HR4 – Who is the MVP thru five weeks of football?

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Thursday, October 12th
10/12/17: Hour 4. Plus, Bucks Head Coach Jason Kidd stops by.

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From the league runs to the river run. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall mobile Michael you know. Here's your homes. Did you feel welcome though Michael shows on the air we are glad to have you today. Thanks as always for take a listen to us we certainly appreciate it. I'll talk a lot of different stuff today we talked to cement a thousand. And did some fancy football now started talks and bought two basketball joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Make a return visit to the program Jason Kidd is now when this coach I don't. Our program however there were don't allow law always optimistic at the beginning of the season I was just mentioning this a couple things I wanted to ask you before you came on and one of the things I expectations are top four. Get through the first round of the playoffs and continue to grow as a team what are your expectations this year. Well I think those are all great expectations. But I think for us you know dishonest they were still young. We're we're trying to go through the experiences of glass sure have an opportunity to patrol that first round. And learning from the from our mistakes and getting better internally as the pain and and that's our our person in and the only thing that would bring about right now is how we get better as a team and right now our habits are playing hard and passing the ball and in the other things that were true you know really concentrate on this pre season. The death of the father of Yasser identical poll obviously hit him very hard and I guess my question to you is every player deals with something like dead different as a coach. What do you do and how do you handle that. Well I think characters from past experience. And now on being able to ship that was honest. Losing my father on the same page just trying to help you know but to Palestinian offices it is especially in the visual music as a beautiful family they're very close and again everybody handles it definitely I think up to this point on this is in his own zone you know. Of the loss of Charles whenever you lose someone important it always hurts. As a young man I think you know ounces is wrong. And it can in the kids lives and we're gonna help them do their. Com players deal with that differently. I guess my question you would be how is John is still whether do you think. I think he's dealt with it incredibly well only been torn to. I think some of his life experiences. Can help him through this and again whenever you lose someone special. Like a parent. It's confident you have good days you can have bad days. For as much as we talk about the guys on the court the guided isn't right now Jabari how is his health and how is he progressing. He's doing great again this is someone who's been through this center before and he's. His final one on one right now again with we don't expect him back until February but he's working extremely hard he looks good. I think one of the biggest you know things are looking for coming in this season as the progression of foreign bond maker really impressed me last journal buddy minus saw him in the rookie league. And the summer league and here he was drafted and say that guy's got a lot of raw talent he can be a player become hones those skills how is he progressed in your eyes. Yeah I think again for and being a rookie last year going through the experience. I have an opportunity starters and also participate in the playoffs. By giving him experience can now only helped him and I think again if he can stay healthy and he's only gonna get better or the more times on the floor. Then you've got a guy like Malcolm broad and I'm really interested because people always wanna put a ceiling on a particular player I don't know what his ceiling is do you have. Kind of an expectation for Malcolm and his progression this year. Yeah I think you know be at a point guard and be available to be a leader and run the show. You know I think having that he should know he had his second year. You know we've got to raise the bar understand what he did last year was special as a rookie but he's together you know or be able serve. Help guys in different positions and put guard a position to be successful. In your head do you have the rotation that you want jury is that something that's a feeling out process through the first saying you know 1015 games of the season always through precision. And though rotation. That they'll become defiant after Friday. Try to use the Princeton in the pro gun as a different positions in your a lot of these guys that would look at that. Of minutes so we can make a decision on the fifteenth spot. But also you know he's able to get in practice since two different combinations since Seoul out of you know the rotation will be. Follow that you want Sunday comes. Solid Bucs head coach Jason Kidd joining us for a couple of minutes in the shatter orange outline how were shot Vaughn progressed because I know he seemed. More than a few minutes in the pre season is pretty well orally our policy progress. That it gave you talk about on. Was drafted a eighteens. Now he knows he goes to congress on the team at that point one thing Carter might be Congress's point. But again three years in the league and he's worked and extremely far. And in this past summer they also recover a great camps so. I think it offer the fawn he's he's improving and stories start to assume that he deserves minutes. For as much as we hear rumors I'm sure the guys inside a locker room hear rumors you talk about John Henson and to let eventually contracts in the possibility of trades and such. When guys told kid traded coach how they handled better do you have to go in and kind of reassure guys are massage egos I mean how tough is that for guided hears he might be garment isn't and then you have to going deal with a. It's that this part of business there's always rumors about. Different people betrayed their contract extensions. So you have to be a pro as long shoot shoot straight with the players and let them know where they stand. There's there's really no need to go to massages I think. You know he can't do anything about the Romans is going to be honest with the players in the there was a trait to take place you know that's that's as far as the business. Digit Wilson give us gives the update on DJ since he's come into the team. But I as a rookie and who makes. Her. He's doing is still far and mr. brown folk rookies go to make mistakes. At this level early but the more murders they get the better off than you do feel as the year goes on but both candidates extremely. Bright. They play extremely hard and urge you were lucky to have a. But we keep talking and keep hearing about you know shooting guard more points where you gonna get the points from is it you're gonna have to make it up in different areas obviously is Chris Milton the guys cable to an eighteen to 22 points tonight. Yeah you know I think for Chris he's the garden could it improve yacht is is gonna improve. You can't lose our he can improve. It is court Tony. So you know about we got it internally that as we can make up points I think for a assists. Can we be consistent on the deep sense of panic and we finesse players are rebounds on that they could we could do that I think it was final approval offices. I'm always says defense and basketball's got to come from the heart 'cause it's not you know chicks don't dig the cut off at the baseline you know I mean they always dig a three pointer so. How do you get guys to buy in with a heart to say this not only do I have to play good defense week we don't lock it down as a team that's been what you preach and you got it. Yeah I think it's about wanting. You know put sacrifice. That's as long got to play defense but in defense. When you look around the league goes but it seems that won championships and so. That's what we you know hope we can be watched very you know you know in defense where. It puts us in the position toward a championship. You guys brought in quite a few free agents trying to find that fifteenth guy how has. You know because you had to take a look at a lot of different players how is that change your approach of this pre season. Well it's making sure the guys. You know. The rotation guys. If their minutes and also get their work and a lot of times it might not be in the preceding games. So I assumed that we don't have for problem this year so. Make sure guys go to work done trying to make you know cigars out of their comfort zone. They're training camp and the other responses against. You know world we'll look at how a lot of different bodies but I think you're I think it's in those days. There's fifteen guys going to be important to a. When you go through the rest of the east and people wanna knock these old timers say look it's LeBron cease and everybody else is just trailing for second. I don't wanna say Hoosier direct competition but how strong is the eastern European. Well I think pieces you know still strong he's got quite a few teams have improved in the you know things are gonna play hard that these are professionals. That you know fighting for substance so no matter who were play and we we we don't have a lecture take anybody lightly so I would Serbia's you know there is cities' power if you look at Boston. They've gotten better Cleveland as well LeBron is going to be good. Of Washington in so what's so you know we have our work cut out there's we're not just. Feel would be and foresee we got a earnest and there's other teams out there that said believe that they can tell. Could their fourth super hard to. You played it in the day with a lot of stars and their store stars in the in the league but what is the legal littered with stars morn now or back when you play I don't know whether I'm just living in this fantasy world from the past in the good old days so to speak but. It was the league itself. Top to bottom storewide stronger per team or because these teams in in today's des nations gathered stars under one umbrella it's changed a league I just. I'm trust trying to figure out the real level of super stardom in the National Basketball Association right now. I don't think there's a lot of stars there's a lot of our priorities and today's getting a lot of younger stars. In the game than in the past there's always an older stars. Who are absolutely for some time but now I think you have a lot of younger stars sort of fire at a very high level and make negate look easy. It's always a pleasure to challenge him and I appreciate you coming on for a couple minutes and hanging out what is best solitude on the seasonal talk again general okay are preserved or thank you are about to until Saturday go head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange hotline. Shutter hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years that beginning it and call 844 pride. We're gonna Schneider jobs dot com this portion of the program brought to buy Marshall clinic health system. And then once it takes me back up got me back in the game are still a little bit of a coughed up beyond that meant I meant sleeping in ninety finally feeling better and got rid of the crud and it took a little time a man I feel so much better thanks to calling Karen my way at 844 care away if you have something similar going on call 844 care away. And maybe the a nurse practitioner and itchy prescription right over the phone haven't sent to your pharmacy. And you can start feeling better real soon as well if not go to Marshall clinic dot org and see all the they have to offer. That's Marshall clinic dot org the official health care provider. The bill Michael sports talk now work itself which Jason Kidd was there anything there that you would have asked Joseph the that you thought about. They're your you're kind of in the box all but I'm telling you it's. There's a lot of optimism and you know like he said he was a cautionary tale when I asked him as today. Top floor get through the first round of the playoffs know one thing he said right away is don't forget worry young. Where young. Don't forget where young. And I just we've seen it happen before. We're teams that are young take that step forward you get a lot of energy you get a lot of enthusiasm. Ticket sales start to go up there's expectations. And then say you take that step back. And then he finally you're ready to run so beaten them if they don't run this year there's going to be a lot of disappointment. But I think all signs point towards that new arena not this season but next season. Wednesday when they entered in the new then you're on the new box arena I was nine we call the Bradley Center but. The new the new box arena stone no doubt about it so a lot of anticipation. For that season and see what they can do this year. Bob let's do this when we come back to hear from Mike McCarthy went to reporting a little bit earlier today as well from one head coach in the next Mike McCarthy at national Michael should. Wisconsin love. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. I know Michael Joseph on the air we're glad to have you. Cochlear having a fantastic day today. This portion of the programming brought by bud lite if you didn't know tonight come I'll join us. Going to be Alamos averaged Robin wallets Sosa. 68 it's going to be yours truly unchecked Freeman from sports Radio One 57 FM the fan he has to be joining me tonight JP could dorm from spectrum sport to be there the bud girls are going to be their Guinea register for all kinds surprises to come on out tonight. But for seniors a face in the crowd 68 tonight in the Michael settlement you don't get out there. Check out many of these same stations has were army on the air again from the same time six dates all brought to buy but like. The official beer sponsor of the Michael sports talk network Andrew Kramer the vikings beat writer for the star Tribune join us a little bit earlier. And talk about this matchup between the Packers in and the Minnesota Vikings and you know I mean the vikings have had some problems on offense and got quarterbacks. Issues because Sam Bradford and bank that we are right there let's talk about those injuries. The other big ones obviously with Sam Bradford deal with that injury he just did not look good at all Monday night in Chicago. You know after a month off and so for him to come back after a month off three aggravate that injury which. The vikings are only bang and where and Terry didn't joint Munich re cartilage issuer credit you know but. It an issue that isn't going the way percent quickly and I can't match and he turned Rahm played right away and short week. Against the Packers looked OK keep them so called first team reps for the like yesterday how we'll see you later today if he does the same but stepped on date however I do expect him to play set after practice yesterday. The watchman and I'll be out there but I get kind of in a point for him that he's eaten we don't feel really good what he's been banged up missed 45 games each season so I try to put together sixteen teams India about the author on Sunday. In case Kim's defense he's looked pretty good I mean if you go back a couple of weeks ago obviously and almost a perfect quarterback rating through three quarters so. It is is it that dramatic drop off its chamber effort is not under center. Well it. I think it is I'm only because Sam Bradford is the mortality quarterback meant as a big reason why he went number one overall like getting these chances from teams that because people believe that he can do that franchise starter and you look like get out there on the Monday night against the saints in week one. And of course that's it if he epitome of his career but he goes up looked like a performance a 140 quarterback rating. And then there was the vikings to one now and then of course an injury undercut and to that the EU it effectuate heel surgery on. In his past career so far so in December after not even thirty years old yet. He's got the stronger armed more accurate easy more comfortable on the often you are seeing these key now. Grow much more comfortable with what he's been asked to do hand credit the vikings coaching staff were adapting them and they're doing. So if they keep asking them if it was much more mobile guy and taking advantage of moving the pocket much more trees. And getting more away from some of the pressure when you're seeing it kind of works without too you're right. Kate has looked pretty good up with a that thing and it still started the division in which case against the trend line and off fourteen to seven so that issue still the opera. Looking at the vikings obviously losing the running back early on to an ACL injury a couple of weeks ago it which which are extremely hurts you know the this team right now where where does this stand offensively what capability do they have out. Yeah but don't put injury really hurt them I mean that was one where you're already you'll be injured Sam Bradford and after all the injuries how often last year. For them to lose element of sort of how good he looked in the second yup well and during that Sunday in Russia. Before you tore that ACL compliance. Yet 66 yards to about one thing to look in the third quarter when he went down in Andalusia and he was so critical not only to the success of their running game. But it with a play action they try to build off of that to reflect on that Adam feel and how it's a great start. Well in part because Alvin cook was drawn so much attention teams were really focused on stopping our run game because they knew how much the vikings want to feel awful. In salute him it's it's tough and the moving forward larger McKinnon. Have a pretty decent night in Chicago but I think you're gonna ask you committee. I think you're asking more of a time share 5050 split between a military if. Or how much she is so look one travel lashes first rounder airport picked for the vikings how much is he added to that offense. Not much he how much it means you have a good block on your mechanic if your yard touchdown run by. That's not what you expect of a first round wide receiver you expect him come and earn your primary target I think part of it. Have to do with the fact that Adam Jonas has emerged so well the number two receiver to step on it. But picked up a lot of the target at a lot of trust and how Rudolph the tide and I'm there as well what. He's just not getting looks in some time he's open he's not in the ball sometimes which is not creating separation in the same way that go on date now on appeal and consistently do so. I just kind of get lost in the offense and now with Michael Floyd at the veterans coming back he made at the U Monday night for the vikings. Al I'd have a hard time seeing Allan Kwan in the car rather ignition the ball. Palm defensively speaking out this offense of the Green Bay Packers is you look at it did acknowledge they found themselves are running back Marion Jones and Jordy Nelson who practice yesterday able to come back in his they've got a full compliment a wide receivers and David Bakhtiar comes back this thinks is expected to be firing on all cylinders. What do you think they do to try to slow this thing down. Yeah I think the one difference. I'm from these recent Mike Zimmer chances vs Aaron Rodgers with the different that your that they are using reader wrote to I think is one all I think they've you wrote just got paid. You not read the novel oral all the guys who want in about corners he'd gone up again and the top receivers. Or hole about holding down excuse me guys like Antonio Brown Mike happens to pretty pedestrian gains that these are ready so I think they're going to put him on Jordy Nelson and you want to see you eager follow on those guys and those slot. As well she has not done in the past but the big difference and I think when you look back at that game at Lambeau. I Jordan opened a lot of his damage and get a hundred yard two touchdown and a lot of that. Came out of the slot or fours behavioral not going into so I think you're gonna see the Packers a hard time getting Jordy weight problem but. I do know that two Renault and not even their leading receiver right now oh so he'd. Well we sell it to Vontae items obviously can do Randall Cobb is got quite a few coach is coming out of a slide. You know it again how much show of this dynamic arrived of this offense coming in. Yeah I guess be with Aaron Rodgers have economy and at an almost MB PCs and people are re talking about him winning an MVP if he continues of this amateur kind of torrid pace. We have seen dimmer Zimmerman it was shut him down before. Is it just as matter of of putting a lot of pressure and Aaron Rodgers and getting him off of mark because we know that he can run or is it more so keep him in the pocket. But it does coverage sacks from downfield. Yep came in the pocket. That's what they want to do because they don't want Iraq to. Pocket depth on the cover start to break down that's when you get at receiver yet they combined and that took a back up and after I turned so. The vikings focuses very much trying to Russian properly quote the lane entry and to escape and collapse the pocket tropical. Now what they've gotten to probably two of the best. An event and we'll all Evers and recommend to kneel hunter. They've got the edge pressured I want you were able to get that push up the middle of pocket and kind of struggling of them this year. I'm quite yet. The focus very much as trying to keep Aaron Rodgers can mean play covered it well enough of those first 452 hole we'd like your culture get there and and that kind of been my numbers young Aaron Rodgers. Throughout her career. Talk away Zander Kramer the vikings beat writer for the star Tribune last year the vikings offensive line was just decimated their tackles and we're losing tackles like crazy. Packers can go through that this year. And this team in the offseason fortified that how much bettors are offensive line then. It has been much better and ethics even one of the of the pleasant surprise. And a big key at the pit lane 99%. Now together now at this point there aren't a lot like that to the starting tackle but we buy. So at this point we'll import the viking but got continuity there they've got. Basically a new starter and every spot up or new starters and then moved to the starter to a different position of five new guys playing new positions Orman is here. In the actually played fairly well and teen that you know with a backup and keeps them going in there. You screwed up and protection call at times is gonna be understandable pick up. With the offense and they still been able to protect him fairly well I think that point given up nine sacks this year at Monmouth Hewitt no B. In the opening hole in the run game bet that big first that your McKinnon he was barely touched on it yeah eight yard touchdown run for the playing well together and I think the big part about it at the plate with two tackles Riley Reese and Mike revelers. Those two guys were much maligned I think she in Detroit an internal and where they came from. And that kind of helped reinvigorate their careers so our government. With the offensive line playing better in the fact they've been able to run the football what is have been about the offensive has Carson at times to be stagnant and I mean if you just look at the right there not to run but the the the point differential. They're only plus six with a three into record at this point what has been in the nemesis in the state. I think that in the consistently and I'm not really understanding it I'm. What they've got an and what they can you beat him with a team such of the Detroit looked out and Coke in the third quarter. At the time you're driving and duplicate a ten yard gain a doubt Ortiz a lot. In May the really didn't necessarily know how to move or litigious Marie looking for your at a time and that structure in America. In the plant and kind of went awry in the thinking what kind of put on McKee yeah crucial hours. In a good at it you know Google looking game was great against Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q was pretty good in the second half Monday night in Chicago. I'm there's a reason why he never consigned to be a starter he only got it when your contract for two million this off season. I'm because he's got implementation doesn't have a stronger arm to get spooked and panicked at times and make mistakes and so. I think in general you're seeing the offense. To the incomplete and it got too many penalties on the opera. All I think he was met Detroit either the average third downs like third down content that you just can't win that way excel. I think in general you'll he'd first from the Balkan weather stuff on pigs when dealt with them there. I will be some big plays occurred just haven't been consistent not to get into the end zone so. I'll they don't have a turnover problem and you'll see some big plays but he is still looking back and says that the that you are. They were before I let you go though the Packers defensively coming in they are ranked twentieth in scoring or they haven't day necessarily played great you're hoping to get into the top fifteen top twelve or Robert Thomas seasons Dan. So at this point time is is the Packers defense is that the defense in which. Opponents outside looking in fear. I don't look at. I don't necessarily think. The vikings look at the Packers and pure that you know there are certain players that have dominated them route I know quite happy about it against the might you know actually. Put together a lot of good games against the like. Elegant about the line obviously I think the Packers front. Don't strike appeared normal little bit because of the game that put together or. I'm gonna compete yet banged up secondary I think it was gutsy pretty good receivers and take it and so. I think a little bit of a mixed bag much what I'm like install confidence. Very avid and that was our good buddy from the Judd and I urgency Andrew Kramer from the eyes star Tribune. The vikings beat writer up in Minneapolis Minnesota joining us for a couple of minutes and Schneider warns college or Harry drivers right now you work hard they treat you are Brady push year's Emmy getting it and call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com don't forget tell you got the badgers coming up this weekend. And as far as the badgers don't Bobby Johns when the badgers play you win it probably Johns get 50% off all regular menu price pizzas online every badgers football game day. Order online at Bobby Johns dot com and use a promo code badgers fifty. That is badgers fifty will be doing that for the buck season again this year. Coming up as well final segment of the Michael show coming up next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael shell is on the air we are glad to have no clear having AF fantastic day today. Couple minutes before we have to get out here. Come up on the show tomorrow remember the name Brian Brohm. Former packer quarterback he is now down at Purdue University brother is the head coach on the air sorties. Working uses system down there he'll join us tomorrow Monte ball. Former manager running back he's going to be here. James Jones. The former Packers wide receiver we just had on the horse and bought about a month ago he's going to be joining us in the our usual cast of characters aired brand Jack. Paula meg my Clemens went up poll showed marked pact tomorrow. Pak tomorrow here's some in Korea. And we can talk a little bit about this tomorrow as well Sunday Night Football NBC Sunday Night Football just posted this a little while ago on FaceBook. And it said right now. Who would you feel. Used to this point this season the MVP through five weeks. Is it Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers or Alex Smith. Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers or Alex Smith. When you look at quarterback rating overall. Mom Alex Smith believe it or not leads the board. At 125. Point eight. Tom Brady had won twelve. And then Aaron Rodgers at 104. Is forest touchdown passing touchdowns ago Aaron Rodgers leads everybody. Thirteen touchdowns only three picks Tom Brady eleven touchdowns one pick on the seat and Alex Smith eleven touchdowns. Is OPEC's. On the season has yet the throw an interception. As you had to throw an interception. Of when you look at the new numbers when it comes to our completion percentage. Alex Smith. Is a whopping. 76. Point 6% now branded a lot of that is quick outs. But David successful in doing it Tom Brady 68 point two Aron Rogers 66 point seven. When it comes to the completion percentage. Then you get in the yards per game Brady leads everybody at 340 yards per game Alex Smith at 278 point two Aron Rogers seventh. At two Sunni 3.4. A lot of good questions but who would York to this point this season. MVP beat. That's posted by. NBC's Monday Night Football or Sunday Night Football and that's the question over on FaceBook. But it's. Where we talk a bit more about that tomorrow and I think is is very interesting question as you start to watch MVP chase. Throughout the remainder of this season so did and that discussion on the tomorrow with a lot to talk about prime Brohm Monte ball James Jones. Eric bran checked call image might clemens' everybody coming on tomorrow. Good show up K if you are in the Milwaukee area. Com it we talked a little bit about this enough phenomena go into detail on it but now I talked about a lawsuit. Involving one of the former Green Bay Packers Santana Dotson a while ago and it just kind of faded. And it's something that I worked on for a long time in I handled by a personal interest in. And I talked about charities and such and so I posted some information on the FaceBook fan page. Today we have some of the final numbers in all of this thing is that lawsuit was you know kind of settled. But there's more to within that. And as much as I want to be the investigative reporter and get deep into and I just had all the information. But I believe tonight couple friends of mine got got to Meehan says hey this is gonna air tonight. On ninety MG form Milwaukee so are on some of somewhere on the nightly news I don't know it's going to be at 45 or six or even attend it. Pay attention and because it's one of those things that has kind of sat near and dear to heart for awhile. And I just encourage you go to to watch it. In this obviously Omar on the very public humiliation of the OWY. That's intent that's who just got the other night that made the news was on fox six in jail twice you know about it I was brought to my attention via FaceBook. But much is kind of the tip of the iceberg if things that are going on right there. Itself on. We can to talk about talk about more once once the information out there to mourn of that as well but I just wanted to make you aware of and I encourage you to pay attention to. I encourage you to pay attention to a man to find out more. As to why I'm involved or at least while I have a passion for it. Is as time goes on so anyway that being set top rusty better to see it and I are gonna be a most Irish pub in wallet toast on the corner of highway 100 in blue mound road. Stop by 68 tonight will be back on the air with JP can order from suspect through sports also from Sports Radio wanna buy seven FM the fan Milwaukee. And the morning show Jeffrey is gonna be there the bud girls are going to be there to see out there. Until then haven't all of. This is still there. Bill my school's sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.