Imig: Are the Packers going to cut or trade any of their players?

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Friday, March 9th

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig reacts to the latest trades happening across the NFL. With Richard Sherman officially released, is he worth it?


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Joining us now Paula bigger Reid told analysts on the Schneider orange tile I hope all. Joseph Horry got more go to while so my question comes to folds first and foremost if you're going to go on spend money on one position to fortified. What would it be for the agreement Packers. While. Because I have a ton of money they're not doing well by like five guys. Yet another not I think I think. He got upset that into account whether or not we should look at the ratings or actually available because we know that much better quarter market and the red. An edge rusher market it'll let India are premier event all along if I was gonna spend money on a better and I would do that corner the reason is because the Packers have two veterans add roughly claim that he's in the Perry they're courtroom. Is god on their rookie contracts you know leading with the mayor adrenaline sport you're Kevin and went back and I know what to make the Clinton Rollins at this point in his career. You know it's not it's it's a group that. Lacks that veteran guides so. I can activity optic and thinking it's remained Johnson or or Malcolm Butler made the most sense for the team but two guys were 28 years old. As we're looking for a big payday you know for aren't sure from job and not going back to the ram that they've picked up. And trade or every other quarter that exist including and shield. So that the possibility you know but you know Joseph look on the air doing his show Wednesday when the initial Richard Sherman knew it and yeah I got the part about a little bit at that I am now of course we need a more breaking news or the final play with this. This morning and early this afternoon. Don't I think the answer it you'll be that might spend at one position. I think the answer is corner now more of a question of who. And let the question I think of what position that would the most focused and then kind of wrote all for a loop and I think I still haven't. So the thing that I. End up happening and we pointed it at the right now everything like that and if you want to complete the package to get back with Mike Patton and revive his career and you know do so on a good contract at more team friendly. Yeah I've still that you didn't happen if you want to still spend 1012 million dollars per year on a player and you'll have to do one position I think but the fact is right now it would be quarter. So Richard Sherman pops up he's out there he wants to go to some place it has a very good quarterback he is coming government Achilles pop. How how willing would you be to go in that direction. Yet all that tweet from pop out there'll an hour or so ago and wreaking randomized because you got it good to have been good looks good cornerback. New way Glenda Green Bay and Atlanta. And Atlanta at the edge in the sense that there head coach Dan Quinn. What to do that if coordinator for Seattle when Richard Durbin and the legion of movement that at bat so that Ryan. Aren't good quarterback Atlanta good tee and edited reconnect with them and but maybe that an early edge in the whole thing but the other team to come to mind everybody thinks New England because. You know they pick up players and revitalized career than you know to make the whole thing works somehow a year the year with a plethora of new players and with the Packers you know. You know joy title at about ten minutes to think about it on Wednesday when they missed in the happening and don't know of another two days to go look at it and I I think Richard Sherman going at it it's thirty feet in the silly issues. Are definitely just that they are an issue it's not something that you can just say well no big deal you know when you're thirty years old and you're trying to play and keep up with NFL. Wide receivers who are you have from the back to guys stronger guys. In any sport. You know you have you have a lot to to deal but at that price point knowing that otherwise it's a budget got a rookie contract. You know I think I would do I'd billion per year built for a year or two or anything I think north of that. And I know I don't I don't know if it's the right way to go when you could be. You could get slightly younger player who help the player out of it like for example today and got that. And Malcolm Butler building after they've had good careers they don't have the credentials of Richard Sherman. But there's you know the other obvious advantages to both players they'll yeah I think I've settled in around 56 million dollars per year Marc Rich richer and if you want to come to mean bad thing that. You know at the worst case argued at a batter and voice to a corner room and you've got an eighty let the younger players settle into ruled that don't agent to prominently detonated it couldn't handle. We are age in the weekend in which guys start getting cut for salary cap reasons. It is all quiet right now in Green Bay so give me your thoughts are is there anybody. Cut in Green Bay or are the contracts renegotiated or is it all status quo moving forward. Yet it's not just guys getting cut it these trades I mean look at Torrey Smith the wide receiver getting traded to data Carolina. And basically duplicates and it's edited quarter. And wide receiver OK let's you know let's swap players that would have been we're Torre's that would maybe on the chopping block into the being cut anyway and then they thought a trade partner or so. You know it. Just because I think the Packers have been quiet so far despite there being compared other NFL off even this symphony worried. About a Beltre comparatively to other years. You know how I had to start to wonder is are the Packers at all. Try to fill you don't what what he might want Randall Cobb that we did rub that have been released a guy what do we go out of corner you know kind of like what Billy did in the trade in Carolina involving Torre met you know so these kind of thing that back that they haven't happened yet. That would happen to think you know they won't happen at all so. I'd still Billick executed a you know most likely of the high contract guys not being that. I think the answers Randall Cobb I think the most likely to be restructured. Of that group of I and I got including Aaron Rodgers obviously but of a group that would include like claim that you jordin now than Bryant a lot of Randall Cobb. And most likely to be traded or cut would be Cobb in the most likely get an extension. Would be Clay Matthews. Because partly to what that is an extension would be that you could restructure is 2018 cap numbers so you can from. Eleven point 25 million or whatever it wherever exactly app. And you have these trucks that now because again if you if you essentially what they 22 in the last year and happy with the Packers. I mean next year by the way keep my bet that I just can't say that nick Perry signed a year ago really truly was only two year contract all of his guaranteed money. It in the first two years and after that it don't it was a two year deal. Dressed up to look like a five year deal so you know a year from now nappy contract is up you have pretty much the ability to cut nick Perry if you want to. Tyler back Roland like the other B that a group would I that they they're not ready. To bond in an edge rusher position in in a world about Matthew Perry so I think what adding that is it restructure but. Yeah I mean a lot cap map in blood and the numbers came out a couple days ago in terms of where the Packers set. There are like 1819 million dollars by the public but their rookie draft pick they're gonna lose about eight million of that at bring the package to ten million in space. Epic the broad extension done. You know adapt attic order they app is the mother they may be no locus and come to terms and agreement so. There's more things that you have to do what there's money to do and you can create that money if you do something with an app use extension or up top trade last gotten older topped it. For political cynic. It's going to be ingesting weekend and as we go in the Monday and more importantly as we go on the next wins they only get in India free agent market it's it's I have a feeling it's gonna get really I really heavy really fast here over the weekend good show up Paula talk to you next week okay. About speculated they go pollinate our legal analyst joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange Alan Schneider hiring drivers right now. 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