Imig: Clinton-Dix story is a really strange to me

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 13th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig is a little confused after hearing two different responses from Ha Ha Clinton-Dix yesterday. Plus, is he drinking the Mike Pettine better defense Kool-Aid?

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Joining us now Paula and make our green and gold analyst in the Schneider orange hot line I don't ball. Are I don't well let's first of all star with a Rockland that we talked about it a little bit earlier in the program today and he had some time yet some time off because of his. Did the passing of his godmother. According to rod democracy he kind of when asked about his contract game away in the united says look gave if you're off because of family member passing no problem if you're out there because of contract issues I don't begrudge you do get the money. The one thing they can become an issue is if he doesn't play well again this year in the let's say he does get a contract extension at some point. Once you get that extension you give the winking and side. The cross hairs and squarely. You know become you how much better do you think he's going to be with Mike Patton now to Hellman not disabled single from Dom Capers. Well I know he's been talking about feeling like you'll be able to be more worried. In this Mike at all I defense but I I'd like take a quick step back bell and say that. The clintons are yesterday was one of the stranger ones. Unexpected ones which different versions of the same story. That I can remember in recent memory manner. You know you first see okay Clinton expands her of the media out of locker and explained that. You look there because the depth of she's got mother grandmother immediately and then. And then he's start being out more and more about it. And I also read Michael Collins story. And package is that journal sentinel and and he had to stay and take on it as Robin not yet and it was just. It was just fascinating like you could've. If they would have just stopped at an initial explanation. That order and that and you know because we cannot talk about and sort of softly speculated about maybe the reason and it either multiple reasons and but bad as the kind of got interrogated and hit a further question a little bit more by. I reporters up in Green Bay yesterday. A lot more was revealed and that he went into Powell if he had worked out bonuses than his contract he would have bet there last week. Written regardless of anything else happening at life and that you know that wait wait contract. They didn't have anything to do it in not being in there wait wait wait just. But that meeting but czar. Horry and and heard what can turn on that now I get back to note that all anywhere but up but I just heard me out like. Well we. Went by all of this got to kind of get. Two different responses to the same question. That important it is played bill. He had you know. Yes but fifty or starter on the scene he's been a starter since they've won he's always had Morgan Burnett back they're whipped and as. You know what they eat Lichen adds something that he can. Rely upon it he gets lost or the other question or something is going wrong. And now that he is the fifth year player at the polite just jones' second year player as is. He's starting held apart you have to be the leader back there and I know that. You know he went through all of this stuff about he was having all of the practice quit and think if I don't seem iPad and you've lost everything that he was able to touch base with Joseph winner Mike Pratt Whitney did. That there were so many. Variables to this that. You know what he kept that that is if he dropped was picked up by the Packers. You know don't workout bonuses and all the different things but again. At the end of the day to be cliche afraid of that way at the end of the day. It goes back to the player he wasn't 26 team and the or no one's gonna care. If he filled out and put on film what he did last year. Including a complete no show week seventeen in Detroit. We're all it can't come back to this moment and say is this where you know it is where it started or is this like. Did build upon that fact so so many layers that go out there let to let you know because if you like Tony. Well I I completely agree I thought you know. Look if we just wanna call what is his wife feel. The bottom line is if you had a family member pass and at that Asia or. That is your focus I would never begrudge you anything OK go do what you gotta do be with your family absolutely. What I agree when he started getting in other things and it sounded like can't even pay eighty have been there. I don't wanna what words in his mouth and I don't know what's going through his head he could be just talk of Davos Hadden and kind of saying some things that in in reality maybe you meter don't mean there it just gets taken poorly. Blight it just it came up to me like you know I am my godmother meant a lot to me but had a had a better contract had been here. You know that's kinda came off right yeah. So 888. I wanna given the benefit of the doubt because you never make light in any essence of of a death in the family depends. There was just something to that they'd just said to me okay this just doesn't sit right and I don't I hope I'm reading it wrong I guess the best way to Porter you know I mean. Yeah I do I think the bigger point to this whole thing is the Packers defense needs him to be a really good player. You know and if you want thought about contracts and other things seem to have a really good year because whether it was screened and you know it with another team. Its performance this season is going to have a huge impact. Obviously to fatally. And so if you just wanna take it one year vacuuming just look at what 2018 means to both parties both the Packers and himself personally. They eat the team needs. To be really good players they really really do not just from like a typical box score production I've been saying. But from a leadership perspective and from a communications perspective. And if he does that if he does. Go back it's only 152016. Bad performances. He's gonna get paid you know and the Packers are gonna be great it'll let them go but to get addicted to leader trend in the negative direction beginning with what he's seventeen. And his performance lacked even you know then I don't I mean how do you how do you get the got a big money contract whether you agree bear anybody else so. Or again for the Packers defense and 2018 effort is long term future in the league and how much you can make in the future I mean needless to say a huge huge year. In the end of life and career of Auckland that. Would you pay him or renegotiate deal or extend him now. From a teen friendly. Perspective sure you know lately if that was. It view. I don't think first about they I don't think that's happening I don't I don't you know foresee that being what happened that I think he's gonna play out the year and then what happens happens. But I don't think you are if you are right religions and and Russ ball and you're looking at this situation. You don't really have his replacement. And elsewhere I think we all thought that it became more and more clear. Just chill was drafted to be the Morgan Burnett replacement. And that never became more clear than when we saw the final contract he held on the contract that burned by the softer than what Pittsburgh Barry. Small money compared to what we all thought he was going to fight for and what you did all of the national. Contract web site export drag all the other ones project in the B work. And the back are still didn't get engagement and you know for a new contract so I still blue or what the replacement there there's not that guy. To replace Clinton picks next year partly in how. If things don't get worked out you know in the next one and 89 months. So so not sure of course you want to yeah yeah I think in a good player but. I think he does have yet a lot to prove that that's what he's seventeen was not what he's got to look like you're twenty. Obama moving on we were listening to my coach Clemens a little while ago and my kid made the comment that. You know Brett Connolly still Carlos libretto only you know I mean it is so. What do you do with Brett Connolly at this point I mean there's really didn't you know Katamari and. If he clearly definitively loses. The number two quarterback job to disarm tiger in training camp which. I suspect he will I think site there is they're gonna panic either gonna drink ever increasing its creepy and just being awful. I think that's tiger's job to lose and other people feel differently about it I think tiger's job to lose. Having that that was ugly. You know I I don't think they're gonna in the bill were so far away from having to make this prediction and so far away from. Ryan go to content to make this call I mean what MD eighty IDF seventy to eighty days away from. Final roster cuts so the so much still to be unfolded but. I don't think they're gonna keep three quarterbacks in what really gets a nominal difference between you know keeping an extra linebacker or keeping their quarterback. But I think in the past and again this is the accounting review and that was different time. But. Yeah other times going back to and when told he looked up to the third guy. The couple years there when that happened but hopefully you don't record about. This yet any trade value I mean it's even worse. You know a sixth or seventh round pick to achieve that would want as the number two. I don't even know I I would think you work six or seven rather than just cutting him outright but again that's nowhere near the return on investment that. That's often thought it would likely get one day when they traded up to get him and. Donald Paul limit our green gold analyst and now. Looking at the rest of this team I know there's been some arm for lack of better term accountability when it comes from the defense or some of the football on Mike Patton. Look on paper in in sound it all sounds great in reality for what they've done. I was NASA's last week they said okay look if you wanna top ten defense as good weekends put together a top ten defense if you had to answer that question today. Do you think with the addition of Mike Penn who is head top ten success. They have put together a top ten defense. I could not. Commit to and I I could commit. Top half you know if you top sixteen I would say yes if you that pop and I would say bill. We talk about Clinton picked meeting about back here smokers need to bounce back here it is the guy he was pre major contract with the jets. Or is he what he was asked what we would just look good player but nowhere near the difference maker that he what. How quickly does to the rookie quarterback in the first technology writer Alexander and got jacked up into the apple may. It's a model Williams somehow continued to do I agent at all. You know everything that most quarterbacks and a skill position like that aren't able to do. For anybody who you know I'm sitting in the plot to budget for mambo in Arizona Cardinals. Film from last year I mean this guy was really good and somehow still really doing a good job when he was 34 years all the Arizona. If you can still beat that player in 28 to unit is based bell. You can you know you could add more times or not only Alexander Josh Jackson's developed but also for Kevin king of second year player coming off a pretty major surgery at a shoulder. Coming back to not have depressed that you significant duties so I look at it edition of mobile signature model that I say. Are clearly two major wildcard not to mention. But it did the development of extremely young orders including background but a player Kevin and so and they've gotten a lot you know that. Major major turnaround. What do you make the difference but I think he will come on the optimistic side of of what patent will mean that his defense and if you know new guys new additions not just ridiculous. Welcome cinema from Ottawa input also mentioned the young rookies passionate supporter position. I'm I think Eric upheld this defense. You know have constituted today but again there's. Somali wildcard so only factors including patents presence in its ultimate weight that up and so I think in the upper hand to people that are right now. Yeah I don't think they're top ten but I think they can they didn't get into the top fifteen and I certainly think that they're going to be good enough to sustain Paula talk again later in the week okay. Chris developed jocular they don't call image are critical analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider Horry challenged her hiring drivers right now you work they treat you fair eighty plus years of getting it done. Call 844 prior go to Schneider jobs dot com.