Huddle HR2 - Time for Clay to move to ILB?

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Thursday, January 11th

Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 2. Bill and Chuck continue to look at the many off-season questions surrounding the Packers. Plus, who's going to win between the Vikings and Saints? The guys make their NFL Divisional picks.


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He's 49 other stage put bullies just yeah. But this. He is Wisconsin. This Johnson fans don't match. Best the best student Ellis is the best interview. No one delivers Blake so bill might tools clothes old. I and welcome we're broadcasting live report you're gone Hollywood hundred that's three contract is down here in Greenfield shout bias say hello we're here in July 8 o'clock and another hour ago. But the bill Michael's Ottawa we Iraqi buyer find friends over it but like you official beer sponsor. Although Michael sports talk now we're back again this year in the coming up for yet another year we know that it's right around the corner which. We talk a football over and battalion in July and August. But day which you hopefully it's yours through that we were in the warmer weather. But that being said that thanks that would be a part of the program chuck Freeman won a bunch of FM the fan our legislation out of Milwaukee he's alongside. A check at the last there we talk a lot about the is that the changes in Green Bay. Now you got some decisions to make you got Matthews Koppen Nelson we left off with. It is there any one all of them or none of them that you would or would not pay going in the next season because that's really some questions that who who's gonna have to answer. We'll be unity as him. Bob Nelson their views. Cobb Nelson Matthews I think they'll definitely picked up I don't know the that I don't want my team next year. But I'm hoping and places and there was nobody it's not that you don't want a gap which is that for twelve million bucks a word it's not gonna and I lost them. Now he's he's at but it days because the trees pitched up the opportunity by the times and beat the press kits of the jury to hear all about rent out. Ray looked up so it was a catch and run guy it's twenty. Father time to sit him a little easier than I don't think he's going down. He really had it since season. Although he really shy to me was in the post season last year that game at Lambeau Field the came back at the U three played really really well. A towards the end of this season is here in the device and it kind of became the two go to guys with disease that Havoc is he once was all gone I don't know with seat. That's the thing it's Rogers is it to put quarterback secret Huntley you'd find steps and throw to the spot that Lou Lou what she was supposed to be. In a particular area that only once you get it. Well they were getting separation. So if you throw that spot because you did know that I was gonna be there and that's the question on the football and try to scramble it probably you're not Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers that's remixes living up. He doesn't make his living in two step that he threw the football so. Nor Aaron Rodgers is better with little problem that a majority Nelson do we that but if you have to require Robocop three Nelson as your main guys with Greta V. That's easy with the lockdown because he emerges there is that the more athletic of the better down field that are walking get a wide receiver and Jordy Nelson the chemistry. Hands with we are airbrushed and credible. Like Dick curled a chippy Italy ethnic chemistry very you want to stop you wanna hang elevator and he can live with moderate all that the California good chemistry. No matter what and yeah does that inhibit Jordy got the same during draw to get that same kind of chemistry. They ignore everybody's going to be the finish each other's sentences. They're right they're free each other and they do what the most productive quarterback wide receiver tools in the NFL history always quickly can't you talk about the first hour. As far as him being what you're better defensive players just want your top guys if not. Your top three so. I mean just ET takes big cuts then more power to them things that I've heard is that he's I don't make enough currency revenue going to let it go. But climbing music you have to cut loose cut loose with with zero impact your roster which. He'll speak at that kind of money go anywhere army and at the think things are taken comedy knowing what he's still hitting eight million out there you could probably he can probably get it but he's gonna get me eighteen like three years. Two or three years so it maybe seven million incompetent. But seat. Are are are you going to be team that's gonna pay him that amount of money on the outside edge. Maybe in a week AFC's maybe at this point discreetly division. Maybe this point though he's an inside linebacker brief well that's that's like learning I usually get money that these are the opponents like I that I think he's. He's eases east 79 million Dollar General manager for expensive son. We look at choose that kind of an inside guy here at this point your career without pay a lot of money on what you're claiming inside. You have to go for an EST down to a he still thinks of themselves that outside that now look if you put another pass rusher on this team all of a sudden. You know you're doubling the outside Clemente is gonna fees because you put him one on one shooting in a gap. The guy's gonna feast that and that's where we'll be at his best because he's quicker than most regular inside linebacker he's got better wheels. When nephew's first in the league and its first couple years the Packers he was one that we. He's on TV enough where he's he's huge he's one of the stars Lee Garrett probable multi pro bowler you know what year are you hearing your route. Idea always national commercials he's done but still. He thought could it be enough he's going to be a pro football hall of Famer. When he first first couple years old man this gets it something else this residents are pretty good career but he never. He never got their hobbies he races they guys may not necessarily out of a lot of walking equipment and brutalized by the futures at least ten institute the united USC though. And you know. Haven't I don't know I don't think he went golfing career but I still think if he remains healthy. Thank you watch it snaps. It's still being effective guy for you mean maybe like Martinez's two run stuffing guy and Clay Matthews and passing situations or more so was different personal packets that are gonna dictate that you wide receiver excited over the middle. So the disease for him on this team may be a little different role in the past and maybe a little of the salary cut to the good and obviously. I'm here to say about him not Ezekiel music. And I get that power just. I the Norris get that kind of money elsewhere. Rivals that you know a lot of that myself and I don't I don't know he's gonna get it well you know I go back to posting this earlier today that the last half hour remember him being. Overwhelmingly effective was a few years back Eddie lacy was coming back off of I believe off that ankle he was working out we are in Cincinnati my Clemens denying it in claimed it was a one man rec room and that he went down with an injury. Trying to bring down wouldn't you want you can argue who's definitely local law. There was a running back down there aren't yesterday's news like a three game guy doubt and long stretch or was he was everywhere. Yeah caressing Andy Dalton he was all over the place. And again he had a hamstring injury leaves the game and that's what Dunlap and company took over the total return Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers did struggle that's remember he had an argument with. With Mike McCarthy sideline out or area that Google didn't win a game that you would negate and but that was with Clay Matthews the last number of Everett the now one man wrecking crew. Now has not been anywhere near them he's been productively this has been has been great he hasn't been right fuel leak level. Linebacker outside Russia so with everything that's gone on as we get through the synopsis of looking at this team and all the changes that have happened. I think we both agreed that the team is in better position now than they were given the season if I think it got a lot of work to do. Definitely a lockdown corner definitely be another rusher those of you two areas of concern. They've got to figure out the right tackle position. I think the positives that heroes season were like Martinez Eddie Clarke. Mike Nichols obviously another Mike single aspect of season it's not great it's not bad it's just above average it's it's good enough to get to Pro Bowl. And in the you've got to figure out if you've got it now in a running back through. A tandem. How much you could use at the fairgrounds and back to the best part of the season you know. With them that the what they finally found not one but two running things right. That can help him out Donald early with Williams and Jones and I don't know I think there's an August 5 two guys you know two different you know different types of running next to the can help. Or Rogers trying to get coming they made the right move Ricardo you lacy obviously. You know cutting him. Click or call my guy yet to be the right calling them. Now like I understood those who thought that he was there about him you know chip on the shoulder popped yet they executed stance shows that he was seeing he realized that it was an idiot he wasn't anything that he was finished in Seattle that we caused at. Know that he lost all that weight in Seattle and he was going to be something important according lost all that way here now he looked grave sure sure and many last week CEO bill and packer fans like geez you know how come he's motivated out there and he wasn't hearing him in Wisconsin playing for the Packers. He went out there and was worse than charities who need it resulted at a charity dresses like a series so easy to like this show me at all man just. People young as well as yet it was a joke yeah you know you went to his guards in all like never do you stuff the garbage in it was definitely got out of jams boot late idea again is it no doubt about it over Detroit take a quick break when we come back. There's a lot of people say we want a and the Packers are saying no you don't you don't go get a it totally what is we're talking about we're broadcast live on your cloak Barrett on and how we would hundred refuted it's filled up or hurried at Berkeley and tonight. And I got packed like right now so. We a lot of people out here you wanna come on bias say hello feel free to do so we're here to 8 o'clock this evening Jeffrey alongside I'd go Michaels who brought to our president but might if visual response or. I'll the go Michael sports talk network. All the program coming up right after this. Wisconsin why the bill Michael's sports talk. The program we're broadcasting live. Of America on the highway 100 period green field that's redefine itself alongside chuck Freeman from one approximately fan in Milwaukee and we're seeing here chuck before we went to break talking about one thing that many people want him. Others don't wanna give up that the Packers are one of them and the Texans are one of the only two teams in the National Football League who have not played in London. What about you they make the Packers go along that. Larry when haven't they I think eventually builders and have them make everybody go over there. What makes the path be Delta's wanna go there and they have not the Oakland Raiders don't want after over there Seattle's effort over there nobody wants. The Packers to go the Packers who don't lose a home game not but nobody doubts and if nobody when the Packers have a towels on game is Packers are also what are. Impact that's for the Packers got away from it because right they can protect one home it. The front of a team is scheduled to go over quickly protect one home game. And it did they always protect the beginning of the record right yeah because the managers know that the world is clamoring. Across the pond to see degree to go out in Wembley or wherever as ago athletic barker for Eagles is the is gonna eventually come. Yeah it is in the win but he's adamantly said that we don't wanna go over there is much is they. It look is much I don't care it was a home given out and I do but I see that's that's beside the point I wanna see that the only team that's won a super bulletin editorial. It's a monkey wrench familiar season especially currently don't hates I'd almost god yes. I didn't throw the ball the anxiety caused Mike Gerke yeah that you it's awful so. I I mean I look at it is you know I don't know if if the Packers. How soon it is gonna be before they actually go over there were it's because it's not gonna happen is coming here. Now so I mean I don't go through if it ever will quit I would assume for the next two to three years it would. Yet they're time's gonna come their tribal come sometime here. In the next few years but I am going to be a rookie again that's gonna cost him that he predate fifteen million dollars if you lose that type of revenue right. And between restaurants election out if if you have to go now if the Packers are going go to London you know the way I would do it on the Packers is one. It's obviously going to. Who hopefully it's the beginning of the season it's maybe the third game of the fourth game of the season and then three I would open a level field for viewing party. Oh yeah and I would open it up oil hit all the bars all the restaurants everybody on open the whole thing up to bring people live and say you know it's. We're gonna do it early you'll make him overnight show movies on the big screen or something like that a meeting. Make it a really cool kinda thing give 2000 people the ability to pitch tents and confidence idea ultimately cool Murphy will find some way to make a buck off them. Well it's like what they have the right to bring about bad subject but when he had a guy that was threatening the other guy they had the police locked out of Lambeau Field. Rivera and not too long a couple weeks ago Yasser credible. Yes of them support the right down the street right now right right right before that is the Saturday game against Minnesota now that the whole placed on lockdown it was funny. Because the big announcement was is all the reporters are being kept hundreds and hundreds and hundreds yards away from level feel to me that loading dock. Daughters that well it could be an active shooting we've got cards being suspicious thank you for the parking lot while blocked. And I'll just handed this you're waiting for something to beat. Something to be said of substance and it says what the pro shop is still open but probably we're being told by the Packers approach up is still open so. It's like look Murphy wanna make it clear I haven't really relied on the field for it'll make some money on the other gets the big picture jerseys somebody's car is. Getting piled on in the parking deck I got that smiley face like he's had a big happy face and let him but I think if they only it's of the G with a bullet through it's they had been blood oozing down. You know we're still open for business how we like it would we we still have the will chargers lose more virulent it's out it's all about making my. Don't begrudge them I mean that's what they need to do their there want the smallest markets in all of football the smallest market a professional sports. They got to make money they were top ten last year there were number not a total value. For total money total revenue that they brought it listening to what happens bill is Murphy gets up there at the stockholders meeting here mere incidence. It makes violence that guys we've made a lot of money this year we've made you know fifty million dollars. None of the packer fans that the L word against word right what she's you don't play up while it'll look I look I understand it in it and that's that's exactly right people sit or an accurate well. You know here here's my argument that. You've got a team that was not meant to give you wins that was meant to meet make you competitive. In the markets and by that I'd be competitive in the ability to keep your team in Green Bay. And they're keeping up upgraded Jerry Jones is like. G that the Dallas Cowboys and take Lester B 850 something million dollars 850. Million dollar down. And then Mo you always after that it was like New England Pittsburgh that goes there and a number 9400 it's a civilian was Green Bay Packers. So. While there it's not that there's still half of what Jerry jones' Macon and everybody try to keep up with him because that guy that you're down there for a Superman up he did it right he built the stadium where the ol' Texas Stadium once. He built that. And then bought up all the land around it to build all the balls and all the hotels. All you have to pay rent to him enough and that's all his money so why begrudge mark where people what he's doing because he's got to do what he's got to make money off on average tonight and I try to call that all the time. Former people hate it though if you people hey they call her rule they talk about that derogatory thing and you have to have a me included but I mean he's the cork dork county next to alone you know hey. After not as good if you're talking god always he gasket out I always said if you could take from door county put that in up up there and raise it up charge the same prices for all the people from Illinois that are going up there and put up like like that. You go to where is where they have the scalp that go up and watch for timber fires before up repeat what they're you can actually watch a Packers game. On a high powered you know telescope or something for like ten minutes and put it fifty bucks off. You know people lined up and down those towers have been making hundreds of thousand dollars every don't hurdles that they got up there in the stats there's power tools. They had to cut it because that's the thing has been cut backs so guys lost their jobs though both horse or pick it now. Yeah song god forbid that be a forest fire now well you know they're they're figured out a way to make. Audience on which it reformer and receive it from all Rangers I guess Ali gone back to the backers in on the field. All in the discussion became because obviously the new teams were announced over the bond. I think it's next year I think next year they lose the fight it's like it's time ago you gotta go so that's why. This whole team again you talk about throwing another obstacle in the way Green Bay Packers. I think that not this coming season in 2008 even 2019 they gotta go I think that's when. This year you have to really cultivated defense you have to be a widget that defensively because it's not going to be just our Rogers of the author you're gonna have to be a full force team to be able to sustain. Taking a long trip. The it could your expectations are going anywhere you still have to win a super ball you're still expected when it. So I think that you really have to concentrated what Mike McCarty said it that is making secrets if not better than as good as what you have office. If you look at my peak at the chargers next year. Because the chargers yep I was the author has destroyed so that's that you know fills a rule where if you don't play in a stadium if you play like you know. An adjustable stadium nucleus of the the charge to play and play outside a soccer inspires and holds thirty something they'll definitely one of those it'll play the traditional fills the him. Your more you have to go overseas pollutants in the charter prepares for the chargers in LA and if you could put 80000 people went. Exactly they're gonna go and you know what we got new stadium after 20 yeah. I did in Britain right right yeah no longer Wembley Stadium now playing in the plane had other thoughts on the wall announced a new ballpark of the within into the ditches but I think we've always been there since the fifteen hundredths weigh in Wembley was always a place where you play soccer yours when negotiate announcer now. Fault no clue either someone here who were so the press and the words that mean they they all have been over the The Rolling Stones now Beatles you're gonna rip. I've never met him either there. Neither I'd that would mean it would be something that I would really seriously have to consider if it would announce the Packers are going I would consider maybe going over. Now now now I would too couple of typically makes sense that it actually good they could they could play them as consumers or him some water that would be in Mexico City. Home. Rams I don't see the rams have a Tuesday on the rise too quickly right now play in the the Olympic the exit you know Latin. So I I don't know I don't know that would be something that they would make the rams do because I know that look at with the Packers honest and maybe that's appease as people say well we went that's. We don't wanna go across Apollo go to Mexico it's real and 855830. Eighths exploited when you're all of us jiving you feel feel free to do so I'll. So we talked about what we talked about all the different things regarding Green Bay Packers talked about the rest of the division we've got a team and in Minnesota. We'll get back into this coming up here shortly but if you start to look around the rest of the other league games coming up this weekend. Minnesota though. They gotta match it with the with the New Orleans Saints the return to the Mall of America are turning the ball American radio row I don't know if you do. That's me radio row everything seriously miss ya. Mall of America Israel radio row third floor all Americans to be ready arousal there yet though affinity experience is going to start on the first floor okay the second floor is going to be with inexperience at third or Israeli erupt all that fits into a moral and in the fans are allowed to see read that you can do well you can also what the what the misnomer is that you just walk a different table. But there's there's sections that the tables are and you can walk around the sections and see the people. Which you can't just walk up and say seat Joseph Montana ones on their chicken shirt he has actually walk through your quarter or for you actually have access to. So you don't think itself he with you know I don't know I mean are you on one of the back to tables against the wall they can't but Dolly it's. It's pretty well handled and how it doesn't get overly crowded the Wednesday Thursday by Friday it's not yup but usually if you're gonna start seeing celebrities. Tuesday and Wednesday the day ago you know the big stars and movie stars they get there on Thursday Friday neatly Friday. The comment that you if you think you go to a party on Friday night and benefit on Saturday they fly Ella you couldn't have seen that the stars Minneapolis look at him don't warm I don't know enough. A solo singing the National Anthem it is principles like the problem for it would be difference. But would have started with a beat me now it's not for its well. It is a few places though like to go negative the Minneapolis have been there many times that. I would look because he plays the part I'm sure that's going to be something where everybody her when ago that's coming there for the sequel experience but. If we use their video that Sunday. Prior to us going obvious they'll be kind of cool I create quite a third drive driving. And that I caught a real for them. The Super Bowl to driving distance driving overall we're all taken off it has an effect that could apply to operator Chevrolet because it's playing the vehicle taken owners can now tell us that we got myself that by Clemens. Eric Carr for producer are one of other four losers Alexander. Series going. We got to go all women that are working the floor for us with them my Clements covering the teams so that's going to be held a car right up all women yeah that's there's a lot of a lot of bad stuff we're a lot of depth and drops hope we don't know we gotta we got a house in and who rapid snow is where we're staying which got appointments or the city so. That's great orderly okay that's right here that I and I hope the success of Minneapolis in hopes of being on what the vikings player but I hope that's exit success. Because I think it's cool that that's Super Bowl is opening. I get excited for it I don't hear that it's Minnesota or Minneapolis or whatever I I get excited for because it's such a neat transformation to see the city's go from what they are. To what they can't be added back to what they are when we're oh look it's amazing. I was up there for the badgered him Thanksgiving weekend. And rewrote that some although the horrors don't tell me up with some some pars on those guys are talkative. It's that he not suitable for town's pretty because somethings are built from Super Bowl just right like meat right to harbor I don't know forgive him well. The other thing about this when you start talking about not being built for the Super Bowl. They got a major multi rich right now. Oh talk about that we come back walls are into the postseason because he gets deep but this weekend for a that the exact they'll give or discussion on we are broadcasting live o'clock they're gonna Hollywood hundred Greenfield. State generally got a lot more to go Michael's Little Rock you by Bud Light coming up right after this. The bill Michael Tuttle is powered by Milwaukee admirals hockey. On board an experienced the non stop national Milwaukee admirals talking about. I'm third arena go to Milwaukee admirals dot com we are hashed treadmill hockey. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. At work. Welcome back to the program we are willing. The day and give thanks so much ridiculous enjoys we certainly appreciate your hey Allen we are broadcasting live what America. I was 100 degree view I have been here I think maybe behind the scenes have been. Years due to show or two it's like poker Jeff and his whole staff it's a great job and always fun people to come work with them. The Thursday night huddle that we've been doing now for six years or six you're doing it it's always a Dark Knight it's always pack a picnic at the very first huddle. On the network. You you might be right I think murderer Greeneville and they're Republican opponent Nevada and other green and royalty came in right under revenue that was down and now you're old stomping grounds out there paternity suits in areas that. Have a great payoff that were brought you by the way a fire bred the cup but like the official beer sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk network now. I betcha you've got to the super wal going to Minneapolis the Mall of America. Already in the game with displays that went up this past Friday on the ground level. In the north atrium featuring the oversight giant football helmets they're represented each one of the 32 teams so its articles of you walking and a all of America the first floor. And by the atrium. All the help them through their senior TV discriminate helmet climb on it you know if picnic electrical. Says quote we've already started the celebration Rick that you noted as we lead up to the game according to the ball president on the second level. Above the helmets. Visitors are gonna find a 48 peace. Of Arctic ever Pia from graphic artist mark Herman's depictions of Minnesota I costs. So they're they're gonna have iconic things such as stadiums it in places that people. Include the official NFL shop which is already selling super ball 52 items in quote pull the board here. And game day approaches the ball open spaces were to transform into an interactive interactive Super Bowl related display now on January 29. The balls third floor. The entire third floor of all of America is that becoming radio road known as the thin gallery. Fans can wander freely among the broadcast whose double crossed the legends stars like John David Joseph wanted Drew Brees Doug Flutie in everybody else that comes by however. One major one major issue right now you don't that is. The Mikey the vikings are still in it a hook you up because the NFL wants to come and take over the stadium I can't. Because the vikings are still in it they cannot take over US bank stadium for the January 2 week. For five weeks preparation and reconfiguration. Because the vikings are still in its so when the vikings go out if the vikings go out. They will then have the five week process. Swedes did do either a week or two or whatever to try to get that stadium ready and yes they have to remove the forward. Consumable parts of say they can't or won't hold gold becomes a neutral site. The Celtics the site of putting the NFC championship game the NFL still could put the autopsy data for the NFC championship you got -- about the war because that's that you get through with it from Cuba wants that if they get credit game whatever happens that's it so I guess the question that you're you're an avid you know Green Bay pack million. And that that's a two word tonight said to everybody today as soon would you rather. This that the safety of this weekend and not come out would you rather than lose the NFC championship game it see it but it's so close yet so far. Which you rather they lose it get blown out B has super ball in her home field I would I would love to have them have a seventeen point lead in the NFC chip chipping. Seventy point and a quarterly. And it looks like they're going to the fourth quarter. Hitting at the fourth quarter and Philadelphia. Huge complex as this unfolds doesn't do three unanswered touchdowns. The game by four point out etc. that ball out and argue anyway I love yes well it is yeah. Then candidate like gotta love that portion of its fuel though it's an infinitely for the vikings were to put it this thing going ahead at what went right with the cubs with a World Series. A completely comfortable figure totally screwed up and all the did it do they did when the World Series my issue is if if the if the golfers why don't believe it was a war because of an athlete operating company or if the however. They're there shot the blues is this week it. Because it doesn't matter who they play the week following. Because if they played Philadelphia. Maybe Matt Ryan going to beat him you know but I don't think they have the chops to do it I think he Drew Brees and Sean Payton been there done that. I think that's the team that he'd get a that would be this weekend I don't know that put him to put each of the first body that here right. And in the vikings one opponent what's going to ideas I still think though that joint pains probably as good if not better coach than it's ever. They've got a veteran quarterback this team as he's you know nothing wrong because he's had a tremendous season opens things that but. When it comes at this time a year there is something different about the post season you gotta you gotta get them if went without doubt it he's cute and terrific year yes to the beyond anybody's expertise all I salute but as you said the playoffs the difference for all out how to get video housing could be in the post season and not only into the postseason but also as a divisional winner. You know coming out all the expectations that city is on fire so. Not only are the fans they have done with the fans or if let's string him up because they know. There was sniffing distance of work to get super boy making its making sure that it's their team it's there and the ratings for the slick the ski coming up on Saturday afternoon definitely keep constantly there with seats the vikings. Nancy cheap tequila noticing it's like Easter Sunday. Yes and focus on other societal Sunday at 330 yes that it you know the rates of Wisconsin are going to be high minus. Yeah you know what you do is here with top it packer fans want to see the vikings Paul Fleming basically down by the way taste either of those there were wondering where he ended up on the season on kind of looking at it he was listed as point six overall quarterback with the first. Well wolf really weren't much of anything because are all people that threw passes one or two times Sam Bradford was in the top ten but that the only through. Third to complete portrait institute with what don't injury so that would make at least you know eight top ten quarterback this year. With a 983 quarterback rating 22 touchdowns seven interceptions. And only sacked 42 times here. After an awful start last year with a terrible office of Latin lost four tackles per season sure. What the footsteps of question marks that the yeah definitely offseason they do I like that all agree with which. When you look at it you've still got a guy like Drew Brees and worked reasoned policies just kind of curious to hear the defense establishment of the world all the time the other not as good as it was really want to have to ground your governor for awhile it. There let's bring it to reason that this year you added that that. Was tapped yet to brief actually changed to reached over to now. The entire national football it was pivotal states trying to get through vehicles like a typical point three touchdowns. Eight picks of the season sacked only twenty times won a three point backward by the way the only being sacked three times. That's huge points with Lester he was beat up and ended up going out making couple deals got a couple while that's why haven't they got that off that's a lot better that respect. So anyway lets her move around the rest of the NFL you've got to the first game coming out of the chute. This weekend in the first game which is going to be on Saturday. Is against those falcons falcons on the road taken on the Eagles the Eagles. Tremendous season Nicole's those quarterback Carson once it's not after going on the ACL the falcons got to win last weekend. Out of LA they come all the way back in this job they're going just to the East Coast rather big West Coast trip. I've falcons are favored this one Eagles are underdogs at home as a division leader and best overall record. I'll take it felt that I wrote you as the provoke this game this the first time. Our home. A number one seed has been. Underdog right in the divisional playoff series the Eagles the number one seed our home underdog that's never happened depth and weapons to a hip when the course and went. Yup exactly handfuls at quarterback this kind of remind you that the clintons run a big three days a few years ago yeah. Maybe three billion maybe that is the news that Atlanta is sure you know we all know what happened to finish for the Atlanta choking game that took Nicky Whelan are watched through her I leveraged company comeback went and bought him I think Atlanta's Clinton to punish or even though they're not as good enough in the same magic I think they got on the right campaign. But you'll Freeman's role here. Peterson first time coach the playoffs obviously with the Atlanta Falcons I think it lands replay right there titans on the road taken the pitches that he would be game. Mark is very good against Tom Brady off tees I got a good deepen and they're not gonna win and Norton now that that's just at that decades old don't know that that the bigger scorer. That game overby forty to get started on to the patriots all blow it's going to be interesting because some are speculating that if we eat all the reports are true. That it Tom Brady wins a super wal. This may be an immediacy to elevate Bill Belichick may say whatever. But apparently these guys are you know not news but guys were led to believe you and other publicly saying at least somewhat believable. Still wants to play well what you if you get seven rings. Now you knew you run and I hands almost you know having your heavy prison you've seen what do you get three more rings he would walk when it's been Super Bowl rings up. If he feels he put he wants quite idiotic it's not that he really stood for the one who loves playing games yeah and he's got that that was that movie coming out of that documentary about you know that only natural given his wife working out okay like that he worked out here at home while they're working out together running patterns together. All kind of stuff together yeah. And David home with the kids now Graham you know the cameras and there's a positive close I don't think yeah I forgot. Physical wasn't it would be and you want most want to be there watching the game who would market Malario does not get much matchup. So while taking the patriots homer this one as well when we come back we'll pick the final two games jaguars are on the road taken on the Steelers. Saints are then on the road in Minnesota which is going to be the site of Super Bowl 520. Good either compliments a lot of our great sponsors so thanks everybody it's gonna send us there and don't forget to go Michael showed going to be broadcasting live from radio row the entire week. Leading up to Super Bowl fifty to make your part of it because it's going to be a lot of excitement a lot of people talking about the Packers in the one thing we're keeping we keep forgetting is. They're gonna make the announcement whether or not your papers can make all things. And I got a good feeling this year I don't get villagers can get there soft but the story this morning. From the Green Bay press that Packers he's one of the voters he says the last time he says he feels that. This time Kremer. They're as good chances ever to do it feels that he might disputed ignorance of what a weekend it would be little green gold and take over and I'm still with the senator right for the Minnesota Vikings critical I'd take a quick break. Final segment of the bill Michael Zeller coming up live out here club Barrett got a rocket fire rescue club light right after this. He ordered to pay. Film Michael's voice on the net worth it. Brandon will likely show is broadcasting live here at 2 o'clock paragon highly 100 we're Greenfield that's really divide us. We brought you by our good friends it but like the official beer sponsor. A little Michael sports talk network we're so glad your arm or thanks for hanging out was tonight to chuck Freeman from 1 o'clock seven FM the fan. In Milwaukee our collective affiliate there. And easier on site tonight a couple of games left the pick in this weekend's matchups is this is going for. AFC and NFC championships in the divisional round the winner moves on. Jaguars are on the road taken on the Steelers got a good defense. Not a great quarterback in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Against the Steelers at home with the Steelers. Chuck and I feel that there's like an upset in the making because I don't think it's in the top of what it's not an upset him. If the Eagles when it's not an upset. If the jaguars would win this is upset that Hillary and I would take it to court is the Steelers got beat by the players. They played that bit of a bad actor Steve extremely close to home. They went toe to toe with the colts the colts finally gave way they had quite a few scared they they almost got beat by Cleveland now. So. I'm not a big believer Pittsburgh although everybody believes to be an expert on the road in New England for the editor for the AFC championship game but there's a match up that you could say there's an upset brewing. This one might be dead and now I'm still take it yet it's viewers at home. But it would not surprise me at Jacksonville optimal to Jackson scored only did so again it's awful Italy maybe. Yeah as big battle multiple property and it's hard to believe that it close games like that knows their defense. It in Pittsburgh is not the CD that I. I think what I don't know we had on that great regard the other day we a couple of different people want to we're talking about the influence generals outside reporters busy with it might help with not a good head coach. For as much as everybody talks about my public here and you need a tough no nonsense coach. People there just kill that guy. They eat they should have more same thing they could just looks like revolt that we're currently here if it was a better x.s and o.s in game coach Knight in that I'm really offensive coordinator disputes written on August crunch and I don't and indeed they needed him at first you're Pittsburgh still there now but I I think. Some go guarding Jason feels at its peak put out here if there's one road upset yeah. That I could see that we can't see how would be surprised at Jacksonville got the win this when I mean if I had put my money on Neitzel but this whose home went. Because we know Heinz field's going to be rocking the weather's good if you this coming weekend we ought to Scobee to up to that region. Over the next couple of days but and Jacksonville's got to come north now some good. That would be surprised at Jacksonville knock them off and others the game we were talking about earlier. Drew Brees Sean Payton guys have been there done that one rings. They're over the Minnesota where they have never won a regular try to be the first team ever to host a Super Bowl and have their team and it as the home team. At least you have in the Minnesota Vikings are is much as I like the vikings defense and they did beat the saints in New Orleans earlier this year. Something tells me Drew Brees and often has seen it may be hard fought but I have a feeling this accident at the wins. I'm going to win and I doubt if I I think the I think Mike is a win this week maybe it's wishful thinking on why I I don't know if you're right I've that the that the worst thing in the world I know one thing on Sunday I'm gonna have my seriousness of radio cranked up the outside the house in an ambulance and Paul Allen's call. I thought I was like well here it out of it's we tape and I'll have a sell out in how they don't have Paul Allen right now I really think nobility it won't former governor who's going to be one play. You know the Brett Favre played out of a New Orleans. That's less time while Villanova opened the year though you'll go by where where taller Walsh now. That was left again enlighten us on what they had Seattle beat at all and what he simply said what what then we as an industry. Well my inner exception he could beat Anderson bumblebee skiing and it could be. You know it could be a defense of its Canadian Ellie what I don't see like Dexter tenacious defense. A defensive back. Xavier Rhodes that was coming up. Almost they depict the ball flying high in the air assess saints receiver gets behind him catches and runs it for a touchdown. And should have been a bit but it wasn't that that's the way gave it to Google had all the pressure's on appointees because like Korea none of them not only. Give adjustments who won't get a pretty good team and held here. But the fact that people are that you noted that the whole promotion Super Bowl. Were first time that we have home. That added pressure because RB admits in the next two weeks it's that's Jose earlier is I think there's so much with that town maturity give it up for this game. Are you seeing reports coming out of Minneapolis in the surrounding areas and getting calls from radio stations over there. And they're talking about it in in you know what is it like it is now because the Packers have been so many it's such. The vikings fans are out of their mind thinking that this is the year finally this person is going to be broken you know they're gonna rub the head of vote ranked marketed and everybody else that their along the way. Like grant early and having yard sale or sell off they cruised to rule through which is normal and I want. But I I just hope that they're gonna win this I don't think journalists who want I don't think they end up there you know us. I just think the vikings. Don't deserve some. They don't undergo repeat of what that they're the lovable losers that they he would losers actually. I think our guys what adds the plus years though aren't they still gonna be on top of the big enough they have to want it now because neither Bradford genome or that he Bridgewater under contract auditor candidate or another biscuit division. And we wanted to run it on the record back going into next year it'll even lettered on checker rent as one amid typical vikings are hurting. They are right now are better team they are right now I would agree with a out of if you just look talked about but that's what. If your images through which he would keep it would you championships they're by far the best team in division I think they're very very solid for quite some time but in the Minnesota Vikings. And I'm. I'm checking his record is not only have a video for the young before the season wraps up but. Where's the record for quarterback situation. Contracts that are active there we go back. Got started anyway and it's through water. The the contract for next year. At the bar by the way is a free agent. Next years after the outside linebacker Packard's he's done so you've got to. And go through this or leave it right though. I can't see you I don't couple things that you're from anywhere in las returns that we both their roller quarterbacks. Our free agents going to Nazis so it's going to be interesting to see with the right to. Bit I think flu bug but that it would look like thank everybody on your apparent effort televised saying hi we certainly appreciate it thank you for listening all throughout this in Wisconsin beyond the borders. Wherever it is you may be at stay safe because under the road just sort of slicked up there are a little bit. Not rusty got to have a terrific night. I don't know what. Sixteen stations strong the bill might school's sports talk now.