HR4 - We talk some college hoops and the build up to March Madness

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Thursday, February 8th
Hour 4. Jon Rothstein, a College Basketball Insider for CBS Sports Network calls in to discuss where Wisconsin and Marquette stand at this point in the basketball season. Also, we talk more about Jimmy Garoppolo's new deal and what impact that has on the Packers. 

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Promo links runs to. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Michael you know. Michael. Jorge de Chile a walk don't go Michael shows on the air weird one today. Federal weird when you have the NBA trade deadline basically Cleveland is all knew of several brawn. Jimmie to rob below by the way for those are just tuning us in gets a five year 137. And a half. Million dollar contract which is. Jermaine and I just automatically. Sends things skyrocketing. In. In green bag. I mean it. You can only imagine what Aron Rodgers mutate now. We're talking college hoops a little while ago via Wisconsin Badgers. It has been a struggle to win on the road there in Illinois tonight and they have been beating Illinois for over a decade. And we'll see that comes to an end tonight meanwhile you've got Marquette. And that they're looking for some big wins down the stretch to get themselves into the tournament. John Rossi from that the college best one senator from CBS sports network now joining us on the Schneider orange college I don't today. Right Buick you. Thanks so much for joining us let let's start when Marquette what do you think didn't they need to do to bolster their resonating given to determine or do you think they have a legitimate shot. Now I think they have a legitimate chance you know any time you can get a sweet. Over eighteen like Seton Hall you put yourself in position to move the needle because we all want the team that. Doesn't have obviously intent to be in their go to back and we Kennedy and the public Herman even though they haven't played like it so much in the last couple weeks. You know Pete hall as we would banged out. A neutral site win over tech attack a road win at Louisville we'll from Marquette to get to their five big east win. Again the ball if you win that moved the needle but you know in addition to that. You gotta be in a situation. Where you handle business when you have opportunities at home I'd look at Marquette right now down the stretch. Right now guys they only have two opportunities. You play home games the rest of the way. So a couple of times right now on the road Marquette going to have to come up big starting Saturday things down. Absolutely now on the other helicopter view I want you to give me kind of that open I look at and that's Wisconsin mean Greg Gard has struggled this year they've had some key injuries. Lost a couple of recruits they thought would come and really bolster this situation. Where do you see this badger program right now. We're confident team in transition and you know obviously I think everybody felt like the million dollar question. And the elephant in the room one parity on her plate for starters for a team that went to a sweet sixteen but. I think it's a little bit of spare. You stay right at the gate that you know with confidence at completely taken a nosedive I don't think anybody really work bell. That it Demetric trite one healthy if he's in that this would have been the result I don't think that I also think you know you have to look at. What you saw at a Colby king early. Colby king with a guy who I know the staff about out of a lot of Cold War a lot of promise ornery lot a freshman but. I don't think he would be with confidence have the record that it happened right now though people are throughout the entirety. Via a big tent itself. Does it go all the way on the northwestern getting into the termer who they cut off save up Penn State or Michigan. Where is the cut off point right now do you think the Big Ten. Well right now you have working projected to be in the field. And that something Michigan State Purdue Michigan and Ohio State and and you have Nebraska kind of on the com. But the problem with the Brett it is. You know you look at the body or for the cornhuskers the only significant victory that it happened. Resonate in the win over Michigan. I mean I Luke not made that Scott McCain with the game pinnacle bank arena in December there's no doubt in my mind. And the boy wrapped up what being in public term picture right now. There on the carpet that the heat when he gain immediate situation working around and stumbled but got I got the idea. That seemed to me that the interesting thing to track. In the big hand in terms of having the potential the played their way into the field it Penn State. Penn State had a couple questionable losses in the middle pick and life. A law that over on game and on the Minnesota they all the law or what they're in Indiana but in those games. Shot lead. And eight starting small forward did not play due to an academic issue it dean get seventeen wins and look at some of the opportunity they have down threat. Rat Purdue they have home game against Ohio State and Michigan and they all of a road game against the Brett got it and they. Can get to the big and parliament. With twenty wins which means they got 13 at their next side they're going to be right on the bubble getting going at Madison Square Garden. What is me ask you about Minnesota real quick as you mentioned Minnesota and the new Minnesota I thought was on the come for a while I thought disease was commute team that was gonna turn around. With the younger pitino at the home where is that program right now. Minute soda is dealing effectively enter regular. And narrow program that again had had a little little murky law that situation. In the event that you have read you lynch who had an unbelievable chemistry would Gord Murphy. Afford the five. Taken away obviously in the middle beaten in the spectral halt the Q and they took away rim protector they took away the best blues got though the complexity of the team has completely changed. Hello John Rossi from my college best ones ever CBS sports now. When you look at some of the top teams in the country it's it's bend Villanova and everybody else for a long time as far as rankings go. But given teams in the most of them likely scenario there really for talking final four teams is just you can look at the top by the top aide to top tenth. Or is this year completely wide openers Villanova just a dominant team in and is everybody else. Well you know even Villanueva who I know it had injury problems you know the book. Very mortal last night against Saint John couldn't golf they've got the net more accomplished in. And you've got to know that you know I have always felt. That college basketball. Normally had to pipe the you either had it you can build the parity where obviously you know there was that a handful of being the political championship. More than usual late. And warn you that superpower like you don't want it means what he thought he was content you really that dominant regular season at all remote off. At the Arnold war this year the levels that police in between team. You quote ever seen her. So what I mean not that it the last couple weeks. It looked pretty clear to me. That Villanova made it for you were by far the read that in and out basketball look at what happened though when you look a little quote there. Talked about being count beating Villanova and what about Purdue I'm nineteen game winning streak you but note that winning streak the only Big Ten team. That would do. Played that it currently projected to be Indian it up late term and what Michigan and that what we beat Purdue quiet means. That upper deck of being an appeal it was packed the arena so I think you're going at the end he doubly permit. We're feed off of me let I think. You're going to be in public Herman we're maxed out. What ultimately prevail. And that's what going to give up a bottle once there Antonio don't be shocked if you know use the effective technique your actual the hot on at all coming up there on the left Saturday marked. I was gonna ask you some of the some of the royalty North Carolina 21 of the country Kentucky has struggled at times this year 120 for the country you normally seat. These teams in that top ten heroes go okay there they are all over again yet CNET this year you've seen some top says so some teams that have been toppled. They've been in some are read Woolsey revamp what we always know Kentucky's revamp because against me wanna guns and are trying to figure out chemistry each and every year. But you're not seeing the traditional sitting right there at the top of the top of the W sort of speak. Now you're definitely not and you know I think in some ways. This is the opportunity. For certain scenes that are at hand that the total final court come up short. The finally break through look at the run that Mick Cronin that it Cincinnati evident in the late term of seven consecutive year that you'll be eight. Easily out of that we get along. Look at what Sean Miller had added Arizona multiple lead date are we fixed. In the regular participant. These programs that have been going at that year view year their time is now apple big accident. They were quick before I let you go away when you talk about a lot of these teams that have a legitimate shot they'd gone back to the Big Ten. He talked about missing you talk about Ohio State talk about Purdue and Penn State possibly getting in. What is going to be the determining factor as to 567. Teams. Is it gonna be some of these mid majors again this year that's going to knock out some of the additional spaces for these teams are the bigger conference is to get and. What you gotta look right now what's gonna happen in the league that currently have a dominant paper in the Atlantic and Rhode Island is the only projected scenes. The make the field at saint Bonaventure or another he wouldn't be able addict and parliament that fake the bit away from looking like Nebraska and the same thing obviously and other conferences. It let that day in the pac twelve would do didn't count. Morgan with the packed full term and are you dealing with the fact apple started seeing that or projected to be in the field your going to the team. You know for what we're talking about like a Nebraska you know be left out of field altogether. Great shot John we certainly appreciate it thanks for high and I'll throw this circle Mensa guy. I thank perhaps may have a great version of how they go John Rossi college best one set for CBS sports joining us for a couple minutes in the Shire or challenge matter hiring drivers right now. You're they treat you fair eighty pleasures are beginning you don't call me 144 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 predators Schneider jobs dot com his portion program. Big grudge about our good friends and Marshall clinic health system something ailing you got you down maybe need prescriptions call 844 care when it's 844 care way. And maybe they can help you out right over the phone. Maybe get a prescriptions into the pharmacy near you. And if they can help you out there isn't any charge. Forty bucks would be the maximum charge but otherwise it's pay for play people that's the best way to go about it just another way they can try to help you help yourself. That is Marshall clinic health system check him out of Marshall clinic dot org. The official health care provider. Of yours truly I gotta get Matt Matt's been on hold forever Matt walking with a program the Michael show what's going on. They've buildings sent me no problem. A those two things on Google and first of the cats I think I think they've pretty much done themselves and the receipt after all these straits they're talking about over half Barack or you just dumped out. And now you got to build up all the team camaraderie you gotta get out a slow down again that is don't you ask. I think I think is deputy opens the door for the bucks and make a move this year where else. They either got really good really quick and it'll pay off or like you said it's gonna take awhile to get it all together. And then we'll see what happens but yet the cavaliers for those are just tuning assembled give you run them they traded away got records to a third of their roster today. They traded are out there including two anyway what else is unmarked. Yet and I think that's a big thing happening now is an opportunity I think more than ever for the bucks to go ahead and look at the average and it's been present for them I think. I think that he is not reaching race between the Celtics to the raptors in the Bucknell I think it's really up to that right now this this is what could be the turning point we got Jabari back. You know we got also break about her for the guys he has you know some rest get healthy again. The limit of course the second half but yeah I think we can finesse after record I think we really maker well this year. I this could yeah I agree appreciate the phone quite this could open the door. Depending on how it all works out for those that are just listening Isiah Thomas Dwyane Wade. Derrick Rose Jae Crowder human jumper and Channing Frye all traded away today from Cleveland Cavaliers. They get in return jordin Clarkson Larry Nance junior George Hill Rodney hood. And they heavily protected future sit around draft. That's what they get their cabs blowing me up. They're getting better they got younger they get better defensively they got more athletic. Bush and how long's it gonna take him to get it all together. We shall see but did hint they Garrett has some names Isiah Thomas Dwyane Wade Derrick Rose Jae Crowder Shumpert fry. All gone. An expected for at least three of those guys to now be cut by either yeah it is now. Sure makes my bad I'm the box 45 to one to show up in the NBA finals lie about how about that. Now the bucks as of right now no no additional. Which you know what I'm not I'm not fretting over. And any other big news of the day. And how does this affect the Green Bay Packers. Because Jimmy Rob Lowe signed a five year 137. And a half million dollars. That includes 74 million in guaranteed money. Com. You're talking about twenty almost 27 million dollars a year. The Packers. Are going to have to pay Aaron Rodgers. At some point. And what is what is that you're gonna look like. Now Jimmy grapple old. You comes a lot of hype. Once a ball game John's every Cisco once he started once he started when he went five enroll. To close the season Allen to grapple. But we all know the agreement backers are gonna have to pay Aaron Rodgers what does that contract gonna look like holy Mo. Call him. 8558308648. On the loans might give dot com told free talk. What do you think. The Packers should pay Aaron Rodgers. Realistically I mean what do you think they're contracts can. Some on one hand they didn't. Probably the bass player for the money right now I mean Brees get a little older even though he's got the rings. Com. Rodgers we all know is this forest physical gifted he's the best quarterback in football. Kirk cousins is gonna get paid but I can't imagine him getting that money. You know each. What what is Iraq it's gonna get. This this could get nuts. So what would you think would be a fair contract for Aaron Rodgers without breaking the bank. And not being able to keep brown some of the talent or going on getting additional free agents. 855830864. In loans white tipped account troll free talk line. Mean that's that's that's the question looming right now. This portion of the program brought you by our differences in Giorgio. San Giorgio the only athletic to pull it out pizzeria. In Wisconsin in his only sixty something album in the country and we have one right hero back yard go down there tell me want the bill Michael's fantastic beats a candidate pair that up with our friends over point borrowing the site of the of the original by the did your original site or an Intel it's such it's such good stuff go to their check that out. You find them on your local grocery store shelves as well with us in Georgia on our friends from point bring also auto paint supply. Whether it's fleets what a single autos marine industrial you name it they've got to go to go auto paints dot com it's go auto paint. Dot com and also our good buddy Bob Bradley gang over Robert had diamonds. Couple Washington green tree roads just north of Milwaukee also once every six and laying out thanks Dave Wright around the corner if you haven't already done the jewelry thing. They've got price is to meet everything everything all from ninety bucks. Opted 9000 dollars I mean whatever it is you want in whatever it is you look before they can hook up they're great people over there. Just over until my century and see what they can do Ford and let me know about it and you know make sure that you carry that levee here and always love to hear about. People have great or not so great. Experience is a lot of places we centrist. So let's stop Lawrence until we set high what we come back we got toxin box at the trade deadline argue okay the Bucs don't do any thing and if thought at the Packers are gonna make a deal on their gonna pay off Aaron Rodgers. You heard what rumpled just got what's it going to be for Aaron Rodgers holy mole coming up next in the much. I don't program. Michael joke on the air we are so glad to have him. Final hour of the program. Coming up here in about ten minutes said the former. Head coach of the Green Bay Packers in case you missed it Mike Sherman. Had a chance to judge challenge him on radio row a great putt great conversation one of the best radio stories. I have to this day. Involves Mike Sherman you're gonna hear about that coming up here in about ten minutes stay tuned for that. This portion of the program is brought you by our friends. That cousins of the ruling is back that's right it's back and only got to do is stop many cousins subs and grab one you're still limited time only by the way if you're into the room and order Rachel for that matter. Stop and it cousins soaps are or there's always the pepperoni amount that's the that's the light to injury to the bill Michael's extra Mayo refugees get that thing all what's of the go to the subs Dodge Caliber download the app. And you're good to go cousins of the officials substance of the bill Michael sports talk network. It's about the phone calls shelling let's go to Roland nor Sartre auto program house or somebody. I don't well I'm sitting here waiting to see the budget and doing it. Yeah I've got a terrible vote on the book what is left thirty yeah. Expired contract with the that a bitch. John Henson. Maturity exception. Home and home. Form of pictures sector rather. To Charlotte one. Porsche that would. Boy that would take your life. Enemies are not given up anything it's so maybe an hour ago. Pretty much instant that you put it must be quote from him as a Star Search urged. And you barely keep everything Machida for. Think it makes it all out and bought and which Charlotte this year and salary. Google form like Alex are vulnerable to judge has since the next two years which is like 1112 million yeah. So big they wanted to do wanted to go to ball well well luncheon. At all. That would be. CI the only question I have would Dwight Howard do you think Dwight Howard is a is just too white power do you think he's got championship timber and. Well. I think in our situation at jeopardy and temper I think he Knowles. There is a lot says that because he's no changes its so we won't have that problem easily. Multiple crimes. About yards and it is suggesting he can be dirty going to be pregnant girl Koreans are. So we'll have that problem with them. Are the temperament on the Internet to children like years pretty much cool players that you're lucky beard serious sometimes so. I mean you know don't do much at least a white can't hold his own Elmo you will rebound and I simply because oh yeah what console you. Typically you'd have to wake up and bought. There if there's a way to get Dwight Howard here. I mean he talked about solidifying the inside and suddenly you know now narrate the day that I'd I think I'd do that. I mean I I think Henson has so it has really kind of the salt into his role and I appreciate what he's done. What if you could bring in Dwight Howard for a couple years that might not be a bad way ago. They have not guided I did a good deal of that through Bridget trump thanks buddy. Did you event. I'd think about affirmative because they're gonna be Dwight Howard fan. I've gone back in the days as Superman's certainly he was Superman but he's not Superman anymore but he can certainly commanded great accent piece of metal. He's a different guy to hit it does seem trump pointed to a he seems like. Personally wise he's understood that he's humbled himself a little bit he's not gonna be the guy that he thought he was an ally. As many words LA he thought he was the man then. Yeah I I think it would do that. Com this was from tot he. Who says they're writer's best days are behind him you cannot break the bank father time wins every year Aaron Rodgers is 35. In that be like saying you couldn't break the bank 656 years ago on Tom Brady. Tom Brady still playing a Carlos won MVP. Com. You can add five years Darren Rogers contract. That's not a bad way to go. Yeah I notice are barely ago come into those that are tuning in. 74. Million dollars guaranteed Jimmy grapple. Five years 137 million bucks. 74 that guarantees. Mean there are writers that you at this point good weekends can just say Aaron here here's a checkbook right. Right to pressure and amount you know I mean it's in knots this this is also one of the reasons the Packers I mean they didn't have to do. But the quicker you do a deal. The quicker did you set the bar. And you don't have to worry about some of these other quarterbacks have or anywhere near as good as Aaron Rodgers. Making so much more money that raises the price for the guy that is. One of the best to play the game. It also makes everybody else went over to chop you up. Yeah and and raise the salary that everyone else is gonna yet. So I just in. Man. Do you think people looked badly at Rogers that he doesn't take somewhat of a hometown discount. Make sure he fits and Jack just tweeted that he says his Brady ever been the highest paid quarterback well remember people. Pretty wife makes more money and eat me. Let anyone know gracious wife makes like fifty million a year apparently I mean I was reading was in Forbes or something like that Sheen makes it light and got a money a year and Arnie I think she asked to appear anymore just yesterday too much anymore. She's just off residuals and all like Aniston she's is making money is prince itself. Hmmm somebody says they've got light a little over. More than half a billion dollars in a banker something like ten. Some stupid amount of money. It's wired little kid was messing around the guy and yeah yeah I don't go exactly. You know. Might just keep from owed contracts in the NFL yeah absolutely. They do all the time. That's the reason they just signed him resigning some of the players before the end of the season. So they can actually pro rate the signing bonus to this past year so they don't have to take a contract hit down the road if they wanted zero. And that's one of the things that Ted Thompson's been very very good that. You may not agrees what some people are signs but that's the way he's it. From. Brock says so widow Aaron Rodgers bankruptcy the Packers and in the fans complain about him never having any health. I mean this was from Jay's as we used three years ninety million all guarantee for Rodgers. Now. No wouldn't. Chris he's not because you don't want you don't wanna have him sitting right there saying I can win a Super Bowl. It first of all you don't have a backup quarterback right now. Which we you have to draft form is okay or find one. And you're not ready for five years totaled on the road you've got to draft one next to three years so whatever I'm doing I'm doing probably a five year deal. Because he's got two more years left on his deal to get this coming year than the year after which we'll put him at 36 years also taking a 41. If he retires before it Soviet that he then you forfeit that money there's a buyout clause. I. I'm. I there's there's I would do five years five years. 140 million dollars 1458080. Million guaranteed. And go from there that's kind of where would do it. 8558308648. When we come back in case you may get a chance to hear the former head coach of the Green Bay Packers Mike Sherman joined us is one of his few radio interviews on radio row we came over say hello. Had a great conversation one of the best stories in my radio broadcast career. Happening Green Day and involve Mike Sherman and he remembered did you hear that come on next in the much. An important programming truck by quick trip tops your alternative fuels no fee ATMs they've got milk did get bread they've got a touch foods cold foods meat headed they have everything inside quick trip and only have to do is find. Go to quick trip KW I K a quick trip dot com. I've I've got. I'm thrown it out there. Right at key here this summer of thrown out there and Bucs fans can tell me how whacked out Diana. But I got a jury. I'll tell you what it is coming up after this Mike Sherman the former head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Joined us on rule a few interviews that he did came over and meet me specifically wanted to find us into over the radio wrote to say hello and had a great conversation take a listen. Former head coach or general manager of the Green Bay Packers Mike Sherman joining us here. On radio row how bent good bill of which side of playing I mean you can obviously that you a little bit of a Taurus and Julia left green bags. I ask you this question is you know I've got a chance we can talk after the fact but. Is it good to have a head coach B gentlemen that's the number one question everybody has. It's a tough job is no question about that it's a tough job to dual responsibilities that. If you have a great support group behind you it's working hard we have more current at least before he passed right than he did pass unfortunately. You know I I think it all kind of bounces up but it to have that role and be able. Pick home. And also called police and also we're on the team that does that that the challenged how easy or difficult was it. Having favre's quarterback when your. Coordinator and you've got to. A guy that wants to throw the football and wants to beat the guy the lines originally and it's it's how how was that working relationship. But those excellent. You know you always judge a player I think by how we practices how he prepares and he did a great job. At practice showing the other players at this oh this is how you practice and I remember many times being asked by the media after game. You know I about the pro Favre made that you never seen that before about incidents in a practice for five times a meaning he practiced the game like he played again. Would you take away from your experience. As a phenomenal opportunity. Mean I'm very fond memories and I know things. Didn't end the way I wanted to put that that's just the nature of the business nothing but great things to say about the organization the people that are. The fans that particular one awesome. I've missed that relationship. Go I was agree I was bound and determined not to let my like change we went out to you know to the grocery stores but it things around town so I was constantly. In contact with fans in this thoroughly enjoyed that relationship and it always hold a fun memory. In my mind. I've always told people quote sitting down today. People always ask you about moments in sports who you meet to you know what I wrote watching don't want and then recites all those guys. And in you know so I'm talking over yesterday telling them I was watching you play around younger you know valiant thing and you'll want to and I met last year for the first time. But the best moment in radio ever in my in my entire career when we were it was a late night it was a Monday night game. Brian Noble and I are doing the post game show in the in the road to the trailer that we used to have right outside the parking lot. And Brian and I were talking it over to return the week prior you've let one go in sight and they found that to you'd gotten on him after the game. The next week that after that game that count when inside then he got trucks and up on the seven and you kill him after the games they question. And Brian was going on this kid's head screwed up but he can't do it in this event and I'm watching this guy. I eat wings or something across the parking lot. And I'm looking like there's nobody in a lot of these guys are listening to us who is this guy and I look real close I thought holy crap it's Mike Sherman. And the lights come on in Bryant in mid range it's it's the total when he's in mid ring at the lights on. And I very quietly just wrote a note that sit here comes Mike Sherman nice look at the bright he got it like an on petrol laugh. That you got out of the car not in recent guys to a kimono and and you set in most real moment and you you we were talking about it. And Brian actually question you look at writes I was listening. You're right. I've never seen a coach. Or do that but it was the best moment radio you were so really genuine about it it was fantastic. The that was that. Sit there and I think it was. They it was a ruling that the at the barbecue Sosa played here when I liked him but. You know those are those in the moment and yet agrees that the Libby committed. Department lieutenant. You'd much you might slant to things so it was it was you know when you know what then building I missed by more than anything. And most people realize that this happened but. We if you wanna home into that for the home he's taken to IOC you know the car and my two boys amendment would come would be would drive growth that parking lot. And then we'd stop. And tailgate party did and hasn't quite ended yet the and a walk up to pull up to when will the wounded as he won the game today. Than it did not do this you you know the fact of France in two hours after the game I'm gonna say it straight right right. So that's it we don't let say Liu. Though sudden they would focus in it until April to keep it from that appearance and I got to go that I goes next Wednesday. They got the clean this crap up you guys but pick up these Americans my pick them up again. It's sold or on the parking lot in it each food group like them with them that does them all the limit. And I do it as well when my best memories of that but in the pac coach I never knew that the only people that I never knew that what is the best fun and and it. Those people party member and I remember those those people may not remember but yes. Hours after the day public I had very I think the coach of the can opener. Good but we have Soledad and in the. I have to make truth great memories of agreement. It's a phenomenal place in the organization and and the fans just make it what does one of the most epic games I've ever had a chance to cover and I know you gotta run but. Well when Gretzky had died written it days did the show with a distinct limits to tell me the I IE I remember getting the call and say you break the news and we did. I tried to do with the best because in such a good friend and you can go from being that guy to beat somebody that's report this and then. You know what that night was like prior to the game. And then obviously the competition I remember Donald Driver telling me since we came together today that there's nothing and it's ground we're gonna catch every what was that like. Well one thing that make people don't realize that make it even more surreal is the fact that. And we went up to two days so we that we lose that on this you'd do this for a couple days I gave up its you can go home you don't have to play. That we needed to win that game to keep going you know his dad would never let you know if it exactly so he knew that. So we decided not immediately be decided to play with people don't realize that money that game. The story line was instantly newspapers that we've never agree it was assuming he's gonna have this great miraculous story book game. I like his life has been to be answered agreement parts. And so the pressure was money for him to have this unbelievable game. For for his dad that he did deeply disappointed that so now we go out there and does what he's posted billions and completely game. But the pressure people don't realize that was on him for that ball it was unbelievable. It was an unbelievable again targeting tingles I do all of this you know in the way the players responded to him yeah there was plenty of balls that could go on the oval and write it. And up players would let the minute so I gotta get this in because I know you gotta go put your your call football. Talk a little bit about that's who bring your round today you call football is the a tech company out of Boston been not been working on this program will fortified years. And what they've done is the take in the Madden game and put into alive. Hi its lifetime it's going to be broadcast live. Regular coaches regular players playing in the fans the chance. The picked the play fantastic get a chance to pick to play I people bundled placed second at seven it's human Merrill high it's no idea how bout them. Someone had coaches feel that it coaches at the earliest it would be a champion Vera beach Florida and that's can be streamlined it's going to be great. Wait again at the moment McGreevey France great way for the fans to connect. Now I can be the Monday Morning Quarterback afford to 27 out of the is the question. And the way above that it Ramallah. I'd say hey you do like it you can always look at it. What. All right I coach it's budge I know you're gonna run you've got to take about it goes allegedly greatness and regulatory thanks so much OKMR tuck you soon the Arctic quick break more in the Michael Jeanette. That was Mike Sherman we had a great time talking to him and we are going to take when I come back well. I've gotten Nutting is set I wanna explain healed and that we're gonna get out the arms and dropped the Mike after that. And we're gonna pick it up where Rio where we leave off tomorrow because a lot of things going on that they were gonna talk about tomorrow let's say two mortal like Janet. Quarterback Michael shell is on the air to pick up where we left off. Tomorrow where we're gonna talk about to the contract situation Jimmy raffle of getting. A boatload of money. What is Aaron Rodgers gonna dictate holy mackerel. Cleveland Cavaliers are traded away everybody about LeBron. And a lot of teams trying to open up salary space to bring LeBron and we'll get an of that tomorrow on the program. Will wrap up our week from radio row. You're going to hear the interview that we did a terrific interview with Greg cosell who works with the NFL matchup shown talks about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. And looks at them extremely analytically and then. For those and asked for it we're gonna hear the interview again with Paul Allen. The radio play by play voice of the Minnesota Vikings that is coming up in talks in college hoops tomorrow. Paul image tomorrow's gonna join us agree or analysts we talk about this contract situation as it's begins. To sit kind of you know set on the horizon for the green bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers and what they're going to do in free agency and and the reason people ask now why why do you want to air writers contract now well because you wanna know your salary cap space is going to be. For years com so you wanna get it set as early as possible. So we'll get an all that discussion as well but here's my thought. OK follow me on news. Okay this this is the Milwaukee Bucks you'll for a world are right. Follow me here. Com. We all know that if there are teams out there are gearing up for LeBron who can opt out become free agent the whole thing in that the thought processes. That LeBron he's he's taken pay cuts his entire careers so we can fit in and out people under the cap to be able. Did to get guys around him to do get in championships okay teams have dictated to LeBron. Or in been dictated to by LeBron to get certain players and just has worked out for okay. So now he wants to be pay at least that's the premise but. From the Milwaukee Bucks I'm sitting in the front office and I say you know what. If we and that's it if we ever ended up with a brought think about it okay. Well you don't have enough money to pay him. Sordid. It's what I would do. I would put you on the ice. And as many and many outsell. John S and whoever else I get on a plane. Landry evens everybody makes peace Kumar ER I I would take as they eat all the time got to San Giorgio NGOs and not to do you know they're too with some good Italian food. Put it all to play the broad comedy. Look here we are with the Milwaukee Bucks we got a brand new arena. We're building. A ties mauled an entertainment center in downtown Milwaukee. Here's our pitch here. You. Gave a resurgence to the Cleveland area your hometown and you'd be commended for that you went and played with your friend Dwayne wade. And you wanna championship cup a couple of champ ships ago. You urine and unbelievable play YouTube you go back home and you win a championship for a town that desperately desperately needed. If you really wanna cement your legacy. As being one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time. This what we wanted to. Money be damned. You get money like endorsement money like just stupid money okay you're you're making money hand over fist it's not about money it. You come to Milwaukee who hasn't won a championship since 1971. Who's toiled away. In anonymity for many of those years. We put you on our brand new Taj Mahal the building. We will give you when you retire a piece of the team. Which will pay you more money eventually. Meant anything we can promise you. In salary. And you take young upstart guy like Aramis. And young upstart islet Jabari. And the piece is we around them. Play for less money. But think of your legacy when you can say I want a championship in Miami I wanna championship in Cleveland. And I want a championship in Milwaukee. If you stay in the east a weaker Eastern Conference. And you win a championship here with this talent. And you be that veteran leader. Give us two or three years to get it altogether maldutis after that you do what you want if you wanna go retired or retired or still play go play but this what you news. When a championship here. Species guys how to be champions. Because imagine you being able to say I want a championship with three different teams that warrant. The New York yet nix the LA lakers the Chicago Bulls imagine that. You be the only one history ever do. Think your legacy that would be my pitch to LeBron I know I know many to think of it hitting a five mask all long. Denzel a bad idea right now though does it. But I'm telling you that would be my pitch to him I get my butt on a plane the minute he Opsound is well wanted to. Think about it we'll talk about tomorrow and.