HR4 – Mike Daniels wants Talib and Butler…Do you?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 27th
Hour 4. Will it be irresponsible if the Packers don’t sign a FA corner? Plus, should Marquette be better than what their record shows?

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From the league runs to the river runs this is we're Wisconsin sports fans column should fall. The bill Michael you know. Help clear out and a good day. Good day today. And wanna get into what Mike Daniels had to say on the NFL network coming up here in just a moment one remind his portion of programming brought by cousins so the Rubin is back. For a limited time because and subs I do is download the app when your mobile device just stop and pick one up for yourself like a separate limited time. Or there's a variety of things from salads and soups and sandwiches and stuff extra stuff like cookies and chips and they got at all cousin subs has it all they are the officials sub sandwich the bill Michael's Forestar nor great people over presence out. I want you to take a listen this is what Mike Daniels had to say on the NFL network. What about your TD gave us some names earlier. Are possible another piece. Why not right I could. That definitely a guy who I've that we would love to play with who's. A few salute. And he's a little low but as. Melissa you dogs and that they don't get exact. And they don't and you don't know beneath that is a better presence known the goods are bringing the ball back. And that court ruled man is always good to have better is that the two groups is like that and another guy. Mumbo. That's. There's another guy yeah remotely a medals and so will old and already in about a lot to all right go yeah. I. Understand it yeah holder to. So. When you look era listen to what Mike Daniels had to say so one we need adult we surmised got a daughter Jenna okay Sinaloa tenacity that. He's basically saying literally we will have a right now okay we'll have that tenacity. Secondly. Secondly. He gets money specific in his look at key delete. He'd like to get Aqib Talib Malcolm Bob Butler they a lot of people talk about. Talked about that you know look. He's coming off to a Super Bowl winning team we know that Malcolm Boller wasn't necessarily highly thought of coming out of that whole situation Mickey to lead. He's other corner play for the Denver Broncos. Has won a championship. The problem is he's 32 years old. He's 32 years old and he's can be where he always just turn 32 as a matter of fact so how much. The Packers are really big into taking guys over the age of thirty. Budget go for Malcolm urge you to go from Aqib Talib. If you need both of did you feel you need both of those guys. What does that say about your secondary her least the thought of what your second areas. And how much is Sigalet Aqib Talib war. He signed a six year 57 million dollar contract. 246 million that guaranteed the Broncos. Gone back to 2014. Obviously you're gonna say well the money's gonna be on the downward side if you're the age of thirty. So how much would you pay a guy like Turkey delete. Couple years. Eighteen million dollars. Couple years. Point two million I mean what what is what is going to be war. He's got a six year deal or 57 million. 46 that guarantee. Just under ten million year. 1000007 million year. Turn them off for seven or six. 8558308648. That to Mike Mike Daniels said he would like to have. Well so how does under contract or to leave is on the country. But he's talking about it eight correct you are correct it was a four year deal. Our fighters security on SARS Richard he's under contracts. Through its one in nineteen right. Mourner a deep doo doo we see your horror I have everything writer B cap hit for a key to leave and when he teen beat twelve million dollars. That he's that's. Regardless of the keep them or not twelve million. 20198. Million or so servers down dramatically so you're not getting a key to leave so for him to mention that CIR my assumption was is that he knew something that may be weeded Mel. Like he would say keep toll would be the guy Malcolm Butler would be to god it's out in the open market but do you wanna you wanna see a guy like Malcolm Boller committee. He's an experienced guy and I think they need that back there. Don't find funny you're about all these top corners. All have character issues. God forbid you an idea a bit of a nut to please point this is the thing now that like Malcolm bowler Aqib Talib Marcus Peters. Always guys have bet that got some sort of character issue they have some sort of attitude. What are out of. Oh and oh god Mal the key to leave if he's led go they only know it today it's a million bucks and that yes that is correct so they cut him loose. Which record and say that money were only cost them a million bucks supposed pain in twelve million dollars to that that I can understand being the reason as to why. The he would say you keep to leave if he believes the key to lead is going to be Lego correct. Because it wouldn't cost him anything to cut him loose going in the next Kerr are going in his 2019 he. But go back to what I was saying about some of these guys at the character issues would give to ask yourself that's. Do you wanna take a risk with a Malcolm Butler Keats lead Marcus Spears now is a ramp. But do you wanna take a risk on a guy who you know what they have talent wise as a corner was going to be better than what you have right now in your secondary. Or do you take a risk in sale of seven other rookie of strapped another rookie. And hope to god he steps up in his first season is the stuff. Mean what he why. Word you want the divide house type where. Yeah I can get him on the cheap. But is he really going to be a reclamation project about a house let the world open he was a reclamation project last year because press man is game he wasn't doing then Jacksonville. And look it's not how statute. Number one could stay healthy Greg when he was on the field. About housing give you a whole lot to. So Ed just what you have to say worse the risk here. And I understand what the Martellus Bennett stuff I was frustrated as everyone else I got annoyed yesterday when people can tweeting at me and saying hey. Yeah Marcus theatres he's got character issues. You know what I'm still gonna take that risk because the talent of Marcus Peters is what the Packers desperately need right now. I know it's a red flag though a lot of these teams. Were willing to make a trade from Marcus Peterson the tees are just trying to give more weight. But for the rams even Marcus Peters doesn't work out for next year they don't have to resize them is losing the second fourth and sixth round pick. A big loss. It's a despicable lost it might set a price that's thirty MP yeah that's wrong it. He didn't have the craziness tomb that's a steal. I think what people looking that is he played for a player's coach any Reid and he excelled as a player in Kansas City. But they still wanted to get rid of him for as much like you said. For achieve amount of of over to return rice told the question then becomes why. Wall in the for the rams sake though. Is it that much of a risk for the on the take a month because again markets Peters is gonna be due money so the next couple years. And if the rams if what's Marcus Peters goes there. Yell as a good year but he's eased Shaun of the rats he's making a big dilly stormed flags in the stands like he did last year he's getting into what the coaches. In the rams say you know what Marcus Peters racket put up their crap anymore seal later someone else can sign you. Is giving up a second fourth and sixth round pick. Is it. Is that that big of a deal I don't think it is I had thought rams it's it's Smart. It's a Smart risk for them is I don't think giving up a second fourth and sixth round pick is going to break the bank you view the rams in the packers' case. The Packers have all these two have X. Why not have it under and lying that didn't comment. Apparently and I saw this today Dorothy so's. The cheeks apparently called every NFL team and said hey what's your interest America's Peters and 28. Of the 32. Or 31. Said no we are not interest. And the Packers have not been reported at all as a team that showed any interest to market speakers. Again if Marcus Peters works out for the rams and there's one there's there's a budget teams in need corners. And apparently his head his cost him a boat load of opportunity that is the wild statement it hits. But again. If you're the rams. And markets Peters doesn't work out here in the next year to. You don't have to resize and you can cut him loose and all you gave what was the second fourth and six romp. Just sand. If the Packers want to have a good defense they won't need a stud corner. And that they had an opportunity there they get them now they saw an opportunity here we're Malcolm Butler. Charming Johnson's on the board EJ gains on the board Aaron Coleman's on the board. It will be irresponsible by this Packers organization built they don't sign one of these guys this offseason. They. 55830864. In a long way to Telecom told free to Auckland do you agree with Mike Daniels and the key to leave type of guy. Do you agree which show that the Packers should have been on the markets Peter's situation. Is Malcolm Butler an attractive offer for you. Coming into the coming in the free agent market. As maybe a guy to get back in the secondary end and guides some of these younger guys. Who would you like to see fortified the secondary and here's the other question. Out of all those names. Is the markets Peters most likely would be yes but it's easily Malcolm Boller are they really lockdown corners. We'll get into that discussion to week about mortal might as your next. The program the Michael show on the air this portion of the program. Brought you are great friends over Marshall clinic health system have something yelling you they can help you out. I know there's a lot of just jungle around right now you may need a prescription. Manny what. If you deluge final killing head to the doctor is spending the time getting there and back in everything so. What do you do well call 844 Carol it's a 44 care away maybe they can help ya right over the phone feature prescriptions sent to the location the pharmacy near you. And if they can you don't pay the maximum charged him forty bucks that's. That's it call 844 care way it's 844 care way that's Marshall clinic just another way they help you help yourself. Good people over Marshall clinic. It's got a phone calls talking about to the secondary the Green Bay Packers Mike Daniels says that he would mind playing with a character Aqib Talib Melton Butler. Why don't one of those guys if indeed Aqib Talib is on the market. Boyden Ciba to abolish he too was an Oshkosh on this or Bob I don't the mail is going on. Great life. Mr. Michael thank you for filling my phone calls and I can't agree curriculum arm around. Very frustrating night for the hacker management goes through its. Mr. Murphy whoever helped slow the man deduct your ass and get these days I get that big nasty in Tibet. He'd get out veteran leadership. Reckon it back he'll need it we need good linebacker do we go about leaping Korda record a planet. Let's get a piece guarantee that partly. Yeah I think we much appreciate the program most people are of the same deal go off but just wanna get something done. They wanna get. They wanna get something out there where they can say okay they're definitely fortifying their defense does that mean that's the thing you look for is go to Aaron Rodgers is you know the did the offense is gonna move. Okay you do need to fortify the defense in some way shape perform you gotta make it you gotta make it to. You gotta get into the at least legitimately top fifty. Legitimately in the top fifty. If you if you don't you're just. Worried. 855830864. In alone we kept our council for talk on a par 58308648. On the loans by kept our count whole free talk part gives a shout it Eric listening to us in Madison on the zone Eric I don't and now it's up. They're brought it this year doing well the law. Actually a lot short always thank you wish I would stake in our. Kids forward and Chicago. We knew all yet. Comptroller says name yeah created gulf port pretty darn exciting when it thank I'll look. He was just you just cut loose as a matter fact what we. Yeah it was pretty. He labeled by the way are you Chris the phone call can you bring him up he labeled as the best free agent corner. By He went from that that rookie on the rise to in the dog house last year. All the fourteenth overall pick in the 2014 draft he was impressive his rookie season thrust was into a starting role because remember Charles Tillman had the injuries. It's 64 tackles ten pass to flush is three forced fumbles four picks in in year one. And a lot of promise but last year he was he was. 2006 gadgets they edit out some injuries. Came off of an impressive campaign last year recently named the top corner available. On the free agent market by NFL like count. Great Rosenthal and Chris west sling compiled that list. And he put together a LB Jiri into the season with 69 tackles 22 past reflections of a couple picks. He was he was big in that defensive coordinator for the for the defense of query kgo in that system. Com. I just there's a lot of speculation that he wasn't a guided fell in the line so to speak. According pro football focus he played a team high 1017. Snaps at corner last season he was targeted 119 times allowing just 61 catches. With two touchdowns two picks opposing quarterbacks record just 69 rating. When throwing in his direction last year. So think about that. Think about the Todd gone back to the initial comparison was Casey Hayward. A second round pick of the Packers back in 2012 we put together a solid career with the Packers. But then went over to San Diego where he really straighter excel they say look between those two guys they were those are the terrible numbers. And end he's gonna Pro Bowl last couple years while Packers are still looking for insists the idea that position but. So they say look if you're gonna pick somebody up in god we know that system. A guy that would be good day in the it in the in the north would be Cairo for. Coming out of Chicago I don't know if I go out pick in my he's not the same name. As Malcolm Butler keep to leave but certainly when you look at it numerically and teams in court explicitly throwing in completion percentage against him to nowhere near. I mean statistically he's really sell those guys are nowhere near or you but he's Mormon nickel corner but he is more of a nickel corner I agree that he's not the turning goes speed guy and it does say cautionary tale is. He's not your lockdown corner. But he's a guy that they didn't throw out a time because he was just that go to nickel coverage you still need that outside burner lockdown corner. A key to leave Malcolm Muller those two more of those two guys then what would be colorful. 8558308648. Are loans by Kim dotcom told free to Auckland. Com. Was console like scissors the Packers free agency should be looking at. Brad and the linebacker Jermaine Johnson the corner which if he's cut which we assume he will be now. By the rams he would be to god it's out their Kyle Fuller LaMarcus Joyner Trey Burton the tide and he believes is Trey Burton would help this team mightily as well. Com. This one's from. From currency year urge. Our country a threat concierge wrecked he writes in when he's you know a box. He says that I like to keep to leave he would be the same type of type of acquisition. As Charles Woodson would be he would be a veteran he would be a guy that's coming in the look for another ring although Woodson didn't have only got union when one with Oakland. He would be a guy that would bring their veteran presence I still think he has a lot left in the tank. I don't think he has as much as a guy like Woodson had because woods who was an offensive player of the year but to lead could command and really solidified its secondary specifically of king comes back. I like what to Marius Randall brings the table I just don't know he's gonna bring the good or the bad so let's put another veteran back there and shore up our bets. Appreciate you know currency regret. Phone. I still I've said all along I mind my priorities are right tackle be solidified. Edge rusher get solidified. Lockdown corner. Colorful is as Joseph mentioned colorful as more of a nickel and he is more the lockdown guy. A key to leave certainly has a reputation hang Aqib Talib played all right and how the defense now led defense. Had a better front rush and don't forget when you got Von Miller on the outside. You're gonna benefit from that. But you need that veteran experienced 855830864. Is coated cage aero quick and west Australia I don't know what's going on. What sort out billboards and McCall. You don't read it and then you lesion so well. And Betty well last pick it up. I'll look good picked up market beaters that Iran appeared dollar. And walking out there you are going to be dangerous years. Wasn't better start or baseball I don't know why the Packers didn't jump on him like cheap suit. Because that I can play. I know a bit ridiculous but it should be about a utility. It didn't let it out forget that the draft at. We would just somebody that experience that you did that it was seventeen and shell them all the way. In the second period and that somebody that's been around. You it would give knuckleballer. Malcolm Butler. It got to spend the money they've got to give somebody because the clock is ticking and they got to go out do what we got here. The amount that a proper phone call if you go to Walter football dot com they rate the free agents when it comes the quarterback position Malcolm Boller tops everybody. The one guy that seemed mentioned numerous times has been EJ gains the problem with the he's even he's banged up he re a lot higher if it wasn't for the fact he's got Porter ability mr. won six games the past three years. Five games last season alone. They talk about Bryce Callahan the restricted free agent from the bears. He's three and half star guard Jermaine Johnson who we talked about with Diaw with with the rams coming out of the ramp system Patrick Robinson. Has undergone an up and down career since being a 32 overall pick bracken got what 2010. Maybe a late bloomer. He's going to be 31 in September. Com who else saw on that list. Denard the cornerback from a Cincinnati although he does a rate nearly as high as some of these other ones but they like him because he's a hitter. Yet joked aren't I correct myself yeah. The repetition gave up two picks. For Marcus Peter was it a just a second and fourth it was a ordinance it was the second fourth. The sixth round went to the rams. The G scale Marcus Peterson a sixth round. To the ramps. So the rams. Gave up two picks in the got to pick back. Marcus theatres. Two exes they really didn't want market speeders. Tell him or you read idea they really indicative of markets beaters works out for the rams. You look out Gadsden. That defense like OJ just that look out and the Packers are gonna have to deal their defense my disease. 85583086. Korean loans boy kept our count told free dark line. You go with the top five. Cornerbacks. There we just listed. Lot of people talking about this kid coming out of the bills. I. Don't know man you when there's a there's enough. Players missing. Missing time you're you're looking for guys to be there. 8558308648. And now I'm not gonna go with him I did they the somebody else brought up the guy coming out of Cincinnati now. He's a hitter he's not a speed guy. That's the biggest thing you need a speed guy. And you need somebody with with height. You somebody with a height. Because I mean when you always got to marry Israeli into Mary's Randy 510. And you've got good speed but you're on the ability go up and over bigger wide receivers. We'll continue this discussion also Bob nine Gil joins us a little bit earlier or talk some baseball as well. Bob nightingale MLB columnist for USA today he was here a little bit earlier being catch it. You can hear that coming up next on the Mike Russia. Why don't show is on the Arab. You ready to hear from Bob nightingale. From USA today they MLB columnist who join us little bit earlier today by the way we are heading less than two weeks away now heading out terrorism. Less than two weeks away heading out their compliments of our great friends over coaches probably grow Corning and all staff holiday Buchberger. You'll rip big fish driver Friday nights or south thirteenth street in Milwaukee. They have shuttles are the games as well a lot of great packages over there are stopping the coaches tell we've until we set up the good people I've been. Thank her for the big board burger over there for quite some time and again stallion and also brought in pat and everybody over signature Lamo that's what I used as you know. Whether it's for special occasion and a renminbi heading to the airport. Getting a ride back and forth weather down O'Hare even into a general Mitchell they got you covered. At signature limousine call 262888100262881000. Or check him out and employed book's signature dot com and also the official vehicle. For the go Michael show live from spring training that is breaker Chevrolet check amounted BR AE GE. And they have over 200 Silverado is a lot right now they're dealing to be the best to Wisconsin and they start right there on their own backyard and south point seven street as well. You can check out their new look store the terrifying hotel and great atmosphere in the place good breaker Chevy dot com stop and say I'm a body Glenn who is in the service cardinals yet did you east observers went Oakland's Greg. Really. Total Bob nightingale and I'll be columnist from USA today a little bit earlier in the program. And we just said OK first and foremost what the brewers have gone and where they're at right a get a helicopter. Well yeah they need not too great Melissa Leo builders. I loved it moved getting raped by late. I think he's you're beating Jeter now back in the rotation. Will be good. Instead you'll be aborted messes so much it's gotta keep going toward. So I think anyone worse starter nudge you in our Frontline guy. Don't ignore did you carry it up behind. But getting there and go up a bit Alex more or Lance Lynn. But I think they got to start a big heat policies and start. They got to get what those three guys. Hum some will say did their head of the rebuild so they don't have to do something if they really are still kind of committing to that rebuild I'm with you in the sense that. When they made the moves and they picked ideology may picked up came. And you thought okay this this is this is the flurry we've been waiting for mean they salmon runs OK that begin you certainly thought that the dam was gonna burst when it came to free agents and then Darvish signed I knew they were involved in that. I don't know to what extent but. You know we kind of were waiting for the other shoe to fall what is the what are than the hold up in your opinion. These with a price to drop a utility or starter Romney yeah. Twelve of thirteen million dollar range you know at times you have to look at history of millions of the contract yet. But basically the right to drop elect elect a black beans you'll Minnesota Twins say about. That we've put a price to drop. So we'll see what happens they had that. I grader at the rebuilt because it what did it last year. Surprising everybody in what they've ordered Doug this year but yet traded free agent market I can get it you go over all you know. You know wait a year old up over. We we look at the cubs obviously is a tough stand there in the in the National League central where you see the cardinals the cardinals of that kind of conundrum they've got a lot of guys over the age of thirty. They got a couple of good arms and and they've got a guy like Wainwright met Mick police who's 29. Edging up on thirty. Think that's an aging guys in that team where they stand in your opinion. Similar to the brewers don't fear. Continue to closer. And then go back committee or public records and I think we need more of they don't assume that trade. What is Babel mean. This guys that are scheduled marcher. And it goes yellow agency that it'll soon enough. There's a new addition to record in in a lineup. I'll I elected team I think Wainwright will be better published in any market Amara. We need Martinez apparently being that he's he's he's supposed to be. But I think very slow merge the brewers is almost saying yeah up quite look right now we wished he'd better. Obviously they get rid of their manager last year in Dusty Baker the Washington Nationals it's all their children in the middle table they know they're about to lose Bryce Harper in less there able to kind of come up with some kind of a miracle re sign him. Certainly they have some money I don't know where Washington stands right now is this their last gasp effort to keep all this together and make one more push shorted a come all the money to recite Bryce Harper keeping him Washington. I'm ordered to make it you are strong front runner Adam. We'll see a big can of beer the Dodgers somewhere else. I don't think either the cubs and concerted adjacent to Hayward out there. Not to be able to move back on track so I don't think that's the last Ron adult may be the last runner just. Best chance to do it. We haven't sent the world and we all kicked the national to win the World Series you get there in every year or so the first round block. They have outstanding pitching staff until they didn't get Jake you had a if they get it up with apia Martina beat. Yet you know as a template again this year couples as well it's virtually all of that virtual objects. Who else comes out of out of the east if anybody at all Washington obviously clearly last year. Twenty games better than the second place Marlins Marlins have had the fire sell their so. Is there a team it is Atlanta are they may be ahead of the curve a little bit when it comes to starting getting suited that some of that talent to come the majors and start to really become productive work. Is the Mets I mean where where is the east right now it seem like it was a mess last year. Doesn't give us again what instead I'd like that match I think. It is an investor in the appreciation bounced back in based it'll say they can get the national spitz. And I think you're gonna get a wildcard spot at at least. You know the reason being that you look at that division yet retains a division will try to. You know million on utilities are ready the Braves are ready China Marlins and the fire sale. So you've been beat up on the of those teams. Rebecca Carter were don't articulate the brewers. I don't they get well card spot on or wouldn't vision saying what you know west. You know what you like people you know. Altman and. Tyler Bob nightingale and a columnist for a USA today going out west you mention the Weston the Dodgers head and shoulders above everybody else. How did Diamondbacks did better worsening our season. You don't have to get better retention I think it would wanna lock arms about what it would not jaded are cheaters. Billy had Marcin Ciurciu wants all Goldschmidt loans slumped badly they yeah. Amok in September jailed on they got as students who saw an entire season. And I saw. I think they've gotten better I don't know what could have a big crowd got better and get division went from. They need it most contempt. Division baseball. These beacons I think San Diego yes it would at least seven unions it is not never going to be using that against anybody in NO last. Who are were the better teams in the American League guys still battling between Boston and New Yorkers are similar it's gonna challenge out east. Well as yeah I mean I still like a bottle over new York at petitioning. Ambiance that I IP solutions is an eighteen at me about it is somewhat better than everybody in baseball and an 81 a little surge last year. It's a dozen Berliner retired seeing it you got Garrett called for an entire season. You know anything can happen if I'd be shocked if you're not you know. I reject you get a win at least 9500 games again back in the playoffs and under what do you do that. You mentioned near the twins earlier still looking for some pitching are how far away are they from where Cleveland was in and obviously Kansas City. They had their raw and then they were. Kind of looking lash Cilic you're going to be a cellar dweller and also they have a little bit of a resurgence ended up with a eighty wins in the season their couple years removed three years removed from. A World Series where does that hold Michigan we know Chicago is in a rebuild the choice trying to get into rebuild where is that division. We abacus solar wave and division that well wanted to be dead in a legitimate or not alone there. If things were probably right from Minnesota knocking keep the Cleveland the rest of vision well is rebuilding. So the same thing at least start the inning it would only soccer games. Over there. And eventually get a chance to have a seat like last year they make a pleasant Lockhart. I think beginning brisket catch the Cleveland it in the AL central. While we're talking about these for a moment I wanna get back to that a couple different articles so one very harsh obviously coming on a dead spend a couple of other articles I've been reading about the the Tampa Bay Rays. Trying to get ready rid of everybody they've got a larger revenue sharing 45 million in revenue sharing that got 35 in the final year of the local TV deal fifty million. Minimum LL lump sum from the sale of MLB digital media. Mean they got a lot of money coming in and they don't seem to begin much value for what they're given up what what's going all the race. But continue to look at it to you know what we're not to be able to compete with the Yankees want to be able to put the red sex. Let's go the other way it worked in Houston and work with the cubs well seems. You know. And in the complete rebuilt and or five years able to exert our juggernaut which studied the razor business changing political stockpile of young down here. And try to go war we have actually alone legitimate chance to win right now when a legitimate chance. Go back to legitimate chance and rebuild kind of coming full circle with the brewers are wanna get back to your opinion. Doug Melvin started when he started training pieces away just before David Stern's took over. They've got a lot of talent a minor league system they've been able utilized some of that to make some of these deals obviously picking up yell edged. How far away are the brewers from being there year in and year out maybe battling with the cubs or is this that year that you really look for them to take the next step forward or with the success they had. Do you taking young team take a step back regroup and then you really start to make you push. No I think it's our regular push last year you know and added onto it and had any. Just phenomenal first half you know kind of you know Walter. Indonesia can keep. Getting better and better in Yemen become our system any automatic arms are systems that. All that window is closing epic quicker than people think. Kiloton got a great arm system to get content ditching. So I think you're being. A great three team race in back this year at least a year from now. At soldier comes into being but the brewers requirement that the government respects. What they did and they adapt to that job a great counsel them. The magnitude. Hey Bob one more question and knowledge you go but to the bottom half of that division Pittsburgh and Cincinnati both teams in the midst of a rebuild Cincinnati started about the same time maybe a year later. The the brewers did how far how far behind or the cubs in the reds in comparison the rest of the division. Yeah community will be out to a Pittsburgh or Cincinnati when he wouldn't tell me Richard James Sinegal rebuilding of this for sure that they are now you're Chilean McCutcheon and yeah Nicole. I I just think it's going to be up you gotta be above most teams if you're in a playoff spot though the I think there's still years away. At least readers went. Bob always a pleasure great reading your stuffing USA today as well in outlook for talking down the road okay. It pago that is a Bob nightingale from USA today the league MLB writer and a great stuff all the time juries used to read his stuff in USA today by all means. Do so certainly appreciate him joining us on the Schneider awards challenge Schneider Harry drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty play this year is the beginning you don't call 844 brought to go to Schneider jumpstart on. 844 pride forgo. To Schneider jobs dot com we come back or wrap things up talk a little Marquette before get out of here more than a Michael show coming up next. Pacquiao looked at. No Michael shows on the air you can always follow is over on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's bill underscore Michael's. 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Tomorrow on the program there is a Green Bay Packers who said. Don't worry we got this will be the number one seed. What. That's right. We'll talk about that coming up tomorrow on the program. Bomb. Marquette by the way I wanna get into this we can get a chance to give it really it's just do Marquette it's a nice closeout win. Against Georgetown 9086 they knock off the boy is Lander rounds he had dropped 928. Overtime by the way Sam Houser also finished with 28. Marquette that ball game from weight when Marquette could have reporter could you beyond the arc to save their life that eighteen album. Last eighteen now. Last night. Just incredible. That you shoot the lights up. And eight they get a win by it all ultimately they're seventeen and twelve on the season. So. Just my opinion need to get three wins. Going into the conference term but they're 89 in conference. So. You know it is it is. As much as. I wanna give Marquette. You know they are should say and I yards missions they run of the season they rounded out the weekend they warmer game that's against Creighton. Or make sure I get that straight. But there's still some five a sub 500 in conference 39 in conference. Now they get away over Creighton Creighton a team that's nine and seven in conference 29 on the season. Oh. Maybe they get back to 500 get a couple wins in the conference tournament. Maybe. I doubt it. I don't think they're gonna take 78 teams out of the big east they may take six solidly. But I I. Xavier and villain over there. C hall and Creighton most likely there. After that is it Butler Providence Marquette. And then they just leave Georgetown the palsy Johns Al older you know than the rest Alter you know. I. I don't know. I don't think I think Marquette. DePaul lost just hurts. Just hurts his daughter's. I think that didn't do many favors. I I don't I don't think during the tournament others two of there have someone agree with me but I don't know to each his own IE. I just don't think there and I think there are ninety down. Just my opinion editor I Tivo. That loss to DePaul hurt the losses saint John's hurt. Those should start but those are those are those are tough losses man. They have no business dozens of Palestinians no not at all and I think Xavier Villanova OK I understand Butler and you know. Saint John's in the Paul just when you needed the most you've got a real shot you beat Seton Hall. You should be saint John's knock off Creighton get a win over saint John's again. Then beat DePaul it wasn't the strength of schedule down the stretch that you wanted but you should just packed in wins. And then to lose to the two worst teams in your conference is just. Those two those two losses detriment in my pin. Yeah I don't understand markets that there are very young team but. They got enough firepower. To at least get on a run at some kind of surprised me if they should dig down a coup for you run in the big east term. They have enough to get into the tournament I just understand why they keep slope and opinions bed scenes that that's gonna cost and if you come down to a team it's got a better RPI these are looking wins and losses specifically teams cut down the stretch. That's gonna cost them. They took another step back to Syracuse if they don't if they don't make the term if they don't get on a run and they missed determined that that's a step back and that's they have got a lot of pressure going into next season. Presume it's it's there's going to be some much neater results. Bomb or talk to a ten mile tomorrow lively spring training recap the bucks and wizards coming up tonight. Paula we should talk to his agreed to go analyst and don't forget there's a packer that says. Number one seed they have this NFC yeah we got this we'll talk about that coming up tomorrow as well tiger is to go have a problem.