Imig: I think Dez will probably stay in NFC East

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Friday, April 13th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs in on the Dez Bryant situation, now that he’s been released by the Cowboys. Plus, what does he think of the Davon House signing? Does he still view the Packers in a situation as ‘Super Bowl or Bust?’

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Are you in now Paul image are green and gold analyst in now Paul first of all. Your body is back divided house back in the fold for yet another season agreement packer football. Yes sorry that we didn't break that it lie on the air this year like we did last year when he was still leading Pittsburgh Steelers facility. Yeah. But you know what this is I think it has been in the in the in the works for a while. I think it's any assumptions that. Really had a bullet in it in all it was kind of written start that the bomb out that you model and we're both going to be. Are the only eighteen team. And from Ottawa and happen to get done or not about helping them second. So it's it's better in that its leadership. Its June guide were excellent in the locker room it bought out and from I'm William. And that maybe mentors and and it did not torque when Rollins and presumably to at least one or two if not great young corners that they bring and the by the and it's not so it makes sense on several levels. And you know I know he's not gonna be to god the people say oh great pinnacle partly owned or you know turn on the heat and sort of the case I'd like. It makes a lot of level you need depth you need veteran guys added we must act impact on the Internet at W you don't have. What does give me my next question because it seemed like he became a fast favor when it came to. Dispersing information if you will it to the younger guys in the locker room and then while the ability in the shut down corner LA that that's not there. But I I just always kind of wonder how invaluable what is. To have a guy that already has knowledge and can help you wish you were techniques so to speak to actually be locked purring next year. Sure and even I mean they're the cup way to look at that I mean did did about how perhaps. What spot that particularly baptists active and I could easily make that argument you wanna get on the flip side and say. You know there are certainly worse guy out at you really mean that it is going to be an identical to beat that I'd say. But it sure give one year deal splitting snaps between true mumbling into about Al. The fact that wind up worse than that. And that they in the back to Italy so. He does it again and leader Peter veteran guys are you want your contracts I don't mind that technically two year deal but let's be real to wonder contract. In an eye to our. A bridge you know someone who bears that you don't have to press. Guys who maybe aren't ready you know let it be that and then you know like OK don't look at the walls. Having the opt out and from on William they're allowed you to bridge the gap to finding your next hole or you know that front office. Ready to get up to spy on Internet superstar at that seven K great it's going to be picked up at this you're trapped break. The local guide even better but he did it ratchet up the force. You know young unproven in and take undrafted players in the spot that they're not ready or because I think that set the stage for a career where. You know if they have a couple bad game on their undertake. Kirk competent to hurt the team and a in the immediate so eight indicate that about every level. The big breaking news of the day Dez Bryant outs with the Dallas Cowboys they cut on Lucy confirms and on Twitter now the speculation begins where he's going to end up like him very likely see him going Siegel Washington even the Philadelphia or maybe Danone patriots. But I know some Packers fans love to see him along side does say Dovonte Adams and and Jimmy Graham man that would make a three headed monster. Menu throw and Randall Cobb that would be fantastic do you think he has a shot at ending up in greenback. Yeah I I do that a good shot no we catch. Well you know I think they're coming to an what you have Washington. I think doesn't quite yet is where we'll stay in the division and flicked out twice. In but that's why I guess giant. Well that's not up yet and you know so how much did he go about stopper that he Howell public that he guilt or the. It out ticket to Dallas at the type of decision in about Jerry Jones. We're really nice statement actually. It in regard to the relationship that goes to a develop but doesn't ride it's still the ultimate competitor and they're perhaps there were beaten irony. I'm opted in at the at a belching do dual what a catch can become degree battery and Ambac the Lambeau Field over the text in order out. Depending what you know what translational what you're talking about you know in the pocket but you let go. Of Jordy Nelson ELE Ryan Jimmy Graham but. You know either more or talk bill and more more written adventure he's seen about. You know Aaron Rodgers wanting personnel in active personal decision and that the art of conversation. And it does ride. It's sort of a lucky guy or some people but it you bring somebody that held it at any let up this app to just because mid April. The unit that right into the Avant in the back of the mind hey if it's a dead Bryant a player become available. There is built a ten billion dollar rent a cub opened in the room question you know until it can get that's six. And you can say it and I can't you know you can't you know the orderly about it in and you basically trade copper. They should not that it will do it but I think that start to explore and I I think it's. When it went at aqueduct Hewlett-Packard had a quarterback Aaron Rodgers and you ever seen bird 29. And he's right on that curve into the epic production lab. Chara under career you wanna go to routine with a great quarterback and it he has always UTQ could boast such a claim that much the Packers do with airdrop. The the discussion about the defense retirement this earlier today and when you start to go through the list of players they have in the hope that they have that they are going to somehow. All come together and injuries are going to be a minimum and such. It is there a realistic expectation. Really I mean realistic. The expectation of super more buses or should that really be dialed back a bit. I think in the most honest of moments. Or Mike McCarthy Aaron Rodgers they would tell you would complete sincerity. If it should be suitable. And I think that's good but you know I. Every team probably should have that as their goal but I think probably only. Six. Maybe eighteen. Believed that would truly believe that and I think they be add people of this team I would you know certainly that aired rugged and Mike McCarthy. I think they believe that they think that way that. When you're at quarterback especially one who does line up let's that we are all these different it. He's not you know rod and not a duplication of Tom Brady in terms of the way that they play the quarterback position and you don't know. It's Rodgers as an agent and impeccably at what operating at which you don't radiate. It's been incredible to see him defeat father time before age forty you you you cannot be partly can't get in the playoffs. But I had a debate ought to get out the right type majority that play out there are other factors. But. They don't respect it should and look at that bowler but. Abdullah. You know what. I think it's yet I don't know why I believe burst. Bit of a team that you have another rebuilding and I don't have a duty at the court at an avenue Guillen and if I didn't think it is. I don't think is so I didn't you know Jimmy Graham I don't think you go one year deal with mobile percent of wonder deals from oddly in the about ousted. If you're just hoping to be you know alternate two years so I better not a record activity to off beat that. All the got going all and it's not like they don't win in 2018 it they're gonna look like the Denver Broncos after that. Beaten adding to royal couple years ago they're built to beat better sustained about but. You know I hit it in the culture when Roger and again and Rucker get caution low mid thirties and his aides. You know I think he had a capital port every year I think there's been enough evidence that your from from right and contribute profit that they are sort of trending in that direction. I get this sense and they've eaten this year I don't know why and I Gary could be way way off but this year is kind of one of those years and you're expecting to reward buster almost kind of setting yourself up for failure. This year should be one of the Asian region is righted you say okay let's see what the changes are. And then you fill in the holes next C and I know it's a waste his season if it had happened Zellweger is your mail say well you you'll have so much a window and Aaron Rodgers but I. In less Ted Thompson's last two draft were fantastic and everybody begins to perform the way they're expected to Montrae abuse atoms Vince Beagle. Josh Jones Kevin King all of those guys. Then you look at Ted Thompson is OK last maybe three years two or three years weren't necessarily the best to set the team back. And it's gonna take a year to try to right the ship again. I think it's it's early return but I think there's a lot of hole. About last year's draft class they've pretty much restructured it read get their entire running back room. In a really positive way of a debate at a well I think seventy can become got yelled at gonna be put into really big spot now with Morgan Burnett not being there. And even if you know an Eagle Lake eagle does need to contribute. But. You don't untreated Adam. With additional walkers and what paddy Kenny Clarke and Mike Daniels and the flowery. They're not going to be an impending entry of course is not going to be a lot on the plate of untreated Adam. So and it can entrap the port that Eddie Clarke will debate at Blake Martinez I don't know either you know what it is doing it. Look deeply after Bobby Baker asked what he'd really. Solid guy for being only two years and it's careers so. I think here's. How this stuff from the last couple trapped there hasn't necessarily been like that. Superstar yet but again there's it's it's pretty rare that you run into a Marshal on Lattimore guy on defense that can. Really turn around your team single handedly are almost single handedly so. You know so I guess I just I think if you go to these and thinking. Air brought it to two and a place. Only healthy year. At the wall. Should get to the play. If he's healthy. Adding that should be and six it's pretty much nothing else works out I think he should be tenant that. It error writers and airliners as here and it up the other things on the door like that turned out to be that these that the addition. That the let me start that game out and it six with a healthy Rutgers to help spark the Beirut now we talked about the rampant how well they've redone our roster. Put out you're not going anywhere Minnesota and a great competitor within their own division. If that's the edit every opportunity at the top 6718 that could be really really good. But there's just that built the advantage of. A Aaron Rodgers and it again opened up other moves that worked out Jimmy Graham being brought in what the what Jordan opened being you know brought out. They're eagerly for the team to accomplish I think a lot of and expect them to delay what they think you know enabled out of symbolic that might depart Iraq here's. Will go to Cedar Key to mobile or botch whether they'll you know beat that public what are they had been out probably two feet to be easy but. You don't have a quarterback making money brought it is about to make. An FB eight that you're about to go on it's 830 or thirty I've seen it and after expectations lol I just don't know if you can do that and and be running things and help elect. Bob good stuff enjoy the weekend stay safe as I guess is the end of the world calendar until it finally get to summer but the nevertheless we'll chat again on Monday. Greater and Jabari left by humans are. All thank you thank you yeah we're gonna have probably hit up again more more time before you got here today but yeah it was a very revealing I guess. I'd like Bridget. He drops off and they haven't that is ball and bigger regional analyst joining us for a couple minutes on this general challenge shatter our drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty push years are beginning induct. 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