HR4 – A snag in the Machado trade?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 4. It sounds like Manny Machado may not be going to the Dodgers afterall…What does that mean for the Brewers? Plus, Kevin Wheeler talks Cardinals baseball.

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While kill bill Michael should always on the air or have an a fantastic. Day in a lot of good discussion a lot of people with a lot of ideas and creativity and a lot of open honest discussion when it comes to via the tweets of Josh hater has some Major League Baseball has said it will not suspend him. But they will send him into sensitivity training. So a lot of discussion about that today as well this portion programming brought to our friends at Marshall clinic health system of something owes you orthopedic lead with a two knee and ankle hip to shoulder. They can help you out maybe even do it the same daily to do is call made 55 MC or so that's 855. MC or so. To see everything that they have to offer again they are the official health care provider of yours truly we now take a look at the St. Louis Cardinals in our look around the rest of the National League central. Kevin Wheeler for wanna I wanna ESPN radio at Saint Louis now joining us on a Schneider orange outline Kevin and I event. Are Orwell's so why it's very young cardinal way to fire manager mid season so what specifically prompted that firing. I'll watch it enable people think at that point it never eaten pet then that. Problem that it is going to get better and a lot of different things you know there would don't want it. That. Over the attention they did that pretty much all things that we that are we're here. Like two point that we got is that we analytic are fired my baby back. Do you want a short. Bit. Number one. To play sloppy baseball for a year. And coat pocket about being one of the worst nobody got errors when it comes to pick up game. You know the thought that that approach pat. Again. Not players but. Can't really O'Connor is not a million dollar payroll easily that you can make Beijing Dhaka character hitting coach. They've tried other pay they try to change about the other coaches that pitching coach Bill Burton third pick out all that. And got a result what they call it pretty auction. Orbit over the last report yours the app that it. It pretty patent. A lot about publicity. Couple at all. That tension between Mike Dexter Fowler. They're orbit and it ought to each other month. Boller got it brought here to be a better impact player on your hearing not. Even on speaking terms with the center. You have Yadier Molina. There are although it might need ultimately I think last year. It yet the most recent story on athletic. Where. I would get started all the stories about but nor Donna didn't. All independent. Candidate could not be a lot of the concern compared dol. I basically Norris if it is pitch. And that it was not out. Happy about any of that you add it all together. Mostly it back that Italy won over by water dog as fired. And Bart did all that speculation other. So where is this team right now do you think this team has the where with all be able to take a back up and try to rake a real run the National League central or is this kind of the death now the season and now to regroup. I don't laugh at. Kurt he would do it all. So I don't think it is virtually no help they're going to be terrible leader I think I have a winning record at the end of the year. But you know I am bill DeWitt junior pointed out that the chairman of the cardinal. Get out but I think. Just being. Out a winning record is not good enough. You know what I'll sell Greek or computer. Or not. Biden ticket just because it's good enough or out of winning record at the inventions. And I don't think that you I look at Atlanta internationally. You know it. You're we won out there are eighteen battling for a second wildcard but Badgley. And it's been. Paying. I don't either scenario where they're gonna do now. Serious Rhonda playoff spot this competition. So that article is happening but yeah. At least play better and show dumping more opposite that this roster better than the record I don't think it but I can't get over the next couple months. Com what about the the DL I mean this team's been a little bit banged up with key players Reyes walk away right to have all been in banged up this season and I know it's things like strained obliques in elbow inflammation inside show arrays with the torn tendon. But where where is this team injury wise right now. There are okay and hit it coming back we know that. Right. Eight comeback but I would doubt they got back into that big that role at this point. I. Don't off. Our law all but certainly that actor ability and a keep up on it. But did you guys watch the brewers. The group atmosphere. I thought I looked up court on the ballot right caught an air it out quite. And I didn't play god or there and Chicago it's not exactly been 100% healthy either dark on Ellen don't at all or. They're not a yup I don't think the cardinal that operate more than anyone else because that there are getting closer to be helped here. Do they have. Could Wear the brewers have been able to sustain has been some of the depth in the minor league system and guys have come up in. Given them tee you know key play a key times. The cardinals have always been a team that has had that doubt that the farm system do they have that right now. They do or should all get. And they don't have bought it. To step back off and that. Prospects are outfielders that are reliable utterly well it got extra power how long term contract are still WB dot Activision and Bobby bell what your best player last year. Are there really aren't that many spots where you get into that I didn't. Thought they album and a pitching to do it. Darn good actually and I don't why. Not not like they know how the players that they eat. It. Well where's it come up short and all that and really didn't feel like that ballot like a lot of guys that are hidden builders took a hit. But they're not pander. They're Bender and I hit. Well Kyra what period and finally it's also what they're in the Major League not our problem. Which is why I think they'll probably be free app around the tree line. Not necessarily read the blog. Yeah let's give it my next question is how active are they gonna be I know the brewers got an in the mature auto discussions in. At least appeared to be serious for awhile but they just don't want to give up too much. For basically rental players they want controllable assets which seems to be the way I'll lot of teams are going now. So you know I admit I might quite by only possible these teams are vying for the same spot. Currently I. There's a little bit more. That it common now I've been at Milwaukee to secure better. You know you're better gave him an independent college there and they're gonna recover from Duluth did not win and law. You're much more dollar question but I think that's what everybody want to of course now that kind of cabinet. Go out and get one of those guys would stroll. You don't predict Arnold. They've got. It can't and of course a lot coming up at all. If they get there but sector and that I. They're probably an adult it sure you got it and the report on George indicated that he had been in beta. And I don't know that got. The smartest way to go number one circumstance. If you can get one you know Al widget that long term middle of the order bat. They just don't. Aaron that they are gonna get and a big big problem I think they're going to be open and all the other young guns out and being. All we've been talking all day about the comments that came out last night during the all star game regarding Josh rader we've been asking everybody we've been discussing. Nationally here outside in the Milwaukee area what is the perspective on what to what was stated haters tweets from when he was seventeen years old. The apology Major League baseball's reaction to it today give me your thoughts analyst Kevin. Oh you know what could you do a great you know all all to note. That well. And we preach it dot all the time. About understanding that what two outs stay out there. It might not immediately and predictability or Dominique green shot. I mean how could be first call are not those things that you'll all know that pat got okay. He didn't know that or there are other circuit there ought to be paying the price that now. And and I think it out there there's a good message to be to be talking eager for younger people that. I'll go to way due. About their public never goes away it got a good about it. OK. Okay it even. Paying you. Back or even do that. You're gonna get yourself a lot of trouble adult and it caught and other people. I think that's an important point but at the same time don't and period guided typically would that your goal. I don't agree not god hurt your take on Major League Baseball action but I think that actually took a lot. You know basically satellite which we can't put spend your opinion and I pulled it certainly can't beat that collective bargaining agreement but. We're gonna ask you to do that. And one of the things that I throughout their that that something moving or is. Epic position that this start being active in the community in that regard and which charities that help people that that are Peyton kind of discrimination due to demonstrate that not all of them. That. Outbreak backcourt. That those words I think. I think it's public is being able well. I hope that it now. I would agree ice at the same thing I didn't I didn't think they could spend don't suspend them I thought they would say sensitivity training that's exactly what they did. Now really just follow Josh rader a little more closely you see what his actions are from here on out you see always teammates respond. And if they believe on then you stick with the teammates because those inside the clubhouse that's his family and if they believe him. Then I don't know what recourse we have any outside so I just kind of wait and see him in there and let the rest of it play out Kelly always a pleasure to chat buddy we'll talk you sir okay. Popular video Kevin Wheeler for one of one ESPN radio in Saint Louis joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider or childlike. Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty push years they've been calling it a business in doing a fine job about it. You're looking to go to a new team trade teams whatever call 844 pride or go to Schneider Johnstown come 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died on this portion. 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And here's some interesting things to say no Joseph you said that what was it on now one of the shows on November radio station down. Yes he went on Percy to McKnight our sister station down in Chicago on the score and Dow's rafters press conference and he said this. Kuo I just stick to my strengths look at the league they don't pay people to play defense. To say that's a weakness you can save that everybody's weakness. Parker goes on to say quote a better offense wins the championship. It's Jabari Parker on Bernstein and nick Knight about an hour ago Tom. You've got to another piece of breaking news now mom. Steve Phillips. Just tweeted out that apparently there's been a snag. In the deal between the Orioles and the Dodgers with some of the prospects and their physicals. There were supposed to go to the Orioles. This then opens the door for other clubs state to. So interesting twist bear. We'll see admitted that reinvigorate its something with the Machado deal we'll have to wait and see. So anyway Gomez aboard Parker's parents look. Do you want it was never going to be guys it was defensive player began when you did wanna say he that he wanted to get better at it. But in. I hate to say in all honesty he's kind of right I mean it's all about you know how much how many points you gonna score. Now if you're just a complete sieve. You know that's one thing look people put away James Harden for years and years and years Harden was always gonna give you thirty plus again. Played very little defense and he was just basically going to outscored his opponents are you accepted that. Jabar he's now at that level or he's gonna give you maybe seventeen. Couple of assists few boards so he's gonna have to play a a a league who would do defense. To be formidable otherwise you're giving up more points you're scoring in the obviously that's no good for anybody. But you to come out and on radio and kind of kind of say that he's right in once sense that. Yeah you're gonna put up you know 27 and thirty points a game. You're really recognized every night on sports center and they're corporation Ford but if you're giving up thirty points a game you're scoring 7020 still making nice living. People are also gonna point out the fact you can't play defense. Well a bulls fans were familiar were Jabari Parker's game they're gonna get familiar with that now because. He doesn't play defense he rarely plays defense it was a shock in the playoffs. When he actually did play some good defense. Like I feel like that's few and far between with mr. Parker so. If he's outscored twenty unite for the bulls. Bulls fans wool I've had enough of them and in that that's really what it comes down to he will be expected to score we really don't even know bill. If Jamar Parker is going to be the guy down made her in Chicago news there's really not a guy means that Levine. He's there you go Lori marketing and he's there and then there's Jabari Parker and I'm not. That core of guys there's a little potential there. Is that group right they're gonna be in the finals in the next few years I aid don't know about that but. It's going to be interesting to see what Jabbar how to bark is your bird Parker he may go into this and think this is my opportunity to be. What I should have been in Milwaukee. What you sinuses. Is to be that guy and the team beat go to score being the star player try to develop a new superstar I don't know if he'll ever be a superstar caliber player he personally stay healthy but. It is it's an opportunity for Jabari I just don't know how his teammates you. 85583086. For you meanwhile. The Toronto Raptors they fired their head coach Dwane Casey they've now made the deal for quiet Leonard Danny Green did go to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan Jake apparel. And a protective first round pick they are saying very loudly that just being good at getting new post season is unacceptable. They wanna be able to go for. Meanwhile I don't know if you've read this but there is some speculation the choir Leonard doesn't wanna go home now he has wanna go to for a yet quote no desire it and no desire to go to trial and DeMar DeRozan was pretty upset when he got treated now. And so I'm surprised they moved wrote it's it's it's funny that this deal that. Apparently gave. You know gave quite letter what he wanted now he doesn't want or at least doesn't wanna that particular way it's Connelly be careful what you wish for. 8558308648. City guide. The the news coming out that possibly according to Steve Phillips at the Machado deal with the Dodgers could be mil because some of the prospects have some physical issues. And and you've got quite a letter story says he doesn't wanna go. So this is from sporting news league sources told sporting news letter has no interest in playing for the raptors. There have been indications that he would sit out the entire season if necessary. And though that step would be drastic and unprecedented in today's game. Toronto has forced the situation into uncharted territory by a choir acquire a player was made it clear he does not want to be there. Come out that not now see. A match of the blocks actually were able to get cool why Leonard to Milwaukee. We really sure. That would have been a good idea because if this is sure that Leonard. Or train sit out an entire season he could have done the same thing in Milwaukee them. Some people really wanted the bucks to go on and train trip require Leonard and that would have been a hefty sum. You know and honestly I think if you're the spurs do you really want to train acquire guys like Chris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe or. Can you acquire an all star depart roles and I I think it's a great deal for this first. Into rock library I believed to Rosen is under control for at least a couple more year ice work while there's only one. A yeah easier coloreds only under control for this year. I might be a little upset a prominent Toronto Raptors fan when I'm reading it. Our state to welcome back Jason phone calls John and Oak Creek your first they should coming up next to the bell micro show. Everywhere you Wisconsin the bill Michael sports talk network. And it's. Well rather like oh she always on the air we are glad you were on board anyone remind you that we are fast approaching. To cigar dinners one is next Thursday July 26 that the chip will revert distillery. That easy chip or false. You get your dinner a couple of cocktails some raffle tickets free cigars all of that for one low price. 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I know tickets are selling really really well for this again the same thing goes you get to tell you get your dinner. You get raffle tickets you for free cigars you a couple of cocktails along the way all for one price in the police in lacrosse to get your tickets for that. Is on highway 157 institute of the tobacco outlet plus grocery store on how we want 57 lacrosse Oguchi tickets for that when that's coming up fast approaching. Thursday night August 2. And really really looking toward these events are always a lot of fun always really core wishing to be the one that your ball falls. Unfortunately I can't communication but to be back for the war in August seconds are really looking forward to 85583086488. By 58308648. It's go to John listening to us in Oak Creek John Walker the program the Michael Short straw man. A good afternoon guys sure was not. Yeah I'd tell you with sub Manning much at all our. If the bird is committed some I'll acquire him because I know the situation is still fluid I think that would be bad that's sort of want to burst. Nitpick about this if you could add much out to that team. Be out you would have like for all star players in your batting line up. You your pocket Lorenzo Cain yell ouch and adamant chattel and the first three batters that'd be awesome. And then you'd have but angle wires say you're number four hitter. A wallet to have a shot that that would that would do that you know that would do wonders where that often I think numbers would be the team would be internationally speaking get it done. ID a B word up pursuant. I think the birds app ammunition to get it done. You could potentially get the burst through World Series that we acquire bite they've won I'd try to get management that at this point. Yeah I did appreciate the focal it is usually because people are just tuning in to look like which autos heading off to the LA Dodgers. And at least reports are is that the Dodgers. With some of the prospects there ricin were in the trade. It looks is if some of those some of prospects of one or more have physical issues. That I would not allow I guess the news the physicals to go through. So. If this is true that deal would then be off. Which would then maybe just maybe put the brewers back in the mix for the many mature auto situation so. What have to wait and see I mean nothing's written in stone yet but it. What have to wait and see if that indeed happens. I don't know if anybody caucus. But I thought it was very telling. Yesterday USA today. There's a big story about Major League Baseball about some view of possible rule changes about the talk. Down the road from the players' association in they work stoppage. Management is alarm listen to this by what is taking place in the field. Strikeouts. 24537. Are on track to surpass hits. Which are tooth out between 4003 are fourteen for the first time in baseball history. Strikeouts are also likely to set a record for the twelfth straight season and this year's average of seventeen strikeouts per game. Is up from twelve point six strike are expected 2005. The current big league batting average of 247 would be the lowest since 1972. And there have been 20587. Ships put on balls in play that's according to baseball impose solutions. That project to a full season. Of 34668. Shifts. Which is up 29 point 8%. From last year. And increase. From 6882. For the entire 2013. Season. And that is deep crease the batting average of stars like a trip Bryce Harper who's in just 214. And the average attendance. Of 28568. That is down from 30159. At the break last year. When the final figure was 30042. On average Major League Baseball has not dropped below 30000. Per game and attendance. Since 2002. Now. They did have bad weather games the beginning of the season and they are still down trying to make those games up. But they blame all of this the end of the lack of competitiveness. Among rebuilding teams also as he likely factor. Three teams this year are on track to lose more more than 100 games which would match a record set back in 2002 and five others. Are on pace for nine B or more losses. Baseball this isn't between the haves and the have nots. These huge. By the way the stats are brought to by our friends at at Toyo implementing SAP MB data solutions to companies just like yours all the web. All you gotta do is check them out by going to eight PP RO YO dot com it's EP PR OYO dark art emperor Leo. Dot com. And it may be they can make your business bigger better better stronger simply by getting all your information taking a look at it given the paktia and inseparable manner. And they can I help you out that particular and that's apple Roy go check him out they bring you the stat of the day each and every day. Go to Jim listening to his downtown Milwaukee Jim I do amounts going on. And Darnell heal well mind. Let's go to what I want and how about just about flooding hitting me in the shadow German and straight. I don't really like it for a number reasons why these are Red Bull and you know that he's back in China and it's here. You can go to your Puerto LA airborne New York. Org and they're the most money and what a rugby union wants to Miguel. Saint Louis so bad yet what do yeah and adolescent bad the brewers made the playoffs it was when we acquired sabathia won their court bridge. I've never yet heard of the team there and made the playoffs because they're court or shortstop a matter how easy it. What is the biggest in the game what what do you think. What what do you think the biggest need is for this team. I don't know you know and it's. It may be heading but I don't think Jerry giving short stab in the major difference I think it's opened they need to stop her. They need you have flat out front line pitcher comment and they can depend upon winning ball games because the actual gadget of the playoffs let's get to the World Series. I have never yet heard the team that's gotten the playoffs. Or two World Series without a number one pitcher. All right appreciate it man he drops off to get a more do you agree do you have to have that number one. To get yourself in the post season Seattle they get to have the number one I think you have to have. Good twos and threes. Becky just sustain. Blight. In the grand scheme of things. What does this team need what do any more out because here's two things you'd think one if you say while they need that's starting pitcher. OK. Or who's out there that's truly going to be that big time starter. We talked about Cole Hamels AJ have those guys are eighty to have more so than Hamels is an innings eater. Cindy guard has been another guy it's been talked about he's obviously a Smart arm issues in the past. Looks like to gram is not going to be available he would be guided you would for the most part go after indeed you can get yourself a Frontline starter. But it doesn't look he's going to be available. So then if that's your choices. Do you stick with what you already have now. Or. Do you try to bolster another area of meat. Which is a bat an impact player for an everyday position. You know viewed if you can bolster that it can't hurt your team that's for New Hampshire. We can only help it but how much. And what level of confidence you have going out on the field every day were much auto verses saying number one guy or number two guy. That's going to help you know kind of sustain a winning streak or stop a losing streak. That's yet to ask yourself is what is your specific meat if you're Milwaukee Brewers fan. Muir what what hold you to what is the biggest most glaring hole that you pass. I think most would say right now when you look at this team the way it stands his most likely. Be your shortstop position and catcher and catcher. Judges in other areas yeah you're right I don't think we talk about. We'll talk about that position and offer. We don't talk about it because we've seen such productivity defensively out of that position Nottingham through guy out the other day before they went to the break I mean obviously many Pena's been. Defensively solid people keep waiting for. That is selling the always play well and admirable. But is he going to be the long term answer for the remainder of the room the stretch run of the season offensively speaking when you can get yourself that proven commodity. In which ought to. If you know the salad Ito was gonna continue to hit two Chevy 280 you say it's a done deal I'd stick with that. But you don't know and that's that's the biggest thing driving people crazy right now as you just don't know you don't know what you haven't some of these young. The proposal which Otto who they're been there done that he knows when you knew you know what you got. It would be pretty cool the same worm its shot it would fit in the lineup pol lineup would work. With that shot on you know we would he be third would be fourth in the lineup that's a great question I mean. You cocaine you LH. You know what I'd probably go teen ULH. Machado. And he'll learn. What would you leave Shaw there then. I might bet I bet a large then which Otto. I think I would go to noon EL HR Chicago which Otto I to Laura show off. In the five full yes not bad yeah that's pretty good fiber it and you go top five then. But you know then you kind of go from there I mean whoever's going to be playing second is going to be VR when's he gonna be back is it. Somebody else you know Brad Miller. Behind Trevor Shaw doctor give Shaw a lot of protection. But he could come up in situations in which they cannot put him on and so therefore he's going to see better pitches because the batting averages that are ahead of him. That's that's it that's that's a laundry as a good cornered have a wall we'll else who is. You know prime Bryant can get healthy and well I actually do something now all of a sudden you've got six guys. In the lineup with brawn and that's an even bringing air thing's name in news right. Yet because you couldn't you know you can rotate between abroad or things in right fielder left fielder Brian Urlacher what what he can't depend. 8558308648. To give bush. I'd love to hear from your final segment about Michael joke coming up next plus. Guns and why it's the bill Michaels Stores told me. 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Put this out last night and I didn't see this until now but with they'll hold little sand with Manny Machado. Odd night and Gil had to weed out yesterday the brewers' offer was considered the second strongest. By Orioles officials before opting with the Dodgers. And their package for Manny Machado. Which is intercede because you're just tuning us in now it appears that something has gone awry. With the dear old with the Dodgers from any which Otto in one of the or more the prospects at the Dodgers have. Not being able to pass the physical or at least that's the rumor that's flying around out there right now so would that then put the brewers. In the forefront. For the Manny Machado deal and his services. So we shall see before all and sometimes you ought to offers much you just kind of comes to fruition and and it all works out. Well the reports were that the brewers we're not going to give up Corbin burns in the deal. Because the Orioles have been looking for a top prospects out of any of these teams that are willing to make a trade with Machado. And Corbin burns that was reported the brewers were not going to give him. I can't imagine Stearns gives up any of the prospects that are Major League ready. They could help the brewers either this year or next year and that would include test in Europe why believe. Could help the brewers right away next year now. And that's the top prospect in their system so I don't have a problem if if the brewers do get a shot well. If third trading a guy gets an eight ball right now hi a a guy that's probably not to be helping this team. For at least another three years perfectly fine with that but if if it's someone like Corbin burns or testing hero or Freddie parole ta. I am far more hesitant and moving those guys sure did he's untouchable on very IN. Soul if the brewers do get a shot all it's going to be a debate as to whether or not they gave up too much for a two month rental with him. 855830864. Let's go to Bruce saw on the westside Bruce what was the program the Michael shows comment. Are you ever argue we also are so far still go what's up. Hey another question not unaware of why do. Many in the child thing going aren't. Well since that is who do you mean no also winners what is he going to be a lot of PG games are. And they get ready carrier. Got away from the Obama a little bit but where she added yeah it would appear Jenny put. Right now he's not he's he's been long tossing that we know and that's about it they're not saying much you know the last we heard from Craig Counsell was. That Jimmy Nelson if he's going to throw all this season it will not be in July or August most likely would be in September. So I don't I should begin the season I really appreciate phone commerce. I sit at the beginning of the season I didn't use come back this series it did the the shoulder surgery that this site I'm sure jury the shoulder surgery that he had. It's not easy to come back from. And we knew this going in and when they kept saying there's at a schedule and such I thought more that's a lot of optimism we saw in the spring training. And he wasn't doughnut hole why it wasn't like he was just a month away. And every time he has a little bit of a pain or setback and it's it's just not working out. You talk at least a month month and a half for him to come back because any has to get onto the mound. And then begin to get ready in and get his legs under him and everything and right now he's just he's not doing that so I'd be shocked if he pitches it all this year. Eric listening to us on the zone out in Madison Eric. Welcome the program that was going on. A don't today there was in my meant. Well you know what I think back the culture. Treaty to prospects for role Chapman's. Last year if you indeed look prospects for her Lander. Peck we. Priciest piece about yeah yeah we basically gave up Reynolds respect rink. I mean. EL Croat people we can't look prospects you know their product pictures no guarantee. You know these guys you're gonna hit you've got to jump on the chart of and actually I take it one step further not only right out in the shuttle I'd do my best wanted soldiers set piece and for mom Minnesota. We viewed and have we can use second baseman as well when he sank. Are you looking they need middle infield help. How big is any doubt about that one thing about VR remember appreciate the phone caller of the one thing about BR BR is hitting thirty what 3132 points higher right now. But he wasn't this time last year you can judge shore up the shortstop position to get yourself a 262 shooting there that's a dramatic difference from what you had. Now we're talking about this early you go. Lorenzo Cain yell which much shot oh bag alarmed that Travis show off. Which all within CAU assumes he some better pitches UP destroyer Sainz and that makes at some point. You got yourself a pretty soft liner claims many sixth overall right angle on either wanna have mean come on and you just eat something anything it rhymes Iran. What does a first got here I albeit. Schobel. Again tomorrow. But a look at bower doing. I'll be hanging out there so we don't show in Sheboygan tomorrow time breast to go out. You're listening to go there. Bill might cool sports talk that. At work.