternoon young man you know they'll. And ultimately good or bad OK number one build degenerate early and they're gonna you know. I think what is gonna do with a lot guys like me who don't have a guy on the side you know cited the place that was on the side. In a bomb down at auto plan poker today. All the Packers are favored by five and a half okay. I controlled 45 on the Packers might get real and all manner that a called the body what it will do. Is gonna put greed all. Maybe legal action is going to be a little bit lighter because now that degenerate and at that called lead alt. Eating just one down a pop rock and degenerate probably don't have auto anyway he can go upstairs or wherever there is. Rabbit in all of that is filed under there's chaos now K on the bears are on the Packers it and stick it in goal that was so that's what I think it will do it is illegal act. Aspect of it they'll probably drop. But I don't think the action will drop any actual article up that people won't be afraid to argue it's just my opinion that gobble you would do that they expect. First and he drops off to get onboard 8558308648. On loans wicket to account for free talk I think the only way this works is it trade it you know. Is as far as the the legal side of things is you're gonna see. Because different sports books lose some of their liners and by that I mean some of the people that set the lines. Because they're gonna work for the government down somewhere should perform this is some Wii Sports books bring these guys in. You gonna pay more attention in that in that realm it's it's it's got to be better action. Then what your book on the corners given. And now you're gonna see the government take a pieces look. I never been a big gambler. There have been just have adjusted you don't mean there's been a couple times Argo got a little bit of money twenty bucks fifty barks another crazy you know. Because I always look at look at this what. I haven't been that lucky when it comes to gambling to be honest within I think it hit the lottery once for 500 bucks in my entire life. And I was one of those people that played a religiously like five bucks every Wednesday and every Saturday. Two point where I thought to myself you know why I'm not throwing away. You know it that much money here a month anymore. Yeah eighty bucks a month that's that's a small payment for some. So. I stopped doing a long time ago. And I know the old adage is you can't win if you don't place our renowned and understand they'll take a shot to adapt. But when it comes to the gambling of the sports books in casinos and such. I don't know I just it never got me in it every now and then you know I'd I'd play the the pick him pool or something like that are played little fantasy. With a body in my we have a team for a little bit higher stakes we've been pretty good at it over the years but it. Beyond that young now these people that that's the outcomes and that's a lines as ever bent. You know I mean I do for fun on the program just kind of kind of go along with what I'm what I'm saying some of the things that I believe in. So when Madison side I put my reputation where my mouth is more so than my actual money. But to some people man that that's their life. You're always gonna get something you're gonna get that big play it's always gonna get too ahead make you rich and what you gonna do is is try to do it again. So you know that I guess the story of a guy like Pete rose's probably more frequent. Than a guy that when the Vegas and headed big in the sports books 5678 times and now he's retired multi millionaire. Living in some biggest state so more. But I think give a responsible people do and enjoy it Soviet. So intriguing is like anything else. Be responsible won't be crazy. David Cross plains day I don't there was going comment. They built very particular culture you. This that they could. It's going to be just the match exploded of that market and it can be online betting everywhere. But there with like any industry that there's going to be one or two players to get. Left in the whole game and it's mostly due to the net neutrality and a quarter were your thoughts were both sought to play it so appears. I reject reject. All net neutrality thing I have not even begin to wrap my head around. So. Eventually I guess what he's saying is is gonna call her one regulation somebody's gonna get rich and occurred you know why is it the government's got their hand and it's late you know it's like anything else. You're you're regulated to death for everything you can't can't do there's always gonna be loopholes is always going to be guys are gonna test the limits. But the bottom line is this if you are one of those people that love to go to valley sports book I put it this way Joseph. You and I could end up sitting upon wannabe and a sports book. For the opening two day news of the NCAA tournament too and show. And having all the action all the excitement all the betting all the phone although it on the NCAA March Madness stuff going on around us hearing. Why are we eliminate in this to just casinos and state whose is this can happen at Miller Park really talk all you could you walk up to a gate at Miller Park. And that's three go to place your bet yet on the brewers that's what I'm sober once and NC Erin NBA Arenas. You can actually walk in and then place your bet on a kiosk. And the government gets their cut in the NBA gets Erica it's it's brilliant now it's brilliant for everybody in this really should have been taking terrible while ago. So I have no problem with any of this at all know why I ask people's money if you wanna gamble gamble on us. I'm not I'm not gonna tell you otherwise you are your money and I I completely agree. Completely agree and that's that's where we're going. It's not just going to be sports books but it does open up the good the possibility for doing stuff like that in the state making an whole experience. And trying to own the sports market. Not one where they're gonna stop order fits. Ordered you can like some of the gaming machines that they haven't bars where you go in every season we put the bars and bills on their boys got one of those one of their. And one of the restaurants are so I wonder lake city a great sports sports nor I mean you mean go to your local sports bar. And you have the bars in the bells and then right next to a you have the kiosks that you just swipe your credit cards and what about twenty bucks on such and such and in the sports course capitalize on it. You know I just wanted to going to be able to do that urges to be on line thing every you know I I just see so much. We'll just see out explode over the next. Six months to a year you're gonna see this really be gain really begin to gain popularity on the in many different you lessons from runs you can go on the bars in Las Vegas. Not strip and they got video poker machines they've guide dead body telling you go to there's a there's a breakfast place we go to on want to show that at the bars and bills machines. But people just console people money it. You sit there employ in you know kill time whenever he emerges they were out for a night it's Denny's the brewers are coming up take on Iraqis are all tonight take on Diamondbacks. Would be you know the Diamondbacks are a run and a half favorite. You know you can sit right there are studies over your wings go swipe your credit card put Tony down on the borrowers to cover and go back and watch you watch a game teacher went. That's a banner evening right there aren't here. Want to go a couple of odd couple adult beverages goods reaganite out 8558308648. More of a Michael show next. Sixteen stations strong though. Build my school's sports. Our luggage. Michael shows on the I am though idols radio Joseph across the way in my Clemens and now scans the thousands here. 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My cousin cells where they believe in better the officials sub sailors of the bill Michael sports star network. And that led or more this study what might be cousins of canonized matter. Little tired from traveling driving back yesterday. Are because subs come and pepperoni melts sounds good right. It's storms later today to aren't as those are ranked. It's storms later on get those storms work a little bit. Kick back watch shall TV what's average baseball later on tonight. Was into its thunder for awhile maybe get some early sleep this evening it's ready for the rest of the week yet. Mind doing that. 855830864885583086. For you know loans by kip to account whole free talk by if you wanna China and and a retarded some some of the well the landmark ruling today by the Supreme Court to basically opened it up for the states to have legalized sports betting now. In whatever fashion I guess it is they decide they wanna do it. We're talking about that. Also about the worst job in two coming up here and just a moment put. Wanted to talk some brewers baseball brewers back out tonight taken on the Arizona Diamondbacks are right and wrong struggling mightily. Struggling mightily and we wanna touch base on that as well Davis listening to is an apple today they do and they mail what's going on. They they could build lecture evidently aren't sure just want to get but I actually sense where that gambling situation. It to me it's it's going to be very similar what is capital and it exports SC football primarily. I'll know I've seen. So many people become interest and then the game because. They don't you know anything really about picking and indicate just on the owns and and it in play Tennessee football in our. The leaks have grown tremendously as you know. But what concerns me is that. Now that people can gamble. I'm begging you right at the stadium or whatever. I think it's gonna probably increase viewership tremendously because people really don't care about the game and now gonna gamble who watch the games. And it would be great for the sport are growing popularity. I have a big concern that it's gonna probably increased. Gambling addiction by 2030%. But it's just some. Well that's impressed you the focal I talked about that a little bit earlier I you know I think anybody that that has a gambling. You know Joan sort of speak I think there're gonna figure a way to give more anyway. You know I mean I really do I think that they're gonna be figuring out ways to get that done so I'm not. If it's. If they have not started gambling as of yet you may see a ticking of an increase I don't think it's gonna go 30%. But you may see it take to increase because of the availability the capability but people that have been gambling addicts. Most likely have been gambling addicts to this point anyway and they're figuring out a way to do it illegally rather than legally. Mom polite. The you know it it's. We as a kid until we as a society look at things and kind of way what are we what are what is the benefit what does a loss OK there's collateral damage to everything we do. And you're not gonna limit a perfect world now listen and make excuses but I'm not one of those that I don't know what it's like to be an addict I couldn't tell you. In that particular regard. I just know that. You know idea in the day you're born you're not an addict. Nobody is an addict when you're born you're born into this world and whatever you do within after the fact you know it's it's. You know I told my kids looked. When when human the talk of drug abuse comes up nobody is an abuser. Before they've ever taken a drop. Your Mormeck curious bystander. It was stupid enough to do to begin. Okay. Bomb DM legally different because is a different chemical hide it's it's a dope for me it's in there and you know it's. It's a release of endorphins it's it's things in the brain they'd give you the excitement and a little of the action sort of speak. All on board those people are gonna figure a way to do it anyway unfortunately I don't wanna make excuses but I don't know what to tell me I mean I. I don't know what the statistics are but I do know this on the positive side that you're gonna start to see an increase. Of the ability to generate revenue within a state in most states desperately need it. Is long it might argument has always been there so I said this fact during the whole. You know box arena debate. And and that is simply this. If people. As a whole. Gave as much a damn about all the money being spent and the way it's spent. Rather than just. Gambling the hot button issues gambling arena for the rich and things like that in the game it gave a damn about the way they were spending money NC garbage cans in downtown whatever put insert name here. Or the way they spend money via teachers are parks departments or the suit and spend money on trips for politicians. Or uncertain packs with certain groups. And yet all they you know the special interest Grady gave that much of a dam and studied it. And understood where our money was going at times. To quote clean up government. The the world will be a lot better place we would have to worry about these other issues or just become hot button issues. That's that's always been my argument now we all sit here on a daily basis somewhat seaspan see exactly where our money's going red. Very so much crew which edged just if you want a real sense of government. Just go to we're hearing once. And see the enormous amount of crap being spewed. By putting by people in so called have your best interest in in in their market. There are some that are out there that are doing some really really good things. And they take on causes the get elected. But some just sit in one of those who would just sit on one of those sessions and your jaw will hit the floor. You know hey today or gonna take up you know certain wheelchair ramps at federal accessible buildings. Great idea all right won the back of it some audio put out. Put a bill that goes alongside it that says well we sign this and what we're gonna do is also in addition to that spanned ten million dollars on studying fire ants. You don't know why. That's awaited news. That's all it is is crazy. Just go I encourage you. So getting far far off track here I think today's ruling is gonna mean that a lot of states are gonna have some additional money that they can put towards additional service and yeah and you just hope. As a society. We all the politicians feet to the fire suspended in the right way that's. 85583086. Weren't we come back Phil Parker getting it Jesse hearing he's the Hawkeyes offensive coordinator and also they're secondaries coast jocks Josh Jackson. Is coming into the Green Bay Packers didn't eat maybe there might raise an eyebrow into what he has to say we talked to him earlier today state to more than Mike Russia next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. Bill Michael sports talk network. And. And the like oh shoot I'll on the hour. Hey if you whatever something to do and you're excited that these are gardeners are back again this year you'll be really excited and know that until we may be announced where the first one of the season is going to beat. It is going debate and matter ship our first one this year. That's right in Madison it is going to be at the Wisconsin brewing company 1079 American way in Verona. So just outside matters which you get. If you want tickets. Is that by the way this guardian or put on by tobacco outlets twice and our friends at Purdue almost a Garza's this this first one. So if you want tickets to back while a plus on Sherman avenue in Madison. Also on willow road in wanna key or you go to the quick trip on county road PB actually in Verona. Any one of those has tickets in the event in your ticket will include a couple of cocktails the full dinner. And a four cigars. You get when you walk through the door which is kind of in addition to that don't forget the dinner being catered by wood to barbecue. That's good within itself you get the cocktail hour you get to the wood barbecue dinner. Then you get to the raffle that takes place after dinner in the raffle items are they give so much stuff. And that we're gonna have you know kind of RRQ and a in storytelling and a lot of fun and it's a great time if you've never done it to Anchorage to try it it's it's grab a couple friends and come on down join us to determine there's only fifty tickets available. And these ages ago pretty quick. But a go ahead and get tickets come on out enjoy yourself. But anyone of those relocations have the tickets it is Thursday night it's June 7 in Wisconsin brewing company Tanzania that are going brought if you want more information. Go to Qwikster KW I take quick trip dot com. That's quick trip dot com to find that location out there and it joints were gonna a lot of fun and there's other ones that are going to be announced rather soon. As a matter of fact. There's going to be the studio player chippewa falls. Cedar Rapids Green Bay Milwaukee there's going to be some really cool events coming up. So while looking forward to. Go going to be we're going to be doing some of these places. I'm I'm I'm excited about it I really am so was stay tuned for more of these events on the dot com. Here today we had a chance to chat with Phil Parker and he's the Iowa Hawkeyes defense coordinator and secondary coach Josh Jackson. Was drafted by the Green Bay Packers still knows him intimately as he was the top defender when he came to. Interceptions and passes defended this past year for the Iowa Hawkeyes. So we started out I just chatting about in his guy in what he's gonna bring to the table. While I think god who is that guy that really sort of I'm obviously last year I think he's you know a lot more outside. Could grow and learn as a as a football or are you really took the step. You know lack you're beginning January all the way into the season. Pan is a great job for us so you know understanding what he had to do that is I think he can improve and all bunker different areas are built from. You know he has agreed to pull the. Not to say that you guys study a lot of agreement packer football specifically the offensive backside if things but how close is it to what you run to say what's wrong and in the NFL when it comes to the ability for a a guy like Josh to cover and understand offenses. Well I think you know we had Mike. A couple of years ago which sits in March he couldn't pretty decently. When you go over there when he was playing there I think you know you know minuteman moment. You know I think. You know these death does them can be cruel treatment they give you certain. Could do it right I mean you're in college but. I think. You know I think it's football football and I think when you hear that knack for the ball he has great hands. Errand that is good as you know this thing that I that I'm hungry and humble. You know he can keep on trying to grow and learn as much as you can. Thomas told Parker all I walk as defensive coordinator and secondary coach about Josh actually coming to the Packers organization there's some guys. That may they may not have 43 speed they may not have this in this new giants you know physical presence put they have though what would would I have called and at times like a football sense is is this that kind of guy. I think you know I think he he he. He's still working on like Edmonton might artists you know. A little bit more than you I think he has room could impede our development work. Kind who could look at them on the move this equipment and you know date equity here and really put them all good positions and could heat things happened in the ball. Who are normal people on that level yet but I think he can get their level. What if he had something specific to work on I mean is he ate and there's some blues some boos scalpel say. He's a natural guy and by that they mean he's just a guy that gets it understands it sort of plays more was meant instinctively has to win his head and thinking about is he a natural guy and that sense. Our I think you know we want them about what we we you know you really want one you're Carter. I think you know program morning in London and then it tripped on the going to be the biggest thing for him to understand a word though that if you trip but. I think you don't actually does have some natural though isn't very current. You know you look really good but it is only quote what he bought a little while welcome it's good option on the stand in the I think they're talking prep glory for them. When Watson Coleman and thankful you can pick up from kind of what I do and they use that got a quarter and you know he concrete scriptures and yeah information. Alignment and let them and I think he can you won't Nevada court where you can anticipate good track. The one thing I like about some of the corners a package of draft and not only are they bigger put the sense that these guys they're not afraid head to head to talk about his ability that. You know even if a guy does make a catch in front of them talk about the ability for as far as elusive and he goes. And Rudd you know we're backs that have gotten either away from him or his ability to be able to bring down a ball carrier. What what good about Josh is no open and they kind of cook clean and make it you know debentures from. And make corner got all of us are either really good job could he could very yeah I think he improve not. I think he is without it our great numbers you know. Certainly you can record complain about it Peta will put in your brain you can play through it I think he's he's a tough minded kids. Hey before alleged drug got to ask you I guys gonna look this year. Well I think you know we get we've got it would create a complete report card linebacker obviously felt. Do all that Putin can be worked well he's going to he would do in certain lot of years ago well. I'm in great mate but I think we're or we're not ready stronger in your book we've still got kind I think you'll Gloucester and try to get. We appreciate the time thanks for the lowdown on Josh Jackson the new listed defensive back to the Green Bay Packers viscerally appreciative vessel RT okay. Thank bureaucratic secret order. De L that is Phil Parker I lock eyes offensive coordinator and secondary coach joining us in the shatter orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now you were currently trees fair eighty plus years that beginning it and call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com it's 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com Hitler remind you that we are not far away less than three weeks actually two weeks a couple of days. It is going to be Wednesday night live back to the Wisconsin state fair park I cannot wait you're gonna have revelry stake in the stage in the Budweiser pavilion stage. And finally wins an ally of his back come on down enjoy music. My way to get and worry you park your car for six bucks but everything else is free. Walking and no problem though are covered charger inning like guys come on and enjoy yourself now I say everything not everything the beard the beverages. The food you pay for that but you bring a chair you hang out on the grassy area out fraud to me any decision that giant bureau that is the Budweiser pavilion but. Nevertheless it's all brought you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor a bill Michael sports talk network wins in their lives back to the Wisconsin state fair park. And I for one could not be happy I am I cannot wait. Take a motorcycle out do some cruising around the joints of music. And enjoyed some cigars and hang out and boy it's gonna be great to get back to summer in Wisconsin we know we all we all and I can't wait for to get under way. All when we come back there is not a parent that is either. Either had a child go through high school in the sense of participating in sports or cheer or something like that. And I read this and now look as you know I'm gonna be getting married. And my step are to be likes it does and cheer and palms and dance and all this stuff pretty competitively. And I register and I I just thought to myself what. Really I'll tell you is when I come back and see if you agree or disagree more than a microchip next. Wisconsin worried the bill Michaels Stores told me. Why don't show on the Aaron. What segment laughed about time to get out here is something to ponder is you go out throughout the go throughout the rest you're dead. OK now I mentioned they're going into the break look. You know once they get married I've got. Two new kids. One of which she is LX is involved in palms in dance and you know on tap and jazz and all that kind of stuff and you talk about so working in practice seeing and going through the whole process of trying to make a team for tryouts in such. This blow me away a New Jersey high school. Is getting a lot of heat from students and parents in my opinion rightfully so. It's a new policy. Everybody makes the cheer squad the dance squad you know what over or they're gonna disband. He animal park high school when he's ten over enacted to change one parent complained that his or her child they're not sandwich. I didn't make the team after tryouts last. So wanted their their kid obviously didn't do the work or didn't wasn't nearly as good as the other kids or their kid didn't make the taint. So. They say that's it if they all all make it. They're gonna dispense. Now all. A student. Stephanie creator. Our recently told the board of education members as she strongly disagrees with the policies she said look I work my hardest. Everything I did. Was to make the team. And because one child to make the team and their parent complacent out all my hard work it's throughout the window. When I could just walked on. Some parents say that. When they complain about the new policy the principled and threatened to disband. The ten member squad one question if you're gonna keep it at a ten member squad. Then there are going to be people that are gonna make it what does everybody in the school decided well for the charity. Is it big again a participation trophy. Make it easy for those that don't want either work or can't achieve something on their own just make it easy led the lowest hanging fruit. So the school board now reviewing the policy it's unclear when the final decision's going to be made but you get the point. What the hell we doing. You know you see what some of these kids go through to work and get better and you can see how. As they go along your creeping towards high school how there's some good there's some really really good manners and kids and yet. You know maybe either one they don't work as hard they just don't have so every year you take the cream and cream rises in the top rookie to you get better and better matter. Imagine if they said say Juilliard. Had to take every. Violinist. Yet some people it. Could play nothing more than squiggly bluegrass is opposes some of those symphonic melodies that come out of these things I just it's. Not to say the bluegrass is terrible when you get the point. It's just it's it's the inches is mind boggling. How in today's day and age we given them more about the one person complaining rather than the majority. You know it used to be you'd sacrifice to better for the mass. Rather than sacrifice the mass for the one it just is that it gets more and more mind boggling every year but that's the way it is New Jersey. Maybe sports gambling is gonna change all of announced. Perot's way in city. And this is from Mary who says I completely understand where you're coming from my daughter worked her tail off through high school one eventually got eight cheers scholarship. To college. What would have happened had they allow just anybody to make the team would coaches even be looking at the team. To see if their child. Or children are good enough to even make eight. I cheerleading squad and later on in like a look it's. It goes back in the entitlements and let us be honest I'm not gonna see here it's Alex molded in this event at times you run into somebody. That is either. Elementary high school or young college age it just feels like it's owed to them. Like just shows me something just because I woke up today just doesn't work that way. Which is the reason we probably have more litigation in today's day and age we've ever had any other era. It's because her right is once something for nothing was willing to work for him. And parents certainly is Ben not a bush or to the workforce. They would rather just allow you what does it. FaceBook Twitter. Ipads. Fort night that's the big thing right now. So I ordered him to babysit her kids rather than doing something anyway I just wanted to bring it up because. The new Jersey's actually considering this which I find you very slippery slope just my opinion but. It's kind of the world of sports is that you know when you talk about competitive cheer and dance and electronic stuff. Saw this is from Brian who said grew up in a coed high his goal was on the cheered team. We worked as hard if not harder sometimes and even the football players ended up going the nationals. And the upcoming third in nationals. Now he's got to cash take in Orlando which the wild world sports where they do that for national high school and college pom in your competitions and that's on our new wide world of sports. Venue that they have an Orlando I think if someone worthy Atlanta Braves. Have their spring training facility. Would said we would never bailout been able to get recognition hadn't been just to allow had not been headed into allow just anyone on the team. You don't did better by lowering yourself and lowering your standards you get better by raising yourself and raising which I completely agree. I mean. Was consulate says talking about everybody getting onto a team these kinds of things will cause more inclusion more leagues. And kids that normally would not have made the team would be. Would hold out into a CN Dili club life is not fair even when you put in the work. Which is true. Register of can really great tomorrow on the program. Tomorrow on the program read talk about Joan your level of competence and the Packers wide receiving corps that tight end core how much better or worse do you think that the the passes from Aaron Rodgers will be. When you're talking about the ability to catch them. Who may be that standout player also at a Macau he's gonna join us tomorrow or a talk whenever and eleven and a reality sin is going to join us tomorrow at noon. Could talk to them. Fred talks so much as the NBA finals or at least the semis wind down beginning year old self to the NBA if I get into this too because. This to be the worst thing in every year we talk about and every year urges us to become true and I wanna know why we'll talk about the MBA and a certain Rome tomorrow as well. Until that time president better have a all of. You're listening to go there. Bill might cool sports talk that. I work.