Huddle HR1 - Should we buy into the Aaron Jones hype?

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Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 1. Bill, along with special guests Chuck Freimund of 105.7 FM The FAN and J.P. Cadorin of Spectrum Sports 32, preview Packers vs Vikings. What do they make of Damarious Randall's maturity? They're live from Mo's Irish Pub in Tosa.


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He's 49 other streets put bullies just yeah. But this. He is Wisconsin. This Johnson fans to a man who. Best the best student Ellison is the best interview. Best co. No one delivers Blake so bill Michael's total. Good evening and welcome we're broadcasting live we heard both salaries while wearing your wallet toes and that's where you can track it down the corner of highway 100 in blue mountain road I have no Michael's we are glad to be here until 8 o'clock this evening it's not what brought you are good friends. At but like the official beer sponsor the bill Michael Schwartz talked network I'm joined by air from 1 o'clock seven of them. The fan in Milwaukee or pledge to station. Chuck every morning Joseph also inspected sports GP two doors here I guess you know what what's great joy you brought up good food here to solving it's no walk away. Now displacement as you walk if you smell the recruits constructive argument. Points a great sign you know we parking lot to be fit and by the way to the first on full the second one's almost full. All the tables are full of trouble at Miller Park parking lots for department of Danica Patrick we do now and a. Campbell over something of that effect of a well lit up the start out talking about the Green Bay Packers but then the other shoe was fallen in regards Susie Q Lillian in. It looks like he the higher court has said in ruled two to one and that the lower court did not have the rights to go ahead and you know kind of suspend his suspension so to speak. So therefore as of right now particularly it will fulfill his full suspension. Regarding the NFL. The F cowboys are not sure what the other legal ramifications going to be that the NFL PA is probably gonna refile but wasn't due to the cowboy. Players sure when it brings the horse for cowboy downhill season they've lost two home games overall pick a fight we company a pentagon find themselves running back but. Where the floods could be any any comparison and Eliot. They knew this was good job this they thought possibly can be for the Packers here. They thought it was going to be next year from what I understand I thought this would go all right now through next year he beat the B suspending going to the next season this season only averaged about our shall play my Flickr account what you said. We talked about Christ that guy that will could come today to pick up next your cup next week. And a team this week so the cowboys not only of it will hurt being below the 500 mark. And we'll keep you hit here yet that had to be so tough to do with who have not knowing when I was gonna come down you know you look at it for me to really they thought of you for sixteen this year. That they got those injunctions and everything that he got with faxes to classical like we said we don't know when it was gonna happen so they had beat covenant not that I care or feel bad. But that had to be pretty tough. Yeah public and just been eliminated from the playoffs for men it's. You know I was there on on Sunday to you for the game wake up Monday it was fun look at the newspapers the next day in the Dallas morning news and meet you. It's so funny to think about what the Packers are what we have here you clearly it's Wisconsin number one team it's. It's a huge deal over nothing should be week over lack analyze everything imagine all these other teams you know Packers are pretty good there's they're Ford wanted. We're we're dissecting everything it's a negative about everything. But these other teams Dallas thirty losses many teams as they did all of last yeah but don't feel that they have success they got five to walk him through yeah infringements he'll end. You know I I don't honestly 22 years it's been tough sledding for them. With Jerry Jones. Being the general manager of the team he's done a lot of great things that off the field and on the field. That he will play a few. Yeah and they have very little we won't with Tony Romo they got it to where they were last year hoping that they were gonna get past agreements it's funny because. We Marie and Sam at Super Bowl gun used to and I told the story behind that. You go to radio row regular roses you 406 foot banquet tables of ever reduced vision of the world. And all of us are you looking to resist hole such as tables and nobody there they hit pre ordered the prepaid four all the stations from Dallas yeah. It's so Porter radio row third radio row. He went on to use this past year it was like unlike anything I've ever seen in my life predict all reserve is basically all pre paid the space. As well they just they just assume they're going to be they don't look anything like it did us here and there really don't I don't know. Mean they're offensive line is as good decade and is good deacon in his kidney U 31 yards on sixteen carries through adversity was now rushed wearing jump at them. You mean you. He is not what he was last year he won't be for the next six weeks now. Mean they're they're not the same team you there I don't know for taking over of rookie success or what but they're not seen the well here's the next question knowing regards today. Going back to the running back who's a junior Jones hit a breakout day and is there Joan the real deal. Well we'll find out this week now that there's some stuff on video tape he's gonna get the point of defense that empathy level Mike Zimmer. Zippers and but darn good coach but the question that it's important or fifth Forte so you know all we can study for her throat. I think you're Wisconsin were putting a lot of I don't think first runner Jones we spike the ball quite a bit because you set the bar. Pretty nice to know oversee product and I yards. Thought and he does less than that you're an extra weeks of may it be whatever their job is the one thing if he rushed for like 65. Footer looks good doing it. Then that would be us hyping him up you know that that would be almost a media creation or faint streets and think now he did it himself. He looked good he he was successful. He took some pressure off Clay Matthews look you look at that touchdown pass it to Jordy Nelson. The linebackers bit on the run they believe that your Jones was the threat that's that's all you media and you just need him believing that there's a threatened right now others have to believe we just we do that now is Jared is she got kind of a head of steam going. And both your notes and I almost simultaneously said. Look at the safeties they're coming up and sure enough they go over the top majority that you get the touchdown pass interference call but that's enough votes and ultimately right after that. That would starving for running back you're mistaken I think I mean the media he's got a great. Yeah he's trying granted it breakout season already Vietnamese it's immediately cease its you know repeat your credit fees that some time to time but yet you never could they help him. Standard rates have you been able to them last year Lacey started off really really well but then we got hurt me or hurt but. I hope I hope so popular big games like five feet. Not pin the fact that so we are I mean you know he's if he's not on the short guys chuck he's done that we detect a now part of the world but her Merrill had an open but this is what I that this would describe myself look. For the first time when you look at him run. He either waited for the hold develop. Or that he saw was closed bounce it outside. He ran to the way of running back rookie book the I would take it's that's a way he looked at the eyeball test like a running back. He did for the first time we've seen eating you know running back in the backfield I hate the might use words like this when it first. You know if you can he win it could jump cut to and got Ty Montgomery has been has been good for what they need giving great. He's been good for what they need he's been more than serviceable what you look at or Jones elect. And that's what they are Mitt. Absolutely no purpose to exit the thinking right but the truth trusted. They'll forfeit one that gave to a month across. First not even there it's a different game. You know we showed that confidence in him. On the play little tossed bearing that he got the yards a punt that went right bill. He got a thirteen fifteen yard game got out of bounds and you were down pick up as an Internet. An idiot and I sketched out what he had the hands of a ball basically at a 134 yards all purpose now. 145 something of a lot of woods was on the ground but nevertheless I mean one catch nine yards and you know the because that's hosting of like how much you need from him at. Our guess maybe the question is how mystique from the pure running game as a whole put woody. What we need from him whether he can use it anywhere near 85210. Yards out of that run game where. That is more than enough to give Aaron Rodgers and a breathing space if it is simple to say like what you just sit there reading space is this simple let's say you just need them to respected. You know that that you got the only teams to because I well I could happen I think that comes with a anywhere from 85200 yards all the. The Detroit but that they get for you feed him great running back and look up with Troy could well earned Rogers we don't know if that's the Detroit. Think definitely Detroit and give a good running back once the law and attitude do. Now I thought it was funny guys I want numbers have broken ribs which would return to practice for security detectives quickly these seasons jobs look we are we gotta rent. What is he went back but then again if if you don't need ties your every down running back that makes the a lot happier to look at this Packers offense to move him around like he should be moved around he should be playing some snaps in the slot and it wide receiver you should be moving higher. There's a lot to talk about this team we are broadcast on live out here. That's almost every poll were wallets those who by the way they're happy our money Friday three to six all draft or 242. And they've got the apps as well selected apps five bucks big Halloween costume contest coming up here on the 28. It Tuesday night trivia eight it is a lot of support on here. Most are twelve and won't physically he can nor Jeffrey alongside I don't Michaels good I take a quick break we're right you buy it but might the official responsible Michael sports talk network here till 8 o'clock and I come on now you face in the crowd will be back right after this. Ordered to a quarter of film Michael sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael so we're broadcasting live on your clothes are found wallets this season that was that was our buddy who were going to be a 58. The work out. This is right over negative jingle in my head then that's good jingle bell. Well I don't look like it's gonna rain but I guess that through unless we get over itself but it's not like a city could be so this really this value around wood whether or Don TI you know what he lives over this way so whenever we get a chance to come out here of the week we had a pivotal now hear from CBS. One I've done in my indoors and you know he is the drew exactly like a packer hall. He didn't show that's when he did hoisted you know what do you think you can bring it as a meteorologist bracket and he's good you know I think it's against the media. Part due to weather guys we're kind of sports guys yeah oh absolutely but it's never sports guys I might use the CI differs we're pretty timing him. Early early early in my career did CNN. So I didn't do so I didn't really do yeah I was doing new. I can and I always wanted to do sports because that's what I was involved and that's what did which he has you know how did you have to go through the ranks of I had I am here got a but what do rock radio and I think that's talk radio when a country station that night in Cincinnati is already picture what Watertown. I took greater radio like treated once I'm ready both teeth for a call buying. It's great breeder sheep and if god is my witness I'll rush Julianna. The senator warrants a Cunningham showed during yeah I was a media who Europe leaving farmers and you know they're trying to find radiators for senator or pickup and drop them. Trading away you know two roosters you don't ever get it fixed they efforts of that plane about you know what I'm sure I have some like in my house I have hole. I have old real real stuff on I have old age of Barak and real real stuff out walk out of the out. Like a master copies yeah I have. Yeah I mean. Stop. I have broke those back when I just dues worked with a sports but then the sports that are. You know she's not going here now wise. She was Neitzel who's right your reports apologizing you heard it but moderates who won't Miami. And she's a little. She's a larger woman. The lack of better term care they had an. It's gaz eyewitness they had welded. To. Us fuel fold out chairs together. For her do her show because that you Google wouldn't hold up you know that they give you their own plastic usually get a break her few want to. Sort of bigger more comfortable chairs of welded cheer. And they shoes weren't in cargo shorts. Really appreciate you sitting on the medal to hear from a four hours leading up and I it's not a super wolf and I studio with cargo shorts on imagine where this what Saint Louis. That's all things. Oh path. Key key part B for those batteries yesterday. She was like when the first. National. We'll talk show host up. When you were we'll let you know granted you get your brief Q would have been if you could look into our agreement but she vehemently quick word. Now into the to a local talk like you've got to him before while yeah who went. Think she's out of the Booth yeah yeah they definitely your openly lesbian what happened and that's the way he did well here we are and here we are. We all culminated in our path to re cross that we sit here today and it goes every spoke. In wallet goes and Hollywood out of blue mound road on the corner here you can come on out they have not only will the NFL game beyond tonight. You've got Carolina in Philadelphia but then you've got Chicago. In Washington tonight it's winner take all ED hill or the NL VS so that's coming up on the streets out and I took one of the most are probably enjoy yourself. So. I guess is we were talking about this so we story lines discreetly Packers he what is the number one thing that would prevent the Packers have going through Super Bowl chuck. Well from what it's horrible or winning this game. I would going to a Super Bowl we don't want this game we almost chalk up its I exceed 80% week off while I don't know I've been there Rogers has been lights out against. Minnesota. Yeah but I can and I'll I'll I am concerned about this game. Think that we would have been the Twin Cities that have you guys wrote people especially every job opening this stadium this year you know I've just tried many times have gone there felt good about it probably about. You know what this year I think the defense that that the secretary. Yeah obviously a big marriage random guys growing a lot of heat this week. From fans the media life it's not so much for play like I don't feel like the various techniques. Chris was workplace and have yeah athletes who play he made on Sunday could not take ownership. That the person that was. That always we'll call it disheartening. In the locker room after the game I think we've come out where. Yeah well you so after the game he had his pick six afterwards he threw the ball it Democrats are right flipped it out of the could have got the fifty yard unsportsmanlike penalty. After the game mark dean was asked about it ass would have with a pounding what we're doing there he said I think you probably wouldn't talk. No you did you can put the ball the death I don't know we talked about and he looked around for different question from somebody else and that might. I don't know if we collect immaturity that they act I hate to this kind of look down on his mind here's my argument you. You can see you agree win the whole thing went down with a with a silent leaks into the locker room you know whatever happened after the tenth when he finally met with the media. I know they told him shut your mouth who what who said was look. I let my competitive spirit my frustration is diversity and let myself down when he meets him at coaches now won't block it and won't happen again. You know I this is on me won't happen again we talk about we cleared here I got their back I appreciate them have in mind. And been very contrite at the end we all forgive I like that. Instead. He he just came out played at all and then this. Mike McCarthy knew who the penalty was not enough. You know my my McCarthy talk about it after the game before the reporters go into the locker room and ask him about Mike McCarthy talking about various Randall and act like that almost condescending now I wasn't sitting there CBO smirk on his face her smile. But if you're cured and and Europe Madden Pippen but that. Hasn't been telling you of the bad oh. You finally had a decent game you were yeah pretty high by pro football focus you allow the one touchdown but beyond that you played pretty well. Why DNA tests Leo well I'd have probably two yup that you go to mark Daniels on what what relentlessly this here's what here's. Jose go back there you're here what this here's what. Areas where it says it matters. It was. After the play this combination. It's our. Weapon out of the I don't. Just kind of playable and and and that bonds in the Clinton paid off school to some it would. That would. Edwards has gone on and on me and more importantly it would. Hurt. Covers of the internal matter I mean. Everything using internally I'm talking about Nazis. Coverages and internal sort of process you've got every player breaking down a play after a ball game yet they recovered to again they did this yeah I saw this you know like. And and Aaron Rodgers does it went in knowing degree of like on the you know they had to by the plea 55 we came out with a weak side with Flickr air Wii is unknown like it was a good throw and bite out. But you slip might have seriously you know let's go home like outlook for the very few that is so frustrating and I understand like I don't wanna be on the High Court. They they don't over the media and like you don't hold all don't know what party your job. I'll go seriously is that what you know and to pretend that you didn't get a penalty platoon at islam's. Mostly yeah I mean him not to look so you know everything. I'm McKnight with the with debt but the complied alliance. If it utility to the sidelines went up to him the various figures. What he'd do it don't applaud that what would you do it if situation. Somebody went up to the sidelines and bring him to come in the locker room and ethnic or to the media I meet with competitively. You're talking about you don't mind that you guys you you're you're saying you don't mind that he didn't tell us that cover I heard about that this is a chance about you it's the right like forget the fact you wanna. Internal matter whatever you finally made a play. It's a great about you that you know what I was in the right spot on I don't IMAX size and crews go right he had just about a lot of things help tell me that my shot that I instead you use the book that's coming and how much gas is still in our favor and it was meant to help quality after a tough it let us know. It's absolutely Melissa my iPod media relations but again and I I don't even like hearing that because it makes it sound like we're owed something and harassing you for that now. You know we don't think. What you had a chance here to get back in good graces what they had to go back and you don't look so tough that's your the pulpit and could have if that's your moment in the sun that you is he able to speak. Everybody. You know that if I always say he was a little the beginning no you know quick let's be honest okay. Our biggest ratings what moves the meter. If you if listeners that the with a personal to consume the information yet you don't want we put out something about. The brewers are going the World Series it's a great background people wanna know about it they wanna hear about it everything if if it came down to that any Aaron Rodgers having public public camera which superior Lambeau Field it would still draw probably equal ratings that's helping the Packers are because people can't get enough of it. All you have to do is say. What happens people don't like Americans waited to be stuck can get you more fans. Quiet yet. I thank you could you do I don't even though I say it will finally did that turns around maybe I think you start to break his way that he doesn't yet you don't own leading us and put it seemed that word of mouth piece to the people fight fans don't like you right now right they see what you did in week four they see what you give up without a week to week basis we did as one on one. We could go a long way towards getting people back in your corner. Speaking up by having fans that your side the NFL PA just weeded out to their reaction to seek Elliott in the if you haven't heard the higher court. Overturn the ruling of the lower court and seek Elliott as of right now will be suspended by the NFL. The NFL PA puts up the statement that they are reviewing the decision considering all options the appellate court decision focuses on the jurisdictional issues. The failures of due process by the NFL articulated in the district court's decision. Were not addressed. So basically they're saying look is forced to process goes. Yes you can talk about jurisdictional things but you did not really deal with the situation that was put in front UN they're criticizing the higher court I don't know this could. Go on and on and on our local first. He's America thinks it's expected we can happen becomes Mac and can be right now looks like it like this you know when the court system that this could drag on for. Drink governments have who has six career. I think that it didn't. You are well unfortunately I think that's a good fifteen years cellular and lesser Jerry Tarkanian that went on for your oh yeah yeah I went on the doorway. Going on now defense coming up with the team. The Food Network that years. What do you don't open for the historical collection of money and right okay your time this is like NFL clean to this issue like they're not that they feel like it's finally caught somebody they're not gonna let him go. There are a lot of their skeleton closets out there with a lot of different players try to go get him well I think what they look at the Phillies they said. You got the world by the tail don't screw it up through you had issues at Ohio State can recover out. Your gonna become a star you're gonna beat you look you put their own little message in it their their best city you know because they never put. Cowboys Packers it's always Aaron Rodgers is the Packers go against seat yelling at Dallas Cowboys are so they speak remember win. Ben Roethlisberger and all the legal trouble. We go down to Dallas for the super wolf not one picture of him anywhere they're really not. NFL completely blocked him out as any type of advertising person because of the legal problems. They have a vested interest in this so they want don't wanna see him do it stupid jointly long story short is. They trusted him they sit knock it off and we got you want video broken women's moves it'll Mardi Gras parade why are you doing this stuff. Stop me and then this happens in. No one of these sudden slapping wrote probably overly hard and that's what got everybody up an uproar I was I was surprised he got seven games I I thought he could keep. I think record you know still think that people from every pricing so. Everything he wants a little of everything so my microscope but since that bill I think that suspension that he deserves and I think he deserves 65. I I thought at the time he'd get a couple. Maybe get a reduced down to maybe Guthrie gets reduced through. Who wouldn't connoisseurs again goes on six is a good six when they can now that. They have to have a lot more behind the scenes that we were originally told the court Arthur young was the key mission will be. There were people he says his words were there to do share a victim expected early in the target. He got busted for something demanded an example that and he did then got a little suspect we'll play. All boy runs and that's all wet wrapped me like pro local woman had a good athletic club where typically ten years ago after what I am for help. Well different kind of good. But he he's Diddy back off a little bit and now he's played enough hard copy. They'd like 583086488. Marked by between 086 were if you wanna charming and can't repeat to you want this discussion will look over to the offensive side of the football continue to look. At some of the guys that are positive and all of this in wins over the go to guys like maturities out like this Spiegel what you may be able to see them. Lining up for the Green Bay Packers sometime soon stick around we are broadcasting live your life your most average book. It while which goes on I would hundred in bloom elementary and find this like he's JP could org also took free alongside I don't Michael stick around up for the bill Michael subtle coming up right after this. You're listening to go build Michael's sports talk that. Network presented by marsh field clinic health system. What about the program we are broadcasting live your vote number twelve or your wallet supposed to that's where you can track his down its highway 100 of blue mountain road and come on by and say hi. Most are not great police are always terrific happy hour here always packed with boot. Come on now I wanted to say hello they have great specials on your wouldn't with a special. Perfect. For the next private parties Willis. They go they've got all kinds of manual but they I have a pretty good stuff on musical wanna promote covered book. Your wallet toasted chuck Freeman along side him up from 1 o'clock 7UP on the fan in the morning short collection station. Out of Milwaukee GPU Norton's back in sports is here talking Packers football at the rest of the NFL come and appear just a little bit. A lot of facts that we talked about earlier and that was you know we are talking about Mary's Randall the defense what would that keep this team. From Woolsey Super Bowl because we most of us believe they're gonna end up either twelve or thirteen and 311 putts that weren't there. That being said I think what I like the progression of a guy like Kenny Clarke. I'm waiting to see what my previous eventually brings when he gets called upon because all indications were that he was both who wouldn't look the part you were preparing and at one point in time to Warren Sapp. Well I wanna see when it's the Eagles people who returning how long opportunity then to get up to speed would he get this team into the season. Dare I say if this team wins this weekend. Thank you beat New Orleans at Lambeau Field sitting at 61 with all the injuries the offensive line banged up all the different guys it usenet secondary. Is this then legitimately the team to beat in the NFC. Young defense goes a long way you talk what would preclude them I think build the Defense Secretary. If Bob you know at this for the weak spot I feel for ever within reason Packers did it in you know we talked about Randall. You gotta give up pity you know everything back of the field. He's going to concussion protocol. I think the secondary. And I was misty that's who we pick the eagle and head of the has brought a book. But yet those two guys the pieces. And you know Mike Daniels over gets healthy I please have in the a decent season want to get the quarterback with the war in at the Perry gets the hand deal. But that's secondary guys I think he's still a major concern that was purely vindictive move them Goldenson. We tell you noting that's been huge this year late Martinez yeah he's he's got a dramatically goods sold this year he's been in and think about this impact that he has if he can be good at him and Jake Ryan. Can be league average don't give me any that you don't need to be atop Matthew B average. Free of Clay Matthews an eerie to do with it you now granted there's just North Korea today but hopefully Matthews actually really good in Pasco. Which is fine put at least give him an option if can't have think Matthews being the only linebacker worth his salt on the he dvds campy I completely agree and I know when you don't the other guys it's meant. Vastly underrated he's Morgan Burnett and what they've been subdued now he's not practicing you can download that intrigue injury. But they need him back because I got to thinking back to be it was when all over the field penalty that defense. That that's that's Morgan Burnett I mean they need him back his body is what's brought you border we're gonna feel almost as much you'd be would be David backyard your ability to question the offseason. Witness news Patrick right he's going to be a big created the off season you've signed Morgan who met her a few more years. Or do you let him go to pre selected Micah Hyde. And lost them and what's nice about the eagle and an Adams if they come back relatively soon as is just pure depth. I'm not against same thing but Ricky I'm not asking them to be all pro players here. But if you can be have a good rotation if you can be seven healthy rotation of players this defense is so much better they're so much pressure you can play more. You would ever nitro pack if you want whatever nickel or dime you want it's it's if they come back this team gets even better which is allowing it for one already. You sit there with my previous as he comes back Mike you know eventually you got to figure out ways to get healthy scratches definitely you know eventually gonna run that probably. Remember what they want it back to 2010. They have Ryan fifty BJ raji Howard Green and probably Jenkins and I'm forgetting one other woman giant human beings on the face of Europe a C. J. Wilson. Was in Ottawa now so they had their rotation looked big beefy body that you put all those guys together they were cause of the metro bus downtown to really put on the back sort of they had a lot of big bodies that we'll take affront and when he in the trenches and that it expanded out from there and help guys like he it will tell you Charles Woodson was helped by that big Paula. It was helped by that so was AJ hawk was open so I think the it would that you think your country has to be given anything you can mix if we had. With Kenny Clarke with my opinions with Ricky Jean Francoise with with Lowrie whose progress a little bit this year as well. Then I think we started talk about a team that defensively what you'd better the second or because right now the secondary I think helps the password to crunch played steady with receivers longer. Rather than getting to the quarterback and helping the secondary has the tragically. They'll I think Bob Holtzman epic disappointments of the into the field kept it down one injury every week it seems like you wouldn't practically doesn't practice. He was brought to its need to be a better than they do it again today he's been broken bodies from the feed them via a veteran Becker in the secondary might be great to be put on the field. Five games so far. It's been at this point in watching backers expect you support the disappointment he would have you ever heard as the ball deflecting and obviously if that is true the White House has been. And nothing on the streets of. He has he was a guy that when he came back he was going to be guys that wanted to play present at the line of scrimmage he was a guy that wanted to be able to. You know kind of BP. The Al Harris if you will of the Green Bay pat downs because he was going to be attorney goat's meat guy he was gonna be threw up a front and that's the style that he wanted to play coming back from Jacksonville. He was so good at that here he hasn't been able to do that because of injuries yet I mean. They cover reader they let him go couple years ago for reasons too it's not like they're bringing back him chaotic scenes thinking three times throughout they're not bring back him to be an all pro player either. But it seems to be good enough they're finding you know that was in their expectation. Yeah I don't know the bond houses could be your what what this season. The brought me do that the reason Jacksonville. In Los favorite Jacksonville for the factory picked him off my you know that has not worked out quite. And what against same thing with the death if you can rotate those guys in and out of UKQ and Randall and house and Burnett and Clinton dates if I get all these other market has now rate is your Marwan Evans has shown flashes. Of being really good if you get all of these guys rotating in and out your defense is so much better for it but what you weak right now is Kevin here. He's become so lockdown guy. That that's your week or so hopefully I mean I don't wanna rush about inspection protocol because they still think they can beat Minnesota without. Like I you don't respect the vikings' passing attack no I don't respect. Although I got you know what Casey if you keep tasting the ghost yet. Not this past into the game prior to some records your perfect quarterback group. Opponents knew he was on fire. Films it's yours you total unfunded commitments he forced them belts did this obviously this game for whatever reason bonuses almost like the gut feeling at Wisconsin played LSU I think if I have to because he's right here right now that my house on it. Packers this game I don't have any and a doubts about this a little white tigers have to present their appearance and I couldn't be I can be at any of us hear about it OK and I am might IE I don't vision of the I think of it going on the road and that's fine I think it was that. Team is getting healthy. Tina's unbelievably confident. The team knows what they're playing for this year they know every single game counts not that not the cliche of one game at time every game counts but that every encounter playoff seeding. If they know that obviously they know they lost to Atlanta last year in Atlanta. They keep losing on the road they don't lose at home in the playoffs lately that they know every game. I think this team is so unbelievably focused unbelievably healthy right now for the most part. That I think they get it done and I don't even think they have a problem doing if they keep boxing Ari back. And he can play a couple of games in India but other weeks worth unrest during the Bonn have. And you've got everybody full strength going forward if you get Ty back. I know I'm not like the fact that if you if you look at the number Martellus Bennett is very gradually started to expenses after the spine dropped two games. He started on the block well like he'd been doing what now he's become a contributor of the opposite side and he. For the first time in at Dallas he ran like a piece definite yes especially their final pride don't even have to run he stumbled beat my yeah Johnson going through boot room. Erratic golf he certainly did Phil we're looking at the against the the bank didn't schedule yet. It's Evans did what's what's up. We season's games of their fiftieth Steelers the Steelers Panthers are playing really well Tampa's not to be given the lions coming up Europe twice. In the next you know reference point to Carolina's second BC probably keep these guys and it's going to be tough. Aaron Rodgers is recorded a passer rating of over 100 in didn't. What was its what was eighteen starts against the vikings that's including the postseason. And his numbers when I was reading the defense sentence of forty touchdowns and six picks against the vikings who. That's like stupid that's the only bad video game yeah. So it. And all of that being said I still think that we're comfortable with the plan I still think he slows them down but I think offensively speaking they're still light years behind the rebate back I was surprised. See guys that had the run game and could completely decimated by injury yet yeah you know your numbers have been good against the vikings. His numbers against. Mike Zimmerman coach he sort of foreign fortieth. Hasn't been all that would give the local news weather equipment that with the defensive coordinator of community. We're gonna go to Minnesota was very good since then getting the kids liberal once I. And that's that the problem got a avoid second third bought him. Ripping at I think this is the first new game it had all year and it's it's no amount will be fun. Yeah be popular or without your usual round here Bryant during the day before it a lot of good kick off this list and this is gonna be light years different than last year in that stadium that places one of the hottest I've ever heard about this in the light years different in this that vikings team isn't the same. They're they're offensive line isn't the same their defense isn't as good. Nothing about this team is as good as it was last. Just remember some of the times. Going up the you'll metrodome and and I was of their lives here you guys but they're going to the people work and he was going to figure that that would carnival season. Driving back in 94. But the hell haven't been on a loss Boston and other PD group we teamed up to be the end game there's so many tough losses that place. And I just hope this is another one capital of a long line of. Yeah again I'd give you think it should we do a better guidance might just think it feels different right that's probably through the they have been successful is if I remember correctly when they closed it down. When the Packers were there the metrodome the Packers lose that he might know that was win. Because the bike instead return for a touchdown and a ballgame but did Aaron Rodgers who often acting so crazy. From a mistaken the last in the Packers played and talk with the Sunday night game yes. And the Packers for the Sunday night you were in Minnesota let's all hold them guys we have the Internet for his mind I can't talk about it doesn't have a stadium at the end. Well we would. We look at that twenty. You don't know what the point Turkey coach who votes two years ago well the last time the accuracy. This morning reports you know backers point 1515160. They'll for the new stadium this is 40722050. Would be. Com on the road going fifteen they want thirty to thirteen. That was when they had that look like he started off the game remember it was quarterly Paterson ran a code red you know credible back for touchdowns and that was all her Rogers and Tony zinni veteran Michael Finley went crazy points fourteen in Minneapolis they one point four point one. 2013. In Minneapolis they want 4431. We'll vikings' record. The last emphasized less in the less and they lost in Minneapolis was 20123734. They have now are you guys feel good about this because Mikey to hurt you the vikings felt. Like there right now they don't have quarters favorite owner running back the quarterback you know what you that are offensive line even those who fortified they still don't have quite as an accord they want. But once credible everything makes me feel good or about this team right now seriously being in that locker in Dallas. You it just felt differently because it was such a big win this team just feels like they happen you know and I'm not saying that when conceivable though we put. You don't want out of something reset to let go and I know we've got to take a break but if there's something recently that he goes unanswered Rogers the year they won the super voice it. What happened a long ways that we got a win and we came together. You know now it was later in the season that that happened when they wanted to new York and one in New York in the team that can be compared to home. They knew they at that point not even if you don't what was a couple of weeks ago he that we knew we were gonna win the whole thing we they would no doubt they were gonna win. That's kind of the way the feeling you get misty right. Is that they do is go to the well political corner gonna win over the next man up doesn't matter. They haven't been decimated have one position. Other than to tackle position they have been decimated. Like the couple years ago was to forty minute rant over a short going into season and then you've got to have a governor of the bank of the device to with a nickel the other whatever garrison took champ. And last year they hit the holes quarterback situation was Sam Shields and everybody else into the series. Gunter was in a more right so. This year there are short injuries might like nobody seriously thought no one or two week injury. Haven't lost a lot of starters you have Bob Barclays Briggs and a couple of guys who nobody ever wants to point you start lefty guys to season and you'd. You're gonna take a quick break we're broadcasting live at both numbers but your wallets those talking Packers we'll talk about the bombing next hour. A star running around the rest of the NFL to stay tuned for that. We brought you what what like you visual response to bill Michael sports talk network will be back right after that. Wisconsin one. We'll Michael's sports talk. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Brown we're broadcasting a lot of those hours over here and wallets Sosa as we can track his down we have chuck Freeman the sports really wanna quite similar to the fans here whether it's also keeping your perfect from sports. Guys I completely forgot about TCF bank stadium. That the vikings played years it was a year to over two rockets do. Immediately that he wanted to do I do is do our corporate ended badly built for the during the break that would. Blair Walsh is that fueled the kids the young is remember that the first unit that it went. Brett Favre ended his career in the fetal position because all that you'll remember when that now that late night ice storm get oh now off the season with a throwing out your good forgot all about TC thanks everybody that kind of track densities of you thank David. I completely forgot about that really sound kind about it at least they didn't think this is your particular commitment to go beverage yeah and I've forgotten the food that new stadium is built on the site of the metrodome that the metrodome down and you know okay. All they do with inflated we will look at things are going to do it's. A big snow did that part two gallons of immigrant I don't know they'll laugh prematurely they had to get out of their idols you know their one year when the market pleaded. Infinitely regional it's Kentucky you. That place where basketball reached noticed a usually out of on them I'm glad that they've come up with the goods Obama there once had been to the new one yet but it was. Not mean it was you I went last year for the opener it was sweet to vikings of course be pretty good for team and stadium night game it was a lot of environment and ever heard. Now that said I felt like they were cheating not a silly pumping in noise but like when it was the packers' third down. They're PA announcer would announce third down like long drown out voice. Entirely too loud and I'm not just an old man like it was it was annoying. How loud it was you know it was just found it it was that a lot do you don't worry that they have god and they have like little panels acoustic panels. On the visitors sideline that reflect noise back down only on the business. There's an outside picture not surprising but he'll he'll metrodome was he well remember you and I. Piped in music anymore river Howard Arthur blanket of the violence that's laugh now but I don't know reveal much Nobel. Mike you've always accused of piping in sound in crowd noise of their pick it even though the thing the incidence of went through World Series they were you. In 1980 seven's flight poppy in the ways of over the speakers about the vacant that long ago. There they don't see if they always thought of what little picture here little acoustic panels went down only on the visitor's sideline out not a little site that is. Now they're a great thing you know unbelievable like I went. Have been fortunate been able to travel a bit look do you think stadium. On Atlanta's. Didn't like it at all when there is this year's open it up if he looks like it's at a football field in a parking garage. There is nothing that's dressed up about it on the inside yeah US bases beautiful Minneapolis the jury ruled that familiar with their. Yeah ball flight. The jury won't have to do to make journals to. Big religiously think about your role was Jerry Jones walked through Lambeau. With an architect and took out took out a lot of architectures over the thought process. Out of there out of limbo and it would manager were gonna come back we another hour yet to go broadcasting live the bill Michael subtle here brought you by floodlight. And both are spotted Joseph we've got all right after that. Sixteen stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.