Imig: Hard to get a good read of Josh Gordon

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, December 6th

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig discusses whether Packers fan should be fearful of the winless Cleveland Browns. Should the Packers focus more on the run game despite facing a tough Browns run defense?


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Packers just rolls right along there headed to Cleveland. I don't care Richard Carrey says I'm I'm. Questioning whether Cleveland really does rock maybe that's a good question for our greening gold analyst Paul and assists on. Green and gold analyst Paul Emmerich has brought you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906. As sprinkler bidders wanted 83 dot org. Paul aiming and we have called Paul because. We have to get the hard hitting questions answered it. About the Packers in the NFL and the number one hard hitting question Paula me. Does Cleveland rock. You I don't think. I think the idea it and back up at all. It's that along I'm notes and they have rock in football and I would want it and the Cleveland twice. It would their predictably tournament covering Marquette back like a decade ago. It was fine but I'm not a rock and I'm not Iraq. He had sets that's a bit of a stretched it. To say it Roddick geared their bodies of water are no longer catching on fire that's your that's your positive that you can say. About Cleveland you can't say a whole lot about their football team they're only twelve. And the Packers go there to face this Brown's team and there are people concerned. Like all you know this could be one of those games. Should we really be concerned. The three and a half point favorite for the Packers I think it's LB all you need to know that it. Basically in and -- they get spending and that independent neutral field Packers are how white paper and I don't elected if you hit the ground out of this. Stigma you know could it is basically went round these are lap like that. They're they've been bad for so long that they have to dig themselves out of it and having another bad year. If Joseph public got hurt middle of the year and locked in consecutive days and it's at its app street which is a disappointing is having out and property at twelve years and we. And that you know continent and Cleveland and all the perpetual looting he can't you know let. But they're not a good team but. Then Aaron Rodgers injury what can really say positive. About the Packers they put up a good fight against Pittsburgh. Like are there but they do moral law is their moral Wednesday in the in the NFL when you lose the game that well immediately well and I think that. It's not the animated the Packers and Brett Hundley has taken over has been a team that seemingly deserves to only be read out point favorite. Against Cleveland so but I regimen that problem is until they beat the snap went into the pardon me and that home builder we've been out there. They're wide but regardless it's not as if that would Aaron Rodgers it's Libya. Fifteen point game and I think that's kind of a swing that if you talk about yourself. It. You know he can't look past them because I think that the toughest thing that you. You want to get on base it wasn't pretty you do a lot of ink but should it make you Beckett on the possession was. Really disjointed total number slightly distorted brought only once again in April 100 yards. Hold it against the defense that came in very portly ranked it the Buccaneers did so. The fact that the game they can obviously forget any discussion about where Aaron Rodgers alphabet because. Look at this one and and yours you can could be over in a very embarrassing what you typically around to give them their first win. You better duck and duck and hide in cover because I think they revealed. Lot of people not just upped that with the Packers but maybe. Like that I think on the cake of OK it was getting buyer like not literally relate it in perspective but. I've his caddie met in the and reaction if the Packers with the with the prospect of getting rocked back a week later the prospect of it. Adding or even that we ended by Lou and Owen Oakley and so a lot riding on the game up. I think you would be the lowest point in a decade I am really gets it that's a safe bet they re at least a decade. On the so. Then you look at Cleveland's roster and you say. Are there reasons to be nervous and is there any reason in Josh Gordon's return to be nervous because I gotta tell you appalled Josh Gordon having not played a game in three years look pretty good against Casey Hayward last week. He got in particular Cunningham had been having a very good speed and I think he was still pro football folks the number one rated quarterbacks so people who. Live by the out of their gospel that's great people who dismiss that's fine but. Number one ranked it's hard they've number one ray guy is anything worse than good you know what that's. It's high grade and the problem that you can't release studied film on him I mean the benefits you noted that. Yet at the shot tiger get in the ball and that is. Under some kind of not been good at giving anybody the ball except. It got Jordan just go to Quebec I think at the very first play of Beckett and he called in the fifteen yard catch. Not a lot of build study on it we know how maligned the Packers beat and the quarterback room is. They don't exactly at Kevin King is playing with one armed on how to. Currently at is is difficult even in certain weeks especially like he got to start out pretty certain and I think it and that. And lined up against the number one wide receiver too often for him to really ride. So yeah I mean just be on you know I think they and the week one game like when the Packers opened up. Against the team that they in the immediate witnessed even would be by a lot like okay Packers bears week one and whatever the case might be an Aaron Rodgers verses. Like Lander attribute it but we wanted unpredictable. And I think that's what this brown and bitterly that Josh Gordon aspect evidence that you can't. Study a lot about it you can maybe make some assumptions and they will public that the cleave off and really gonna change because this got pregnant but everything that's more on scouted anything that unpredictable. Now they are very able to put that sometimes the usually works in the newspaper Connecticut unveiled at surprisingly to their own. As Cleveland scouts the Packers to ball you've got. A different feel to a scouting report than they've had in probably a quarter century for the first time. It doesn't really have anything to do with the quarterback. The browns know that if they are going to stop the Packers for once it's about stopping the run game do you see a similar type of effective run game. With maybe a little healthier hair and Jones joining Jamal Williams in Cleveland. He added that if the Packers are gonna win yet that that will be what you'll have to see in red army might have to racked up at least fifty yards rushing of its own. But errant jolted them all it does anything to take away from the at these and like but let's just say the Packers don't make up for the big guilt or no current stretch. You don't get the help they need a big old or somewhere in between. Running back duo is really really could not quite good for rookies and kind of haven't put that qualify and it did really good period so. And especially when Brett huddle he's a quarterback not Aaron Rodgers. You run note guys until you know until they need readers and I think that's what's that about you and what that opened up to. It would seem more sort of read run option the Reid options that. Brett Hundley started really doing at a high level this past Sunday so. Yeah I mean. I don't know they're the number of rushing yards that the Treo line including Brooke Hundley the Joan. William and Utley of the trio made rushing yards they need to win this kilometer when this game and earlier whatever other. He's what you might say. But if if that's what the op and should be I think it's what the offense will be and it is I don't know if there's been. Sort of formula created now that if the Packers can win a game with Brett Hundley brought her 100 or fewer yards. But it means getting to Mobley and all it many times as possible getting it now Erin don't get healthier you saw it one Kerry went about it well of anyone carry ever could. And then it completely up on re out I'm an opt reductions so yeah about the I think that's where the pack except to live and for the Cleveland route to stop them all gave him. And at and what it that way at these that the way to packet epic all right. Paul and agreeing gold analyst all right let's let's break down a scenario Packers win Sunday in Cleveland. Seattle wins Carolina wins. And you're two games back of the two teams that are in the lead for those wild card spots with three games left to play you know weren't going from here. Do you play riders. He'd be clear if it erred rod in the medically clear you play and if it and let you have then I think mathematically eliminated. And you've cleared you played him and I think the only person in the world and that. Actor Patrick and the isn't very conservative depart Allah that everyone else knows. That McCain is not going to clear you at the rate that even some other NFL position seemingly at least that's out and you know widely talked about by other players that came intended defense after the Olmert held that thing but. No I if if he gets cleared you can feel pretty top of the beaten up until very confident. Aaron Rodgers is healthy and that there's no risk. Or further damage that would only gonna be like the rest of electors career you can always have that slightly different variation work like well he darted at the capitol while the app. But again it's going to be more severe going to be worse. It's going to be compounding effect because what happened that review I'm but if you let the patent Sunday I don't think you play. I though just about or you don't displayed at the nuclear well if you're still in contention. And he's cleared. Yeah absolutely Plame and and you get your best shot to try to finish out the even on another. I don't know Robin and you know take your chances but don't like it that's so much of yeah it does depend on the guy in front of them losing and that's Carolina Seattle and also have been a factor in Atlanta as well. That's Paul Amy green and gold analyst and and also television expert if I'd can just add that that part and it. Why it's true though in when you what I have been here in the studio before you drop in movie references in TV show references and and I had to admit. For someone especially that works in television I'm I'm a TV illiterates so. What do I need to be watching right now. My hunter on Netflix. Very good show that we that we at a crews are very quickly. I'm about to stroll through mister robot a really good show on the USA network it's. It didn't even re. Those immediate the top two candidates in mind right now the weekend on I got it in we we go to this or a probably at all hours stagnant so I'll let you go on mine hunter. And I was little and it's a robot though to do much recommendation at the moment. I'm doing those doing that will meet over lunch about that and and discuss this. That's Paul MA green and gold analyst joining us on the Schneider orange hotline. Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fear for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Called him at 8044 pride or go to Schneider jobs. Dot com.