HR4 – Packers, Brewers, Bucks!

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Friday, April 13th
Hour 4. We’ll talk with Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig, and continue our discussion on Jabari Parker. Plus, we get you ready for Brewers vs Mets! Also, we have some sad news from one rock legend.

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From the league runs. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans called stood tall the bill monkey show. No idea how good you know Michael shows on the air. I know Michael's radio Joseph across the way. On this on this crappy Friday for lack of better term god it's Friday the patent on that until the week to get a chance to. Your offer allows so consume some sports in just take it easy kick back have a few beverages that's that's a good thing it doesn't matter what kind of weather. We have an outside sure we'd like to be nice but it is well. Oddest portion of the program brought to our good friends at Marshall clinic health system they have care my way going on right now and picks me up. They do the same preview prescription or over the phone save yourself the time and troubled go for an office visit. Maybe they can now be out city to prescription to a pharmacy near you that's what it's all about saving some time saving some money getting you well if they can help you they don't charge it's that simple. That is our friends were Marshall clay courts pay for play by France. And I do's call 844. Care way it's 844 caraway. Marshall like just another way that they help you out the official health care provider of yours truly dream and now Paul image are green and gold analyst in now Paul first of all. Your body is back divided house back in the fold for yet another season agreement packer football. Yes sorry that we didn't break that it live on the air this year like we did last year when he was still leading the Pittsburgh Steelers facility. Yeah. But you know what it is I think it's and then in the in the in the works for a while. I think it's idiot culture in that. I'm really I'm really in it in all kind of written in the stars that they've gone out into modeling or bulk going to be. Part of the 2018 team. And from online happen to get done or not about helping them second so it's it's better adapt its leadership. It's two guys were excellent in the locker room that thought out entry model AM. And that may be mentors to camp in eight commitment to our quick Rollins and presumably to at least one or two if not great young corners that they bring and the. By the and it's not so it makes sense on several levels. And you know I know he's not gonna be to god the people say oh ready gonna go Kart Julio Jones or you know turn on the defense or whatever the case by what. It makes sense but a lot of level you need depth you need veteran guys. I think we must act impact on the nuclear AW you don't have. What does give me my next question because it seemed like he became a fast favor when it came to. Dispersing information if you will added to the younger guys in the locker room and a while the ability in the shut down corner LA that that's not there. But I I just always kind of wonder how invaluable it is. To have a guy that already has knowledge and can help you with fewer techniques go to speak to actually be locked purring next year. Sure and even I mean they're the cup way to look at that I mean did. Did about how perhaps we keep what spot particularly baptists active and I could easily make that argument you wanna take it. On the flip side and say you know there are certainly worse guys that haven't really I mean this isn't going to be an identical to beat that I'd say. But it sure give one ID field splitting gaps between true mumbling into about Al. The fact that wind up worse and in that statement that the fatally so. He does it again and leader Peter veteran guys are you want your contract I don't mind that technically two year deal but let's be real to one year contract. In an eye to our. A bridge you know someone and there's that you don't have to prep. Guys who maybe aren't ready you know let it be that can be in LA OK you don't vote at all. Having the opt out and model and there are allowed you to bridge the gap to finding your next hole or you know that front office. Brigade gap to spy on Internet superstar at that sedentary pray that it will be picked up that mr. Trapp great. In a local guide even better but it is let to the force. You know young unproven in a kick undrafted players in the spot that they're not ready or because I think that that the stage for a career where. You know if they have a couple bad game on their undertake. Kirk competent to hurt the team in the in the immediate self it indicate that about every level. The big breaking news of the day Dez Bryant outs with the Dallas Cowboys they cut a Lucy confirms and on Twitter now the speculation begins where he's going to end up like and very likely see him go and say to Washington even to Philadelphia or maybe Danone patriots. But I know some Packers fans love to see him along side does say Dovonte Adams and and Jimmy Graham man that would make a three headed monster. Then you throw in Randall Cobb that would be fantastic do you think he has a shot at ending up in greenback. Yeah I I do did a good shot know what it adds. Well you know I think they're coming to an what you have Washington. I think doesn't ride yet is we will stay in the division and played out like you know whether that's why I yeah giant. Well that's Philadelphia and you know so how much did he go for bat stopper that he public that he guilt or the you know ticket to Dallas. At the type of decision and about Jerry Jones. What are really nice statement actually. It in regard to the relationship that goes to a developed but they're right it's still an ultimate competitor and. They're perhaps they were beaten irony that on the offbeat and that the NFL changed the rule of what a catch and. They become degree battery and back to Lambeau Field over the text did or didn't app. Depending what you know what translational what you're talking about so you know in the they've opt in but you let go of Jordy Nelson yeah Ryan Jimmy Graham but. You know more more talk they'll and more more written adventure he's seen about. You know Aaron Rodgers wanting personnel and active personnel decision and that the part that conversation. And it does riot. It's sort of a lucky guy or some people but it you bring somebody that held that an hey let's put this app to just because the mid April. The unit that like that inhabit the back it is mind hey if it's a dead Bryant a player become available. There is still the ten million dollar rent a cub opened in the room question you know until it. Gets six. And you can they've had a top you know you can't you know the orderly about it in and you basically trade copper. They should not they they will do it but I think they start to explore and I I think it's. When it went at aqueduct Hewlett-Packard had a quarterback Aaron Rodgers as he ever Seagram's 29. And he's right on that curve of the epic production flat. Return on your career you wanna go to a team with a great quarterback and it he has always UTQ could boast such equipment much the actors do their crops. The the discussion about the defense retirement this earlier today and when you start to go through the list of players they have in the hope that they have that they are going to somehow. All come together and injuries are going to be a minimum in such. It is there a realistic expectation. Really I mean realistic. The expectation of super more buses or should that really be dialed back from. I think in the most oddest of moments. Or Mike McCarthy Aaron Rodgers they would tell you complete sincerity. If it should be suitable. And I think that's good but you know I. Every team probably should have that as their goal but I think probably only. Six. Maybe eighteen. Believed that would truly believe that and I think they be add people of this scene and I don't you know certainly that's air brought them Mike McCarthy. I think they believe that they think that way that. When you at quarterback especially one who does a lot of that credit that we are at all these different time that he's not you know rod is not a duplication of Tom Brady in terms of the way that. They play the quarterback position and you don't know. It's Rogers is gonna age and impeccably as what operating at which you know Tom Brady is. It's incredible to see him defeat father time before age forty you know you you cannot be partly can't be missing the playoffs. But I added a bit of what do you get out the right type majority the adapter of other factors. But. From that perspective cute and look at that bowler but. Angela. What. I think it's yet I don't know why I don't dispersant. Bit of a team that you have another rebuilding and I don't have a knee deep at the court at an avenue GM. And if I didn't think it did. I don't think you're side and you know Jimmy Graham I don't think you go one year deal with mobile percent at one year deals from audible in the about how to. If you're just hoping to be you know ultimate two year so I better not the record activity to off beat that. All about going all and it's not like they don't win in 28 unit they're gonna look like the Denver bronco after that. Pete netting and royal couple years ago they're built to be better sustained about but. You know I hit it in the culture when Rutgers in the end and Rucker get closer to build mid thirties and his aides. You know I think he had a capital port every year I think there's been enough evidence that your from Ryan Ludwick in the front office that they are sort of trending in that direction. I get this sense and they've eaten this year I don't know why and I Gary could be way way off but this year is kind of one of those years and you're expecting to reward buster almost kind of setting yourself up for failure. This year should be one illusion Regis righted you say okay let's see what the changes are. And then you fill in the holes next C and I know it's a waste his season if it had happened Zellweger is your mail say well you you'll have so what to window and Aaron Rodgers I. In less Ted Thompson's last two draft were fantastic and everybody begins to perform the way they're expected to Montrae abuse atoms Vince Beagle. Josh Jones Kevin King all those guys. Then you look at Ted Thompson is OK last maybe three years two or three years weren't necessarily the best to set the team back. And it's gonna take a year to try to right the ship again. I think it's it's early return but I think there's a lot of hole. About last year's draft class they've pretty much restructure read get their entire running back room. In a really positive way out on the big at a well I think seventy can become jot yellow due to be put into it really takes spot. Al Morgan Burnett not being there and even if you know and people only Beagle does need to contribute. It's a lot traded Adam. With additional lookers and what paddy Kenny Clarke and might get killed and being flowery. They're not going to be any pending injury of course is not going to be a lot on the played at my entry Adam. So and it can entrap or that Kenny Clarke was that they can't Blake Martinez I don't know either you know it is feeling it. Loop Heatley after Bobby Baker asked what he'd really. Solid guy for being only two years in his career so. I think here's. How this stuff from the last couple throughout their hasn't necessarily then like that. Superstar yet but again there's it's it's pretty rare that you run into a Marshal on Lattimore guy on defense that can. Really turnaround UT's single handedly are almost single handedly so. It'll sell I guess I just I think if you go to a beat and banking. Air brought it to the place. A fully healthy year. That. Wall. Should engage in the play. He's healthy. Adding that should be edit six is pretty much nothing else works out I think he should be tenant that. It's Aaron Rodgers and Eric latter as year. And it up the other things on the plate or Mike Patton turns out to be that he would that the addition that the team has needed in terms of repealing the defense. But at the start picking out at a six with a healthy Rutgers too hot spot the Beirut now. We talked about the rampant how well they've redone their roster the adult is not going anywhere Minnesota and a great competitor and they don't division. If it's that and I have every opportunity that the optic 718 that could be really really good. But there's just that built in advantage. Aaron Rodgers and it again but not these other groups have worked out Jimmy Graham being brought in what the what Jordan opened being you know brought out. They're eagerly for the team to accomplish I think a lot of can't expect them to do I would think you know enabled on as the moment that I depart Iraq here's. Will go to Cedar City bowler but whether they'll LB that public what are some you know it's probably QB to be seen but. It you don't have a quarterback make in ramadi brought it is about to make. And at the age that you about it to go under is 830 or thirty I've seen and and that your expectations lol I just don't know if you can do that and and be running things and help elect. Bob good stuff enjoy the weekend stay safe as I guess is the end of the world calendar until we finally get this summer but the nevertheless will chatting in Amman. Greater good Jabbar left by humans art. All thank you thank you yeah we're gonna have probably hit up again more more time before you got here today but yet it was a very revealing I guess. I'd like Bridget. He drops off an avid that is Paula bigger regional analyst joining us for a couple minutes on this general challenge shatter our drivers right now you work arbitrage fair eighty pushers are beginning induct. Column 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com it's 844 predator shattered jobs dot com. Don't forget to as you mentioned the Jabari Parker discussion now to pick up where we left off regarding that per couple minutes got Tim Allen coming up in the bottom of the hour. Talk and some baseball but if you haven't heard it. We'll give you some of the snippets from last night's program of the Milwaukee basketball hour we're Jabari Parker. Didn't reveal every detail but it kind of revealed a soul and you can hear that coming up next in the much. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. And Michael show on the air we brought you target present Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network. Dez Bryant released today by the Dallas Cowboys. Did read about this for a minute okay Dez Bryant when he got that big contract. He had come off of back to back to back thirteen 182 yards. And twelve touchdowns. 12133. Yards. And thirteen touchdowns. And a 201413. Hundred in twenty yards and sixteen. Touchdowns. Since then think about this now he got to be contract. Since then. And over it Tony romo's gone. I've thrown footballer more. 401. Yards now granted he was banged W only played nine games in 1988 or are we shouldn't say 88 in 2015. Why so many. While it is number in 2015 he ended up by catching still twelve point nine yards per reception only 401 yards and three touched. War two years ago 700 in that in thirteen to 796. Yards. And eight touchdowns but he was averaging fifteen point nine yards per reception. Think about it. And then last year 69 catches. 838 yards twelve point one yards his lowest ever in his career. Of yards per catch. Six touchdowns on the season. As long as being fifty. So he had 561. Yards is originally when he came into the league in 2010. He had 928 the following year in in three straight years of 12130. Yards or better. And twelve touchdowns thirteen touchdowns and sixteen touchdowns got the big contract and it's fallen off dramatically since he's been banged up. Played all sixteen games last year but was no where near the B specimen that he was. Prior to that by the way the stats are brought to you by our friends at apple Roy LA PP RO YO dot com. Implementing SAP and big data solutions all the web two companies just like yours. In all you have to do. Is is checking out a go to a PP RO wired a comment royal dot com let them get all the information for you and you'll be good to go. Yesterday Jabar last algebra Parker had a chance to sit down chat with a song Milwaukee basketball hour now without getting into a long drawn out conversation many of you have said maybe it's all over there and you know the Twitter verse service. I haven't heard what was so significant about. Where we asked him it was me myself and Steve Sparky Pfeiffer now host the bucks posting show us Steve Novak was there you don't hear his voice too much. But asking George questions about. You know everything from in his relationship with a box to the contract situation into Max deals and some of the stuff that he said veering from the hard very. Conversational very matter of fact. Surprises does take a listen. Well I hope so always aspirations. Were to comp wounded. But it and there wasn't much room and that's the unfortunate part. Are those of us not to I don't know what's the things I told dot having this I told John horses I think the FDA is also from. When it comes to restricted free agency and how all that whole deal worse I think it puts everybody in a bad situation. Because the players onto the other team we've seen happen Milwaukee patsy players come back bigger bat. Because it must match the offer because they don't like the bus were just usually not seated it up for cheaper price they'd get the price. That they wanted on the market I think it was even a bad situation out here with a player horrible situation. With the way it's set up now facing up. Because OK to Clark your covers or to freeagent well he can't leave it must be safe to say that extent and they can match play. How can look at it from a player perspective to point out that I mean you're coming up on the situation and it's kind of played out all right. The in the team has to be professional about it right by then have to understand it's just that we can since. Fun Milwaukee goes it's not like a huge target for free agents and owls will in the Tikka. You don't take into consideration because this home in the afternoon it's a home so. When it comes to a player like myself. I was desire in the bank's. Best guesses wasn't. I just have this over that is one of security that's all I want but then I get an offer them. Was not what I wanted to. If I had my accident that probably answers about all of this weird because I've had. People tell me that offer wasn't true and I had people tell me down for its. Yes you reported months back that they offered you 350 porches like eighteen million. Generally if that's what I was but I'll still I don't know we'll wait to live dollars and true. OK I wanted to clarify that until now you know now I'm making it to the house so that number would not be close to what now. Okay let's that that's fair enough. It's what it Edwards I want that went up for I'll perspective is. Because our fans that read it ought to ESPN must be true so they really go eighteen million Gaza thank you want me he's got me to be injuries and everything else. Policy think easily get all that much more than eighteen million dollars a year on the open market type deal. Hey if you're a horrible. Position from that perspective too because I'm sure that will be used against you when you get into negotiations with your new pictures that you wanna kind of find that happy I just answered. Not that I'm tired tonight. We see guys going through injuries. You've got to see how to respond. And that's no excuse in my life I can have any injuries from welcome back right but that's not the case for a lot of people. So glad that I was there with the experience of now for the people Nolan. Did have a little injuries have reminded you pick injury. Then they'll make a difference does. Doing the show tonight and see what you just said. So fantasy teams belong you know like. This always out there who puts you with a bit situation just gets to know that any good against what. You're saying where it should do witnessed tonight this is hopeful he thinks is. You are wise for you because it typically takes grief of people that's yeah turn it down. That I'm saying it's it's rough and it's it's unfortunate that some of the opportunity to easily with a story they drove right this is more personable. Interview right amount of social media can we I don't bash people on Twitter I'm not bitter one because that most school. So this is like a personal conversation. Bob in ambulances. It's easy for me Tucker were. Being legit it was an incredibly Christine conversation here the whole thing he can always go to the podcast section only to do is go to download bill Michael sports on your phone. On your motive I she'll always gonna go Michael sports dot com what what an incredible conversation theory deep. And probably about a.s is. Which were sitting in front on the way we were sitting there looking down and it was very hard to say that he didn't anyway she performed was. Was joined for the microphone this was for guys talk in life talking sports star in basketball. Talk in real life situations and he he seemed to be extremely genuine about it and now there's a lot of questions regarding this more deluxe franchise there are a lot of different ways but the very deep conversation I highly highly highly recommend. You get a chance take a listen to it. Speaking of highly recommend today. Coming up in a few hours from now on gonna be at the met one location of cousin selves on Mac one road. Coming up today 46 and hopefully can come out and say hello and forty yourself of some subs and take them home and watch the brewers game and kickback and relax but the pepperoni melts hot it's warm on a day like this she would probably. In joy that if not over the soups in the salads or something lighter on the lighter side of the menu whatever it happens to be. Swing by cousins serves today and I'm anywhere you gotta cut and so does your golden bear but you can come out on the mat on aryan stop by and with the one I met on road we do have is it hot. Mumbai it's on met on road and a 46. I'm gonna be there that is our friends or cousins so when they believe in better in the officials sub sailors and bill Michael sports talk network speaker brewers take on the Mets the Mets. Our our smoke and right now they're hide baseball team Tim Allen host the baseball post game show. You can hear that conversation regarding the brewers and the Mets in the upcoming series next in the much. Wisconsin one way we'll build Michael sports talk. All around. Go Michael shows on the air we are glad to have you reminding you this portion of the program is brought to our friends in Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael's forced on network in the official beer sponsor. Of summer until you hear at some point I guarantee it may thirtieth Wednesday night live is back at the Wisconsin state fair park and we hope to see was a face the crowd why. For a couple reasons one revelry. Studio on the stage if you know their music they're fantastic so we finally kick off the summer concert series under the stars and because that is our charity that we're gonna be out there helping out saint Ben's community meal and making you aware that we Iran walk coming out to polish fest. And we're gonna be there out there are spreading the word it was a 5050 stuff but more so trying to help feed those in need. In the city of Milwaukee in the surrounding area and so can come on out and support us that night that would be highly highly recommended and appreciated. But again it's gonna be may thirtieth winzip highlight his back in the Wisconsin state your part in the Budweiser pavilion staged. And it's all brought to wire terrific friends over there at Bud Light the official. Spears wants at a Michaels sports talk network earlier today Tim Allen host of baseball post game show he stopped by the program as he does every Friday we had a chance to chat about. The brewers this upcoming series the jockeying of positions right now all injuries all that candidates a stimulus. This this series here this is interest in series you talked about pitching there there's this is all other starters in this series. Mets are team that in and look at that their situation thus far. They can come back to. Six come from behind victories in the brewers' obviously we know that they push the pedal offensively a little bit late. This year so that's going to be good match up both have decent bowl good match up. And you look at the Mets starters you know those those five. Those are top everyone talks about the columns you know five deep let's take a close look at they finally got those five young arms together. In New York civic guard army to gram one Wheeler matched yeah I mean those guys talk. So it's going to be about the brewers starters can they hold it mid game. And allowable these offenses I could see a big chess chess match over the weekend a lot of bullpen moves late and strategy. The the use of the bullpen I mean everybody gets criticized for that Craig Counsell been criticized for that use watch Twitter blow up on almost a nightly basis in some ways she performed some other manager out they're sitting there with a beer in their hand. Has an argument give me your thoughts about how you think Craig Counsell has done so far this season. That's the one thing Owen and you've talked about it too wouldn't we all know that that's probably the one part of the game that managers get scrutinized most for. Our bullpen moves and we can argue that that's a great move over to admiral organ and hind sights twenty tornadoes let's face it but he's got to make these calls. On a nightly basis and they're not all going to be right. I mean just know that don't want and that's you know maybe if he had to do it again maybe you would've stuck it out with guerra for another couple of owls are stuck it out what. You know Josh hater another you know one more frame or something like that. I think he's done a decent job I think he's trying to win every game now a second and come back to haunt them later on this season. That remains to be seen but this dude is trying to win today's ballgame and you have to appreciate that. The the offense a little bit stymied on and off without a yellow channel lineup beaming to talk about the ability to put the ball in play consistently. In. They they've struggled to tell you know I would what's so amazing Tim is are averaging little over there one point 3.3 runs per game and they've got three shout outs to their name already. But yet if they go to the say for four and a half runs per game I think four point three is the magic number. This team seemingly to win a lot of games as you know EI. And still baffled at times how this team doesn't do the fundamental things to play to be able to score a few more runs. We'll go there going to. I mean they are this offensively and averaged three. A little over three runs a game for long that that's is not gonna happen they're gonna maybe they'll warm up as well as the weather warms up. I mean this is too much information to go on that's that's says that this team wolf will be. You know blow or surge in in baseball offensively I I just don't see that happening and and yet despite that. There's still kick and scratch and for weapons. What do you think right now of because Ryan brawn has been you know call of duty because obviously Alex has gone down what do you think of the start to his season. Talked and the but you have to give them more than you know what we've seen so far I mean Pete can we see the tail end of they don't bronze high level production may be but that still means. That he as a productive player and Andy will be and he's just got to keep. Keep running them out there I mean that he's sick he's fit into a couple of hard outs. So I'll give a metal that that would improve those numbers a touch but. You gotta stay with him and ended the magic mark would be a couple months I would say before you can even start thinking about taking him out of that match. To the other side of the coin things has been again and April guy I mean granted it's 263 in such. But on the opposite side of the of the spectrum in the calories there and what he's putting up the month of April last year to this year. Has been phenomenal he's so I mean I ride ride that horse ride a horse anymore. The you're right are you got to ride I mean that's that that's trying to win today's blog and you go to hot hot hand now. How quickly. You know and so guard as of three for four days and then immediately ease these and the starting lineup leading off I mean maybe that's a little bit. You don't do you know invitation list or whichever way you want to look at it gives him right in the habit saves. You are right that guy right now PCs game changer and he anyone's swing of the bat man and here's what's missing. I mean you don't get some runners aboard for these guys it's just get on base c'mon guys get on base because they're getting homers there also shot so well. Well he is larger in the ball well I mean that's the big thing because and we know where things you go cold I I'd rather him just you know hidden solo shot tonight and at all. Let's that's true that's been taken as. We do. Know like council said that last year the year before that. What you are you getting it on me for us at homers I mean you have to. That's a tough way to look at that but. Those big innings citizen what he referred to just few days ago on a civil the other three and four run innings of mentioning and those are common there are. So calm when you look at the catching situation Pena's been good band he's been good. I we always talk about that Barry they're very quiet the only time you talk about catchings went extinct. But what do you been impressed with because really those of the captain that started up the middle we all know what the middles were your most vital pieces are when it comes to Major League Baseball. It's just this chain Manny Kenya was in the younger isn't that I mean I think is think about that his style his style as like. And I'm not saying he's as good as these guys but contreras and and Molina and he's got that kind of swagger to them behind the plate he really does defensively. As well as what about this is too bad he wasn't 26 years old resolved right. They'd they'd be in great shape there but that's the position of concern. Big picture they were where's the catch are going to be an. 23 years so they have to remedy that at some point it's even vote's going to be activated when he's available there and he will be in the air over badly. How concerned are you about turn on Perot as the offensive output Ryan brawn Orlando or CEO of peeing you know these guys were all above 250 to 62 run around to seven the last year. It's not happening right now granted it's a small sample size but they're off to a very slow starts. They are and and that's why they're 76. And they they base it commodities shoot a hot offensively in San Diego and see what happens. They were like a freight train on there at the top of the order. And and so they're gonna have to get it together then they will Evian averages ten to. Would be just that an average itself here if your score low runs now you'll make it off with it was a big barrage and I. I don't know I can say that that's gonna happen this weekend. Because of what we discussed of that rotations for the mouths but. It's come and hit it well that that is what I'm patient with a little bit more than anything on this team is is that process. They timid for elegy go wanted to ask you about a dead cedar and in fifth. I know we talk about his last week yet he's setting peeing you know like kind of stuff but the third base coach he'll attend your notion is when things go horribly horribly wrong. But it is of vital position because it does he can't give you runs protect runs as well get your thoughts in the third base. Well it's about where they don't make in their routes and where there gambling in the situation I don't mind gambling with two outs you wanna send the runner. Go for it he's ninety feet away and is close she's gonna go out storm cells and the but to make that. L first or second I'll let terror you know making a third out that are. Those things I I just I have never understood that and then that's the responses brought secretary throughout. No it should have been a gamble that that is the risk was too it wasn't enough to reward there. Making that third out that are making first or second at home so. It's a tough call I know dale swing got a lot of key. Many years ago and here's a third base coach wanna say a Boston. And eat they want Iran in a lot of town. And it's so that's so volatile it's so volatile position. You know overall I think he's. They're going to stay aggressive that much we do know he's gonna stick and he. They've always been that way that's fine I'm fine with a. Yeah but just Smart aggressive. That's that's you know what we discuss years ago with VI don't find you want Iran run but be Smart about it. They go to guys Tim Allen osu baseball post game showed joining us other shatter or challenge senator Harry drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years they've been getting it done column 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com brewers are on the road tonight taking on the ten and 1101. New York Mets and the brewers on. And by the way speaking of speaking of taking on cubs today at home. Just getting underway Yu Darvish making news so Wrigley Field debuts are taking on the Atlanta Braves. Cubs at six and six braves at seven and five she kind of cross your fingers through the cubs take another loss meanwhile Zach Davies against Max on the hill today. Davies own moment a 54 Yuri match along with a three ERA. Is the brewers game gets underway 6:10 central time tonight. From Citi Field the weather does not look great it's not terrible. Looks like more than the majority of we weather's gonna hit over the weekend but. We'll give you kind of have a better forecast we come back after the break but to the aboriginal wrote. Take on the match and and it's not gonna matter what the weather wise is over in Boston because on Sunday. The boxer going to be taking on the Boston Celtics will be exports weakened. Coming up revolving around the state of Wisconsin state too and also walk when we come back it was sad story. If you're if you do if your tone of that that rocker that pop rocker from the eighty's and ninety's and stuff maybe enjoy their music. And the sad story coming up next in the microchip. You're listening to the bill might cool sports coat that. A word. Curious. Sad news today especially if you're holding tickets to see Huey Lewis of the Wisconsin state fair this year. Huey Lewis just sit out a letter to his fans. They do we square right there. In 1986 he had these before album which was. Enormous. And he has the other sports album which came out in 1983. And now was the one images. Kind of blew blew the doors off everything that was the harder rock and roll heart and soul I wanna new drug walking a thin line. Talk he talked lose if this is it that was enormous and then you got into full before album. That was Jacobs latter. Stuck with you move a whole lot of love in him to be square came off of that album. I'm never walk alone and naturally I mean there was there was so many good songs on that out as well but Huey Lewis. Sent a letter out to his fans. And it reads like this two and half months ago just before the show in Dallas I watched most of my hearing. Although I can steer you still hear a little bit one on one and some on the phone I can hear music anymore. The lower frequencies distort violently making an impossible to find pitch. Tied into the House Ear Institute. He Stanford ear institute and the Mayo Clinic hoping to find answers. The doctors believe that I have no I don't know what the news diseases many years disease. That's the only winner out of some pronounce it. He says they all agreed that I can no longer perform until I improve. Therefore the only prudent thing to do was to cancel all futures shows needless to say I feel horrible about this who wish to sincerely apologize. To all the fans who already bought tickets and we're planning to come see us and and concentrate on getting better hopefully I can and I hope that one day soon. I'm gonna be able to perform again sincerely cumulus. I don't know what many years diseases. But basically it's just a progression. Where you lose your hearing you know I've. And many years disease. He is a disorder of the theory here that causes episodes in which you feel as if you're spinning like vertigo. And you have fluctuating hearing loss for the progressive alternately permanent loss of hearing. You're bringing in the years. And symptoms of feeling of fullness or pressure in your ear canal in most cases. It affects only one year. They can occur at any age who usually starts between the ages of twenty and fifty it's considered a chronic condition but various treatments can help relieve symptoms and minimize long term impact. On your life. So they go. That is the letter from Huey Lewis a sad. I was you know when that was announced I gotta admit a series of big. Rebook them sort of see Reba McEntire and when I saw there was foreigner there and you loose comments now I think you know addition good. Music there. And I made the call I thought you know Ireland might go see your news and now unfortunately not and not. Not going to be at the Wisconsin state fair unless of course all of a sudden. You know the hearing comes back and she would Louis story that I have. He is. Some years back Jimmy Buffett was playing in Alpine valley. And the night before a friend of mine through party they always called shake a lake down it link on resort on delegate. And we went in and we're sitting there smoking cigars. And listening to the band outside his huge theater type of thing this ten thing they set up outside his we have chairs so long you enjoy yourself for a few beverages. A smoke a cigar in his guy walks or Reese's eight by each year here and any extra yeah. Yeah I want you go ahead and he sits down now at this point in time we had a couple of Beers and look at this guy look at this guy. It's Huey Lewis Huey himself himself views play in the resort used when the golf course close of play golf but he I forgot he was opening for Buffett that's where you stand. Yeah bush is hanging out what this was fantastic that's. On that note we're heading off to cousins jobs in Mac wanna be there 46 today. Stop by and say hello we got a lot of sports fan of this weekend brewers in New York City field take on the match and then you've got game water. Of the NBA playoffs between the box in the Celtics will talk more about it come Monday until that happened once. Ordered to a film Michael's voice talking.