HR4 – Packers chatter and a racing legend stops by

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 4. Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs in on Favre’s initiative to get rid of youth tackle football. Plus, racing legend Mario Andretti stops by, and Baker Mayfield sticks it to Colin Cowherd.

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All you do is give caller check about point creek RV rentals dot com that point creek RV rentals. Dot com or mobile studio here at the start finish line at road America getting ready for the full rights and IndyCar Series. That's gonna take place this weekend the Kohler Grand Prix war have been on Sunday. But a lot of racing a lot of qualifying a lot of practice. Going on here over the next couple days specifically. Let's do this and bring in Paula maker agreed gold analysts didn't. All I guess at the biggest news coming out of Packers camp is the rumor. That Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers have split. And it's interesting because in today and my have my pop up memories. It was six years ago today that I was sitting here at road America. And Danica Patrick came over and was chatting when there's so I I don't even know what to make of it I don't really make too much it would be honest with you but it. That's the biggest Packard news of the day I get us. I thought you gonna go it. Armed and tackle football and apple that's what conservative. But technically accurate camp but I that was the year. Would be well I yeah. Under the edit no it that was the big one or you're but. I mean. But I didn't leader bill to be honest that Aaron Rodgers personal it is. Become so public and it's interesting in the sense that. He was. Yeah most pride that. Athlete in terms of what his private life meant to him in early in his career. And that of course being part. Like these celebrity TNB type of relationships and obviously. Lord that to an end date that. A lot more difficult for him. But but yeah I get here we aren't in 28 cedar. We've got Rutgers quarterback contract stuff we have right relationship stuff and he has beauty is very much become. It very much crossed over you know in Q pretty much every aspect of it like being something that. It is national news and and ensure that 25 year old Eric Bruntlett look up look at that say. While I did I did that happen because he was just so fiercely private and now here we are today so it's been it's been awhile right I guess. Yeah and I I don't know what to make of it I mean if you know it people of the gossip and everybody wants to point fingers and have their opinions in. I think Gary has learned cannon whom certain things out in certain things the doesn't he can Wear is. Some kind of of a badge of inspiration or something and it kind of propel him forward but it. When a couple of personal life stuff look at it affect your play in the field say your personal life your personal life whatever it is you do. Whatever. You know whatever. Whatever mundane boring life it is you have or whatever way you get your freak on eight it really it doesn't. Matter I I I just thrown out there because that was one of the breaking news stories today that. That that became evident in. Since we're sitting here talking Indian were in the land of parasite you kind of combine the two in that sense but beyond that I don't think it really affects is one way or the other him one way or the other right. Not not at all I hate delta has been hot. How much that you hit on this Brett Favre or piece of tackle. Football well we talked about it a little bit. IE I get the sense that and in the calls that we had were basically. You don't pay these football guys that paid millions of dollars they made it on football the wanna tell everybody not to play it. But I and I said Paul the funny thing is worth Super Bowl we're got a hall of Famer after all Famer after all they were coming through. And you ask each and every one you go through your life beginning and would you change a thing and LC now. So brawl they come out and say you know I wouldn't do this or wouldn't do that are would do this with my kids but yet you wouldn't change a thing. You know do as I say don't do as I do it and we although actions speak louder than words so. You know look if these guys had it to do all over again it didn't have hall of fame status and didn't have the money yeah they would never do it again. But the fact is they are hall of famers that you have a ton of money and it's pretty hard to take somebody serious when their pontificating upon a giant parliament. He had a you have you know very good long term relationship with Brett are having done different. You know I don't think like all the public addresses liked although honestly you know he doesn't do that but. An and I have a story that I. I don't know I shared with you or not. Botanical along those lines at. It would dot Mattel ski I talked to Don kielty probably around five ish years ago. And it wasn't supposed to be light. Some hard hitting piece of journalism per say it was just you know gonna be a catching up with Donna koehlke what he's up to at this thing and it was really deep into. You know health issues and you know beat be heading to the time you might have been like it is mid to late forty. You know to about Arctic now to overtake. And struggling to walk in and play golf and couldn't coaches it's stuns. Team anymore because sustaining a sideline with too difficult and you know it looked like. A long long conversation. With Whitney had gotten a cult unit at the end. You know I'm like really actually feeling bad for the guys and it was a young really difficult story that he was telling that he was openly sharing for the first time. But I was aware of at least you can gain that it had been and he talked about it openly. And at the end it was sort of like we're getting down into the nitty gritty of like what changes. It was nothing. And I was. Really taken aback by like that you just told me your you know your 46 years old or whatever he looked at. Hey Paul Pauly do that's Paul let me do this I am I I looked like a third cousin but Dominique Archie sure we had royalty walking in the Booth okay. Well no problem. Yeah let's do this summer go ahead catch to sort that Paul avid agreed loyalist joining us for a couple of minutes and the were gonna bring in the legendary. Joining us here inside our radio broadcast Booth. It's usually the point creek RV rentals studios Mario Andretti said he knows how you don't let's go let's throw this out in I event. Back to turn. See here there we are. I see is it's that we hit the the party quarterbacks with the volume change event and no I don't. I could go with the wind was fantastic Ottawa thank you very much you don't go yeah. Great thank you yeah you're looking forward to driving a few people around a track in still active obviously. I'll zones I love it. And you know obviously this places that got something special for me. And how is that in them even loved driving that two seater here what is is similar to some of the places that says. Yeah it's is that they character of this track is something that. Every driver loves. Just. It's got all the ingredients go that fast gonna slow corners. Elevation. Changes in. And and actually. Have reached lap you've probably at. Least four places we didn't. Actually December earnest overtaking so they're they that. So. Because they can really stretch your legs here then what then what makes this. I mean because we talk a lot about what drivers that say I love road courses but this is the one. Why is this the one just because of that the reason you gamers because of the dual sides in the installation and so loving you. In these United States as it is say got a lap before miles. Growth course and except maybe just all Austin can the you know the coda hero and her Formula One is a surrogate for and to but that. So. Characteristically. This stood out you know because of the length and because of light of the lap you know you have all these different type of corners and and again elevations some reason you like called that now. It like the variety well not if there is certain inevitable or can ram re always his inheritance is that like if it doesn't you're going somewhere. Yeah that's. Yeah he actually snug to go to a drive through the direct your legs we that's too bad Colin I mean that. He got three basic straighter lazier that day you're reading in on him down. And that these are the areas where obviously you guys overtaken by the even in between there in between that. You know actually seven and eight and all of that so it's has said that Sana the so we look forward to and and again. This is satisfaction of the lap run in most places you can read too well he get them they did that just that little nudge better care. Civic drive you still get you know Vincent brown a track you still get the test every now and then it's still it never tell your blood thought you know. And so if those when you got a good feel about that I think that's the never doubt it's them as they never say it was funny his Tony can nine that was on our program yesterday Tony's a visit is his last contract AG four. He told AJ he's done after the next to handle. And and he says it's just it's the somewhere along what ways you know which time he needs that he talked AG said. And you'll go wind and so today's it I'm done that's it and never never raised like that again what was it for you. But the saint Indonesia's. You know perished as guys that tried to push the envelope as far as you have to extend Korean as much as possible. I never wanted to end you know I loved so much and that but at the same time. It was a fine line where I didn't want to over stay. To the point that I would have not very positive memories of my hat you know lesson of participation so. I think cat owners I think it was felt there was still competitive. At the end and that's really wanna wanted to walk away from them that because that way. I still did three Lemond races and you know this and an activity here there and itself. But again you know I am so so grateful that I was able to. Two to go to fire even knew IndyCar at this level you know he's 54. Right now so and you know does so many bullets and I'm not canoe wouldn't swear that I notice that. You know I'm blessed to have been so. Again. Hey you know it and Tony you can look back with a lot of pride in himself and and uncharted you just try to just delegate from. Possibly London next couple of the years and you know to just mix it was a say the end zone deposit memories and and then Honeywell. You have had so many experiences and heats and and I asked listeners who server point that you thought about walking going so after him well. It was server point prior you to deciding how was it that you thought. This may be the end for me it's maybe something about it but I wanted to anymore. Well unfortunately. You know throughout my true we'd lost too many you know I was like. Going to war sometimes you know some of the seasons that. And you do have some second thoughts but at the same time. If you gonna continue if he's going to be in this been she cannot dwell on that you know you just not going to exist in this business and and yeah this is the toughest thing in the world I mean even. When I won the world championship bout that same day when necklace at the known my best friend can hardly make great teammate Randy Peterson my medicine is dead there. Decide the race and and it these are tough moments because you know their family can even. Celebrate some of them particularly best moments of your career but Carol Wilson and done enough we again every time you lose once things are never the same. And it's tough the sports is they're rewarding as it is sad. In most ways they can be cruel and we know that we know that that out. Again to answer your question. Cadaver. Quite honestly and now you know I just. I was committed from the beginning and and I was there from you know forum whatever hell was thrown out. And and that's that again that fortunately I was able to still retire loan terms which is two agenda. And the safety net we're enjoying today also I mean these guys had the best chance ever. You know to return her own terms which is wonderful it's wonderful for a sport and I saw some of the cars you see after iron and you know if you thought wow you know and now. It took him back but this regard to what wheels and we knew at the moment and you know. But today against Florida's involvement the right way and it's three he'd do well especially. IndyCar Series is really got the product now I mean now. The drivers teams and quality of teams from the so deep like unprecedented. You know and and and again I think. The decision's going to be made even on the technical side have been really really good you know in the last couple of the years he's IndyCar completely recovered now from the split from years ago. Well I. I'm not saying it is completely recovered now because you know those were told that glory days and we want them back ground you know but it's definitely go on the right direction. In we've seen the disciplines of pretty much correct it leveled off. In on I think game we're back you know just it's rising and because. As the fans they you know of getting to re acquainted with would the product that IndyCar is offering. Ascendancy you know what we've been missing something and have seen that I've seen. I've seen that that from the get tendency on the increase in all of our venues there you know so it's we just got to have TV audience that. Had to tune into an end and be curious as to CO OK where Heidi now mean that. How much better off you know caller. Marty at this point early on that one you'd have to offer me. You can never artificially create. A lot of action and races on so forth but we'll we have seen and what dad this product is producing. His brother's really really interesting. Races and you know some are better than others but again you can always look forward to the bunker into that. And we have that again. For for provided by. Depth and talent we have been drivers and and that veteran even the veterans and young enough to be around the you know a long time in the foreseeable future so. This series is really a good place right now and I'm loving it because I love this series so much. So I noticed we can you do to see you you take people out there on the left so yesterday pat from IndyCar to Tony in studio with us. They sit Everett on the right along I've never done the road course right so I'm I'm gonna get a chance to do that but I said I'm getting married in July and four weeks from tomorrow now. And I said there's nothing better than I can give a right to be as of what India. Than a 180 miles an hour with Mario Andretti here so you take care were more. Share FF FF OK. That really good to see you Mario it's always put my thanks so much frank and out I was waiting for like trumpets and rose petals and stuff and royal yeah. Or when it came at the CBS the great Demorrio entering your joining us here inside the point creek RD rentals. Mobile studios and you can find them go one point creek RV rentals dot com great talking Mario Andretti Michael shook continues like road America right after this. Freeway here in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Lot of back to the program though Michael Shelley's audio we're broadcasting live here at their road America and our point creek RV rentals mobile studios good point creek RV rentals dot com. And double like I said coming up a little bit later they follow us over a FaceBook it's FaceBook live going through the RT that they set this up with that you can grab one as well if you choose to do so that a point pre party rentals. Dot com this portion of the program rocket fire frantic cousins cousins. So all they believe in better it could bottle is back right now it cousins subs in stopping Graham went for yourself insulin and he's been limited time. Offer cousins out so you're ready to go hog while the famous Pavano is back with a Wisconsin pulled pork. Barbecue. You can try to coupon would ham the Genoa salami. Pulled pork is well Wisconsin's which Jesus so much more it's good it's mother it's tasty it's comfort food at its best its cousins where they believe in better the officials subsidy which. A little Michael sports talk now working its from Milwaukee he's going to be driving this week it for JC's Bob motorsports Jeff Courtney here with us in the studio. No the ratings won't take a dive. Even though your following a Mario Andretti put that you are you ever get kissing element chance. And I am not okay paramedic before now really three to like bring him over every government much heralded driver that you. Mario say I hide it can Morrison added Jeff. Just this is always talking right now he stuck with Steve okay Walid was the book before you leave your will make sure that. He's ahead of our work Erica tie absolutely legend now sitting here it watching you when you walk that you like all smiles as every driver like him around a guy like Mario. I was listening into your conversation guys as the legend I was actually have some Thomas. I thought maybe he does so much for IndyCar thought he might be part ownership yeah he well he's he's got it. Race team I mean obviously they've had a marketing company is such a meeting still very involved with a quick. For everything that they do army right when he was talking about drivers in the safety cars. Not only the series you Grayson with the cars of today. I mean he is literally like cigar tubes with wheels as with these two races that have caught out in it was metal and motoring and that was pretty much it that you parole or that you thought were safe and it's come so far even to where it is not just in the Carville always it trickles down how harsher those guys were the pioneers rates right. I'm maturity and some equipment back and. I still alive how do you like road America I mean obviously you're here in your home state to those that don't know what Jeff is from just from the Milwaukee area originally from Whitley correct I don't know likely likely likely conservative quickly which is are there for effort for their impairment at Hartford got right industry adjust or. So that my mother's house is actually the one that got them all really OK I got to doctoral student at how we act accidentally pigeons that are a trips on his back in the day. So what do you think about racing your road America grown up as a kid wanting to race wanted to driving now you're here as I mean. Is a beautiful facility obviously and keeps getting better at making it better and the track itself sugar humans can you raise rates and a top favorites. Send them all the time and obviously I've got a question that experience comfortable in the home country how to get in this sport like a lot of cases Coker racing it. I really never to go Kart I do now for fun and I doubt it I wish I wish I was exposed to it as a kid you know and what kind of go court you have those are retired our 3040 miles I don't know I don't have one culprits of until things are all over it and relieved in a proper go Kart all either so facilities guys going under miles it freaks me out I. Your nature of the granular while I would love to get in a proper golf cart you know soon. But I just goofing around age I love that ocean to expose who but I wasn't really agro. My dad was a motorcycle racer. Unfortunately vastly house. You know one years old so no real connection my little Brothers and they were all and a fast cars and motorcycles you know. Have sisters to that they too yeah. So I think we just got that we did some managers racing motorcycles automobiles as kids that we are always. Whether we are on track and how we're racing right do and add an images kind of expanded from there are some you know some motor cross and will be on the bench in a car. To be honest I always wanted to be a rally. Racer and I didn't know the path to get there yeah rally was always a big thing for me and I knew that wasn't the rally in pretty given to rallies it's that he and now. That was the thing I really didn't. You know and maybe I didn't try enough rhetoric didn't know the path. That is something I'll always love but I am if it wasn't that it had to be road racing because it wasn't indelible picture on how to love to do that too I'd love to do everything right that. Tom what was your ultimate goal. It's rally racing is is it well not anymore harm in I might my idea younger days have passed a passion you know if I can put together. You know a couple more solid years. You know go play golf right of the bunker so. You know trying to make some guys wanna jockey from a series to another series are kind of looking for that expansion that progression you're looking for something different. Thank you discount you're happy to which you know well I love sprint race and unfortunately the series is going. Through some changes right now and there are you know dabbling. And now they were bought by Astaro which. The ratings probably on the wallet they're gonna go to this for an text format which I'm not a big fan of I read it the thing I love about world challenge this whole time and I've been in real challenge for a long time for that. Reason is it's fifty minutes flat out right one driver and you just you know put the pedal down and down petals that's you cancel. If that goes away it's you know street racing. May be gone for awhile yet and also. You know hot to adapt to something you know see the cassette liked to have fewer. I'm driving very well right now so I'd like does stretch for a few more years in the NC it happens a lot of friends apparently gonna for the weekend. Yeah you know there's contingent here I think so we have realized at some good support here and it's a lot of fun got more. If you Wisconsin writes here to get here you took a little while ago Indy Lights series you get a big group coming down from the Chrysler curious our. Good well represented as far as scenery secret now you'd like. A local racers Forest Lake victory stocks to go to sleep years ago crossed it yet. Did you do you do any of that wild swinger I did just that amateur level right right goofing around back in the day but no it's always been rumors have been you know road racing since the ninety's yeah right so. Never did anything local except for a distracts everything else's you know. All the tracks that we run on the road America and Canada so. What's gonna be well represented as far as was cuts and I go to Jeff thanks for stopping by for a couple minutes and no we didn't lose ratings Mario still here you know issue after a three of special which particularly say at market to get ready get out of here but yeah it's fortunate talkative. If I ever by a vote in the locker room which are little more awhile ago passed over for a pizza that I delivered in areas of south and I'm and I hit it very I would like to have if you could just give me 12 elected just enough that we're around we're helping out patriots education funds are wonderful. So that was done through charity auction hurt someone bought the chance can be part of our team for the weekend so we're really trying to help promote that. Of course night sponsors can. Analytics and Rex right I appreciate AM on notre. About health because anything you can do Richardson and people that don't nearly can appreciate along the way for. For us to be able to sit out here do this right to those that say hey you lay your head on the pillow at night I got it. Do whatever you wanna do that's been that's how I realized Greg are excellent thanks I haven't actually thought he says that according it would JC motor sports racing this weekend as well it would take a quick break orbital Michael sure after this. Johnson yeah. Michael's sports talk. Back to the bone rather go Michael shows on the air. We certainly appreciate you hanging out with a shouldn't follow me on Twitter. Are you follow me on FaceBook it'll be up momentarily but I got a chance to they can take a picture if you've never met Mario Andretti. He's he's a tiny cute men. He's tiny cat he ended up popping up onto a bar stool type of care. To come up to maybe my chest. That. So. At that. It's it's it's a funny picture if you ever seen it already I posted on FaceBook. I posted a Twitter it's it's gonna go to FaceBook page here. Momentarily but it nevertheless. Mario Andretti joining us in the studio little while ago and it is a pleasure we have Graham ray hall and today we had won the. Your greatest drivers Tony cannot who was with his yesterday it is if she's been there's always great and we will do without racing and it's great reaching a decision Wisconsin. And we don't get a chance to talk about it enough for you were pretty much dominated by you know Packers brewers badgers boxes and everything else hurts to have. You know kind of just sprinkle in so to speak but this is one of my favorite trips every year. When my favorite trips you know twice a year as we could come back here during the extended the NASCAR series by. This is always but he just a wonderful wonderful experience we can't thank jaw line. Thanks say thanks to John appeared John you were in his staff and Mary Lou in the staff to take care was so. Thanks so much everybody for always making us feel ride it home near the point creek or be ripples dot com studios. So yeah I'll give more to that coming up here shortly but. If you have not heard already. Baker mayfield de Bakker mayfield. Drafted into the NFL lot of questions in comparisons and such about his ability of those talent that is projection. As a quarterback of the National Football League apology however had some words for him. Ed baker mayfield did noticed. And then turns around and there's a lot of people that lets face it there aren't college our fans. So they took a lot of up pride in what baker mayfield had to say take a listen. Oh like this voluntary right now how can not block. Or you don't. Or you don't over there. Our band is over their student sections are there and then straight back to our sideline. Oh boy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did so you sought to celebrate our team it's like three touchdowns before that's a unlike then now okay you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled well that game first of all. And then you didn't show the rest of live only on our sideline. No I don't know you go to go to the site down and go to hospital. Or get a go after the trustee not gonna go you're acting like I just ran away from everybody what you did but then you came back encircled the sidelines. This is there what does a 52 clip of your show on me and I'm off the screen right there and like you to be your teammates that you watched the wrist again analysts. I know he went back to the sideline not known on goat wants the other touchdowns and a very excess amount. Since you think my accusation that this doesn't this is it that I feel like you're going for the fact that I'm not a team guy I'm selfish is that we usually marry your mom it is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes you judgments just cannot and I think the NFL to judgment leaks of the game is so fast yet to meet the windows gets really really tight really really small. Demi decisions really respect. In college you got that Orlando brown died on the orca and all of that decision all of the celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once. Hip thrusting not a fan. Not a big fan hit thrust. So they help baker mayfield went after college hour. I liked the fact Alec Howard didn't back down I mean he he has an opinion and and we all do doing this job you you get an opinion you U based upon whatever it is your passion as your feeling as your fact is. And that you go with and that's if you don't if you be changed my mind your palate coward's mind that so be it. But they may feel I like the fact that he you know for is judgmental as people are I have been as well about summon his actions. Speaker mayfield stood his ground today way to let you know you're judging me out of five set did you judging me up the rest of the game. And if that's what you're going to take umbrage with that you'd need to look a little bit deeper you can't just scratched the surface and think that you know the entire story. And apple will what do what a great back and forth. Between a guy that seems Koppel live off of its own skin to go after national host. And I had a host to the yields that is opinion still remain solid and as he says I still like you'd be a touch more. You know non not juvenile or not emotional like you are these active you know albeit it used to it. What great back and forth with baker mayfield went after Colin Cowherd. And today chosen dole back in our radio studios as a fun fact about they picker mayfield Joseph baker may feel. I did not know that yeah and I was in the clubhouse last week. And walked in there and bowl yeah alleged in Trevor Shaw head off and take Cleveland brown helmets in their lockers. Baker mayfield sent them. Bulls' home really yeah. Did know that you know and shop courses from Ohio also he's big records right and also learn about Shaw. Yet ever shall we knew he was he was Brown's fan and now we have we have a chance to chat with him a couple of times low during the quarter we talked about that and yet he he suffered through many years of a brown them sort of speak. Yeah I also learn about Shaw. Because I interviewed him last week's G apparently. He's got a cab spam but he is a LeBron fan any does not fault LeBron if he goes to another team. Ariel arm. I hate you know what I think browns for Eric Cleveland fans in general or over it. They got their championship he did what he said he would do now patty said underwent numerous ominous day. That's one thing but. I eat. Why if you're brown Kirk here Cleveland fan here of the cans why would you be upset you with Demi you'll be upset because you'll be disappointed. Who would you be upset in the sense of I'm pissed off like I was last time and I'm burning it Jersey. You know because of the first time he got to receive his promise wasn't gonna bring you championship to Cleveland. Which is the reason. People got so upset what he left. Because they're like wait a that you see you gonna do that you took is there a couple of guys but you didn't win it so you really deliberate your promise break you promised to it's even though we all know. It was about going fighting ring and kind of going super ego Miami you can't falling for that. But people wanted to be Michael. Becoming re establish or establish the championship pedigree. He'd ever had a chance to do that that. That when he comes back he said look my bat which he handled it great by the way. But my bet even. Coming back to an owner who had written a letter chastising him at left that letter on their website it'll only about three months ago. It is these people didn't know that letter from their owner of the cavs owner was still up on their website as little as three months ago. That finally that they finally came out but. Vick getting back to point I would be may have would you be mad at me if it's let's say. The reds okay today I wanna chance I McCain as a brewer. But I went away as a as a Kansas City Royals won a championship there I am not leaving here until. You know I I would championship for the brewers and that he gets a lot of money go elsewhere that he goes with another championships it would Boston Whitney York whatever. People won't be upset people will be met. But if he said I'm gonna stay here probably championship and then they win a championship let's say this year and next year. And then the rest of aids as you know like the great played Milwaukee. A great place solid rocket I one more big contract before my career begins to pet dog on the backside. I love you bottle top regulator. Why would anybody be veterans okay. I don't I don't know any cavs fan. Personally that would be really upset so I I completely applauded for that stand. Well there was one other thing last night I don't know if you caught this I feel bad. For Colin sexton he was drafted by the king had seized the eighth overall pick in the draft civil question he gets asked was about. Hey Colin at major pitch to LeBron to stay in Cleveland. Ma'am LeBron let's do it as see you need a few visas that Lance appease his best season. Let's do let's go back to the finals as though it. Since I feel bad days ago. And that's doing it. He is directed at a Cleveland was doing it oh by the way your kids to LeBron he's yet ma'am LeBron lets Philip. Let us see you need a few visas that plants have visas last season. Let's go let's go that's little bottles as the other ones do it. Go to. But it but it LeBron yeah our eyes sure all right but what brought him go you know one. He really wants me to stand Collins he he convinced me. No as good there you go like that and gets. Through this route or take a quick break her to come back. Here though because the wrap things up both Roy just got to a point regard appoint creek or be rentals. Mobile studios here at road penalty kill or go wide assortment. Though it. You're listening to go bill might school's sports talk that. That's the word. Water back to the program though Michael shell on the air we are glad you're on board thanks so much drug ring and now as we certainly as always appreciated broadcasting live here are point creek RB rentals dot com studios. Here at the start finish. Line of road America. And hear the cars go by almost on cue. If there is waiting for me come back commercial break. There they go screaming past it's always great to come here oval we come back on Monday. A recap the weekend with the brewers in the cardinals in addition to that over and talk about the NBA draft George Schultz from Yahoo! Sports is going to be joining us. And we're gonna also recap or weekend here at road America right now you have. The the MX five cars on their first practice lap in their session one. Out there on the track of the smaller. Mazda type of cars that are out to the pro Mazda cars get underway at a bit later on this afternoon you have the second practice session. For the rise in IndyCar Series come up coming up here in about an hour and a half. Yet the Indy Lights a little bit after that city get parolee world challenge going on the last session tonight live from 645 ish. Until about 730 and then after that at the track goes quiet and they start to clean it up to get everything ready for tomorrow with the campers are rolling in. The art these are rolling and fans are rolling in it's going to be a party out here and I know that a couple of the bars that are inside erode America's gateway. Our putting pins on stages tonight. Families are here dogs are here it's it's it's a great atmosphere and I can't express enough my thanks. To everybody that makes this a possible on here like I said John Edward and his staff. They do such an incredibly wonderful job they always welcome us in and take good care it was and and then Mary Lou in the step down fronts in the front office people. That worked it and our this year sponsor point creek RV rentals. A good point creek or be rentals dot com point creek or be rentals dot com I can't express our thanks and up to them. Caitlin and her husband and they don't skin care company would as well it Sheboygan but not only are they locally based. They do worldwide stock that were gonna also do some FaceBook live with them. Coming up later on today show you through all our beat. But if you're looking for an RV you're looking for a camper. The best way to do it is dead not to necessarily invested it but erratic it's about a 10020 bucks today and go out have a great time. At point creek RD rentals are privately owned great group group of people we wanna say thanks to them as well again point creek RV rentals. Dot com. Joseph today who is there's a lot of shows that you do that we just enjoy it there always fought only have good guests it's titillating conversation voice yeah royalty like Mario Andretti walked through the door. That's fantastic did you get a chance to see the picture. Yes I did very very cool which ticket demand is Heidi. It's like he could see his I think there's a simple it's just. The man is so small but a great guy great talk with the pictures stories with the and it also by the way. How we get to do this comedy duo in the to cedar Chamorro. Myself and my fiance are going to be doing the two seater tomorrow with Mario Andretti. So I believe we're gonna hooks and go throw up to us. So look for that video as well as we take a 180 mile an hour trip around road America in the four point 06 mile course so. We're gonna have that up and running to mark two's or it's it's it's been a fantastic weekend. Upper or is coming up tonight which we really haven't talked much for baseball today we talked a little bit about it. Early on today but for the most part. Really haven't had a chance to delve too deeply into it but boy the boat Joseph was working last night against the St. Louis Cardinals and in favor. The brewers last night's Oakley at brewers keep it up. Again tonight you got the brewers' coming up later on this evening so looking forward to that and I'm hoping that by the time we get out of here. And and come back on Monday that the brewers are sitting. Eight and a half games up on the St. Louis Cardinals tonight starting you'd get junior here on 0385 with a two night. 289 hearing he's been. Just fantastic though he's making his fourteenth start of the season. And days third against the cardinals the last start last Saturday against Philadelphia to afford one loss. Five and a third four hits three runs three errors in that contest. But the team is six and seven of his starts he's made six quality starts and opponents are only got 220 against them. He began the season Tripoli Colorado. Where he won only his thirds Earl Woods won his only start or should say. That he gets caught brought back up and he's pitched really well he's just been the receiver of some bad luck in. A kind of a lack of office or he throws tonight chasing Anderson on the hill tomorrow and it you'll least shot seen who has been. Nothing short of fantastic want to get away from the first couple weeks of the season. He is six into that three TB ERE goes against Luke Weaver Nicholas on the hill tomorrow night and clarity on the hill going up tonight. 32 with a 266 ERA. In addition to do what got the ball yard. And that is remember the brewers they score first 37 instead of the season. When they commit an error. They're fourteen in ninety. When they don't their defense is carried a thirty and eleven on the season and after leading after seven it's all but over. There are 38 and won some of the numbers for your brought to our president royal. With implementing a Sapient began solutions on the web companies just like yours go to apple whales dot com AP PR YL dot com. From road America thanks so much everybody that there was fabrics don't have a it. Ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice called men's work.