HR4 – So Dez isn’t interested in the Packers?

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Monday, April 16th

Hour 4. Plus, we’ll talk Packers Draft with Paul Imig, and continue our discussion on the Bucks’ Game 1 loss.


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Promo links runs. This season we are Wisconsin sports fans column should talk. Bill might mean you know. I'll don't go Michael show on the air hopefully you're having a terrific day we certainly appreciate to you hang out or this the final hour India program today on this Monday is. We grab a budget that crappy weekend for lack of better term we have the big dusting of snow which and I see again there's wind blown around out there and snow flying everywhere and wrap that up you've got to a couple losses that were painful wash yesterday for the brewers in a walk off fashion against the Mets. Then you've got the the buzzer beater that really propelled the box he thought OK maybe maybe kind now on I'm pull myself because it just didn't happen that way. And then the box and looked that you loss in game one. Of the Eastern Conference playoffs so why it was kind of a crappy week and all the way around noon now we've got to some Packers football talk about it looks more like football weather's a matter fact. Up in green Bay's inducted Jews. And just drew around in snow. And and talk more about the upcoming draft and such pollinate our green or analyst joining us in the Schneider orange outline imply you don't know your weekend. More shoveling and anticipated mid April but otherwise it is elections they would like that because. I hit it to the game Egyptian laborers and box and bummer that day snow on the ground. Losses in the in the standings but other than that not a complete. Yeah I it's. Ideology the weekend itself not a great sports weekend in the state of Wisconsin now meanwhile we continue to get ready really sort of pushed heavily towards NFL draft which is a just couple weeks away. And I carefully were only a couple weeks away from the NFL draft that being said. Then there's a lot of names being talked about and we talk about priorities. Charles Davis was always a little bit earlier and said basically he's a big fan just sticking to the board. Taking best available which I tend to agree with in this particular case I know it's not popular with fans but. If they don't get a corner then I'm gonna safety then of an outside edge rusher right away. I'm not jumping off the bridge in this one because he right now I think there's more holes than most people are willing to admit. Well there are I just think it would just depend how you wait those those needs and our weight goes roster and now. I mean bill is what positions at I guess I owe it to myself to believe there are certainly positions would be. But even at that the best player on the board I would be surprised that they went that direction right lakes for utility. If it would deliberately you're latter's secret I'd be shocked dull. If it was an operative widen that shot no. But it it was like a running back if it was certainly a quarterback. I think that it intertwined than those between this and let it be surprised about tight end I'd be surprised that they don't need item but it that'll be in going. Export you know all sorts I had so I mean. So yes you know you do best player available. In the in the first. Attempts. For Brian Tibetans to inherit. This football team and make his own. You know it it's a range of likes or conditions. That you can take best available from that's fine and I think you would include between as rusher corner. Wide receiver and offensive line whether that's corridor. I think you can safely say you can pick the best player from backcourt. Now. If I was sitting in the record assisting in the and I just you know I decided for myself and out or whatever it be that. You know I needed. You know certain corner or I need a certain and the secondary like it you know it they are as in love with you know Derwin change it and they'll war. That via happened about 460 get it. You know you want to take best player available but because of the QB in this class that are critical early plus take one Barkley plus being in Nelson. You know the offensive guard records in the park it right back. You know that could realistically before making IQBs off support and number fourteen at least one running back and Barkley at least one ought to light and belt and that means you're 786. In the first part which wrapped. And you haven't even know Angel player we're adding that position but more truly need it has been practice vote in either. You know that's spelled of big opportunity more fur trade up but it does a sit back and wait and take the best player available so. You know I just don't know if I competed and they. You know. And to wait and see approach this tie. Now you can deal with literally a player fourteen I mean we're used to the Packers picking in the late twenties though you know the the big step up from that in terms of the type of caliber talent to acquire. When Roger is going into the agent this you know that Egypt is clear that he and and really looking in this is probably five years. Of the rugged Errol lack MIT says bill all the different hole. You know Hugo quality over quantity your quantity of equality in our unit that tradition and I would like you had a lot to that doesn't just meet once it's helped at all. But can you afford to kind of played a weight back and let the board fall how it Beijing I I you know I think of it I think that upbeat and the strap. Especially because they into and spend big money a quarter million don't spend big money increase output at rush. That you kind of need to take a more aggressive approach to this future after that not only battle that attitude that that's. Contrary to most years right they just sit back up the worked all you take about her album on. I just don't know if that had trapped etc. while you can get in all the different you know factors in play here. One of all likelihood it's bad Joseph is a likelihood that to the Packers. Move around in this draft in your opinion because I I think you have to do this is one of those situations where normally you're. You know you've got a little time you kind of look at it many different positions are you try to take as many different you know shots and as you can. I don't think you can do that I think you gotta say okay we know our targets and I think there's going to be a move or two in this draft is that they're growing chorus is gonna make. I agree. You know obviously they're the Smart money goes to say that they're gonna ticket fourteen because that's how this strike outs and they were trapped. But you know again if they haven't yet. But during game potential war at different maker and secondary. That they feel they have to get old guys aren't going to be there fourteen. They might be there 89101112. You know and it is that it'll and and look at how to the next group a quarter of an edge rusher. That might turn us all in their early teens to mid teens pardoned draft. You know that kind of Wear it again you know they've done it's far more reassured them that we have Dylan records in the front office. Within its support behind for probably ninety hour weeks right now but. You know if they identified the way that. Sort of consensus is out there. And including you know our our own vote until all the draft people that we trust that we listen to. You know I think of this as. If you sit fourteen. If you know thirteen to come up the board and it's you know somebody that actually undertaken there on fourteen. That's like start to think of you know a patriots. Trade up. With the Packers or somebody kind of sitting in the late part might wanna move but will Mark Jackson or another QB. Where you know how how critical player and you get it fourteen if you haven't traded up yourself you know a good chance support for the chance at least support all the tech I wanna keep. You know this other moved out that kind of put this. Later the player that you are perfectly in her lap fourteen. But it trade up we're totally not surprise me because well it what was talked about. Penetrate that he'd like again it is that just doesn't all the way to hope it does. And they're just not that difference maker fourteen and more projects that the guy who talked about Davenport yet to usher. You know a guy who might not give you anything you want it might cover it well you. Play that we with the prospect right now so. What surprised me a move back to pick up multiple late first rockets rather than just bought the fourteen I think there are players involved. You mean beating team but I'll easily without reference point. Well I think might be interest in something like that so again that this in the first opportunity to write a principled stand on the really let you know where he wants to run this organization. And I don't know exceeding their sports here what's the board just all perfectly. It got Serbs that mr. that we had seen in going about. I would call and they guard really gold analysts in and that the markets to imports thing now we've we've talked to Charles Davis about him they all believe he's a really solid player and just as you had mentioned. I think it's gonna take any. Anytime you talk about edge rushers coming out of college especially one who's not big time in health top five conference college football. It's few and far between and they make make the impact right away. And as Charles said well nice Ziggy Johnson was nag I either took him a couple years in many finally got going now he's a prolific defender but it. I don't know the Packers have that kind of time. Deal right. No let's support them on trading sevens are the real deal and then of Montrae B sounds as well then there's your backup Montrae B sounds as market stemmed. What a team and it's not Adam and the inside and I think if you're looking at what you truly think of color sectoral finger in Spiegel eased into other guys. Not in claim that use or that Terri can really due to this team long term because as we sit here and April 16. Put out because one electorate contracts for all intents and this is nick Perry had a one year left on his contract because that's the way it was structure where Packers. Even though despite your deal preparing people looked at almost. All these years all the news you know billion dollar a period of altitude you're. OK so you're for now this team could I don't think it is I don't think it's happened but if they wanted to get out from that these areas. They caught. The bulk of you know entity start to look at. Not just how much address helped this team leader and wanting to see him but how they start lining up their cap and planning for 29 and beyond because that's. It's you know the job you want when the game Smart wanna speak at this eat what you can't. In most cases Denver Broncos a couple of years ago certainly bucked the trend. Where they just truly truly one all and that last year in Manning's career for the most part you're thinking. You know one step into this year another step at a but the 23 years that follow it so you know yeah it's. Got a Davenport dealt with supply its fourteen I think that. They're diet sports scene so to speak I think that's when you see at least is very active. Trade act discussion not because out of Portland to declare what the extent. But you know it is that. When you've got detectives high in the draft fourteen for the first time in. Nine years in 2000 and I think it was hyped attracted. Can you dig project Egypt a guy at a position that what you saw it coming from small school. The production of a rookie and even a second year player might be kind of hit Mets but it'll be great long hair like put. You of that time I tell that were on the same page like I've been thinking I don't think they are in that position to kind of played. Woke feeling hi healing will war and a gamer you probably need some of you could maybe have a higher probability of a player stepped in. You're one and and at least give you something might not get march oh do you want to but that's you know few and far between that's like ten. He would be at the trade up because of all these QBs are gonna go outside because the running back on top five because the dark in you know we're going to out. Eight at the very worst. You know there's gonna be chances to go up in that top ten and get your difference making type of prospect but as. And continue to think that you know very strong possibility. How comfortable are you. With dish on Kaiser bomb he was a guy that had. All. Frauds as a purposes all the ability when he was at Notre Dame if it did kind of wasn't completely or fully realized. And he was a guy that you know he's a junior entry. Two years charter mean everybody thought that he was going to be some special and then though the Packers trade for him I know they were hired him during draft day. They trade for him for Cleveland how comfortable are you now that the backup quarterback position is settled. Well I mean it's settled I think that's in the sense of at least a competition and the competition between the young players are now obviously the Packers into the trade they did it for Kaiser to be cut after training camp in paper on because. Even if Hundley had a better. Training camp and pre season he's still the guy that you know failed whether it was completely its ultra obviously Mike McCarthy put a lot of blame. On the coaching staff out dental was. You're no longer Packers coach because of what Mike McCarthy yeah the failure of that position you know not having worked on the ready so the blame all the multiple ways. But you know a big ego went to this season assuming tigers are number two. This is it it's interesting that you can go back and read everything that was written heading into day two of the draft last year and what we all kind of assumes. You know just a smokescreen by the Packers in order a parent's flirtation with taking Sean Kaiser. With the first overall pick of the second row which of course became Kevin King instead. And that wasn't a smoke screw that was real legitimate interest and that. You know deep discount I recorder backstroke you know looking intently watching that would obviously lead back out. That the browns should it beat the Packers and what that that speaks for thirteen fourteen. Until Kaiser made that just terrible with this info on the back what you want you know. You know like edit views and 500 in the backyard and you know it was concluded at end of attackers to see all of them. And still be enamored with an it prospect. You know it interesting and I and I think if you want it to. To win it oft beaten and find somebody not being brought partly to the number two behind Aaron Rodgers. You know you feel better with the 3536. Year old you know right it's Patrick tight. Jurgen and so you know I don't think I was brought in has anything to you Aaron Rodgers all it's like artistic had a you know it is this B Aaron Rodgers to Greg our transition guy like Null but you needed to find somebody else to compete partly because obviously that. In an experiment failed about as politically. Always good and we'll chat again on Wednesday as we continue to grow closer and closer to the NFL travel start to look at more more people that can help the Green Bay Packers Paul appreciate it okay. All duchess and the other has fallen marine oil is joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider orange outline Schneider our drivers right now. You're cartridge fair eighty bush years of getting it done call 844 product Schneider jobs dot com what frustrated you the most. Where the box over the weekend box David taking game one lost and we're gonna talk with the Mike Gorman. Celtics television voice and NBC sports in Boston and in that conversation come and appear just puke stay tuned more an election next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores called me and who. Whose job is done here. What you are good friends to cut themselves. 'cause the subs they have something for everybody. And all you what we are great time on the other day we were out it's because of last Friday on americorps. The end I ended up kind of just thrown out there are some what you coming in the next fifteen minutes. Will. War will buy yourself. Spoil my clock you know subs are you know anywhere between five and seven bucks a month so I had figured could be Yemeni right. Com had a real great story guy that was we'll just say it was downs luck and came in and pretty good time had a good chat. Fed man. Good stuff we had a great time and cousins subs in the people are cousins were greatest animal kicked out and you know go ahead and take chips and and all this difference is great people that's cousins sons as what they do that's why they do it. And they are you know locally based and obviously they. There a lot of great people that are working there in and we talked about them believing in better and it was just it was a great day we have you whether socked. But it was a great day for but it came in Sinaloa. Came by and won some prize we gave away a Magnum PI. Disc set. His entire run of Magnum PI. On disk we gave that away which I always cool as hell. We have given that away and had a great time with C thanks for the entire staff out there I met when wrote in that points up in elements that are we. There they gave from the heart way they do a lot of great stuff and we can't say thanks enough to our friends over cousin subs. The blocks though the frustration. If you wanna call it that set in as the team. I close what's up again man has gone no cigar and we've seen this happen time and again about the Denver game. You know sits down the stretch the bucks had their team put away in an opinion and away and cost themselves a victory in. We sought again against Boston where they only played really 33 and half quarters in. Perhaps a quarter basketball these have have lapses and it didn't just didn't work out and now they're a little bit yeah it started a winning game two. On the road I mean that would be fantastic and come back to the Bradley Center in and grab yourself a couple of you can do that. And you're gonna hear this coming up on Mike Gorman he is the television play by play voice. On NBC sports boss in you know here that conversation coming up her surely even even he thought you know what of the box. With all the injuries in Boston has right now the box he should win the series there's a lot of people that do when I keep gone back time and again time and again. To those that say well the Bucs have got their decision to depleted Boston team this is who you wanted to match it suits you best I kept saying no it doesn't. Thirteen is gonna pack it in their teens can rebound there's of their their team that can't shoot 23 when you're shooting the twos you know we see this happen time and again. With a box outs how how pocketing NT which is now being able to beat a team announced working because of the three. And Al Horford who I set I said look he's gonna have a big series he did. In a double double in game one I mean he came up big. And it's because the box don't do the little things fundamentally. That allow you to win consistently and in this is a thing that I've talked about all season they went I'm not saying they can't think big really all honesty. Tell why they should they should win this series. They should but it still worked together Bledsoe just I mean like what are you doing grown so much one on one and playing that type of basketball and when this team go back to that game I keep referring people back to game against San Antonio. When everybody had that chalked up as a loss they went in there they passed the basketball around probably as good as I've seen them all season long to 46 assists on the day. And everybody was involved defense got much better goes back what Malcolm Brockman said about playing selfish basketball as opposed not playing selfish basketball. And that was abuse that was a thing of beauty. For whatever reason they'll learn from. They don't consistently learn from the things they do positively and don't build upon it and that's a reason and I said I I don't think in all honesty in good conscience. That I could pick his team but it's become rather frustrating but. We'll see what happens in game two I just I'm I'm. Between the turnovers in May and not being able to you know kind of consistently clean glass. You know it's it's it's a it's a level of frustration on Ewing went to says time. Time for your honest to step up and carry this team to a series win. Was his his fifth year look yeah I skin. I don't think there's much more young guys can do to be honest with I don't think I don't think there's much more he can ditto John this is been the guy's been carrying the team to begin. You know and I. Just can't do much more than he did in game one if you're asking him to go say what forty points and I don't league and a many guys have 35 was a 35 points or something like that 35 points seven assists thirteen boards. Component. I don't only he can do that. I only need to do any better which are asking for is Bledsoe to have a better game Jabari Parker and have a better game between those two guys at eleven points. Eleven points. And in Parker played fifteen minutes let's have played 33 boards was four of twelve from the field. And an old for two from beyond the arc. You know between him and Tony snell and Jabari Parker they didn't have a three reported between them they were all for a one over six I think from beyond the arc. Eaten at the numbers just have to be better than. They can't consistently just relying on us to be to guide you go down downstairs and bang the entire time she's in our count. So there's all high level of frustration is the Bucs felt the Boston Celtics in game one game two coming up was coming up tomorrow I jump twos and are ones twos and yet Tuesday night tomorrow. When they take on the Boston Celtics in being too. Of this series 855830864. And reach out about it also Mike Gorman. He is within the Celtics television voice by the way on NBC sports Boston you're gonna hear from him coming up this force the program. Brought to our friends at quick trip if you were looking for a great career. If you're looking for a great company. If you're looking for Sony it's gonna give you a four part time position with great benefits this is it go to quick trip KW I K quick trip jobs. A quick trip dot jobs. Today and check out all they have to offer you look at her for part time work great benefits 40% profit share. And a generous salary or hourly wage quick trip dot jobs it's quick trip died jobs. Check amount makes you tell him we censor more of a Michael show and Mike Gorman coming up next. You're listening to go build my school's sports talk that. That work. Michael Schiavo is on the air. Rocket fired at present but like the official beer sponsor all of the summer of the Michael sports talk now or where no sore right around the corner and don't forget Wednesday may thirtieth first Wednesday and I live in the Wisconsin state fair park horrible in the snows melt abundant. The fifth when warmer weather gets here about six weeks. The switch a couple of days looking forward to it Fella came. Are shooting rebel rebel grace from grace will be the first man take the stage of the above Budweiser pavilion. On ways that I may thirtieth as it all kicks off for real getaway hopefully it's warm and I'm looking forward warmer weather it's all brought to buy bud light of special. Beer sponsor of the bill Michael's sports talk network I'll Mike Gorman. He is with NB CTV's. Television play by play voice of for the Boston Celtics are joins a little bit earlier today NBC Boston. He and just kind of recap and what happened in that ball game what an exciting game regardless. Yeah I was a terrific game you know Ireland. About what react if they can either take this as a real positive and when you can play with these guys went as building. Are they can look at getaways they would get 66 point seven yarder that Middleton is what it did so. See how they'll interpret again. How the Celtics take it because they walked two ways of beat up team and they still walked away with a hard fought win how they take it. Well they didn't do it had audio thought you know court on down could score the first game of the season. To losing I read only you know he's got used to play. With these expand out there you never operated under an up period. Greg Stevens deserves it he's he's going to have part of coaching is a necessity comes up with a how he kids that are best used cars in the system. The Harry Potter coaching what are what are where great commentary because I think he has been brilliant he has been quoted figuring out match of split. I'd said Tony in this series is the guy you have to watch because he crashed the boards he does a better defensively the most known as pork for Nagin he had a big game in this one I didn't boxer got to figure out away. To put her hands and doing to keep him off the boards especially was second chance points. Yeah IQQ do you Wear that that's what the options like assume. Al Horford. I mean he can catch you strip itself actually played pretty well. Again he's he's the guy beat ourselves and at the second their guy I'm very comfortable level. That what to do it goes a bit has to be yeah. And he responded with a twenty can be yesterday. So coming back in this next game we saw that judge aboard Parker got out to a really rough start have limited minutes are my assumption is is that he's gonna get more time and hopefully he gets more involved in the offense. But I don't get the to meet the box of one of the worst defensive teams that better in the post is a matter of fact forty minute top fifteen going in the post season usually three teams in art but. To me it's going to be the bucks just have throws much offense they possibly can. Add to the Boston Celtics in Boston's gonna have to respond by hitting threes because of bucks or two point team that's the only way I see this thing working on the box favor. Yeah again with Gary Player like garrison you have a little chance every game played a critical to stopping game to a degree. They're not only is is dominating that makes other people better luck at the oak charts. Don't deserve to treat people pregnant attention that you're honest as. I don't think that it is six or seven game series I think our went out. But I think it's much quicker people click here to give Milwaukee gets one game under their belt and certainly believes they can what you said. Let me analysts believe they can win. You know there're there are actually doing that yes. When you look at the benches Malcolm brought in comes off the bench after being out prolonged period of time comes off the bench for the box and dropped sixteen wasn't hot in early on portion that game got high towards the end but Morrissey I think he was the difference maker when you're 21 points off the bench. Probably 21 point 27 boards off the bench. I like to meet it even though they're banged up and there's a lot of injuries there is it's still I still think this is a better Boston team a lot of people are given it credit for. What we got a lot of good players is no question about their you know yesterday. Lou one quite a ways haven't signed guys scored twenty more points and got it was unclear what was your native who now. Dominated the game the cowboys. So. It's not surprising that we get reports that like Eric. I tell you want to do you guys considered observer sort of the talks should be good and we gave Bledsoe played well. You and let's look at not a legacy at all. Look at got frustrated you know with its first playoff game sort of nervous you like about beauty Eric Bledsoe gets twenty title. Tomorrow night but. Yesterday he you really stepped up proudly. Yeah when you have a couple of guys Hanson obviously knocking him from beyond the arc Bledsoe was O first so was Tony Snow was all for George George Parker was O for. When you have guys that can't shoot beyond your that we talked about this all season long mean technically you look at the score the box Al balk it'd. Yesterday by a bucket. The Boston Celtics and still lost by six it is the difference between being a three point shooting team in that type of league and a team the police to tune doesn't play much defense. There I agree with that conclude there. Yeah it is it's a where you go for the box when they're when they're when they're trying to they they don't have outside shooter that's consistent enough to compete with teams. I think right now all it did the best of the best in the league. Yeah I think. I think the formula for success Milwaukee and you know when you're not be obvious. Is that they need Bledsoe played well. And they need guarded seeking to play well and then he looked over the charts. It is that can happen to them in addition to be broken and again you guys are used to playing without Parker Parker to me and you get from park as of August to expect here in realism. But the other guys but so you know he needs. The issue here it's seventeen hit point one points and ever since a couple of steals. Instead it was so important industry who wants a section you obviously choking. What is going to lay it seemed like he had any waste collected. Don't like Goran celtics' TV on NBC sports in Boston so yesterday. Arm is Brad Stevens is the better the philosophy if you will is it just is gonna give his is long you can limit those around him is that kind of the way you look at things going into the series. I don't think he quite put it that way I acting keep you on the right track it. They're not gonna change their defense. So much because ya later they changes politically correct anybody who gets to be a dominant player. Yeah obviously great play a lot of zone or zone people realize the Clinton. Bain has been muted being used offensive numbers you can talk sensibly only to protect the page you are pretty they're pretty about it as a protection. So. Again we used to envoy to speed before richest guys. You just went well I don't know if I had no idea score was as good soccer player. He came over as part you can grab the deal I got this opportunity there are shortchanged against. The bigotry currently. But Marcus Turkey could he is also very good clutch and you know he's like those guys if he doesn't keep it level that is on your seat and could he chippy when he talks a lot in and in he's pretty critical little actress shouts of people but it's how he plays the game you know it's always great game. Would pick guys that we're I think it's if he's that good that. I'm how would spread this good team in Boston it's Asia if not younger and many phases as is what to comparable to what the Milwaukee Bucks are. Because people here for a long time including Jason Kidd some lower young team I've always said it's not the age it's the is the maturity the ability to figure out how to win how is Brad Stevens. Gotten nineteen so mature so fast. The early on he created an atmosphere that was very conducive to catching predators that are used regardless he would have more consistently. As we look to a lot of people. When you have to. 31 people who lost one point in the season. And to them and what you guys would lead to relate to use. They would say I'm a better player now of course shore up that's significant. And he just has a way of figuring out what the players came it is and then integrating those skills into the system. Where everybody's happy because what they do press is being. That makes sense you know I completely understand it yeah there has that we can listen hard to do and dates they're brought in and he's. It's a good thing when you hit against. Keep Brad is like at a much so ridiculous that. And various social aspect to you start talking about basketball tell us coach coach citizens could sit there. And they're very much to our relationship is currently earn quickly so. The other guys look dilemma personal I suspect that need to be peninsula by the achievement in the basketball player. How does a guy that young did that kind of respect. Is it just did you he carries himself for what. It's it's a lot by the way he carries himself and reluctantly keep its people are quickly if you follow my lead here and I'll make you better. And we'll win is keeps you. But you gotta be gotta follow my lead them. And academic record aren't the only that there are clear timeout is recognized first most. You're timeout to double play guys do an outback two record and good looking teacher at school play cheapest quickest. And then they're gonna work. Then that would happen again who took a bullet hit like we love you guys who play it right out. Yeah and they buy into it and they executed and it works you what Brad he's very different. And I nonsensical to me and I had chemical. During the time outlaw cock quote all its assistance surround them they have like the summit beat the middle back into the huddle spread stands by himself. Little chocolate. The thirty to 45 seconds goes into action could do. Very different. Yeah it interesting so interest in the way he does things is another Milwaukee Bucks or emulated for coach young season and you know you were all hoping that doctrine that are there you can well. You know I. I don't know it's going to be look I don't care who it is islamists or it's the right guy you know on the one Bret Stephens at that job in Boston I had that I you gotta admit months in this thing and myself. Here we don't in the college coaches teaching coaching MBA doesn't get the respect is gonna walk away with humiliation and go back to the college ranks and he has shocked me as much as we hear the names of cult oriented Tino and everybody else thrown around. Bret Stephens has done a fantastic job and into Gamal a crowd well I just hope the bucks I don't care who they fine as far as the name goes as long as it's a right job. It's hard to find the right guys sit here now it's hard to find the right guy after being out of pitcher particularly a player's coach and he can. It is perfectly. My question what's the doctor Marquette. Yet what he is what my question what that is he won there when they veteran Lleyton group. He wasn't able to get it don't young group out in LA in a grand they has some other issues and asked me injuries and such. But then things begin to deteriorate and he couldn't keep egos in check so my question is. How well all he worked with a young cast of characters. And be able mold them and make them better much like you say and equate to what Bret Stephens is done their embossed. But you know I got that your name on me. Now is what 24 unfortunately yeah I think my. May open late twenties. You right right yeah. So I knew I had a I didn't get a good agent dark. It's not like you don't like. Number one draft picks are treatable and to a number two's Marcia is trapped Utah court to go certain guys are guys clustered. You guys are pretty bad 12678. You can add somebody it greatly greatly compressed and that. No knock on tension but that's step two weeks yeah I look. No no I I totally agree that. Mean we've we've seen out of it's a bad deal and I can't get out money that counter completely very. Now if you at different center. You'd be here again I'm saying that he can't but I still think it goes seven games are electing them we could of really really hard part. Victory whoever emerges this and I certainly don't how he does not this article. Bombard viewers. Last week received what is it who you really wanna play. And I know certain acting like a particularly Miami even watching I don't want a lot. Aren't while we'll see would have no they have not been able to stat success consistently throughout the season which is the reason they may get a win or two but. They enabled beat a team above 500 consistently all season long and they certainly are men and women back to back to back sessions on. I'm gonna be real interest to deceive the Bucs can actually kind of you know Garnett intestinal fortitude and figure out ways to win because they're minimalist actor all season long Mike it's a pleasure appreciate the the candid discussion thanks so much for joining us are cracked or dirty trick here. They showed his might Gorman Celtics television voice and NBC sports of Boston joining us for a couple of minutes in the Schneider or challenged or Harry drivers. Right now you were credit treat repair eighty plus years of beginning it's on call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs start counts portion program. Rocky I'm marsh field clinic health system and they are the official health care provider of yours truly. That care mile away which is say if something's ailing you point to do is call me for four fairway it's 844 tier way the charges never more than forty dollars and if they can help you they don't charge at all. Send your prescription right to the pharmacy near you save your trip to the dock as well that's. Just another way for them to help you help yourself that is our friends at Marshall clinic health system again check about Marshall clinic dot org the official health care provider. Of yours truly will wrap things up state to immortal Michael show coming up next. Film Michael's sports talk and. Oh to. He rarely want to remind you for those of you that are Bucs fans coming up this Thursday night we are back Janet. Another edition of the Milwaukee basketball hour and this time. Not gonna be a merriment social it is going to be a cafe Benelux at third award. Cafe Benelux and a third war it's run across from the public markets. Coming up this Thursday night I don't know your guess is going to be it's going to be I'll be there ST where he fight for most of our post game shows going to be there Steve Novak is going to be there all for sure. I don't know who the guest is yet let your nose in the minute we find out. But it's the post season addition as the Bucs are going to be coming back home. And getting ready for Friday night's tip off. Between the Boston Celtics over the bucks tie this series up at a game apiece so the optimism reigns supreme anyway to get out of the first round of the playoffs but that being said. We're going to be cafe Benelux and this Thursday night six to seven and you can hear that a many of these same stations. As the bucks you ready to take on the Boston Celtics. And they'll will be down there and and it's always a good time I'm looking forward Kevin Benelux I don't know if you've ever been there but and you know I'd. I don't in America and social before I went there and sort of doing the show I mean I'd been there when it been different you know different venues. But Kevin ballots is a fantastic place or were really looking forward to this how little bit of a change of venue so don't throw you off too much but. Run it on your calendar right and on the Palmer your hand whatever you need to do remind yourself it is not a merriment social it is a cafe Benelux. Coming up this Thursday night going to be there are six to seven with the Milwaukee basketball our our guests and you know cross our fingers at the end of the boxer who tirelessly. One quick note here before we get out of here Dez Bryant was asked about. What would it mean if farming which if any interest in joining in the Green Bay Packers this was the quote. It would seem rights. Too much history. He's in any. Does he he he just. What does he write to registry what was that was that means he talking about the catch that wasn't too painful to go play at Lambeau Field because. You know had we all thought it was a catch but by the spirit of the role by the technicality of the rule it wasn't. The upset about that is he still mad at Lambeau Field took you catch away from him. In the post season. Nor. The bottom line is is that the Packers have to pay debts. We're gonna pay X amount of dollars in the X amount of dollar it was a lot more than everybody else Dez Bryant would absorb Lambeau Field. And screw the history and a hearty. But I do think he wants to go somewhere in the division. Washington and Philadelphia both make sense. And to try to come back and be his his old team twice twice a season. That's what he would like to you know that. But too much mr. Dez Bryant's investment. And tell you this for awhile. Brewers and reds tonight books tomorrow get ready for all will be back to market you ready for the bucks in the Celtics also talk without McKelvey tomorrow as well as a recap that first game between the the brewers in the reds in the of the week that is because it's against teams that just aren't good. Brian Anderson will join us tomorrow and Brian Anderson will be here who who's doing basketball. You've not been a baseball. The world is on its axis my friends and it's kind of spinning weirdly sideways approach to go have a don't. Six clues stations strong. You might school's sports talk now.