Huddle HR1 - Are you surprised by Rodgers' speedy recovery?

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Thursday, December 7th

Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 1. Broadcasting from BlackFinn AmeriPub in Brookfield, Bill, along with NFL Sirius XM Radio's Mike Clemens and 105.7 FM The FAN's Bart Winkler, get you ready for Packers vs Browns.


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49 other states for bullies just yeah. This. Please Wisconsin. This Johnson fans to match. Best the best stimulus is the best interview. Builders Blake so bill Michael's total. Hey give up till we're broadcasting live we are here blacks in America while we are in Brookfield Wisconsin my stomping grounds love this place of your many attacks in heaven fasting for this all day. It's the bill Michael subtle it's brought to buy but like the official beer sponsor the Weickel sports talk network in that tonight we are joined by other co host to the morning show. At 1 o'clock seven of them within our flagship station based out of Milwaukee and also provide an echo serious radio this evening. By Clemens here as well and Michael start we view. Let's hit the air Roger's stuff right to it because Aaron Rodgers throwing numerous times from 3555. Yards and 65 yards and passing all over the place in running the scout team and I they have not done the bone skin yet to see what the viability is that bone and whether or not it's fully healed but. All indications are that they give him the nine. He's looks like he's gonna come back to play against Carolina. When you lost the Steelers game. And you look at the schedule we got it given home against the bucks we get the browns. But now. We get all the help we can get with that road game against the Panthers and also their Rodgers out there throwing sixty yard passes on the Saturday run through. I run the scout team this week. I think that everybody in the organization feels we still that was pretty good team as there are no morals of the NFL. Had we get a positive MRI and green light from doctor pat McKenzie. Aaron Rodgers starting in center against the Panthers next weekend and Carolina is your best chance to keep this thing alive. Has spread help me. Mark you do you think that this team has a legitimate shot. And bringing Rogers backe going to a well. I'm not even so the balance on data beyond the everybody here and it's been this way for. Really since Rodgers got hurt and we knew that he was gonna go on these guys are we targeted this Carolina game. Everybody has assumed that would be today that he would come back and it's very possible that he does. I didn't I'm honest I probably he was talking in the one time we got the documents locker yeah I thought. You know come back practice warmup gated that this. And then be ready like ski so when did it but I also think when you watch keeps the ones. Would you want schemes that you should have won yeah. That's an intern so I think legal games they thought before on local 500. And then I'll be a 100% and I'll get back with my revenge in the liking them to do this safely. I'm not coming back at the doctor says it's the C a fraction there because I had not going to be pulling rubble in come back too early and taking a hit and read into this thing. And then. Perhaps permanent damage. To my career that the next 456 years that I wanna play football. We'll be good because I've been shocked at the level of assumption that there's than. From and I and I mean out everybody whether it's fans or media or even some of the guys on the team it just seems like. The plan has been. We will for sure when this team and will for sure when this game and it will wind east Rica's Rogers will for sure come back here. And falcons will for sure lose to a I even. It's it seems like there's all these. Scenarios that is wishful thinking when if you look at the products and they nearly beat Tampa at home wisely right. Is over it took overtime and overtime against the team that's very. Similar if not some hall a little worse than the browns and I know the browns coming up RON twelve and they had a miserable season and they have they've had a miserable day. Just with their front office but as far as the matchup goes. There's going to be some problems for the Packers so too. Leap this week in office automatically think of Rogers coming back against Carolina. You've got to get through Sunday for. I look he gave it to the the cards I don't lining up this week for Cleveland now it's Cleveland. They wanted to mostly along the play a lot of teams stuff. Lost what field goals of any of those games but it still Cleveland with popular we figure out a way to win there. Head coach just got a vote of confidence from their owners just fathered her partner vice president such a lot of hazards it's it's a trade right there. But then you've got this span the start to go what page it's part but the perfect seat 2.0 on radical ideas on that on your pay so now. He was looking for 101000 dollars the permits and everything in the help from the city to put a perfect season together for 80 in sixteen run. To throw a parade. For the Cleveland Browns. That's OK he openly go funny page he got 2000 boxes that would never happen. Excedrin. Miracle worker by the day headache medicine has now come along it's that look Cleveland brown to be giving fans headaches for years what a brilliant marketing wrote him. So they came out with the rest of the 8000 box. They are now going to host a parade were completely if they do not when he gained it's already on the schedule January 6 is when they're hosting its permits and everything permits there in the everything's been that you all they have to do now is will there for the bargain go for. Players are now upset at this. Saying that's hit with. If we did everything win now we got a reason to win and there's no we were going over as we don't want to separate one that happen local law. Some of the guys in the act cavaliers team kind of laughed about it that's a hell no we would want this either. The Indians players now rooting for the Cleveland Browns to get wins that once these happen in this city. All the reasons. For these guys got to come out and throw everything they have on the line is so they can at least win one game and I know this parade this line up that we that the Green Bay Packers Brett on the come now. Testing us talk button rounds ready for this part my producers of any of this because you've been doing this on through tomorrow morning in my view and not. And then added a few weeks today they fired their GMs sought and brown eyes that comfortable here. Here right he had no business being added to the point Fred Thompson and John stores like players who went to. Would stop watches from the coolant pump lines and all that these guys in the Bernie. He has spent the last two years taking that team to have a great draft pick that 100000 dollars salary cap. He was all set about you know going nuts avenue Christmas shopping sprees and only eighteen. The guy probably should have been fired the day after the eighth game compared rate fell through her late with a email. Sure didn't make the 4 o'clock eastern time deadline. Football inexcusable. Ridiculous that's a whole story itself as a 44 hour time how they lose the phrase. With the bagels rates in the here and abroad and halfway decent. Quarterback to at least say this season. Then there's Jimmy has one. He hasn't grandfather is the World War I pilot. And his dad. He's in the service it goes to Tennessee plays football on the offensive line. He once again the gas station is so he opens up a chain of small states about a dozen of them calls them. Pie with stations. In honor of the branded like 65 got it does of these things but he's taken. He's taken on water needs some help some Marathon Oil helps. But he comfortable with the idea won the first one they hate excellent gas station with like convenience store coincides those acts all that stuff. Well he becomes it becomes hugely profitable and all across the country. 70s80s. And he grows up with that business as well so hardworking people and it's amazing to cook like his brother is the governor of Tennessee. It roommate college's center court before things out of the connection really Smart business people they wanted to is that the end of and like a lot of these guys they you know. If you want to get the end of polio smiles. Get him wines it's gonna take one years sometimes you gotta be patient and you gotta let the people that the experts. Runs them and I think canceled now might be seeing the light and well owns. It looks like he may elect John Dorsey. Longtime packer guy as its next GM is one that's when that giants laws Jerry Reese and then back at the other day. That was up the browns' schedule like you know. Thought she gave that guy we've got to find it all whole structure here. And maybe beat analyst John who wrote the book Jerry Reese it's actually pretty good GM brought the principles. When it with the giants. You know they're not as crazy as they seem look at all the accomplishments they've had before the gap as for the prompt themselves. It's just ridiculous wrote revolving door through a couple of different owners won't back in 1999. Dwight Clark. Was that great I get down 49ers catch guy. He was it for four years. In the early 2000 oral Mike Holmgren yeah he was if there and a president who also you know brought it principally because well that Jodie. You know corner that it's now with the Steelers a public forum. But they don't do anything they don't give anything times. One and a half years two years and then they make a move I think this would be that either the fifth whoever they hire the fifth or sixth GM. Under Aslan yet since he took over who's who's been crazy no question about it 61 Holler you never going give you how were you ever going to figure that out in this. This GM this group at a planned at theme I think the it would cost filer the money ball sales got. They had a financial plan and yeah he's trying to do a lot of analytics yeah but they were short on football. Football. Guys that are go to com finds mr. what do colleges in the interview and they do that computers. They find out about character football players they try to project it's it's a pretty good athlete right now at 41 years old. How hard you see it don't work when it's important for. To continue to excel when it gets toward and the proof we'll be group would be my pick Carson went on the Eagles. And Shawn Watson is on the Texas all you. If you guys the ground as it is easily shoot if I can add because one of the people who still does that very well at the end of the day who said that before one of the best in the NFL. That tops. That's what it comes down would you rate these guys out at home with the men their order on the board and state of the war. And its launch your owner is it's up there this week look at it highlights thing. Kind of like that kid from Oklahoma no. Already discredited the rounds of the bank rules and you hold things back crappy teams to reside in Ohio and with the help accident when Mike Brown do the same thing given a five minutes for the draft they. And you know they. They said the same thing happened with the lines of the Ford family as well. You would. Be in agreement for two months this is our guy this is our last chapter from the town behind old days now that this is what linebacker Rick gulf war and went for one. Yeah well I heard over the years that. It was WLW radio. And accidentally got facts. From the Cincinnati event that they stations that yes over the whole of the red yes. Breads bagels everything and the fax was from the office of Mike Brown. Into this is the direction we should go followed this in it was actually the big board from Max there from though hyper. And he basically just took it off of the Internet the it's that this is truly ridiculous new program let me go because they don't have enough scouting people out there are belted his job well. That was that was Mike round. We'll broadcast it live it black in America well we are here Brookfield in the recruits Wear that we can find is that it's on the east side of the building to come up by its or we put from portrait of one of five. 1057 FM the fan morning show with host. Did you like the story aboard Mike I'm playing that back tomorrow and the incredible. You dropped him pop coworker and World War I news story we're just trying to attack while at the brown if well that's got a lot of kids they've been good role model believable probably yet. Well done regret that you quick break we are brought back to prison but might the official fears about to go Michael Portillo a government we've got credited with. Wisconsin wow. Bill Michael's sports talk. Have you we're broadcasting live it the American well black men of Arab club. Here inside the Brookfield square wanna put on sale at cities and I Columbine say hello Michael Clements medical serious radio here Georgia's fort with the auto parts of they have the host of morning Joseph. In Milwaukee on her plate should stationary target Packers started grounds. Mike I'll go back view in the sense that. Right Huntley is looked okay at times. Did look good against Baltimore looked really good against Pittsburgh though Kate about her quarter. Comes back home doesn't golf on the final drive I mean you got to give credit for that get a final drive engineered that thing you do when the ball game. But he is looked better on the road to the Anthony home so I guess coming off. An okay game. I'm actually expect these these things got him in Cleveland on Sunday. Well let's hope so. I was disappointed after Sunday's game against the Buccaneers defense. That one play Robert wiles. It's wide open. Inexcusable. Inexplicable. They set that play out. They haven't used Ron Morales a couple weeks. And within a second or two after the snap he went role like this and it was wide open. Any overthrew him. And I and I have been in rats camp. Because he's a Smart quarterback because they're ready talked about how hard he works about a basic things he does in the hunt that are during practice. Because of what I've seen it's ups and downs through pre season play in garbage time and all that. But after that game on his come on and off also giving the benefit of the doubt he's the plane with a hamstring. Different. What was weird I've ever heard Mike McCarthy I'd belts. Tip off an injury like he did at the end the bears at Soldier Field to play by the way the kids play there with a tight hamster wheel. You know there's no such thing as a half hamstring hit that that injury and then you get what you cities dealt with the last couple weeks that he scrambled away from it represents. When he brought that up he's trying to say look this guy got us we've just got it out there's that leader I was telling you that he can do this. Much like Aaron Rodgers when he ended up playing with a bad happens we all know that the Iron Man prior writes I think he's trying to say he's cut from that claw believe what I've been telling. You guys have had the end shocker from our last night show. Well it's a great scouting services right I. I was back on him I went back to an interview that Dan is under review of this fifth round pick out of UCLA. Great kids Smart kid. Everybody loves team leader competitive. Great feat was around. Schemer. Like supervised. Accuracy problems. Mean that's you know and here we are three years later. And this plays like the throat to sophomore Allison. Makes you wonder if that can fixes that there was another one night there where it well a couple of the interception. You wonder the majority majority and there's been a lot of talk this week to vote majority so that Jodie plea to. The ball goes on the hash mark. The your goal you're looking for a landmark. That's the way it strong about the receivers going to. Going to go assert my second he's gonna cut and the balls to drop on the hash mark until like mark roe. The ball was inside the wide receivers over to the other side of the hash mark and you know there's a safety just paying back their way if they're captured particular. There was another one and I forget I forget if it was the first second drive of the second half. There was a play Yvonne de Adams was done the left sideline three. He ran out and he should have been an easy eight yard play. Dovonte try to stand for it because the ball had gone it looked like Conley. Was throwing the ball out of phones because he ran out of room rent a real estate one of those I gotta get rid of the ball throws. Just it was a simple eight yard pass. Wildly over thrown the Geronimo one that's that's the portrait in the house okay that's that was the one that everybody's side. But there were multiple occasions like that throughout the game and if you go back to the Steelers game Marie had nearly 300 yards three touchdowns. Not to say yet three touchdowns yap life. So it threw touchdown via however. Long coverage. The Dovonte play that was a nice given how I. Don't fault him for blown coverage you gotta eat solid guy but we'll cover you hit the may have wanna know what I'm saying is when you look at the game against Baltimore when you look at the game against Pittsburgh. And when you look at the game against Tampa. From a success level. It went up and down but from a from a talent level I'm not sure he played him differently any of those games he's just not that good. I know he's Smart he's a Smart guy you hear him after the game he knows what the plays for. But when he's on the football field. Whether it's the accuracy which you can work he just right now doesn't happen. And I know six or seven cases small sample. But that's moment when he threw some tremendous passes under pressure. On the cool so touch passes and some average passes you know to the tight ends just to move the chains. And one's for you believe that good moments yeah I tested it but good throws and and you know and you've got reporters grasping to say well you know so. You better on the road in Europe laughable that you that's kind of a dumb question because it's just it's the poll that is. It's really we've honored as. Of the cash bill but it is that are on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers look how healthy is where you don't want I think the steelers' quarter suspect. They're Kwan do to every corner of their games are well he killed them what they have to get media play off game yet the patriots. But I'm Tonya. For right now for me for only. Look how healthy is perimeters. And now it Jesus richter right tackle things settle back down on the offensive line he's going to be that easy Bronson but he got up fought him except for the end Shelton ninety's it got to chest and rib injury. It participated in pretty good defensive lineman they keep they bring pressure. They're pretty good at stopping the run they follow the football their front seven. You know there's secondary makes stupid heavily mistakes it's that special teams at their quarterback that is the worst. Least accurate quarterback in the national football even if it works savage breast those guys. So the over under on a total of four picks Clemson. From just the total in the game again. My I think it's going to be that they go to your back tackle for the over in Baghdad three and a half reform and if it that you need to fight the but that's that's a good round number. Because Kaiser. OK mobile quarterback that hurts the Packers but you want to look overthrowing guys. And he can't throw on the run and no so the Packers if they don't come up with a couple of interceptions. And if he can't they have to come up with a couple interceptions. At that I'm not sure how many how we will throw but he'll give them opportunity. Yes there's pressure and I think I think because he's doing a pretty good job of the plate calling and we start racking up 45200. Yards or rush. You know that helps out of your play action keeps the linebackers off. You know it's a beautiful thing that they they've got the book it's better than Aaron Rodgers ever gets to work with sometimes pictures. Hell with all the ovals wide receivers they're all healthy and there are in great shape and get it you know. Rommel Allison with fresh legs Jeff Jana says that he would touch the field so it's I'm well aware as well aware now I I. And who but Billy you know it. I start thinking about things that you and I talked about who musical on the sidelines in this way about. Just kind of went over the silent and still look overs. Because it was almost like he was throwing on a really high crowned fields just we're talking about yeah. It that you couldn't figure out why he could for what decent too much past twenty yards down the field. We couldn't any kind of quick count speak with a three step drop it again. Part it's been touched that mr. pregame warmup two have what does Joseph Callahan full speed. Four or five touch passes to the corners and on ice walls eyes little Arkin trumpeted the fact accounting for about 35 yards out. Those are the kind that you don't get to see what you get into the season you know really and with full pad with a full speed ovals and things. Which is it an aspect you know Kelly knows this guy who was just such a schemer. You know with the third straight line runner on the field and just making things happen funds for McCarthy two years ago to an afterthought it. Played his planet right now and then you know when he came at what he came back and now he's into that core base camp now he's got all the stuff that they can. Staying in the pocket he looked half the fun player to watch for guys making things happen where is Jason Hill. Big care hey hey I'm the third fourth string quarterback I'm just gonna go out there and bald and always blocking punts this. It is Orleans exactly but you know you saw at what the schism competitiveness fund get the job done. And that's why hate some left with that great you know impression when coaches all say what Joseph talent we put all this time of him. You know we'll we're gonna rank him a little bit more. They case ability and always will older look like the better athlete than that record. Is there something that we're missing here and I wanna talk about them we come back stay tuned we are broadcasting live at black in America we are here Brookfield. On the east side of the Brookfield square is where you fight for ripping through great service so come on out say odd but those are here. Did you register for some of the prizes coming up a little bit later on that I might clemens' medical serious radio logs side also or Wexler I'll go Michael stick around we've got more right after this. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk network. The program we're broadcasting live at black in America while we're in Brookfield Wisconsin by the Brookfield square in the review scores matter back to reject some of these out of -- pummeled by JR brought to buy pot like you official responsible like a sports talk network. Like limits and those serious radio. He's here alongside with port we went from 1 o'clock dividend of the fans in Milwaukee airplay to stationary. Before the break retired quarterback play which I'm about Huntley Callahan take some notes that such. In my case it's up to get trustees that you know well they got a lot invested. And you can pretty much insert name here with a round leader Joseph talent and they've been working in these guys. That. That the question kind of becomes. Okay. Brian Brohm. Herald. Ran a barrel you guys you know Vince Young Seneca Wallace you run through the list of guys. Oden who developed they developed a that they are Rogers who was supposed to be the number one pick overall in the dropping in the first round. Who really has them totally wrong this is like that in itself from any other teams. What this whole quarterback who room greatness thing. I know Mike's a good coach and I know he's quoted highly successful NFL coach. With the rest of his quarterbacks who craft is crap with them that this stuff we've seen out on the field. Does it measure up consistently. Then again these guys are all playing backup role so you don't get starters that to get season for years. And all that but to be able to develop a got to commit to just take over. I think you have to them fall in the draft and picked somebody as your number one your first program to it then you're gonna see that good quarterback play because you better stock. To work with the Alaska. Wolf. Sherman yet here Brooks. Had a cup of coffee won't work for now but it quarterback. Who you passed on all of favor and let programs. To a couple of super couples. It was stocking shelves in Iowa Kurt Warner he was in your camp. But Matt Hasselbeck Matt Hasselbeck was a Smart guy. You know decent enough athlete but figured out and it could move the football and it up in the preakness starter. That's been here 1112 years. He has got any value out of backup or no not at all and he hasn't brought in one like a rival puts like a Ryan Fitzpatrick for somebody to just you know write like you or for. And yet here's the thing though Bill Polian. From the colts said. Here's what you're used to this stuff when you got a great quarterback like hey and if he's young. You wanna bring an older guy right it's been there and done that. And it's got a couple of games left like it Jeff Garcia. If your if your patent it won't either point nine. That you bring in a guy who's might push your quarterback. But you know its respective. That you're gonna get value that you don't wanna bring in. A twenty year old with a point nine Euro. And have a quarterback controversy or competition you don't wanna do that that's something the players would do right they would cancel each other out and I've always thought that that was Smart. But hasn't done it it's just you know 88 vote will or trapped a couple of guys so they work out. Brian problems or he did an interview. With guys talk about revenue reviewed that it. You know what I've never doubted you know well hell yeah I mean because I couldn't. He couldn't get the quarterbacks it centers that exchange on the practice they didn't do much better with buffalo. You know that that was a seventh round pick who enough that that wasn't a quarterback you probably get the fighter pilot that they. Just. You know he's down there for that same area where matched efforts from we've talked to our body downer though for Tyler Texas so natural that that book so. It's just trying to find that kind of that it developed and they then it picked up a poor job of backup quarterback development. And a poor job in my estimation that running back you I think Starks did pretty good. Eddie lacy which you know to that can't work out way. But after that you know after Amman green went down 2005. You've had more running backs in Green Bay like Chicago. Corn. Were revolving door and you haven't established that. And and I think that's that's how your Rogers and Brett Favre hearings and. Five years they now have talent. In the wide receiver position. And honestly immediately cut ties with the good news Randall or majority while would you you'd hate to lose them because they're obviously names that become fan favorites over the years. But I think you're OK in that department or I don't think you're gonna be lacking tremendously they like to run one or something like that aren't they haven't. They think they believe in what they've got one of the two most likely won't be here next year. I don't know what you have a Trevor Davis that your board Janice. I know that they haven't what's his speed but I don't know they're ready to go out for catching passes just as of yet and they've been in the system for quite some time. While in wearers time Montgomery fit in on this next year alone he's not running back anymore because they found that between Erin Jones and Jamal Williams they found a rugged. So you cannot have this guy in this hybrid roll or you go back to the wide receiver position. Which is which tries to slide yeah I had a wide out he's a slot he is and I look back at the the initial decision to put him there anyway you know they had to desperation. And high. Ball stopped and tried to do that. I was totally on board that this is going to work. You plates and running back in high school he looked really good against the bears last year we went ten for about 62 I'd seen it can happen. This is the guy that can make it work. And then the further you get away from the initial decision and now the UC hearing Jones and Jamal Williams and there's something to be said for eye test those guys. Look like you're running next time Montgomery looks like a wide receiver playing running back. Do better that those guys do you almost think. The dumber that decision was in the first place to put time Montgomery. As your starting running back. This version was four in the sense that you only went into the season with a running back. You didn't have depth there right yet I am in three rook and that you wanted to keep what was it six or seven wide receivers. You wanted to keep numerous tight ends up you had definitely offensive line you do your secondary because what had happened was going to be suspect. And then you decide to go with numbers and that you you Campbell. In an art. Had thinks it's running backs are sitting at home waiting for the phone to. And that they get to play. And they Wear out too quick so don't a lot of money your time wasted it takes it can get this guy trained at the two weeks ago at the age gap that the gap is the pass protection. Well McCarthy's guys that your body doesn't advance that. The last time the Packers played. All would sixteen team was lying at the right yeah they beat him in green thing. So we'll look at that team Donald Driver Greg Jennings James Jones and accusing Jordy Nelson were good receiver. You know who has run the football this year on win wallow. They Sean Williams live at that's for the past six touchdown game and affluent yes it's expensive yeah I mean it's just. You know it's it's mind boggling how she thought would end. At now and I'm I'm excited about the potential of Eric Jones and Jamal Williams who by the way. The word is. And this is forever really good source. Jamal Williams could not find the hole and not understanding offense. All this rain fall between can't and somehow clicked your regular season it just didn't get. He could tell on the pre season you even when he got to time their legacies you'd run right into the middle of the line. Well like Aaron Johnson and overtime but before it sprung and that's the thing got it for war is this. You don't run to the gap it's this thing work that. The McCarthy calls common hold any drop that word. For the first time over the microphone. All right but I heard him coach that yelled at on the field is that when the with that zone. Yet to learn that you know go from where the hole or years we think it's apples and schools don't eat gap right now I don't know. What it was it you know you wait pause the walls in your hands you your findings to blockers that haven't. Point with a minute to single out one guy and drive like and what you do is entering your right to say there's too who might jerseys back to back if you've got you know. A fourth of the second and its decision which you find that theme for that because that's where your holes that would be that you make you want to go. And it took them. Literally engaged maps for mobile OK I got this the next you know if he goes from. One yards minus one yard one yard no game. Like he did his first attempt at the start of the season to yards you know like a completely different you're completely prevent and they loved him through everything else. They let this pass protection. They loved the way he carried himself is built and all that these 213. And you wanna keep this thing take. Thirty. Thirty carries it to be picked up on the like any good at 240 to fifty. And this service is running back coaches here's the deal watch Jamal Williams Ron. He runs with low pad well. He goes into that contact with the pants down and he takes that it often does. And offices body and that's why it's successful. And why they're excited about that yet Aaron Johnson just flat out knows the football game. Could describe the exit signals. He's a fast here. Portly man look at it one game suspension next year. But keep our fingers crossed but you know. Running backs and they come and go like sent on gobble like water through Green Bay let's just hope that they can get through this season the off season. And those that could be at hand for at least the next. We're three years philosophically we'll talk about another thought process that they haven't received the right or wrong in this and that analysis we come back for broadcasting live at black in America America love. We're here inside the Brookfield square stop abide say hi the east side of the square as a matter fact. The Mumbai airport with voters here Michael is that a posters radio I'm bill Michael's we are brought to buy but like you official beer sponsor. But the Michael's sports talk network stick around we got more right after this. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Welcome back. I don't like so broadcasting live with the black in America America god we are here in Brookfield if you wanna stop clients say hi Green Bay towards doing that Pittsburgh is the only teams in the NFL. To be undefeated utes did this ever last season and this season. Dating back to 2016. The Packers have every thirty point six points per game. And Mike McCarthy. And the Packers 34 at thirteen in the month of December which is number two in the NFL only behind. The good the patriots who are 42 at seven. They have it might my card by the way packers' 42 and three at home in the month of December under Mike McCarthy which is also number one of the NFL. So I don't know what that says. If most of those games were played with a guiding their Rodgers was. Nevertheless it did have one season which he wasn't playing he had to rely on the athletic companies committee gets a couple wins but. Having said that it's he looked Cleveland you can say the same record about there was only on the opposite side of the field because it has been that bad. It's cold weather game you're gonna have flurries going to be about thirty very little wind. Whether it should not play in this ball game right now I don't Mike McCarthy talks about December football cold weather. Could do with Borg as much as we talked about you know Brett on the of the people that we do in here that he has. I like the fact he says it's 72 in my mind all the time I don't know what that's doing the regularly and always the cold. They're gamers. He said it was the first time my ankle was. That those things aren't ravens Chicago started online together as one or respect nightmare. That's OK that's good that I'm I'm has it been that bad. When I did good I mean whatever whatever perception. United Hannibal rent on the I agree with Mike here which sent on a half hour ago. At camp of sneaking he just another game with less than a hundred yards. Compared I mean I can't ease in the NFL quarterback but these are easy throws that he should be making. The Geronimo Allison won majority. Other Dovonte one we mentioned. It just like. Where's the progress being made whereas the the progressed well and then let them credit for that overtime drive however those are two big plays he made. With a lag well he made two big areas of. Brilliant play call. But Mike McCarthy. To set that up to yeah I finally. I'd let let's play for overtime I got an idea where I know what's working for us I guess we'll get without a coin flip which we never do and he goes yeah well you know that help he had help. This season was in the balance and a coin flip right now actually that's it's a good point. So far you're still alive because it was damn point with the level field and don't tell me you plan for a pat Mac. But you get up in the field and you run that well with Jamal Williams that you know what's working for ten. Just to get the fridge. You school run option and it's why bill. I mean when he when he wrote that belonged to Williams if you saw all those guys teed up and get it. And I'm not buying that Jamal Williams was gassed it had to take time. I swear they put that ball there was it Aaron Jones stands because he's a Smart water in the in the red zone this more. Did you hear him breakdown when he saw just priests snap where the safety is going to be we're anticipating where the ball was being world wide open on the left hand side. He thinks more runner. And that was you know. They want to hurt anybody's feelings but that doesn't really run by Eric Jones did absolutely. Partly also had a nice drive at the end of the ball game in Chicago. Yeah you know and then with the arm with his arm so what you say it would likely that was army at tonight's factual offensive line to have the 42 yarder thereafter. And he and they put the game away on that overtime but look I. I know why people are saying is he hasn't been great all say that he hasn't even been like above average. What he's had his moments we can see okay that's threes yet there's something there on either side there are there period when he is not able to put it consistently together with you go back to the Minnesota game he looked terrible. The New Orleans gave Mikey and I were sitting next to each other thought OK we could see the play develop we're so used to watch you know we could see it here. He just was established late pattern don't forget in Minnesota. After air Rodgers goes down and it's carted off. Wasn't my fault of the Bosnia for a touchdown but it's like that that Syrians. He's coordinators and it just put actual hole. The pressure comes. He gets confused. Panther up in the air he can't find his car keys and it's worth adding it up haven't read outs three and out three and outs in the second half. Like he's had now a couple of times and not only wins. Most importantly these losses well it just seems like. The world starts closing in on him after he gets past that first instance this. Well the world pose them him as well that would have tickets to while. Where if we talk about this today if you so well when it breaks down the play breaks down its way to the way. Aaron Rodgers has made a living and make guys great out of improvisation being on the run. The ability to throw across his body and almost anything can jump past. Said he gets beat didn't matter look off guys hard guys aren't they all that out as being able to wait to notice or not to a guy things where you should be he's got that to manipulate you Jordy. He has made a living off that were as Brett Huntley has been awful. After two would have three seconds either takes Thacker pastor wrong thrown away his running it's gotten better with that's what you point oh by the way this kind of you know how to slide. Now this obviously before. So medical teach him how that's why I'm not the quarterback had a slot I have no idea what he has been bad after two and a half three seconds so. For as much as we wanna talk about its ability what do you have sequences yet but he's got to go. Step by step back want to get rid of the ball because he doesn't. Think to begin breakout for rhetorically for the skies and we present the right Democrat. I would think with Jordy Nelson on the field. And all the talk today about yeah it is my guy. And he gets the double coverage that you could still play fake look to the left in the back shortly on the right. That adds more frequent and yet he starts looking back and also the world's circles again and he doesn't know political football. That's the part that's what our down another hour yet to go or broadcast it live at black in America operating Brookfield. On the east not the Brookfield square also it is Christmas shop with a come over here you little brother downing outlook for a little bit. That's not a bad night now. Come on my say I'm Michael alongside or what we'll shot I've though Michael's we have got more we are broadcasting. Live bug like compliments were different there. The official responses though Michael sports stock that would. More right after this. Six blues station strong though. Bill might cools. Sports talk now.