HR4 – More frustrated Bucks fans weigh in on the ownership

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Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 4. We continue to take your reaction on the Bucks head coach search.

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From the league's front to. Front this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. Michael show may invest radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. While golden. We'll Michael shows on the air. Hopefully you are having a fantastic. Afternoon this portion of programming bride but Bud Light the official beer sponsor of the Michael's ports are now we're don't forget. That tell ways that I live his back a week two weeks and a day two weeks in a day. And we're Rebecca DO Budweiser pavilion. The very first one of the shooter on Wednesday and I may thirtieth and that is benefiting saying Vince community meal and I beg you to come out and join us that night. We got a big 5050 all that money goes to see pens community meal helping feed the hungry. And also we start raising awareness for our run walk which is right around the corner in coalition in conjunction with I should say with the polish missed the opening up front and had a polish fest. So out come on out Wednesday night live gets under way may thirtieth rebel grace is going to be on the stage I'll be there hopefully you're there as well it's all brought to buy but like the official beer sponsor. Adore Michael sports on network out. The question I had before I went to a break. I think it's a legitimate Kyra really you should just kind of taking the polls. OK. And I really wanna know because they did there's a lot of blocks fans out there are people wanna be blocks fans out their people that are sitting on the fence going. I'd like got a site one Simoneau building it looks like it's gonna greens but secular Graham and tell our story tax dollars and it is gonna help our taxpayer I guess it's gonna help the taxpayers with a bottom line is this. Bottom line is this do you believe that this front office with Horst and Fagan and that 300 owner. That they're going to get it right. Because at the beginning of the season. Every team has to have hope. Okay the last four years always did was say okay. LeBron and whoever from the west and now it's LeBron gold stayed every you're just forty of these two teams go on these two these two teams are going to be that this is all that's out there. Okay do you have faith. That they're going to hire the right coach and get this right there in three years were sitting here in two years were sitting here going Eastern Conference finals. Finally the boxer there'd you'd you have that faith. Or is sitting there going. May tenth now did this isn't gonna happen as much as we wanna do we can have a little bit I hope the face it they're gonna you're right it's not there yes Ornette. Do you have faith they're going to get it right. 8558308648. 855830864. Rate on the loans by kip dot com told free talk. Tonight and he ended cavaliers and Celtics who at a deemed too. Of the Eastern Conference finals cavaliers ran away within game wind beating up on the Celtics there again in Boston. Game two tonight. Do you think were two years from now we're talking about game 2 of the Eastern Conference final between the box in whomever. Yes or no 855830864. I'm just taking the pulse here. I'm just taking the polls. Let's go to while Bruce in the south side Bruce walking program though Michael shows going on there I don't. And I'm doing well I'm trying to keeps the face here. Column area I don't call that I'm here I'm here at some network this George is currently in. About. My feeling that it might say I. They're gonna get that one right. Until you can get. Pro player that you have on Iraq are now. Be your big player play away at it. Our football player you. You like and that are going nowhere and there are urgent Ari Parker. Go back this year. I think there. It. What. Are the ways. Away from earlier and it. It's a but I'll be our. Yeah there's gonna to. Ride. Again and I I appreciate the phone quite understand you're coming from he's eat. If you if I acted kind a pair for. And just from his view the struggle he took to get an. I want to believe. But something doesn't seem right. To just put it the cliff notes version just to go by what Brusett. And he pretty much. You know in using exact words he put it in the same almost sentiment that I had it just it it's. It there's something that just doesn't seem right I can't put my finger on it. As of the general manager is the ownership group is it guys behind the scenes is that there's something and it just innately. Doesn't feel right. So I had to sit here today and tell you as a fan. I'm gonna bet my house one where the other they're going to be in the Eastern Conference finals in two years. And this organization gets it right they hired the right guy they made the right moves and I'm moving forward in new building and things are looking up great war. It's pursue any term the same conversation in two years. I'd probably have to vote the latter not the Peter tweet to settle underscore Michael says my faith is wavering on a daily basis as the days go by I'm less and less confident they're gonna get it right. AJ tweets tweets as The Three Stooges ED Fagan and Landry won't get this wrong. They put the G and god awful when it comes to handling the basketball side of running its franchise. Our buddy Chris Phineas says I have zero confidence in the box to make the right decision. Mike says don't get it right is right. Don't get it right Boston a lot better than we thought it and we could've should've won that series we are closer than we think. A better coach might have been the difference. OK there's a vote for go get it done correctly. And I certainly hope you're right let's go to Larry listening to a cement on Larry welcome to the program the Michael show I don't know what's up. Guard at Cornell you're on I think I think they're the out. The talks orders are going to be meddling integrity get it wrong I think equitably politics instead of choosing the best coach and think they'll. They'll pick a woman or they'll take. You know a minority. You know to make themselves feel good. But they wanted to be the best coach that's my opinion. Contact I appreciate it. Look I don't care if there's a woman out there was a minority Al carrier if it's if it's somebody who's green out here to bring an alien down. Although it's some noise some people did say San Gasol kernel of light and maybe bring back saint. Doesn't matter always pick the right person. It is doesn't matter are you just you've got to get somebody who can communicate you've got to get some my school indexes and out. Mark just said one I don't think they're gonna get a right and I think one of keeping Joseph prompting on the staff. Here's my question. I I heard this discussion local yesterday and the big show in the afternoon on one of part seven FM the fan a flight Tuesday. But keep in joke front. I know I'm I'm all those guys are great guys we've we've got a chance to talk at all no good guys. But if I'm a new head coach in less there's something specific. That somebody breaks of the table that I think is just the absolute best on clean and everything out. I'm cleaning everything else. Because the problem this you couldn't get on the played together when you had this coaching staff. What makes you think that the same guys are gonna suddenly get in the play differently. Would head coach being the overseer. Why. You know there's some people you wouldn't mind keeping. Boy you know it mean. Even even even jobless is personal guy Sweeney who caterers. Okay errors. It just you know this whole thing about what you gotta keep you honest happy we got these development jump shot young season play defense too just like everybody else needs to play better everybody else does. It doesn't matter you're not winning now. It doesn't matter. This this holding on to people because you're afraid my ass you'll make changes you be bold. Make bold moves otherwise you're gonna just retread yourself as the same losing breeds a losing. That's just the way it is. You know why I know this because the Bengals fan growing up forgot six. They suck and every year was the same thing we're gonna keep this coach we're gonna fire this coach has got and Mike Brown pull the strings and yet the same voices in the same groups in the same ears telling you the same thing and nothing changes. You've got to clean house if you're gonna hire a new coach he comes in and cleans house period. Clean house bring your own guys new voices and make these guys performed for new coaches otherwise start cutting playing time. If you start cutting playing time that eventually cut money and if you started and in a pocket book then they change otherwise it's the same old crap. And you would otherwise what do you Dolan. Be happy with the AC wanted to die and go back to be in the senator with a great player and getting word of a great player and you're right back to where you were before they before you put the franchise sold. That's what the path is that you're on right now. Feels like its meddling times three yeah lake like Bucs fans they know old the whole Herb Kohl thing in this whole. Idea that you know gain the eight siege is barely get in the playoffs that's that's the box way that's what we got to do. I thought when this new ownership group came in that they were gonna stay away. From the basketball side that they weren't the basketball experts and they make that clear. Then they did and we don't know if they're going in John horse years telling him things to do every day or not I don't know what it's like I don't know if it's Peter frag and I don't know if nobody's doing anything and it's just Jon or sitting on a plane I'll buy and sell. Oh sure some of us open interviews. He's that we weak weak weak talk and ever one has ever won as an opinion on this. Peter figgins got they give it up NYC. And I disagree I. I don't need to be rude to Peter dragon that he's the president of that team and you go you know go take your business he's a basketball people take care basketball Peter Sagan is the president of the box he handles the business side he's not the president of basketball operations that's not. I don't understand why Peter fadeaway at any civilians with all due respect them why well. Yeah opinion Imus. You're your ownership traveled back and forth when you I almost picture Peter Fagan an interview with a head coach when you're on to put his face on T shirt yeah. I mean just how large the parents. Let shot horse may make this decision I feel what I feel bad for John horse because he is and you really duck situation right now because it's not just. Hiring the right coach and everything's gonna be better in the box gonna be better next year Denny got to figure out which players you wanna keep and who you're willing to get in return. And then you gotta think can this group of guys mesh with this head coach because of it doesn't happen right away he's number one thing it's another wasted here with yachts. That's the number one thing and all of let's do this for a take a break welcome back John dog Alex. Our Alex is gonna be for show issued John's been on hole long time Brian dog and a cast of thousands just hanging around get to all of your promise you. Say to more than my vision next. We're aware it was gone soon. The bill Michael sports talk networks. So Michael. Before you're having a trim Griffey gave them. Appreciate Jiang and Alice has a lot of people Germany and the emails and sideshow I'll I'll try to get everybody be carries. There's a lot of people got an opinion on this hey we talk about this and so much more on Thursday night June 7 we are coming to Madison. I I can't wait. Can't wait. Looking forward this our first cigar dinner of the season we are coming to the Wisconsin brewing company ten certainly not American wife. They need inside little cocktails outside. Nice nights and cigars. So it's going to be a fantastic evening will you be there. At the dinner is catered by would barbecue in his duty Thursday night June 7 sign in between five and 530. Cocktail hour from 53630. And then 630. To say 738. Gonna be at the dinner catered by would barbecue raffles. 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Can't wait look at Ford senior after that night are for cigar dinner present presented by tobacco outlet plus and our friends at per dome on cigars. Do we know belief. In the Milwaukee Bucks front office or do you say not they're gonna screw this up and two years in recent same damn thing. 855 B 30864. It's gonna Alex is he too is in west Dallas Alexei don't even know what's going on. I'm good OK. If they get the right coach. He's gonna buy intimate. Group. It seemed like they've zeroed in on two pretty good candidate. Our boat from that birds three. Important holder. Basically it would be myopic at this point because I like him from the standpoint it's. He can run I think he can run the basketball about it bank they listened to him about the players that they need and that he can kind of a lot of player. And I think that's what I'm at work let. Oh yeah easy. And and you work job or work backwards and do what he. The postage on course or wherever the president of basketball operations is. Making. Our vision for the team. Yeah I'd look at it like hey you got it you're team around your best player and I think put all of the will figure that out. And he is seeing it in a situation where god killing them we've seen this. Year after year the year you know balked at and we don't stop this guy. I think he can figure out how we can all part about it is Roland like that. And wanted one last thing though. I. Echoes sentiments and I think somebody detective has summons. I mean that we gain. Play that game that last game seven in Milwaukee I think we win this series and I think that speaks. Directly to the fact is we have better coaching we probably would have had a harder. OK art. Yeah we appreciate the vocal when you think about it I mean the good the bucks to go toe to toe the Celtics. You know and in Philadelphia obviously couldn't get the job done so why are the Bucs ahead of Philadelphia meanwhile the boxer home on the first weekend of Philadelphia's still playing so I you know. I don't know. What to compare ability is now when you talk about a seven game series certainly the Bucs held their own and maybe they are close. Maybe this is coaching maybe it is getting through those guys I don't know. Makes you wonder what a box 76ers series who have been like. It does it does as well because when we ended up leaving that box Celtics series most people believe that the does the 76ers were light years ahead. A Milwaukee because they won their first round Cyrix. I don't know the boxer and the box at a golden opportunity. To it to close it out and beat Boston in Boston to get that game one lead and they blow. And they didn't really learn how to win except at home in Indian and again you you don't win a series if he can't win on the road. So. I Joost act. It is not hard for me to think that the Bucs would be far ahead of of the Sony sixers at this point Boyd. You know if the Bucs beat Boston are the box sitting here playing cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals that's probably the question. And if that's the case. We're not two years away. Were seasonally were offseason. If it's just to coach but that's why the argument is do you keep the court again which includes all your. Bench guys like Tony snell Jon and some like man did all the dove and hope for the fact that they play better next year or is this what they are. I look I again I just. Try to be optimistic about the future of the yes you try to be you wanna be split as a fan I am just not optimistic. I don't know what the spokes ownership is gonna pull out others familiar with the next time next. That's my point is I'm sitting here right now if I had to bet my house I petted on the on the on the negative side rather than the positive let's go to Brian listen to us in Greenfield Brian what the program the Michael show. Yet entered into a card graduation year award also appreciated the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And that box in the reverend Marcia I don't give orders. Are you gonna rock. Everything is set up for everybody will take at least three years that the manager. You're never gonna get along the best thing they need to do is to sit back hire a good note that the unit that GM and literature called now. And in my opinion and that bothers me is that I don't care geez this crisis in the paint the whole legal point guard. If you have meddling orders only to each other want to make that decision and the other two don't like it. It ripple I'll probably do the actress Sally out of the court you don't wanna look at Milwaukee. What the plan her neck at a situation. We got orders that are fighting to be hands in the cookie jar never go right. And I just don't see anything happening are the next two or three years adding insult you can put everyone at the college. But it got the doors no heat and cold. No Frontline guys get a lot of calmly and what do you torque and that's good because we don't know what I've seen and what their metal each other each other in Indiana coach. They need to hire one diet PGM. The end of the basketball business in going to be great hedge fund guys but it got me that qualified to be in the NBA. And maybe one got to do it hired the best coach available that you that. You're sit down or needs what you want. And they let him prior to that that and that's how it works perhaps all the rattling going back or as it's ever gonna work it's going to be cap and they're going to be fighting among each other. Before Galveston Garnett can be right back in the lottery. Pressure and he gets off you get on 85583086. Great thing about this though when the talk when it comes in Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks. Defensively speaking. Date eh offensively they average one or six point five points per game on the season Philadelphia one on nine point eight they haven't beat there. Meanwhile the box. Gave up an average of 106 point eight. Points per game this season the Celtics 105 point three. The box where the only eighteen the only team in the post season. Where they negative points per game differential. The only T. That was how bad their defense was they were point or zero point three on the negative. The only taint everybody else was a positive. Everybody both western and Eastern Conference the only team with a negative point per game differential. Was in Milwaukee Bucks. That's your app royal status today brought you by apple royal implementing recipient they got a solutions to companies just like George. Check about eleven AP PR OYO dot com it's a PP RO YAO. Dot com that's and that's a pretty significant statistic right there. Went on average throughout the season you gave up point three point more points per game. Than you scored. And your scoring was right there when everybody else. You averaged more than a Miami Heat who averaged more than the Indiana Pacers. You were fifth best in the Eastern Conference. But yet you came up more points then all of those teams. On an average except the cavaliers cavaliers gave a 109 point nine but they were still a point ahead in the point two French. Osgood Bob listening to a Santos of Bob Walker the program the Michael show was going comment. Regrets here lord thank you. Image as a distant area of great. People said the officer Edward Munster. I just don't see that and work. Yep that one person in charge. In our Q. And things on there. I ICI a big appreciate the folk on a big believer in basketball people are football people are baseball people handle baseball. Business side of people they handle everything else your business plan has to be based off of your team not your team based off of your business. I've always been a big believer and let the personnel people do what they do. But the coaches coach just kind of get out of their way if your business side or you're an owner publisher and owner that was a former coach or former GM. Get the hell out of the way you hired people and do their job. The only time you step in as if things are going horribly horribly wrong over a long period of time you have to allow those that you hire to implement their. They're the they're plans so to speak and you've gotta back. You can't second guess and you've got to back. Are you just minutes it's it's I just don't don't get it. I just don't have that feeling I don't get that feeling right now that. Things are heading in the right direction Brad and sturgeon bases or love the last rant. I could have said it better myself and you're right simply feel strange but the Bucs front office and I'm not exactly sure what it is that's where I stand. Meanwhile you've got to who else he got their Curtis. Says I don't have a preference is to whom they hire but without a doubt believe this ownership is an absolute mess. This is from Herman. Who says I think to the Milwaukee Bucks could be headed in the right direction of the couple personnel moves it's not all about coaching. The problem is who's making the moves I don't have a lot of faith in John Horst as a general manager after all what has he done. Which he has had a lot of time to really put his stamp gods wouldn't. This was for mark and mark writes. No faith right now on this Milwaukee Bucks group I'm gonna go next year to see the new building I will who in our like everybody else I'll watch honest slammed down a couple of dunks. And then I'm going to leave never to return until they start winning basketball consistent. This is from can who says said did you see the eyes was voted as the best dunk of the year in the NBA in an apprentice he's GS who the hell cares. Is that if a seven footer can't Duncan damn basketball that would be a big play. Milwaukee Bucks need to worry about things other than dogs like getting a good head coach for getting a good GM. And having your ownership groups stay the hell in New York to keep their nose out of the box basketball business. They're better businessman than they are basketball hours. Beriault. 8558308648. Let's listen this'll take it could break TJ degree do we come back more of a lack of practice. Wisconsin love. Michael's sports talk. Well Grabow Michael Cho continues. Hopefully you're having a fantastic. Day we certainly appreciate you hanging out when there's. Pairs we always said it. Radio Joseph across the way I'm bill Michael's get all of us on Twitter at bill underscore my goals are at radio Joe's sports you can. Email us he'll fact why don't Michaels had no Michael sports dot com. Many you chime in on FaceBook as well as was from Dan this is the Bucs are going to struggle until they get free of smelled element over. In Hanson's albatross contracts. This is from a Jake to writes in the FaceBook side of things he says that the Bucs front office Sox they approve enemy they can't do things correctly they do things shady. This is not the type of team we want in Milwaukee we should let them go which Jake that's stupid but it. You know I I I appreciate the fact you feel that way but it just to say eleven go to throwing the baby out about one. Protestants from Ryan who says I don't think they're gonna get it right I know there's probably a qualified candidate out there or to. But it's just not getting a head coach it's getting rid of some of the bad contracts as well in two years they can have this thing going to the Eastern Conference finals. Or they can be out of the post season watching honest walk away saying we're in the midst of a rebuild. Which is new building what had added we will have added revenue to go out and spend additional money all the crap we've heard before. Odds go back to a phone calls and that's it looked. It was it was we take isn't a different direction and the more people started charming on the box it just it it begs the question. OK and I wanted to just get calls but the question is basically this do you have faith you're gonna get it right and I'm not saying we just head coaching. Unless they were just the general manager I'm not saying we're just. Trading out contracts and getting all these differently do you just in two years are we sitting here. Talking about the beginning of the Eastern Conference finals in the books names being battered about not a way of saying rebuild or will next year but the fact that there may be gearing up to take on a LeBron James led team were Philadelphia 76ers up and coming team or something like that how much faith you have your freight they're regular right yesterday. Just now. TJ and Greenfield TJ I don't know them that was going on. Not bad bill they I think they're gonna get right and a fight almost comical that. Oyster bar called up and say they have no confidence and in ownership group on that it handled the first coach hired chasing it trying to. Not the way out publish it but you know or by an eagle. Fans are here got everything we always want. You don't for the team look like it it might be old garbage you're like really good. Well I Aurelio I should never be general manager you're right. You don't have a hundred million dollars in the whether or not we like get these guys may a lot of money and not to let basketball team that are vulnerable basketball team and I spent. 500 million dollars or what ever gonna spend. I I almost all assay and in what's going on even though I'm I'm a believer in. Hired the people that you kicker do the job right and let him go. It's it's gotta be hard when he got that much money on the line and you know a good product like a box. And it's going to be hard just kind of supplies say yeah on the order but you know I'd I'd card to pony up the cash and logical I. A little people like that that's been that much money really wanna work like that they want. You'll kinda get it there and I understand it. And David wrote in a bad decision of the team but. You know I understand in Georgia where come from. Well hey you appreciate the focal you've got 550. Million dollars. In the Milwaukee Bucks. Okay is a new ownership 515. Okay. So does he give you the right to toot to jump in church dollars. Shirt we were just talking about. Fans there are not a lot of BGMs because they they don't know what they're doing wall. Look at the knowledgeable fan and compare it to the knowledge of an owner the owner has seen no I agree -- her head was definitely easy to be there on a daily basis the owner has the ability to CD in a work he's the owner has the ability to the same stats statistics and and and things that coaches are getting so there isn't more knowledge here but I'll say that their main job access after main job I agree. And as he said if you have 550 million dollars invested in somebody tells you stay out of it here because they know it's my money I'll do what I want. The good owners are the ones that hired good people and get the hell out of the way. And they sit back and enjoy the fruits of of somebody else's labor while and that doesn't seem like it's a case are now on the line. I am in this meeting in India or I should become a meeting be here in our own because it should be out. You know I mean if you're say an ordering your on the road say your Boston you're watching Eastern Conference finals because you wanna beat you wanna mix and mingle and you wanna cock. Two things for your team and see how say Boston does things in air arena for this playoffs your user. Cleveland does or golden Stater Houston he says you you wanna immerse yourself and if you get your product better to see what they're doing that you can make yourself better okay. But New York let's be honest it come and eat it carries the stigma that's where they're from. And they don't live here and it in all honesty for like I don't care if they Hiram over and do bought it is argued the right person the bottom line is. It it doesn't bode well for fan base their lives and breathes and works in spends their money and lives and dies in this city. And you get a chance to jet away to New York back and forth almost as if Milwaukee trillion that your city is kind of a toy. I said all along they're not buying a franchise device it. President Alan. They're buying a downtown they're getting a building there they're buying hotels are gonna build business side they're creating a product that people are going to block it. So is this really a team that they want to see win or is it a toy that they just wanna mess around with. And kind of stick their nose in and don't have the full grasp and at that he'll just a basketball team vs a quote business. And in. That's why you hire basketball if you wanna win you hire basketball people the best basketball people to run your product. And then let them go and get the hell out of their way. Pay but the statement is more Milwaukee we're not New York what the hell you doing because mark that not to get the same thing. He does you for as much as he wants it while he's here is here quite a bit but we don't know a guy you know and noted that every now and then as well. But see. Look with the brewers have done I agree David Stern's new rare council parent and doing. We've got this mark to worry about it yeah we're gonna have to take a step back. It's just this is how we're gonna have its early years you just have to understand that this is going to be our approach. And we promise that we were going to be able to bring some success common but we're gonna have to wait a little it's OK so mark just let a storage out. And kudos to mark out of Nazi oh he has done just that he is let David searching Craig Counsell work and look where this brewers team as they are way ahead of schedule. But the owner stacked side. I guess my question becomes if they make a higher with one of these can say they get through holes and he comes. Is that enough to make people go okay there on the right track. She did I I don't have a problem if there are Moodle I I don't either. But like I've said before. I'm not really a big fan of cheneys candidates is not a name that just blows me away were saved now that's the person that they need. That there's there's a lot of guys of the experience. And there's also a lot of guys with this unknown ability that they've never been a head coach he works particularly well here's an economist are hearing about one in two years we talk about. Or three years with the goal would be okay we're talking about this year the NBA finals at Steve Kerr in the Golden State Warriors and it's. Poodles are in the Milwaukee Bucks. Can you put together. Excuse me can you put that together you mart. Does that work for you. Pence is finex the guests and see that's what I'm saying is much we wanna talk about the coaches on John horse I've said that from beginning this is on him. To get this roster right. So as much as we wanna talk about the coach in the front office and everything it was long when it is on John horse to get it right in it John horse is not allowed to be. John horse and pull strings in but that's the products you know and analyses are also work when he's got west seed and bring the nose that remark plaza Breeden has asked how was he supposed to do did you know. I get to let him do his job yet again. Nathan's is their face or during a thorough search a lot of good young talent coaches out there I'm glad they're making a choice and not mean. It's been real sea of bucks in three years when there's nobody left to Steve and I got a picture of the lights going out on Titanic. It's a yes they learn from their mistakes old Jason Kidd about cord showing that there on the right track with two finalist there interviewing right now. Chris' people these are need to relax if they hire one of these two candidates are going to be fine within the bucks won ten games last season listening to these moron. Com CE it's. I said this before I'll say it again sometimes. It's not what the result is it's how you gold belt your business. And the one caller called in so well they had one bad art well way to. David Jason get tiring was APR nightmare. They bring in a different guy to be the GM. And first of all your you still have John Hammond here who's doing his best to put a smiley face and listening and kudos to him. But even though he had some bad deals to benevolence. Try to give input to us and smiley faces on he leaves the guys they have brought in to be a successor. He doesn't get the job ownership is split John horse get the job there in the owners are even together on this. That didn't Lakota firing Jason Kidd three hours before game did look at it it it starts at the top. And that's why I have concern about the last day in the it's not one misstep he would do on watch thing that's that's wrong you considered you get from point a to point B and you end up winning in that particular sentence sentence. Then it's a misstep but it paid off but when you have numerous missteps and you're no better off now than you were then. Then you look like a cluster. As it was put earlier this functional. And I know they hate that word makes me cringe put. Did the old adage is if you don't wanna have that bad marker thrown around your neck proves wrong more I don't want to show next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk and that word. What I remind you. Rule that our friends over cousins subs they have teamed up. With DB gig some offense. You wanna be a VIP here's your chance and a big gigs give away from cousins substance summer fest eleven concerts in eleven nights the American family insurance at a theater. During summer facts. It means eleven chances to win each VIP concert package includes a couple of tickets parking best gift cards and a whole lot more eleven and people are gonna go to this one of a kind experience. And you could be one of and turn dale had cousins subs dot com slash big big giveaway. To experience your best summer fest over that is cousin subs the officials substantive though Michaels or start network. And at the the boot company that believes in that. They have that's cousins out. Bomb locked on tomorrow's show as well we're not gonna stop just because are you midway point the week at his prime good against. Feel all to you feel more like Ted Thompson or maybe like Ron war thwarted in that discussion compares and and the brewers make it to the post season. With out a healthy Ryan broader talk with Seth Everett. Autism green and gold so we elect him up on tomorrow's program. There is it is probably fight taking guests okay. All my fighters take it as it is right now 7030. Of the majority of people feel like dude there's the bucks just are gonna get it right they don't have faith and probably about 7030. Com which doesn't bode well for your fan base when they don't believe it. So we can even pick up on this tomorrow a little bit bright issues do you feel that this fox organization is heading in the right direction. It's it's it's very simple. And and think about it and you can continue to chime in over I even posted the question up on Twitter so if you wanna follow us there and you can. But I just I feel it's a legit question. With what's been said today. And again this is not make you mean making any kind of distinction personally about them. I gave you my opinion I didn't come from I just came from basically your phone calls and your thoughts. And I just I I thought it was interest in because there are some if you villages down on the box. And down on the ownership group to group to be able to get it right so. So pick up when this tomorrow because I think it I I think it is pertinent there's an overwhelming amount of people. Overwhelming amount of people that are. Hi Elise skeptic rules say. What those. The of the box or bring to the table. By the way Tom tweets as and says is you've got to Indianapolis is they get ready for corporation week. And getting ready for running for the pole. And there's a contingent of Packers fans down there hoping to see Aaron Rodgers who will most likely be there. For the running of the union the greatest spectacle in racing. As his his girlfriend. Danica Patrick's going to be your running her final ranks and driving her final race in this. And she's going to call it a career. After she shuts it down and running what would happen if she wins the Indy 500 can you really just walk a what me that's a hell Mike to operate there. If you just say you know what what. She you know let's elbow my truck if she reduced. So that's it for today think about it Jon and onto what are you divide is there but. Interesting conversations that good stuff herself on your part ice ice. Presley don't have a don't. Border to border. Film Michael's voice Talking Heads were.