Huddle HR2 - Who are the best free agents on the market?

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Thursday, January 18th

Bill Michaels Huddle Hour 2. Bill and Scott take a look at the NFL free agent market. Which players should the Packers go after? Plus, the guys will make their NFC and AFC Championship picks. 


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Nine other streets put bullies just to get. But this. News Wisconsin. Wisconsin fans don't match. Best the best student Ellis is the best interview. No one delivers flakes so bill Michael's total. I'll go well for the second out of Al Michaels and we are broadcasting live it Matty here in New Orleans stopped by our college avenue here till 8 o'clock this evening we talk and AFC NFC. Championship games which championship weekend is always at the weekend it's always exciting even I don't know they're gonna be able to copy the Minneapolis mirror what they're calling it. We had the music city miracle out of Minneapolis miracle. If apple accusing them the evil Marcus Williams we're they put him and everything from sliding on icy driving Ali to you know speed skating. But those we tried after the game was talking on my friends about it just walk off please that right. There are many that are up there no there really are the music city miracle one I kept going back to was Boise State which frankly is that there crazier plan was the walk off but still the statue of liberty a lot of confidence Oklahoma was up there that stamp for the mentally on the field feels the that was the one asset that is the only one that is by far Ehrlich its own class. Don't think you could top Lou well yet you score to win the game but. The past that Rodgers threw your cook on the sidelines in Dallas when I went out what the outlook and a walk off with that play have been set up. Not once but twice. The fifty plus yard field goal by Mason Crosby to ultimately win that game. I think it's part Packers transco that would be right up there with this actually have a walk off touchdown. The guy on photo he that was obviously that crazy but to me we were just so it would have been just that the Crosby field with nothing else. Wright was still great deal not the same right that this is that some feel this was the blocking off going. Holy crap that you see that happen. If you're looking around seekers flags. Or there's you know just on my got to include that distribute it it's it's if you're cheering for the Minnesota Vikings. I think you're happy joyous and exuberant but also noticing that you're looking for flights you like that you did this really just happen how was that wide open. That's what I would think I would you put all the videos are watched the vikings fans reacting which there were many of them and Iowa when they are or whether they're awesome. That's that's true but that they all that. Investigate there yeah right the only thing with you right away it was pandemonium. It rightfully so you know I'm gonna decency who's in him but who's and then they. It everything they could start out with a early lead get a bigger lead. And that may be at New Orleans spent all their gas. Coming back to capture and it is statistically what you'll definitely it this place that 24 hours late ninety's named the all rookie team you know like IE I appreciate the fact he was the all rookie team would you do not know how to throw your arms up wrapped the hell up that you deserve obesity and on this we can he's gonna make as many plays this weekend as I'm gonna make. And that's saying something so you don't know how to throw your arms to all he had to do was knock them down. I he acknowledges he obviously made a huge colossal mistake there. I felt bad that that's gonna be entirety of his career he can go on to be a pro bowler he is that are bigger captaincy. Bill Buckner letting the ball which recently to win the world answers. New York Mets now. I don't think it's as big a thing but that's not that's not the rear is sliding moment it is a career defining moment it's not possible that to me that's up there with your friends excuse that hey Scott Norwood missed. For the Buffalo Bills. It's New York Giants have to Whitney Houston sang the national and I would say no but again I you know Scott Norwood what year bills and giants right or anyone else. And it's been like 25 years. 25 years outside the saints fans really can remember the name Marcus Williams you'll remember the play what you see a replay out yeah. But he Scott like Scott Norwood is synonymous with that like that that's right who Hughes. I don't know that that Marcus Williams is tired of light will be defined by the snow but I actually what he's got to be guided that forgets. Forgets quickly he's got a whole off season that well at this this is the equivalent of win. When Bostick went up to get that they had similar spots to get that and he you know what would it be specifically says don't go get it leave it majority majority ready Heidi what article what are you doing at Bostick is the same idea as you remember Norwood we will remember Bostick he wrote Wisconsin was number Bostick. In twenty years are saints fans and who ran the Bostick is. Pump moving on it back to our kids say the Green Bay Packers know we can analyze. The defense and offense the expectations regarding cute kids. We know there already out of it does scouting throw we go see your goals to be right around a quarter we know that there's a lot going on. At what point. Do you think the jump we do we gonna hear when it comes to freeze its match its acquisitions. Couple years ago Gator breaks the one of the hottest team in the market and go to Chicago said you know after the fact he wanted to go to green bags that are called up at such. You think we're gonna hit the Packers involved in more we are we gonna save this particular guys in the market today in one of the team's interest it is is greenback. These are that some what he said it is introductory press conference yeah I think you have to loosen the Indian or he he made it very specific point of saying. No we are pocket of the free agency is not our priority we're still yet he can try to edit it and that I don't eat right now. But we will have our hands and everything and we will be in the position where I think the way he phrased it was will be in the position we have all acknowledged where we can't pull the trigger we want to. So at that point if if if we're taking him at his word which at this point to clean slate we know we not take his word. Yeah I congress we're gonna see the Packers names floated around some of the things will be floated around for. Media aren't that realistic but they're still be in it in the future entry levels. How would involve they'll be with some of the bigger names is also get it go back to that Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb conversation financially which is. Why I still think that's priority one not right tackle. But they need to figure out how much money they're gonna have going into this season. This decrease in the. In the market and I'm just gonna go through this the markets where. Other defense event coming out of Dallas police. With the bucks more so are the markets want to target markets where what are they thinking. Mark whereas at ten years ago I ran the offense event. You gonna have them it's kind of going through this seat you'll want to coming from Detroit Jimmy Graham that I had 11. That's gonna be that 51 because he's gonna be 31 years old. It's almost say the failures are already behind him I think if you use it correctly at the system. Would Aaron Rodgers vs what you know don't get me wrong I still think that Russell Wilson to the quarterback but. They're not the same different it's not to say that Jimmy Graham could be huge and I think especially if state do you decide to move on from Jordy Nelson Jimmy Graham as a very you've got to bring in that situation then their children Richardson the defensive lineman. Which that you go that direction. But I'm just trying to cut look at this you know again it's intriguing nervously at the guy that's coming out of or at least I could add up and be a good thing yeah. But he's trying to go through this. Jermaine Johnson corner coming from the rams he's gonna be up this year 28 years old. All it says that your three point seven million dollar hopefully in the rams with a franchise tag would pass couples she would be the guy didn't want to bring it. Yeah I I think that Jake gains I think kind of Buffalo's three Yahoo!. There there's some guys on the outside there who. Would like them to look at the markets Lawrence is going to be if not the highest paid one at the highest paid defensive free agents key to me would be the dream. Not like we said people think that edge rusher is the main priority. I think he's getting way too expensive I look at this and I'm going through this list and the amazing thing is Teddy Bridgewater Sam Bradford. Antiques heat of all create out of what they're they don't have a quarterback right now going into next season towards Minnesota Vikings ago. That they can go anywhere with a tail right. Right to be used to with your you could always say he's given your guy Hebert what are your back they go ahead what's in Africa. Because you don't get what is usable white paper well rough and it was simply bone to use. And what happens if you if you decide that's what you wanna do but it different teams like the rounds comes and says but it tapered wire you can be competing for the starting job. A little more money right they could end up with Tim they have a ton of money spent the 65 million dollars and twelve graphics. It which is unheard. They got a lot to spent a great day the couple of these things that we Israel off by. And I hope that the Packers are going to be in contention for all of them but I wanna get the Packers being made about. For some of you joining in the and that's what I mean where what you said when good cuts said he wanted to be involved he wanted to to heed. In the position where they could pull the trigger if they ultimately decide to we can see that with the Packers if you hurt the Packers game with a free agent more often than not. They sign the guy you know as they they do what they wanted and went after. I like the idea that someone who. Goes and sees what the value is for some of these guys that. Maybe you don't think that the they're gonna get someone like Jimmy Graham but if you're in the conversation you can see you know what he thought for two million a year less than we thought after there was. Spending spree at items last year we should go after I like get you the moral to it. Rick went to a quick break come back we got Morton discussed regarding green bay Packers and at the bottom boils publicly how is that by the way I think it's that you like that actor bill Michael Berger fantastic people ask your been tweeting about what is it. It's a person's happiness it's a half pound burger. It's we we get it media wherever you wanna get a medium that's fun that you put mozzarella cheese and problem cheese on it. What pickled or not it was what I say pepperoni over top of that pizza sauce on it that you make it in Italian dressing. And that's the way comes out and then it's on the side you can pick what you got some nuggets surprised but it's been tasked. Like that happen he's he's right now though it's not a bond you don't basically accidentally stayed to have a lot more dramatic sparked earlier to merlot. Come on Bob rear of the 45 minutes rocky by Bud Light the official we respond to the Michael sports talk network while back right after this. Six blues station is strong the bill might school's sports talk now. Back to the program. We are glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to us as always if the bill Michael settle the occupied but like the official responsible Michael sports talk network. And we're broadcasting live if Manny were here superlative you wanna come by on college avenue in he was Scott Trotsky from CBS 58. And we're talking Packers football and we're talking post seasons in rosters and in LA the I think there's a lot of but what what we call this a blessing in disguise. And I guess if you're gonna try to say the classes sample that's what you would say. But I've said that prior to him saying it saying look. If this team was just getting the post season believing that the horses to get them to a Super Bowl. Maybe this year was that a good you're one you don't put guys in harm's way for another two or three games. To get have a guys work for another two or three weeks plus Aaron Rodgers it keep it shut it down let that thing completely heal. Come back strong for training camp and now you hit the holes exposed and you know what it is you have to do. May gonna look back at this and say that one of the best thing to happen that Packers regime. While Aaron Rodgers Mike McCarthy indoor Ted Thompson were still wet and I I don't tell me it could that got beat that thing long term which is obviously saying that at this point. Any year with hair Rogers. Granted he got hurt but at a year with him as he's getting older. That doesn't end. It is support or at least the playoffs to me at this point it and again I I get your talking about going forward. But what you say maybe don't have the horses to compete if they got in. Why would. If Rodgers came back it made the Carolina and then they've they ran the table against Dallas Minnesota Detroit playoffs. But app point your assuming he's healthy yet if one theory now. What team in the NFC duly skiers. The vikings and Eagles both have re eternity there is my out of their minds right now I don't need to take a look at tiger defense in the league that Jack I. Take anything away from those defense is that are very good. But I'd be really telling me that if the Packers needed as five seater whatever and it is Green Bay at number one seed Philly this week that means they would be faced if you think he's. Yeah yeah if they were at Philly I think he would have been favored if they were acts they Carolina are New Orleans. With your favorite I don't be just because there's there's if it equal level of quarterback play they can exploit the defense yet and they have better. So not to sue the airlines wouldn't score it should it be slowed down doesn't become the track meet that they possibly can get those those are two teams that Carolina that they almost eat with Rogers 70%. The saints that they were down with. Now I just I don't know why they would specifically be bite I do know one thing going against you know see the patriots. And now plea for the company would be different story but it Jacksonville gets through they certainly are ya know what they're due. That's where we get for this they were at the AFC that I'd be more on board with the blessing this guys think because. And how they go to the start of the playoffs before we saw what happened last week with Jacksonville and Pittsburgh. But going in now. The pretty good feeling around the NFL that there are two very good teams of Pittsburgh at new England and everyone else's speed for a good but beatable. So there the AFC that I would be more on board with the whole blessing in disguise that the NFC any year that this team makes the playoffs as constructive right now. They can make Iraq also noted that the same thing if Seattle is not yet been sixty if they would've. Dallas or wherever you are if they would have got there are you know this is a weird year because he's such a weird. Analysts say down your rhythm and in essence it was it was a down year. You have your beat three or four final teams are fools keep them portals well look you have four new teams in the NFC that we're in the Posey. You don't it was either twelve or yeah well it's we it's amazing because every year we try to pick the team and no not I don't layoffs right where we try to pick teams that are not gonna go back. And in this was a year in which a lot of teams from years prior did not go back because we weren't able to sustain you've got some teams. Like you do LA was on the come you news that they were a team that date because that defense. You do they may actually be good that you figured out offensively they under active but not that good I don't think anybody expected that which. You know you've got a couple he surprise you but you knew Atlanta was gonna be there used to return figured out I can't legally accountants at the ransom was basically know that it will. And it's not how it gave it's crazy enough that their goal what you were saying about the rant that's why I have high expectations. Were like pat hold duke boys locker thing. It Jericho off the magically get that much better or was there a difference going from Fisher today. That's the kind one sees it coaching change that you can't see via foul. That's kind of what he's coaching change I think Pakistan should be hoping for it to some level expecting this do you think Mike Patton. I was some of the things I've heard about him and I got a body when it works in Cleveland we talked a couple people that nuclear covered him. He's a very good team he's with the calls it team he can scheme McCain takes away your strength and make you beat him with his week with your weaknesses. He's very good in games or just let's go when he completed 34432. Clearly different packages. But he require you be cerebral you think the Packers have the players right now the way it stands he came in just just it was just him. Public but it would be fit me. I think it's what I said before if they don't have the players do that that you need to figure that out get them out of there it's not high school football it's the NFL but. You can't understand schemes that you're in the that you don't belong on the field. And I think they'll find guys who can't. They have. And I start to go through this whole roster my head and I think we're use. Somebody not replaceable. How many guys on the defense of south of foreign not replaceable. You know I mean yeah. Because eight if you assume well you know Kevin thingy again credit he's completely conventional thirty still pretty good but I like I wanna help soften the idea to put possible. No he he's still young you don't know you got my trees down on which got its legal you don't want to guide. You're in Joan her Josh Jones you know which god I would say I want Clinton to the bad here Daniels you know mark our bodies that is there. Yeah I you know Clay Matthews is even replace what his age although he might be on the cusp. Of not being right now I think chances are the only ones but yet this time next year I think that Clark Martinez that conversation. How much but he thing where teams get to me he's in where are we talking like Brian Urlacher good or just. A step below that out good with him maintaining areas okay well we'll see that this came out at the top he was bad last year but this job with the U job. So I I don't I don't need to see him turn and derailed blitzer Brian Urlacher like that if he can stay as this year's Blake Martinez. But to steal the forefront thing. Steel for the next two years while it still under contract that they re sign him to a reasonable deal middle linebackers don't get paid as much at least we know that the vikings are gonna be good except for their quarterback position who's the figured out. How close is Detroit how close the bears. I think Detroit's very close I think as long as they have this the same way I get better than I doubt that Rodgers I'll get that without Stafford they have. The same type of situation where there avenue voice there it seems like it's Patricia. And I think they'll be good shape the Beers. Defensively the bears are good they're gonna be good team next year there dangerous team next year. Offensively. What we sought jobs fox to withdrew its Q what we're gonna see from Aggie. Are two very different things just. How can you evaluate Robiskie what we saw him play twelve games with training wheels. Right it was like the first week what hum became man gets saints won it yet. Which could do nothing but throat dump off passes it they clearly had it limited. Except eventually they'll let throw the ball racks Robiskie had those training wheels on the higher sees itself. They are a mystery in terms of they could go to fourteen and have service deviant dad is your golf was last year. Or too risky to be as good as your golf was this year making the play. I look at them and think man defensively this is another team that's built up their defense. Enter your power and they're gonna really good right they're gonna end up with a couple of probably acquisitions in the offseason it's gonna make it even better. They're gonna try to get them with the young quarterback who's going to be another year or two. But if he gets from anything sustainable they could be a team that's pressing on the Dora since seven. 79 and eight days that Al I mean I think if your disk he does well they could be the team like the jet wars are like they're getting old up front though. I mean Johnson has not there yet now with the you know how long it's got some talent as a health issue on the Johnston is Johnston and he's got it doesn't practice he shows up on game days we've been plagued by toes and ankles and knees. And so he's a guy that certainly struggling airline that you have a I just you know if they put another weapon around him. In any added that defense they can be a team that just stopped she just wins a couple of games just because. I don't necessarily think they're gonna be the team that makes the huge jump like the rams are jaguars did but I think they're they're DNA what they have their team that is key. They beat the one thing they for sure he would do this offseason. Is they need a receiver who belongs in the NFL does right now they have out of them right. I'll we'll see if Cameron Meredith comes back and what he comes back it still appears you're waiting on Cameron Meredith to turn around your entire team. You have issues we feel as if they if they can get someone to be what they hoped Meredith was what they hoped Markus Wheaton was there. Kevin White and has been on the field over three games to mistake except overall. They could turn into a dangerous team there's just a lot of clips there at the biggest question is to rescue with that you cook. We're obviously looking at the end of the year which Detroit is again. Bringing in new head coach him as the players on NATO try another guy with Matthew Stafford is having to go to Texas and football try to make that better because you believe your office is going to be good. Within itself. Just with Matthew Stafford what they have so. You know that's another name. That's another at that you bring inning you've got good defensive coaches right now. In in the NFC north and in the edition pet now obviously can change things for the Green Bay Packers but. Where they're all going defense to try to stop what it is Aaron Rodgers company yeah yeah I think the lives of the easiest team to predict which probably thought I think I think looking edit. Like what we have a quarterback so he can't beat them at their own game. To be a mop on the lines at least you have quarterback right but I I think there. I think they're gonna be that seven intently range that it did it for the past few years it seems like they're built to the end which means the price of fourteen Q2. We're broadcasting live from Matty sign a marriage but here in New Berlin tomorrow might say hello college evident until Michael Scott Gretzky and CBS the gators along side in that the electoral ridiculous prices the way as well. Stick to we're gonna start talking to manage seeming FC championship games coming up next to the go Michael subtle. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Right now we're broadcasting live at that these par growth regions finest we are in New Orleans. And we're on cloud college avenue come on find say hi your other half an hour Scott Grimes he from CBS 58 is along side. And we are occupied but like the official beer sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk network come on it and then maybe it registered with something of what programs unspeakable Microsoft. A liberal or any ridiculous now about ten years. Was getting married at Laura as he did make one of the bridesmaids and made a surprise in that way out yet but we. That was that was set up we made a surprise announcement that tonight so. Congratulations to work for getting married in that they have what are reference navy being the bridesmaids of good stuff. Tonight here that he's as well Victoria you're apartments and missed the whole crimes airport. Flowers being distributed everybody walked in the house and I get a dollar every dollar I it was all bill will work well I'll describe. I was all of a UW. I'll that takes is into the NFC the AFC championship games coming up this weekend they'll strap the first one that's on the docket the jaguars are on the road taken on the patriots. And do we talk a little bit about this earlier that you see it's. 26. 27 28 when it comes to scoring defense are the top five. Jaguars top 45 pretty much across the board. So you know they're gonna come after Tom Brady you know they're gonna try to make a mobile you know they're gonna try to take our house he had company out of that out of the way to see run the ball that were pretty good against the run. I don't know what the patriots are gonna do mean I think it depends of which Blake portal to shows up. I had to guess let me start to AFC championship by saying I think the patriots win I think they went easily I don't think there's ever doubt that being said. Jet port match up well against them as possible weekly across the board they have the right kind of defense to attack the patriots we've seen. When Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lose in the playoffs it's because the team get pressure with their front four without blitzing Jack we're probably the best front four football. If not at least their top three and they have the two best quarterbacks in football that want it. Pretty clear at this point with the Broncos taking a step back with bullying programs he. They have the perfect defense to attack the patriots and when you're talking about a team in New England that gets better when they're in the red zone. Find the jaguars have a great running back they have a very good red zone running game with Leonard Fordham leading the way he really our. The prototype. Of how we wouldn't want to the New England when portals is playing. Is more game and a jury conservative type Eli Manning. Went portals as the current perceptions that this is. The validation. In many you're taking it back to a Packers perspective this is the validation of what to create as he can do for you. You green clay Campbell you bring in we say you know what we're going to do that is that is that. You're right right it worked this year. As someone who's been jaguars fan for assistance eighth start and had defiantly at the right players they've they've done this for the last ten years. This is the first time network right we seem to Julius Thomas type sightings Chris Ivory is still on their TE a ton of money to do nothing. If it goes both ways this year. They hit a perfect quickly as Campbell has been unbelievable pickup aged boy it was someone who you saw he was very good with the Texans but he was still young. It could've gone either way it went the right wing where he turned it was Dudley Jackson ever did for rough here last season has been much better this season with the salary paid. It worked out perfectly for that now it is just a very very dangerous approach there's a reason why. What we're talking about the jaguars you're talking about them doing it through free agency it's because you don't see anyone else. Right it's not very often anyway I'm the only problem was that the three keep the yours back with Philadelphia. Coral back when Michael Vick was there coming with apologetic at the company they picked up much free agent who were supposed to be fantastic even imploded miserably. It had a ton of money on the other cats Italy Italy is now. The jaguars have one free agency if you will. Five of the last ten years now that they cites a big guy hasn't gone to welfare. But most of the time though are we talking about quarterback play has to be that the number one and then everything else is trickle down effect smoothly morals will span two years ago as one of the worst quote actually had he been better. We've always talked about their defense or defense was not this good but it's always been formidable than just the opposite could get things done. And the offense has started to get built a little bit they get way. But not to go too much into my jaguar standup but what they drafted portals. I was not happy when they drafted portals and it wasn't because I didn't think portals could be the guy I I'm not us out I don't know old. Whether you Yugo with portals Derek Karr Teddy Bridgewater all's draft class to meet the problem was when they drafted him. They had no offense around him. And he was put immediately the position to fail over the past few years they've gotten better at the offensive line it got a letter for at they have receivers you. Are not particularly dynamic huge rats that are at least good enough then. They had given a position now where he at least can't succeed two years ago when he was arguably the worst quarterback football. Everyone Dodi leaves you it was just a case can drop back he's gonna force the old Ella Robinson will double him we'll see what happens. They had no writing in to speak of they had Belle Allen her emerging here are keys the year anyone else who can. Actually I TE Westbrook even his having that year since he got healthy at the forefront. Now they they have some different places they can go to you it makes him a lot better that's half to force it on at. Were you surprised to dismantle that Pittsburgh steelers' defense the way they did shock. I I was stunned them and the fact that Blake who were labeled do at least a ball game after it's particularly. I don't bill that's I mean we can look back on this and say what an intestinal fortitude moment in which he grew giant leaves a quarterback in and suddenly he shook off whatever fears he had. When I thought he played fantastic in making it almost beginning to end and and I said all along that was the game that. I I pick the saints to beat the vikings. With the game that people kept saying was going to be a watch was going to be you know what the experts who was gonna win at home. That don't you look at Jacksonville what they've done with that you look at and that the Pittsburgh Steelers. They say they went totally with the Packers with Brett Huntley they went toe to toe with that the colts who wants to the bears that this was an excellent nose. We that was fraught with chinks in the armor nobody wanted to look at that for whatever reason. I thought the jaguars had a chance to win that game didn't think they're going to get a chance but I thought that a chance to win that game. Seventeen to thirteen write a 45 to 42 in the hope that belies. That was absolutely crazy I I think. Sure portals look good for that looked phenomenal I think it'll just exposed it would help at the Steelers defense is especially ones that washes here it was hard so. Meanwhile the patriots at home nine point favorites in this one. You know we heard so much about that the talkers swirling around the team that. There's some angst between Tom very Bill Belichick and obviously your owner Robert Kraft and now Brady. Accidentally get hit in practice yesterday had an X ray on it in on throwing yet. The X rays are negative which it's not a practice today that that he really need to apply. How much do you put into a. I don't and I put it to if he actually is banged up obviously appellate wolf that it's huge but this is a patriots team that. Yet have felt pretty much had to restructure how they do injury reports. Beat because of the injury you're doing questionable for everyone get a cough and a cell and it's hard today. It's hard to get too. Anxious or excited wherever the word is about Brady being. Half injure her totally injured when we have no idea he doesn't need this practice they had today he knows it'd so if there's anything remotely. Structured deals those who what's the weather conditions like in fox grows which it you know you don't I figured maybe you can check them. But it's its it Delhi though they think it's been cold and Jackson. That's gonna start warming up at four bit later today at war it'll start warming up again tomorrow by. That practicing in the cold this is not going to be something where they're gonna get the goal my goodness this doesn't look like the Wesco or the East Coast of the of the country. He's going to be frigid it actually it's going to be almost balmy for this heavier anywhere from 35 to 45 degrees and maybe even. Higher honestly I think sometimes that stuff gets overlooked anyway just because it either overlooked but too much emphasis put on it because it's just one thing where all we have. Six days talk about this game we got to find some then. When you have some of those games where it's like negative thirty or it's a downpour of snow or. Packers game in Jacksonville last year when it was a 150. Index or governance. That I think he can make it pact. I know I don't know that. A professional football team is gonna have that much difference playing. When when their home in Jacksonville at fifty Ers when they're on the road it's one. I think they'll but it's different going to the home crowd burst the road crowd referred to England play. It lets we're talking about something X and I want her doing the fans who's gonna take in this. For granted. I I think the way that the jaguars Steelers game went is a blessing in disguise her wine guys they were happy Steelers but. I think it's a blessing for patriots fans and the patriots themselves in the back is all I flew him who was the defensive back it's claiming that they're going between Taylor and Jim Ramsey is already predicting that the Gerri we're gonna with a hold him then yeah. Which I T. He said stuff like that to date he Rangel what do his rookie year like two weeks it at a huge thing with Steve Smith who alternate can't stop talking later. To me I think that the way that that went with rescuers were that was very clearly something that. The Steelers were obviously overlooking the jaguars the jaguars obviously took notice it at those full board. Material things where they were all talking about Mike Mitchell. The second of the game it it was weird Mitchell. The patriots are Smart enough not and I think patriots fans know at this point. Let's take a quick break and come back at certain look at the NFC championship game as the Minnesota Vikings effort into the Lincoln they're going to be at down at Philly taken on the Eagles. With nick folds as the quarterback and also former Green Bay Packers quarterback back up. Doug Peterson whose head coach of that local we'll talk more about that we come back broadcasting live at Matty here. It in Berlin on college avenue here to 8 o'clock the night of the fifteenth forty minutes or so come on by say I would be glad to put it. But a face to a handshake if you will and we are brought to buy but like the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network NFC championship game talk. Next to the go Michael sought. Guns and why it's so bill Michael's sports talk. So Michael so final segment before we get out your broadcast live here saudis aren't real he did get out tonight come on in any particular time to go to great restaurant the factory bore the brunt. They've got the fire pit out back as well you're gonna you know go back to maybe you know a couple of cigar for awhile keep you warm back there. Great place to watch sports is everybody that's ever stopped here goes and it's all about Michael what are they gonna check that out as well. Lot of good news in the NFL but some of the biggest news is going to be coming out of this weekend that is the NFC championship game where you've got the Minnesota Vikings on the road. Taking on the at Philadelphia Eagles nick foals in company. Going up against it it's amazing the back of quarterbacks that there now risen to prominence in this they're matching up against one another in an NFC championship game. On live images are now would be given out to. At quarterback just in general yeah quarterback. I think he got to get it you know I I think we've seen a lot more from him this year that falls falls with great five years ago or for whatever toy my thirteen was the year that he was. Unbelievable ought to know where. You've looked bat the last four weeks it it and they keep winning in spite of him. But he has looked very bad GM has looked good at times this year he's looked passable at times. But I think he went to thirteen in Q you're Mormon 300000 starter he got to get that out right now yeah but he really does it it. You're told me. Six months ago that we be watching and Nicole's case you know it was that okay great cycle we get a receipt. Right no well you know white and I still think weekly who's got the better defense. Like that the vikings do but if I just watched what Philadelphia did. To stymie a very good offense in the Atlanta Falcons yeah a little bit as what Steve Kirk turkeys get to start us off well that's true too. With this you're tired of veteran quarterback Jim and Matt Flynn who just couldn't get anything could find guys open we were Joan Iran and our Matt writes QB Matt Ryan and Matt Flynn. Com and you've got you know Julio Jones they pretty much held at the end of obviously very at Julio Jones had a chance to make a big plane came up in a fifteen with on the past but. You know Julio Jones hit not really into the yen Sony finally got what implied that being said they they stymied him almost the entire game they were they've been very very good at New York. Talking about a comparison of two teams that are probably both top fives might both be top three defense is going this year so it's not like there's. A huge differential between the two of them I just I I love Harrison Smith with the vikings at night he has. And maybe the best defensive player of the conference he's he's up there. I don't volume relatively primitive for the vikings to yeah defensively. That's the other thing here they're back from the national unity good you gotta be hot you gotta be healthy you any luck they have they started and all the levels they they had him they had good line backing core even though people don't want to hear it barged into the flat backing corps with him and it. They have Xavier Rhodes is one of if not the best shut down corner in the NFL right now Iverson graphic and pass rush. Eight top to bottom their defense is very good at it very dangerous. And offensively they're real. The way you'd want a good defense first team to be where they have a game manager quarterback at Kenan and have a good running game for armory and educated which. By the way how they recover from. The Bradford injury was one thing but doing what they'll cook too is another great part is that it's overlooked for them who gave me that two in the coaching aspect of the Zimmer is a great schemer terrific defensive mind that you picked up Peterson. Who many think you see a very good offensive might just figures out a way to do enough. He apparently the defense to his defense coordinator to say. Won't go into the job done a lot of them are I think I'd give it to him but at these are these are two really good coaches to get good young coaches were re. Did it in the jobs for I think four years combined at this point the two of them and so it's hard to really handicap that they're both very different terms of obviously want is all about defense at one all on offense I guess that goes I just right. I don't really matters like he had. Fans inside the link either. They got to be traveling and I'm not to mention you're not there to Philadelphia fans give the tickets up but apparently and I was reading this earlier today C via the Atlanta on CBS. Is a Minnesota traveling you travel agencies are telling Minnesota Vikings fans not to Wear Minnesota purple if you go to Italy. But the threat of physical buttons. So this is far as keeping liking I can't imagine you know the Lincoln Philly fans keep it Packers fans now. But it. You know that that Minnesota travel agencies are literally warning their people if you're going down there for the game. It's horrible trying not to Wear your gear because it entered physically violent inside of Lincoln Financial Field. Say hello and intimidation factor. Yeah I thought that outlawed school buddies died I get worked up now. Let me tell home road let's do this will get two minutes over let's go to the let's go to the if she gave group really really make picks but. He got the patriots coming on this when you get the networks millions. But I texted. And FitzGerald actually feel old 58 guy it's from Boston right when. Match a percent at Texas in that. It's gonna be great on Sunday wins portals stands over Brady's body laughing and pointing the thought. That accident I woke up yeah I ten point seven their team patriots. Yeah IE I have. It's going to be hard for me to say even that margin because I I think even though Tom brief very good I think his defense is is terrific. But I watched Ben Roethlisberger do what he did that granite. He's got some terrific wide receivers are round it's unbelievable catches in that game. You can kind of considered the same thing from Crockett Crockett king to game I think the jaguars defense played as good as you can't while giving up 42 now but this. But Ben Roethlisberger threw for 456. Yards with five touchdowns. Four touch justify that counts in the thick it's soaking up with a short and that's the amazing stat about that whole situation. But I have to root Dominic go with the patriots in this one the patriots are they going to advance in the in the hole it is. That doing that does not win if your Packers fan because that would put the combination of Belichick and Brady one championship ahead of Lombardi Starr. So right now they're both tied they both have five but that combination would put them ahead of both parties several we've always said this is that it that the modern day version of what some missile parties so. It would surprise me now on the other hand yet the vikings traveling down the Philadelphia. I feel I. I'm kind of with you look at the vikings I think you know what they just got it going on right now that got lucky that everything happening. It's funny though wanna watch a couple years ago how the team that won with Larkin an incredible play in an exciting play in the game turnaround and it got just reeled in the next ball game. I'm gonna go Philadelphia this drama the typical home team both home teams this weekend and that's what it's all about it to be fans it's going to be. Nick -- not making a lot of bonehead plays a very tough and staunch Philadelphia defense that's gonna end up getting the win against case you know who is still good for a picker to. Obviously I think everyone knows at this point quarterback is. Over talked about overvalued sometimes the point of the point hyperbole that being said. I don't like fall into the trap act and it's right folds down fuel so. I don't. I I think that like they're gonna win there you go vikings and patriots in your mind heading to the super cool to 52 of the Minneapolis Scott always important and appreciated. Vitesse separate Scott Brownstein CVS 58 thanks everybody for coming out tonight thank you for take a listen to a thanks to radio Joseph proportional bugs. Back at the plate to station as well as tough rusty goes though Michaels over rocky by Bud Light. Populated packed. You're listening to don't do. Bill might school's sports talk that. Let's work.