Huddle HR1 - Digesting the last two weeks for the Packers

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Thursday, January 11th

Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 1. Broadcasting from Club Paragon in Greenfield, Bill and special guest Chuck Freimund of 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee look back at the many changes surrounding the Packers.


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He's 49 other states put bullies just a but this. He is Wisconsin. This Johnson fans still may. Best the best student Ellison is the best interview. Best coverage and no one delivers Plato bill Michael's total. How I look at it don't like Osama brought you by our differences but like official responsible Michael sports on network and we are broadcasting I would call Derek got here on highway 103 failed. Fund Al Michaels alongside chuck Freeman from sports where he won a 57 FM the fan or like you stationed out of Milwaukee. But earlier tonight as well it's a good night it unless of course you're trying to get here. And it it's it's a nightmare. There 944541. It says the accident on southbound coming eastbound I 94. Just like got the rampant past the point of no return stopped. You know what that's not acceptable thirty I never take the freeway this happened all right I take whatever under there if you picked up streets I use an app called weights only idea of that because I always tell you you've got something going on running in an accident up. And I did have an arm I just figured this time and I know reveals that I jump off the highway 100. And I would hundreds at a stall because everybody's getting water. And then somebody rent somebody else and then there's an accident I went on and so I I've been kind of just like stuck in scrambling and didn't quite make it could. At Revere where video and the arena isn't frozen yet we Toledo I don't know I heard supposed to but it never get out of your notes both of the you know start the face up a little getting even worse saw it listed itself will start out with everything that's going on in the last. 24 hours to well lets users listen to all the way back to last week because the Packers let go of Ted Thompson they rearrange things that go on a full search. Good against is the new general manager you can finish recorded in two offensive coordinator you've got to assisting coaches that have been hired. All the changing Green Bay. Some people wanted to Johnson fired some people wanna keepers fired so we wanted to party fired but do you think we're at an organization sits today as opposed the end of the season it's in a better place to be one of south. Part two we lost our jobs. I and how we kept their jobs are Paul McCartney get this McCarthy the main bed and insulting somehow kept mr. Robert Daniels as a funny everybody else around him bill. Lost their gig except. McCarthy I get off at the orders everybody else don't you think that he kept his job for two reasons one he has had success beat this team has performed. Let let let's say what people say well look the way they lost the NFC championship game OK I get that. What they didn't deserve deserve to be there to begin with and got them so you take the good with the bad but I think it in this is just my opinion. They didn't wanna change. Everything in midstream knowing you only have 34 years of really quality atlases McCrery Rogers smuggling and try to get the most out of it and see where the chips looks like it was everybody's fault except curtain. I mean you've got it on the surface it. I don't think he'll you don't see but I think that there's a lot more scrutiny on him going and exceeds our I think so. Lister bill people forget this fort six of one point they say the season ranked. And I think was just because Aaron Rodgers at all by the way we can run the table when he accomplish one thing we actually have a team can do now and you know he's got. Right Hollywood pictures no way he runs the table. Effective parent you know if if and billionaire Ron drills Cleary came back the public your audience at that we know they've got caught on out at all. But I thought he wanted to say they by the way our defense is crap fast you I never look at the math how did it worked out where if the Packers were almost final three games would have mattered. They went and got it when we got in anyway okay etc. check the map I just after that Carolina heels like Nazis. What would the gun anyway and and I story Calhoun a great way to end the season kind of like you're that they were struggling and it finally got the the 500 McCarthy's first year even the inept in the way that it would last four games to get there and you know they you know obviously walking off the fuel and and Brooke for crying in Chicago announcing a little more to come back at that was a doozy government. But it is still I think. Some people wanted to see mass changes in Mike McCarthy thrown out I understand that because you weren't happy but I think in and I really believe and practicing is if people calls a homer and I think that I I think organizations and a better place today than was we can happen. I think so I think site I think of what Ted Thompson had a view pokey Ted Ted had there but remove I think some of the words were shown recently. Obviously they're going down. But they needed a new voice at the head of that organization and he pointed to some of the time is doing your show in the afternoon about how Ted has got his. Fingerprints on every part of that organization Alia. And it seems like from what I'm hearing now you know Soledad is drawn back in you know maybe people want listened to him and he was. There was pillars of people doing their own thing itself now they're definitely needed chiefs do think though bill. Mark Murphy who's been behind Ted Thompson all these years so this coming may be couple years ago I was just like senate this year I think. And he saw this I also think that he. Let me see how to work with this. I think that he saw the beginning a couple years ago and in you probably get because. Board members. That the way this was described was it was like fish jumping in the quote those guys started to kind of scramble for their home. Agenda or own version of the story put. I think it McCarthy. And in more people saw this as there was a distance because the way he put it was. That was he didn't like to talk with people like to be a scout like to do is don't think I think he started to distance himself in and my Clements mentioned this in my Clements and said. You know when you go to training camp. And you've got ten on one side to staring off into space and then you've got all the scouts McCarthy all the coaches and everybody else on the other side. That's something. They don't heads distance himself and I think that was starting today at the filtered through it why is he so far away wise you know listening to us why I think it's it's not even getting us the defensive end or pass rusher it's. You know hey we meet certain things just to practice we meet certain things because everything had. Head okay. So when he starts to distance himself from the big things the little things are really slipping through the cracks and I think that's what they realize OK it's not a part about the can silos. You gotta go ahead and start knocking down some of these communicate superiors and that's what that it. One of the week's reprieve bake covered game I think it was you know they've been to set the Tennessee game. Oh the Baltimore game but he lost when he won three nothing but we're up there and I was talking to one of those guys from the team and avert racism there will need universal rights that that. How's everybody in the front office or on board with having Brooke homily. No experience taken a chance of having somebody with no experience at the back for Aaron Rodgers knowing. That this was the possibility of capital at least a season. And he said chuck. Not everybody in the front office was aboard. I'm Ted that decision guys were dissenting and that's what made you Mark Murphy was talkative with pillars some guys have their opinion about you know Fred humbly. Mean that's one thing they have different opinion. Were broadcasting live they got caught paragon Hollywood hunter took on your registered that we got a couple more weeks before we get away via peach street TV compliments of the ABC audio video Chris in the game there are some great sponsors who with a long long time. And we could do in this effort for so many years to come on out thank you registered for that this is your time it's different from auto parts of the content out of Milwaukee or platoon stationed there. How do you like bringing back to full. I like assaulting they're getting the band back together that'll expression that's it didn't do expression to do this so what they're doing that but you know they know a successful Philbin is there. Their offensive coordinator Alan courses last year your 2011 there were a means. -- his son had the unfortunate accident you know lead you to more I was wondering you know maybe Philbin needed just to get out of here you know just leave them. You know leave the area because of that distance via the Miami Dolphins job I did you ever come back I'm surprised but he's back so I've added you know maybe that. You know he's got Kirk easier maybe a little more samples of guys who then overstep the ground Clements and Alex that helps in the has over off of some assistance but this guy. You know a little older guy that Kirk he's got the mob respect for. All I rookie Joseph Philbin and in our government took over and left it right at the 52 once he's in the defeat by the giants like you mentioned son passed away. He was Troy Aikman said it was kind of a halt. Over the teens go that we can everything so quietly with no energy your own clips from figuring his energy how do you shake off if you can't. What happened and or talk with a Aaron Rodgers in one of the comments that was made this was just conversely you know what you got him as Joseph we don't know it's up Miami. And he can't give you very frank answer that they that they connect Mike calls placed the Joseph has a great job has its your. Which you always great at setting up through the film room Joe's great at setting up strategy Joe's reading it dissecting. What it is the other team does. And it seemed like he was kind of the straw that stirs the drink. You know he was that buffer he was that guy that. That figure there that you like to joke around with only got a comfort with even though you know McCarthy was totally you know you wanted to run certain place Joseph was that guy. Using got to make it fun to come to work and I think they missed that I come through. Built Beatty did. Filled and a little more power with the offense. Then and after he left tackle Mike McCarthy was totally control things and and maybe Aaron Rodgers got ticked off and a couple of times of them before offering their all like what. I want to see Mike up with open their. He had a little bit more seat in the office a gallon more for obviously got a head coaching job Miami so. Internally people knew that Joseph Philbin. Factory was good in the office and now you know he's got everybody knew that we're gonna take a quick break we're broadcasting live out here on at the clock during an we were hundred were Greenfield come up I'd say hello here till 8 o'clock tonight you can register for a lot of prizes. And that the liberals are giving away and we are brought to buy but like you need to be responsible Michael sports talk network won't we come back. How good can this defense really pay. We'll talk about that's number one thing everybody wants to know going into the offseason going the next season. How good can this defense really the Kansas defense is Mike McCarthy put it beat better than any office or should be. More than a Michael's uncle and a credit to that. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. For the program it's the bill might also are broadcasting live look there are gone and highway 100 we are here in Greenfield the end it's still gonna watch the warm outside a little bit rate falling. Nothing like great white yet like many people expect you're getting over the day but it nevertheless. It's good weather to come on out say die keep yourself registered for so over the it is a registered as a for the prices put reflective of the way out here on site and also if you registered. The big screen TV you compliments of Eee PC audio video. There were given away at the end of the season which is just a couple of weeks away ABC dot YouTube dot com wanna see more regarding Chris beginning there but. Nevertheless we encourage you to come out and say hello chuck Freeman from one question about him. The fan alongside our goal Michaels and in check and wanna go to the defense Mike McCarthy said specifically. That the defense needs to be better in the office and a lot of people laughed and so are you kidding me. Aren't I Janet because you and I explained it this way today the defense was built to be top fifteen because they're Rodgers was built amassed a lot of problems. So all you had to do was do enough to get the ball back here Rogers therefore he could score and they could take off an article from there. Who win hunt when he went down at home became the guy this was not a defense that was gonna hold you under. Forty points a game consistently. So that's why the defense look so bad and that you got an offense going three and out so often. It just it it became a spiral of ugliness in the end that's respond according to look no longer can we say there writers who have been on the season's over. We have to win with defense much like Denver did a few years ago when they had the number one offense and defense wasn't that good and they got their ass kicked that is admirable. By Seattle they'd come back in two years revamp that people accident when another super apple finally. I don't feel he he was the first time publicly he thought that put. I don't know why didn't feel this week privately and publicly years ago because they're but he knows get a decent defense to it to go to the Super Bowl trigger you'll score some points. Mobile stuff the other team's go to let's packer defense though I thought he looked Daniels Martinez. Do you buy our experts historical. And the various Brandel what he that this pissed you're going don't take the final two games Kevin King maybe Josh Jones. Steve Lowery for a potential they have a lot of good individual talents right that there. Just have don't count on the defensive side there are some guys who can play and that's not the football. They just need to give altogether and be more aggressive defensive. So is on the go the whole outlook because I really believe there's three major holes and he you've already got left apple. So left tackle to compare right equity he needs a little fly that you got to find an edge rusher pass rusher from the outside and you have the final lock down corner. And that would then take the pressure off the various Randall Kevin kidding anybody else can throw back there. He's he's. The two priorities I think first and foremost are going to be edge rusher. It corner and then you can work your tackle backwards I think McRae played pretty well well he's a guy and we those bricks and pretty yeah pretty you know severe injury. So I don't know what he's gonna be back but that being said. I'm going edge rusher in and in lockdown corner on top two guys to find who could. Those are the two guys going after right your right. You know treasury if you are desperate plea nephews and all the money spent on nick Perry can't stay healthy they were. On the right track snapping the past or else but obviously you know that these might not be the Steve next year would almost. Maybe you might. You know but he admits may have wanted to mention individual players the but he does to your program he's going to be there anyway right I thought he did Donald with a that the authorities that are really season. And you know you look at that the F Russia is supposed to be should feel good to put those two guys had one more. Yeah offensive line offensive line was okay this year the defensive backs amazing held a defensive back coach Joel whit got a promotion. And that was for the worst part of the team the defensive line coach toward Iraq boss's job in the defense of arms from the best part of the. The defense will well cornerback was a dumb people lose kind of loyalists out and I don't know what went on I don't claim to know specifics. But the one thing that I can try to get the rover all was. He was the guy that really believed almost gonna get screwed up all do don't you go to zone dot com wasn't you know it was kind of like okay let's just kind of you don't throw some of the video they have water here just kind of start freshen get a different voice in selection. And I you know what I can't blame him I mean I think dom got screwed because they become. They give Donald much crap yah go make something with a I think fans the media slipped. And go fans gathered dumped throughout the season both defense and all that but look at some of the guys who were running out there you heard. How high Clinton Dicks at the end of the season my commitment to miss Randolph saying you know they're their brains of these guys and you can't play. They're bringing guys in here and in the third down of the FC of the at a C divisional playoffs you know last few years. Critics of the guys were throwing. You know up next here mark are you Evans the kid from Oak Creek he should have backed the police started storm and haven't played the army whose specialty is okay but the putting that guy out there and divisional playoff game. That's what it's come down to because of that head Thompson's stubborn philosophy. I. IE. I don't know the holes specifically I think it is in would you tell how high would you rate. Clay Matthews on a scale of one to fly as far as. Necessity for this defense. It's largely be your best players who would your best players who. Would you say plea Martinez. Or would you say Clay Matthews would seem like game of the Mike Clark might product at that Mike Daniels might gain would be maybe your belt he he was sent an alternate pro bowler he was that a year ago though that we Martinez he just had a big year public Martinez had a big year this year and let the league in tackles and certainly proved himself now what's funny is he's not AJ hawk is not a top five pick you up so people are going out the faculty I don't feel that's a page where it was right time to stop all future work that was AJ hawk at three yard putting up here with sodomy your gimmicks. I mean we hurts you as you expected to be just the guy out there right to respect what he's up. And I hit again and we just guys on the way to trip to Cuba but Mark Davis. Team as a rookie would issue. Everybody is rule of precedent to perfect training camp. And you know that sees the Manson had a training camp behead this pre season. And Fisher bounced back into a weapon as a sophomore year and a software here you don't hear he had great here you have that next step up the McCarthy's always talkative. And I'm looking for him to even have a bigger your next you know he's not re in coverage. Well I think he's you know the volume was none of you while you what he's here agree I think these were solid it's almost rockets were pretty solid the other. He's attacked police fundamentally sound he's right place right time a lot of times I hate I like what brought to the table but I think that sent him. Fight. It again I don't know how that can use anybody we have heard from him yet not only as. When you look coldly I can tell us but it's not cliff Matthews to earn money go outside his better years we'll go in recent history was when he played Doug fourteenth. Those statistically was is better here he goes inside edge rusher comes in to help and they carry now you've got three guys to rush the quarterback what should cuts now I'd Daniels and Citicorp up front. Watch previous sentence and you'll be develops and that you could start to concentrate filter behind them. An if you get that that you get a pass rush with the lock down corner now you're now you're talking about the but it goes from being one of the worst. That may be being in the top fifteen even thought that other Americans never handled outside the top ten. And the bottom line we have mentioned here is. If they can stay healthy all these guys you mentioned you know they'll stay healthy things that we write the got to stay healthy and that's the biggest problem at you know European Europe. You know that might according to address anything regarding health he didn't mean in post season Rezko or it would personnel either yeah. Could you address anything about well we're gonna change our. Pretty methodology we're gonna train. Probably we look at practices there because it's the team just out of interest in this don't you what they're so much going on bill. Don't want to ask what the receipt right RU TC's trading he's brought in a nutritionist the training staff he's gonna do a few different things. He's the change from the practice schedule and all that but the bottom line is you know. Every each and every year this injury thing seems to be a problem Mike McCarthy and an elite yet blame injuries but. Why is this past that every year under his watch yep no doubt by the way you have the Green Bay Packers throughout the entire season. I kind of kept track this are really good web site. I'll do that manage. And I feel injuries. And if you go to pro football reference. They go through over every court NFL injury that states that the date the Packers were one of the most eat your teens. On the season. One of the mostly your team on the season and it'll even tell you pulled season injuries and such. It is the index goes it'll show you whether guys are on the IR weather guys are questionable probable what they have. Everything what's going on in the Green Bay Packers this year one of the most injured teams all season long. It was it was phenomenal to watch this in and so again this year. That was something that they had to deal with and Mike McCarthy talked what you do with my clubs and Nancy are you frustrated because at the end of the season when you should be really kind of pushed the pedal the battle. You're happy to play out there guys that are basically walk on the undrafted. College free agents at Ralph's market store shelves and these guys economic pivotal players are trying to to keep your season. A lot up and you know Aaron Rodgers has been the one constant who's been healthy all these years right or having Michael Cohen our previous reports that are are more action in Milwaukee. It's that might this frantic fourth seed for a young person like how come Aaron Rodgers who won the one constant. Never gets hurt. He always these healthy and he was going out of sync was training him. You know he knows a little Floyd hits and two days Blair who yeah. Yep no doubt in every lose their job. 855830864855. B 30. Here's a question if there Rodgers doesn't it does he say it now so the first round of the playoffs. Are there still mass firings. I don't think so they probably. Article in the division but I think Dom Capers is still on the defense is not a football school change you dealer he played us again the divisional playoffs. You probably know there have been playing in the while Kara are going on the road they would have been on the road that probably would have beaten. I can't see them when you know New Orleans now. Seattle and it and look at the you know out of LA did you see them on the road you know on LA you know I think here's the thing about the LA. Will that when a head coach. Is in the playoffs for first time they always thought stumping for extra rarely does the coach the first time in the playoffs this proposal back to. Throughout the years. A first timer. The matter what kind of regular season here as he let you for coach of the year might win it and it seems like they bust out their divisional playoff round up. The there's only. This is where Mike McCarthy gets enough credit Mike McCarthy has been a guy who's been able to. Either motivate scheme mapped out whatever you wanted to be even able to get that first round when he gets through that but he has put. Still it was the NFC championship games and they throw you out and but he principles divisional playoff teams though. You know they don't want you that the one that that they be Dallas. A few years ago I mean we're. They were lucky to be dallas' home ovals are so minor that you know the giants the giants were a mass coming in here that. It go to root that were voted Saddam motor. So that was a problem but. McCarthy have them they have postseason losses even outside you know it was I completely agree that by the way let's who has written a quick break we come back we'll talk about Mike McCarthy. And I. Something came across last night and I I still to this day I have no way you what the reality is we'll tell you we're talking about we combatants but Michael subtle. Like Jesse lie about your book you're gonna highway 100 on Greenfield. There Greenfield I should say stop I'd say hi here till 8 o'clock tonight or to go Michael sort of brought you up on my right after this. The bill Michael Tuttle is powered by Milwaukee admirals hockey and onboard an experienced the nonstop action in Milwaukee admirals talking about. Panther arena go to Milwaukee admirals dot com we our hash tag mill huh. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. We're broadcasting live over at that we'll paragon on highway 100 were agreed theological Michael's alongside John Freeman from 1 o'clock so that's at the end that comic company is here today as well it's the go Michael so brightly by spotlights. But like you official beer sponsor a little Michael sports talk network. We know that there's gonna shake a good defensively as an assistant coaches have been let go others have left pursuant to kids. On others who went for the offense according to position. You were retained but what the hell is a passing defense and passing coordinators that Joseph with juniors. The only chance you get idols the hackers like giveaway I guess they ran out to give a title that. Throughout Italy wolf that they're the pick up the tradition gives them we also I guess the title now I don't know never heard that before who made this move up. This is the way I figure is that Joseph wait junior really want the job he didn't get it so that's the way it's a hero give him more money. Also you cannot listen for defensive coordinator position you can't leave your QB coach somewhere else. Sponsors secondaries go to linebacker coach and I am now and so that you normally give you higher title. Without making the defensive coordinator but because if there were coordinator that you can't just takeoff leaving so I definitely I think Mike McCarthy what's the hold up assistance accorsi got a couple of breaks along the line becoming a total agreement packer now. But his assistant coaches told no you're not allowed in are you for any drops up and that's wrong. I that's wrong. I guess if he's good enough but he wants to stand it wanna take herald that's that's meant as well I guess but some do say that we're rust or neglected the Russell got cross called you about picker title probably some more money and to get it wrong more volatile ahead of the money you know and a witness is probably he's now that a player personnel now. Mark Murphy ahead of everything Mike McCarthy's the head of the team and and everybody just seems like you know listen and I I still can't figure out what the Ella competitive capacity defensive coordinator les. A solid easy be the first assistant coach on defense is the only guy that gets to call a play when it's a passing situations like I think you know so I guess now. If the secondary struggles we can blame the passing defense court game. Coordinator who then is he still the secondary coach. Or are they gonna fill that spot too with some I don't know he's gonna do you know why wouldn't he is he now that the passing coordinator. Over the defensive coordinator passing downs that you just it's a weird this. I don't they get it but it just we are generally when he when I came across wireless them like hell does that sort of at the Boston did a I don't know fever have a chance to talk to him but I thought he was at a visa for all these other jobs and associate head coach your gods you know. But how coliseum for all these of the jobs he doesn't get them. He's up for it he suffered head coaching job here with the most name is it gets each whisper quite a bit yet to take it from what within his own organization right. Right I mean. I don't know why they still have not updated by the way the official website agreement Packers when you see it. Obviously Joseph with juniors as secondary end here period which is secretary safeties in in weeks and months associate head coach. Total linebacker those guys haven't left yet officially have a wilder that you don't see anything on here held a job you know you don't. You ultimately you know coordinator position anymore you don't see Dom Capers name on the website by any stretch. You'll see trader vick's name on the website you don't see obviously yeah that name because it has been officially known yet. But it Edgar Bennett has to be up at the court and on the backers slips it to try to figure out there to him that they don't they don't know so I'm just. It's a weird scenario Green Bay is is it. I guess whoever has the hit send it to update the website owners their fingers at that because most of its at all they probably go into one of those guys is off its into Ross ball pretty consumer. If Mark Murphy. You know guys. When can I hit seven that's what sort of make the news that. Changes does that relieve an official right now I ended he's gonna pack rats who listens to his room Claire sizzle what is that packer defensive staff structure going to entail wouldn't vote Joseph we've junior who defensive passing game coordinator what does it what does that meet in. I don't know us or wait for that to take the jobs we can have been safe. I don't I don't know that these look it's that the bottom line is I think they can get better but. I think what we are talking about before I don't care who it he regrets it doesn't matter if you don't have players play it apps web voice of the book coaching bill. Runner John John gruden river that was the only guy to get seven wins in Cleveland brown modern history but did you know but his defense was terrible it's either it was. Wouldn't have been having good Johnny man's well there are clamoring for it up and then they were trying to but now they built the defense up the pieces. They don't have a quarterback that's been their biggest problem quote as the Cleveland head coach. The one thing he brought to the table was defense in the defense was terrible if they did have any players and their and a I was reading a story that some of it in vitro model Williams who. Of course the free beer you put Cleveland right. And someone asked him about pets and hot high. Great things ball patent and the reason why the interview irascible but how come you know who went there he goes there's something about Cleveland. I don't know what when it is when it's off of the ball that plays strong winds like that don't want you to jump on the right now I I think honestly I've said this. I think with Dorsey taken over and at Brigham and Heisman brigadier Eliot wolf. Having almost seventy million dollars as a hub cap space which is ridiculous and having twelve next I sit and I hate to say it but I think Cleveland the Cleveland Browns. Even of that division won't be the postseason in three years. Under Percy could see that happening and beat these are the good from this guy's no well he's got good front office he's got a guy's got a decent living you know he's got a decent defense. Granted Joseph Thomas going down really hurt tackle position elegant figure that out because he went down in the season. And now he's going to be out at least through the training camp maybe the pre season. But. He's got a lot of money well by free there's nobody in the market that can help it. Know what he could be if they get you anything for anybody who put them on the map book what you wanna do you want him on the map. You wanna do a fiscally responsible it's never gonna build this northern built the sustain that the Cleveland fans are tired of hearing. So you may have to build fast they put a lot of money and a lot of guys take the ball graphics and say let's let it all fall out three years. But you look at coming here. I thought the first indication people that they saw pictures of him with the Cleveland Browns and assured out of our like policy targeting after the problems. But the fear reaction as the pretty good icing on the hiring of pet. I think he's kind of a packer type guy if you look at him. I mean yes is the most Cybill he has said that in ten years from high school coach bill and then filmmakers got the the story behind it is amazing because he flies he's a fiscal coach at Pennsylvania that 2001. Chris coach there. So we took a job he want you don't you wanna do any you get the NFL. So we took a grunt job with the Baltimore Ravens basically been the goal for for the rest of staff 2002. For Rex Ryan in a useful to clip video together and you'll want to remedial things. Until Rex Ryan saw him at that point this guy knows a few things. And he just kept on moving up the ladder to position coach but you can record Gator coordinator of the jets as well buffalo. And look at it now know William Bennett's high school in north Penn high school to the Baltic. Or ravens as an assistant. That is another assistant for the defensive line coach in outside linebackers coach. Then he goes to New York Jets were to coordinator at the Buffalo Bills as a coordinator then in the Cleveland Browns as a head coach is back the Packers welcome last year he'd been down Seattle and I don't like people say well he's not a coach dean Reynolds and why hold it against me up there with a pretty good defensive minds up with a pretty good defense he. There's a console that they Pete Carroll's gonna hire you. To be honest athlete and a corporation highly John Schneider joked I mean. People want it don't play Pete Carroll in Seattle and the course that you don't cross that out this year but still. The quality organizations are part of Pete Carroll is that guy's gonna hire somebody. I think he gets the approval from the Green Bay yeah I I completely agree I so I don't know what's gonna bring to the table when it. They're keeping Joseph which junior and Elliott some more pieces to fill in I'm sure he's going to do that pumped. Now the the other question in good good pits is gonna have to do this when he comes in we'll be youths in the next segment but. Aaron Rodgers and first of all the misnomer is that you're writers can opt out after next year. He keeps you there is no locked up for players is an opt out for team but not the place is so we understand that he's signed through 2090. Which takes him into the offseason the 2001. Technically. So that being said. What would you do if your goodness. To say Aaron Rodgers needs to be locked up I think you're a lock him up right here right now I think before the season gets under way you can hear about a contract for her Rogers. When I said earlier today one way I would do we'll see you agree we come back we're broadcasting live the popular governors highway 100. Here on in Greenfield stop on by and say hello we're until 8 o'clock tonight I'm bill Michael's alongside. Jeffrey who we are brought to buy Bud Light you official response to go Michael Schwartz talked network stick around we've got more after this. Six clues stations strong though it. Bill might school's sports talk now. A grand Isabel Michael so we are broadcasting live club era got here I was 100 we are Greenfield hopefully get a chance to stop by and say hi we would eat it runs out here to another hour and ten minutes if you wanna come over eons it's just drizzling outside so I don't warm out. The breezy not bad so. No reason not to be here thanks terrific food but you get the that the troops curious I had a couple of strips here is bill and I had the job. The rap the southwest rather rapture it's actually the face of the pilgrims was got the best smelling parking lot. That's. I'm telling you bloated mess it does really parking lot I'll tell you it always gone crazy part of south side over here yeah. And I think our mom walked it in this terrific pitching there now I was getting through with something would have with their make it there today. Not in the office it was it was Soviet man this place is always fantastic you don't want for the people say well you know it's a bar. For bar food that gets them it's more from oh yeah it's it's it's that you ought to. It's still like this you watch but Melissa White House east latch on to lie down looking improvement but gala we should be in Hayward right now. But the fact that jackets and that women Philly up there and an urban listeners that they were on Hayward I believe we have an affiliate OK February slick up that they're actually we didn't yeah cap. We should be up but hey we're right now. And I we have are a great friends Tom filtered companies OK okay. It's greater heart for the north conference of the up and that's where we go do via vikings and backers in the celebrity golf and it took away from the right circle back nun and I just you playing her legs are back Foley back in busy yeah quite a 1090 for those who listen to you might mix ever know. That's a that's the only through your legs are read the Euro clear Iran that's another house that's another good one although I mentioned earlier today that you know obviously one of the person you're gonna do is try to short of. The positions but the figure out what you're gonna eat what you gonna do yet to figure what you're doing their Rogers. And I have a good this time sitting Aaron Rodgers down saying here's a check yours then. Righted what you want. And I'm gonna than say every member. The more you take less tourists and so you tell me because you've made almost 130 million dollars to quell an agreement backers. So once your contract runs out and you add these years is going to be three years five years W what is it going to be. And what is it gonna be per you're gonna that you don't do you value being the highest paid player. Or do you in Ottawa signaled its operating Ralph because you know Aaron Rodgers doesn't have girlfriend or wife that's making you know what he has found it more. But you right. But or do you say you've got a 130 million in the bank and now it's all about the rings yet you guys reverend I'm not seen here right just do for fourteen million dollars a year. What how much before you released or eat into the team's ability to be able to go out the players and not only pay up within reach NATO. Because that's what the biggest question marks but that's what I would do I would say Eric it's all the you do you go. Publicly with that the more you take the less there it's right click to beat in the chipped it you know what should it be enough for anybody else right so the more GAAP. I would say if you can't global. You've got a little I would say right through Jack he Y I there's no doubt he wants think rebate because of those hits went heating air at this point wants. I don't think he wants to make thirty million dollars plank for a bad football team all. No I don't think so wider audience I think anybody would pay their rights to get insurer but I don't I don't think that you know I don't think that is what you it's not good at the open market. No he just forces army says are not so right here know what. For the Packers cannot say while there we don't wanna stay so. Let's give you less money indicated Tom Friedman at sombre I'll have less money theater the other aspect of this is if they decided to. Com three years down the road but if franchise ticket Watson. They could do better that you're so technically you Abby for five years that's the route you choose to go through it could do that F bomb. Someone could say coming here you are talking about whether or should be 130 billion dollars of your right. You know there's like there's a big difference. You know. Lot of money I guess the question would be how bothered are you that Matthew Stafford makes all that much. The finest that never goes the polls are absolutely. You know you see Aaron Rodgers if you should be making more money than. Matthew Stafford. There's no doubt if you don't rookie behind Tom Brady should I guess if I'm Aaron Rodgers I would say right you contract it says. Whatever the highest paid players like it will more dollars yeah. Exactly that that we know you're not breaking the bank although I'd say the one guy who deserve to make more than him bill is robbery. Whatever the rental that's two years that he's too young years he's gone but it is seven super and it sounds like that things aren't as harmonious as few people that believe in maddeningly so I've. I don't know how much longer he's an accident happened there I would not be surprised if Bill Belichick walked out arm in arm itself it calculates. They're just not a party the way. But I just think if you're gonna be here right as they Aaron Rodgers. That amount of money out than a dollar yeah obviously not. Yeah you're good at that point you're prop he's gonna be the best quarterback in league with operators deployed I think liability wise and I said this before. If you look at it because he's actually hit two seasons in which he didn't really play because it broken telephones. Legitimately athletically four solid years before you start to see any erosion at all and maybe five or even six but I don't think this whole thing about. Play into your 414243. Not to seek couldn't put the law of averages says he now defected to get three receptions in his last game we keep that North Carolina. But it kind of look at data might come across that come back that trust first you've not played any hurt it receiving it is -- out there when it for real which you know people that the best he could do and and Brett Favre couldn't. And there's a definite due to human how many years we see an office for the cougars slows enough gophers for days for the finally get it operated you know in a demo. I'm here I think he deserves to be you know them. Top dollar but as you said you know the more you take the listeners for everybody else. And you've got over Patrick you're the face near the faithfully perky this officially. Well some of these other guys. That's the other thing is that you value equivalency that like him it'd be good job blocking those guys that. I gotta figure what you do with Jordan what you get into Randal what you gonna do with play if anything or keep poultry that's our enemy who knows what can happen. And give it one shot without three is still there but there's there's there's 35 million bucks sit right there are those three guys and the question becomes. Those three guys together worth 35 million dollars. Because between that some of the office of line numbers and then throwing their Rogers you're talking seventy million dollars. Among five jobs since the days I hope the trend may be a few years ago when Trent Dilfer. Won that title. I thought okay this the trap going this way have a mediocre quarterback if Brad Johnson ran one. Have a mediocre corps quarterback and have good talent around him and the defense like Baltimore had. No strong defense and that's how you win. Could that be the way that. Never likely to be the way EUU I he goes back to Denver government and if you didn't know about it. Our big man once the good quarterback in his last year up. Uses that are affected it at every two below average quarterback but didn't want it because their defense that Von Miller company were so critically now. It because there were healthy now. Without a doubt that we talked about refused to renew Denver's champions Calgary can't help logo that near an error that you know life in the in the question then becomes her packer fan. Would you take that not knowing you're gonna win a super ball. The next three years that try to find a quarterback trying to figure out yourself it's still having a real ideas whether you're actually get back though I do from a slightly cut I don't know how it happened this horrible did you just get another one with a larger ones of what would you be content with that or do you have to have two or three because you active directory that you can't do with whatever it is okay I've witnessed horrible. We're going to winning Q what do consumable with TV. The effort to revive your job I think that a second ago capsule gonna take a quick. At the mall and all right I think I would but I definitely think about it. Good I think you quickly it would make for great we're operating the F five minutes now we're gonna go I think it quickly we all morning rally because they do it ought to go Michaels on the bottom right after this. Everywhere he Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.