Huddle HR2 - How wide open is the window for Rodgers?

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Thursday, November 16th

Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 2. Bill and Paul Imig continue to get you ready for Packers vs Ravens. Plus, they make their Week 11 picks in the NFL.


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In 49 other stage put bullies just yeah. But this. It is Wisconsin. This Johnson fans still mad. Best the best student Ellis is the best interview. Best coverage. Rivers lakes so bill Michael's total. You're welcome it's our number two with a bill Michael so we're broadcasting live here that he Montana has grown Dodgers may erode in met one come on by and say hello uncle Michael alongside our political analyst quality. Who is here as well rebate this year with a record of 500 better at home. He Tim the first eleven seasons and Mike McCarthy looking to extend that this year. He had that they use another win he'd get a win against the Baltimore Ravens at Lambeau Field this comics of these who's doing it the stay in the hunt or so. For the policies or at least maybe not to win the division it patio with the Minnesota Vikings do with. We try to stay relevant into the wild card hunt and of all the formatting on our break and talk about there Rodgers can turn through war. Next year obviously 35 what you believe the window we news career rocker you say it's a really solid three eat solid for a solid six what is. Going back when he never his comment is that. Like twenty. Thirteen 82 when he fourteen. Birdies 79 in night ago that was kind of his his hope where he's like if I can get to 49 to 39. And that's what that's an excellent methodically opened there was probably until he's 3730. Read the real win. Right but yet maybe they have a great teams of two great teams running at least 33 yes certainly. But in terms of it being like the Aaron Rodgers show where you go as far as he can take you. I've changed them and I I've I've made it longer you know I think you know at this point where it every quarterback is different. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are unique specimen these guys are and neatly level at a position that obviously can carry you for a long time. But if you keep surrounding Erin Rogers. With. We've we've tied atop the earlier with the best left tackle in football accord pro football focus at the box yard. Assuming that you have and Dovonte addicts with Brett Hundley with Aaron Rodgers this guy it's. How how close are we talking to a top ten wide receiver made it's that comes it later but. You keeps running with this talent. I think the windows. 67 years longer. It happens I don't see him slowing to do the easy quality I would say. The high end quote I'm not saying that he immediately be on this and you simply say on average. Would be until about 3738. In terms of like they're talking yard or your Wimbledon like that player but. You know. Father time is undefeated right isn't that the same as the yard excellence and then Tom Brady's like yet to help. Alec east define and other very different quarterbacks Rogers lives. On a runaway winner. He likes to play what a lot of people describe is that backyard football and make the Cleveland can't you do them when you're 39. And 22 year opportunities from behind that's a great question I don't know you'll have to obviously. Yeah he's talked extensively about his diet and and obviously all of these yoga and training and everything that helps try to keep him as young as possible but. You know if it'll be tough I think you have 45. Really youth mean pending multiple injuries really good years left and then when he's 303940. You know we'll see if he can. Play his style footballer they'll have to adapt but that's why you know in terms of when you when he suffered injury like he did to his collar bone on his throwing side. You want to come back this year. You want him to help lead this team that. Pull out a miracle like it did in 2013 when he came back to a 771 team in the when Chicago won it won the division with an 871 record and all of these things. But you do have to be at least mindful. Of the next five to seven years and and not letting him do some things. That could affect that that could turn the timeline from 56 years to be like. You re into the college like this could be forever. And him in in court quarterbacks with a bad collarbone on the throwing side forget they're gonna have a shortened career that happens again. Yankees when you look at and the city yards per catch to Monte Adams has been very good he's got six touchdowns on the season. He's he's receiving yards obviously not as many news see like Antonio Brown John Hopkins know what he's been very good and he certainly has come honestly mean to the fact it is what I considered the two reasons one. We know that George number one we know we don't distorting at that symbiotic relationship with a parent. Whereas. Dovonte working with that second team early on his career in the me could spread only when discounting their more familiar with one another and jewelry draws number one coverage. So what's the new crew quarters quarterback you don't wanna necessarily throw the number one corner all the time. So divide that is getting more and more looks in that direction. It's not that these. There's the number one it's that he's the favorite target right. It's so going back your question we're too much out of that it's for the ranking. I think he's showing all the words he's we should receive actual work such as we've seen apex catches circus catches. He's not falling out of bounds dialect or he was wearing just came natural to him. Well I think he could develop into that guy in the eight going into his offseason again we've got two guys specifically one being Randall Cobb one being a Clay Matthews both of those guys could make a ton of money next year. And if you cut him loose. Very little audience that you need shed. And you have a guy you believed to take over for Randall Cobb I don't know that they have sort of instrument actually stepped in and take over for for quite yet. Yeah out of Korea I do when it on the want to point there was a game and I'm trying to pinpoint exactly which one it was. It might have and the Dallas team. Okay in week five. Where the the assignments started to look as if he started thinking that Dovonte Evans was his team's number one wide receiver. And I think the shift. Started around that time. And you know if these these entities that are clearly on the opposite path toward announces five these fighters policemen then about 106 years both fighters I think 31 inch and six respectively. And if so there clearly are different trajectories of their careers but. I think we've reached the point whether this is a Rodgers led team rough on the US team that. I think Dovonte adams' is that that's receiver on the team. Is that outlandish is that crazy. We know what you do the transplant majority of transplant Dovonte. Onto the other 31 teams for a week. You don't toll system that toll new quarterback. I think that Adams might have had overtaken and it more important than what I think it seems like defensive coordinators across lead. Are starting to treat to watch him that way have you observed Seidler who. It that I have because what they're doing is based would have says if you lose on the monkeys on at times believe the number one quarter and that's. Which previously would have been crazy with you again Seattle toward him and dealer Rudy what does this leave a guy like replica. The way it is now here's here's a it to the back point two it is is Jordy Nelson stays as like I think any leak outside wide receiver I think our. Are done. But when he transitions to the slot in its covered by those guys he Tom so right. Now the way ran a pub plays a slot position is not identical to the way that George Nelson plays it. But if you were to remove. Dovonte Adams from the steam what's they could take. They have a fifty million dollars each decision you make undermines him this offseason right at 4040 million minimum probably more like 5060. Can you I don't think they're in a place to be able to replace. Want to whereas if cop was traded flat though it's whatever. Nelson Atkins is is obviously a very good slot receiver this one's career. And made me and we're getting ahead of ourselves. But maybe we get to a point where Ty Montgomery just changed back to his legacy of well again. But just O'Donnell possibly were very drama Allison is is obviously emerging when he gets his chance he usually shines. I just. I don't think this offense. Almost no matter what they do in the off season could replace. What Adam has given and I don't think to try the problem is let's say they give them. 52 or four years. Twelve and a half average. You pay him twelve and half top eleven now Jordan eleven on this course you just can't so. That it's about who is the that would put him if he's as far as what you countries that you bit. So I think if the Packers don't get it's wrong you'll get else. He's getting easy hit 84550. Mile EC Julio Jones don't quite know ma yeah Hopkins during Tony's not around. Not yet know he's not Antonio round top guns that. He's not he's he's he's fast but he's not like you know NFL wide receiver blazing type that. He does everything well as a wide receiver he's improved tremendously every sees ice is amazing offers for that he's taller. But he's not seen guys though like on the yes I think wide receiver like it's thick muscular. Wide receiver yeah. Good I mean in strong guy and I think sometimes calling a wide receiver like a possession receivers sort of like on quarterback a team and it right flexible you can bat thing. Could Adams can't stress that it's not like some of the guys mention but he's easy merchant and I don't know if you can. Do anything but prioritize that and make any that this that you have to make from a contractual financial perspective. Fall in line with that because. And we kind of ran to this because of who look who the quarterback would be put. When you have. Hardly be able to form this relationship with press on with the Arctic atoms to form a relation with Brett Hundley. Excessively but Huntley but I think it says that. Adams is capable of being really good even if a guy making his third ever start at quarterback the once all that's impressive to. 85583086. Where it if you would like China feel free to do so we're talking about the wide receiver position about the stability of some of these guys in obviously. About the window of opportunity for the Green Bay Packers as presents itself right now Packers getting ready to take on the Baltimore Ravens this weekend at Lambeau Field. And that's canyon dune kicked off by the way noon kickoff and Kevin Harlan used to join us tomorrow on the program. For CBS is going to be covering game to be calling game we're here among the local show or on the network show on my show. Coming up tomorrow we're broadcasting live at the in my tennis out here and dodges they wrote in Mac one don't forget Wednesday night at next week. They have the the two person beer pong tournament going on ten dollar buy in limited availability. And that get out and enjoy yourself like yes come on out here to that the. If your holiday started off right there we're gonna take a quick break we're right but Bud Light will be back right after this. Everywhere he Wisconsin. Bill Michael. The program though Michael's I don't. Rockets landing here at look like yet on doctors they wrote in that one Wisconsin and get you ready for the factors and the Baltimore Ravens quality alongside a ridiculous this discussion. About what could make. This amount upcoming offseason. And sitting here looking it's wide receivers you artery Hopkins. Who have goes through 2001 to each and every team the Yankees signed 36 billion so Nocioni 35 and Mary's Thomas 35. On Dez Bryant was 32000083. What is exactly degree. I think AG I think what I knew I think right now AJ green is is it better a year or two from now. That'll be different. Eight degrees for years in the league so loses about Adams. Not wanting AJ green is four years and he's Contra at least one reason it's sunny and he's gotten three years older it between between nine years old right but I think if you really look at at those top five contracts for receivers. Where you're talking about. AJ green has sixty million overall with 26 of that. Guarantees Dez Bryant seventy million overall 32 guaranteed to various Thomas seventy overall 35 guarantee you. Julio Jones 71 million overall 35 setter right right I hope I don't think you have to do quite there. Four for Dovonte Adams and we do you want two weeks ago. C 21. 325. Guarantee NC fifty million total. That's that's run. Could you if you wanna use UT will guarantee like 4550%. A contract so if you if you package that lets say for years and fifty million dollars. 24 or 25 million that would be guaranteed. That would rank in the seventh among NFL wide receivers. In guaranteed money right now on these contracts he'd be behind AJ green behind dead behind the various Thomas behind we don't hide the other Hopkins. But you have to give him more than what. Thirty year old DeSean Jackson got from Tampa. That's what legally guaranteed and the thirty year old Dutch project is worth twenty million guaranteed to contents five years younger. It's worth point five if you're listening now at at thousands HTV box they'll spit up Emanuel Sanders in Denver thirty years old got twenty million guaranteed. This is a lot of these examples where I mean you're guard's own gut at 31 years old from San Francisco seventeen million guarantees. Debunked is getting point five million here too he just hit it so that would put his contract somewhere in the four year fifty million for your 52 million. And and bill I'll I'll get the last youth. Where's your like point of no that's too much. If you you know forty million dollars here on its way to. That would put them at 3035 that would make you more I'd speak what's equally hyped but every year somebody's gotta be the highs today publicly who's ever up if that's worry. Easy to start the book in thinking that well might I became the guy even with Brett Hundley. Look what. He took them to do great self it's it was a look then he could do with Aaron Rodgers or somebody else on the open market or he could make and other quarterbacks news media. That's why he even though. George established so that Jordan in the number one target overall it's kind of the natural selection. Yet to block these excelled and had more targets from Brett Hundley. And it's caught more passes for. And he started to score touchdowns now and we've seen them on the island real making a couple of one catches so that he said he's doing it with Brett on. So imagine a quarterback with all the money that. Don't saying I think if I'm his agent saying look I wanna get this guy. 4050 million hits it 55 Jimmie 35 to forty yeah it'll probably work it out what he's getting it done for you with Bradley. Word. When when Rutgers got hurt first thing I thought in terms of them on to Adams was how many millions of dollars to just lose because you. He put up at least a thousand yards receiving if rockets at them all season and he can get these flashing numbers and it's gone on contract year yet you didn't yet nothing but with what happened in the fourth quarter Sunday if that continues. Were working with red Huntley Dumont and can still be that good. It it only makes him more money because Isaac yeah well he's an assistant with actors we can't bring him to San Francisco don't expect the same results. Now that you can. And you know so anything at that to his value had its other step that one mr. The Packers wide receiver position right now. OK with Jordan making what he's making Kotnik he's making and keep in mind that Monty and still a rookie contract. He's making good money but not like NFL good money via the Packers wide receiver position takes up 1% of the cap. This year what your happiness on wider audience points. Only sixteen point 6% but it's the second most. Expect it's the highest percent of cap in the league dedicated the one receiver position so even before Dovonte haven't if this contract. No team in the league he's spending a higher percent of its cap at wide receiver and the Packers. Already. With Adams I think we can rookie month. With this deal with Randall Cobb and we know the real continent you would be go to a twelve point seven million replies I mean it's at the end of the season if they cut problems. It's 3.2 five with a little there's the debt money that that money and that seems to be palatable number in lets you would read duties due Wednesday but which and which could have very well could the lake let's that you. But the key Cobb. At this current number right we got security now since last time the second cut short yet to cut maturities only one point five. Yeah so it's structurally speaking he's got that the more it gets aid is being released right but like it if if you're the highest cap team in the league spending at wide receiver to get back to point three would be to that point three point through debt money so it's not a million W 2.5 for cop. And you know maybe you're like maybe but let's say right I mean the Packers are better with top and we just stop there is that the Packers are better with cop yeah that's the financial contracts rule. Discussion not like the Packers were the top yesterday's. Well I'll be like this is where you start to say okay you look at what's it because if you cut Cobb. You gonna say what nine million dollars yes by the time it's Olson and you're leaving all of that and more than to Dovonte and you're still paying your wide receiver room as much or more than any other team in the league right. Indeed you correctly. What's that dead. That zero. Really this is it. Zero if you bring him back you're gonna home eleven. So this is captain is eleven you can't live up to eleven and half what you normally many. Restructure can't. East or indicated he has what it's like accurately doesn't army he was ago he would go it will more. You know so it's me that's why you drafted beatle maybe that's why you got the fact girl maybe that's why you patent repaired now I mean because he's choosing to. Now the Perry route right over. Right. And if there's that and if they can if you know draft tomorrow and all things equal the Packers had that are taken outside linebacker in the first round with over talent. Roster absolutely I'm just looking in this announcing you know Clay Matthews. The cap it next years if the independent news that Bob would be about three million so you know those two players. You would say almost one million dollars if you look at but the scope that's the cliffs and the Packers have a competitive defects. Or team at all. If they're spending 25% of their captain wide receiver but it isn't even possible to feel rested frost and highlight million dollars. Use of that the Monte Adams keep him here you know you can still run on yourself. On the free agent market in the other end. Like Ahmad Brooks type well legally coming Saturday to become a player it's something else because you're gonna have me who knows what's gonna run blocker. Right united and that getting image resettlement agencies of the way here what's his what's a lot of that he's he's got three years left the outlets to Edmund would be like nine million dollars. Yeah it's could mean McRae has been admirable and at a certain point Packers beat the either like they need to decide if Jason streets in at my ticket back here this year 3.2 million. So he's got the same number is hot three million so anyways and in the I would be eight million that you would say. Okay so actually would be at different spots and they do. If you've got rid of blockage that critically maverick cop read what they have to do all three know what I'm saying it's between those three you have almost 25. That a lot of heart and I'm part. The in the capital 111012. That's equal rights to the point if they have money because they're always rolling in over intent most of rollovers cap money. It's just it's just a matter of the economics of can you pay your wide receiver group point 5% here. When you want when your quarterback is making you know let's not forget rob is an extension. And it's gonna be a lot of upfront guaranteed money because he's gonna see that Matthew Stafford getting what you what is the total got this year. 14. Were the ones that I don't this year total applications 151000500. Eked out. For the Packers for the Packers to the 8160s. When the next night it's maybe it's 16. And then next year it goes down by. It goes down by eleven million point 167. Million it is a total apathy about it 16 this sixteen. Right now that will run on America. The clock is gonna get every last ounce of that tonight and fast yet. Some say and that's maybe it's a lot at played cop one of 323. Spring's test the play right bill next year he needs I mean I know I don't I know when I'm idol itself. Let me just in the cricket plates in them just a phrase then right. Very serviceable or we'll find somebody that you. Well that he can't get much cheaper than might just in the crater taken much cheaper than. You know sprigs of rookie contract but that's possible to they get that they that they knew what to do with. I was Jahri Evans that they have a guy communities plugin that is Patrick. You don't called a day or you hope that Kofi Amaechi is. Has progressed it's tough to beat out that part so right I like these these economic Packers discussions because he knows what Russ ball in the front office right. That's specializes and it's like. Of you want all the guys your team but when you have a cap of acts you know 167. Million dollars you have some. Another thing about this way it did give them the highest rated space right now monetarily for the Green Bay Packers. The most space being taken up on their on their rosters you've mentioned. Is so wide receiver 27 million but that's not the highest their linebackers and two point 8097000. Items. And that's all clean and that's all claim under the Bob Brooks is making the reason I believe three to have. An idiot that brought a rookie deal eagle on a rookie deal right and and they're wide receivers next you'll still take up most of it would be it will lead to the most point five million. 9260079. For not including the not it was about the end while the linebackers will be 25000964. So but 4000 dollars. And wide receivers will be less in the linebackers linebackers. Who is the most politically position right now once you reflect our course. You're spending money on line backers used the marketing productivity. That's what I'm saying expert look at wasted in as far as money all goes yeah you're saying where I can almost bank run buckets at the wide receiver position and where were getting were getting the least amount they were overpaying. Wait overpaying for Atlanta to the Packers have a bigger issue right now and pass rush. I don't think so and in the second. Is not good secondary but which which by the way they're secondary to they gates is making twenty million dollars Lucas politics like three and and they have a lot of guys on rookie vitals. That they're probably including. Morgan Burnett contract out there in the second and easy like a million not yet been publicly index. Is picking the wrong time and country yeah. If this is so accordingly we need to get paid this off season yup that's another. Clinton nicks is obviously but is that they put wrong time again I go back to when you look at what is that the patriotism towards one definitely the patriots mr. three guys may try again actually do what you wanna try three guys making double digit millions. And that's it. Three guys the patriots making double digits in the millions were in agreement Packard you hear Roger's making one. Randall Cobb make it twelve to forty Nelson make him let you guys. Let's see here that's three right there with you Perry Mike Daniels may contends that platform you've got to claiming that he's making fifty. Think that's it for this year and next you're gonna have like three other guys who can claim that he's still making nick your government can stand up next year. A home. Mike Daniels. We'll still be that you'll also have David backyard making a local writer right right don't forget that's insane you know. When you look at this number you're taken in back stories written prepared by George will there be any good when you start looking ahead. You look at talent. And if you look at money ball yet and you start to look okay where my getting the most bank for my buck in the guys we have to cut in the most guys to trim the fat in the sequence we spend money yet. I kinda see what are you start to see grammatically given some of these money he equals yeah what's your production getting productivity gap that. What we comebacks because productivity of the game that's in progress register to break all those down and take a look around the rest of the National Football League. The Packers are going to be on Sunday that'll be the last one we get to put everything else gets underway tonight you've got to the Steelers and the Tennessee Titans kicking things off. On Thursday night football that we get the rest of it because you do have some good divisional rival teams. Coming up the lions in the payers or anyplace we can go at Soldier Field he got Minnesota this weekend as well. Better that's back at it with a heavy Ramsey coming into town we'll break it all out coming up next on Michael's. Wisconsin love. Bill Michaels Stores called me and work. Program at the Michael's sudden we're broadcasting live on your Libby Montana is on dog as they rode in back warned all of it alongside a critical announcements that you're talking about. All charging for those it 'til this new program during the week follows on with us earlier today does mcginnis football's done on the program follows is fantastic. Volleys currently yet many stakeouts in Minneapolis Saint Paul. And where we're gonna actually Paul and his girlfriend and now our staff. Were all gonna meet up on that for Saturday when we go to do super ball there. And Paula that many stakeouts right now taking pictures of the news or not been given Manning's. No mental intent to take notes it's it's the top notch. It but they have this user whose death by chocolate thing and that is just this massive cut much of choice it's the best chocolate or perhaps but he chooses Manson got much. There were sitting here talking about it and for those that it was super Walter teams there and you win you wanna be. Yeah when the Packers won and I'm on the floor and confetti flying your next to the Indians going off when you're getting hugs from everybody from Donald Driver Ron Wolf whatever you know me and I'm not. Think of the name or you're standing at your part of this broadcaster part of that team. You know in that sense. That there's nothing cool. Like they always ask you know what would you go to C walk I don't stand. I could yeah I don't stay it is it is if if the Packers aren't there or the team and I'm rooting for covering what is the levers and there. I come home come on the Saturday night. The night before and I have my tradition as everybody comes to my announcement in the spaghetti and meatball dinner everybody by halftime was completely loaded. That we stuff or meat balls that are valid and we watch in the game and everybody gives an argument on and off ego in the hunt with a talk about the next day. There is something. To see a half times your own person to see that the configuration of the stage and that you put together that that's really cool. What I'm I'm it's like you said it's the biggest television spectacle of the year yeah and I look to be a part of it that particular one you know entity is just it's a tickle back. Odd game they have going on right now it's not affect the Steelers are at home and Hines field 72 on the season taking on the titans Steelers upset nothing even without the officials more I was gonna take the Steelers in this. Yeah we're talking off the air like do you by the titans at six and 98. And I and I don't I don't either I certainly by the Steelers as as a top notch AFC team for sure. And so yes I mean regardless of the fact that five minutes and just about to be. Maybe fourteen or 100 yes Steelers either way. Lions are on the road trying to get a win against the six in three bears lions. I'm actually taking their own. Wow that and presumably defensively they've got enough alliance have struggled in the red zone they get hot though the lions are coming around I get it but I I think the bears. Got to gut punch last week against the Packers when they thought they were gonna win that ballgame within this team. This is their last gasp I think a particular moment. I'm starting to come around on the lions a little bit. And certainly was not impressed by the bears. Who are handicapped every week like John Fox coat so I'll take Detroit. He's got the jaguars that the parents on the road taking on the ground I will no longer battlegrounds have you been on I that a month voices I thought there's no way to go anywhere it's not just aware of people this is just you know and so on with the jaguars on the road in Cleveland they're gonna knock opera type two while I don't believe in the 63 titans I do believe. In the six and three Jacksonville Jaguars. But they're obviously should be Cleveland but. They are other defense so good adolescents off the air but. We talked so much in the off his vote should the Packers put sixty million dollars for AG we accidentally shipped every dollar that Jackson will spend nominated movies that were executives or companies. He's meant to him. You've got the foreign five cardinals were really against the three and six Texans are reeling devastated dad this is kind of the the battle if you YouTube viewers look I take the cardinals on the road just because. I've just found savages the there's there's nothing you don't JJ watt. There's nothing in theory about the analogue mystic cards yet and don't know about cardinals as well there's nothing fun about it but Buccaneers at 36 on the road taking on the four and five Miami Dolphins still have a gas. Politics all in all. You know what you love taking the Buccaneers. I can't take I just every time he. If you take all of the heart of I think Tampa Bay battle to separate them. You've got a big one in the division the vikings are at home at 72 taking on the rams who were at 72. In Minnesota in Minnesota. I'm taken rims on the road this. I think they've got a better quarterback can go a little bit more office they think their defense is just couldn't go to Toronto Minnesota. But he needs you for everything I said about them I'm still I'm one step away from police believe he. This would be that's definitely gets the win to become a full time believer phenomena that the rams on the road maybe it's wishful thinking you're hopeful thinking about the program. I could repeat everything descent who's my exact thoughts if if case keep him doesn't against the rams if the vikings can beat this also seven in two rams. I would start out I would start to believe I would say okay all right you know what you're you're good team you're very good team at eight Q but. I think the rams are better team I object to win. The Redskins four and five there on the road taking on the seventh two world Lindsay do you believe deeply in the same now I don't know don't know yeah CI. Right right I want want to quit did. On the road they've been good at home have been stellar so take them home yet but all of a sudden now back shot that beat guru again and in the end you know it's like come off. You know after after he lost williams' nephew wants your defense couldn't figure anything out conflicts with a paper bag were terrible football team and I kind of got it all back together. And even afterlife after Jimmy Graham finally get her off its line worked out a little bit I believe in Drew Brees. But I I'm just gonna say that I think the seats are just a better team the Redskins although like monopoly seem to 721 of the best teams in the NFC if the wreck. Yeah I I I believe in the states I think more than I believe in the vikings. I'm not sure if I would take the saints over the rams but pretty close. They might have no words might have the best running duel in the NFL let's update you right. Between Ingram and tomorrow is there a better 12 running punch in the league not right now and that you compliment yeah pretty good one but not anymore about it more exit. I I believe in the same I think their running game is clearly compliment Brees and the defense that the saints by the way the did. Defensive rookie of the year bill is pretty much undoubtedly Marchand Latin the cornerback for New Orleans who came out of Ohio State. He's he's the top ranked. Corner in the NFL. Period not just among rookies but total up on every single best quality as we advance our fallen and you know what does that mean he is supremely talented. So I. I'm I believe in the same that'll definitely when this game with Washington. I have not been able to really wrap my head around the ability in the season. That Alex Smith this ship the next few on the docket we're gonna get to this here in just a second at Kansas City on the road taken on the New York Giants giants won an eight. Everything but to the team has been lost. What if you look at his numbers his numbers are fantastic yeah he is wrong what one hit yeah on the cease. If it Alex Smith is not getting really much of a breath of open VP chatter. He's not flashy. Like if he reads putting a lot of great positions to win and be successful that they got a solid defense good run games we've mentioned that great but good. But ballots with the everything they've asked to do. There's not nearly enough credit for it in their city it's that's three right. And let's not forget they traded up in the first round this year to draft a quarterback right with my homes right. I mean what more does that guy have to do now. The chiefs will be the giants the giants are terrible former packers' offensive coordinator bracket news in the obviously got a job of fart you undoubtedly. The chiefs but are to the chiefs take out this Steelers and or the patriots it is admirable though are you there with us you know I think that you do with her home. Okay and now but there's there's six in three whereas with other teams ahead of Iraq evidence to show. You know at the moment they're playing up no. We've which by the way the teams that are on buys this week jets and colts 49ers answers. And then there's there's really not in the right about now the but with that being said I'm taking it city on the road beats per share. Aperture apps through. When we come back or finished yet second half the Pittsburgh yet and it builds on the Green Bay Packers take on the Baltimore Ravens. Lambeau Field stay tuned more to Michael's Little Rock you by Bud Light coming up right after this. Listening to the oh my school's sports talk and back to the program the over the Michael's automotive broadcasting live but we want to head down here in them Aqua dots they wrote that we can find this guy here for another segment program don't forget. A week for last night they have the two person beer pong tournament. The day before Thanksgiving there is nothing better than coming out here it would be Montana's. Winning that tournament going home hammered and trying to make a Turkey the next yet. So I've thrown out there. Don't try this at home kids it's not the main apart. But come on out because it's ten dollar entry fee limited space available here to remind him as and then they get your argument going on next Wednesday night. And they have three dollar but like bites on special that night so a lot of good one yet. We continue our look around the rest of the yet all the bills by the war with hope staying alive taking on the disappointing. Is. Every way. Franchise it is that three and sixty Diego chargers. Built going East Coast to West Coast to play and that soccer stadium. Where eight people show up at his eleven last. I'm taking the bills just because we Tyrod Taylor been bent. Others say Ethan Peter mandate here and you're starting quarterback quarterback some time to get cute jump I'm gonna say it does for the team that's fighting for what it's like. A soccer oh weird it's its move to neighborhoods it's a really weird scenario there would use just. They feel that they just need more out of the just before position so the looking for a sport you know we we saw how long it can take to get it in an experienced quarterback. Like with our league with a third year player. Nathan Peter in the new bill start as a rookie. It takes time I don't I can't believe they did this. And the senior that they set by Sammy Watkins right. I'll take the charges. You've got the sucking swamp water threes and sixes and angles that you're on three seats Denver Broncos. I'm state Broncos because your home yeah that criticism when there over the years of paying attention. But it's he's an absolute freaking read write code worse than that because I think most people expected since may not be killed Denver the greens six with. Ever since we knew their quarterback situation was sketchy but like three and six with that defense and now. I'll take Denver in this game both. They're not in the plant which I would not and you've got the patriots they're going on the road to taking on the raiders in everyone's best from Martellus Bennett's Tenet that all this is Martellus Bennett vs Jared that's what a fun game. The up you're gonna have the patriots. And the raiders going out at seventy patriots point five raiders. He treats it I believe gonna win this ball game but I I. I'm really adjusted the seat you have Marshawn Lynch connect your cook you can you know you're gonna have a few of these factors that are Martellus Bennett and is that it like we mentioned it's going to be in this ball game. I wanna watch just to watch it but. The patriots and figured it would. The attitude Oakland's season speaking of but the Broncos beat disappointing Oakland has been disappointing. New England as always it's not disappointing always has started off slow you thought OK here we go in every year that happens in the storm back I don't. I don't ever think Bill Belichick who coached team if you were to ten win that just it just doesn't seem like it's ever been happening now I will take New England as well. The eight and one equals. On the road taking on the desperate. Dallas Cowboys now that Ezekiel Elliott for sure you can sit out the remainder of his suspension five more games Jerry jones' mired in controversy regarding the boy and a though owners' committee in the Contra committee for you know the commissioner and it's going on threatening to sue everybody. I'm I'm. He believed the Eagles I'm gonna take Eagles in a row but you believe in them. I view it legitimately think they can represent an NFC that's why I know but I'll say they'll get there right now the best team they're the hottest team. Wentz is proven to be fantastic. And the fact that that that's got a proven not to be that rest unless he has the pillows behind him that even with that Brian only one game sample size nobody eats eat there at times particularly struggled and actress that is instantly or Armitage Eagles on the road I am too but I. So who's your NFC Pickering. To represented in this rule. It's not Phillies have made it you don't like New Orleans. Now if you don't like Minnesota I hate to say this because I'm not a not a huge fan but I'll I. Carolina might make me maybe the dark horse because they've been there done. Okay. Yeah I they got the experience. Or Seattle. Which I think that they're done yet that it's the turnaround beat that team by. We are he'll do it has in New Orleans had obviously if they get it done and again that you believe it's weakened against programs. With the humans what would it rampant over the vikings. At you thinking rants of the talk that would yet been that would make you real whoever wins the Minnesota rams game and put it out of the bank interest. The Atlanta Falcons who pretty disappointing football team this year and they still have all sorts I still think they could be ready they put me. With their plot for going on the road take months ago Seahawks were 63 on Monday Night Football should be a good one yeah. I am going to take this article because. Again East Coast West Coast thing until. Tonight. It is I just I struggled against the falcons even though they been disappointing. I think that's the ups are still a good team but I'm gonna take it into the room and the ravens in the backers ravens in Packers both a must win situation. Acker we know the reason why the ravens are four and five months of 500 they have to climb back expenses was when the night. Is that it hang on. To me it's been some points with backpackers are we like home. You know home field advantage in that for me is in the Baltimore I think at the ravens. It's not. I will take the Packers to win and that is he stays alive for at least another week disappointment that's the picks and that's the way you know now that'll lead to a program. Thanks this to happen meant better look at my tennis for now this night and put up there with the sort of as well. That's the quality every analyst radio trojans all the emotional buttons back stage actress to go. That's what. This portion of the bill Michael Tuttle is powered by Milwaukee admirals obviously I. For special event details and tickets go. Go to Milwaukee admirals dot com. Ordered to a mortar the film Michael's sports talk net worth.