Huddle HR2 - Do the Packers still have significant room for improvement?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 2. Bill, Chuck Freimund, and J.P. Cadorin continue to get you ready for Packers vs Vikings. Who else poses a threat to the Packers in the NFL? Plus, the guys make their Week 6 picks.


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In 49 other streets put bullies just to get. But this. It is Wisconsin. This Johnson fans still mad. Best the best student Ellison is the best interview. Best coverage and no one delivers a lake so blue Michael's whole. You're evening and welcome we're broadcasting live in those average well we're in wallets ozawa and hundred of blue mound road that we can find his until Michaels and welcome to go Michael Tuttle brought you by Bud Light second hour. We didn't get oil from spectrum sports or from our collective station out of Milwaukee went up much of an attempt. But bad chuck Freeman for the morning show host of morning show is here. And guys looking forward to this game against the vikings. And we started this early but. If you look at had a personal I don't have a lot of qualms about this game when their truck you have a few trepidation regarding it but I'm thinking of myself. From where we thought they would be to where they are I think the Packers. Are going to be sitting at six and wanted to buy wheat and we will look survived a lot of these injuries now as long as nothing catastrophic happens in the next two games now. This would have to be almost the team of Atlanta is still the team to beat them if they got a handle Atlanta. With this is the second floor of a close second at this point I didn't make. Go to Minnesota and prove that they can go back to back weeks and wrote Nelson and absolutely games. I think this is going to be a telling point of the Specter and I I agree I think he quit this team this good. Catapulted them. Two media number one number two I don't want season often played but it could just tell us that it is the sort of puts them up there now but it puts up there I am I have my reservations with a group that are. I think if you hit enough. Had only if they can't do it label field but they got to get fifty ultimately they got to get home playoff. I've seen I still think this team isn't even playing with capable mean especially they're often the go back to the beginning of the season when we are really analyzing this team we thought this would be one of the best solvents is the Packers have ever had. And they're not playing my right now they're good you know he certainly the last minute or two of the game in Rogers and his team have been great. But I don't know I still think there's room for this team room crew cutting the defense can get a lot better I think that. A lot of teams across the country are hurt right now both in terms of injuries interest talent wise. The other team to throw there with a win it would be Philadelphia for me. Carolina is also 41 Phillies or want I I politically Carolina that's the thing I believe a little bit more in Philly that maybe Carolina but even then. I still think I don't know maybe it's just I'm so hooked on last year but to meet between remain Atlanta once again. Well I think you're right few weeks because he's so far. And last year it was a wolf launching its infinite and they're lucky that earned run so privileged few it's Dallas museum of the pit sequence com. I have reservations but this is deep into the gutter guys. They cannot motive to buy the applicant out. I'd look at two things are looking at pressures hurry sacks defensively and I look at only time you're not that he's the third most tech quarterback in the National Football League even with. Is unbelievable scalability of the way he plays on the run. To think champion at B short of having one loss force help Clinton tackles right no I agree with that with the bottom line is one of those hits eventually. You would assume Missouri in what way cheaper form whether it's a cap local whether it's a collar bone whether it's something else you have to wait head injury like that that's one thing to concern me and then. You see it seems like BP right from wrong the Packers they have got. Got the quarterbacks at times when spores consistent pressure there are steps we'll. They're they're just a step behind it and is it just hasn't materialized the way they had hoped. And when there was a mark Brooks liquid dial are much maybe it's Mike Daniels the pressure for when he comes back who knows but. We just have not they would get consistent heads and it's the period not being able to really used boat and because of that club fleece fabric Arctic. Mr. Clinton ballclub our guys but I just he's he's little forceful these he's just not getting to the court do you believe that we don't eat. This a couple of tackles because no one arm on the guy and he hit you know the club on it and it's. He was able played well that lives here but this year it's been subjected to so we see. We see a lot of scenes specifically through the air wrapped up a total yardage right on the Packers we've we've we've nightmares of the Atlanta receivers and everything like that. 41 teams in the league give up more yards and Packers. Backers are eleventh in the league 340 yards per game that's it I again we we focus so intensely on this team we see every flaw. A lot of teams have it worse not even just the battle Watson's or worse I always look at the teams that are most likely playoff bound yeah a company whose team directly at the treatment. Yeah that's what they measure Miami we know there's a lot of bad football if you look into offense when you look at defensively speaking like right now. The Green Bay Packers stands eleventh in overall yards not always go white points per game but eleventh in overall yards in the U one of the top fifty that's not a bit bit pleased to meet. Put in the grand scheme of things when you talk about the points per game but our twentieth. In the in the in the National Football League that and he's sure looking UT that are heading into the postseason now buffalo maybe Cincinnati. Jacksonville certainly gonna go to keep in Miami Seattle maybe but there's Pittsburgh Denver Minnesota Carolina. I don't think both of restoring we're Detroit right now is Maryland as Philadelphia is better. Tampa Bay is better you thank jacks or better defensively. The what the Green Bay Packers aren't we are but looking right after that Kansas City seventeen Atlanta eighteen that's a rally only to Kansas City undefeated. They give up the seventeenth most points per game if given offense working the way to Kansas City medieval brutality fumbles which is giving them the ball and a lot this year backer attorney would throw the ball over like a fifty. Got you flying. To pay and I know there they got. Normal laws that many of the teams currently public repairs are completely please give him the team that there in the mix with the Carolinas of the Atlantis. Those teams. I don't mean I haven't I can't see them beating Atlanta right now and Caroline is the princes is so good that the possibly Detroit. I'm intrigue both that team leader you're the Packers aren't there if they're not forget carelessly through the defense and I'm not sure if that's the possibilities here I think. The Specter you've got to let it. Also a factor fifteenth in the league when it comes to defend the pass. When it comes to interceptions and actually without her we said before the yield was that we just need them to be middle the pass that their offense would well yeah there offense should be top five and it's going to be it is right now I think their sixth in points when you look Gaza through the city airport where. But community. That's a way to build. But maybe that's why they don't have security ticket better defensively for the Steve young people and I think they're well I think there will wait with Burnett Kenya. Mike Daniels they're go there's three different levels of players. Three guys that are her right now you get those guys back I'm not saying you're gonna have all eleven healthy eyes. What was the need my game you need Morgan Burnett I mean those your team guides and it gets your heart it's simply I'm such a high level. And I hate the thought they get into theaters but he's got to play on such a high level overcome some flaws defensively at least we've. You know I'd be much fear you could give the healthy people would do it. Against Atlanta he wasn't able to do it for so much pressure on the quarterback overcome there's the web with less than he did. Yet about it a seven game stretch last year to start the year that he did right it's these kids he said. We're gonna win on the table he's what thirteen to unbelievable Atlanta I think his accuracy have been incredible probably the in suited to. He was not good enough to overcome pulpit of the deep sadness. If he did it gives the Allison. Thankfully I don't everybody I think Atlanta was playing otherworldly well now last year in that game MS yeah every PC right. Now around that he took that to be here in Atlanta again so up and crushed to. The not just gotten nightly. I'm not guarantees you will hear but I'm saying that there are too many reasons to be optimistic. Especially when you look around the league they're far too many reasons be optimistic here they are one of the top five teams. Out of the bottom up regretting that wouldn't get sick from it could be put him or be friends with the put it this way Matt Ryan one of the highest quarterback rating slip through his 27 in the league right now he seven point. Mean he's he's become almost you know. More than likely jump in we view on no he didn't put you got to take into account he also deeply bears now he played it decent defense not a great defense in a film in Detroit didn't look good they're doing it I mean. At what it's only a couple plays away from being used to live right you know from being a team that's atop the division beating at the bottom. They have a thorough. Did the bye week last week if we want them self. Yeah I'm just lucky to decide here and it's really pursued resorts equipped report. Everybody seems to know what they guys you Aaron Rodgers and it's obviously you've heard of him he's he's healthy. What's the romance the mass public theory survival of his injuries went over quarterbacks in the league without serious injuries why degrees you're just keeps on ticket doesn't come. What do you think part of that is he knows who read it ahead of him and he wants to be can say well my title but I think part of it is I mean you have to look at it through when he got the call in that New England game rep went down. He got the call and a New England game applicable fuel brokers and broke his foot you don't find the second play of of the second. And play the rest of the game because he knew. What it meant to play with pain with the guy from my I mean we know how unbelievably competitive Aaron Rodgers is in how we keeps grudges against every single third grade teacher he hadn't gave mystique plus. That we know how competitive he is I wonder how much of the toughness though is because of what Greg did environments he just keeps going on it. Don't want and again I deeply through and I really think two things that when it comes that I think won his history his conditioning which I think obviously drastically helped him. The second thing is. Well like Russell Wilson and the way he goes down on the other than sugar while it. You for weeks that big hit here he just has this if it's almost like that reflects who were in various senses it. And he knows he's got to get down this and we had you not feel that breath he's not a statue when he's getting hit right topples over he's gonna move around like it's got to be. Runs with the ball you know the big. Run the football last week you got a first down on third down call it. You know what fools are few Marines that you and it went. He just keeps going not a done what he injuries I dislike and concussions and everything else in this the uniqueness of the quarterbacks without. He avoids all that's. It's near you rarely see him get it where you go cool. I do hope he gets back up. Most of the time he's come quickly degrades your we need to find an entire log cabin to knock on here just knocking him do it honestly doesn't get no I completely agree by the foreign lesson this route or take a quick break welcome back if you break down the Packers getting ready for the Minnesota Vikings don't take a look around the rest of the NFL and give your picks for what's coming up. Tonight and the remainder of the weekend GP you don't expect from sports chuck Freeman. 1 o'clock to become the thinner afflicted station in Milwaukee on go Michael's more than Michael so rock you by Bud Light the official response to the go Michael sports talk network. Coming up right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael tunnels on the air under broad you're our good friends. But like you've beat your response to the gulf like sports talk now we're hey don't forget would you comment here and you give registered. Offer whatever uprising the bush girls are given away those registrations let's go into the pocket and our good friend Chris for. Maybe C audio video. Every year puts up a big fiftieth street street TV. That is the grand prize at the end of the season's super all of you that it registered. Those going that he really doesn't have to be just one location you can be any of them or all of every you do it numerous times. What all those things going to probably draw one name at the end of the year compliments of ABC audio video they have a new. They do website but ABC audio video dot com ABC audio video dot com and thanks Chris beginning backwards again this year as part of the bill Michael so giving away that grand prize and also gave away a nice prize of my motorcycle ride as well and matter of fact. Another television and picking up personal and revenue from your Forte guy hadn't gotten before. It's a little more OK but I'll I'll tell you you know I I'm gonna come to to get married so I'm and everybody knows I don't know I got engaged and I'm going back to these mechanics. So we can get the younger kids really well all of it is very serious guts hearings get. Nolan and Canada I don't know I don't know while I was not slowly wraps hologram deals done benefits are not on I. I tied that and not yours ago profit anyway vanity. Set. So that the kids are thirteen intent. So you put him. TVs in their rooms well not only you have good TV now you got to get Smart TV with numerous HDMI ports in it for TV and through video and for. You know fires Dixon Comcast and everything else they're gonna use them to do so. Chris has got at all Chris Chris giving a performance not so. You get through the front stretch and went prevalence that was offered by my house for I don't think after coming. But also announces its network using an average out on the downforce putting their fantastic. You know figure out what subject believe I was about to get up and leave the cubs at bases loaded with one in already in the top experts on you that you don't Omaha I was gonna get it in the if they weren't up five nothing in the first I'm gone I can't folks than anything else and doing your your you have become so unexpectedly funny -- has not yet it's up to the other complaints. Both not cubs players I won't go that far right like get it Anthony Rizzo was next to me I give my hunt my guys look at our ivy didn't. The Brazilian made shall boarding for a little moved commitments and the playoffs out. Nobody not getting your perspective played I excuse me you know like Tim's all the emotion in the playoffs now it is so intense that I get that but they'll cubs fans and the cubs organization as a whole briefly bill everything involved in that. Hi to them I'm to the point now where I hated so much it's not even worth it you know it's ruining what white. He really teach you about that. Yeah well all right the obnoxious hello you have. So it starts with the fact I married a girl from Chicago and I don't die over there's ton of Chicago people there. At brewers haven't won so like I don't really have anything to brag about and it's it's the got one World Series got him right now oh but they only forget for. Every piece of memorabilia they have I think the colors but you know what I. Lieberman become so. Obnoxious flu isn't. Over the cubs we're going 8000. The fight they start winning a little bit in hand this cup fever that's our viewers that are growing about 1984. Right when he went on superstation. It's be it college or they've even with record Norbert college at WGM was brought against him to be at least one TV appearances that would help. They are wrong. I think I have to complete irrational hatred where. You know I'm somewhat insulated from Mike for the fans this is now we can't really afford to be. With the job of it they're cute thing to teams and organizations that I hate. Just for no reason and it it makes no sense and I would it I would not advocate for him but he cubs and I was. Since it went to Iowa anything involving I was statement can talk about it. I don't get the I was speak what treatment you're out there like I mean needing. Ohio University don't Michigan. While you have Michigan have a that's the kind universe against the what does I would I would see there was still no warning there and they win when they should and it's frustrating. It's such a rivalry and it should be I'm not even from their water like here about aimless didn't include. Knock off helmets go home and yeah now that oh my god I don't know I won't stop hearing about it that they'll go off the bill. Although it's likely somebody actually it's completely irrational I should not hate them they should be a little brother that I never hear about it. And I killing that that the keeps flying your fellow walked away enabling it is a human being you know you're at your students you know yes with the college and I want now yes but so you don't like the benefit. I'm pleased. To win Iowa played Wisconsin I am neutral and working of course but if I were not I would I would be wearing black and gold good to look yes. Even though we secured forums in the near term. I don't really. It really got into it don't want the so that's right reason that I didn't really go to Wisconsin I don't my parents never got into my getting go to college and my mom went to Iowa we just never we are no hockey hockey was on TV all the time so we never lost helpful. So I never really was the badgers fan growing up. I'm weird. Then it's it's because I mean. My dad broke the huge Bobby Knight since we were Indiana basketball football Notre Dame could you know all of your eyebrows went there and injured golfer would have for ever bother. You know so but you don't need to regroup Woody Hayes grew as people grow up with the British think you know yeah but you know and I like what Ohio State plays Wisconsin people always ask you your report. I get tickets from the alumni association. So I think now the ticket but I really honestly I root for the team that has the best shot at going to beating the hell out of an SE CT literally thinking it through in the championship. But it has grown up the stuff was different national team spirit of rock NV. They were there I mean the big beat Michigan when Michigan and I didn't want that he wasn't even a TV people see the highlights on TV. That they're having. It was just didn't get a national TV telephone. Freer so when it was good for fruitful but prior to this my wife had the pitchers were never a pride and I've never run TV. Never useless we gave them really were ranked seventh in the country no no doubt isn't there a little less to do we gave them 1250. And he's gonna have been the only thing out. We're now and we deal. He was always there because the true story when I was growing up suck more than 86 starts of for some context of the ninety heroes was like Seth ticks are usually high school we need a lot we can we thought we could I would not what this boils down interstate eighty fine we can just say I was grown up when we're gonna wrap again Cody agreements pardoning her because we weren't gonna get a college football household I legitimately thought the Rose Bowl. Was where the badgers played every year I would be 9394 is I didn't know anything about Howard I legitimately thought. Oh New Year's Eve or New Year's Day at the badgers flavorful yet that's what it. I didn't know about it. My first interactions multiple. Well I just went very got here the whole thing change that's not in his you know they'll find it and it and it they would differently did start the night three. Three years into it but yeah you know with a rueful when you go to that we've put there you know rough Berry was an assistant at Iowa I get wise had success understands. You're driving at eight Greg coaching tree and I get it. I've what we're looking up let you have I was a little bit and got halo is we got to come minutes before we get to the bottom yeah we take a break come back to talk about the rest of the unifil. One about the vikings on these real quick vikings obviously their quarterback we've been down keys in his new quarterback we've watched the running back for the season. They're they're the wide receiving corps is not. Given them what they expected the again you've had a big supportive of quarterbacks that if you throw the ball to the offense looks that game against the Chicago the other night. That's how you'd rather go to the zoo watch animals have sat and watched that game I got to be honest with what I was an awful football. We look at the quarterback matchup here Roger persons case you know facility obviously Aron. That the the tables filled his played incredible but then when you bring up the defense was. The vikings defense will look to be wise right now one guy grabbed his feet. It's your plane up to thirty boutique or rock every game if you all and god. So that's the fight and I forgot that he and Peterson got hurt that came last year. Against the vikings up in Minneapolis I've got interviews with him like the second quarter and it released the first one with you throw your stuff and Nancy you have. You idiot nineteen yards on twelve carries but Britain and in fact we. 286 yards 22 of 32 touchdowns no turnover and he was just that the system he just came in any. Anything out of it yet that it was great yet but again like their their offensive line was a lot better last year at their defense was phenomenal we thought that was going to be the best defense that the only year. Sure you know it's is he with a different team. At the beginning of last year especially that it was at the end of last year but is it different team than they are this year. Probably yes but if you beat the Packers and vikings are 050 lifts you up. That would would be to get the wheels fell off of that don't we didn't spirit they were eliminated from the playoff chase. Now there's the wheels completely came off but remember. And I go back to and I know people kind of who who used to live to Minneapolis. But they had. A and I practice squad guy that members of Ricky not hamper this guy for you lie. Hamilton Madison press conference up hammered this guy get out of here this is not us it's what we do. For more disciplined and instantly put microphone as they sit in the coach your offensive coordinator in April but at the U I what you say you're really into. And he got bad dropped the Mike walked away. And some say that it now locker room. You don't practice squad guy or not you just hammered this guy publicly to the point where he's not get a job anywhere anytime soon. If so what the political bloc from then come back to when they played it beat Green Bay remember this guy. And this guy's the secondary sit out of hell with the game plan. Screw you we're going on her own remember that point out that the controversy when he recovered the right men because they do you believe what I was gonna do I think he wants a team that we through the season had a repeated this year. But the only group though he's a great coach but respected principally great speaking you agree that I did things get knee injuries and especially quarterback spot. I'll Bradford. There's a big problem but he accused you reach college or back in Houston but. I idiotic question marks one of its connected via a starting quarterback and no he's not. Let's do this are gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna start to look around the rest of the National Football League games in progress tonight Philadelphia Carolina we will look at the rest. Coming up on Sunday and Monday we are broadcasting live oppose every twelve here in wallet goes I would hundred blue mound. It's not the audience the bush girls are getting erect as reprise his we have different specials that you're going on tonight took Freeman alongside DP could nor respected sports until Michael's. More the huddle brought Cuba but by credit this. This portion of the bill Michael's total this monster like Milwaukee admirals hockey. Opening weekend is October 20 vs Hershey a seven then the Rockford ice hogs Saturday Detroit first at six. Go to Milwaukee. More information. This is so bill my school's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Welcome back to the program to go Michaels oh you're on the road reread most average fell for a while which shows that we can find his highway 100 blue mountain road. He had you turns down here the corner if you could sort of spectrum sports chuck Freeman. Reports for you wanna 57 aka the fan goes to the morning show there and our flagship station out of the walking this fine network of stations that we have all. Draw the great state of Wisconsin and I got to take a look around the rest of the NFL circuit makes it picks is who we think may or may not. Be victorious at this coming weekend we'll start out of the game a good one coming up tonight that is already got under way you've got to four on one T going out it. He got Philadelphia on the road beat Carolina. Carolina I can't do a lot of credit I read this guy all the time with Cam Newton played a hell we even last week after all the controversy. Regarding his will say sexist comments. Ed that he goes into Detroit a tough place to play Detroit played pretty good football and just. Hasn't helped the team for lack of better turbine. As much as I wanna say Philadelphia's got a lot of things going form in the right direction right now I'm I'm thinking Cam Newton home in this. Our dad yeah I'm up here of students here but I think young person wins in its second year I had to offer return what needs to. Place of defense. Phil I think Avago Caroline's you know. All right I believe in Philly more than Carolina I don't know I I don't know if McCain gets. He did last year's failure out of my head the way that they just perhaps after the civil lawsuit on him yet Carolina aside it's I can't. I clearly for the Carolina is one of the best front running team there is. But when. When controversy itself and things start him when adversity it's they're a team that will fold like coach Phil knew I had written in that sense I credit him for his performance last week armed and I'm not saying I believe and Eagles have run the table when the NFC but I believe the Eagles a little bit more notably bad but it's our support Mac O of the yeah absolutely you know the guys the only currency these violent these joint success with the does well. But you know being bailed them Super Bowl. And you don't feel they'll. No he used to power the passage and it. You know I mean I know Paul charging at last week on our program are gonna see guys that were watching the self destruction Cam Newton. And everybody after less you know weekend's game against Detroit at what point how long could you be. One game does not a season make you know you've seen him do you go down this road before we had success there would diversity hits. He folds you've got a 202 dolphins Steve on the road against the three and one half its team without its moments and ticked off. Yeah and I can't believe there landed on the ankle it can go which it pelican. Now I mean he why did you come back he quickly got no interest. The particularly if I didn't really wanted to go or apparel and yet know if you've got a little lost the last game at home against buffalo two weeks ago it was a a little bit but so soccer what. And a year ago and in Atlanta's banged up to you. And that's that obviously hurts what with the falcons can destroy the Packers at home I don't know what they're gonna do dolphins you over the dolphins don't forget that that's cool factor who's apparently there flying coach. That was Duma lower. You have clearly is we earlier offensive line coach has to go away because. These films troopers were he wants to have you know few lines of cocaine and then you know it's Boston he'd head coach and you went down. Not a good situation won't go with the Atlanta the other a lot of things going working in falcons' favor there the bears on the road wanna -- taken the ravens at three into. I'm not a big believer in the ravens like he had believed in the bears at this point mr. Christie's. Is okay is he looked he showed flashes. Still can't take the bears on the road on the go the ravens to go to 42 in the season very quietly they put together enough wins to be atop the division yep occurs. That if you miss you like the looks like you know. He's giving up more like me the wrong way to cheat you out I I I would never compares with one. Both in tonight's quick glance I thought it would open for the readers that he gave Manuel Manuel went for the ravens rushed through an open. We both more favored by that's out here I I would feel. Or I do feel a lot better playing the vikings this week and the bears mean I I think that this is only get better and you look pretty decent in the repairs have some speed. We saw when they played the Packers. I think the bears are gonna be better this year but not this week. But it got the browns are 15 on the road take it on the Texans who have just lost everybody. That are two and three. I think the browns get their first win of the season really Texans yeah. Allen Texas JJ watt quad and Houston office I think spilled so good I'm doing Houston. I'm buying the browns pick I think they're started doing things right. Starting with having Jewish overt as when your best linebackers. I I think I'd like your browns picked there. Meanwhile you've got Detroit on the road three and two on the season. After a loss last week their take on the seats were sitting if you were to. This happened at this thing. He sits just fallen just ever since they made a Super Bowl run Gregg Williams isn't suspended they break up that whole defense. Number when they beat the hell out of Brett Favre and company it just since then it's been just a rapid train wreck in. I'm taking the lines on the road bounce back go to court to all of them think through the win against Carolina couple weeks ago when it now shortly and destroyed them so. Com I'm not filled with blood it's been wanting Detroit to the box back. And if the if the road went through here. We think seven at a defense him. Five years in that zone yeah that's what's wrong than they've been and I quickly looked to be round and nationality. It is it hasn't been good for the dogwood alliance. I can't believe I'm gonna say this but they've got all three and two T have to step up at. In the New York meadowlands the jets are hosting the patriots. Well I didn't go through gonna get a win now and now they've won three and in patriots even with Tom Brady with a bad shoulder. And Brock has been ailing what's new and then you use Julia middlemen and their defense Sox. Whichever way I was still got to take the patriots didn't know he was greeted little banged up going into these games if your left shoulder injuries and C joint hip hop but having the jets at New York. We give different five weeks of the season the jets whenever I'm Lou the giants. But a manipulative and would be absolutely get things have a way of progress into the mean I'm I'm expecting the patriots are winning a lot of expensive jets are delusional lot. He December Cisco 49ers go from West Coast to East Coast or nation's capital take out Washington that I always San Francisco over five. Meanwhile the Washington Redskins sitting at two and two. Even with the way they're secondary being beat up in their quarterback gets played great. You like that. I still got to take the Washington Redskins for all the logistical issues and the fact that the San Francisco 49ers line outside. You know San Francisco they're bad for a couple Beers we get good for me to retreat for the Quebec we've been again. I I I don't know I beat him and then what they they just kicked enough that that's the Packers Super Bowl now so thank them by the life. That's but that's another case just that we're talking about New Orleans were what Norton. Since this that was in the Super Bowl a few years ago like what. What happens now there's I think is a little easier to predict of what happened about this terrible management terrible coaching and eventually terrible players. There's a little easier to figure out what mandate it's hard to believe that they were inseparable couple years ago and I don't they were just killed packers' playoff games can't predict repeated. Gosh no get fueled this yard for the next decade and up here predicted it get it. Mean you've got to kind of started all this look I I know we've known in this argument really. Deeply but I know he's the guy who does the owners as in lets you know I George didn't get together collectively say hey nobody picked this Iraq but what they said was. This the guys started all of this and we're sitting here and huge controversy future messages ignited what is there then we're talking about a backup quarterback. So why are we gonna bring invite any of this in our house. And every individual franchise owners I don't need and five years ago Houston team that god know we could stop you and I am I here that every Ron Jaworski says is on medical leave room. And would be the greatest quarterback of all time and based on the way he was playing that wasn't crazy thoughts emulate destroyed it was it was a half a season of football yeah. And he proclaimed him the best of all time. I had a very good about the off time now. He's. I hear that he's not over the top sixty quarterbacks. In the United States today some are pretty bad yeah I'd be combined. They look really look up Cleveland has found their quarterback with Kaiser John Watson has been playing well what are we gonna quarterback. Play in this league are feeling is so much better than it has been nearly two years ago definitely you look at the emergence of guy like your car we are doing right now of course Wentz. I don't know LA and the rams but even back equipment you know we know why I agree you. But why you gonna fight that in for the quarterback the forty niners are starting Brian Hoyer and has been proven how many different teams is definitely didn't put the system you run. Now and does he fit that system because he's not just your typical yeah back pocket as yet no I think it's like you said like there was no over its consortium on this where they said art we're not taking him but everybody has made that individual decision really you know what it is. He's on the fringe serve but we can just go somebody else it's easier now and in in the products that are system better I kept his movement of water. A pocket to answer your group I think he's not there. I think anybody's but he's not you know he's never gonna get a chance to prove it again I'll though I think you'll you'll recovered now and he's completed on NAFTA which is insane because it just. And I thought he'd have a job by the beginning of the season I that's as it was but there worked there worked enough serious injury or quarterbacks to justify bringing you Mitt. Now had a quarterback got hit he was done for the season Hala. You know within that last year up in the Minnesota. You know when you lose your quarterback and you're scrambling forgot you didn't have that out yet serious accident. Got a couple bumps and bruises here most of the guys are hanging on. Let you know I mean he may have worked in in Miami had they not gotten Jay Cutler you make an opponent Miami rookie on that I'd see him getting into. So I blogs discover all the possible with surprise. He's not working right now when we come full wrap things up we'll take a look around the rest of the National Football League including our picks for the Green Bay Packers on the road. They you know Minnesota Vikings for more on the Michael subtle final segment coming up next. In order to avoid. Mortar the film Michael's voice call network. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Nobody goes oh finals like before we get out here. Did he get our respective sports chuck Freeman from portrait auto parts of an FM the fan until Michael's. As we continue our role around the NFL make it our picks you have got the two and two. Tampa Bay Buccaneers take it to a three Arizona what does happen to the Arizona Cardinals cardinals hosting the Buccaneers. I'm never. Ever take him they hips root me like nobody's business. I should be sponsored by some type of loop every time I take. Take a dip with the Buccaneers because they had just crush me like I've taken on this weekend against the bad Arizona team. I don't do not I don't know what happened in Arizona they are crushed by Philadelphia list. 34 to seven. Different Aron. Gotta be in the hot seat. Apparently it's been fine. If they had some expectations keep your political team with a better keep an NFL Carson Palmer's own for 320 yards per game and it. He's old he's not great be more re still trying. The Larry FitzGerald letting his what 64. Years old now with a plan. Yeah I like a guy I've taken Arizona home unit of offensive blame. I don't know if we're going to Arizona can be when I really like Tampa I really like what they're doing it in the young players. Was Roger's idea to I'd like to ski and take care. Carson Carson Palmer and are they hurting bill are they hurting you blink twice already done that I think we should get used to tell people to take. Its either gonna lose. I hear it's either two things come on deck anymore you guarantee Maryland are urged them to lose and go but because they picked him back. So they have avail loses game. I guarantee you avail loses it like that favored by a point and a half I picked them and I wanna do little walk among the community will be affected your office. I'll leave while the rams and get three to take on the jaguars who are sitting at 32 West Coast east coach yet again. Even the ramp to play really good football that's network defense is really really good because you beat West Coast East Coast. I'll think that works well you know what an intriguing game late game predicted after game. Hopefully that particular Watson's game knock at the ticket here you know most apps and we got a report keeps going on I was. When he tees. But we textbook play here and expect of him. How is this at 3 o'clock game is is that crazy to think about that just the fact right rams and jaguars now Ari somewhat prime time gave them on the East Coast is not because New Hampshire all right west that's insane I like with the rams are doing I think you look at the NFC west. I think that's your division champ right there. Half of right yeah project was finally sir please keep it and it's not favorites this goats not Arizona so see the rams and the Seahawks went to ramp from I like him better right now none of them to win this thing to Leo. Plus dealers at three into the five and oh Kansas City Chiefs the only undefeated team in the National Football League. And what happened that rubble for all he's looked awful fight interceptions to Fort Dix six Heath you don't wait to get back to play this game and maybe Pol Pot. Only saying. I'm taking Pittsburgh on the road I'm with you bill I I think that's what it I think it bounced back then things get tough stretch coming up here to beat only. They're going to six feet you know they're five and all right now Pittsburgh gives in the first losses are you gonna do him some baton and let my house at the Packers beat the vikings news. And I'm yet and after I win the second house abetting those two houses on the team to win this game. And chief who absolutely need to be politically I'm not I'm a believer in what they're doing again this is something where. This chiefs team has been building this isn't a surprise what they're doing this here this CC has been building to this. And this is this this is then executing the way this year. Meanwhile they were rolled through this is university with a only couple minutes ago he got one report charges on the road through three raiders without a quarterback can't wait a loss that one little wrapped up yes -- advantage in a car door unless I didn't each evening discussed here. Yep but go to the chargers and the two charges on the road. The giants sort swamp water they're going to be playing on Sunday night taking on the Broncos 31 Denver Broncos. It was guy Dominique mark Rodgers-Cromartie walking out of the team screw you one fact I'm actually playing wide receiver for the giants than it has ever have a well yeah perfect. And the rest optional point you know they have enough quality team of the groups that support it so now I didn't. They put the schedule yet it didn't think it and it's been spent an hour you're going to run the Broncos at home. Colts. Not cool so. Two with a three on the road wanna do you think you on the road that I wanted to be bouncing back and two and three. I'm mistaken the titans at home just because. They're kind of often did you want to be watching his game that the TV all of the sports but the confidence is used to exist repeats of C a Feldman and maybe. I'm like I'm Australian rules football early on he has PM with a student white coat you'll employ every tenth of what he scores that I just try to talk myself and take Nicole and I could do an economic assistance on dozens of collective future. Then you've got the Packers on the road port one. Against the three into Minnesota Vikings who broke this thing down. And I have absolutely no qualms about making Green Bay Packers I think the Packers and what does it I don't think are we going away I think it's cubicleescape. But I think that this team is going to be occupied because gore writes a 28. 242841. You know maybe. 303520. Sevens of them like that although like you see Minnesota putting up 47 right. Nevertheless I'd Packers can win this game it's going to be anywhere from seven to ten point I think the vikings are trying to put the of the key here. He put a relatively low scoring game and like the younger and the vikings. Obviously one lead sixty while IA Imus say the vikings it would all the wrong get. Twenty. Packers. 330. Well no I'm listen I'd like this back and don't think I don't like the vikings defense. Absolutely obscene third double of 3320s. There you go 33 point at which VP picks. We all picked to win in a GP on a high note. The Washington Nationals now off on the Chicago Cubs for a wife and I go to formula rally shots going toe removed so. Not a good Minnesota archived all I want elites that have not heard all I don't want to quote my great you don't know white noise that you sort of look at this article one to six feet throughout the I that the violence. All of the other is oddly enough there's sort of oil I don't know see the Packers PT test of the safety do to make that six they go Isaac that they don't. Well one touchdown what's field goal that darkness. Against the let's really talk about specialty tonight. They're fine. They're completely different color JP's analysis Crosby's spot I'm having all you're not seriously worried about Mason Crosby missing part of Florida make it profitable notable exchange that's never a hole through the editors. Great thanks a separate management out here it goes average well we appreciate it is always always when we're good stops we certainly wanna say thanks to everybody involved thanks to Budweiser. And Bud Light for being our sponsor thanks to JP thanks chuck Freeman. Thanks to radio Joseph pushed all the buttons back in our flagship station one of what's over the from the fan Todd for us to get better have a our. You're listening to don't do. Bill might school's sports talk network. 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