Huddle HR2 - How much hope do you have in the Packers playoff chances?

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Thursday, December 7th

Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 2. Bill, Mike Clemens, and Bart Winkler continue to get you ready for Packers vs Browns this Sunday. One member of the panel believes the Packers will NOT win this week. Plus, the guys make the rest of their Week 14 picks.


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49 other states put bullies just yeah. Please Wisconsin. This Johnson fans doom. Best the best analysis of the best interview. Best co. No one delivers Blake go bill Michael's total. Sing it well though we are broadcasting live from the blacks in America we are here in a Brookfield was got in this thanks everybody for coming out thanks to those of you listening to was on the network all throughout the great state and beyond its borders. And now we've got my clemens' medical through his radio logs and I also work week work from 1 o'clock so that from the band out of Milwaukee are flaky stationary target backers doc brown that we're gonna go to or go to our picks. For the entire NFL. Coming up a little bit later on the program but will pick up kind of where we left off guys. All the talk has been about Brett Huntley all the talk we've been about whether there Roger's going to be able blatantly clear to watch is if that I heard this. I think he clarification on this that who read. Vocalists that they that it really you'll whole lot of it. Prepare to move. August of that pizza ads on the attack go so well you know like he gets things going on got to factor at work correctly anyway. Called you do you have Aaron Rodgers running this guilty. And defensive members saying how great it is that elevates everybody's you play it in all that kind of stuff. But we're still not sure he's gonna come back in it I don't know who was it reported it but he's got to get phones DN. After this game. We know where that's going to take place at all in it also or we just waiting to repeal it with a multiple stints in says. Yep it's fully healed or it's at 8% or 90%. If the pins are good at this if that's Richard good. There's so many factors that played in this which you would almost be let the belief that. If he feels good to been there done that witnessed before that. Sort of taken a big hit he's pretty much ready. Analysts that on fox those of bone density scans and correct and it would happen between the Cleveland and Carolina game I think Monday is that day but will that it did it I don't and that if you do it as soon as Monday OK so we've we've seen him throw now. The fifty yard pass before Pittsburgh. We've seen him throw the hail Mary which four or we've heard McCartney talked vice don't know Mary's well. I think it's once and power on your show you refer to them as red China. Why are they telling us all this information about air Rogers I cannot see any snags what is gonna Brent Harvey knows his role might play. You can you be giving him much confidence if the best think coming out of green Bay's four news is oh by the way Aaron Rodgers is throwing a football in the dome. Two quarterbacks coach I think it's both things. I think you when you lose these games or what all out against Steelers. McCarthy came out right after Rodgers went down said I don't care rockets could be gone for a while we're just gonna get forgotten how we're going to be the saints because we're gonna beat the saints. We're going to be the lines. You know positive positive putting your rear blogger he movement cancel. Now everybody knows was you know worst room okay he's he's he's not gonna win games fours and he might lose a game for us. Think you've got to get everybody else on special teams the fans coaches staff and everybody say. We're still alive in this thing we're not done it's not over. And the only way to do that it's the flash Aaron Rodgers. And say we're still alive this guy could become a back sooner than you think. That's what you do to keep trying to win these games keep yourself that that can avail the other thing is. When you lose the Pittsburgh game. They trotted about the people for. The reports those six yard pass yep and I I don't understand why they would do that I don't get it at all I could think of his. Positive thoughts positive attitude. And this and we're playing for something. These games mean something where we are playing for something here and that's that's why do. When he thirteen they did not put him on IRA. Right on their team so it that's because it was different that right it was different then but it points thirteen I I seem to remember Rogers. There was some level agitation because. Ought to be three weeks three to four weeks and then he did come back when we body would come back until they get one do that this time around. So if this scan or if we find out but can't take contacted there's something still lingering. What what do we wouldn't doing these last few weeks he's coming back Carolina's comeback Carolina be ready Carolina. If we fight I want you said they look he's not ready for Carolina that's gonna make a lot of people going I have always said. You could have gained seven to the NBA finals in the clocks in it. Ready to win the home. As you can have a public heavily surgery earlier Rodgers in that withdrawal bigger ratings that's the Wisconsin wearied graduated. With two multi quarterbacks. Period. Tell him tell it wrong at the ratings prove that no I golf. You don't seriously I mean that is trying to figure out how much that would pay for that paper you think. I'm. Go for stitch up also and I've got thirty vanity island indictment and argued that on and it's everything NHT okay again well abilities to see that makes the out there right now. We it's just there's an evacuation with the Green Bay Packers because of so many different factors because you had halted quarterback because he we although he has the whole. Of the franchise at least for now it is our usability plea quarterback. We we also know that there's a lot of people out there read for him not to come back to say that Mike McCarthy Ted Thompson that there there you know coaching in there. Personnel have been exposed it is to run them out of town with the everybody's got something. Some reason to pay intentional. Here's the other thing up to this is just normal read him. And there's players that are talking about the election now what happened at practice when it comes to Rodgers as their site. They like to put out there sure that it raises the competition level and all that stuff if it you know what aaron's in the favor people. Building his legend. My other people talking politics upon them and to say. Hey you know at the vikings game and you know a week later I had the surgery at a downtown Los Angeles McCain Kentucky guys on that Friday. You know and that was. When they did the press conference. They do that before some other news was gonna come I think is that before. You. And they did I was shocked. Because the Packers front office so there's certainly tomorrow is most people of that fight locker room as much anymore assurance even openly. With the green there. And it's because they they knew that there might be some bad news for all that so they wanted to with that story there. And let everybody wrong that is that positive thoughts about the franchise that just gives you were gone. For the next artist burned so they have been using it in a PR kind of way not only the fans the media and actually do well. But at the end of the day. Arum brought this is Iraq. He's not he's he's a low key and I hate that guy really Smart smartest kid in the class. You know not a small talk guy but that nice guys who cares about people. Picked on whenever. Laid back attitude who had a bunch of his teammates over for Thanksgiving. You know like Joseph Callahan and those others okay and and and it's not it's not just what it's just the way instance California late back. What he's great at crazies that are. Crazy he's got a heck he goes to play on jeopardy right he shows up to date before he supposed to with the so he has been a whole they just want to getting the feel for the sat talking producers pizza astronaut just got back from the space station. Very year. On jeopardy a because what they did have enough today with the Sorensen the space station he's got to win and no note no Internet no encyclopedia and the game. He's gonna get there early and figure out how to win that's not competitive. I watched him on that you're rich show that Tony 5000 dollar pyramid or whatever it is now. You'll is usually eight and man that's the way he has every day laid back. Clinton and you know what it's done prospect at a poker. Can I throw some marquee guys regarding. Brett on the east play yet I feel like and I might need help trying to. Justified but I feel like the worse. The worse Brett Conley does. I feel like the better it makes Mike McCarthy look and the worst that makes Ted Thompson. I think when Brett Conley. You remember when Brett Conley first took over there was a lot of adjust your play calling a gesture play calling. Mike McCarthy's trying to win these two qualities he'd know always you are not making that field goal. Off 57 yard field in Pittsburgh Mike McCarthy's gonna tell you that no he knows you're not gonna make it but. Got to take that chance because he knows his quarterback also is not that good and he's not that good because he wasn't given a suitable back up. From Ted Thompson I don't know how much those two guys but let's just like early in the season. He's not to get the feel vote because he doesn't trust the long snapper exactly it's out of the street the next week I almost think that the worst this goes. On the field the better Mike McCarthy what's coming. Not a win but what about the whole quote Mike McCarthy school. But at the Carnegie stated that the whole premise that he is equal to true. Of quarterbacks that was my point earlier in the program was look we can talk about this much we want but there's some legacies on the line. Sure yeah Malia Dom Capers his legacy on the line he's gone he you know Mike McCarthy's legacy on the line not only are you a good quote a highly successful football coach. What'd you do without somebody named Favre or Rodgers under shatter you got a win out of out of Matt Flynn. Did you get away that anybody else or consistently within the anybody else that's why he has to win this game you have to be competitive against Carolina. It is. Jesus Christ himself is reborn. It comes down holding their hands of it Vince Lombardi and they got her first hit it big exactly why after 3995. So if they come down. And they say it's green based on that point the finger that way Mike McCarthy's legacy goes through the roof because not only did he sustain any get wins. He did it it till here Rodgers got back and then they can breathe easy and then took off of victory when compared to other coaches the tough pars out with Belichick. That's. Stuff yeah. Once spent very. Suspended four games and that even when grapple got hurt Jacoby percent look like a world beater on in the game that he played out and went for you want. And Jack Cassell eleven at five it'd make the playoffs but. Eleven when I go back to my point what I said under Mike McCarthy the Packers 3413 in the month of December only number two an NFL behind. The patriot Bill Belichick and the patriots but oh by the way the remote attacker to point to a three and hold them. But that is separate that makes Mike McCarthy. Number one of the NFL's 2006. Night time for political season that a McCarthy quoting the last six Green Bay won three close games and lost only one in the month of December. But he did they go through this whole build up what Mike McCarthy is put all of his numbers are in comparison to. Bill Belichick so McCarthy that I was successful I guess it. But what you told when you talk about not having far and I've Rogers well then that's a little bit of a different story that the numbers don't look merely used to a so we we talk about you know that whether or not on leave with the wins or loses what does it do for Mike McCarthy. I that you just the opposite. He pound it's this instead we are happy with a quarterback room. We're happy with what we have right Huntley is our quarterback I've got three years invested rental. And this is it. Coach unique that you use somebody else he'd be running quarterback club because this is the this is the guy that you you know that that's it now he has Smith on the starts. So you giving a little leeway was a great Minnesota got better if you weren't a lot better against Detroit a lot better against Chicago regrets against Baltimore. Really pretty decent against Pittsburgh. And then did look nearly as good this past week now against the bad Cleveland TV with a got a good defense now we see what you can do. And the other thing that's been put this in this about what over a quote he rookie year would almost be like sure. It absolutely is and that's why you know I was in defensive Huntley police for those first three or four games to explain to people. How can you possibly of its most important position and we will only give it two quarters. In four meaningless games in August and then that's it. And these teams. Can't get. Nearly quarterbacks off the field when her up like 45 points and get some meaningful snaps into the back back cut they need to do that more off. So these kinds of situations don't happen but let's. You know you can't tell that Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning. Any of these guys Drew Brees does that they're trying to. Beat the best of all time they're trying to beat the golden kinda had their numbers whenever they care that's what they wanna do they have no interest in Latin. You know the kid on the bench start get good that. They're all roads here are absolutely just like Favre was that's why Favre. For left thinking that if he. Several bullet over shoulder that's how we got used yeah that's exactly what Favre said when he with a AFC won it yeah industry sued because that's all I got my job and here's the other thing. This losing Aaron Rodgers is exposed your defense. And it's neat things aren't that I was telling you guys last right there's nobody out here I was Jordan Nelson Akio. John. And now you know Kevin King has been placed on IR he really your best corner and he's a rookie. Julio Jones can't cover Marvin Jones divide house after Sunday night's game. He got hurt went back yet there. But at the locker we did our post game interview with them we got finished I said you know what like to let leave children man. You know and he could be okay it and made it now gone out not practice. So now you've got judge Norton out there and you know it's going to be Randall. Hawkins. Lindsay get kids. The guy that did via the U on the roster spot cut takes hopeful that that you would be fit that's right they beat them this weekend. And so you know you're defense has been exposed as well without him here's. That's that's been realized. Let's take a quick break gonna be wearable not gonna be we are we're gonna be giving our picks them up your bottom of the hour but it nevertheless we're broadcasting live out here. At blacks in America Merrill bought here in Brookfield Wisconsin wrote you swear Altamont clients say Iowa and he said the building. What we could alongside Michael Holmes alongside I'd go Michael we are brought to buy but like the official beer sponsor the bill Michael's ports are that we're more right after this. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Barbara we're broadcasting live we are here is Jeff black in America pump. We're Brookfield Wisconsin at the Brookfield square off though Michael alongside. We've got to Michael with medical serious radio or we clerk won a question and from the fans mourn your co host there. As well talk about the Packers talked about Cleveland Browns running through our picks coming up for the next half an hour. As we go through the entire NFL schedule tonight got to go on the docket by the way. You've got to New Orleans and the Atlanta Falcons the world is nine and three on the road take on the falcon 75. And humiliated in all honesty the falcons to lose. He's the falcons to to lose to the packers' chances for a wildcard continue to grow. There's a couple of teams you need to lose you need as far as the packers' chances. You beat Seattle to take what laws you beat Carolina to take a watch you want Atlanta to take a loss. You want Detroit to take the losses we can do what the cowboys to take the watch this weekend and have the Packers get a win and have them continue to move up in the standings if they can at all. At a rally this thing in it to ten wins it and let the chips fall where they may. So going back we're talking about guys. There's there's defensively speak for the Packers as we talk a lot about their rod talked about the office we talked about the line. If I was sitting here today and I thought to myself supposedly they ask me they said I was not effective because yesterday that supported the draft for the Packers game where the holes. Announcing your thinking to myself here we go again same thing pasteurized. Defensive back. Pass rush defensive back because if people say well you know you've bits Beagle what he's fully healthy it's important look that's great. Much gravy salad that's great I hope they can now. Which you're still sitting here. With the same holes with the same personnel and the same hope to get some money healthy to get somebody through an off season get somebody with a full season ago. The same you could almost just played a record we have from last year Sam Shields as it picked up well had injuries that happen it would have been a good secondary in this event. They still have disabled defensively they had going in the season that they're gonna have a gutsy. You very well. Here's the other thing too if you really wanted to make. Yet it's that Justin Harrell cars. Were one news that your perspective like that it can and wouldn't read this mean. Edit yeah that if he didn't know what. Wasn't doing their homework is Kevin King this is all of this spring because of that stupid rule but you know he got away to your school's out now. That we get your Green Bay or in the mini camps exist. Dallas and it's going to sit at home this week my time so this is all that time in training for the mental well. You know that the camps where they can only Ricky can learn so much that. And we start getting the training camp and he's taken time off to them then what they practice what kind of like let's stick it out underneath his shoulder. It's that's one of those one shoulder harnesses like Vermont used to Wear at the end of his time in Green Bay. And then. And they and the bears game at the end of the bears game. In the visitors locker room keys varies though that it hasn't taken office that they harvest all over the shoulder. This kid is playing lights out and he put that first hit on seek Elliott in the scheme against the Koppel stepped up. But that had to leave the game with a right he's not afraid content that you could be a great kid. And I guess it's the best thing now that they shut them down this week he didn't know I had shoulder surgery so he can't. It's much time next year to play football big tackles. We did and we tried it. You know on this two weeks ago and you're playing through some pain archer. And he's like I'm fine I'll tell you guys the same thing I told my mama got that is on tape because I'm fine and I tell my mom and you know find what he's not. He's not as bad fact couple hours ago his position coach Joseph what's that you guys have only seen him Q1 on. All you imagine what you do with two so. He's a talented guy you just hope that he's not already damaged goods in his rookie season come on wash. Is he hanging evidence in the same submarine it's not Clinton debt. Because that's the same guys that I can't figure out. Yeah at least Kevin King he could see the artists you kind of knew what was going on. Clinton that he's almost avoided contact Richard I Mike you and I were sitting there going look at he he's not even. And got it running on angles to the torch to contact the mean he came into this season what's so much. Energy. Confidence. And Morgan Burnett down went down down let's say well you know inspector held everything he's got the radio Obama nominees. Front line these guys up with a that they took away from Beckett like Martinez. Was also. Run all over the field hair on fire fifteen tackles in the game really stepped up to the second season like you need for a linebacker. So he's done a good job. But I you know I know that Clinton Dix was talkative a couple of guys yesterday. And maybe that these stories on Sunday editions the papers about how his season is gone why it's been lackluster and why he's not gone to the next level that you expected to be because he's. He's just connect iPad. He's just a minute guys. I completely agree to a high level respectively is he her abilities if he's injured. And he has so painfully through I commend them has been on the injury but he has been on the injury report but if we find out that he's fine and maybe it's so the bells going on helmets remarkably I I don't know what. This is not the same guy we've seen since he came and agree that his stick at people because between him and Morgan Burnett that. I was at their position the seat because it was so you don't worry about. There's no explanations of what he's an open space and he's the last man standing back there and it's it's a completely turn it looks like a rookie. I I don't know what do with the problems. You know it is is more covered at a guy paid off season. I think now it's just another guy that has. Let's walk out the door it did help but he spent most of season. On the report yeah two games of the hand treatment going and all that at forty years old all the great things to say about it. A leader and all that ridiculous mica I go proposal. Or to seem like a no brainer you keep them at the beginning of the year again beginning what do you make him a sixth but this is only got like 8910 is also tell you that it played linebacker. Now I know that you pills a night for Pakistan it is you result. Short were so unimpressed with Jake line with what mark is doing the start of the season you couple this package in what border with that in there make them linebacker because. Basically saying you personal apartment. We need linebackers and these guys are cut. Talk about with the defense. Of with a guy who can tackle let's understand pursues people. So I don't lose my job. Here's then the question suppose you tell the ghost of the team starts to paired up that you get another guy that they drafted there developed and when you do to make money they cut loose. And you went back to being young in the secondary. Because you drafted Josh Jones tickets for a place that's what you're looking at. I think I've just. Hey I'm all in favor bringing back more to prevent another 34 years. But the kind of guys that walked out that door the last two or three seasons. Right resent missiles in the second through contract for. You just don't see it. Well what we come backwards sort of roll through the rest of the NFL yet game and in progress as we speak your world that has taken on the Atlanta Falcons got in Atlanta. And that he that the whole docket including the Green Bay Packers on the road take on the Cleveland Browns some key games coming up this weekend for the Green Bay Packers. Will start to make the picks coming up next to the white subtle. Wisconsin why you don't bill Michaels Stores told me. The bill Michael Tuttle is powered by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Onboard an experienced the non stop actually the Milwaukee admirals talking at panther arena go to Milwaukee admirals dot com. We are hash tag. I L hockey. The Michael subtle continues we're broadcasting live at black in America we are in the Brookfield square here Brookfield Wisconsin on the east side of the Brookfield square mall. Alongside my father's political serious radio also work week blurred. One of 57 of them at the end in Milwaukee coach of the morning show there I go Michaels miraculous but like the official response to the Michaels we're talking network time outs are rolling through the games. Whether it's in progress or for the rest of this week and there's quite a few of them as a matter of fact. Eddie got the saints that are on the road right now leading three to nothing over the Atlanta Falcons the saints at nine at three they are rolling. The the the Atlanta Falcons who at times this season have struggled Michael start with you we got. I've had to develop it home tonight. At that I think they need get a win. They kept playing it down at the moment itself it won't lose and. I like the states to go far in these playoffs. Maybe it all the way. But tonight earth it's at home it's a Thursday night game rivalry I am going to take Atlanta. Think got a good start earlier I like Atlanta in this want to. For May be the main reason that I'm rooting for them to lose. So I like him away. Saints have won in nine of their last him. After losing the first two games of the season looking terrible they're OK last ten Erica team and if you are as amazing they've got at defense together. Who Brees looks likely to increase from a couple of years ago. They've been really solid performing TV now restarted thoughts on the. The public marches jumped off the page right he had a great game against the Packers rent those screen plays you know he was really the star of that game in their final he's playing yet. Mark Ingram running back and I have like to me. Out there tonight physique and in the U let's climb but tomorrow looks otherworldly at this point. And Matt Ryan has not flee. Like Matt Bryant last season not have a bad season but the numbers have not been a jump it up the page what you did last season. For him that being said I'm going to take the in New Orleans Saints on the road to get the with him. All right I'm getting a little bearing here. I like that maybe we shall they can't gave that nobody really cares about except for the Buffalo Bills fans than three and nine colts on the road take on the bills. That is for the team influx this year. Taken the bills at home to a physical analytical gifts going back into. I would take buffaloes. At rates for this six seed in the AFC. Is it's gonna get ugly. Buffalo I like to win this game know whatever the spread is no comfort and that is what that keeps you in the bill to viable. Even in the last week of the season it's gonna be ugly and that is what makes forty million years the commission. While your right. I mean it's going to be bills are horrible rain all business or who will add in the AFC at 61 of those aides he was themes. Yup all Michelle Wie seventeen will be sold but. For a team that just gets smoked by age we I don't know I don't know that AFC ex patriots and know what we've. Teams get in there and and maybe you'll maybe things. He you've got to get bills and Holmes got the vikings on the road take on the Panthers you hate to say it. Gotta root for the vikings. As a path that the Packers are catching the vikings. So you might go ahead review the vikings and knock off the panther the panther sitting at eight in four on the season the vikings on the road attendant to. And they're getting it done defense. Case you know I I still go back to the day that Aaron Rodgers went down people tweeting are you kidding me it was in the case wreaking even on the goings on all right so we'll keep his numbers. Everything's just come together he doesn't have to win the game all he has to do was go on managing game they've got a defense they can take chances they can make our. They're from Monday night game one reason I think for Bradford wins with programs. And I just thought it was a competitive guy I play with a heart honestly it. That would audit dysfunction that they had down there I'm not surprised that he's making some fitness opportunity I think it's interesting when Mike Zimmer. It just aim of the starter. That just. Kept motivating him or does he he's played better since Teddy was available to come back that's for here yes they have been pushed a little bit now. He's cute sixteen touchdowns five picks and quarterback rating of 98 point six in 67. And a half percent. Completion percentage a lot of short routes. Wait he's doing exactly what they wanted to do it the other day to the vikings. They play a high and he's only been sacked nine times and they put up our team and then you know what they close at fifteen play drive. And then a touch pass to that they tied it on such killer. Against the Packers to take the lead you know and that's the thing of beauty and you've got a great defense. Like they do. And it's pretty good coach in front of my memory company. Solid unity that's all you need right little's case he could be the next Joseph kept. That X should look at it like some problems. I just I think attendance do I do not think there's good as their record. It drives people nuts when I talk about this every time I'm telling you that I turn on a viking game I sit down and all right vikings. Show me how good you are. There's turnover or what's the turn over Matt Stafford. Awkwardly fumbles that near Abdul now. Jaret go off completely misses a wide open Cooper cup now I'm telling you. You've got to give him credit for the wins this whole story line that they can play the Super Bowl win a super one home scares the hell out of me as a packer fan. But this tend to record I still look at it as more of a garage. And in reality warlock then. That town. Well eventually we use the post season in the talent wins out there so we'll see I will say this we talk a B uniter as a packer fan. It's a nightmares packer fan in thing going there. To via radio row live in this city. Anyway you can new radio row from your basement and just say years Vegas we might have to do that I don't think it would give Brian Philip Hughes Steve Mariucci years you might from in my basement not all drive up their bring him back or you well that's one guest today it felt a little shuttle. What gets the best that it's Hewitt ducked barreling around. I got the bears on the road to bad teams the bears at three and nine bagels at five and sell like Carolina and and they go. By the way I've taken the Carolina Panthers at home and a but then again it depends on which candidate should tap into that camp shows. Forget it. You know and they got the kind of defense the vikings do the demoralized him Newt that she bears on the road that you in this Cincinnati. Taken the bagels to get a win it. In some way shape or form that is there while we still have a shot in and then the wind out in Marvin Lewis of the keeps his job and less than. Everything it just keeps re treading itself and it crappy organization. Abbott and Adelman you know complete some passes it should miscues guns at the bottom of the let's go off of the things. I'm a tape of angles in this line I actually like bagels pretty handily. They they're a little more motivated than that office coordinator switched. And editors you know there have been so I will take things. You got the 49ers on the road take on the Texas 49ers to a ten Texans for an eight. Texans at home is it. Just because no reason just because. That that thing that Tom savage hasn't been. Terrific. The fact that these things that I've Cadillac I kind of like the niners go on where you set up for a world of wonder. But you have got the general by the tail because you're the savage or you're going to take in absolute beat down. Because of your name it's going to be ten times as bad in and that's comes seventies. Drifted in the nothing I like the niners to win ugly in this bunker now I'll take that times Michael. I'll take the Texas exes and don't you've got the raiders on the road 66. Keeps at home six insists that she's they have been in that I can't figure them out that stirred up so high. And then have fallen so far and so fast. Andy Reid's giving up the play calling people are calling for its job government believes he's he was together got a contract extension. He was the guy that ran out John Dorsey it was all his team on the show off to a hot start C we made the right decision now all of a sudden looking at this going. What do we do I don't know he's the right guidance of injuries alibi that the her hearing went down early but that's the ones want much games yeah but something they've done since then and the way Alex Smith is gone back it would help. He was evident halibut season due inexplicable. Inexplicable that they beat themselves. Time and time again his quarterback rating is still one of seven point 223 touchdowns and only four picks been sacked 29 times in the season by the way going back case you have. With the amount Saks to also because the polls the rockets of one's option. Yes that's true that's true so but I'm gonna take kids in chief at home. I think the home team in this month's although Kansas City. The business they'll want this is the stuff on its Kansas City has played so bad at any loss for the giants. Couple weeks ago they just that they've been amassed but in this game a must win I will take the home team that the raiders to their readers. The cowboys six and six on the road taken on the giants who fired their head coach. Flyers general manager put Eli Manning back in soon driver's seat. Bad but to the draft a quarterback next until they draped over there and this year start that and then it went right. You figured they would at least put him in over Hughes Smith Ed Davis let it cements I'm with the cowboys on the road get away. Cowboys it when I'll take Dallas and I'll take place here. Hours facts of law outlaws backs these banquets that well it's a great defense court. That guy. It's so you know Sea Shepherd the wide receivers questionable game two they've got no receivers. In the right now it hasn't they haven't played on Sunday in like three weeks a couple of Thursday games more rested deck look good. I'm gonna go to Dallas. The lions on the road at six and sixth save of the Buccaneers were just beaten by the Green Bay Packers. In overtime popular sitting at four in a this my upset and taken it yet you bay Buccaneers home. Over the line you know I take it over I'll take Detroit Tampa looks so bad last week I'm taken of them they can Buccaneers. I never take typically either they always roaming don't do it always always always danger there. Oh well prevail Obama think and change of penalty OK on the take to turn. I was impressed by the they were when we come back after I killed these two gentlemen we're gonna go ahead at the second. We got to roll through the rest of the NFL a lot of good on the docket in the afternoon the Eagles in the rim of the the kind of the premier came along is that along with that the ravens and the Steelers. As well we've got a lot more of vehicle Michael so broadcasting live at black in America here Brookfield. Also brought to buy a spotlight will be back credit to this. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. That work. It's still black men of Arab problem we're in Brookfield Wisconsin uncle Michael alongside or wake Wear my Clemens it's as though Michael's model rocket bike but might be official response to go Michael sports talk network. Thanks to all of you that came up tonight thanks everybody was being along the network as well we certainly appreciate it and getting back to work ethics we get in the second half. Of the schedule in the you've still got some decent games the Tennessee Titans by the way on the road taking on. The five and seven Ayers and I have no idea what happened cardinals. But I can't record on injuries and it injuries vision that's and we want it just it's it's just been it's been tough road series the last two years has been under a lot of scrutiny because. Oh so much promise and so little wind to go along side I'm taking the titans on the road this. I think Arizona look at the wind here titans they're the titans are not good enough to the united work team. So I will think Arizona. Mike Mike course correction theory they have an ironic if the way. Tax that's corner while in line is out with a concussions. Is that with issues Larry Bird FitzGerald. But yet the Arizona Cardinals cardinals team. The gap old. Broncos in a home at three and nine and taken the jets who on the road at five and seven weather looks to be somewhat iffy in the mile high city. I'm still doesn't matter taken just what part of defense we just that the bad and the profits could be worse. Jets are supposed to be horrible they can get their sixth win of the weekend a lot of ads Josh account I like him to have a big Dan like and the way I take the jets. Yet the Redskins on the road take on the 66 chargers Redskins at five and seven on the season the chargers to impress me. For whatever reason at home they played pretty well that that Ricky big soccer stadium that their plane had taken the chargers have home. I think the chargers and Redskins haven't looked good the last few weeks. Charges are rolling Miller reasons that now we see him weren't playing good the former packer little rivers a heck of a quarterback in. He's not a deterrent. Seahawks eight euphoric jaguars patent for you got one of the that the best defense in the NFL going up against Russell Wilson and company. Are you gotta West Coast team going East Coast I'm taking the Jack ward at home I was very. Ten minutes and Russell rules he's naked why he's playing so hard. So Smart he's taken his game to the next level you know you take away chancellor and take away Richard Sherman on the other side he and part this is what these teams were when they help hold press conferences that bring up Pete Carroll would bring up you know Richard Sherman. And worship quarterback Russell eyes of others. Now you know he's he's he's. He's a second serve he's become the story and he plays with so much heart these gains any smarter. He's making incredible rolls on seven yarder got to dot all of the other night so I'm I'm right this deal right now. All because. Russell wolves Wilson's got this team on shoulders. Every year for the last three years this that this is the year at Jacksonville's gonna win ten games I'd like how they've been building their defense. I but I don't think they get win number nine this week it you're right while Russell Wilson made just looked on a mission. The Seahawks ads highlight Seattle even on the road even cross country like in the way minute and a half ago here we go. Eagles on the road taken on the rams Eagles going East Coast West Coast attempt to ring and I'll thank him for them to do that again. I will take Philly divides that. Helena Russell Wilson said at the after the Karstens lost write and say hey keep it touched in Carson went to. Yes sir. I mean I then took that kid down they've done something not a Carson went. Think the rams OK from taking the rams in on the well ravens on the road 75 Steelers home tenant to them that it is usually because there at home I think it just to tick better than what the ravens and Pittsburgh. Yeah I'd never picked Baltimore Pittsburgh. Vault or I should say at the New England Patriots on the road on Monday night tenant to. Take on the dolphins who were sitting at five in seven New England going on net and McGwire we went even do they go than the patriot air than the Packers coaches say six and six. Taking on the Cleveland Browns. Who are oh in twelve innings quest for the perfect season be negative side I'm gonna take the Green Bay Packers on the road 24. 2417. Packers get away I'm inside the NFL. Phil since the Cleveland Browns beat the Packers that this is that we browns can pick. Wilson is a knuckle they can read it. I created this out on Monday I said. Brown's Tony six factors Tony three. That's on galway I take in the Cleveland brown hold on however their first game. Odyssey did that have to effectively and the Packers quickly in a matter all thirty seconds if that happens. Is there fire. Knoll. He's done is gone no matter what happens cigar guy. Ted we'll get fired it might want to buy okay. Giving Cleveland Browns their first win and only second one. In two years parking security if this is the first summit though the failures against the fact is that there they booed and laugh that I mean that's okay Houston that he did when he ran naked through the snow at the moment are coming out giving me a ride home they go. Yeah after your rounds man. He's maneuvering it rather than get in the wrong job for us to go thanks everybody or merit club they treated so well over here at let the black in America but here Brookfield thanks everybody for coming out thank you for listening thanks to radio Joseph proportional but supporters of the program. And I thought they got here. Thank you very much. Rosie go Avago what's up. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking at work.